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Monday, July 25, 2011

Evidence that angry Kenyan voters will cause shocks in 2012 polls

The poll carried out on Citizen’s Sunday Live last night must have surprised many…

But not regular readers of this blog.

The poll question to Kenyans was whether they would vote for Mutava Musyimi as President. A simple yes or no answer was required. A staggering 92% said YES.

But I have no intention of bragging and so I will explain what is happening here to my newer readers.
It's official, Mutava Musyimi is the man to beat for President

My regulars will remember that in the run up to the 2007 General Elections I kept on talking about Kenya’s angry voters. Angry voters are dangerous and unpredictable. In those elections candidate Raila Odinga had many odds against him, more than most Kenyans realize. Indeed Eldoret North legislator William Ruto kept on telling him that he was unelectable and should give way to another ODM candidate. Raila was adamant and insisted that he was the democratically elected ODM presidential candidate. Others like Kalonzo Musyoka could not take it and abandoned Odinga running away with the ODM Kenya registration certificate. You know the rest of the story.

What Ruto and Musyoka saw was not an illusion but the harsh reality of what Jomo Kenyatta’s government bequeathed to Kenyans. A deep hatred and suspicion of anybody from the Luo community. The whole anti-Luo community hate campaign was launched by Kenyatta’s inner circle that saw the community as the main threat to their dream of “the presidency never crossing the Chania River.” That Chania river divides Kiambu Kikuyu and Nyeri Kikuyu meaning that the whole evil plan was to not only retain the presidency of Kenya amongst the Kikuyu community but specifically in Kiambu where Kenyatta and his inner cabinet hailed from.
The threat was provoked by the likes of Tom Mboya whom the Kiambu mafia assassinated and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who was very lucky not to have been assassinated.

And that is where the stories about Luos not being circumcised originated from (President George W. Bush is not circumcised either).

Anyway back to what I was saying about 2007, those who knew this history well would have speedily agreed with Ruto and Musyoka. I would also have agreed except that I noted the pulse of the nation and this phenomenon of angry voters. Predictably those angry voters ignored past history and voted in Raila Odinga, circumcised or not.

The news I have for you is that those same voters are angrier this time. And last night the first real evidence of what I have been harping on about here presented itself.

So my message to all those analysts busy talking about tribal equations and those politicians like Ruto, Uhuru and Kalonzo busy doing tribal arithmetic is that they should head back to the drawing boards pronto. Kenyans are about to elect the most unlikely president ever.

As for now Mutava Musyimi is the man to beat. I love this… don’t you?

Breaking News: Power rationing to start this evening in Kenya
Read the statement from KPLC CEO


Anonymous said...

Anyone apart from Raila Molasses will be fine.
But Wafoli Bifwoli sounds more catchy to me:)

Jobonya said...

Mutava can do smthing he doesn't back like other dogs

Anonymous said...

I think I am confused. The title of this article is; Evidence that angry Kenyan voters will cause shocks in 2012 polls
So I sat down to read a well researched article detailing evidence of angry Kenyans and their anticipated voting patterns. Lol, how mistaken I was. Just like the numerous 10 bob gutter press pamplets sold in bus terminals, what I ended up reading was the usual irritating trash on kikuyu's and luo's, the only tribes in Kenya I suppose.
Chris, whats wrong with you? Where did your writing karma go. Is journalism that tough that you cannot just deliver what you promise but you have to bombard your readers with useless rants and raves that are so medieval?
I like Mutava Musyimi, I would have loved reading some background on the man, whether he has a family or not, his previous occupations and his performance as an MP with regard to CDF etc. Too bad the article had to accumulate so much useless litter.

Anonymous said...


What is wrong with YOU?

Chris has written pages and pages on Mutava Musyimi. Just use the search tool on this page. Ama ur web illiterate. If so look b4 u leap next time and make a fool of yourself.

It also seems that you lack basic reading skills. Well researched my foot... do you know what a blog is?


I like it when people make fools of themselves here thinking they know.

Chris, I think this is one of those times when you have stepped on a live wire and rubbed somebody the wrong way. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

@2:14 AM
I concur!

Anonymous said...


You also lack reading skills. You didn't notice that the guy started his comment with the words; "I think I am confused..."

Need I say more?

kumekucha said...

This sounds very familiar.

It seems that somebody is very determined to divert attention away from the contents of this post.

Hmmm.... very interesting

Chris Kumekucha

P.S. I know there is a lot at stake in 2012.

M. Pesa said...

Kenya needs a tough leader who will not be intimidated by the rich elite who have blackmailed this nation since independence.

Someone who will quickly lock up Moi for all the evil crimes he unleashed on Kenyans and seize all his assets if need be.

Someone who will lead from the front, through actions and not mere words. All the last three presidents have been selfish men who have let down this nation badly.

Kibaki's legacy has been defined by twin evils of corruption and tribalism. As he hides in state house, this nation has been left to be devoured by hungry hyenas who are bold and confident to even hide their thieving ways.

All the sensitive dockets in security, trade, finance, office of the president, are given to andu a nyumba.

They can't trust "pumbavu" outsiders and very shortly, Guthu Muigai will be imposed on Kenyans as the new AG just like Karangi was imposed to head the military. Raila ata do? He has already been blinded by his limousine and empty power.

As for Mutava, what has he done in to qualify to lead this great nation? He has always be a fence sitter who opposed the new constitution.

He reminds me of Kalonzo, never wanting to make hard decisions in case he annoys someone. We need someone with a good history. We need someone with balls to tackle corruption, tribalism and unemployment, those three ticking time-bombs.

That person is none other than Martha Wangari Karua! Let's give our women a chance. Martha will make a great CEO of this nation. Read her history and you will see why they call her The Iron Lady.

One of the few ministers to ever resign on principle in this part of the world. Born in a poor rural village and rose to the top through hard work. Let's give this girl a chance. Men will just screw us all over again. You can take that to the bank!

M. Pesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M. Pesa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I would like to tell you something Chris.

I am shocked you have not realized it yet and yet you claim to be so intelligent.

When people write nice things about you and praise your posts then you should know you have done a rubbish post.

But when you get irritated abusive comments like the one at the beginning of this thread then you should know you have done an excellent post.

Never forget that Chris.

Anonymous said...

This is a season for women according to a prophesy given in America by a well known Prophet (comes on God Channel). The person who prophised also prayed for the congresswoman who was shot early this year and miraculously she has made a full recovery.

Women should take hold of this moment and aim for higher offices. The grace of God is upon woman at this time.
So far we have seen it in Thailand after electing first female PM and IMF having first female president.

If Karua is serious then this is the time.

Anonymous said...

Yaawn! Ati Mutava Who? Spare us this Opium taking session.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kumekuchans,
Be warned that your fellow reader's palates have become sophisticated and their expectations of this blog are so high that each post is reviewed professorially and pedantically under a microscope for examination purposes!

terminologies such as "well researched" "detailing" "article" show that the intellectuals in our midst have stolen the spotlight by force and taken away the focus from the common readers who simply want to peruse this blog for pleasure and time to time engage in lively debate

Don't let the fear of god strike your heart due to these educated scribes whose scrutiny of posts by Chris/Taabu et al is simply for the purpose of thesis copy&paste while simultaneously using the comments platform to sound off on the perceived lower intellect of Kumekucha

One only wonders why these learned fellows have not begun and popularised their own blogs as the World Wide Web is so big and free no one is forcing them to come here and *YAWN* or decry the "useless litter" they read first thing in the morning when they arrive at work and jump on the internet!LOL

By the way whatever happened to "you didn't miss this" the copycat Kumekucha blog started by well known rivals of Kumekucha?mmmmmh!

Anonymous said...

well said anon 6:10AM, or should I say pensioner Taabu?

Anonymous said...

I think chris should have included links of older stories that he has done on Mutava Musyimi like he always does to make his current topic more complete. Otherwise, this one looks like it was a by the way and the main vibe was to pick some beef with Ruto and Kalonzo. I also think there is nothing wrong with kk readers demanding some complete stories coz the last time I checked, KK is not twitter.
Concerning Musyimi, I am of the opinion that he should be judged by his previous and current records lest we elect another PLO. If he has a clean slate and his prformance as an MP is satisfactory, then he deserves a higher challenge. So far, he is way ahead of the perennial presidential candidates, and other pretenders. I would however also love to have Hon. Karua on the ballot paper.

Anonymous said...

...Couldn't have put it in any way better other than Mutava Musyimi, it is.

The one and only unblemished, untainted, candidate for 2012 and a person who has never conspired to eat together with political gangs of old.

Let other candidates like Mutava Musyimi, if any, arise and be counted before the campaigns of 2012 get into full swing or top gear.

Anonymous said...

Go Musyimi Go!!!
Dont fear some of the wazee now turning 70 who think being PORK is NOW their birthright after having contested and lost so many times.

Go Mutava Go Go Gooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaah! Kwani Rais Joji wa Kichaka hakuwahi kuigia jando wala kukabidhiwa mpako wa mnuzo wa kisu chenye ukali kuwili?

Huu ni utani, dadisi, dhihaka au porojo za kutoka huko ughaibuni?

Haidhuru, hamna shaka yoyote kwa sababu yeye aliwahi kulimiki mojawapo ya mataifa yenye dhana za kiundindo ambazo zina julikana kwa kimombo kama nuclear.

Sawa, hamna hojo yeyote kulingana na shughuli za maisha kasoro mkato au kutahiriwa.

DM-Nairobi said...

@ Chris.

A well written post full of high expectations.

However, two rhetorical questions for you:

What has Mutava been doing for the last 3 years in Parliament? Zero impact there I believe.

What did he achieve as Chairman of some outfit known as the Anti-corruption steering committee? Again, zero impact there.

Kweli we forget too easily that the man lost his moral backbone a long time ago.

If Mutava is elected by Kenyans, God forbid, corruption and all its associated scams will certainly continue unabated in Kenya. He would be Kibaki Part 2 and the Lords of Impunity can rest easy with him at the helm.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Sometimes back,(4th July, 2011) we wrote this to a couple of friends:

"In Kenya, I see in 2012 useless OPIUM session:

(a) a Raila, Musyimi run off,
(b) in a Raila, Musyimi run off, Musyimi will win.

Musyimi is:

(a) a Kamba,
(b) I think his wife is atiriri/wa nyumba,
(c) Musyimi is from Mbeere, so, Mbeere, Embu, Meru is his.
(d) Church card.
(e) he is "soft," he has NO AGENDA, so, he will be used like Obama.

Seems to me, these cards are too many to dismiss.

NB: It will be another OPIUM ROUND which has NO MEANING. So, let us go
back to the real issues."


In this interview, he said, he wants to see a Kenya without tribalism:


He was then interviewed in his home compound as we see here:


From these two interviews, we can tell you that, to elect Musyimi to change Kenya, is another road to:

(b) DELUSIONS, and
(c) above all, CHILDISH FANTASIES.

Anyway, since this does not make sense NOW, but, will make LATER, we leave in a hurry to enjoy I TRIED:

I tried and I tried and I tried and I tried

To make them understand
But they just can't understand

The more VICTIMIZATION is up on their back

The more FOOLISH they become

This ONE turn them FOOL, that one turn them FOOL.

Anonymous said...

Your lying. Please check your facts. It was the reverse....92% said NO. You eventually lose credibity.

Anonymous said...

"Breaking News: Power rationing to start this evening in Kenya"

It's not just Kenya having problems with power. Even here in the Western Cities but not because of rationing but rather due to extremely hot summer.

Anonymous said...

Personally I do not think there is anyone who can do a better job at this moment than Martha Karua. lets all unite and support this dear lady.

Anonymous said...

In 2007 I followed Kumekucha closely. My friends laughed at me when I told them about angry voters voting in the uncircumcized Luo. I remember disctinctly how they analyzed for me that the Giriama, the Kamba and many othet tribes would never vote for Raila, angry voters or no angery voters.

Well after the elections I was vindicated.

I am sticking close to Kumekucha once again for 2012 come what may.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:25AM aka fake Oracle aka fake Mwarang'ethe aka mistress of Chris/Taabu/Phil

In addition to DID(dissociative identity disorder) you also appear to suffer from acute Anthropophobia, a disease that mostly manifests itself in paranoid delusions and deranged rantings not too dissimilar from that of a mentally incapacitated patient.

Your obsession with seeing Raila and Taabu lurking everywhere in every post is one of the signs yours is a condition that can only be cured after 2012 when Kenya will have a new president

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:33 aka Oracle,
I pity you my freind. You allowed anons to box you into a very tight corner and now you've been reduced kama paka ameyeshwa.
So delusional you only see and hear fake Oracle aka fake Mwarang'ethe aka mistress of Chris/Taabu/Phil.

If there is a prize for a deranged paranoia it's should go to ORACLE. said...

Yeah that is true. I know Mutava will pose a real threat. What about Ole Kiyapi?

Anonymous said...

I guess Ole Kiyapi is also a neutral like Musyimi

Anonymous said...

Mutava Musyimi, the 2012 Trojan Horse or the Dark Horse?

Who is the real Mutava Musyimi, what has he stood for, fought for since the 1970s, 80s & 90s, and what does he still stand for in 2011?

Most of us know by now who Martha Karua, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Kalonzo Musyoka ("Mr. KKK" - Katikati-Kipepeu-Kigeugeu), Raila Odinga, Wafoli Bifwoli, Kalembe Ndile (Sina), Charity Ngilu are as politicians, individuals and others.

For instance, many Kenyans know about who Martha Karua is, from the days of the oppressive government when she served in the judiciary under the watchful crocodile eyes of the Nyayo regime.

Including her stint in the new political dawn after the regime change of 2002, the debacle of 2007, and up till now in 2011.

Martha Karua is the devil - as it were - that many Kenyans have come to know, through and through, and her biographical notes are public knowledge.

The real big question that the likes of Citizen's Sunday Live and others should be asking is,
a) Who is Mutava Musyimi?
b) What does he really stand for?
c) What type of president does he want to be?
d) Will Kenyans be treated to the same old same old deadwood State House saga and the stale parliamentary politics once they have risked casting their majority votes for Mutava Musyimi?
e)Does Mutava Musyimi have what it takes to become the next PORK?

May the real Mutava Musyimi stand up and tell the Kenyan public more about who the real person is that goes by the name Mutava Musyimi, beyond what's being thrown out there, such;
- the Kamba, Meru or Embu,
- the (former) paster,
- the parliamentarian
- the potential presidential candidate?

Why is there zero biographical data on Mutava Musyimi, a guy who wants to be Kenya's next president?

Second of all, congratulations to Mutava Musyimi, and it's great to read about the poll results carried by Citizen's Sunday Live, which gave Mutava Musyimi a whopping ovation (yes) of 92% approval rating by a targeted segment of the population.

However, who is the real Mutava Musyimi, in 3D?

Every man or woman has a past, a present and a future that they still hope to embrace when all things are taken into account.

It's About Time Mutava Musyimi lit the light on who he really is and left it on the Upper Hill (public domain) for the public to disect and soon figure out whether he is worth being elected to the highest office in the land of Kenya.

Oh yes, It's Time and now is the appropriate time for a full disclosure.

Anonymous said...

I note with alot of amusement that many of your regular commentators do not live in this country and are accessing Kumekucha from the comfort of their developed world. no wonder they have nothing sensible or worthwhile to contribute to the post; I bet they don't even possess Kenyan National Identity Cards let alone Voters cards!Believe you me those of us Kenyans who actually live here are fumming mad and we will make our anger known in a most shocking and no-nonsense way come the next polls in 2012.

Why must we be in perpetual darkness yet our electricity bills are ever increasing, not to mention our unga is now out of affordable price range for those of us who before could afford to buy it,even as our brothers and sisters in different parts of this country are dying like flies daily from lack of planning and therefore food shortage and water scarcity?

is this why we have more than 10 presidential aspiring candidates yet only 1 or 2 of them actually have any economic track record to speak of?what do those candidates have to show for their time in parliament other than dyed grey hair and of course multiple corruption cases awaiting mention in the backlogged judicial system that is Kenyan courts?

At this moment in time i would happily vote for our former colonial master to re-colonise us and get us out of the rut we are currently stuck in with nowhere to go but downwards!And if you don't believe we are angry just wait until the next public holiday celebration in August to see the reaction of frustrated Kenyans sitting in the sun listening to useless speeches from the same people who have sunk us deeper into the stoneages than ever before!

Anonymous said...

just checking on your E-SAFETY bro, assure us won't you?the heat resonating from here is high temperature but i know your cheeks are adequately PADDED with fireproof material

Anonymous said...

Raila Hypocricy 2.0 in Kilifi

Claim 1: I will repossess Kilifi Cashewplant Factory from private management.

Fact Check: Raila still owns and runs a former publicly owned Molasses plant that he acquired through dubious with Moi's help. The factory belonged to Nyanza residents before it became part of the bribe that Moi used to lure NDP to a Kanu merger. Curiously, only 1 man benefited.

Claim 2: We eill repossess all beach plots allocated irregularly to private developers. "I have assured area leaders that such plots will revert back to the public," said Raila.

Fact Check: Raila has a court case going on concerning malindi squatters land (beach plot) that he again acquired through dubious means. He has refused to surrender the land back to the landless squatters.
Kenyans demand leaders who walk the talk. Unfortunately, we have wolves in sheep skin. Raila can cheat some people all the time but luckily he cannot cheat all the people all the time.

Kilifi people should not fall for those honey coated lies.
Long live Kenya.

Anonymous said...

*link for the news above

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget, angry Kenyan voters will cause shocks in 2012 polls, and not during the public holiday in August of 2011.

One regular Kumekuchan seem to have stopped short of preaching to the captive audience and ended up singing to the choir instead.

Regular commentators do not live in this country [Kenya] and are ...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm! How so? And how comes millions of Kenyans between the ages of 18-yrs and 20-yrs, who currently reside in Kenya have yet to get their Kenyan national identity cards, let alone voters cards?

Will they be allowed to have anything sensible and worthwhile to contrinute toward the earth shaking response in August of 2011?

...those of us [Kenyans] who [actually] live here are fuming mad and we will make our anger known in a most shocking and no-nonsense way come the next polls in 2012

Illusion or reality? Which is which? The ball is your court, don't fumble it like was the self-defeating case in 1992, 1997, 2002 and 2007.

By any chance do the angry and frustrated Kenynas have a plan?

Do they even know or understand what the real challenges are as the country itches toward the 2012 General Election?

Have they [angry and frustrated Kenyans] thought it through, assessed it, compared it to other previous challenges and calculated the chances of victory?

We are angry bust just wait until the next public holiday celebration in August to see the reaction of frustrated Kenyans...

By the way, have the angry and frustrated Kenyans ever really understood the economy of anger, including the means and ways of releasing it in the most productive fashion as opposed to a most-shocking manner possible which ends up being totally counter productive in 90% of the situations?

Further, have the angry masses, if any and organized at all, recognized the strategic opportunities for raving and ranting during the public holiday celebration in August?

Or are they going to end up disorganized as in the past and create more opportunities for the authorities and riot police to keep them in check or worse under tight wrap in the name of law and order?

[Kenyans] who are not living in the country but have unlimited access to Kumekucha from the comfort zones of their developed world, can't wait to find our what type of appropriate and organised reponses the frustrated and angry Kenyans will have during the next public holiday in August as stated.

I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve. - Albert Schwetzer.

Anonymous said...

I am Totally in agreement with M-Pesa @ 3:43 AM.

We need our own Iron Lady. Martha Karua's unlike other politicians has true fortitude and tenacity. She doesnt have the baggage of having burnt people in churches or made billion shilling computer errors or failed to use thier parlimentary majority to hammer through election promises and resolutions made during capaigns, the main one being to deliver a new constitution within a 100 days. Keep in mind the new constitution wasnt really worked on until the current incumbent realised the clock started ticking on his last year and any credible legacy he could produce. Another plus for Martha Karua is that she didnt adopt a " Go slow" position to reform and corruption investigations like some other politicians


Anonymous said...


Tou sound really desperate for attention froom Chris. I suggest you get yourself a wife.

Anonymous said...

te he heeee..
Eti raila saying grabbed land will revert back to squatters and he is in court fighting to hold onto one!!
What a douche!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:16PM
You have waxed verbose and at length pedantically structuring and composing your essay with predictable smoke screens and mirrors in response to 2:06PM but let me ask a simple question, and take your time please in answering:-

do you have a Kenyan voters card?

Anonymous said...

Pensioner Taabu is still lurking behind the shadows of WWW..check for his signature words like waxing, lyrical, deception, fraud, theft, predictable and general use of pompous speech.

Maybe we should do a mchango and give him a rungu to man KK gate..ti hi hi hiiiiii!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, this current post has brought me back from early retirement. I concur with you 100%. Mutava Musyimi is the man to beat.
I am so loving it!!

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:15AM and Anon 2:19AM is the same person masquerading as the "Oracle" and of course Anthropophobia of Taabu. did you forget to say the name of your other loathed pet peeve Raila LoL

kumekucha said...

Hello Luke My Broda,

Thank you for ur concern. It is really appreciated. At least I know you are genuine not like some snakes and wolves in sheep's clothing in the wild west known as Kumekucha.

Chris Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Mutava Musyimi is not the real man to beat, but mark the following, he's only a candidate will be used as bait, pace-setter, distraction and a political smokescreen for one particular frontrunner. Time will tell when it proves me right.

Anonymous said...

Anon @1:17 AM
Are you sure you're not one and the same with anon 2:06 AM?

Point well taken, I am glad your brought it up to my attention, and I hope I didn't touch a raw nerve in any way, fashion or form.

Please accept my apologies for the usual verbosity. I wasn't aware that I was notoriusly verbose with my after-the-fact commentary, but I will try and cut it down to size, the next time around.

Cheers! Let's head back to the meat of the matter, "Evidence that angry Kenyan voters will cause shocks in 2012 polls."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kumekuchans, I just love Kenyans whenever they counter or hit back with some timely remarks when inetracting with know-it-all diasporans on a three to four weeks vacation.

Overheard some people's heated conversation during lunch break, three and hours ago.

"Come on! Cops in America are not different from kacheros in Kenya. Are you're kidding!

In Kenya, the police will still stop you for kitu kidogo. While in the United States of America, the police will pull you over for any slightest excuse and then ticket you for revenue inhancement.

Kitu kidogo is not different from revenue inhancement, regardless of the end use or beneficiary.

As a matter of fact, the American cop will screw you over by entering the ... into Uncle Sam's database, for all government contractors, insurence agencies, lawyers, private investigators, individuals to have access to for whatever reasons"

Anonymous said...

Very poor analysis based on a poll carried out by Citizen TV. Did you ever take the time to learn about the demographics of Citizen TV viewers? My crystal ball tells me that Citizen TV is owned and mostly watched by people from "Lesotho."

Bobby6Killer said...

Chris, the west was won by non-descript cowboys, a lawless bunch, fighting through "savage" held lands. However the US was made by turning cowboys (rabid rednecks) into law abiding citizens.

One way to control a crowd is by knowing who you are dealing with. The solution is simple. Change KK from its current wild west ways by having ALL comments allowed only from those with Google or other blog friendly handles. Most normal people won't take the time to have more than one handle.

Kill the anonymous nature of the comments section & you'll get to know who's who in good time. Delete ALL that don't comply. You'll stop the multiple commentators creating fake e-wars, those who write to support themselves, those who impersonate others, etc. It may take you a while to build up a large regular commentators section, but that's not necessarily such a bad thing. Some of us have followed this blog since 2005 when you blogged for the sake of writing & had zero comments day in day out. You still kept at it religiously, & many of us still read what you wrote. You didn't write to appease an audience whether for better or worse. Those were the golden days!

Anonymous said...

One thing i am sure of is that musyimi will not get a single vote from coast and northeastern provinces for his campaigne to marginalise kenyan muslims at every oppotunity. He is bound to create secterian problems in kenya. Zero muslim votes for him.

Anonymous said...

have u ever heard of freedom of speech or one's right to expression/opinion?

Even if Chris was to censor this comment section by google and blog handles, please be informed there will still be people blogging with multiple handles.
For example: Taabu has several blue handles and they are well known here.

Anonymous said...

Kumukucha, I never forget to remind myself that if I fail to believe the best in others, I will not give the effort to "mine" the gold contained in them.

So, all I can say for now is, Hon. Mutava Musyimi will be the right man and best candidate in a better position to beat the incumbent president in the 2012 general elections.

Anonymous said...

Typo: In the 2017 general election and NOT 2012.

Anonymous said...

Mutava Musyimi vs Paul Kibugi Muite? Pick a presidential winner should the two battle it out in a run off election. Paul Muite has been cleared by his Safina party, while Mutava Musyimi is yet to be cleared by his party, the PNU.

swahili nation said...

Very interesting indeed! The poll is flawed just by the fact that the person asking the question was leading the respondent to a "yes". Most kenyans do not have anything against Mutava Musyimi and they have no reason to say "No" that they will not vote for him. To get more accurate information the question that should have been posed was "which candidate would you elect as the next president - Mutava - Ruto - Raila - Uhuru - Kenneth. In the case that Mutava get 92% from this poll then that is a clear indicator! Go do some statistics class before posting such a flawed method then trying to show everyone that you know what you are talking about!

Anonymous said...

Bobby, finally you have set in motion that plan.
Let me inform KK of what is happening. Some raila sympathisers in that obscure jukwaa blog know the power of the internet and its role in influencing opinion.
So since mid this year, they ensured that all handles or usernames if you like that were anti-raila were purged. Having achieved that, it dawned to them that there were other more popular blogs which allow anonymous comments with more traffic and influence. Kumekucha was one of those mentioned. So they sent moles to create e-wars, mayhem, diversions, spamming etc to push the blog owner to the point of introducing moderation and kiling the anon commentaries. Seems bobby is one of the moles and he is doing a great job.
So imagine this, one of the moderators of KK is Phil whose permanet abode is jukwaa blog. He is one of the originators of this e-propaganda campaign. If Chris buys their provocation and gives in, expect to read propaganda about raila, odm and trash about everyone else. Be very very afraid.

Anonymous said...


Are you fine on the membrane??? That Weed Obama's smoking is making you delusional.

Anonymous said...

Ati "go do statistics class" before posting "a staggering 92% said yes."

Now who is it that needs a four semesters of basic statistic course?

Swahili nation got it flawed and should have figured the what percentage of Kenyans who simply anwered with yes that gave Mutava Musyimi a 92% approval rating.

charles nganga said...


Anonymous said...

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