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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mwau Supporters Flood Kumekucha With Angry Emails

Quite a number of people have been sending me angry emails over the last few days about how inaccurate my information on Harun Mwau and William Kabogo is. One nice lady even supported Mwau’s ridiculous theory about the Americans wanting to finish the innocent Kilome legislator and wondered why I “trust the Americans so much.”

I have answered most of these emails politely but deep inside me I have felt very offended that people would want to insult my intelligence even if they think it is limited. Where do these people think I came from? Do they think I fell from the sky and landed in Kenya one day and promptly started publishing articles about drug kingpins by cutting and pasting information from some newspaper? Do they honestly believe that the story about Obama and the Americans wanting to finish Mwau can really, really be taken seriously outside the Mathari mental hospital in Nairobi? I know that the feared Tana River crocodiles of Kenya can swallow just about anything but it is like these people are expecting it to swallow a Mugumo tree that has not even been uprooted if they think we can buy their cock and bull story.

There was a time not too long ago when I was running for dear life. And one of the serious enemies I had made were some individuals in the local drug business (apart from the main threat who was a fellow involved in extra-judicial killings now facing Ocampo at the Hague). At the time nobody had ever dared name the said drug lords before. I was the first and I paid for it (if you have never been on the run for your life you will not have an inkling of what I am talking about when I say I paid dearly). And during that time I was informed about several other people running for dear life courtesy of Harun Mwau. But that is a post for another day.

As you read this Mr Mwau is just about finished. The Americans have convinced the world beyond any reasonable doubts that the evidence they have on the Kilome legislator (and others) is rock solid. This has come at a time when the police have recommended that Mwau’s bodyguards be charged with giving false information to the police. Some Kenyans feel that the bodyguards should be interrogated to ascertain where they got their instructions from (to try and fool the police). Local sleuths have evidence to prove that the bullets were not fired where the bodyguards say they were (simply because they were no spent cartridges on the scene, stupid) and the police are also convinced that the bullet holes on the car are consistent with a situation where they were fired when the car was stationary and not when it was moving as the body guards told the police.

So now the big question is what was the motive of the stage managed shooting?

It was to prove that indeed Obama had sent some people to kill Mwau (I am laughing even as I type this) and that his life was indeed in great danger. The idea was to draw sympathy from the public so that Kenyans find it easier to believe that the legislator is innocent and just being targeted for reasons unknown. I guess this is the kind of scheme that would have worked like a charm in 1960 and the kind that somebody dreams up in this day and age when they have been overtaken by the times. You and I know that when the Americans want to execute somebody (every government has to protect it’s interests) they will tend do it in a very clinical fashion and they will certainly not send some gunmen who can’t shoot straight to Garden square restaurant to lazily have a few beers before shooting aimlessly at the speeding car of Mwau after the target has been dropped off and then probably go back inside Garden Square to finish their beers and discuss the failed assassination. Come on!!! Even an amateur assassin straight out of primary school in Kenya just learning his trade would never be so hilariously incompetent.

DPP Keraiko Tobiko has the very first test before him. Kenyans are watching him very closely. Will he decide to prosecute? And if he does who will he prosecute? The bodyguards only? Or will the case seek to find out where these hirelings got their orders from?

But what has really hit Harun Mwau hard and below the belt is the fact that he can no longer do business with the United States or for that matter anybody in the United States. But what’s more is that his colossal assets in that country have been frozen.

In his heart Mwau must be seething with rage at the hypocrisy of the Americans having done so many key errands for Uncle Sam in the region over the years (mainly deals that had to do with gun running). The reality is that this is the nature of business and politics the world over. It is not personal it is pure business and very normal for what a friend calls the toilet paper syndrome to kick in. That is somebody whom you were a valuable business partner just the other day dumps you after he is done with you. That’s reality, that’s how the real world works.

But for many Kenyans celebrations will be in order over Mwau’s predicament and for many it is for very personal reasons. All those young Kenyans who have irreversibly been destroyed by hard drugs were somebody’s son and somebody’s dear brother or sister. Kenyans will also be celebrating the terrible wounding of impunity. Personally I am not popping any Champaign just yet. Mainly because I know for a fact that a hungry lion is much easier to deal with than a wounded one. The latter is terribly dangerous.

P.S. The reason why Tobiko will not touch the person who gave Mwau’s bodyguards orders to stage manage a shooting is because the legislator has serious connections across the political landscape. He was one of the major financiers of ODM and Raila Odinga’s bid for the presidency. Indeed he was offered a full cabinet post by PM (but declined) even when he and everybody else in the political class knew exactly how Mwau makes his money. So the poor bodyguards may just take the rap for somebody’s bad ideas. That’s Kenya for you.


Anonymous said...

In Kenya its hazardous and dangerous to your health and well being not to mention safety if you enquire about the source of money your fellow next door neighbour or co-worker or indeed even close family member makes

Let us not be stupid.Even though we publicly profess to be a christian nation with over 90% of Kenyans religiously flocking to the churches and other sanctuaries and houses of christian and muslim worship on their various days, we know that not everyone is a fine upstanding citizen upholding the moral and ethical law of the land

However it is unfair to question the integrity of public figures who occupy positions in government simply because they are wealthier than the average Wanjiku or Ouma or more recently Kiplagat. Kenyans must learn to work hard and wait for their own time to succeed and reach that dream of becoming rich and successful. We must not be held hostage by rumours, innuendo and circumstantial evidence of anyone, especially the imperialist western foreign nations

All i am asking is if they are really guilty of any narcotics illegalities then how come our own competent and well trained police force which is highly trained and skilled in law enforcement have never been able to prove the guilt or even complicity of Harun Mwau, William Kabogo and many others mentioned time and again as suspected drug dealers?

Anonymous said...

Will the Americans give the Kenyan Govt the billion dollars that they have seized from Mwau?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:33;

Maybe you should have asked. Since the Americans allege they have water tight evidence that Mwau is a drug trafficker, why not pass that evidence in the full glare of the media to the judiciary?

Why are we only treated to press conferences where they talk about the years they have investigated and the thickness of their reports but no real evidence is presentd?

Something ain't right men!!

Chris said...

You sound exactly like the people who flooded me with emails and your comment is so cleverly written so as to appear balanced.

1) If Mwau is so innocent why was it necessary to stage manage the shooting of his car?

2) What would be the motive of the Americans in destroying Harun Mwau? What do they stand to gain?

3) It is very easy for Mwau to clear his name. Let him tell the Kenyan people exactly how he made his money.

Kumekucha Chris

Mwarang'ethe said...

The only question we are asking is, where is the f$3% EVIDENCE against Mwau?

Please stop telling us Americans have water tight evidence bla bla bla. Where is it? Where is it?

They called a press conference via so called secure link, but, what evidence did they adduce? Or, what was the purpose of the conference? To mesmerise us?

We do not care about their empty words. We are not that stupid. All we want to see is the evidence. If they have no evidence, let then shut up. This includes you Chris.

Sometimes back, we inquired from you Chris, have Americans and Mwau had any deals in the past? If so, what kind of deals?

NB: We know nothing about Mwau, and therefore, we do not know whether he sells drugs or not.

And, even if he did, we do not give a damn, for we believe in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and not so called SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

If you want to take any drugs, it is up to you. Why should our labour be taxed to police you from your own vices?

Why should a gun be held on Wanjiku's head to give up her sweat to police those who wanna have fun?

Anonymous said...

I warned you about asking people ati "how did you make your money?" not in Kenya, maybe try Uzbekistan bro

As i have said many times before its your own fault if you are POOR in this country.The motto of every kenyan? get rich or DIE TRYING and while at it get rich while you can stupid

just make your money anyhow and you will soon be smiling like all the rest of us. FYI understand this principle very well, thats why they aren't afraid for those living in the 5 storey coffins they call high rise flats built with falsified planning permission

Chris said...

Again why is the Kenya police so determined to keep on insisting that Mwau is innocent? They are now issuing statements stating categoriclly that the man has nothing to do with the drugs business. Is that police language? Last time I checked it is police procedure to leave things open and say something like... "we have no evidence at this time to link the suspect to the drugs business but our files remain open to anybody who can come forward with evidence. We also seek to see the evidence the Americans have."

Yet if you dig just a little below the surface you will realize that the Kenya police are just yapping. Mwau is linked to the seizure of a number of drug hauls in the country. His inland container depot near Athi River is notorious and it is common knowledge amongst many policemen who have been posted anywhere near the place what it was really set up to do. The speed with which the Kenya police investigated and cleared Mwau is astonishing.

Methinks the danger here is that if Mwau goes down he will go down with too many very important people. People who CANNOT go down at all costs. Mwau's insurance policy.

This is a crossroads for Kenya. We have to decide what price we are prepared to pay for the new republic. What wud u do if the politician u worship has to go down with Mwau? Kenyans' habit of worshipping politicians is well known. Remember the guy who committed suicide because Uhuru Kenyatta was linked to post election violence?

As I have said in my main post, a wounded lion is much more dangerous than a hungry one.

Kumekucha Chris

P.S. Meanwhile Mike Sonko is also innocent. Has he been cleared too? I bet you that if not he will be very soon. Police will say he has no links to the Sonko who escaped from custody. And so the game continues, just the way George Saitoti and dozens of others have been cleared in the past.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chris. Let those who want to clear Mwau answer one very simple question;

How did he make his money?

And don't give us that cr** abt importing electronics. We know the major importers in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Mwangerethe or whatever your names, please wear your educated brain please. You always try to dazzle people on this forum with "cleaver", long and boring economic comments. I thought you were educated but I must be wrong.
You want evidence to be adduced! Why? Why? Are you serious? Which organization would give evidence in public? The Americans may be planning to take BOSS to court. If they make that evidence public now, the same will not be admissible in any reputable court.
And that would make them look like trying HM on the public court. Please be a little bit cleaver.
If Mwau is that clean, why did he stage manage shooting of his vehicle?
Can you or any other Mwau apologists explain to the world how a junior police officer like him made his billions? What mineral did he discover that other people from Kilome could not sell to help them out poverty? Or just drill boreholes in their homes?

Mwarang'ethe said...

The Americans may be planning to take BOSS to court. If they make that evidence public now, the same will not be admissible in any reputable court.


Fine. Let them take him to court and stop telling us their bullshit.

And, by the way, they said this is a civil matter. Perhaps, you can educate some of us on what all this means.

If we ask, for what purpose are they telling us these things? What do they want us to do?


And that would make them look like trying HM on the public court.


They have already done that. It is only you, who have not realised that. Not surprising though.


Please be a little bit cleaver.
If Mwau is that clean, why did he stage manage shooting of his vehicle?


We do not know why he "stage managed" shooting his vehicle.

However, should we speculate, we can say things like, to collect insurance among other stuff. In other words, this act does not give us anything.


Can you or any other Mwau apologists explain to the world how a junior police officer like him made his billions? What mineral did he discover that other people from Kilome could not sell to help them out poverty? Or just drill boreholes in their homes?


Just to repeat. We do not, and we have never defended Mwau or anyone else.

You ask where Mwau got his wealth? Again, just as we do not know where Raila, Kibaki, Kenyatta, Koinange, and others got their wealth, we have no idea.

So, why single out Mwau? Why not ask all rich/wealthy Kenyans to explain where their wealth came from?


On a more serious note, note this:

If you understand our society well, you would realise that, it is a Criminogenic society.

A crimenogenic society is based on robbery, rape, piracy, corruption and plunder.

This being the nature of our society, then, it follows that, to make to the "top" of the pyramid, you must partake in the criminal acts of such a society.

In other words, since our society is organised on plunder and destruction of the weak and the poor by any means, including DRUGGING them, you must partake in such destruction and plunder.

Viewed from this perspective, then, chasing Mwau, Kabogo here and there, is an act of DELUSION and CHILDISH FANTASY.

In other words, in your delusional view of the world, i.e. divorced from the reality, you think when Mwau goes, the problems you face will be gone. Well, you will be surprised that, things can only get worse.

Anyway, since this will enter into one ear and leave thru the other one, let us continue enjoying

Here Comes The Judge by Tosh:

Anonymous said...

Court Halts ODM Sham Elections....

Seems ODM-Raila is a party with loads of internal and external woes.

Anonymous said...

Kenyans are very superstitious withcraft-believers who pretend they are Christians. And they are scared stiff that thye will fall down dead like the cop if thye discuss Mwau.


Anonymous said...

In other words, since our society is organised on plunder and destruction of the weak and the poor by any means, including DRUGGING them, you must partake in such destruction and plunder.

Not sure how to comment on this piece of nonsense but can help wonder if the good Mwarangethe has lost his head. And while at it, lets bring the woman implicated together with Mwau into the picture. Why would Obama be interested in fixing her? Is it true she’s arrested in TZ over drug-related issues?

M. Pesa said...

Kenya is indeed a very funny country where asking how someone made so many billions is a crime. Many people in Kenya jump and down demanding the truth but once given and it becomes too hot to handle, they flip like mad calling the source of that truth names like colonialists, racists, tribalists, blah blah...

Someone like Sonko who is a former Makanga and just 35 years old (most of those years spent in and out of courts and jail) has hundreds of millions to blow in a by-election yet refuses to explain in simple language how he made his billions. He personally admitted he spent Sh 150M and won't be taking any salary!

Someone like young Stanley Livondo widely said that he can't read or write has a million dollar chopper which he uses to rain cash on poor peasants as he campaigns. Where does he get such money?

By fingering Mwau as a large scale heroin and cocaine dealer, something that many Kenyans have whispered on the streets for decades, USA is basically sending a coded message to Kenya which many folks fail to see.

That message is simple. That they know what goes on in the dark corridors of power. That they know Mwau's comrades in the illicit trade. That Kibaki's Govt protects drug dealers and refuses to take action. That they could be having more files on other people and wants to see what action will be taken first. That the drugs that flood Kenya don't smuggle themselves here. And more significantly, that our corrupt police force, just like in Pakistan when they killed Osama, has to be kept off important issues.

If Mwau is as clean as he claims, then he's free to pop into any plane and use powerful lawyers and sue the Americans for damages worth zillions. Our pathetic cops who gave Sonko a certificate of good conduct to stand as an MP claim Mwau is innocent. But the Americans believe he's a notorious drug lord. Whom would you rather believe?

M. Pesa said...

Do u people seriously think Americans would share their evidence with our corrupt Juha Kalulu cops? Please don't make me laugh! The stupid cops who claimed Marathoner Wanjiru committed suicide just 5 minutes after his death before any investigations? The same cops who can't even arrest the killers of Oscar Foundation Officials (Oscar Kingara and Paul Oulu?), Cops who can't arrest the known killers of that university student who insulted Kabogo in a private "party" (recruitment gone wrong)! The same Makaraus who have failed to apprehend Uhuru Park bombers during the NO campaign? The same folks who botched Rutos fraud case and refused to call or interview the key witness who Ruto gave a job illegally?), Who can't arrest the well known killers of Dr Robert Ouko, Bishop Muge, JM Kariuki, Father Kasier (whom at first they said had shot himself) Julie Ward, Goldenberg thieves, Anglo Fleecing scumbags, Same bungling cops who had arrested the US embassy bomber in Nairobi a million times only to release him under unclear circumstances? The same cops who gave Artur brothers a safe passage out before they could be arrested and charged? Come on! Give me a freakin' break!...the list is so long I could go on until tomorrow

M. Pesa said...

I had typed a long reply to this topic which I thought I posted but funny enough, can't see it! Anyway to summarise it, many folks can't see the bigger picture of what the Americans did. They were basically sending a coded message to Kenyan Govt. They know all the major drug lords here in Kenya. They know who is protecting them and why. That the world is indeed a global village, we are each other's keeper. That by fingering Mwau, that was just a warning shot. They they don't trust our police (who does?) And more significantly Mwau and his crew/orphans/spanner boys are under constant watch. Now the ball is in Kenya's court. If Mwau is innocent as he claims, he could sue Uncle Sam for damages worth billions. Let him pop into the next flight and go clear his name.

(Shhh...the US Navy would never fire zigzag to a vehicle without their intended target!) Possibly that was some plot from the 70's hatched by those notorious "pata potea" poker guys famed for conning old wazees from mashambani in those dark alleys along River Road.)

Mwarang'ethe said...

In other words, since our society is organised on plunder and destruction of the weak and the poor by any means, including DRUGGING them, you must partake in such destruction and plunder.

Not sure how to comment on this piece of nonsense but can help wonder if the good Mwarangethe has lost his head.


Well, let us take a live example.

According to the CBK TYRANT, in the recent past, the five BIG BANKS have shifted $ 260 million from Kenya.

According to the TYRANT, this has contributed to the weakening of the shilling. This is partly true, but, we leave it at that.

As these BIG BANKS were making these huge profits out of PUBLIC MONEY, MILLIONS of Kenyans are starving.

Ok, let us now solve this problem:

(a) If you ask CBK TYRANT and Uhuru, Kibaki, Raila etc they will say, we need to fine these banks bla bla bla.

Thats one way, and we add, DELUSIONAL/CHILDISH WAY of solving such a problem.

(b) The other way, and we add, the MATURE/INTELLIGENT WAY of solving the problem, is to CHANGE THE whole financial structure so that, no one may benefit by starving Kenyans.

The above example demonstrates how our society is an organised MAFIA /CRIMINAL OPERATION.

As such, the solution does not lie in so called prosecutions, but, RESTRUCTURING the whole society, for it is organised to PLUNDER and DESTROY as is amply demonstrated by the shillings saga.

We hope, with your limited thinking capacity, u can understand where we are coming from now.

Should you not understand, we can do nothing much, apart from continue enjoying, Stiff Necked FOOLS:

M. Pesa said...

Lastly, join these dots,

Mwau, owns Charterhouse Bank, money laundering allegations, Charterhouse bank cleared mysteriously to reopen by good old Chris Okemo, Americans object, Okemo now facing extradition to Jersey over money laundering, Mwau fingered as a major heroin and cocaine dealer, and the saga goes on and on.........

commes said...

In the same light, Kenya seems to have no evidence on Uhuru, Muthaura, Ruto and the rest of the O-6.

The Kenya Govt went looking for this evidence at the Hague. Probably the Kenya police is ill equipped to know what evidence is.

Wait till the Hague starts churning out evidence on the O-6. Many will be disgusted.

I have friends who have been investigated by the US. The US is very patient and will build cases over years. By the time they talk about it they know more about the networks , thelinks and the evidence is tight.
Harun Mwau is being set up big time to reveal more.

Anonymous said...

Those shouting the loudest and at the top of their voice about Harun Mwau's supposed guilt as a drug dealer i have one simple question for you...
did he ever sell drugs to you,your family or close friends or even your office work colleagues, former schoolmates?

Or is your job just to scream and whine and complain at the top of your lungs as Kenyans are experts at doing, crying foul over everything and anything especially if they themselves are not benefiting from what the other person is enjoying?

Too many in our country are used to rumours rumours rumours and there's never any evidence!don't blame the Kenya Police either they do a great job in their work,just that the people they investigate are simply not criminals but innocent victims of being framed and set up. grow up jealous Kenyans

Anonymous said...

see what you've done now? i warned you bro, and pole sana for the expected and predictable BACKLASH.

but i know you are one tough cookie so when the storm is over and the dust settles have one ALVARO on me for a job well done

Anonymous said...

ANON 6/30/11 2:02 AM

Very shallow argument. Mwau is not your simple hawker. Even Kabogo does not peddle drugs on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:15AM
Come on man give me a break will you? you think i meant that if Harun Mwau or William Kabogo or whoever has not personally sold you drugs then there's no proof that they are drug dealers? well you are dead wrong think again!

Of course you won't catch HM himself dealing in Uhuru Park, or at Alliance High school, or even on Koinange street corner, otherwise he would have been caught and arrested years ago even by our own police force

All i'm asking is has there ever been any suspect connected to Harun Mwau who have ever been arrested for supplying drugs or even consuming the drugs themselves? Have they ever arrested or caught in the act one of Harun Mwau's drug proxies by which he stealthily operates, if at all he is a drug kingpin?

Anonymous said...

The onus is now on John Heroin Mwau to prove he's not a drug smuggler. Go on Mr Heroin and prove yourself innocent. Please guys let's say a little prayer to all the victims of cocaine flooding Kenya. An entire generation of youth has been lost due to these bastards who have the full support of Mwai Kibaki and his narco-state of Kenya. Sad

Anonymous said...

Oh! Mwarang'ethe,

I take my hut off to you... for the first time on Kumekucha you have actually or is it REALLY used your own words, without filling our already flooded brains with plagiarised material dug out from cyber space.

Confidence is when you try to fart when you are suffering from diarrhoea - Robert Mugabe.

Puiiiiiiii! Prrrrrrrrr! that's for your farty comments Mwara.

Anonymous said...

ANON 6/30/11 3:22 AM
Mr Heroine Mwau has left many dead. Remember the AP who went to Pepe depot? Dead men tell no tales

Anonymous said...

Pole US know better than post evidence online for your to plagiarize. No wonder you are foaming at the mouth demanding evidence. No way, you won't get web links to post for the intellectually lazy.

Evangelical economics only earns e-fame, pole.

Anonymous said...

That House we call National Assembly has many thugs inside.

Mwa should voluntary take a plane to Washington and ask to see Obama, the way Ruto went to Hague to look for Ocampo.

By doing that he will clear his name as fast as possible and come back before 2012 Aug to defend his parliamentary seat.

If the US prove him guilty then we shall have one thug less in the August House.

Anonymous said...

Mwau financed Mwai and not RAO the way you are claiming. They are great friends and play golf together at times.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Pole US know better than post evidence online for your to plagiarize. No wonder you are foaming at the mouth demanding evidence. No way, you won't get web links to post for the intellectually lazy.

Evangelical economics only earns e-fame, pole.


Have you ever wondered how a SMALL group of people establish an EMPIRE and RULE OVER the majority?

If you analyse the world population, u will find this:

(a) the rulers of this world today, constitute about 10% of the global population,

(b) the rest of the global population which is 90%, is ruled by the minority 10%.

More so, these 10% of the global population, control over 80% of global resources.

In other words, the 90% of the global population control less than 20% of global resources. Even more interestingly, they do not control which lies under their feet.

Has it bothered your little mind how such a scenario, i.e. the reversal of natural order is accomplished?

If you and your friends had brains, you would realise that, the case of Mwau, Ruto's,Gaddafi's,Bashir's etc etc is a case study of how to run an empire.

And, more so, how to use NATIVES as DUPES and USEFUL IDIOTS.

In other words, to run an EMPIRE, i.e. to rule, to dominate and to subjugate the MAJORITY, when you are the MINORITY, you must:

(a) distort the ability of natives to see and understand reality,

(b) preserve for yourself two key powers:

(i) powers of DEFINITION, and
(ii) powers of LABELLING.

You can surrender you rights to see and perceive reality, or, the powers of definition and labelling, but, we shall not do so.

We shall not do so, and more so, not to the MINORITIES who seek to dominate and subjugate and KILL Africans.

Anonymous said...

How did Mwau make money? Very simple in Kenya.

He was a police officer: Bribes of 10000shs a day means 300000shs a month.

He got aplot at Tsavo East and rared 10000 calves. After 2 years he slaughtered them and sold the meat to Canivore Restaur. He cashed 50000sh per bull. He repeated this many times.

This money made him a millionare and then a billionare.

To get the plot he helped someone ship drugs to the US. He also needed money to befriend Nyayo. This lured him to be an active trafficker himself.

Kenya ako na wenyewe!!!

Anonymous said...

There's alot of bar talk speculation here about how Harun Mwau "made his wealth" all rubbish because nobody here actually knows the truth about how HM became as rich as he did when he did.

Anonymous said...

Flipside: For LUCIFER to rule saints he needs intellectual mercenaries like you to ventilate their EVIL.

Philip said...

I don't want to comment on matters of Mwau because some Christians still insist that the wine that Jesus turned from water isn't alcoholic, that all wine mentioned in Bible isn't alcoholic despite the Jews tradition and history claiming to the contrary. These Christians claim seems to potray that they know better than the Jews themselves who partake of that wine.

In the same way there are people outside Rift Valley who still claim that a famous politician there wasn't involved in maize scandal, contrary to what inhabitants of Rift Valley claim, but in hushed tones, that its obvious that he was involved, that its not a secret to them.

I'll not be surprised if some people will claim that policemen are not involved in drugs in Mombasa, even when inhabitants of Mombasa see them collecting money every end of month.

Someone claimed that Anglo-leasing is a scandal that never was, another claimed that there was no PEV, while another claimed that there was no Holocaust.

In this mumbo jumbo about innocence or rather guilt of Mwau, everything will be muddled and jumbled that eventually we will see our policemen, politician e.t.c smiling in front of the camera and claiming that infact cocaine, heroine, opium has never been sold in Kenya. That what we have been seeing is rowdy youths partaking of "kumi-kumi" or hashish, which are locally grown in Kenya by some poor Mijikenda farmers.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Flipside: For LUCIFER to rule saints he needs intellectual mercenaries like you to ventilate their EVIL.


It is now OFFICIAL. There is no evidence against Mwau.

"We will not share evidence on Mwau, US says."

“This information will stay with us and so it is an internal matter. We believe what we have as evidence is required to protect the American people and assets in America.”

NB: Words ASSETS in America.



Bwana, Chris et al, let us now get back to OUR REAL ISSUES such as inflation and such. This issue of Mwau, bla bla, is a diversion.

Let us leave Americans with their "internal" issues and their Mwau.

Anonymous said...

Now US is being banished for REFUSING to share evidence with Kenya. Well, even ICC refused before before Uncle Sam.

A country with no competence to investigate and prosecute her own evil has no locus standi to shout sovereign.

We can as well deny that there was no PEV. Imagine the fate of the witnesses if evidence was to be shipped from abroad. Remember the cop who was nosy investigating drugs?

If we cannot apprehend Uhuru Park bombers after close to 400 days how
can we drug barons?

And while shouting patriotic on Mwau, what about Mama Leila in Tz facing drug charges? Guilty by association.

It is cheap obsession to throw all the toys at the West to advance plastic patriotism.

Anonymous said...

"Bwana, Chris et al, let us now get back to OUR REAL ISSUES such as inflation and such. This issue of Mwau, bla bla, is a diversion."

Right on the mark, Mwarangethe. Let us leave Oblahblah and his foot soldiers to continue pursuing United States' (what kind of a name is that for a country???) interests.

Anonymous said...

36 comments and counting yet not one single person on Kumekucha has any evidence to show that Harun Mwau is a drug dealer.mmmmmmh!
typical Kenyans quick to vilify the rich and privileged upper class as if every rich Kenyan is a criminal.shame on you all

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:27AM

Well, Not every Kenyan who is rich is a criminal. But when you are worth over Ksh 10 Billion, you most certainly made it through criminal activities!

Just name me one, just one Kenyan worth over that amount who made it clean and I'll provide counter evidence to prove you wrong.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Just name me one, just one Kenyan worth over that amount who made it clean and I'll provide counter evidence to prove you wrong.

6/30/11 10:47 AM


This is true.

It is so because, as presently organised, our society is a criminogenic society.

As such, to make it to the top, you must kill, plunder, maim, destroy etc the weak and the poor.

Having realised this, the only question facing us is this. How do we RE-STRUCTURE our society. Anything else is delusion upon old delusions.

Anonymous said...

Evidence that Mwau is a drug kingpin

a) Made a lot of money too fast. How do you make money faster than Bill gates and you have nothing to show for it? No factory, no product, no business.

b) His behaviour since being named by Obama including stage managing the shooting of his own car to prove that his life was in danger.

c) His so called business associates. Guilty by association.

d) Dozens of witnesses who have lived in and around the Pepe inland container depot in Athi River can testify about the strange happenings at the place.

etc. (and I haven't even started)

Remember that in law a person also has to produce evidence to the court to prove their innocense. So far Mwau supporters have avoided answering the 10 billion shilling question. PLS TELL US HOW MWAU MADE HIS MONEY.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:24PM
in any kangaroo court of public opinion of course a suspect is guilty until proven innocent, but in the real courts of law and justice such as supreme courts, high courts, courts of appeal etc public opinion counts for little to nothing if there is no real evidence, witnesses and backing testimonies corroborating a person's guilt.

You talk about innocence having to be proven also. If guilt can't be proven then innocence doesn't need to be proven because where is the evidence of the accused's guilt? where are his accusers/witnesses to point fingers at him in accordance with the law?

Show me in which country "making money too fast" is a crime?if someone is cleverer than you and they know how to use their brains more intelligently and put their money to work for them they owe no one any explanations about how they make their money. if they are making their money illegally then how come they are not being arrested or investigated?

Guilty by association? you can't be serious. so if Harun Mwau was spotted sitting in a Matatu next to Joshua Kulei or William Kabogo then does that prove he is guilty? or if they have lunch together? or if they buy a piece of realestate together? is he guilty because he is a rich businessman or is he guilty for trading drugs?

Strange happenings at a container in some place somewhere in Athi River would never stand up in a court of law as constituting the guilt of an individual. maybe there are strange goings on because Harun Mwau is invoking witchcraft to protect his investment. is that what "strange happenings" is to you?

I am not a Mwau supporter but i am simply a realist who does not want to one day be accused of "making my money too fast" yet i am not even a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffet. Kenyans must appreciate that there are rich people among us in our society who are not criminals or dabbling in crime to make their wealth. I don't blame you though, as Mwarang'ethe said ............."as presently organised, our society is a criminogenic society......."

final question my friend, are you living in Kenya or somewhere in the western capitals of the foreign aristocratic nations like Europe, US, Canada etc? did Harun Mwau ever approach you or your work mates or close family friends to sell you any drugs either personally or through one of his "business associates?"

Anonymous said...

Mwarathengere... whoever you are. Note this. Pride comes before fall! You are a proud arrogant person. You are looking at your fall.
Watch out. if you find yourself in a hole, through the spade far out pal.
You told one on this forum that your comments enters her one ear and leaves the other!!!!!!!!!
That is a presumption that this person does not understand you? How wrong can you be?
Just remove some of your educative arrogance. You maybe educated but you leant little in your class pal.
Try humbleness too. Arrogance does not help.

Anonymous said...

Mwarathenge, Raila started EASpectre and Spectre International. It has a monopoly of making Liquid Petrolium Gas containers. E.g. gas cylinders, tanks etc.
Does that explain how he made part of his money? RAO was an Engineer by profession. A university lecturer at UoN. UoN pays it's lecturers you know. Odinga family has sugar cane farms within Kenyan Sugar belt. How about Mwau? Name a few things Mwau does have a monopoly or special interst in?
Kazi kwako

Anonymous said...

Chris, I just get amazed either by our gullibilty and defense of the indefensible. What of the 1 ton of coke / drugs found in Mwau's godown?
What evidence do drug runner sympathizers, like Mwau, want? For the cops to catch him hiding behind a gunia of stash and then say, aha?

Anonymous said...

All am reading here is comical and am simply amazed by how most of you are reasoning. Mwau did not get rich fast. He has worked very hard to be where he is and just because he doesn't flaunt what he has doesn't mean he is involved in illegal trade. You pple keep asking him to declare his wealth but why don't you and eveyone else declare your wealth. leave the dude alone. He has a lot of successful businesses in Nairobi from kplc, village market to name but a few. That's where he derives his wealth. The americans are arrogant why would they sanction him and deem it to be more civil than criminal? I would think trafficking drugs would be criminal . Don't be taken for a ride and read between the lines. The truth will someday prevail. Chris we know you claimed Mwau was in laws to Kabogo and we recently find out on citizen news there is no family ties. It's possible you are wrong about this man who has done so much good in 3yrs for his constituents.

Anonymous said...

Don't deny that a problem is a problem.
Kenyans who are busy adamantly denying that the drug problem in Kenya is not a problem, have not seen the real dark side of drug related crimes, health issues, destruction of families and deaths in many areas of Nairobi, Mombasa and in various parts of the country.

Those of us who say, "We don't have drug problems in Kenya; we only have business opportunities" are either part of the problem or just plain real id.ots.

Some problems like drug trafficking, drug dealing and drug abuse are not business opportunities, they are deadly problems that will hand Kenya over to the drug cartel or burn down the whole country when it's least expected.

Kenyans need to recognise them as drug problems and deal with them appropriately while we still have the window of opportunity available.

Otherwise, Denial (drowning in the 'River DeNile') is stupid, and it doesn't do anything but prolong the pain of the problem.

Drug dealers, rank and file, drug users and crowds of complacent citizens get shot, killed, sent to prison or disappear with a trace, end missing in action forever.

While we are still at it, denying that so and so are not among thee drug barons of Kenya, are some of us aware of the fact that Kenyan lawyers, business men and women, doctors, nurses, civil servants, military personnel, police, prison wardens, drivers on public roads, teachers, students, parents, even some fo your dear amily members et al are heavily hooked on illegal drugs?

And corruption in high places of government have made it worse as well as possible for Kenya to continued being used as a major drug corridor, conduit and well protected bastion of illegal drugs, money laundering and other criminal enterprises?

The lords of impunity, well connected politicians, senior governments, seniro clergy and the so called well respected members civil society have a lot to fear if Harun Mwaus of Kenya are brrought to justice by international authorities.

Things will only continue to get worse when the young turks begin to fight for turf, greater influence and control of the lucrative illegal drug industry that's flourishing on Kenyan soil.

That's when drug related crimes will go the way of Mexicano a la carte with heavy collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

Poorly done post by you Chris, you get an E for effort and an A for the skewness on penning the same.

Take a cue from Mwarang'ethe and PLAGIARISE some material, that way you get to publish some other guys work on KK.

Anonymous said...

Is it TRUE really that Mwarang'ethe is a chemist? He is in the "Cosmetics" business isn't he? what Kind of cosmetics does he sell?

By the way Mwara, did you conduct the census to come up with the 10% figure or does the answer lie somewhere in cyberspace?

simply me,

Mwara Americanos Idiotas

Mwarang'ethe said...

a) Made a lot of money too fast. How do you make money faster than Bill gates and you have nothing to show for it? No factory, no product, no business.


Where is it written Bill Gates is the standard for measuring how to acquire wealth?

A man has a right to acquire wealth and not tell everyone, not, even your god, the State.


This is all about GEOPOLITICS. Americans want to expand their Drugs Admin. systems into Africa to protect their interests.

So as to get American taxes to WASTE, PLUNDER etc, a story must be created to JUSTIFY such appropriations.

Wake up and understand how this world works!

Anonymous said...

Nobody is saying Harun Mwau is not a drug dealer. He may or may not be. All we are saying is show us the evidence.period.Drugs are evil and anyone who traffics or deals or distributes them needs to be hanged dead in a rotten jail cell at the bottom of the indian ocean

Philip said...

Mwarangethe says:

Let us leave Americans with their "internal" issues and their Mwau.

My response:

Yes, as we are arguing on Mwau headline news today is that Central Bank of Kenya is increasing it's Central Bank Rate. Read todays Nation Newspaper.

MPs taxation was ineveitable because the government has to raise money to fill the budget deficit. Is increase of CBR rate related to this? Someone needs to tell me. If it is then this is creating a cycle whose impact is our economy heading downwards.

In other words the effect of this will make more Kenyans to become poorer, investors to shy away, which will lead to even more Kenyans to become poorer as population of unemployed people increases.

Oh! And I haven't mentioned that KPLC also said it will increase its rate.

Its known that life in UK and America is expensive, but it seems we are heading that way.

Anonymous said...


M. Pesa said...

By naming Mwau as a narcotics kingpin, the clever Americans are as usual playing OFFENSIVE while our hapless, pathetic and clueless government led by the ever evasive Kibaki is caught unaware and left to play DEFENSIVE as the world laughs at us. This Govt is not sure whether to support Mwau or Ocampo Six. Too much on it's plate- all serious stuff!

The sad reality is that when someone throws mud at you, some will stick on your clothes. When US states categorically that Mwau is a drug lord or as some bloggers have jokingly labelled him a "pharmacists" and our Govt says no way, whom do you think the world is going to believe? The suave, intelligent and assuring Obama or our dreaded election rigging Mt Kenya Mafia?

The US ambassador (read Obama) yesterday told off our lazy police who wanted their intelligence on Mwau and asked them to get up their lazy fat asses and get their own dossier. It's like someone wanting to copy your homework or research which took you 10 years to compile!

But how do they get evidence on Mwau? So our Juha Kalulu cops seemed to ask. By looking for it, right from Charterhouse Bank mess! Barked Uncle Sam. I know there are many Mwau apologists snooping here for the very first time possibly amazed that the good name of their saint is being soiled. Unfortunately many years after their role model, the BOSS, is long gone, he will be remembered for only one thing- rightly or wrongly. As I said, it's about time he hopped in the next flight to go and clear his name in the very fair and just courts of America. Ama what is he scared of?


Susan said...

The frantic kicks from a dying animal that’s what I can call the fake gunshots on muheshimiwa’s car. True it is laughable and ridiculous may be it would have worked before 2002, the police commissioner then would have insisted they were gun shot from unique firearms from States just like the suicide story of Ouko. What a shame wakenya tulichanuka kitambo. God is on the side of Kenyans who were held captive by hard drugs and dying in poverty while the high and mighty leave lavishly and are so worried about their public image and their children and don’t care about others. Shame on them I said it in my post “Alarming new trend in Kenyan politics”.

Capt. Mukatakona said...

hata kama ni kutuchukulia kama mafala, hii ya Mwau ni sana! you can fool yourself all the time but you can't fool us all the time

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