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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Can a man who used violence to try and take power be allowed to be president of Kenya?

The new constitution (what Kumekucha calls the wild hungry animal loose in Kenya today) is great because it gives great power to the people. But with great power comes great responsibility.

One of the responsibilities that the Kenyan people will have to speedily learn how to handle is that of making their own decisions on character, something that was previously done on our behalf, for better or for worse, by the corrupt political class.

And even as Kenyans vet judges and other personalities for sensitive public office they will also have to carefully vet various other characters for the highest office in the land. Yep. Although the presidency is not as powerful as it once was it is still powerful enough to cause concern on whom we want to occupy the office.

Revelations that came out of the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission sitting in Bungoma a few hours ago (Sunday) are extremely shocking to say the least. These revelations highlight the role of the man who won the disputed 2007 general elections and the current Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the failed bloody 1982 coup attempt.

The 1982 botched coup is still shrouded in mystery to this day (although readers of my land mark book Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency GET IT FOR FREE NOW have had a head start with lots of information that has never been in the public domain). But what emerged from the TJRC for the first time on Sunday is a clear link between the leader of the failed coup senior private Pancreas Ochuka and Raila Odinga. According to Retired Kenya Air Force officer Maxwell Kivihya, Raila met Senior Private Hezekiah Ochuka several times at a house on Fourth Avenue Ngong Road in Nairobi. Ironically not very far from then President Moi’s residence at Kabarnet Gardens off Ngong Road.

It has always been a mystery as to how such a junior officer as Private Ochuka would have led a coup (although there is a precedent in the Liberian case—see my earlier post).

Other shocking revelations from the Bungoma TJRC hearings:

• A day after the abortive coup, former president Daniel arap Moi ordered that all Kenya Air Force men be rounded up and taken for hanging at Kamiti Prison. The directive was effected and servicemen and officers were locked up at Kamiti, Naivasha, King’ong’o and Shimo la Tewa prisons.

• President Moi appointed Brig Kibwana and Maj Musomba to conduct interrogations and torture of the Air force servicemen.

• Four categories of KAF airmen emerged during their arrest: those with prior knowledge of the coup, some of who escaped to Tanzania; those without prior knowledge, but who were imprisoned or hanged without legal processing and representation; those who stayed in prison, but could not be charged for lack of evidence and were later freed due to international pressure; and those who were charged and acquitted by the High Court.

• He also named a Lt Mwambura, Cpl Odero and Cpl Oriwa as some of the key players in the coup attempt that resulted in the loss of 300 lives, half of them university students and civilians.

• Only a quarter of the airmen who knew of the plot raised the alarm at the Eastleigh and Nanyuki barracks and took up arms in readiness for the next order, said Mr Kivihya. Cpl Odero ordered his men to go to the Nairobi CBD and wait for the next order, which had not come by the time loyal forces from the Kenya Army caught up with them. A few KAF airmen who had been taken to Broadcasting House were killed there by Kenya Army men.

What this blogger has revealed in the past that nobody else has ever discussed was the fact the retired President Daniel arap Moi opted to listen to an impassioned plea by Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and as a result spared the life of Raila Odinga. Jaramogi thus owed a huge debt to Moi. There is plenty of evidence that the politically sly Moi cashed in on this debt many times in the years that followed. This blogger cannot help asking questions like; did this debt help Moi in dismantling the formidable Ford juggernaut which if it had been allowed to stay intact would have without doubt removed Moi from power in 92? The original FORD members split into two major factions; Kenneth Matiba went with most of the Kikuyu vote to Ford Asili and this is what inspired Kibaki to form his Democratic Party (DP). While Jaramogi formed Ford Kenya with Wamalwa Kijana, Gitobu Imanyara and others.

So to answer the question posed at the beginning of this post. Bearing in mind that the Moi government was just a continuation of the Kenyatta regime by the time the coup was attempted in 1982, what Raila did was what any freedom fighter would do. Indeed Mandela did the same in South Africa. But it is a very close call indeed considering how young the Moi government was at the time.

But what everybody agrees is that the events of August 1982 changed Daniel arap Moi forever into a dictator proper.

Past Kumekucha posts on the 82 coup attempt and its' political implications:

82 coup unanswered questions linger

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President for 30 mins and the chaos of 82 coup


Anonymous said...

Lie number one Shikuku was with Matiba in Ford-A not with Jaramogi!!!

kumekucha said...

Anon@ 12:39AM

Thanx for pointing out this error. I have corrected it.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"The new constitution is great because it gives great power to the people."

ehehhee, ahahhha

"One of the responsibilities that the Kenyan people will have to speedily learn how to handle is that of making their own decisions on character, something that was previously done on our behalf, by the corrupt political class.

Although the presidency is not as powerful as it once was ... is still powerful enough to cause concern on whom we want to occupy the office."

ehehehe, ahahhahaa


Listen good "children."

In the history of Venice, there were 3 coup detats. Of these three, the second of 1172 was the most revolutionary.

Since Venice made a fortune from the Crusades (which millions of ignorant Europeans peasants died), or, to be precise, the aristoracy made a huge fortune they organised a coup in 1033.

Aims of the 1033 coup:

Its aims were:

(a) to render it impossible to have a dynastic rule, and

(b) increase the number of families from whom the DOGE/CROWN, i.e. PRESIDENT might be chosen.

Having achieved the above goals, it now awaited an opportunity to assert itself at the EXPENSE of the PREROGATIVES of the Crown.

That opportunity was provided by assasination of Doge Vitali Michiel III in 1172.

Although this Doge was not responsible for the mess, he brought the Crown into DISREPUTE with the PEOPLE. Sounds familiar?

With the assasination of this Doge, the aristocracy got an opportunity to change the CORONATION OATH.

However, under this guise, the COMMISSION entrusted this job came up with a NEW SCHEME of govt/a new katiba, in other words.

Among other changes, the election of the Doge was transferred from the Arengo (GENERAL ASSEMBLY) to the GREAT COUNCIL.

As a result, the Arengo continued to exist in name and infact, it APPROVED the new Doges, issues of war and peace. As a result, Arengo's powers in the state were neutralised. Sounds familiar?

Also, and this is the KEY point.

The govt. continued to be representative. For instance, the choice of electors of the members of the GREAT COUNCIL was left to the PEOPLE.

However, in Venice and is now, the aristoracy/oligarchy had little difficulty in PUSHING its candidates.

Yes, an occasional PLEBEIAN did make it to the Great Council, but, such accidents were rare and their very occurence served to DELUDE the PEOPLE with the FICTION that they were the MASTERS and the GREAT COUNCIL, their SERVANT.

As such, the Great Council became the fountain head of power, for it was not only the LEGISLATIVE and APPOINTING BODY and the CREATOR of the Doge.

Thus, by this coup of 1172, the OLIGARCHY became the governing power of the State.

Yes, officially, the Doge was still declared to govern by the Grace of God.

However, he was PERMITTED to rule within circumscribed limitations, by the GRACE OF the OLIGARCHY, of which, HE was a MEMBER.

If you wanna understand what we are saying, read this:

End of Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing?


Anyway, since this is abstract history, let us retreate and continue enjoying:

Prophecy, by Don Carlos:

Anonymous said...

Anyone can become president

Anonymous said...

Aha! another wasted space.

Chris we are still waiting for the "EXPLOSIVE POST" you have been working on or is it pretending to be working on.

Re-cycled and immaterial posts / comments like this one are only good for Pooh-Pooh readers.

I said it so what!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why would someone travel all the way through the World Wide Internet to just to leave a comment like Anon 2:20AM on KumeKucha?
Vote with your feet don't waste time whining about your feelings as if we care

kumekucha said...

Anon@2:20 AM

Still working on it and that's why my status below has not changed for a while. Gives you a glimpse into how long it takes to work on some posts.

Can't publish it b4 I am ready.

Kumekucha Chris

Anonymous said...

Raila's quest for presidency has over they years led to a river of innocent blood. Like a drug addict, he seems not to know how to stop and would go to any length to achieve that elusive dream. The fellow will soon hit 70 and Kenyans will have an opportunity to bury the final dagger straight to heart of the beast come next year. Back door dealings can only take you so far.

Anonymous said...

Even King David was allowed to continue to rule and reign over Israel even after sleeping with another man's wife and having her husband killed.

So there is your answer: "Can a man who used violence to try and take power be allowed to be president of Kenya?"

Of Course YES!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:51AM,
nonsense. the combined tenure's of 3 consecutive President's (Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki)saw more innocent blood shed unnecessarily than any quest for presidency Raila has ever undertaken.get your facts straight before you open your mouth to speak what you don't know

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with those who have said that the 'August 1, 1982 Coup' engineered or rather caramelized Mzee Daniel arap Moi's short stint at leadership into a full blown dictatorship.

Believe it or not, the man had learned from the best, he was Mzee Kenyatta's perfect political project - in a world where underground (shadowy) skirmishes between the former homeguards, freedom fighters, (leftover) settlers and the others (ethnicities) was going on in various formats and social avenues - would have ended up being a dictator like many of his peers have done on the African continent whenever they get drunk with power.

Mzee Daniel arap Moi was dictator in the making and the following years of his nyayo rein is a perfect example of how the caramelization of his dictatorship unfolded.

Anonymous said...

There is no need to keep debating this. Let me put you ALL out of misery:

Raila Amolo Odinga will NEVER become president of Kenya. EVER! Take that to the bank and bank it!!

Anonymous said...

Why would he (Raila) not be president? Simply because he is a Luo? Now you see who is a tribalist...By the way, Raila has not been President, is kenya any better?

M. Pesa said...

Why haven't things changed from Kenyatta, Moi and now to Kibaki era? Same old thieving, looting and grabbing without any significant legal consequence?

Why hasn't any cabinet minister, assistant minister or permanent secretary been prosecuted and convicted for fraud, theft or abuse of since independence, a whole half a century yet Kenyan cabinet ministers are the most corrupt people in Africa?

Why have Kenyans allowed themselves to be raped economically by a small clique of elitist snobs without any backlash?

How did Moi and Kenyatta "Orphans" or remnants manage to sneak into Kibaki administration and grab all the power?

How were the so called Young Turks who fought for second liberation compromised and became even more corrupt than the old timers who have been thieving since independence?

Why are drug lords who flood Kenya with cocaine and heroin untouchable, even sneaked into parliament without being noticed?

Why despite the new constitution things are more or less the same, poverty, corruption and high cost of living, things are even worse than when we had that old and tattered constitution?

Anyone who can answer those simple questions will find the truth of where the rains started beating us as a nation, why Moi kept telling us Kenya in wenyewe and why we are almost certainly going to be led in 2012 by the Ocampo suspects or Kenya is doomed. It will cease to exist as you know it (Remember in the bible when Samson pushed those pillar and the whole building came tumbling down killing kila mtu inside?)......

Leonard Guchu Ndung'u said...


Anonymous said...

Raila was tried in the dictatorial court and acquitted, so I dont know what is so secretive about this.He was found innocent! According to me anybody removing Moi was realy a patriot, a president that has seen death of millions of kenya through his policy.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Why despite the new constitution things are more or less the same, poverty, corruption and high cost of living, things are even worse than when we had that old and tattered constitution?

Anyone who can answer those simple questions will find the truth of where the rains started beating us as a nation


Very simple.

The blatant refusal/incapacity by the Africans to deal with the reality and thereby, their love and passion for DELUSIONS, ILLUSIONS and CHILDISH FANTASY.

Just sample this article and our response. Chris tells us that, we have a wonderful constitution.

We respond, it is nothing, but, a coup by the OLIGARCHY. And, to demonstrate the historical validity of our assertion, we provide an example of how that has been achieved before.

We went ahead and even showed how PEOPLE'S guys like Mutunga and PLO are forging a "CONSENSUS" to free their fellow gangsters, thugs, robbers, liars, idiots and dupes.

Instead of dealing with that REALITY, we start, Raila this, that, there, here, down, up,sideways, west, east, south, north, in the sky.

How the f$£ing hell can people solve their mess by such way of non thinking?

This is what we call childish fantasies, delusions and illusions. And, thats why things will only get worse.

Anyway, as we await for the insults to start flowing, we are off to enjoy: Rat Race:

Political violence fill ya city,

Don't involve Rasta in your say say

Don't forget your HISTORY;
Know your destiny:

In the abundance of water,
The fool is thirsty

Anonymous said...

Kwani this Mwarangethe guy is a jobless lecturer or what?

Chris, please delete him. Apart from trying to make you the owner of the blog look stupid he is boring us with his very boring lectures on ancient history.

I go to sleep whenever he posts his long lecturers on stoneage history and his comments are so arrogant when people post in a language we can all understand.

We are not in class Mr stoneage, why punish us with your long-winded drivel?

Chris do something before I leave your blog forever, although I will never leave your bed.

Chris' hottest mistress

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.20 you are right!

Chris has been working on very EXPLOSIVE posts for years and the only place that they "LIPUKA" is on Kumekucha Bwa ha ha haaaaaaa!

Nothing personal Chris but let's wait and see how explosive your post will be this time. My advice take the easy route out like Mwarang'ethe and copy and paste something interesting for us to read, we the gullible readers of KK

Mwarang'ethe said...

Kwani this Mwarangethe guy is a jobless lecturer or what?


We do not understand that gospel of jobs, jobs and jobs.

The only question is, do you PRODUCE something of value? Ask us that question and not about being employed.

You can have a job and produce nothing like PLO's of this world.

Anonymous said...

KK has been invaded by mad people, most likely the idle Kenyan youth from Twitter. lower level of intelligence with nothing new to input wherever they congregate.

Anonymous said...

It's often said that one person's freedom fighter is another person's terrorist.

Raila Amolo Odinga has been neither of the two, he has never been a "freedom fighter" for the liberation of the country from dictatorship, nor has he ever been a fighter for the 'have-nots', the poor, downtrodden, and the underclass.

Otherwise he would still be battling POVERTY in the slums of Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu and elsewhere.

And fighting CORRUPTION in high places within the post-Moi government and around the country.

As a matter of fact, abject POVERTY is still one of grestest enemy of the majority of Kenyan people and the future of the nation.

The likes of hasbeen aka wannabe freedom fighters like Raila, Orengo and company would have continued to wage never ending pitched battles against the scotch of poverty in the country, instead of involving themselves into the same old political traditions of land grabbing in Mombasa, Nairobi and in other parts of the country.

Let's not give too much credence to the rumours and stories still floating around that Raila A. Odinga was the masternmind behind the fizzled coup of August, 1982.

Anonymous said...

Let the majority of Kenyan voters provide an answer to that question in December of 2012.

However, it would be sacrilegious to compare a rabble rouser like Raila Odinga to a world renown freedom fighter like Nelson Mandela, a time tested freedom fighter who served 27 years in prison, only to serve one term as president of a South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

Kenyan Hasibu Jobs said...

Huyu Caro Nyege I like. Yuko yuu tu sana

Anonymous said...

Everybody better pray Raila wins next year.
If he doesn't, he is going to burn the country.

Harper 7 said...

A man with blood in his hands has no place in a civilized society. PERIOD
Raila is a blood-thirsty thug!!

Anonymous said...

Our very own Daniel Waweru is writing a book on post-election violence according to Guardian newspaper.
Can't wait for the book!

Anonymous said...

@ 7/11/11 3:56 AM

Hmmm just one minor detail , Dvid was already king and ths man isnt
Kenyans are not willing to forget all the lives lost at the alter of one power hungry mans quest for power!
The answer is NEVER!!!

Anonymous said...

"In Kenya there are large communities and small communities, rich communities and poor communities, but we are equal in one thing, which is our right to dignity and citizenship. Those who use force or attempt to do so in order to take power, should always remember that equal force or proportional force shall be used to take (kick) them out of the highest office in the land. ... History never ends, it only repeats itself for the better or at times for the worse.

Anonymous said...

@"Chris' hottests Mistress"

Yap! Mwarang'ethe will continue to bore us with his gospel of ancient wisdom with a twist of Rasta riddims.

Simply do what I do, when you see a post by Mwara just scroll through like your reading braille, that way you get to avoid the literally works of the sumerian high priest.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Chris just delete this Mwara-rubbish-gibberish guy?

Guys who were campaigning for him like Phil wanted to kill Kumekucha so that everybody migrates to Jukwaa and Raila-worship.

You're not very clever Chris if ur yet to realize this.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
@"Chris' hottests Mistress"

Yap! Mwarang'ethe will continue to bore us with his gospel of ancient wisdom with a twist of Rasta riddims.


Wacha fitina wewe Kariuki Chotara wa Kumekucha.

By the way, we seem to be having some small problems in implementing your wonderful katiba which u do not want us to discuss.

"According to Dr Alfred Mutua, the government spokesman, the commission had demanded Sh1.3 million monthly salary for chairman Charles Nyachae, Sh1.17 for the vice chairman while the other seven commissioner would receive Sh1.14 million each per month."


When we convert, assuming we are not wrong, sh1.3 m., into £, we seem to get £ 9352 a month.

£ 9352 a month? Shit!!

From where we come from, yaani, from Sumeria, we do not, and cannot understand this MADNESS mixed with ROBBERY.

However, since you and others like Chris, seem to understand such MADNESS mixed with ROBBERY, we would propose you do a Harambee via Facebook and pay these wonderful THUGS and ROBBERS to "implement" your wonderful new Constitution.

Si, hiyo ni sawa?

Lakini, truly, truly, remember this:

We have two kinds/groups of people in society at all times:

(a) wealth producers, and

(b) parasites who produce NOTHING, and EAT much.

Anytime you see economic mess, just know this. The PARASITES, like Nyachae have become too much for the few wealth PRODUCERS.

However, in your MODERN world, it seems, you prefer to increase PARASITES.

When we say this is MADNESS, we are told we are boring KK readers with Sumerian wisdom and abstract history. After all, our problems will be sorted when Raila dies.

Anyway, in those old days, if you are a pensioner, we used to listen to songs like:

Shilingi yaua tena ni maua

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! "After all, our problems will be sorted when Raila dies"

Well our problems are still here Mwarang'ethe and you are still yapping pooh pooh all over the blog! May be the will be sorted when you die.

Bwa ha haa haaaaaaaa!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Having served the ford foundation. Mutunga has diffenately been groomed to serve the interest of the neo clolonialist in the form of the house of rothschild. We are doomed.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Having served the ford foundation. Mutunga has diffenately been groomed to serve the interest of the neo clolonialist in the form of the house of rothschild. We are doomed.

7/12/11 4:19 AM


Yes, 101% right, the OLIGARCHY is now in charge.

However, to the PEASANTS, SERFS and DUPES, we on the way to Canaan.

Poleni sana.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:19AM
if you're so much against neo colonialists and oligarchs what are you doing living/working/paying tax in whichever western foreign capital you are currently call home?

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to lose their Kenyan accent?
Do you want to speak with that perfect speeched voice, well look no further!
I am offering elocution and accent reduction lessons, voice and diction lessons and also speech makeover.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen,
I dreamt that we had elected the 'leaders' we really seem to root for.

In my dream i vaguely remember seing Hon.Ruto, Hon Kabogo, Hon Sonko, Hon Makwere, Hon.Jirongo, Hon.Duale, Hon.Mututho, Hon.Kapondi, Hon.Mwau and many others.

In my dream i could not see clearly because my eyes were so teary. Then I woke up still weeping, but then I started to cry from happiness when i realized it was all but a dream and our beloved Nation was still sane and normal instead of insane and crazy.

Anonymous said...

eh he ehe he he he, which OLIGARCH! Is in charge if we may ask? By the way Mwarang'ethe have u filled your TAX Returns?

Just Curious Mwara do you buy original Bob Marley tunes or do you prefer yours Pirated?

Do you by any chance speak with a Mizunguuu accent or Mithugu?

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to speak with a London accent like David Beckham?

I am here to help!

Anonymous said...

"Can a man who used violence to try and take power be allowed to be president of Kenya?"

Yes, that man or woman can be allowed to be president of Kenya if she or he is elected by the majority.

Can person who tried to resist dictatorial leadership by any means necessary turn out to be a good democratic president of his or her country?

Yes and No. Why?

No, because you need not to look any further than Robert Mugabe, Yoweri Museveni, Isaias Afewrki, Meles Zenawi, Paul Kagema, Laurent Kabila, José Eduardo doe Santos, Joaquim Chissano, Sam Nujoma, Kenneth Kaunda, jomo Kenyatta, Milton Obote, Fidel Castro, et al

Yes, due to leaders like Nelson Mandela have proved to be the exception, and the democratic minded citizens of the world hope that Dilma Rousseff and many others will emulate former president Nelson Mandela exmaple of not hanging onto because of a warped sense of entitlement.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
eh he ehe he he he, which OLIGARCH! Is in charge if we may ask? By the way Mwarang'ethe have u filled your TAX Returns?


When will you (SERFS, SLAVES and DUPES) ever learn? Oh Lord, when?

Why not ask that question to Murdoch, he the owner of NOW?

Sample this:

"Over the past four years Murdoch's U.S.-based News Corp. has made money on income taxes. Having earned $10.4 billion in profits, News Corp. would have been expected to pay $3.6 billion at the 35 percent corporate tax rate.

Here this now bwana SERF!

Instead, it actually collected $4.8billion in income tax refunds, all or nearly all from the U.S. government."


Yes, if you are a member of the OLIGARCHY, you make $ 10bn in profits,and, instead of you paying tax, you are given another $ 5bn.

Where does this GIFT come from? The pockets of the SERFS, SLAVES and the DUPES.

And, what do the SERFS, SLAVES and DUPES say/do, when they are told this? They start throwing insults at the messenger.


Anonymous said...

Sidebar - [@]Kumekucha.

Re: Who will rehabilitate this house.

This house as in the abandoned retirement home of the late Joseph Z. Murumbi, the former first vice president of Kenya.

The disused 30-room mansion that still stands on a 2,000-acres of land, named Intona Ranch Transmara, is now at centre of one Kenya's usual dispicable land dispute and soon to be orchestrated running battles.

Where some crude individuals or rather uncouth politicians, businessmen and locals leaders use the the gullible "natives" (local ethnic people) to always fight their battles for them.

Yet when all is said and done, none of the local people ever get the opportunity to share the spoils of war, battles or ethnic based skirmishes ("for nothing" aka "vita vya bure") for land inheritance.

Long story short, why don't the authorities in conjunction with local leaders and the people of the land (Maasai), elect to utilise the 2,000-acre ranch for the greater good of the whole Maasai community as well as the rest of Kenya?

First all, by rehabilitating or fully renovating the 30-room mansion and turn it an adminstration building for a future university, that should be named after Joseph Murambi.

What type of university will be suitable on such an acreage? Well, there is no need of reiventing the wheel at this stage, but there is no shame nor harm if we, local Maasai community and Kenyans in general, humble ourselves and borrow a constructive leaf (for a change) from our neighbours in Tanzania.

Where the Sokoine University of Agriculture continues to flourish decades after it was established by leaders who had better vision for the republic at the time.

Yeeeees, we know that there is already an Egerton University in the Rift Valley (in the country), so why duplicate another one?

Establishing another university in a far away place such as Transmara, will not hurt nor take away anything from the existing institutions besides adding more value, progress and development to the local community and the rest of the nation.

This is just a sidebar suggestion to Kumekucha, the powers that be and all those concerned about the future of twelve generations of the Maasai children and young adults.

Anonymous said...

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) ( was named in honour of Edward Sokoine, the late prime minister of Tanzania who died in a car accident in April of 1984.

We have tended to forget Joseph Z. Murambi for whatever reasons, but it would be right and fitting to posthumously honour him by building a university named after him, Murumbi University, not necessarliy agricultural one like the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), although the 2,000 acreage is ideal for similar university like the one named after the late Edward Sokoine.

IMHO, dividing the 2,000 acreage among those in need and others (greedy politicians, businessmen, civil servants, the well connected, retired military personnel, and who is who among the corrupt in Kenya) who are more less deserving, will be big waste of prime land and greater deservice to the future (next twelve) generations of the Maasai young adults.

Anonymous said...


We do not care for, read (IRRELEVANT)stories about NOW and Rupert pooh-pooh!

How about giving livid examples from home which are not posted on the web for references.

Anonymous said...

Transcentury,Britek,Housing Finance,safaricom,Deacons,Equity bank,Anglo leasing.same shareholders.we need cash through NSE for 2012!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

We do not care for, read (IRRELEVANT)stories about NOW and Rupert pooh-pooh!

How about giving livid examples from home which are not posted on the web for references.




NB: Joseph Kinyua.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Boy there goes Mwarang'ethe again.....running amok like a village high priest. Chris post new content man, this one has been hogged by Mwarag'ethe sob sob sob!!!

The EGO on this guy.......

Anonymous said...

These fellows trying to fight Mwarangethe should grow man up.

Why not fight him with some arguments of your own instead of resulting to e-stoning. Mwarangethe may be arrogant but he has in so many timed demonstrated that he can make a solid judgement about issues. While Chris was going nuts over the passing of the new law, Mwarangethe kept a cool head and warned us of what we are witnessing today. You gotta give the devil his due.
The guy has some good matter between his ears which we cannot say of those keen to mudsling him.

Keep on the good work bwana Mwarangethe!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oracle is BACK and with vengeance!!

This Mwara rubbish is not a sacred cow!! He must be stopped before he start to think he can change water into wine!!

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha readers;

Ignore this oracle imposter who is clearly deficient in more than 1way. I am around even though I dont pen much. Mwarang'ethe deserves respect for he injects this forum with important food for thought. However, I do sometimes disagree with his approach.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

What happened to Esther Passaris??
Seems Raila really let her down after all the promises he had made and all the sacrifices she did..poor mama...

Anonymous said...

Ati Oracle does not pen much these days?!

Go tell that to the birds in the air!

You always post here anonymously!!
And your insecurities/bitter jealousy against Mwarang'the here noone can match it!
Go seek deliverance!

Anonymous said...

Anon@8:41AM aka Kumekucha Prefect aka Chris Hottest mistress aka Tiskie

shut up,grow up and stop wasting acres of space spamming posts anonymously. you are one of the most insecure/bitter/jealous not to mention childish time wasters in Kumekucha, if anyone needs deliverance its you. Leave Oracle and Taabu alone, and why are you cross blogging between here and Jukwaa or have you found yourself so ignored there you now want to be a nuisance here? Well its working, you are well and truly a nuisance

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans
The type of humour used on social networking forums such as in the link highlighted below should be avoided at all costs because this is promotion of reverse tribalism, and as we get closer to the 2012 election period they only serve to strain relations between ethnic groups. Avoid all such Ramogi Night/Mugithii/Mulembe Night jokes at all costs, let us keep and promote peace and harmony ahead of 2012

Anonymous said...

Vipi mwanetu wa kijiji cha Kumekucha? Mbona yaonekana wewe bado wasinzia usukani? Kwani kisiwa cha Usiku wa Manane kilikugodolea macho ya ujofu mnamo hapo Jumatatu? Dhoruba limekumba merikebu au nanga bado haijang'olewa ili upate kuondoka kisiwani Jumatano na kuelekea kwenye kisiwa cha Alhamisi. Wakumbushua kwamba ngoma ya 'ngojea ngojea ulkhaani subira' imechacha tangu juzi. Ujumbe kutoka mikoani ni kwamba, wana vijiji wote wanasubiri posti mpya kwa hamu.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:05 am,

Kweli nyani halioni kundule.
You accuse others of being anons and we are all anons..what a looser.

Concerning your other incoherent rants..well, I dont giv a rat ass as long as you keep me out it. I am a respected fellow here and I am none of those other fellows. Ask Cris.

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

over 50 comments and not a single comment is worth its salt, yaawwwwwn! KK is dying, dead, buried, I will be back in 2012 pre-election analysis as all tribal goons will be congregated here for e-stoning rebuttal sessions!

Phil said...

"Can a man who used violence to try and take power be allowed to be president of Kenya?"

Oh yes, without a doubt! Was he not elected in 2007 ? And shall he not be be elected again in 2012?

People with no inkling of what an armed struggle means can post gibberish here. People with no idea of what life was under dictator Moi can blame Ochuka.

Of all people, perhaps you Chris, can educate some of the younger, voteless and extremely gullible kumekucha readers about what your dad's experience was during the Moi days. Then they will begin to appreciate the actions of H. Ochuka and P. Otwani.

Anonymous said...


Seems Phil stepped by Kumekucha to defecate before finding his way back to to that raila worshipping blog he has made his home.

Phil, that kind of hogwash you are trying to suggest here and only works in that kablog of yours. Even trying to throw the Late Chris dad name in the mix to elicit some emotion will not wash.
Leave us alone and get another washroom.

MUSEBE said...

Can a man who used violence to try and take power be allowed to be president of Kenya?
Can a man who used his position of power and ethnic background be allowed to be Chief Of General Staff of Kenya? This man was in president Kibaki's campaign team of 2007, he was deeply involved in the purchase of faulty military helicopters from Jordan, fishy dealings in procurement of military uniforms. What i am saying? If we have to start pointing fingers some people will run far away from Kenya.Raila is a liberation HERO.

Anonymous said...

How to reduce your accent:

Repeat this tongue twister at (least 10 times), and you must read it out loud with your mouth open as wide as possible and as fast as you can.

"Three grey geese in a green field grazing"

Do that at least 3 times per day and you will see an improvement in your pronunciations.

More lessons to follow...

Anonymous said...


You have nailed it man! Kudos, In this blog, Raila bashers have seen it fit to perch here. Any time RAO is mentioned they quickly foam in the mouth and without any iota of objectivity they resort to Tribal slurs and epithets.

We applaud soldiers like you Phil, keep marching on and leave the naysayers do their bidding. Am sure someone will be itching to respond to my post.

Mwarang'ethe said...

True we can't take away the democracy spirit that Raila helped establish.

Anonymous said...

Which democracy has Raila established? Mkeka nusu and VIP tiolet?

Dont make me sick! The man is a marxist and a very dangerous communist who should never be allowed anywhere near a Presidency of a thriving economy like Kenya.

Can't wait for the day we will bury this evil man!

God hear our prayers and take Raila away!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarang'ethe said...
True we can't take away the democracy spirit that Raila helped establish.

7/14/11 5:13 AM


The ROBBERS of other people's names are back!

Anonymous said...

We know who the fake Mwarang'the is!


ORACLE is the one posting as fake Mwarang'the!!

Anonymous said...

"retired President Daniel arap Moi opted to listen to an impassioned plea by Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and as a result spared the life of Raila Odinga."

Moi is an unmitigated idiot!

Anonymous said...

Is it really a mere coincidence that Mwarang'ethe name robber sprang into action immediately after phil of kibera posted a passionate appeal to endear his septuagenarian leader to Kumekucha?
Can someone help me connect the dots!!

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

I think the question asked in this post is somewhat inaccurate and easily manipulated to present R. Waldorf Astoria Odinga as a 'freedom fighter'.

The question should be reframed as follows:
"Can a man who *perpetually* uses violence to try and take power be allowed to be the president of Kenya?"

Alas, a resounding nay! To make matters worse NDP--the jaluo party--is unlikely to attract sufficient votes in 2012 to propel the teary-eyed, stuttering lunatic to state house.

Poor Raila!

Anonymous said...

What is this nonsense that kibaki is an ethnic loyalist ,
kibwana IS NOT kikuyu
Kianga IS NOT kikuyu
The only time jaluos will be satisfied is when one of their own is selected now take a look at raila henchmen don't they all represent Mafiya ya nyanza

Anonymous said...

@ 7/12/11 5:32 AM
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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to speak like an American/European/Canadian except they are struck with an acute bout of low amour-propre also known as low self esteem

Anon 5:32AM/4:36AM Why don't you go teach accents to the oligarchy flies perching in the comfort of your foreign western capitals tax haven?the flies in Kenya are too poor scourging for Unga to be bothered with pretentious airs of western accents

Anonymous said...

"tax haven"? are you kidding me!
maybe in Principality of Monaco but not here.

Anonymous said...

Life was a breeze for so many people during Mzee Daniel arap Moi's reign except for those - thirty or so - who tried to spit on Nyayo's decorated ugali plates after they had eaten at Moi's expense.

Life wasn't easy for the political hotheads as was the case in the Dem. Rep of Congo (formerly Zaire) under the leaprad's claws of "Evil-man" Mobutu, or in neighbouring Ethiopia under K.I. ("Killer-Instinct") Mengistu Haile Mariam, or worse under the Nigerian militayr dictators.

Yes, people suffered but there was always room to breathe out deeply and audibly in one's own confines as long as they didn't make untimely waves or ruffle feathers unnecessary.

80% of those who faithfully supported the NPM (Nyayo Political Machinery) are still in power and enjoying it big time as of 2011.

It's still an Animal Farm type of political situation as it were. It will take time for things to really change in Kenya as we know it.

Anonymous said...

Phil, didnt your demagogue raila drive NDP to the merger of convinience with MO1 while other opposition leaders were fighting Mo1?
Isnt that how he made his billions after irregularly acquiring molasses plant and using his energy docket to individually benefit from foreign investors looking for a local partner??

Kenyans are not foolish. You can cheat all the people sometime but you cannot cheat all the people all the time...
Try preaching your gospel in the other blog and you will get hoardes of cheerleaders

Anonymous said...

Liberation movements and political activists can be quite an interesting combination.

A large number of those people (Kenyans)who are known to have vocally resisted Mzee Daniel arap Moi's dictatorial leadership, ended up making lucrative careers or rather made a very profitable 'activism industry' out of their political activism.

It goes wothout saying that the like of Dr. Rev. Njoya and 78% of who was who in the so called "Second Liberation" now lead apparent luxurious lifestyles.

Their huge mansions, including other properties located in exclusive Nairobi etstates and large farms around the country are testaments in themselves with regard to benefiting from the spoils of political activism aka "activism industry."

Which begs the question, whether they were 'trying so hard to resist' the dictatorial regime at the time for the sake of seeking their chance to eat, or were they trying to protect what they hard at the time from being eaten by Mzee Moi and his notorious henchmen and Jeshi la Mzee (Tonton Macoute) or what's been known as Abu Regl Maslukha by many residents of Old Town, Mombasa since the reign of Imam Sa'if ibn Sultan.

When all is said and done, very little has changed for the urban poor as well as rural poor and that's why the socio-political struggles must continue after 2012 and beyond.

Mwarang'ethe said...

When you see an elephant rubbing itself against a sapling and thereby break it into two, it is not out of malice. It is only that an elephant must behave like an elephant beyond any moral issues.

In the same manner, power must exert itself in its own self - visualised interests. But, who are the powerful? They are the very rich. And, what kind of people are these?

In describing the very rich, F. SCOTT FITZGERALD noted that:

"Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft where we are hard, and cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is difficult to understand. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are because we bad to discover the compensations and refuges of life for ourselves. Even when they enter deep into our world or sink below us, they still think that they are better than we are. They are different."

Simply, Kibaki and his friends are different. TAABU uta do?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarang'ethe said...

When you see an elephant rubbing itself against a sapling and thereby break it into two, it is not out of malice. It is only that an elephant must behave like an elephant beyond any moral issues


FAKE, FAKE Mwarang'ethe.

Mwarang'ethe said...

FAKE, FAKE Mwarang'ethe. Posing as

7/15/11 1:07 AM

Anonymous said...

Rebekah Brooks is gone. Her fate was sealed when a Saudi shareholder said she must go.

Anonymous said...

The bondo buffoon is at it again, parading fake opinion polls giving him a lead , this is a man who relied on 1.2 million dead voters in nyanza to send him to state house!! They are probably the ones responding to the ghost opinion polls

Anonymous said...

Too little too late for the red haired egocentric wannabe "Duchess of Murdoch."

That's why there will always be delusional fools like Rebekah Brooks (Broke) in our midst for years to come.

Same old same old usual suspects (skunks), same old same old group of people who have never learned the art of taking reponsibilty and being accountable for whatever fails during their watch.

The Japanese corporate culture values and political tradition of immediate resignation once an executive has "skunked at helm" of their organisation, should be extended to the rest of the world.

Rebekah Brooks' career starting hemorrhaging the moment hacking of private phones became the sanctioned modus operandi at news corporation.

Hope several criminal charges are brought against her, Rubert Murdoch, Les Hinton and all the slooth of company involved in the disgusting and outrageous shadowy business of hacking and spying on private citizens.

Let Thola Amadlozi haunt her for the remainder of her days regardless of whether she goes to prison or left to be the duchess of hacking.

LOL! Les Hinton resigned as well?

Anonymous said...

Blog administrator:
Dont you think it's a great shame that Mwarangethe is being "impersonated" by some fake while you watch (and perhaps cheer) from the sidelines?

Fortunately most of us are pretty familar with Mwarangethe's distinct and insightful style that we can tell the difference.
Talk about impunity....bure kabisa!

Anonymous said...

Odd how the feckless dictator has not opposed the appointments in the defence sector, unlike his (forever)whining (and slothful) worshippers. He was consulted?

Anonymous said...

Wana kijiji cha Kumekucha hamuyambo wote? Hamuyambo lakini?

Mwatenda udende au bado mwaendelea kushughulikia hali ilivyo pamoja na mambo mbali mbali kuhusu shamura za wikendi hii?

Rero nina wauliza, ni nani kati yenu ajuaye kule ambapo Khris bin Kumekucha alipo kwenda tangu mnamo Jumatatu alfajiri?

Pia nauliza ulizani, nini ambacho kimesababisha balozi wote wa nyumba kumi, wakina Taabu, M.Pesa, Mwarang'ethe, Phil, wakina Nonino na wangine, kototumbuiza na posti mpya mpya au kabambe hapa hapa kijijini katika huu mzimu wa masika?

Kwa kweli, kiporo yaani posti ya hapo awali imetuchosha tangu juzi. Jameni, mbona twaruhusu kiporo kiendelea kunata kwenya bustani kuu kijijini tangu hapo mwazoni wiki hii?

Natarajia kwamba Khris bin Kumekucha atawasili mapema Jumamosi na kifugua kinyua malaam.

Mwana kijiji mwezenu, Umande bin Alfajiri, mkazi wa eneo la Mbala Mwezi.

Anonymous said...

Can a political conman who used questionable means including some sort of violence, charm his way into the State House after December 2012?

Will the majority of voters be so accepting and gullible enough to the point of voting him into power and hence allowing him to be the next president of Kenya?

One of my biggest concerns is more political conmen will show up in 2012 and take advantage of people's good will, generosity and their real desire for change and a better nation.

Unfortunately, the man in question is known to be the type, he's one of them, he's one of many that has done it before and won't hesitate to do it once more in 2012.

So, Kenyan voters will be faced with the question, how do they choose between conflicting political claims by two, three or more conmen seeking the presidency?

For many Kenyans, this question takes on a special urgency as they continue with the struggle to discern what is better in the long haul for their own lives, as well as for their counties, their regions, and indeed the whole country.

We will the people be able to dig deep into their minds, hearts, and souls in order to find a recipe for avoiding dispicable disaster as was the sad case in 2007 and early 2008?

Anonymous said...

Somalia Wake Up! Somali People Unite! The Time For Real Change Is Now!

The time is now for all those wealthy people and not so wealthy people living within what remains of Somalia and outside Somalia to urgently come to the aid of the mases of dying Somali people whose lives are being squashed in the thousands by severe drought in the region.

Yes, talking of immediate aid and emergency assistance from all those people who have been procuring arms ('weapons of daily destruction') and sending them across the Kenya's and Ehtiopia's porous borders as well as shipping them direct into Somalia.

That they now divert their focus and redirect all of their civil war efforts toward fighting an enemy that continues to destory thousands of Somali lives, livestock and what still remains of Somalia.

All the billions of dollars that have been wasted on dealing with the merchants of death, the purveyors of evil, engineers of hellish existence, guardians of all demonic forces, and perpetrators of chaos and genocide in Somalia, must now be utilised in combating the current the current enemy that is far more deadly than all local combatants and foreign terrorist groups on Somali soil.

Mother Nature has taken drastic steps and may habour other plans that are totally different from what has been going in Somali for the twenty-three years.

This is the time to change the course of Somali's future, time to end the unnecessary civil war (caravans of death) that has outlived its original purpose is now, and it's now or never.

Time for real change is now, otherwise the rest of the world will continue to make an industry our poverty and drought in Somali for the tow decades, in the same it has made a deadly industry out of the civil war in Somali for the last two and half decades.

Nations have been extinct in the past ddue to one reason or a combination of many other catastrophes in their history, will Somali be one among ancient nations that disintergrated and disappeared off the face of the earth?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Will the majority of voters be so accepting and gullible enough to the point of voting him into power and hence allowing him to be the next president of Kenya?


Seems like the long suffering humanity has discovered a new god.
This new god is called VOTING.

This new god (OPIUM) will be of no help brothers and sisters. It is just a Trojan Horse.

However, as is expected of people practicing self - imprisonment, many will say, but, there is no alternative.

However, truly, truly, remember this. When the procession arrives at the temple of the gods, the victims without spot (Naive OPIUM takers) will/are offered on their altars.

NB: Keep an eye on DEBT deal in the USA.

In our desire to know this new god, we have "visited" many places like Latvia, Russia, Iraq, GREECE, Portugal, Spain.

In all these places, we found this god to be funny because, instead of giving BREAD as he promises, he hands over STONES. Instead of FISH, he gives SNAKES.

Baffled by this new god and his strange ways, we decided to "visit" the MAIN TEMPLE headed by NERO Obama.

While in the MAIN TEMPLE, we witnessed two strange things:

(a) The first one was Americans running like barbarians. We did not understand why they were doing this. May be after watching them, those who understand can educate us further:

(b) The other thing we noticed was that, NERO Obama has busy playing GOLF even though Rome has been burning.

Having been called from the GOLF course, he expected to be handed over the teleprompter to make a speech.

However, it seems that, his handlers had some other ideas like discussing things they call DEBTS.

While there, we are told that, he uttered these words:

"... the crisis could bring my presidency down."

We wondered, what crisis when the new god promised to solve all the problems?

Anyway, lest we suffer the fate of Laocoon,we leave in a hurry to listen to Culture singing Tribal Wars:

Tribal war can't solve the problem
Tribal war can't solve it at all
Tribal war can't solve the problem
Tribal war can't solve it at all

Mwarang'ethe said...

For NERO Obama's remarks, please, see this link:

Anonymous said...

Chris, kumekucha, rauka twende kazi ya kujenga kijiji cha Kumekucha pamoja na kushugulikia mbinu mpya za kilimo cha kufa na kupona.

Mbona bado wasinzia baada ya kutoweka kwa siku sita zilopita? Ume kumbwa na lwama au umezidiwa na ukame wa toleo jipya la posti kabambe?

Usisahau kwamba lugha ya Ughaibuni imenikinai tangu darasa la tano, kwa hivyo si fahamu maana ya maneno kama comments, moderation, enabled, approved na kadhalika.

Eee bana eeh, nakumbusha kwamba kumekucha na hasa wana kijiji cha Kumekucha wamerauka wote na wangali bado wana tarajia kwa hamu chapisho rasmi la wiki hii mnamo hapo Jumatatu adhuhuri.

Tafadhali waombwa kupasha mwanga wa kiasi ili giza kuu la wiki iliyopita lipate kutoweka hapa kijiji cha Kumekucha.

Karibu tena, mimi mwenzenu mwana kijiji, Umande bin Alfajiri kutoka eneo la Mbala Mwezi, mlango wa Mkizi, nyumba ya Mzee Rasharasha wa Manyunyu na Bi Subira Ngojeangojea wa Manyunyu.

Anonymous said...

Where art thou oh Kumekucha? It's already 7:00 am on Monday and we still have not heard from you nor read from you. What's going on, what happened and why the silence or cold shoulder treatment since July 11, 2012.

A lot of breaking news, eyewitness events, healdline grabbing news, an arrest, more arrests to follow, big time resignation at the Scotland Yard, more heads of underlings to roll, and half-baked ugali lucheons in Kenya, more better news for the 'Land of the Rising Sun', and what have you, have taken place while Kumekucha was somehow suffering from a bout of silence induced cold case.

Where art thou and what say you beofre noontide?

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