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Monday, July 04, 2011

William “Statehouse punch up” Ruto and his 2012 strategy

Nobody can deny the achievements of Eldoret North legislator William Ruto. Above everything else he is the only person to openly defy President Daniel arap Moi in the Rift Valley and survive to talk about a resounding victory. He is also the only person I know who has been in a fist fight within the precincts of State House (more on that later in this post). Quite a character this Ruto who has recently re-packaged himself for gullible bado.
William Ruto
In recent days Ruto has been terribly busy marketing his UDM political party in Mombasa where he has already received strong backing from the likes of Chirau Ali Mwakwere and Naomi Shaban.

And so it seems that Ruto will be a major force in the 2012 polls. Or will he be?

There are those who quickly point to Ruto’s massive support in the Rift Valley to prove that the Eldoret North MP will play a major role in deciding who the next occupant of State House will be. Indeed the behaviour of many legislators in the Rift Valley seems to suggest that nobody can challenge the man successfully amongst the Kalenjin community. How many legislators from the region have defied Ruto only to turn up the next day hat in hand and full of apologies?

Hi detractors simply point to the Hague and the battle awaiting Mr Ruto in the hands of the ICC. Hilariously there is a presidential candidate whose main strategy is based on Ruto and Uhuru not being around to challenge him for the presidency, but that is a story for another post.

But assuming he will survive (which I doubt) it is not difficult to figure out the kind of political calculations that may be going on inside the mind of William Ruto. Any presidential candidate who captures Rift Valley is almost there and needs just a little more support from the rest of the country to get enough numbers to get into the run off stage (most political analysts are sure that whatever way one looks at things we will have to go into a run off and so what presidential candidates have to do initially is to go for the numbers first.)

There is another school of thought that suggests that sly Ruto already knows that he stands no chance and is just positioning himself to make deals that will be beneficial to him with those who will emerge as the leading presidential candidates. This is what this blogger suspects is Ruto’s real game plan. There are many reasons for this but top on the list is the fact that financing a serious presidential campaign requires considerable resources. At the end of the day Ruto has consistently ensured that all his calculations have always ended up with more cash in his pocket. There is no reason to suggest why he should have it any different this time round. Ruto is not capable of attracting serious financing and although he is not a poor man it is unlikely that he will want to finance his own presidential campaign. Meaning that all he will do will be to position himself as a leading tribal chief to be courted by every serious presidential candidate for his own financial gain. Remember that this time round there are no cabinet posts to be distributed.

Having said this I will be the first to admit that Ruto is still capable of pulling off surprises, mostly of the nasty kind. This is the man who did the unimaginable in State House, Nairobi a few years ago when he attacked and punched Reuben Chesire, an elderly man who could pass for his father. Ruto had accused the old man of going around and tarnishing his name by telling people that he was a con-man.

Ruto, the democrat was also an official of the youth for Kanu 92 lobby group which dished out so much money to Kenyans in forms of bribes to ensure Moi's re-elected in the first multi-party elections of 1992. The inevitable effects of suddenly increasing money supply was runaway inflation, and was the point at which many Kenyans entered the deep poverty rut they are yet to emerge from today.

The former cabinet minister who was very powerful in a regime that stifled the basic democratic rights of Kenyans like freedom of speech and association told Kenyans at the Coast over the weekend that they should not elect anybody with a suspect past. Hilarious stuff is it not?

Moi and Ruto secrets past and present

Property for sale in Nairobi and Mombasa


M. Pesa said...

Not many years ago, Ruto was a Christian Union leader at the University of Nairobi where he was studying Botanical Science. After his graduation, he started tarmacking looking for jobs as he knocked door to door begging for anything available even if it was being a messenger for just a few weeks.

In the hot afternoons, he would sit casually on the circular bench outside Hilton hotel, a place popularly known as jobless corner. With his finger stuck up his nose, he would count the passing cars, hunger pangs knocking on his belly so hard that a thick vein would be seen on his shiny black forehead as he build castles in the air.

That was before he joined Youth For KANU '92 with the likes of Jirongo and as they say, the rest is history. He became an overnight billionaire who spends most of his time battling fraud cases (and always win!) or in his lawyers office, Katwa Kigen and Co Advocates, hatching complex strategies on how to defeat Ocampo.

My point is simple: For a jobless youth who became a billionaire, sent Moi into retirement as far as Kalenjin politics is concerned, dismantled ODM from within and now has Kibaki on his speed dial while Uhuru dances on his thumb, you only rule out this tough nut at your own peril!

Anonymous said...

Mr William Ruto is going absolutely nowhere.

Chris ur inside info on this evil man in your special notes was spot on.

Anonymous said...

While you are busy peddling your misinformation and fairytale stories UDM led by its commander in chief Ruto is busy on a grand march like no other to Statehouse

Joan said...

Chris, be careful Ruto handlers are usually very active on the www peddling their poison disguised as something good for Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Chris you forgot to mention this is the man who sacrificed all to make raila a PM.

Well, after raila wa sworn in, he kicked him out, and surrounded himself with his kin from Kisumu.

Talk of an ungrateful politicians riding on peoples backs.
And the fellow has the guts to think he can still do it again next year..



Anonymous said...

You are damn right. Like they say here in the US, Raila simply threw Ruto under the bus.
I remember we used to say someone was used like a tissue paper (TP).
What kind of a man does that??
Well, the raila kind.

Anonymous said...

A real thug like the other YK92 members who inflicted pain, hunger and hopelessness to Kenyans.

This same man promises Kenyans a better future. No, sorry he has not mentioned a single promise to Kenyans. La, he doesnt have any program for Kenyans. The only program he has is to teach Odinga a lesson and to protect himself, his family and his ill-gotten wealth.

I am a Kale but I am not blind to give a thug like Ruto even an eighth of my precious vote. No way.

Anonymous said...

Only a stupid pig elects a butcher.

Anonymous said...

This man RAO is one person whose name always appears on every kumekucha post or from comments from readers, especially RAO haters.
Because Ruto is now fighting RAO he is a "clean man" in the eyes of PaNUaists. Not long ago (after PEV) he was known as "Milosevic". The game plan is to crush RAO politically using Ruto and then train their guns on Ruto afterwards. With those two gone the house of Mumbi can continue to 'keep what is rightfully theirs" through UK.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:00 AM said....Chris you forgot to mention this is the man who sacrificed all to make raila a PM.

Well, after raila wa sworn in, he kicked him out, and surrounded himself with his kin from Kisumu....

And I say> Truth will never rot. Ruto wanted to be Deputy PM knowing that Mudavadi deserved the position.

He got the best ministry of Agriculture. His friends got the best ministries of Roads and Education, etc. ODM is a national party and had to divide the positions equaly among Kenyans from all corners, even the cooperative ministry was given to a nominated mp to balance representation. (remember PNU had all Mt Kenya ONLY in plum positions).

Ruto was not left in the cold like Kalonzo did to Ojiambo.

Ruto has been having his plans right from the days he was sitting infront of Hilton. This man will not be good for a democratic Kenya.

Remember a thief will support thieves. A rich thief will protect rich thieves (impunity pure!).

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:44 am;

Raila's game plan is to crush Ruto and UK politically using ICC and then train their guns on Mudaba afterwards. With those two gone and weak'leaf' mudaba neutered the ungrateful fellows from the lake can continue to 'keep what is rightfully theirs" through their king molasses.

Its a no brainer really!

The Oracle is back and has spoken

Anonymous said...

Ruto is known to be brave. During his time as a YK92 he ordered the publication of 500 sh notes without consulting Moi.

He then filled his pockets. This man is as rich as Bill Gates but never sweated a single day the money.

Remember he sold many govt plots to companies and individuals.

Because of his chest thumping habbits, he is feared (NOT respected)like a Dictator. And indeed he will be. Witnesses against him have been murdered and scared by hit squads.

No body can face Ruto. Even PLO is scared to invite him and investigate him. Police investigator have been murdered.

Ruto is a dangerous man who should be a minister, a governor or a simple MP but not an exceutive President. Political assasinations would be the order of the day.

Kenyans, be on the watch out.

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest tragedies in life is when an individual over estimates themselves and their actual ability to deliver results in life

This craziness has now affected Ruto who thinks he will actually be around next year to view for the Presidency. If i were him i would finish fighting all the pending legal cases against him before removing his head out of the sand its buried in

Anonymous said...

attention chris and all kumekuchans: this is how Obama nailed Mwau over drugs: caution: shocking dossier!

Anonymous said...

@3:33 AM
Good one!!

Here in United Kingdom we say "a turkey voting for Christmas". The idiom has exact meaning...

Anonymous said...

"Like turkeys voting for (an early) Christmas" is a British & Australian humorous idiom.

If people are like turkeys voting for Christmas, it means they choose to accept a situation which will have very bad results for them.
Usage notes: Turkeys are large birds which are often eaten on Christmas Day.

And indeed, if Kenyans vote for William S Ruto they will be like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I view this development with a lot of interest and I like it a lot. Its all part of the democratic process. But Ruto indeed is proving to be a force to reckon with. He mobilized the RV vote rather effectively in 2007; in 2010 he did the same for the "no" vote. If you look back at his reasoning when he became minister of agriculture, you will find that his policies and justifications were right on the mark (unlike Raila Waldorf Astoria Odinga who thought that a shortage could be alleviated by giving his kibera thugs free unga). So I'm all for Ruto's adventures at the coast and in UDM and look forward to seeing him pull another rabbit out of the hat as I am sure he will. The rest, whether he will actually be in the running for Pork or the ICC will knock him out, may end up being details. I suspect he's putting together the foundations of a cross-ethnic party comprising the so-called 'minorities' that has great promise. I wish the chap and his colleagues very well. He is mostly effective at what he tries out!

Anonymous said...

Why do kenyans like wasting time on the obvious.We pretty well know that 2012 is between Raila and Uhuru.The rest are flower gals.That's the painful reality.

Anonymous said...

Why do kenyans like wasting time on the obvious.We pretty well know that 2012 is between Raila and Uhuru.The rest are flower gals.That's the painful reality.

Anonymous said...

Ruto's think tank include Kaparo,Makwere,Duale,Jirongo and Mark Too.Is there any hope for change under Ruto's presidency?Ruto is going NOWHERE!

Anonymous said...

Raila Waldorf Astoria will feature only in Kibera and Kisumu in 2012--ODM is now a jaluo party with no numbers (or resources) to leverage. What more would it take to demonstrate to the fanatics, sycophants and worhsippers that the sun has set on their hair-dyeing, half blind, fork-tongued, land-grabbing, feckless dictator?
Imbeciles--cant be helped. Really!!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, ruto is reinventing himself. That's what matters!

Anonymous said...

As a PM;

1) Raila appointed his sister with zero training in international relations as the Kenyan Consular Boss in the US. By doing so, he skipped career civil servants with PhD's in international relations.
2) He had his own house in Karen renovated using tax payers money to the tune of 60 Million KShs. He argued that he will be hosting state guests there.
3) His office was found culpable of the maize scandal and he had his immediate officers suspended. They have since been silently reinstated. Later, his office has been reported to have misappropriated youth funds.
4) His family members were adversely mentioned in the Maize scandal. In his defence, he argued that his son's company made legitimate purchase of the GOK maize reserves before selling them to S. Sudan. This was an insult to the starving Kenyans.
5) He has surrounded himself with relatives and sycophants from his tribe betraying those who made sacrifices to make him a PM.
6) He has lavished himself with expensive lifestyle at the public expense starting from his motorcade, his many expensive trips abroad accompanied by family members, relatives and sycophants. He was recently under fire in parliament after MP's questioned why he checked himself and his large entourage in most expensive hotels in the US during one of his man trips. This is a big let down from a politicia whose constituency has the largest slum in Africa.
7) He has continued to practise divisive politics.
etc etc etc.....

If he can do this as a PM, what if he becomes a PoRoK (President of the republic of kenya)???

Anonymous said...

We are about to see Raila waldorf astoria and his foot soldiers start the vicious attack on kikuyus. a variant of the kabila adui hatred is in the offing. note that this time it will be more egregious than before since the omweri (without ruto, balala, ngilu and so on) is literally cornered having only flying toilets and fish squarely on his side. stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Lets Look At The Opinion Poll Deputy PM/ VP/ MP;

1) VP cut a deal for himself to become second in command to the thief-in-chief. VP did this before dumping his running mate whose party he had stole and used simply as a vehicle to state house.VP rewarded his nominated cronies from Ukambani with a seat in parliament and a plum post in cabinet By doing so, he earned the nickname "msaliti". The DPM abandoned his official opposition position and formed an alliance with PNU against his party KANU's wishes. MP suspended from cabinet pending corruption court cases, focuses on losing weight

2) the cost of building an official residence for VP doubled, was delayed,had poor workmanship and never was completed.VP engaged in round trip shuttle diplomacy around the world at billions of shillings tax payer's expense. DPM made so called computer errors that disappeared mysteriously in the budget 

3) DPM office notorious for computer errors in budget, and not preparing budget estimates on time but seeking to rush them through parliament.

4)DPM ministry continues to be implicated in computer error scandals.VP celebrates silver jubilee with drought stricken constituents

5) DPM surrounds himself with tribal chiefs of communities he is suspected to have ordered to be attacked in 2007. MP is one such tribal chief suspected to have retaliated.

6) VP sent a framed photograph of himself to Hilary Clinton and is on record on Wikileaks as having asked his boss the PResident to step down due to his illness

7)DPM and MP travel to Netherlands Hague. They are warned against hate speech. during his countrywide rallies DPM switches between his native tongue and English where he hurls abuses and insults to the PM in his mother tongue
etc etc etc.....

Thankfully only one of these opinion poll presidents won't be in jail come 2012. The remaining one will not be able to garner more than 11% of the votes

Anonymous said...

I attended one Jamhuri celebrations in a Western Embassy. It was so exclusive that I wondered whether UK, France, Swiss, USA or Germany was celebrating. Expensive, tasty,smelly, mouth-watering, eye-catching, exotic foods were offered.

H.E. High Commisioner spent over 10 million shillings on this.

Shuttle missions costed taxpayer not less than 100 millions.

The govt paid the Hague trip of the MPs to accompany O-6 at a cost of 200 millions.

If Raila goes around to look for investors, you expect him to sleep in an hotel similar to one in River Rd? Raila`s trips are serving Kenyan interests.

Hague, Shuttle, and Embassy spendthrifts are either personal or no value to the common man.

Anonymous said...

I attended one Jamhuri celebrations in a Western Embassy. It was so exclusive that I wondered whether UK, France, Swiss, USA or Germany was celebrating. Expensive, tasty,smelly, mouth-watering, eye-catching, exotic foods were offered.

H.E. High Commisioner spent over 10 million shillings on this.

Shuttle missions costed taxpayer not less than 100 millions.

The govt paid the Hague trip of the MPs to accompany O-6 at a cost of 200 millions.

If Raila goes around to look for investors, you expect him to sleep in an hotel similar to one in River Rd? Raila`s trips are serving Kenyan interests.

Hague, Shuttle, and Embassy spendthrifts are either personal or no value to the common man.

Anonymous said...

Sir, let's use this list on your first analysis.

1)Has the leader tried to promote unity in Kenya?

NO (only unity with individuals in rallies, no region has crowned him as an elder)

2)How did the leader get his wealth? Through hard work?

NO (as we have learnt today through cheating and fraud, he did not inherit either)

3)Was the leader involved in the second liberation?

NO (he doesnt even know what it means, never heard of Nyayo torture chambers)

4) Is the leader known to be a reformer and a champ in fighting oppression and tyranny?

NO (against new constitution, he cant protect it, no paying taxes,preacher of status quo)

5)Is the leader known to be hard working and a performer?

YES(he is tough and scares pple. One of the best performer we have in parliam)

6)Has the leader done harm to Kenya through scandals and frauds like YK92, Anglo-leas,Land, etc. Can he be entrusted with Kenyan wealth?

NO (A goat can never be a gardener. A lion can never make a herder)

7)Has the leader been mentioned in a court to have committed crime against humanity. Is he law abiding?

NO (He is tough and has no respect for life which stands on his way)

8) Is the leader a global player, respected in EU, Asia, Africa and America?

NO (he is known 100% in Kenya, Museveni knows him, Mwakere has heard about him. No country can spell his name)

9) Is the leader addicted to alcohol, cigarretes or drugs? Is he Clean?

Yes (People say he likes grass, bt no one has proved it)

10) Can the leader be trusted to bring a real change esp. in industrial development, justice and unity in Kenya?

NO (He has no experience in starting a business. He is always in the courts. He wants Moi style of ruling hence no support for new consti, hates Mutunga and Ms Baraza, hates rule of law, Kenya would be worse than Somalia under him)

Results: HON. RUTO has 20% (2 Yes and 8 NO)

Next analysis please.

Kenyan Hasibu Jobs said...

Kumbe thaz why kila mtu hates.........

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:45 AM
You forgot one more blight on his track record, Raila and his henchmen have continued the Kenyatta and Moi ugly traditions of grabbing huge tracts of land in seveal regions of the country, and snatching up prime beach properties along the coast of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

The "Statehouse Punch Up" ended up in William Ruto being cursed by concerned elders from the Rift Valley.

The curse came to known as "The Chesire Curse" with an elders' clause; "the arrogant and disrespective young man (Ruto) will only see the inside of the '1907 government house' as a messenger or visitor or an outsider, and never as the main man incharge for as long as he's involved in politics".

The curse couldn't be undone since the offended elder, Chesire, passed away before any attempts were made by both sides in terms of reconciliation and cleansing rituals for Ruto.

Call it supersititious if you will, but time will tell whether the curse was a deserved response to some of the angriest implications of Ruto's role in the "State House Punch Up".

Anonymous said...


Seems raila has shed off the sheeps skin and the wolf in him is showing who really owns ODM. He wakes up one day and without consulting any party organ decides to handpick people to replace councillors who fought for his election in rift valley. The fellow is really biting off the hand that fed him.

Read the full story here in standard..

Anonymous said...

Raila is sure to win watu wapende year's elections are a three race horse between Raila Amolo Odinga, Mutava Musyimi and Martha Karua.
VP Musyoka is a non-entity as far as the elections are concerned, he will be lucky to retain his seat in the new parliament
As for Ruto and Uhuru? they will be lounging in the ICC courts frantically battling to clear their names of crimes against humanity

Anonymous said...

The LUO said in 2005 referendum that Raila Odinga alisoma Katiba na ni mbaya hence all Luos should vote NO.

The Kalenjin likewise said in 2010 referendum that William Ruto amesoma Katiba Na mbaya hence all Kalenjins should vote no and they did.

The LUos have their King in Raila Odinga and what is wrong with Kalenjins having their 46 years old King in William Ruto???????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

anon 7:06

Leave the tribal politics for the uneducated. I wonder how you found this blog, if you are the latter.

Anonymous said...


This analysis is about RUTO Only and not about Raila. Raila's is the next and the then you can forward your arguments for or contra his candidacy.

If you have written something against Ruto then NO kalenjin should feel offended because this man, if he becomes precident, will no longer serve Kalenjins only but rather the whole republic.

A public figure must be scrutinized and his past, present and future plans brought to light.

A bad Ruto doesnt mean Kalenjins are bad. A bad Mudavadi doesnt mean Luhyas are bad. The same applies to Uhuru, Kalonzo and Raila with kikuyus, kambas, Luos respectively.

Let's open our eyes. Tribalism and Racism are the same. Both can kill. We sent the British back because of racism. And now we are practising it ourselves on our brothers and sisters.

This must stop.

Anonymous said...

How can you discuss a dog without discussing its master?

Ruto was Raila's spanner boy until they broke up after the latter decided to share the biggest chunk of the loot with his kin.
Those trying to muzzle voices of those connecting the dots between ruto and his former bossom buddy should take a hike.
There is no escapinmg from the reality. As pensioner Taabu used to say, lies do not mutate to become truth no matter how you try to sugar coat it.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

I'm happy there was no clear winner in 2007. Even though I am a RAO supporter a clear win would only have led to the debacle of NARC & the MOU fiasco. Ruto would have still caused trouble and we would not get the constitution we have today. The same applies to a clear Kibaki win. There would be no constitution reform now that he was serving his last term and the UK clique would be eager to get what they missed out on in 2002.
The coalition government (PNU 99.9% vs ODM 0.01%) with all its ills has at least yielded a new constitution that was acceptable to majority of Kenyans. Whoever becomes PORK next year will have had to overcome higher threshold and operate within the confinement of the constitution that puts the presidency and other arms of government on a tight leash.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.09 PM

FAKE A$$ Oracle, hiding behind coated lyrical vibes, we know Oracles literally skills dont sound like urs

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