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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Rennenberger Smitten, Prospect Future Obama

The heart has no protocol. Michael came, ranted, raved but above all else he got smitten. As he packs his bags to join the State Department, Rennenberger will be having among his luggage a trophy like no other. As for Ruth Konchella, it cannot get any better after landing the ultimate jackpot every girl dreams of as evident in her confident kiss squarely planted on Michael's lips.

And so there goes the story of IRRESISTIBLE Kenyan women. Even the macho Arturs had their hearts melt at the sight of our local queens. Given Obama's Kenyan roots, he couldn't be prouder with Renneberger bringing a piece of Kenya home in the form of a most expensive diplomatic, sorry emotional, prize.

The jury is out and who knows whether the two love birds will be the proud parents of a future Obama? Congratulations to both.


Anonymous said...

not a fair statement!
Of course our women are very beautiful who can resist them? From Artur through to Rannenburger Kenyan women are distinguishing themselves as the must have&take away accessory of a visit to our borders

Good luck Ambassador and Miss Konchella, yours is every Kenyan woman's dream come true, finding your prince in shining armor and you deserve the love after the tough diplomatic battles fought for a better Kenya. President Obama couldn't have asked for a better representative on Kenyan soil

Anonymous said...

Kenyan men are fools! They don't know how blessed they are with their women. They mistreat their women but when a foreigner marries their women they are amazed by how nice, humble, caring and loving their women are! And I am not just talking about Westeners here just ask other Africans who has married Kenyan women like Ghanians, Nigerians, Sierra leonese they will tell you the same* Kenyan women have golden hearts* yet Kenyan men always find faults and ways to degrade their women.
Kweli a prophet is without honour in his own country!

Anonymous said...

*Kenyan women have golden hearts*

Generalization or particularization?

I beg to differ, while certain percentage of Kenyan women may have real hearts of gold, there are others out there with tainted hearts and wrap sheets that would qualify Marquise de Brinvilliers for immediate sainthood.
Michael Ranneberger's service on the African continent is greatly appreciated and he will be deeply missed. He's an envoy who knows Africa and it's people to a great a measure since the early 1980s.
Ironically, while Angolans listened to his wise counsel with the exception of one deadly and unpredictale political midget known as Jonas Savimbi.

The likes of Siad Barre, Ali Mahdi Muhammad, Mohamed Farrah Aidid ("I did" aka "EED"), Abdirahman Ahmed Ali "Tuur", Col Jess and many Somali clan leaders refused to pay any attention to what Michael Rannebeger had to advice them. They have all perished in the process, while the rest is history as Somalia is knonw to day.
Kenya's myopic politicians and ethnic lords have never learned from the fate that befall their neighbours in the Horn of Africa, and they have persistently rejected any wise counsel from Michael Ranneberger, and continue to make him the butt of their crude jokes.

So far, only time will tell whether Kenya will survives and becomes a better democratic nation where corruption and other criminal activities will be prosecuted at every level, or whether Kenya will crash and burn in its own fat.
As for the prized trophy, Ranneberger once heard saying, "I love her more than I would possibly say. She's one of the many blessings Africa has bestowed upon me, and I will always cherish her".

Wish them well in the next chapter of their lives, and I hope there is still some opportunity for some two or three Obamas in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Pongezi Balozi kwa kujinyakulia mrembo mwenye shura ya kupendeza, shingo nyororo na umbile la kimailaka. Tayari ushamuvisha pete au vipi? Kwa hakika, huyu mrembo si kipepeo wala kiruka njia bali wa mpenzi wa kudumu. Kila heri.

Anonymous said...

The tree of freedom may be watered with blood of the poor foot soldiers and usual idle crowds spoiling for fights, but the real freedom ends up being enjoyed by greedy politicians, senior civil servants, the well connected, their families, friends, and concubines (mistresses) upper class and upper middle class, thereafter.

Let brave and adventurous Ugandans chase their dream, although the Sambo looking wannabe leader for change ('walk-to-work') is not any different from Yoweri Museveni, a man whose time has come and gone, including many others in high places and positions of power.

Ugadans should seek for real uhuru differently, or else they will endd up like miilions of Kenyans who thought that they fought for a second uhuru during the days Mzee Daniel arap Moi, but have just come to realize that Kenya is still owned by the mighty and powerful, while Kibera and other urban slums are what is reserved for the common foot soldiers and their children, grandchildren and great granchildren.

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

There more things, the more they remain the same for the common man and woman, even in the United States of America where comestic changes and quasi personal rights are allowed for the appeasement of the lower-middle class, under-class and the homeless.

All they have done, is give the people longer leashes and safety collars unlike in the past where people were reeled in at a moment's notice and hammered with various charges according to the powerful laws of the land.

Anonymous said...

So how many times has he been divorced? Anyone with that data?

Anonymous said...

Kenyan men are not fools because they are aware of the dirty games their women play to in order accomplish their various objectives and set agendas. It always takes one to know one. Birds of a feather flock together during the season of plenty.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:38 pm
where is larry king to answer on his behalf?

Anonymous said...

I thought every Kenyan woman's dream come true was to marry a YOUNG prince in shining armor in the same way the YOUNG Duchess of Cambridge did, instead of chasing recycled old men.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:43PM
My friend you don't know us Kenyans. Old or young, age does not matter.Both Kenyan men and women when they have set their eyes firmly on the prize of moving ahead with their lives then no cost is to high

In Europe and America many are betrothed to old white three times recycled men/women in the name of getting their residency papers. And one wonders why they wish to live there oh wait it must be the SYSTEMS and INSTITUTIONS that are better than our ECONOMIC failure back home. Anyway, such is life, it is easier to speak of what should be when the grass is greener on your side

Anonymous said...

who cares about age? young or old, K is a constant. fortunately the latter comes with assets--an incentive to handle the extra baggage with care.

Anonymous said...

well, i understand that folks in the feckless dictator's office are now threating people who dont think the feckless dictator is presidential material. this is true to form--the feckless dictator is one violent man who does not hesitate to use violence and intimidation. maybe this vice rubs off onto those working directly with him. How sad.

Mwarang'ethe said...

We hope their Obama will not be dictatorial like this one:

"White House upset with SF Chronicle for posting protest video"


We also hope, their Obama will not be a PUPPET of the Oligarchy:


We also hope, their Obama will not be the BLACK MASCOT of the OLIGARCHY:


And, finally, we hope their Obama will not PRESIDE the FINAL ENSLAVEMENT of humanity as we see and hear here:

Anonymous said...

Obama kills Osama. The perfect CIA deception and a catching headline.

For those who know the truth, Osama was good business at least for the couple of years they kept him 'alive' while he was dead.

Now we need to win a re-election so we gotta pull all the hidden cards.

Anonymous said...

Osama down and gone for good. I now it ain't good to rejoice at the death of a person, but this one is worth rejoicing! Why?
Because of 07/08/1998. Nairobi Kenya. I was exactly 7 days old on a new job at Nairobi Hospital. As a medic, I reported to work ar 8.00 am as usual. at around 10.15 am there was aloud thud of sound that shook our office building! Within 30 minutes our A&E started receing word and casualities. This story is too long to write here... What followed was mayhem we recieved hundres if not tens of hundreds of innocent Kenyans! I never slept neither did I go home that night.
As an essential worker, I didn't stayed over till 16.00 the following evening before I could go home.
I saw several badly injuried Kenyans, and foreigners alike. All innocent. There mistake? They were near USA embassy which this evil man wanted punished! But why choose Kenya. Kenyans were only collateral demage to him.
Good riddance Osama. Hate begots hate. You use the gun you die by the gun. Serves you right.

Mwarang'ethe said...

I saw several badly injuried Kenyans, and foreigners alike. All innocent. There mistake? They were near USA embassy which this evil man wanted punished! But why choose Kenya. Kenyans were only collateral demage to him.
Good riddance Osama. Hate begots hate. You use the gun you die by the gun. Serves you right.

5/2/11 2:00 AM


It must be good to believe in MYTHS. Just for a start:



Anyway, as you continue swallowing LIES and MYTHS, just note this if you have WISDOM:

1. 1944 - Financial - IMF/WB.
2. 1945 - Political - UN.
3. 1994 - Trade - WTO.
4. 1998 - Legal - ICC.
5. 2001 - Military/Intelligence.
6. 2008 - Global Credit Crisis.

And, therefore, global regulatory Laws on:
(a) banking,
(b) Insurance,
(c) brokerage.

Anyway, let us continue listening to Tosh:

Anonymous said...

"For those who know the truth".

'What truth?' 'Truth is often bitter and it hurts.' 'Many people can't handle the truth, let alone be truthful to themselves.'

Conspiracy theorist, fyi, Osama was good business for those that protected him, associated with him and raise money in his name.

Osama paid protection money to the Taliban from 1999 to 2001, then did the same with mountain tribes in Afghanistan and Pakisatna.

The protection of Osama had nothing to with religion, the so called brotherhood, a sence of honour, loyalty, pride, dignity, or any type of bond that exists among "those who kill innocent children, women and men together".

It had to do with money, greed and personal profiteering by the guardians extorted money from the one time son of a Saudi wealth family.

Sounds too cliche, yet every dog has its day, everyone has a price, and individuals, be it dog or man, meet their fate when the price is right and on the appointed day.

The birthers and Donia the Tramp are so angry because the killing of Osama has taken the thunder out of their bigoted sails of racism and what have you.

The fact remains - history will record, 'It took Obama to take out Osama'.

Anonymous said...

Dawa ya moto ni moto. Obama kamkomesha Osama.

Anonymous said...

Donalia the Tramp, claimed that he takes the credit for forcing the clarification of Obama's citizenship through the release of his Hawaiin birth certificate.

The same dude, the megalomaniac, and his idiotic legion of self-acclaimed diehard bithers are now busy gnashing their teeth, scratching fungus of their parochial political sclaps and left wondering, "gee how comes we didn't think about sending one of own or Donalia the Tramp to Afghanistan?

We could have taken real big credit for it and used it to our combined advantage. What were we thinking?"

Anonymous said...

Al jazeera live what happened? Your station managers in Pakistan and Waziristan were caught flat footed on any pointers or inside information leading to Osama's demise? After several months of having been the frontrunners of breaking news of revolutions in and around North Africa, Al Jazeera wwere caught by surprise like the rest of us around the globe. What happened to their reliable sources, spotters and informers in the area?

Anonymous said...

What's in a name? Abbotabad, Pakistan, lived to its deadly reputation since the 14th century when Rajamani was flashed out hiding by his captors and handed to over to the head hunters who had been tracking him for six years.

The Abbotabad region has never failed to 'abort a bad' seed, fugitive, gangster, criminal or any unwanted person when push comes to shove, or when the chips fall where they may.

Osama forty days and nine lives may have came to an end after a decade of having lived off the grid, after he failed to pay his contractual protection fee of five million dollars a year to his landlord.

Anonymous said...

Well done President Obama for finally capturing and disposing of the World's no1 terrorist and closely guarded secret of the Arab world at large

No doubt there will be calls for proof of death e.g. American stamped death certificate, undoctored photographs of the deceased after capture, and maybe even recorded footage of the events leading to the assassination.

Be sure that all these are available and will only require the cartoon like swipe attacks of a Sarah Palin/Donald Trump type character for these artefact's to be released to public consumption

Smart move claiming his body was buried at sea because the speculations will begin and end at that, and there will be no burial ground or tomb for radical islamic muslims to enshrine as their "ground zero" and maybe even serve to radicalize them further in perpetuating the same extremist ideologies of their late leader

As a Kenyan I feel happy that the man who struck so close to home twice in 1998 and later in 2003 without caring about us insignificant little rats has now died by the same sword he lived by. Sometimes there is justice in this world

Anonymous said...

Show us the body! Show us the body!

Where is his body lying on cold slap with a little morgue towel covering the space between his waist and knees, for all to see?

Remember the display of the bodies of Saddam Hussein's powerful sons, Uday and Qusay? Same fate, same slap awaits those who think that they are immortal humans.

Hope Osama is dead for real, and no longer a wounded weasel on the run for his life.

Anonymous said...

Well done, President Obama! What a major accomplishment....a page turns for so many grieving families. Very well done.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Obama and Americans will stop butchering arabs like wild game in the name of fighting terrorism or are they going to look for another 'Most Wanted Man' to keep their billion dollar machine profitable??

Just asking, I am just asking lol!!

Anonymous said...

Wuod K'ogelo,
your stay in the whitehouse has made us your ancestors and luo kinsmen proud because you have continued to prove your critics wrong from McDonald Trumps to Sarah Pale and even our own world economists on this blog. Endelea Mbele hivyo hivyo we are with you all the way

Anonymous said...

No Osam's death is no news nor blow from Obama. It is all about ECONOMIS/OLIRGACH/WEALTH/LAND stupid, LOL.

More conspiracy theories please but don't throw that tired line on imperialism and Al-Queda being a creation of the US. Leta ingine.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5/2/11 9:08 AM
Where were you during the 1998 U.S. embassy bombing in Nairobi, in which Osama's deranged men killed hundreds of Kenyans in the "wild game" of destroying American interests abroad?

Will some of deranged foot soldiers seek another to set off bombs in Nairobi and Mombasa now that their leader is no more?

Where were your children, wife/husband, if any, siblings, father, mother, cousins, and most your close relatives on August 7, 1998?

You may have been in school, college or hidden some place on a corporate plantation in the diaspora at the time (1998), but the real question is, where will you and your people be when it happens for a second?

Anonymous said...

When will some of these coward men stop using women and their children as shields when they have been cornered like little rodents? Gbagbo hid behind the door while using his wife as a human shield.

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