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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Would Snap Elections Resolve the Abortive Judicial Appointments & Impending Hague Trials?

Desperate PNU ready to sacrifice......if only to avoid the Hague!

Following political uncertainty arising out of disagreement by the principals on key judicial appointments, speculation is rising over the possibility of one partner unexpectedly pulling out of the coalition and demanding a snap general election. Political temperatures are escalating and it is noticeable through the same vitriolic utterances of some of the amateur players (read-Hague suspects) who so nearly led this country to civil war in 2008.

But even as the two principals retreat and appear to close ranks, both are still talking of following difference routes towards resolving the stalemate and it now seems unlikely they will reach an amicable agreement given the contents of statements released by each of them. To add insult to injury, PNU and its allies continue to plot all manner of attacks against their coalition partners aimed at weakening them politically. Despite their presumed greater numbers, they came out of parliament with black eye and without any victory against mainstream ODM.

Matters are not made easier by the immense pressure on key political figures named as ICC suspects in Kenya's post elections violence. The Ocampo6, actually Ocampo3, are believed to be the real power behind the push for the ill conceived and moribund ICC deferrals. ICC Prosecutor has vowed to make Kenya an example to the rest of the world and had promised to start the Kenyan cases at pre-trial chamber of the ICC at the beginning of March 2011. This date which is hardly one week away is giving the powerful Ocampo3 sleepless nights. The rejection of judicial nominees by speaker Marende almost drove Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto to tears. The reality is dawning key men of the president's camp, including defecting ODM allies, who have made a huge about-turn from favouring Hague, to favouring a local tribunal. They are hopeful that the UN-Security Council may just grant their wish.

The unspoken secret is that the recent controversial and hurried judicial appointments were geared towards showcasing to the international community that Kenya's judiciary is now reformed and peddle the lie that the country can successful put to trial all the post election violence suspects using local mechanisms. The AU Heads of State fell for the campaign and it is only the UNSC that now stands between Kenya and the ICC. All signs are that some members of the UNSC will veto Kenya's application for a deferral and that the ICC pre-trial chamber judges will soon be issuing summons, or on a worst case scenario, arrest warrants, against the Kenyan suspects, since Ocampo had predicted the cases would begin by March 2011. Arrest warrants are more likely because on all intents and purposes, the Kibaki government will not co-operate with ICC since the suspects still serve in the same government.

With the dreaded month of March fast approaching, PNU (and defecting ODM allies) are extremely desperate and are now exploring unthinkable options to ward off the possibility of Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto, Francis Muthaura, Maj-Gen. Ali, Henry Kosgey and KASS FM presenter Joshua Arap Sang being shipped to face justice at the Hague. Not only are the individuals influential in their own right, there are deep fears that they may cut deals with Ocampo to implicate one or both of the principals, and even agree to testify against one of them. One can only imagine the bombshells if, say, Muthaura or Ali decides to testify against their boss Kibaki!

Although a snap election appears to many as a far fetched eventuality, keen observers of the Kenya's political arena, will not have failed to notice the recent semi official political rallies by ODM Leader in all parts of the country. Raila has already been to NEP, Coast and is this coming weekend expect to be in Western, where ODM bigwigs are expected to troop to town and address a huge political rally at Kakamega's historic Muliro Gardens.

Before this, an unexpected sms is already doing the rounds in Nairobi today that Raila Odinga will tomorrow morning at 10am, Friday the 25th February, address an unscheduled political rally at Nairobi's Country Bus station, otherwise known as Machakos airport. Not only is the rally an unusual occurrence, but it is an obvious choice to any smart politician. It happens to fall in Kamkunji constituency which is due for a by-election soon, and it is a location through which hundreds of thousands of common Kenyans pass through each day. It is also adjacent to the populous Eastlands area of Nairobi and also close to the ever busy and quite expansive Gikomba open air market. In other words, rather than hold a rally in Uhuru Park, there are hordes of common inflation-hit wananchi readily available at Machakos airport everyday and the ever scheming Raila, it seems, wants to take full advantage of this to address them directly. ODM insiders have already confirmed the rallies are on. So what does Raila know that the rest of the country does not know? Will Kamkunji OCS ban this rally on grounds of insecurity as he did for Eugene Wamalwa and Maina Njenga, or is the PM on a 'working tour'?

These highly charged political rallies can only mean, either the country may be in for a snap election, or subtle campaigns for the 2012 have began.

With the recently promulgated constitution hardly implemented, it remains to be seen if the coalition may collapse, or if snap elections may be called. Many middle class and upper class Kenyans are expressing their usual scepticism over the possibility of going for premature polls but if you talk to any poor Kenyan on the street, you will be shocked at how much wananchi are fed-up with the MPs of the 10th parliament and the dysfunctional coalition government. Wananchi are ready to vote out these pretenders to the thrown.

Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

Phil, you are very right.

"The Ocampo6, actually Ocampo3 - Uhuru, Ruto and Muthaura, are believed to be the real power behind the push for the ill conceived and moribund ICC deferrals." - with Mr Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki backing them up to the hilt.

It is very unfortunate that Mr Pumbavu has subordinated everything else (even resettling the IDP's - a vast majority who come from his very own community) to trying to make sure that the Ocampo 6 EVADE, yes that's right, EVADE justice.

Mr Pumbavu would have saved himself all this STRESS if he had just accepted that he had LOST the elections of 2007 instead of STEALING them.

There are consequences when one (in this case Mr Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki) STEALS something that is NOT his and adamantly hangs on to it: IT WILL COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU - as it is now doing to Mr Pumbavu.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the members of the Mt Kenya communities are solidly in support of Mr Pumbavu's FRAUDULENT/DECEPTIVE actions and intentions - and Mr Pumbavu knows this very well and it consequently EMBOLDENS him to engage in more MISCHIEF as he tries to disentangle the OCAMPO 6 and ultimately himself from this QUAGMIRE of his own creation.

Kenyans, prepare yourselves for more PUMBAVU drama...

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05AM,

Grow up, we are in 2011 not January 2008. Kibaki being President and Raila being PM is fait acommpli. Done deal. talk of future, don't be stuck in a time warp

Anonymous said...

Prepare yourself for tribal vultures who hover around Kumekucha. The mention of RAO PORK makes them foam in the mouth and throws them into cerebral fits.
What they will not admit is that RAO is an elephant who needs all of them to gang up, surely, you can't gang up on a weak opponent, so the opinion poles are right mmmmmh.
They will say that RAO will only clinch Nyanza and Western, well we shall see about that, because we know PNU is confined only to central, ODM-K in Mwingi not even Ukambani.
KANU is in Kabarnet gardens, UDM south rift.
This house will cramble as the only national party carries the day. ODM juu, mezeni wembe, let the frogs on kumekucha croak till they burst

Anonymous said...

@anon 2.33
But he STOLE the elections and he was the cause of all the loss of lives and destruction. Muthaura and Ali are ready to spill the beans and Pumbavu is scared.
Has anyone noticed how western Mp's are silent not surrounding themselves with GEMA, even Wamalwa's political vehicle is running on borrowed fuel, the mood in western is ODM, bukusus are seeing the light.
UK and Ruto are now blaming RAO for being on Ocampos list, March 4 beckons and it is making them sweat in the ass, even accounts with looted funds abroad are being closed, nobody wants frozen accounts. The trip will last for between 30 to 50 years, especially now that Ocampo got his hands on a Memo written by Muthaura to Ali, ordering for the slaughter of Luos and the phone intercepts, Henry Kosgei is confused so he can't be vocal for now.
ICC rain drops will drop soon, the security council, lets forget China will only back us for the contracts, they know we shall loose, very clever this Chinese fellows

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:33 AM,

You said:

"Anon 2:05AM, Grow up, we are in 2011 not January 2008. Kibaki being President and Raila being PM is fait acommpli. Done deal. talk of future, don't be stuck in a time warp"

You must be a very thick fellow to forget that the past has consequences on subsequent events - the present and the future. It is not an issue of "growing up or being stuck in the past." It is simply reality.

I, however, do understand your FRAUDULENT and DECEPTIVE (You are cut from the same cloth as Mr pumbavu.) reasons for wanting Anon 2:05 AM to "grow up;" and it is this: You would rather we forget that Mr Pumbavu STOLE his way back to power. It is something that you will not admit publicly but deep within yourself you know it (THE STEALING) to be true.

There is a saying that: YOU SHALL HARVEST (in the present) WHAT YOU PLANTED (in the past). This saying/principle is in EFFECT right now.

Kenyans, like has been said by the first commentator (Anon 2:05 AM), prepare for more theaters of the ABSURD served up by Mr Pumbavu and his cohorts.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Phil writes:

"In other words, rather than hold a rally in Uhuru Park, there are hordes of common inflation-hit wananchi readily available at Machakos airport everyday and the ever scheming Raila,..."



Now, Raila wants to talk to the inflation hit wananchi. Let us recall something we wrote on this blog on 13th May, 2010:

"So by Kibaki, Raila, Kalonzo, Uhuru, Musalia making inflation seem low when it is not in reality, the Wanjiku's wages can be suppressed further down "scientifically." With suppression of Wanjiku's income a mission accomplished, it is time to invite the foreign infestors into this paradise where Hakuna Matata, with their free dollars from the FED into our EPZ's."

Simply, Raila and Kibaki CONSULTED and AGREED to manipulate inflation figures so as to fool the wananchi.

Now, Phil, who was silent then, tells us that, Raila will be addressing the same inflation hit wananchi.

Isn't this special politics?

We added this:

"In the midst of this madness and ECONOMIC GENOCIDE, we are assured that, with the new constitution combined with Vision 2030, we will be a wealthy nation soon. For every reality, there is a fantasy. Let us investigate these claims."

And, further, we PROPHESIED that:

"In introducing economic and social rights all we are saying is that, all should be wealthy for to have a decent house is being wealthy. We have also devolved some funds to the local areas. We are 100% in favour of devolution. But, it must be done in a more thoughtful manner. This calls for two things for sure. Massive TAXATION and DEBT PYRAMID."

What are we reading now:

"The Kenyan Government’s stock of outstanding debt increased by Sh63.1 billion in February this year (2010) to reach Sh723.3 billion as the country struggled with large deficits."


“The cumulative government expenditure on interest and other charges on domestic debt during the same period amounted to Sh37.7 billion..."


Also, we are reading this:

"Efforts by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to speed up tax refunds to businesses could halt following a decision by the Government to reduce the amount of money allocated for the exercise"


And, this:

"Employees in key government agencies will have to dig deeper into their pockets to fund their retirement benefits."


In summary:

(a) Raila and Kibaki had schemed to fool Wanjiku on the levels of inflation. Now, Raila comes as the saviour.

(b) The enactment of the so called new constitution will ONLY lead to DEBT PYRAMID, and

(c) massive taxation.

When all this is going on, all we hear is lete OPIUM and appointments must be CONSTITUTIONAL.

Are we not special people with peculiar habits?

Kisumu Molasses said...

Get this in your heads!


And Yes, you can take that to the Bank!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:56 AM,

Prepare to get serious nightmares because he will become the Prezzo. He was supposed to be the current one but unfortunately it was STOLEN from him by that toad (Kibaki)

Kisumu Molasses said...

Ooops! But Raila can really work up a crowd, bringing this guy down is proving to be a real nightmare. Did I just say that.

The Real Kisumu Molasses said...

Anon 6:33 AM

Just wait for 2012... Raila will be rigged out again.
You thought Kibaki stole the election Ngoja wewe 2012 it WILL be STOLEN properly! This time it will be stolen on day broadlight and Raila Ojinga will do nothing!!!!

NB: How to differentiate the real molasses and the fake one: - The real one is anti-ojinga, the fake is an ODMORON

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:33 AM,

...and the toad is feeling the heat and stress as a consequence of his blatant theft of the elections of 2007. He and his accomplices can run but they can't hide.

Akina Uhuru, Ruto, Ali and Muthaura are in deep shit mainly because of their role in enforcing and maintaining the electoral theft via the Mungiki thugs, a partisan (pro PNU) police and GSU, rapes and crimes against humanity. The past is rapidly catching up with them.

No matter what "tricks" Kibaki tries to use to save their asses from the inevitable fires of Jstice at the Hague, he will not succeed. They must reap what they sowed.

Coming very soon: The assess of Uhuru, Ruto, Ali and Muthaura... ON FIRE!!!(from the very hot fires of Justice at the Hague)

Anonymous said...

Rt. Hon. Eng. Raila Amolo Odinga the PORK, we are behind you 100%. Keep on keeping on, you are on the right side of history and we are prepared to take Opium for you.
You are one K against KkK and we all know that the correct spelling of our country is not KkKenya, it is KENYA.

Anonymous said...

If you look carefully and diligently at Raila’s main opponents in Kenyan politics you will notice that the majority of them have social, political and criminal questions to answer - Moi, Ruto, Jirongo, Amos "Grand Regency theft" Kimunya, Biwott and many, many others.

Given Raila’s well known history of struggle against stupid governance, rampant injustices and impunity in Kenya, which led to his political detention without trial several times, there are those (who have social, political and criminal questions to answer) who fear that if Raila became the president he will take many Kenyans to court because of their previous misdemeanors, and for this they feel they should block his move forward by hook or crook. People like Anon 5:56 AM exemplify this kind of thinking and fear.

There are those who since independence have swindled Kenyans and have amassed inexplicable wealth. Some in this category have their cases still pending in the offices of Kenya’s Anti Corruption Commission, in Nairobi. A prime example is one of Kibaki's current top advisors: William Samoei Ruto.

There are also those whose names feature in the previous assassinations. All these people are damn scared Justice will catch up with them. A prime example is Nicholas Biwott.

Then there is the category of the tribalists, those diehards who intolerably detest people from outside their own community - one very prominent example is John "the rattlesnake/liver juggler/Mr Njoroge the arrow root farmer" Michuki.

They are intolerably selfish, and they are saying that Raila is busy collecting and bringing to the centre riff-raff communities whose place should be at the periphery. This, according to the tribalists, must be stopped.

Finally, there are also those who in Kenya’s previous regimes treated Raila’s father shabbily, despite the critical role which Jaramogi Oginga Odinga played in Kenya’s nationalist movement, and who fear, very wrongly, that Raila is on a revenge mission. The people in this lot are mainly troubled by their guilty consciences.

And yet Raila Odinga has come out very clean since he joined Parliamentary politics in 1992. His appeal and behaviour have been broadly nationalist and pan-Africanist. This has been noticed by ordinary Kenyans in the villages and streets who keep voting him above his opponents in poll-ratings.

I earlier talked about the fears which certain individuals have in case Raila becomes president. As far as I know he has not himself said he would jail or hang anybody. It is only the guilty who are afraid. They need to calm down.

Anonymous said...

The month of March is beckoning and it is a clarion call to Ali, Muthaura, UK and WSR.
My take is that Ali and Muthaura will implicate PORK, Ali for one was not even on talking terms with Michuki who opted for the GSU and AP because Ali apparently could not be trusted.
Brainless bigots like Kisumu Molasses is foaming and croaking from the mouth are panicking and even admitting that RAOs victory was stolen, he knows RAO is so powerful.
Kisumu Molasses bow down to a politician who is greater than you and KKK combined, the next PORK RAO is taking it, continue foaming till you swallow and choke on your own saliva and shit but RAO will be PORK, meza wembe.

Pastoralist said...

Chris Where Are You? Ao Started A Blog For Rao Worshippers. These Senseless Insects Have Now Crawled Out And Invaded Kumekucha. Chris Pleeeeease Come To Our Rescue . U Could Start With Phil And Luke. Btw, Have You Sold Out? Just A Thought!

Anonymous said...

It seems when RAO is bashed it makes some people so happy and excited. But when he is praised they feel like hanging themselves, well RAO tinga is on a roll and cruising past masters of IMPUNITY, perhaps Luke and Chris have read the mood of WE ARE THE PEOPLE

Anonymous said...

anon @7:16 am
raila amollo odinga and the odinga clan is not different form the caln of mubarak. the odingas have used their political connections to enrich themselves at the expense of their poverty, disease and illitracy stricken populations of luo-nyanza. raila amollo odinga and his father's clan have pending criminal activities to answer for, dating back to the 1960s till the present day. the man is a crook and is not as clean as you love to portray him.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine a python in Ukambani swallowing goats, sheep, dogs, cows and even human beings!!! THE PEOPLE ARE TERRiFIED.

It moves to GEMALAND and the same happens!!PEOPLE ARE TERRIFIED

It moves to Kalenjinland and does the same. MORANS ARE TERRIFIED!!!!

It goes to the WALALOLANDS and swallow whole camels andf grown up Wariahs..PEOPLE ARE TERRIFIED!!!

IT goes to Luo Nyanza and everyone is hyptonised..professors, engineers, doctors, judges, kondele drivers, touts even church ministers..THEY ARE NOT TERRIFIED AT ALL..THEY DECLARE THE PYTHON A GOD!!!!!

Oh Dear Me

The land of famous jesters and court poets..


They compose songs of worship for the python..

And pay homage with their land, daughters, factories, luo thrift contributions, mollases factory contributions, mollasses clan land, etc

Anonymous said...

Snap elections will resolve more than the abortive judicial appointments, impending Hague trials, the ongoing realignment of political tribal alliances, and above all, bring to a quick end of the business as usual parliament of Kenya.

Bring them (snap elections) on! Let the dice be rolled! Let the snap elections be held asap! Let the dead woods be ejected out of parliament!

Let fresh faces as well as patriotic vetran politicians who really deserve a second chance to lead their constituents be re-elected in the process.

Majority of the Kenyan population will benefit in the short term as well as long term.

Why waste valuable time avoiding the inevitable by waiting for the general elections in December 2012?

LOL! Everyone of PNU's and ODM's current bigwigs will be forced to face double political jeopardy in one way or another regardless of whether snap elections are held tomorrow or in December of 2012.
Re: 'The Glorified Python' from the waters in the west that are wasted on a daily basis flowing out to the Nile and beyond'.

The creature in question must be the anaconda and not a python which is unaccustomed and unable to swallow everything that crosses its political path.

Anyway, Kenyans are not worried of any mysterious slithering political creatures that claim to mesmerize their ardent worshippers because Wahenga walijua maulimwengu waliposema kwamba, 'kilocho na mwanzo shati kiwe na mwisho.'

There are many ways to stop the anaconda from mesmerizing and swallowing civilians as well as destroying the evolving democracy in Kenya.

As a matter of fact, one of the easiest way is to plant several well sharpened blades in its pathways, in the entrances and quick exits of all known caves and resting holes where the anaconda frequents when its not in the deep waters or shallow marshlands.

The underbelly of such creatures of nature have an expiry date affixed to them by Mother Nature or a series of unfortunate events.

Anonymous said...

"... and in this coming weekend expected to be in Western where ODM bigwigs are expected to troop to town and address a huge political rally at Kakamega's hsitoric Muliro Gardens."

Historic! Historic? What type of historic events did the so called "Garden" contribute to real political change that helped shape the rest of Kenya?

Am all ears and eyes. Someone re-educate me for the better, and with all due respect I can only suspect that the so called rally will be hijacked as usual and morph into "four legs good, two legs bad" type of political gathering of the past. Very will change because political history always repeats itself in that particular region.

I stand to be corrected by the so called powers that be, diehard political supporters and foot soldiers from one of the not so developed regions of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Raila is getting ready for any eventuality including a snap election. Read how he plans to bring Eugene Wamalwa to his flock..

Anonymous said...

Phil of Oloo Oduong jukwaa has the balls to continue his raila worship in Jukwaa?
Kweli hawa wajaluo wako na maneno!!

Tiskie formerly of Jukwaa

Anonymous said...

Raila for President ni ndoto. You will realise that when you awake from your sleep 2012 or before

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of late;

One of the most amazing facts about us luos is the unique meanings, perceptions and interpretations we attribute to everyday occurences. It is an undisputable fact that we are the most superstitious amongst all East African tribes. For most of us luos, nothing happens without ancestral or witchcraft causation. This belief has not only caused us great retardment and backwardness but have assured our shameful position as the laughing stock of all Kenya's tribes.

Unfortunately, it is this mindset which have made us make gods of certain individuals. This would have been no big deal were it not for the fact that these leaders who we have worshipped over the years have never served us but actually used us to aggrandise themselves in the national politics. I have in mind here the odinga family. Us as a people have on numerous occasions risked life and limb and actually bent over backwards to support the senior odinga and of late, his inconsequential son, raila.

I have brought you a long way to make this important point: railaphobic is a creation of us luos and have no bearing, truth or relevance to the present Kenya. If one is in any doubt about this question all you need to ask yourself is: why is it that we have never heard of Moiphobia, Wetangulaphobia, Kalonzophobia or pray Kibakiphobia?

The truth of the matter is that raila is his own biggest nemesis and hinderer. The killing of 1500 in 2007 which was as a direct result of raila's abysmal failure to capture Kenya's presidency will be his long lasting legacy. Is it not instructive that it has since been proved that raila used dead peoples votes and also intimidated voters? It has also to be borne in mind that raila's odm ministers have been the most underperforming in the coalition with even some of them openly fiddling the public purse. The icing on the cake, however, has to be that raila stole money from us in the Kisumu Mollasses Plant. And, by the way, wasn't raila implicated in the maize scandal?
he is not a leader by any stretch of imagination and unfortunately we luos think that his unpopularity is because of some phobia. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Oracle has spoken

Anonymous said...

will SOMEONE please stop falsely imitating the ORACLE please?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.42 Am,

Is one very very old Taabu posing as the Oracle and doing a real poor job while at it. Bure kabisa wewe.

Anonymous said...

Well, even Hitler was on the "right side of history" among his massive, hysterical supporters in Germany. It just depends on *who* is judging "history", no?

Anonymous said...

Nope. You're wrong. Raila is 'safi kama pamba.'Dont ever dare say anything to the contrary! Nutjob.

Anonymous said...

Raila is a MUSOLINI. The Italian fascist was a great socialist and mobiliser in Europe for the proletariat masses. The socialist congress of Vienna was meant to bolster unity and democracy in Europe to pre-empt world war one. Musolini was the chief organiser and speaker.

A great public speaker, persuasive and driving the masses mad with expectations.

But what did his leadership in Italy amount to? A fascist dictatorship.

Raila applies same tricks. Fuck the masses and drive them crazy and pregnant with democracy!!!

Get into power.

Sit on the masses properly. Any one with a different opinion is expelled to political siberia, or liquidated all together.

The fear of a Raila presidency is well founded. Just look at Luo Nyanza politics. What about ODM independents like Omingo Magara,William Ruto or Prof. Larry Ngumbe?

Just read and watch movies of Benito MUSOLINI from the historic channel.

You will be very very afraid.

Pastoralist said...

Elections Will Only Bring New Faces And Nothing Much. Rao Phobics/maniacs Need Not Go For Each Others Throat Even Under "stolen" Elections. Kanu Was Always Accused Of Rigging And We Were ALL go In It. Even Us Cheated One Al Gore. Bring Them On Now Or Then We'll Soon Forget And Move On

Anonymous said...

We (Kenyans) are the ones who are always 'bure kabisa, 24/7, 365.

We fail to realize that a Raila presidency, or Uhuru presidency, or Ruto presidency, or Karua presidency, Balala presidency, or even Kalonzo's 'Kati-Kati aka Kado-Kado aka kwata-kwata' presidency will not grant nor guarantee ordinary Kenyans any semblance of - a) BASIC RIGHTS, b) FREEDOM, c) DIGNITY, e) SAFETY,
and above all, bring about much needed tangible economic development in the villages, locations, divisions, districts, provinces and nationwide.

Sisi Wakenya ni bure kabisa! It's all about our tribe, tribe, tribe, tribe and watu wetu, watu wetu, watu wetu who should be in high places for the sake of tribal symbolism and nothing else in terms of tribal or regional development.

In the end, it all boils down to business as usual, whereby the Kibakis, Railas, Uhurus, Rutos, Kalonzos, their fellow greedy MPigs, their cronies, families, friends, mistresses, close relatives and the politically well connected are the ones who will continue to reap, thrive and plunder the nation's treasury and resources after the 2012 and 2017general elections.

While the rest of all tribes combined continue to remain bure kabisa stricken with abject poverty.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:57 PM
Thank goodness that Al Gore "the Stiff" never took residence in the White House nor owned the Oval office.

The country would have fallen apart in the same way his marriage and family has fallen apart.

LOL! What become of his environmental sermons on global warming?

Why is he missing in action the earth takes its revenge in various corners of the globe?

Anonymous said...

raila kibaki uhuru kalonzo ruto boooooooooooring! does any of these guys put food on any of your tables? No! Infact they are taking away food from your table by their corruption and inciting you against each other. Grow up pubaff nyinyi. Go work and feed your kids instead of getting excited over people who are robbing you day in day out. Do you feel good when you go to bed after arguing over kibakirailauhururutokalonzobullshit? Does your life get more meaning? Do you wake up to find your rent paid? and the school fees? Well, here is some news, the rent of paid for already, their kids are in the best schools at home and abroad, they eat what when they want, go wherever they want whenever they want, anything and everything is already taken care of. By eho? by you the idiots who can't pay the rent or worry about school fees. Look at Kalonzo, his people starve every year but they still vote for him. I mean how stupid is that? Kikuyus are in IDP camps or being shipped to the coast and masailand while Uhuru sits on a fifth of Kenya his father stole and Kibaki plays golf at Muthaiga Country Club, Kalenjins are dirt poor while Ruto flies around in helicopters. They cant even think that all this is theirs, they paid for it to get back services they never got or it was stolen from them. The same applies to all the idiots sitting in cybercaf├ęs spending their last shillings spewing hatred because the people who steal from ALL of us told us to hate each other so that they can continue gang-raping us.

Grow up you idiots, this is a very simple matter. Can't we use our heads? I too was just another kyuk hating on luos until last year, then I saw how stupid all this is. Why should I hate a group of people, most of whom I dont know and I have never met, just because some politician wants to remain in power and continue enjoying his wealth? It was just a click in my head, and I realised the stupidity of it all. I hope one day you all will realise how stupid you are acting.

Anonymous said...

Very glad the lightbulb turned on for one person. Now, I hope you will remain as steadfast in showing the way (like Mwarangethe) despite all the attacks and taunting from our resident zombies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:27 , why did you forget raila? or he is a sacred cow that cnnot be mention? It just show you are another day-dreaming retard! raila is worse than all those you mentioned there combined when comes to developing his own people.
I bet you are blogging from Kibera holding your flying toilet on one hand. Don't worry your god raila is soon coming to kibera to sell mandazis with his pyscho followers. you better open a stall for him. LOL!

Anon 4:27 said...

@ Anon 2/26/11 5:40 AM

I do not care about Raila or any other Kenyan politician. I did forget to mention him when giving EXAMPLES, the keyword being EXAMPLES of how stupid all this is. But since you are obsessed with personalities instead of seeing the larger picture, I will mention him now.

Raila is filthy rich, Nyanza is the poorest region in Kenya, Kibera lies in his constituency, yet all these people wallowing in extreme poverty would always vote for him and the people he want voted in, and they fail to see that it has not changed their lives a wee bit over the years. But they will still fight and hate and do whatever to make him happy, just like all the other bigots in Kenya and on the internet.

There, are you happy now? Do you have more ugali on your table now? Do you see the absurdity of it all? We need strong institutions, people come and go, Kenya is bigger than all of them. Let us get rid of tribalism and think like grown ups. Tribalism does us more harm than good, it will destroy the country if it hasnt done so already. Think about it with a clear head. We should not hate each other and keep insulting each other mchongoano style like kids just because politicians make alliances or break them.

Look, Uhuru and Ruto are suspected to have led their people to massacre each other just 3 years ago. Now they are getting cosy cosy and their millions of fellow tribesmen just wake up one day and love each other! And luos and Kalenjins loved each other 3 years ago and now are at each others' throats! Tomorrow the alliances will change as politicians plot on the best way to get power and wealth for themselves, and millions of kenyan idiots will change their feelings towards each other overnight. How stupid and absurd is that? Can't we see that this obesseion with personalities is not getting us anywhere? and it is infact taking us backwards as a country and will eventually lead to the complete destruction of the country?

It led to PEV 2008, to employimg of mediocre and incompetent civil servants, it hinders the fight against corruption, it hinders investor confidence and many more. For us to develope we need to do away with this monster within us. We will grow as a country, everybody from all tribes will prosper when we do away with tribalism and get competent and clean leaders from any tribe, the best Kenya can offer in all posts and positions wherever they may come from. Otherwise we are continuing to self-destruct and we are seeing it, but some stupid reason makes us continue in that direction.

Can anybody say how he or she has benefitted from having a tribesmate in a position of power?

Anonymous said...

Kaloozer met Mubarak, Gadaffi,Mugambe? for Kenya's case to be deffered

we dont need a snap election

he needs to complete the mission and travel to Jordan,Bharain and UN security council will be all years.

seems Mudavadi is awake

Virtual Economist as 4.57am said...

Our 'virtual economist' prefers to post as anon to bolster his ego Lol

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:11 Am
Mudavadi may be awake but he's nothing more than those huge galapagos tortoise. Little is expected of him because he is a follower and not a leader.

What's the difference between Ghadafi's sons and the sons of Kenyatta, Odinga, Moi, Kibaki, Mudavadi et al?

"I must rule over you or else I will kill you and destroy all of your families and homes in the process. I will defend this country to the last drop of blood. We have plan A, pland B, plan C and plan D. Defend! Defend! Defend! Defend Libya by all means necessary against rebellious hullucinogenic crowds!" - Gaddafi's crazy son.

LOL! Political inheritance gone wild.

Anon 7:07 AM
Regurgitation galore! Boring galore! Why not try some new angle on the same subject or different take for a change.

By the way, is your home village, market, little town, district and province any different from Luo Nyanza?

Don't you have fealthy rich politicians using the dirt poor local residents to sustain their political careers and tribal grandstanding?

From your Blind Resident Zombira.

Anonymous said...

Gbagbo learned and now teacher to PORK. Grapevine has it this is t'he eventual way to go to keep ocampo 3 from hague residency. Bashir will pass on t'he tricks now that he may be free after successful referendum in sudan

Anonymous said...

Did kalonzo trade with kenyan mercenaries for gadaffis support?kweli exporting rattled snakes

Anonymous said...

Never say never! Njenga Karume has outlived Gerishom Kirima, Kihika kimani, Paul Ngei, John Keen, now will he manage to outlive Daniel arap Moi, William Ole Ntimama and Emilio Mwai Kibaki?

Mmmmmmmmmmm! Did I just imagine the death of a previous president and a sitting president? That's treason.

Anonymous said...

Current Young leaders in kenya.wakwanza ni mwizi.kila siku. Kotini.mwingine mornings pombe.jioni bangi.the other one mercenaries in pia huyu kioni.ndaragwa sent him to look for raila in bunge.hii dio kazi yake? Akifungua kanua ni raila saa yte.hii inasaidia watu wa ndaragua?

Anonymous said...

Bloody Libyan Revolution of 2011 Continues.

Gaddafi is probably insane and he's going to last no more than a few weeks, the man has already shown signs of complete denial of reality, while the military's morale has reached an overall low.

Gaddafi may end up like Nicolae Ceausescu, the former Romanian brutal dictator who was executed by the people of Romania. I can't think of a country that will take him in or offer asylum to any of his crazy sons.

BTW, where are the Kenyan elders who met with Africa's self-styled strongman? Did they really believe that Gaddafi would rule Libya forever?

There goes the gravy train for those who didn't take advantage of the meeting with Gaddafi and returned home with generous bundles of cash.

"If my people and the Arab people don't love Gaddafi I don't deserve to live." - Gaddafi.

Anonymous said...

Kweli nyani haoni kundule

Raila ni mwizi he stole Molasses factory, then stole money from the poor purporting to raise funds to purchase the said plant.
To date we have no records of what happened to those funds, that is what is called theft, pure and simple and he shamelessly calls another mwizi

Anonymous said...

Is there any court case ref number for "stolen" molases plant ama ni hearsy tu?

Anonymous said...

Kaloozer will begin to smell the Coffee when the Caffeine has long faded from the system. He should realise that their is no way he can win a ticket in the KkK alliance. Pole sana,state house iko mbali sana and you will never see it, Osavinya Mkamba.

Anonymous said...

Must stupid jaluo's always have things their way.Even a simple football match cannot be left to run for the full 90 minutes because Gor Mahia is on the loosing end..??These people need to style up and start thinking like people who are living in the 21st century.We have seen this barbarism much too often in politics and its time they got it into their bloated egos that in any contest be it in football or politics,there has to be winners and losers...!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Machakos, Ghadaffi

The UN Security Council on Saturday unanimously ordered a travel and assets ban on Muammar Gaddafi's regime and a crimes against humanity investigation into the bloodshed blamed on the strongman.

A unanimous vote by the 15-nation body at a rare Saturday night meeting also called for an immediate arms embargo against Libya, where the UN says more than 1,000 people have been killed in attacks blamed on Gaddafi loyalists.

Bruce Willis said...

Yippe-Kai-ye-Mother-F****r! That is what the Kenyan nation will tell the insolent KKK trio, but i pity the blind kijana mzee hair-glo dying Kaloozer, he is going no where. The other masters of impunity, the hague date beckons kuri kuri

Anonymous said...

Stupid Kikuyus think that they were the only one's born to lead, that is why they steal, murder, rape, plunder, send their prostituting women to whore their flat bottoms to kenyans.
kikuyus should realise that Kenya does not belong to them, pole sana, and yes, their are implants that kikuyu women can use inplace of their flat buttocks and their large waists shit.

Anonymous said...

Te he he heee! Don't forget there equally shapeless pot bellied cow mboy wanabe men who treat women like trash. Kenyan women need strong and muscled men who know how to treat a woman.
This men can only be found in that part of Kenya that all women fantasize about, they play football, rugby, win body building competitions, boxing, are the only true politicians that our country needs REAL MEN, not thieving non performers and i mean non performers everywhere if you know what i mean.

Msichana high class

Anonymous said...

Libyan crisis jeopardises Kibaki-Gaddafi deals

PNU in panick mood as Gadaffi falls.

The Toad has given a lip service to honour the Grand Collission accord as strikes again-Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara wants an inquiry of "PNU bigwigs" involved in the signing of memorandum of understanding on June 6 2007 when President Kibaki led an Kenyan entourage to Gaddafi’s hometown in Sirte leading to the controversial sale of the former Grand Regency Hotel to Libya’s Laico Company.

"The deals need to come out in open so that we can know what to do and the way forward," he said.

The full extent of the alleged involvement of Kenyans in Libya has not been established although diplomatic sources have indicated that at least two retired military officers from the Infantry and Air Force are commanding foreign mercenaries in Libya.

Anonymous said...

Interim Government in Libya today

The centre of the town of Zawiya has been captured by anti-Gaddafi forces, and attempts are being made to form an anti-Gaddafi interim government in the city of Benghazi

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:07 AM:

Very well spoken. Keep up the good work even though it attracts rabid attacks from our regular chemilio-bumpkin-uhuru-ruto junkies.

Anonymous said...

I always had respect for UHURU KENYATTA until the day we saw him lose his cool on live was warm up..a few days later he dropped the bomb!hurling abusive slurs against a certain community.Does he blame this community for his problems whatever they are.Isnt this the perfect recipe for tribal clashes.The hate Uhuru Kenyatta is spewing is not good for this country.The hate Uhuru Kenyatta is spewing is backward and uncultured.He should go ahead and advise Kibaki to sack all Luo's working in Govt cuz they just dont fit into his equation.He should cleanse Kenya of all Luo's and get another tribe that fits his billing since he and his father created Kenya and only Kikuyus and others should live here!These are the people ruling Kenya??The same ones who tell us tujivunie kuwa Wakenya.Nuff sed!

Anonymous said...

Tunisian PM resigns as the people demand a clean break from the older system-Tunisian PM Mohammed Ghannouchi resigns over protests

Tunisian Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi has announced on state TV that he is resigning - a key demand of demonstrators.

He was speaking at a news conference in Tunis, after making a lengthy speech defending his record in government.

Mr Ghannouchi is seen as being too close to former President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, who was toppled in an uprising last month.

Mr Ghannouchi, 69, had served under Mr Ben Ali since 1999.

"After having taken more than one week of thinking, I became convinced, and my family shared my conviction, and decided to resign. It is not fleeing my responsibilities; I have been shouldering my responsibilities since 14 January [when Mr Ben Ali fled]," he said.

"I am not ready to be the person who takes decisions that would end up causing casualties," he added.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2/25/11 7:16 PM couldn't have put it any better. Politics is,and will continue to be, the systematic organization of hatred.
Don't imagine that your hatred of any other person based on their ethnicity will benefit you or your community in any way.

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