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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Miguna Miguna a casualty of Raila’s campaign for a better presidential image

PM Raila Odinga, the real winner of the 2007 presidential general elections has not yet announced his bid for the presidency in 2012 but it is clear that his campaign has already started in earnest and kicked into a higher gear in recent times.

Miguna Miguna, one of his closest aides and confidants seems to have been caught in the crossfire of Raila’s preparations and was last night summarily fired for what the PM’s office referred to as “gross misconduct.” Read the story HERE.
With the Prime Minister who will now look odd without the burly figure constantly at his side.

Clearly what Raila is currently doing is trying to clean up the image around him and portray a more national and presidential outlook. Little wonder that Salim Lone, the man responsible for building Raila and ODM’s formidable image so quickly and effectively in 2007 is being seen tailing the PM much more frequently. Quite a contrast from what has been happening where Miguna Miguna has been sticking closer than a fly to Raila. Only that the latter is rather burly and has such an imposing presence that my imagery seems comically out of place for somebody familiar with him.

Experts in image building have for a long time been wondering about this man called Miguna Miguna. A confrontational, aggressive and take-no-prisoners character the Canadian lawyer has all along been behaving more like a student leader than a presidential advisor.

There have been numerous calls for his sacking which have so far been ignored by the PM. Little wonder that he received the news of his sacking yesterday with shock saying that he was yet to receive any communications.
As a student in Njiris high school 1984

While he served at Raila’s side it was often clear that his powers extended well beyond his docket of advisor on coalition matters. In recent days there have been whispers that Raila is keen to strike a deal with close allies of Mwai Kibaki in an effort to make what he sees as his own ascension to the presidency in 2012 smoother. Since Miguna hardly ever used to leave the PM’s side and has on numerous occasions even been captured in posed official photos that were only meant for those in cabinet, it was predictable that he would start being excess buggage to the PM sooner rather than later. Indeed any negotiations with PNU in the presence of Miguna Miguna would not go down well because it is said he leaves a bad taste in the mouths of PNU big wigs which would make a favourable outcome for his boss virtually impossible.

But who is Miguna Miguina?

Mr Miguna was a BA arts student at the University of Nairobi before he was arrested and briefly detained in 1987 by the then dreaded Special branch. Although he was later released, he was expelled by University authorities and fled to Tanzania shortly after that. He managed to obtain temporary political asylum in Swaziland (Africa) before being granted more permanent status in Canada where he completed his studies and also qualified as a lawyer. That is where he was practicing law mainly as an immigration lawyer before his dramatic return to Kenya and Raila’s side in 2004.
Addressing students as Finance Secretary of SONU at the University of Nairobi in 1987.

He was one of the ODM parliamentary aspirants for Nyando constituency but did not make it to the ballot stage. Technically Miguna Miguna did not even qualify because the Kenyan constitution at the time did not allow for dual citizenship and Mr Miguna has always held Canadian citizenship since he started practicing law in that country. Talk of impunity by somebody fighting against impunity in others.

Curiously one of the places where there is generous celebration this morning at the sacking of Miguna is at Makini school where his children go to school. Teachers at the famous school have been bitterly complaining of harassment from the PM’s aide who is said to frequently call them very late at night usually shouting and warning them to give special treatment to his children and to “stop being harsh” towards them.

TJ monument finally goes up as Kumekucha releases new secrets from past assassinations


M. Pesa said...


MM was trying to do things the way he saw it being done in Canada, in a transparent and democratic manner. He forgot this is Kenya where things are opaque and dodgy, where political plots are hatched in night meetings amid flowing beer and beautiful women for the benefit of a few oligarchs. Hapa si ulaya!

I feel sorry For MM's humiliation by the PM. How can Raila sack such a close aide and friend through the media just like in KANU days? These leaders jameni hawana Ahsante!

Now, we all know MM has made so many enemies through his hard hitting articles in
The Star newspaper. I must confess I usually buy this paper just to read his bold articles, last seen when Philip Ochieng was editing Kenya Times during the Moi regime.

But I hop Raila will not be foolish and withdraw MM's security. He has hurt so many people on PNU side, some big shots like Uhuru whom he mocked daily about his drinking and joint smoking.

If MM's security is withdrawn and he ends up being hurt by his many enemies, then some people will inevitably blame Raila for it!

Anonymous said...


How come u know so much?


Mwarang'ethe said...

M. Pesa wrote:

"MM was trying to do things the way he saw it being done in Canada, in a transparent and democratic manner."


Bwa haha haha, eheheheh

There are two things Babylon cannot and shall not allow:

(a) real democracy, and
(b) real Christianity/justice.

However, since Babylon is very good in PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT, i.e. BRAINWASHING, it appears as it is democractic and all that.

Nothing of the sort Sir.


"He forgot this is Kenya where things are opaque and dodgy, where political plots are hatched in night meetings amid flowing beer and beautiful women for the benefit of a few oligarchs. Hapa si ulaya!"


We have maintained with 101% confidence that, NOTHING will change in Kenya even with your so called new constitution.

Those who believe/believed otherwise like MM, we have dismissed them as full of DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

We hope, MM, is a bit cured from the 3 diseases.

Anyway, since most of us avoid:

(a) reality confrontation, and
(b) systematic ENEMY analysis,

We are off to enjoy:

No one knows the pain I feel inside for the sufferer,

the rich man told his son u can steal but please don't be caught.

Anonymous said...

MM appealed to the militant wing of the ODM. His position was driven more by hate than anything else.

Good riddance, Raila (although you're not much better yourself. MM was at least more honest than you, Sir.).

M. Pesa said...

Anon at 12.35

Get rid of your expensive power suit, power tie, power laptop and power steering German motor and travel for a few days.

Take a matatu or a bus and travel around this beautiful country called Kenya (oh yes she is still cute despite being repeatedly being raped by wanasiasa), away from your comfortable air conditioned office and listen to what Wanjiku has to say.

Go to remote places like Mbale, Kerugoya, Mbooni, Isiolo or Namanga. Strike a conversation with anyone and just listen to all and sundry, the mama mbogas, the waiters, the makangas, the kinyozi, the teacher or that nurse in a far fur flung hospital who hasn't been paid for months.

Just keep quiet (Hush your posh city accent!) for a while and LEARN to listen and analyse carefully what Joe the plumber has to say. That's what I do in the course of my work. You will learn more than what you read on the net.

You will be shocked to find that those "backward villagers," despite being very angry with the system know much more then you can imagine mainly due to the very bold rural FM stations that are educating the masses.

Very opinionated Kenyans always sacrifice their hard earned cash which could mean skipping the next meal just to phone in and express their thoughts through the local radio station.

That's why I believe that Kenya's own Rupert Murdoch, one SK Macharia, the boss of Royal Media will be most influential person in next elections... if he wants!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Just to add, please, watch this Prof. of DELUSION, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES talking about the "new Kenya" which MM is realising is a mirage:


NB: It is shocking to see such ignorance coming from the mouth of a whole prof.

Anonymous said...

MM thought he was a very important person possibly because of the way he was cheered on by his kin in the blogsphere so,e who even went as far as calling the BA (literature and swahili)graduate a honourable.
Being ignorant as he is, the fellow started writing gutter stories and forgot the duties that his boss had assignzed him. He arrogantly abused teachers, other drivers in traffic and as a bull fattened for slaughter the press helped him tighten the noose around his neck.
Now wacha the fool get to know his place.
Good riddance. He will not be missed. Maybe he can get a full position to write trash in those gutter outlets.

Sayra said...

very well written M. Pesa.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he will now spill the beans of Raila's involvement of 2007/08 post election violence.
I am behind you Miguna Gunia!

Anonymous said...

I still remember the face of Miguna Miguna on 30/12/2007 at KICC. His bullying ways was shown live on BBC News, and I rememeber asking myself "who is that"? In actual fact I thought it was Mudavadi (Please excuse my ignorance I haven't lived in Kenya in a long time) only to find out much later it was Raila's advisor.
I wish I got that video. He was yelling at people calling them stupid.

Anonymous said...

Raila uses and dumps. Ask common Luo's who have always supported him, Moi, Kibaki, former Pentagoons, Ruto who single handedly handed him the PM position, Passaris,..others I will not mention... and now Miguna..
Like Orengo confided to Ranberger, he has an obsession of becoming PORK and he will destroy anyone who stands on his way friend or foe..

God ridance miguna, a fellow who had so much pride to deserve any sympathy.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
reading through many of the comments one gets a clear picture that only 1 or 2 of you actually knew who Miguna Miguna was and what actual role he played as briefly written by Chris

Though he may have walked with a burly frame so close to the Prime Minister, MM was far from the center of power and influence as far as the Prime Minister's plans for ODM and 2012 were concerned.His opinions were limited strictly to coalition governance and advisement and therefore anything the man did was not a reflection of Raila the presidential candidate than they were a reflection of the coalition's status quo

Anonymous said...

anon 5:17 am,

so you are suggesting akina clueless guys lke M.Pesa who praise anything ODM have a clue but all other KK readers who call the man bluff are in the dark? Go tell it to the birds.
Miguna gunia attitude of self importance just because he had a job in raila's office is what makes kenya detest the fellow. The fellow also though just because he got some law degree in canada that he was better than all the legal brains in Kenya.
Pride comes before a fall and the fellow will go to oblivion that he belonged before raila made him what he is today.
Akwende kabisa!!!

Anonymous said...

Miguna is just a 80 kilo dead weight. Raila did good to cut him off and drop him in the sea.
Lets move forward. No tears from me.

Anonymous said...

A Note for My Friends

By Miguna Miguna

Nairobi, Friday August 5th, 2011

I am still alive.

I have been on a one month vacation which started on July 6th, 2010. The Prime Minister had granted my request for vacation in June. I travelled to Canada on July 10th and brought back my two children studying there for their summer holidays on July 18th. On July 9th, I accompanied the Prime Minister to Juba, South Sudan for their independence celebrations.

On Thursday July 21st, 2011, I published an article in the Nairobi Star newspaper. The article was titled IIEC Chair Isaack does not deserve all the plaudits. Like my articles I have authored, I made factual and logical arguments based on publicly available information. No one has refuted any of the factual assertions and issues in that article. The article was not about Isaack as such. It addressed issues of good governance, discrimination, corruption and nepotism at the IIEC. Those are important issues that cannot be trivialised. I stand by my story.

Sometime last week, I received an invitation for a two-day party strategy team retreat from the ODM Secretariat. The two-day retreat was scheduled for August 4th and 5th, 2011 at the Enashipai Resort and Spa in Naivasha. I arrived for the retreat at about 11 am on Thursday August 4th. We proceeded to a session after lunch.

At about 3:30 pm, I started noticing numerous calls and texts from various media houses. My phone was on vibration.

One text from a Star reporter attracted my attention. It asked:

“Can you confirm the suspension? What’s your response?”

Since I hadn’t received any information (no letter, text, email or telephone call) about the so-called suspension, I texted back:

“Suspension of whom?”

The answer came back:


I further inquired from him who had told him about it and he responded that he was getting the ‘suspension letter’ in a few minutes and would get back to me. Within minutes, I started receiving calls from all kinds of people – media, friends, et cetera.

I then texted the PM’s spokesman Dennis Onyango, Sarah Elderkin, Prof. Edward Oyugi and Sylvester Kasuku to find out if they knew or if they had heard anything. They promptly replied that they knew nothing. Dennis told me that he was with the PM in Kisumu and that I should treat the story as rumours.

Anonymous said...

Apparently not, for within minutes Joshua Kawino passed me his phone with the Nation Media Group’s “breaking news”.

So, quite clearly, something had happened.

Later, one of my friends informed me that he had seen a similar “news flash” on Face Book but had ignored it as rumours.

By 4 pm, major TV, radio and electronic media were “officially” announcing my “indefinite suspension without pay.”

By 4:15 pm, my secretary sent me a short text message that my personal assistant, messenger and she had received letters of termination. No reasons were given. At or about 5 pm, the personal assistant sent another text message saying they had received a letter from Dr. Mohammed Isahakia addressed to me. It was marked “top secret” and the person who delivered it had instructed them not to open it.

By 6 pm, I had had enough and after a brief consultation with Prof. Oyugi, I decided to return back to Nairobi. As I was leaving, our house keeper called to inform me that the Administration Police at the gate had been “collected” and that there was nobody at the gate. As I scrambled to make my way back to Nairobi, I saw missed calls from two cabinet ministers close to me, an MP and another good friend. I knew things were elephant.

And I knew the script. An announcement is made by a major media house that a prominent person has been fired. “Reasons” and “justifications” are quickly concocted. The story catches fire. The prominent person’s career is in tatters. He goes into hiding and remains there, ashamed of the humiliation! Friends and relatives take cover. Enemies emerge, emboldened. Life goes on. It was obvious that the chain of events had been carefully choreographed.

As I drove back to Nairobi, another telephone call revealed that the “decision” to ‘suspend’ me had taken place that morning in Nairobi. Some people who were supposed to have been attending the Naivasha retreat were at that meeting. That explained why one of them failed to show up but gave two conflicting “stories” of his whereabouts. Two others arrived about four hours late and couldn’t maintain eye contact with me. They didn’t even greet me.

At the meeting, I understand that the ODM Chief Whip demanded that I be fired immediately. He doesn’t appear to have disclosed the reasons for this demand. A number of MPs present - I don’t know how many – supported him. But Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba and another un-named MP defended me strongly, arguing that someone like me is needed by both the PM and the party; that if we want to triumph in the struggle ahead, then “we cannot get rid of Miguna.”

As Ababu was arguing to the wind, the “story” had already been carefully leaked and planted in various reactionary media. And boy, were they having a field day!

On my way to Nairobi, I gave the media my brief response to the hilarious hullabaloo. I told them that I had not received any information – letter, email, text or telephone call about the suspension. I explained that I have been on vacation for nearly a month and that I was only that day gone to a party strategy retreat in Naivasha. I added that whatever might have been concocted as “reasons” for the suspension are baseless and unfounded, and that I shall neither be cowed nor will I waver. I then declined further comment until I received the letter.


Anonymous said...

I arrived home safely just before 7:00 pm and found my children outside.

"Daddy, why did the soldier leave? Daddy, are we going to have security? Daddy this, daddy that!"

"Shhhh...quiet. Everything will be all right" was my response.

I didn’t have an explanation. I couldn’t look at them. I could see the confusion in the children’s eyes. Nobody gave me advance notice or warning and I hadn’t prepared them. Now, I had no way of explaining anything.

The calls and text messages then started coming like torrents. My phone couldn’t cope and ‘died’. As I charged the phone, I responded to the most urgent ones; essentially repeating what I had told the media.

Later, I watched the 9:00 pm news and couldn’t believe the disinformation, slant and propaganda. What was very clear to me is that whatever had happened had been planned and calculated.

The only drawback for them is that they couldn’t conjure up coherent “stories”. The ones they were peddling weren’t persuasive.

Take the one about the IIEC. I don’t work for the commission. Nobody has presented credible evidence or set of facts linking me to anything unlawful, illegal or unethical at the commission. I author my opinions without any external assistance. I stand by the opinion I published on how the IIEC being mismanaged. Nobody has credibly and logically refuted or responded to anything in my article. Yet, rather than deal with the issues and facts in that article, my detractors have chosen to spread rumours, innuendos and propaganda.

The second myth they have conjured refers to “failure to sign local agreement forms despite several appeals”. These are forms forwarded to me by Isahakia more than one whole year after I had been hired. The forms sought to fundamentally change the terms of my employment. My remuneration, allowances and benefits were arbitrarily reduced by half.

I had written to Isahakia and the Head of Public Service, Francis Muthaura, that I couldn’t sign the forms unless and until they amended to reflect what I had been offered and I had agreed to.

The terms I had agreed to were identical to those of the advisor of President Mwai Kibaki on constitutional affairs, Kivutha Kibwana. I have never received a response to my letters demanding those amendments. Indeed, I have filed a case in court seeking compliance with the contract. The trial is scheduled in a few months.

Anonymous said...

Evidently something sinister is abreast. Miguna Miguna has every right to a fair dismissal if warranted regardless of whether we like him or not. If he committed any wrong he should have been warned beforehand and given a hearing. This is way beyond pale. Such abuse of power!

Anonymous said...

jukwaa fellows are copy pasting this useless blabber from the disgraced mikuna gunia all over the forums and blogs of kenya..kicks of a dying horse really and this wont help at all..
wacha kijamaa kioni what happens when you think you are more important than your boss. Mbona mikuna gunia is not saying why raila has refused to issue a press statement to the contrary?
details about what you are doing in canada, where you tailed raila and whether your phone had no charge are basically useless....
i request jukwaa fellows to stick to the walls of their brainwashing den and leave the smarts of kk alone.
mikuna gunia should hire guards and pay them like all kenyans do...akitaka arudi canada!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad Miguna Miguna wrote a note outlining how events unfolded. It is ugly. Rather than take delight we should be disgusted at how the (un)civil service is being run. But then Kenyans have never been the kind to see the big picture. Stupid fools.

Bobby6Killer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bobby6Killer said...

Chris, I am appalled you claim RAO has not announced his candidature for the presidency in 2012. If you check back on press reports you will note he officially threw his hat in the ring while he was in California, USA at some muhindi's home. This was during his recent US-France trip where his stay in New York City was controversial due to the $7,000 per night room he stayed in at the Waldorf Astoria. Don't tell me your balding head is finally showing signs of aging, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I am new in kenya. I am from china. I am here for 18 months. I want to know kenyan culture and definately Kenyan women. where do people hangout in kenya?

Thanks in advance
T k kong

Kenya army blogspot said...

Was taught bout the meaning of " SYCOPHANT " by my English teacher way back in Primo

Mwarang'ethe said...

In our first comments, we wrote this:

"We have maintained with 101% confidence that, NOTHING will change in Kenya even with your so called new constitution.

Those who believe/believed otherwise like MM, we have dismissed them as full of DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES.

We hope, MM, is a bit cured from the 3 diseases."


To confirm our assertion that, NOTHING has and shall change, MM is now saying this:

“But I’m completely disappointed that under the new Constitution that I played a pivotal role in drafting and having ratified, I would be treated with such callous disregard to my legal and constitutional rights, including simple human decency."



In other words, MM is now seeing the reality we have been asking people like him to confront.

If he doubts it, let him go to Courts. And, should he win, it is the Kenyan Wanjiku who will foot the bill.

We add, it will get worse after 2012.

Anyway, Time Will Tell as Bob would sing.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, I am lead to strongly believe that Miguna Miguna shot himself in the foot as opposed to being a casualty of Raila's reimaging politics.

All things taken into account, there is no question about it that it's Miguna's hubris that led to his down-fall as expected by many insiders and well as outsiders.

Miguna has tempted many in ODM, PNU, civil society and the general public to retribution, but unfortunately for him, his political butt ended up being whacked by his own haughtiness.

He is a kind of an aggresive and take-no-prisoners character who has been known to belt out one of his signature political battle cries such as mercy shall not be given and mercy shall no be expected, when it comes to negotiations of any kind.

So far, he's now down and out of favour, and it's only a matter of time before the public finds out whether his fall from grace will sent him spiraling into a vicious cycle of self-destruction, oblivion, a quick retreat back to embracing the motto From Sea to Sea in his adopted country, or if it will catapult his future political fortune into better and bigger things in 2012 and beyond.

Can man like Miguna Miguna ever learn from his mistakes, pick himself by the boot straps and bounce back into a new way of modus operndi, onr of constructive politics and responsible leadership as a change man with good qualities that be of benefit to the whole nation?

Or will he try and find another political victim's coattail to ride on for a while after the 2012 general elections?

How soon will time tell before he shows his true colours?

Anonymous said...

Obama's Unfortunate Legacy

Sad as it my be, Obama will go into anals of American and World History as the President who led the mighty USA to lose its prestigious credit AAA ratings that America has enjoyed since 1941. Told they had a USD 2 trillion error (rem UK errors back at home) in their calculation of US deficits over a 10-year period, Standard and Poor’s scrambled in the afternoon Friday to reconsider its historic decision to downgrade the United States government. Sources familiar with the situation say S&P had to rouse several of its European committee members from bed to hold an emergency conference call as markets headed toward their close in the US.

The outcome: the agency affirmed the decision the committee had made just that morning, yanking its triple-A rating from the United States and downgrading it one notch to AA+.

The error and the time the ratings agency took to reconsider its downgrade are among the controversies surrounding the ultimate decision to downgrade the United States, which has held the agency’s top triple-A rating since 1941.

What a poor ending to the famous chant Change we Can Believe In

Mwarang'ethe said...

What a poor ending to the famous chant Change we Can Believe In

8/5/11 10:59 PM


Bwa hahaha, ehehhe, wawawa

We have told readers of the KK so many time that, Obama is the NERO of New Rome. He has been playing GOLF even as New Rome was/is burning.

A little old story:

Around 111 - 105 B.C., there was a Roman guy called Jugurtha. This guy, had the desire to be the King of NUMIDIA Kingdom(Algerian/Mautitanian regions in Africa)which was an ALLY of Rome against Carthage.

NB: Even then, Africans will play against each other just as they do now.

The Roman Senate did not like this. So, they sent a guy called Consul Bestia to wage war against Jurgutha in Numidia. When Bestia got there, he was BRIBED by AFRICAN GOLD and made peace.

Romans, furious about this, summoned Jugurtha to Rome to testify againt Bestia.

NB: We imagine that, this was the Rome's USELESS KACC headed by IDLERS like the PLO.

As Jugurtha was about to make his statement, one of the Tribunes who had also been BOUGHT with African GOLD, put a veto to the proceedings making it impossible to punish Bestia.

NB: Today, donors and Kenyans led by their BREAD FED SCHOLARS, would call it impunity and call the USELESS ICC.

Having bribed his way out, Jugurtha remained in Rome until he caused one of his rivals to be killed. For this, he was banished from the city.

As he left Rome, he summarised the fate of Rome in memorable words:

"urbem venalem et mature perituram, si emptorem invenerit," i.e.

"a city for sale and doomed to quick destruction, if it should find a buyer.

As such, for those who know something about the PAST and the FUTURE of mankind, know that:

Babylon system is the vampire, yea! (VAMPIRE)
Suckin' the children day by day,
de Babylon system is the vampire, FALLING EMPIRE,

them graduatin' THIEVES and MURDERERS,

Look out now: they suckin' the blood of the sufferers

NB: The die is cast for America. It does not matter:

(a) WHO they put in power, or,

(b) whether they have a NEW Constitution.

The only way to save the USA is to look at the SOCIAL CONDITIONS which made it "great" in the first place.

Unfortunately, given the ILLITERACY, ILLUSIONS, DELUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASIES that the OLIGARCHY plants in the minds of the masses thru so called EDUCATION (especially LEGAL education), MEDIA, CHURCH etc, this will not happen.

WE can excuse OLD Rome for Romans did not know better. However, in the 21st Century, we should know better. But, alas!

Anonymous said...

good riddance to that Miguna Piece of Crap!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Miguna is so arrogant that only his wife can find some semblance of sympathy after his fall from grace. The fellow believes he is a VIP in Kenya...what a pity!!
Miguna should have realized by now that his boss raila doesnt like insubordination and prefers politicians who do not outshine him.
Miguna, usipofunzwa na mamako, utafunzwa na ulimwengu..
You were thumping your chests on ho you had cornered ODM rebels and now you were moving in for the kill. Well, the carpet was swept under you and your 80 kilo frame has obeyed gravity and the fall from grace is thunderous..
Rushing to Jukwaa to try win some sympathy is so lame..

Anonymous said...

Jakoyo Midiwo is Raila's kasin. What chances does miguna think he has against his employers family? We understand he is in shock because of a sudden loss of income and he may be having rent and bank loans to pay. But such is the cost of working at the behest of politicians. Take the humble pie and stop seeking public sympathy through dozen of press conferences and releases. If you hadn't noticed, Kenyans are in the middle of a famine tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Why is
"Mr. Bombastic English-Words" busy crying over split milk and blaming Jakayo Midiwo for the current well deserved suspension?
After all
his was a political appointment, not elected office and he served at the pleasure of his boss and those responsible for his elevation to "ODM's High Table."

Anonymous said...

Kiburi si maungwana na kinyua kinaweza kuwa jumba la maneno machungu, maovu au mema. Kwa hivi sasa lilosemwa lishawasili, kwa hivyo itampasa huyo mjuaji ayaongelea maji aliyoyavuliya nguo hapa awali.

Anonymous said...

Miguna gunia is a casualty of his own arrogance and feeling of entitlement. The fellow sadly believes he was an important factor in the enactment of the new law..can you believe the guy trying to get credit for such things??
Bottom line, he is not smart and his big mouth that he engages loudly anytime a mic is put near his mouth was his downfall.
He forgot he was raila's subordinate, a KYM (kanda ya moko) if you like and raila feels nothing letting him go the moment he became an impediment to raila's quest for the elusive PORK.
He thought he was indispensable. Ask one Tony Gachoka who not long ago was tagging along raila just like miguna before he was also thrown under a bus!!!
Thats raila's signature, use and dump.
Meanwhile, there is mourning and confusion with expected conflict of allegience in raila worshiping blogs and jukwaa.

Anonymous said...

...harassment, intimidation, and use of abusive language to colleagues...

Miguna Miguna should forget all about approaching life as if he were a vicious war wolf in a competition where he has to beat everyone else in order to win.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to add insult to injury nor kick the now politically ailing revolutionary hero while he's still fallen down on the ground of public lashing, shaming, bashing, castigations, reminders of "I told you so" and nationwide chrosuses of "good riddance."

All I have tried to find out in since 2007, is the answers to the question, who is the real Miguna Miguna?

As in who is this man who calls himself Miguna Miguna without his usual attachment to Raila Odinga's political clique, kitchen cabinet, entourage and political caravan tours of sorts?

And will the real Miguna Miguna stand up and be seen for who he really is before he can even be counted by the people in any event leading to the elections 2012?

Let alone be given any second chance consideration by the post-Kibaki adminstration, regardless of who gets to be the helm of power and grand influence.

May the real Miguna Miguna stand up on his for a change and let the public find out what he's made of and what he stands for from now going forth without Raila Odinag's political patronage?

Anonymous said...

Maisha ni kupanda na kushuka. Mpanda gazi hushuka. Miguna Miguna alisaidiwa kupanda gazi ya madaraka na hatimaye alilazimika kushuka bila usaidizi wowote ili apate furusa ya kuguna guguna mbichi kasoro nazi.

Anonymous said...

Do you or does anyone @Kumekucha know what became of Munameza Muleji, Kaberere Njenga, Munoru Nderi and Oyuo Amuomo?

They were Joshua Miguna Miguna's comrades in arms (UoN '87) who were arrested for making some type of waves or agitation against Nyayo's political world order?

Where are they at the moment and in what other ways have they tried to influence Kenya's political, economic, social and cultural spheres for the better?

Anonymous said...

Only an ignorant Kenyan can post such nonsense, about what Miguni is or not, what happened to justice and the rule of law? I live abroad, i"m a citizen on paper in the country i reside in but nobody will ever take away my Kenyan heritage, with a piece of paper, shame on you, you my friend belong to the colonization and slavery Era when Africans were known by numbers written on pieces of papers or painted on their slavery uniforms, who gives you the right to say to any Kenyans that they are not Kenyans citizens just becuase they live on another continent? a piece of paper can never change my heritage, Miguna like many kenyans abroad are Kenyans,

Stupid of you not to see that the government encourages all in the diaspora to remit money back to Kenya to boast the economy and yet they want to deny the same people the right of citizenship and heritage.. only fools like you cant see that and are in support of oppressive government ! ushenzi sana.

Anonymous said...

yeah my comments has been saved but you won't post it since you are as spineless as they get, abuses and insults on Miguna is what you prefer on your blog, shame on you and any defense for Miguna you delete, what a piece of Kibaki/PNU skirt you have become, no wonder your blog is now a dustbin/rubbish damp!

Anonymous said...

all the post here are Miguna attacks, my friends have posted in support of miguna and yet you refuse to post their posts

We are going to plaster you on facebook and twitters and every anther avenue that we can find, about your one sided support for impunity and corruption, your blog should not be up during next years election, you are the people who can bring back a repeat of the 2007-2008 clashes, with your fake, lies, warped blog

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