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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are Mungiki Back?

Any journalist who has worked on investigative stories will tell you that not all investigations for stories get completed successfully.

For weeks now I have been following up on what I think is a big story albeit very scary news. I would hate to be the one to alarm my readers for nothing and so I have resisted the temptation to do a half-baked post without the concrete evidence to back it up.
Still this news is so important and secondly after the killings in Meru recently there is a clear trend and so I have decided to go ahead with this post and give you my dear reader the little information that I have so far and let you make your own decision as to whether my haunch is correct or off the mark, even as I continue to do more digging. The decision is entirely yours.

Since the beginning of this year there have been very strange killings happening around the country but mainly in Central province and its’ environs that have the Mungiki trade mark written all over them. Indeed in some cases locals have clearly pointed out to the authorities that the killings suggest that Mungiki are back. Nobody wants to even consider that possibility and so these voices have been muffled. Even reporters and editors have been quick to edit the Mungiki link out of these stories dismissing them as unsubstantiated claims.

But on the ground many Kenyans are living in great fear for their lives. A case in point is Muranga where a headless body of a woman was recently found. The body of Julia Njeri was dumped along Nguthuru-Muruka road and was discovered early in the morning. Residents suspected that Njeri was murdered elsewhere before her body was dumped beside the road. The head is yet to be found. Residents have been living in fear since then. See a video of this news report HERE.

I have followed several other very similar killings since that Muranga incident in May with the latest being the blood letting incident in Meru. Read the story HERE.

In my view this is all very worrying bearing in mind that we are headed for the most competitive general elections in the history of Kenya. Less competitive elections in the past have shed lots of blood and so what should we expect this time? Less blood-letting or more?

Of course we also know that Kenyan politicians are a superstitious lot and ritual killings to complete witchcraft spells to win elections are usually common as we head to the elections with plenty of killings, disappearances and bizarre road accidents. However we also know that the killer Mungiki gang is usually most active as we head to general elections.

Does the Mungiki terror group have any chance of resurrecting after the bloody so-called shut down by former police commissioner Major General Hussein Ali and his hit squads created to do just that? Read all about these hit squads and other unpublished secrets, like how all the dirty money was made by Kenya's top 5 wealthiest families, now. As I have said many times here before, wiping out every suspected Mungiki member in site is not the way to deal with this kind of problem. It is a case of dealing ruthlessly with the symptom and then cheating yourself that you have cured the disease. Besides those with good memories will remember that the Prime Minister Raila Odinga promised to negotiate with the group not too long ago, meaning that Mungiki is far from being extinct.

And so clearly anybody who thinks that the Mungiki are dead and buried would be gravely mistaken. Still experts on these matters consulted by this blogger are of the opinion that it is unlikely that the Mungiki would have recovered enough organizational teeth to carry out the killings across such a wide area of Central province. To be honest I personally disagree.

So the mystery remains; what are the bizarre killings all about?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54AM is Kumekucha Princess aka Chris/Phil'sMistress aka fake Oracle,just ignore this village mad man Chris

Anonymous said...

Yaaaawn!!!! Boring Chris, is this investigative journalism or your new found art of boredom penning!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again: Kikuyu's chopping of their fellow Kikuyu's heads off. This is primitive.... Bizarre... and Pumbavu.

These people will never learn that they are their own worst enemies and not some other person, tribe or tribes.

Anyway, wacha kaazi iendelee. Let them go on with the MADNESS of chopping off their fellow tribesmen and women's heads off. Bure Kabisa.

Anonymous said...

As usual the money loving and greedy community ( no naming names here lest tribal wars emerge ) are busy chopping off each others heads for money and power, business turf wars etc

The Tribe will remain nameless for now but deep down they know who they are. Trying to Keep Kenyans at ransom with their shenanigans. Bure Kabisa hao.

Anonymous said...

Hongera chris;

You have seduced the tribalists from their hideouts with this gutter article.

I am out of here for 2 days...

Anonymous said...

Oracle @3:08, still chasing shadows?

Anonymous said...

The whole nation had hoped that the Mungiki-Medusa chapter had been closed once and for all under Gen Ali's Operation Restore Respect For Law and Order (Hope, Sanity, Peace and Traquility).

Many residents of central region as well as the whole country would hate to hear that the Mungiki-Medusa menace is back with a vengeance at time when the country is preparing for another general election and a whole new chapter.

As I comment on the issue, Kenya is facing the worst unga economic downtown and outright currency humiliation in the last ten or more years.

Fortunately, two loud and confident voices have emerged along party and regional lines about how we can best address the situation of perennial shortage of unga as well as the arrest of the fluctuation currency impact on the country's economy.

With regard to the Mungiki-Medusa menace, there was a time when authroities had set out to get rid of the hydra headed monster in central region of Kenya, but there are those who cried out loud due to the ways and means employed by the authorities in eradicating the persistent menace, once and for all.

Unfortunately the hydra headed monster (Mungiki-Medusa) seems to have been given a lifeline to recover, regroup and strike back, after cries from various activists and the so called human rights (wrongs) groups.

The human wrongs groups are responsible for the come back of Mungiki-Medusa's current menace and the manner in which the lawless outfit has started to ignite one of its most evil method of operation, by rearing its ugly and demonic head in the central region.

As always, given Mungiki-Medusa's dark history, the wanton destruction of human life and property will soon be extended to the Nairobi metropolitan area, Naivasha, Nakuru and in all other areas where majority of the defenceless civilian populations are Kenyans from the Agikuyu community.

So, the pressing question is not, which side is right? Which side has aligned itself with the dark will of Mungiki-Medusa's forces?

Or which side is ready to work with the authroities (soon to be reactivated special paramilatry operations) for the express purposes of the complete eradication of the hydra headed Mungiki-Medusa menace and their affiliates from our midst, by all appropriate means necessary?

The pressing question is not, whom shall we sendd to deliver the final and decisive blow?

The real question is, whom shall we follow in the process to get rid of the Mingiki-Medusa related gangs once and for all, knowing very there is bound to collateral damage in one way or another?

My hunch is that, some very sick politicians, businessmen and individuals, who are well known in the very same Agikuyu communities, are the ones responsible for the predictable resurrection of the Mungiki-Medusa menace given the high stakes in the coming parliamentary, gubernatorial and senatorial 2012 races.

Unlike the last time, the authorities should surgically go after the heads, the masterminds, the financiers, the cartel of violence and silence them for good, if not forcifully extract them (let them self-destruct in mysterious ways) and put them out of business for decades.

M. Pesa said...

The whole internal security ministry is under a single tribe and even when Karangi was made military head, no one here (even good old Chris) raised a finger. (Talk about collective amnesia from Kenyans!)

From Iteere, Gichangi, Mbugua (GSU), Ndegwa CID, Geroge "Goldenberg" Saitoti the minister of internal security, Kimemia his PS, even the police spokesman Kiraithe, they are all "aterere mani" brothers in arms.

They can ( and I hear they do) actually hold meetings in one single language from the slopes (andu a nyumba muriega mani). Chris can you also carefully investigate why we are having random power blackouts at JKIA while computers keep crashing at the port of Mombasa.

Why now? Anything being moved in Kenya illegally, if so what? Mind you even the port is under one tribe from MD Mr Gichiri Ndua to his minister Amos "Grand Regency" Kimunya.

Let's push things further and ask if any Mungiki meetings were held at State House as Ocampo alleges to plan revenge attacks against ODM diehards. If so did Baba Jimmy know about it? Things are really going pear-shaped folks. Be very afraid, that's all i can say for now.

Anonymous said...

Fellow Kenyans,
Not all kikuyu are synonymous with Mungiki and vice versa. however, the Kikuyu nation as a whole are guilty of endorsing the Patron sponsors and high ranking advocates of this vigilante terrorist group by refusing to name,shame and disassociate themselves with the well known financiers and god parents of these much loathed and despicable criminals, some of whom are in in GoK and harbour lofty ambitions of remaining in Government under a new administration

Shame on Mungiki and shame on their filthy vile benefactors!

Anonymous said...

The bondo bumpkin is at it again. Besides his attempt at isolating the Kikuyu citing their domination of the civil service and emerging public appointments (eg the defence sector), the bondo bumpkin is now embarking on a most egregious path.

He is now paying off people to copy cat Mungiki and to kill and maim innocent civilians in central Kenya. The purpose is obvious--to terrorise people in central to the extent that voter turn out is compromised at next years election. This is Raila per excellence--power at any cost. His history of violence and complete disregard for human life (see examples of 82 coup, mass axion of 08 etc) is evidence of this tendency.

Therefore, people in central need to be very, very watchful now henceforth. These killings will only escalate and they will happen in the most unimaginable ways to inflict the maximum amount of terror.

Someone called kimundu 'one dangerous man.' That is correct. Note also that his back is against the wall now that Ruto and others have abandoned him, leaving him only with his fellow mafiya wa lake victoria. This puts him in a very desperate place making him all the more dangerous.

Thanks for highlighting this issue at a rather early stage.

Anonymous said...

"the Kikuyu nation as a whole are guilty of endorsing the Patron sponsors and high ranking advocates of this vigilante terrorist group by refusing to name,shame and disassociate themselves with the"

I wonder, how quickly do we forget! I remember a time when Raila Odinga did two things. One, he asked Mungiki to come speak with him so that he can 'solve their problems.' The second time was his visits to the then incarcerated Maina Njenga and providing him a copy of te book--"the ** laws of power." Does anyone remember this? In 2008? Is Raila Odinga now a Kikuyu? Answer me, you shithead.

Anonymous said...

Note also that during a pre-election dinner in 2007, Ida Odinga told the diners that Mungiki are youth. They are our children and we should listen to them. Ida Odinga is not a Kikuyu, you shithead.

We know the plans that the mafiya wa lake victoria have and we will dismantle them, measure for measure!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:43,
Either you can't read or you don't own a dictionary- do you know the meaning of the words Patrons, Benefactors, Sponsors and Advocates?

Google is your friend. take your time

Anonymous said...

Chris must be rubbing his filthy hands with glee. With a hatred thread running he is sure that Kumekucha traffic will increase.
There is no better way than the old and tested kikuyu bashing that made kumekucha famous pre and post 2007 elections.

A perfect deja vu moment for chris!!

Mzalendo Kibunja has already been sent a link to this thread. Those who think that they are safe behind those keyboards ought to be very afraid..
Those in the diaspora should not think they are are being monitored.

You have all been warned.

Anonymous said...

The whole internal security ministry is under one ethnicity

Of course, hindsight does little to help those facing difficult decisions in the moment, which is, how to deal with the dreaded return or rather a comeback Mungiki menace.

All things taken into account about who is who that has a docket on the national security table, it is hindsight (accompanied by insight regardless of ethnic affiliations) that makes all the difference in dealing with domestic criminal elements as well as other criminal minds from neighbouring countries.

Unfortunately, hindsight brings little relief to such deep ethnic divisions as meantioned by those concerned over the years.

Would it be any different if the shoe were on the other ethnic foot, let's say that of Raila Odinga's and usual company of inner circle of his carefully selected political posse?

Surely, by now we should know something more about the so called political and social activists who are so busy eagerly waiting for Our Turn to Eat, which has already taken places and continues to be carried out with impunity by the well known henchmen within both major political camps - PNU and ODM - in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

A couple of French language 'extremists' have won an £8,000 payout after airline staff spoke to them in English.
Michel and Lynda Thibodeau sued Air Canada for not respecting their right to be served in their mother tongue during a flight from the country's capital Ottawa.
Despite speaking fluent English, Mr Thibodeau complained that he was not greeted in French.

When we will Kenyans demand to be served in our mother tongues?

I demand Kumekucha to write posts in vernaculars if not do in Swahili or else I take legal action against Chris. It's my human right to be served in Kiswahili!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:54AM
Ha Ha Ha! You mean Mzalendo Kibunja is monitoring the whole internet from his small office in East Africa?mmmmhh!

Anonymous said...

Culturally French is a more important and superior language than English.

Anonymous said...

Chris maybe you should do a post gay politicians.

Isaa said...

"A govermenent which is not able to feed and protect its people is not worthy to be in power."...this has been the phrase being hummed by all politicians, ironically INCLUDING those in the same government. Now how on earth do you even THINK of negotiating with a culprit?
Mungiki is an OUT-LAWED sect and with the new constitution in place the same old folks who are supposed to implement the constitution and ensure that it is followed to the letter and spirit are opening their big mouths ati to "negotiate" with criminals!!! Give me a break geez!! The GSU are sitting in camp eating our money while our brothers, sisters and parents are being butchered with impunity! This is where I would be in support of guys like Major General Hussein Ali, military minds who wipe out of existance uncouth individuals in the name of Mungiki.
I am aware that it would come with a price, the price of our sisters being raped by our insane security officers, like the case in Mount Elgon. But come to think of it, our women were raped, our brothers tortured by the military but at the end of it all what did it achieve: it surely bore fruits and the Matakwei-led group was left crippled and thank God we do not witness any more of the infamous killings.

Anonymous said...

Continuing saga of Rupert Murdoch and phone-hacking scandal has now gone into a fight contest! Ha!

This is even better... Lol

Anonymous said...

Time will tell as it differentiates between empty talking politicians (good for nothing types) and the very harding working politicians with tangible results to back their track records.

Counties that will not be able to feed, protect and employ their people ('county residents') will not be worthy to be in power, including all the so called soon to be 'newly elected' county officials..

The old, decayed, and corrupt days of looting and emptying the government coffers then turning around only to blame the very same government for not doing its job are numbered.

The country is entering a critical era where so many professional crooks, liars, looters, grabbers, thieves, thugs and murderers among us who pass for politicians and elected officials will be named, shamed, held responsible, and if possible burned (imprisoned) at the stake.

Anonymous said...


Nipping them in the bud, severing their lifeline, whacking them off from a distance, compromising some foot soldiers, creating deep mistrust among rank and file, taking the battle against organised crime to their own door steps and hideouts, and flushing out all confirmed and suspected ring leaders will be the next best alternatives for the security forces under diligent supervision. The time has come to cross the Rubicon when fighting crime nationwide and above all dealing with raving rabid gangs like Mungiki.

Anonymous said...

Ministries and their unaccounted for taxpayers money
Here are the top 10 ministers on the list of shame

1. Public Health, Beth Mugo, 3.6 billion
2. Roads, Franklin Bett, 0.9 Billion
3. Foreign Affairs, Wetangula (resigned), 743 million
4. Internal Security, Saitoti, 662 million
5. Special Programmes (IDP cash), Naomi Shabaan, 408 million
6. Lands, Orengo, 196 million
7. Agriculture, Ruto (former), 92 million
8. Industrialization, Henry Kosgey, 82 million
9. Prime Minister's office, Raila, 59 million
10. Information, Poghisio, 59 million

If you consider the % ratio of the amount of money allocated to the ministries to that misappropriated, the unfortunately PM's office will lead the pack.
Its time Kenyans opened their eyes to some of these harsh realities.

Anonymous said...

sorry folks, here is the link of the ministries and the unaccounted (read stolen) for funds;

Anonymous said...

Ayiiiiiiii! Ongeri seems to have a lot of traditional company when it comes to failing to account for where millions and billions of funds intended for developing the nation.

Naomi Shabaaranks has been warming her waziri butt on 408 million while millions of Kenya women walk around the country without the luxury of being able to care or deal with their various gynecological problems?

The 743 million wasted on foreign affiars dispicable activities should have been given to the Kenya police and adminstration police for the construction of housing quarters for police officers around the country.

As well as providing them with brand new Toyota cruisers to help them in the fight against domestic gangs like Mungiki and others.

Oh my! Poghisio as well? Wasn't it reported some where that his people were dying left and right due drought and lack of food? Hope the millions that are still an accounted for were spent on trying to rescue the Pokot.

Orengo can no longer hide behind what was in the past, or what he always claims that Daniel arap Moi did to him.

The missing 196 million makes Moi and his ministers look like angels and boycouts.

Philip said...

Anon 7:37 and 7:43 a.m

At least I know that most societies destroy themselves from within.

Majority of the elites come from Kikuyu tribe, unfortunately this has not led to the tribe gaining, instead the loss the tribe has got from that is more than the looses other tribes have experienced. I'll explain this in more detail later.

Mungiki, just like Mau-mau, is a result of people who feel oppressed, people who feel they can't stay hungry yet have richest people surrounding them. Unfortunately the rich have protected themselves using our wealth and us and therefore the closest Mungiki can access to get wealth is common mwananchi like you. And worse is that the same Mungiki have been brainwashed so that instead of fighting their enemies they have resorted to fight you. Maybe the elite in Kenya are more intelligent than colonialist and that's why Mau-mau fought colonalist but failed to fight Kenyatta.

Its life. When one gets power, in order to gain materially, he will enslave or oppress the poor closest to him and even take more from them. It happened in Biwott's backyard, its now happening in Central, soon many Coffee farmers will be security guards, mbochs and gardeners to the rich who will buy the mansions replacing the coffee farms - their is Thika Greens, Tatuu, Migaa and Northlands.

When Luo elites get power, it will happen in Luo backyard. For they will get more money to buy, even maybe forcefully, the little wealth that the rest have. n valuable discovery, like mineral, will easily go to them. Maybe if Kamba had more elites then this issue of limestone couldn't have reached the elders as the elites could have bought the land very fast and entered into a contract with the company of their chhoice. I wish all of us will realise and stop getting excited when leaders from our tribe get power.

Lets think positively. In the same way Mau-mau rose in order to fight the colonialist and get back their land, since they were most affected, is the same way Kikuyus should be the first to rise against the elite since now they are the most affected. Woe unto the young Kikuyus coz at the moment they can't afford even an eighth of a plot in Central, and that's why they will be forced to buy land in areas like Isinya e.t.c which unfortunately is also becoming hard to afford as the elites have already started spreading their wings their.

Maybe anon 7:37 and 7:43 a.m, you are among the elite or you don't have an idea of how the Kikuyu commoners are living. You need to ask them and you'll realise that the problem isn't Raila. Ask yourself why their has been problems in resettlement of IDPs, majority of who come from Kikuyu tribe, yet Uhuru can easily donate a part of his vast land. The reason is because doing that won't make him wealthier.

As we continue fighting amongst oursleves, the rich will continue making more wealth, a wealth that in most cases are made by impoverishing further the poor.

Go on, give them the right arsenal to continue making more wealth. If you will not be very wealthy to protect yourself, you'll be the easiest target of the poor. The poor who have been created by the same rich people.

I've written this in a hurry. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.03 am,

I am not Oracle you piece of *#@p and Horse #*$T. Grow up!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"A former employee of Kenya Revenue Authority seeking to be hired as a High Court judge was put to task to explain why he never spoke against tribalism at the institution. Munyiri Wanderi, who did not deny the allegations that majority of employees at KRA are from Central province, said there are things he couldn’t talk about. “I am a civil servant, there are some issues I can openly share my views about and there are some I cannot. The fact that I didn’t share my opinion does not mean I didn’t have an opinion,” said Wanderi while answering a question from Ahmednassir Abdullahi of the Judicial Service Commission....."
That is only KRA, what about OP, Ministry of Internal Security and others!?

Anonymous said...

Philip, I couldn't have said it any better!

Anonymous said...

Our brothers from Central are their own worse enemies. As Phil put it amongst the IDPs in Ky they constitute the majority yet even with the Kibaki & UK in top echelons of leadership they have no place to call home. One wonders why someone like UK ( who aspire to be PORK) and his family that own lands the size of Switzerland and is the finance minister (second only to Kibaki in power) can not settle his kin. Yet the irony of it is that come 2012 they will vote for him to a man and after that return to their tents to eke a living under dehumanizing conditions. This is why Mungiki who are a part of them are used by the elite to savagely cower the have nots of their community so they are mised on the true source of their suffering.
To add insult to this sad situation what do bloggers (sons & daughters of these elite in Western cities) do? They blame RAO and anyone else other than their masters for the savage acts inflicted on their own.

Anonymous said...

Oracle @anon10:59 why can you be man enough and own up to your writings. Tabia ya Kihii kabisa!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@8:08AM aka Kumekucha Princess aka Chris/Phil/Taabu's mistress aka fake Oracle

"....When we will Kenyans demand to be served in our mother tongues?..."

Stop being intellectually dishonest. before you "demand" Kumekucha writes posts in vernaculars just answer this one question please, and take your time-"can you even read in Kiswahili?"

If i was to give you a copy of "Taifa Leo" for 80/= or even "Mwanasporti" would you even know get past the first page headlines?

And exactly what "vernacular" is Chris supposed to post in on KK?do you even know what tribe Chris is from?
get serious with life, sawa mzeiya?

Anonymous said...

Air Canada pays £8k to couple who sued them for speaking English.

It's here:

Anonymous said...

Sign, seems the tribalists have run out of steam.

Good job chris taking us back to 2007.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to figure out how institutions like the aga khan foundation is actually a chsritable organisation. The where they built the university hospital is given for free. The buildings and equipments are wholly sourced through donations and to top it all it is the most expensive charity hospital that is tax exempt. The diagnostic test they do as compared to some more advanced private hospitals that actually pay taxes is too wide. Ehat i wonder is how are they beneffing kenya as a charitabe organisation. This is a massive con game ever divised.
Chriss you should write somthing aboyt this foundations and how they are ripping off kenyans. I think it is time tax laws are reviewef so that even ngo s pay taxes. ion is actually a chsritable organisation. The where they built the university hospital is given for free. The buildings and equipments are wholly sourced through donations and to top it all it is the most expensive charity hospital that is tax exempt. The diagnostic test they do as compared to some more advanced private hospitals that actually pay taxes is too wide. Ehat i wonder is how are they beneffing kenya as a charitabe organisation. This is a massive con game ever divised.
Chriss you should write somthing aboyt this foundations and how they are ripping off kenyans. I think it is time tax laws are reviewef so that even ngo s pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

Are Mungiki Back?
We may never know and it will be hard to connect the dots given the distorted allegiance to the regional community that has caused a crisis of identity, loyalty and forced the young adults to make decisions their predecessors would never have thought of making one or two deacdes ago.

Furthermore, the current economic crisis and the sociocultural realities in the country has shaken up values, rearranged priorities and reoriented goals to the point where the younger generation no longer hold their own communities or whatever that's left of it as scared anymore.

Well, after talking, texting, twitting and emailing with several well informed persons, former victims, concerned residents, well placed sources on the ground and some former gang members living in the regions that continues to be terrorised by groups of hoodlums, goons and self-styled village modern day miniature Robin Hoods, I have come to the realization if not conclusion that the one time members of the notorious Mungiki Syndicate are not back in any way, shape or fashion.

The only semblance of criminal gangs, low-level thugs and demented individuals that have been terrorising residents are those that want to creat fear and the impression that Mungiki of old have been resurrected and reactivated, which is not the case by all accounts.

There has been zero indication of any activity concerning traditional religious rituals and ceremonies taking places in some of the scared sites that were once frequented by former high ranking Mungiki leaders and thier ardent followers.

The current crop of low level thugs are operating independently and have no known affiliation or central command nor criminal enterprise of any kind.

As it were, so many of the criminal lements and gangs marauding through the various villages, trading centers, and homes in certain areas of central province, mostly consist of a bunch of unemployed school leavers, long term primary school dropouts, ex-convicts (who have failed to rehabilitate themselves) and drug addicts who are always seeking to stay high on some type of illegal substance or another.

So far, there no credible evidence of a well organised presence or any existence of a criminal organisation that would fit the profile of 'Mungiki Industrial Complex'.

Unfortunately, we can't just wish away the white elephant (albino twenty-eight feet pyhton) roaming on the villages paths, rural roads, towns, city streets, and in our own backyards.

Why? The economic injustice, lack of opportunities, unemployment, social alienation, misery, desperation, and the availability of addictive substances (drugs) seem to be the key influence and factor in the increase of the current crimanl activities that have been on rise since September of last year.

Anonymous said...

How comes you're not even bothered by the abhorring and shameful loss of Sh748 million, funds that gone have missing (evaporated in thin air) in a single fiscal year?

BTW, when will we ever learn to know ourselves (thyself) before trying to throw heavy blunt stones at others?

Regarding the Aghan Khan Foundation.

With all due respect, would you please open up for change and explain to Kumekucha and the public how you in particular, your family and your immediate community have contributed to the well being of those around you, let alone the rest of the country?

Or else, shut up and leave other communities - who are known to be overly generous with their charitable contributions - alone.

Case in point, how many times have you paid 1/5 of your unspent income at the end of the year to a charitable cause of your choice, or to your religious (church) community?

How many times have you, your people, whoever they may be, faith (church) community, political party - and what have you - contributed, donated, given, offered or even paid an annual tithe of 12.5% to be used for development projects in your home village, hometown, region, but also by extention for the benefit of other communities living in the country?

FYI, all adult members of the Agha Khan community have been raised in very strict cultural and religious traditions that demand of them to give a 1/5 of their unspent income at the year to charitable causes.

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