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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The rest of Murdoch’s fascinating tale

As you must have realized already, Rupert Murdoch’s story is much more fascinating than any yearn that was ever spun in any of his top selling tabloids. It is the kind of story that one can learn a lot from. Above all it brings the current controversy threatening his empire into perspective.

Indeed the current happenings will hardly surprise anybody who knows Murdoch’s past.

Murdoch’s story is also extremely useful to anybody with ambitions for making money online. As we shall see later in this series, Murdoch saw the emergence of social networking sites online long before Facebook rose to fame and he even put his money into his hunch by purchasing MySpace for a figure most though was ridiculously high.

Murdoch’s story is also a must-read for Media practitioners and publishers anywhere in the world. The amazing launch of Australia’s first national newspaper, The Australian amid the phenomenal logistical problems involved in nationwide distribution is a fascinating and instructive chapter of this magnate’s story. More so when you realize that the paper made huge losses but was kept going.. why?

Then there is the spectacular purchase of the News Of The World amid serious competition from his rival Robert Maxwell. This was followed by the birth of The Sun. My series takes a very deep look into what really made this paper Murdoch’s biggest money-spinner (to date). Can such trashy stories make a man a fortune?

That battle with Robert Maxwell almost cost Murdoch his entire empire because the banks moved in and for a moment it looked like it was the end for the boy publisher. Even his rival Robert Maxwell faced with financial ruin committed suicide and left his crumbling nightmare in a mess. But Murdoch bounced back somehow. Quite a story that episode.

Then despite his sensational failure in the United States, Murdoch created at least one successful publication in that country. The story behind it is equally fascinating.

All this cannot be published here in Kumekucha but you can catch it all delivered in your email every two days until the end. It is not free but I have a fascinating deal for you. Get the details NOW.

Thank you for keeping me company this weekend, it was a real pleasure for me.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, I wish to really really request you to do an expose of this minister. The fellow has been struck off the roll of advocates 3 times because of misappropriating clients money an euphemism for stealing.
He has been accused of giving work permits like sweets to foreigners and selling Kenyan passports and IDS to somali's and other foreigners.
He is the minister for immigration. A close confidant of the PM. Currently, he has designed a scandal that will make anglo leasing look like child play with the production of new generation cards and passports.
I wonder how Kajwang has escaped Chris investigation all these years. It would help your leaders if you can tell us details of the clients whose court awards he stole. Tell us of other malpractises that this crook has been engaged in.
Then tell us what makes him so special to Raila that he would overlook his dark past to award him one of the most sensitive dockets.

kumekucha said...

@Kajwang basher

Please STOP spamming my blog with your repetitive Kajwang prose.

If you bothered to do a little checking, you would realize that I published this story over a year ago. In fact I have published many posts about the most corrupt ODM cabinet minister. And not only that my raw notes have sensitive details on the man's corrupt ways. So stop boring my regular readers with info they had a long time ago which seems to be hot breaking news to you. You are also boring my more intelligent readers who know how to use the google search tool above to check for previously published articles in this blog. (last time I checked there are 3,193 posts in Kumekucha... and counting)

So please... Stop your ignorant SPAMMING before I block you.

Chris Kumekucha

Msapere said...

Ati the continuing story on Murdoch is not for sale. Unaziuza how much?

Anonymous said...

Once or twice is enough, but when an irritant spammer continues to irk Kumekucha with irrelevant comments or "ignorant spamming" (24/7) similar to those by the Kajwang basher, then it's time for the adminstrator to remove them accordingly. What an eye sore to say least.

Anonymous said...

Don't let anyone blame or shame me for trying so hard to reposition myself, as I continue to conspicuasly traverse the country conducting haramabes, making sure my presence is felt at funerals, especially those for former diasporans, and in the process using forums like Kumekucha and others to woe voters, strike political alliances, and pitch turf battles in preparation for the 2012 General Election.

After all, every other politician in the country is desperately seeking to maintain political relevance, and I see no harm in continuing with my popularisation - polarisation - mission.

The prime minister, one deputy prime minister, you know who, the vice president, all cabinet ministers, assistant ministers, incumbent members of parliament, some former parliamentarians and several diasporans - the Mogwanjas-come-lately are busy doing the same routine.
Anyway back to the fascinating tale of Mzee Murdoch, a genius of a media mogul who learned to quickly adjust and adapt so well to the changing times, the ever evolving world of journalism, and embracing the social networking sites while his contemproraries looked the other way.

I will go off on a limb by stating that Mzee Murdoch will emerge unscathed to some extent from the phone hacking scandal after the dust has settled.

However, it's Mzee Murdoch's son, you know who, and the other one, yes that one, "another Mzee Murdoch daughter" - Rebekah Brooks - and several of his senior employees who will have to take the fall and face the fullest brunt of the British version of the guillotine.
Mzee Murdoch's is only guilty of one deadly and unforgivable cardinal sin, namely, that of 'An Outsider's Desire to Force His Way into the Establishment'.

Many hereditary members of the 'Establishment' as well as the House of Lords have never forgiven an Mzee Murdoch, an outsider, a commoner, a purveryor of things inappropriate in the world of news making, and one of the youngest self-made billionaire.

Who happen to have never been forgiven for having stollen the thunder and limelight from so many 'Who was Who' and the current brood of 'Who is Who' within the exclusive British high class society.

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