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Monday, February 28, 2011

Kenyans In Nairobi Unite,Sing National Anthem At 1pm February 28th

picture accredited to David McKenzie CNN correspondent Africa
(for more details see


Anonymous said...

This is all FAKE. Ati:

"On the 28th February 2011 the world will watch as Kenyans stand UNITED; 1pm, 1 nation, 1 people, 1 anthem, united in 1 prayer for 1 Kenya."

This is all pure Bullshit!!!

The NAKED truth is that we are NOT united. A large number of Kenyans actually prefer the status quo and are filled with intense HATRED towards anyone who may habour any intentions of changing things for the better. Until we change our retrogressive attitudes and ways even God will not help us.

We Kenyans are so divided along ethnic lines in very STUPID and SILLY ways.We a look at everything through ethnic lenses. Very FOOLISH people we are.

Anonymous said...

'virtual economist' sounds pissed off because of our national anthem.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmh! ...This is all pure bullshit!!! And Foolish...., this are words that are only proclaimed by a prominent blogger when he is all raging mad with testosterone, a cry baby like Kaloozer when things do not go his way. No prizes here for guessing who that is.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:06
kweli nyani haoni kundule. you are living proof Kenyans are not united au sio? continue with the online rant won't you,for there is no better example than you to illustrate how divided you are. enjoy

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.06am,
You forgot to use abbreviated references, Lol. The sound of our national anthem resonates well with Kenya Mpya, it is no longer business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:16 AM,

You got it wrong pal. That was not who you think it is. It was just an honest Kenyan who was avoiding the HYPOCRISY and PRETENSE we Kenyans have in huge amounts and telling it as it is.

I shall repeat it again for your benefit:

"The NAKED truth is that we are NOT united. A large number of Kenyans actually prefer the status quo and are filled with intense HATRED towards anyone who may habour any intentions of changing things for the better. Until we change our retrogressive attitudes and ways even God will not help us.

We Kenyans are so divided along ethnic lines in very STUPID and SILLY ways.We a look at everything through ethnic lenses. Very FOOLISH people we are.

You may PRETEND all you want but the unpleasant TRUTH is what I have said above.

It's a good thing I did not use my sirname otherwise some of you over here would have positioned me tribewise and launched vitriolic insults and rants at me centered purely on my tribe. Verry SILLY INDEED. VERY SILLY WE ARE

Anonymous said...

Latest cables leaks aka wikileaks on Kenya:

Anonymous said...

its hard to believe anon4:06 is a WOMAN in Nairobi,and its even harder to believe i know can never really know people truly so said the wise sumerians

Anonymous said...

MERITOCRACY is a much nobler goal to espouse than TRIBALISM. Tribalism does not help you or me any single bit. It is foolish.

Again, if our religious leaders are truly remorseful, which is yet to be seen, given the way I see and hear Cardinal Njue and (is it) Bishop Karanja of the NCCK are doing and saying, they should atone for their huge sins of the 2005 and 2009 referenda and 2007 botched general elections when they played into the hands of divisive tribal and political interests instead of being truthful to their calling.

By their actions, they "helped," unfortunately, to strengthen the kind of negative ethnicity we are witnessing in Kenya today.

They failed Kenyans and failed God.

Anonymous said...

yes we agree that sumerian folk tales and useless paper economy only fooled the sheep.

Anonymous said...

4.42 AM,
Lol, who was 4.16 refering to that has made you come out of the closet? Only in mesopotamia do we hear such.

Anonymous said...

8/10 comments so far are from one person. The one and only ORACLE!

M. Pesa said...

Kenyans are living a lie. A big fat lie made up of fraud and deception. Singing our national anthem may soothe our egos and make us feel good about ourselves for that one minute, but when reality sinks in, we still elect the same thieves, crooks, lairs and cheats because they come from our tribes. Kenyans are their worst enemies! Wake up good people..STOP DREAMING!!!

Kenya army blogspot said...

This is all for PR. Its a pity Kenyans we are so divided.

As we are busy tribal politiking foreigners are busy exploiting us & our resources to make themselves wealthy.

Why cant we all put petty politics aside & concentrate on feeding ourselves first?

Mwarang'ethe said...

"On the 28th February 2011 the world will watch as Kenyans stand UNITED; 1pm, 1 nation, 1 people, 1 anthem, united in 1 prayer for 1 Kenya."


ahahhaha, ehehhehee, DELUSIONS, delusions and more delusions.

We dismiss these useless noises with a simple quote:

"If a nation expects to be IGNORANT and FREE, ... it expects what never was and never will be."

Thomas Jefferson


Truth be told. Kenyans and the rest of humanity (only a few do understand) at this stage in human history are EXTREMELY IGNORANT of:

(a) eternal principles of tyranny, and
(b) eternal principles of LIBERTY.

It is ONLY by STUDYING the above principles, and not singing like a SEA GULL, one can expect to be free.

Otherwise, what is the difference between a Kenyan singing so called anthems and the songs we hear from BIRDS in the morning. For the birds, at least, we can assume they are thanking the Almighty for His blessings to them.

Anyway, endeleeni na hizo ndoto zenu. For us, let us continue enjoying Desmond Dekker singing, Please Don't Bend:

Anonymous said...

WikiLeaks says US favours Uhuru over Raila!


NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 28 - The United States government appears to prefer Uhuru Kenyatta to Raila Odinga as the next President of Kenya after Mwai Kibaki retires, it emerged on Monday.

Diplomatic cables released by whistle blowing website Wikileaks indicate that US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger wrote to his superiors in 2009 saying Mr Kenyatta's ambition should be supported as it could be helpful in pushing the reform process forward.

"Kenyatta may be encouraged to attempt a presidential run due to shifting political dynamics that make potential challengers seem weak. Interestingly, Kenyatta seems to appreciate the need to be seen as pro-reform, and we should encourage him to push for action on key reform issues," the confidential cable by Mr Ranneberger states.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, what a real waste of valuable time and scarce energy that will be invested in verbalizing or rather uttering a song with a tune that is in need of an overdue change?

Construction political change and real patriotic (not tribal) action will go a long way in speaking louder than singing an anthem that no longer means anything to;

the 80% of downtrodden Kenyans,
600,000 IDPs,
slum dwellers,
the landless,
millions of cronically unemployed young adults,
molested infants and children,
over 750,000 victims of daily domestic violence,
victims of weekly sexual violence,
victims of a corrupt judicial system,
victims of road carnage 24/7, Kenyan style,
police brutality as in utumishi kwa wote,
engineered political violence,
cultivated endemic tribal hatred and violence,
millions of victims systemic government corruption 24/7,
victims of abject poverty 24/7-365.
casualities of prevental deseases.
thousands of ostracized Kenyans,
millions of refugees on Kenyan soil,
et al

What became of Eeeeeeh!!!!!!! Muuuuuuuungu nguvu yeeeeeetu?

What about, ileta baraka kwetu?

Let alone, haki iwe ngao na mlinzi!

Forget, natukae na undugu, amani na uhuru.

Try singing raha tupate na ustawi to the over 750,000 Kenyan IDPs who have been left in the cold and neglected by the government, their onw kind and their so called politicians since January of 2008.

The nations of Africa and the world should watch Kenyans stand UNITED; 10am, 1 nation, 1 people, Shoulder to Shoulder in solidarity, marching onto parliament building to GET RID of all the corrupt politicians, EJECT corrupt and lazy civil servants from government ministries, EVICT corrupt business people, and by all means REJECT tribal warlords and the self-appointed tribal representatives (tribal spokespersons aka "stinking-mouth-peices" 24/7, 365.).

Mungu ibariki Afrika
Wabariki viongozi wake
Hekima Umoja na Amani
Hizi ni nguzo zetu
Afrika na watu wake

Ibariki Afrika(x2)

Tubariki watoto wa Afrika.
Mungu ibariki Kenya
Dumisha uhuru na Umoja
Wake kwa Waume na Watoto
Mungu ibariki Kenya na watu wake.

Ibariki Kenya(x2)

Tuwabariki watoto wa Kenya

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:46 AM

Uhuru son of Kenyatta would be seen to be a great reformist if he ever gets the courage, boldness and political b*lls to hive off some of his late father's 50,000 hectors of land and donate some 5000 or even 7000 hectors to some of the IDPs as a compassionate gesture.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe, well stated and i couldn't agree more!

"If a nation expects to be IGNORANT and FREE, ... it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

What is this obsession with Jomo's 50,000 acres of land? Just consider the following: My late father brought up twelve children in a small flat in Nairobi's eastlands. That was in the early sixties and that place was posh. We had running water in the house, electricity, bathroom, kitchen and a private bedroom for the parents.

We attended city council schools and good day secondary schools upto form four.

Some proceeded to university but the others went on to join other professions.

My father worked as a clerk and my mother sold clothes at a local market. Land featured nowhere in our lives. Our upcountry relatives took it over planted coffee and harvest it to this day.

And miserable lives they have with all the land ,coffee, tea and ngombes.

They simply could not afford to educate their children. Many of kinsmen with big shambas are very desperate for kawaida things.

Frankly, land is over valued as a factor of production.

I love the Luo Nyanza folks. They have the right perspective on land.Evev heard of a Luo who bought land say in Voi because he worked there for the railways?

For all i care, Jomo can have 1 million acres as long as they are cultivated and thousands of Kenyans be employed there.

The Kenyan asian does not own a shamba. He eats fresh produce and green maize all the year round. HIS SHOP IS WORTH MORE THAN 30 ACRES!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

the sad thing is that all the anon objectors to singing the national anthem don't even have new ideas to put forward suggesting what can be done to salvage Kenya outside of the usual tribal bigotry/political warmongering/dead economic theorems ala Pythagorus

I say kudos to the middle class Kenyans, they have finally begun to awake out of their stupendous slumber,but they still have a loong way to go, as anon 10:55am points out. Singing alone won't take back the country we all cherish

Anonymous said...

Only in Sumeria did high priests mesmerize sheep with egomastic theories.

Anonymous said...

People are not obsessed with the thousands of hectors that were grabbed by the late Jomo Kenytta (Johnstone Kamua) while so many Kenyans were still gullible and very ignorant (dead asleep) of what was going on behind the political scenes and within the walls of the State House and State Lodges around.

It's Uhuru the man, the politician, the wannabe king of Kiambu, and the son of Jomo Kenyatta (Johnstone Kamau) who is so much obsessed and worried about not leaving a legacy or created a legacy before his due (expiry) date comes knocking in five, ten, twenty to thirty years from 2011.

LOL! 'LEGACY' ("lekasi") is the current political buzzword being uttered at various political rallies around the country in preparation for the electional as usual in December 2012.

Mention one city, town or an estate simialr to Eastlands where the current IDPs can be accommodated or relocated en masse?

And how many times must the public been fed on the same versions of "My late father brought up twelve (six, eight, nine) children in a small flat in Nairobi's Eastlands" or "Jericho, Shuri Moyo, Jerusalem, Outer Ring, Buru Buru"?

And "he worked hard as a clerk" in BAT, EAI, KBL, KTDA, KTSC, ICDC, CBK, NCC, Embakasi International Airport, Ministry of ..., UoN, KPL, KCMB etc.

Some proceeding to university and others went on to join other professions.

Must we emblish other people's experiences in this day and age of the Internet? Where is originality in narrating "The Dreams of My Father" or "The Dream of Ny Children" or "The Nightmares of My Father's Lost Land" or "In Memory of My Father's Survival Skills in Kenya of the Sixties" or "My Father's Hyena relatives"?

Raila Amollo son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga is no different from the Uhuru Kenytta son of Jomo Kenyatta (Johnstone Kamau), he is also obsessed with wanting to fulfill his father's unfinished business of establishing a presidential legacy in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

If land is very overrated, then why did so many Kenyans lose their lives so that "Muzungu Arudi Ulaya, Mwafrika Apate Uhuru (na Kumiliki Aridhi)"?

IMHO, it's the addiction of wanting to always imitate lower-middle class Europeans ways and wanting to be 'little europeans' that is highly overrated since the 1900s.

Am confident that we can still be who we are and at the same time devolp ourselves, our people, our regions, our country and our whole continent in the process.

Anonymous said...

The ordinary Kenyan man and woman have no problem with their neighbours. The engineered social problems, political tensions and ethnic conflicts begin when the ordinary people are incited by tribal warlords, tribal chiefs, and electioneering tribal mafia and their goons (guns for hire).

In the Name of Forgiveness
by Kenyacitizentv

Newton Mbugua - Victim, PEV - is a man who has embarked upon the risky and delicate path of forgiveness and reconciliation with his neighbours, tormentors and attackers with murderous intent.

Newton Mbugua was born, raised and educated in the Eldoret area, and he has decided to return to his child home against all odds since the PEV.

He is very fluent in the local dialect, while his 80 something year old mother moved into the Eldoret area in 1942, before the end of WWII and years before Kenya's independce, December 12, 1963.

NB: It's people like Newton Mbugua and countless others that I would have loved to see Kenyans unite, sing and rally around their course of real reconciliation with their former neighbours and a guaranteed safe return to their homelands and way of life as they once they knew it before the PEV - PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE.

May longterm peaceful coexistence prevail among Kenyans from different walks of life and all over country.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:29 PM
The purpose of a national anthem is not intended for fleeting moments like 1pm February 28th, but to cultivate positive human uqalities such as tolerance, generosity, love, peace and national cohesion. Believe it or not, it all begins in our hearts, minds, homes and communities of origin. Period.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mwarang'ethe said...

Am confident that we can still be who we are and at the same time devolp ourselves, our people, our regions, our country and our whole continent in the process.

2/28/11 3:33 PM


objectors to singing the national anthem don't even have new ideas to put forward suggesting what can be done to salvage Kenya outside of the usual tribal bigotry/political warmongering/dead economic theorems ala Pythagorus


No amount of EMOTIONAL outbursts and PLEAS will save Africans in the 21st Century.

Sample this:

We are hearing that:

NATO is negotiating the opening of a liaison office at AU headquarters and that the North Atlantic Alliance’s legal department is working with its AU counterpart “to finalise the new pact, which will be signed soon.

And, this:

the US military is in the process of repositioning its forces in the area around Libya "to be able to provide flexibility and options."

More so, it appears that the USS Enterprise which was previously on its way to the Straits of Hormuz has made a 180 and has now backtracked completely through the Red Sea and is now once again north of the Suez, where it has joined the big deck amphibious warfare ship Kearsarge.

and finally, from the FT, we are reading this: "West moves military assets around Libya."


As usual, the SHEEP are being told all this is meant to defend the Libyans from their dictator.

However, those who can recall what we wrote in April, 2010 on this blog, cannot fail to see that, we were/are reading "news" in advance.

We wrote this:

"The Coming "Dark Age" and the Africans Fate." Among other stuff, we noted that:

"... it is the disorganised nations like Kenya/Africans nations which will bear the greatest burden of the forthcoming energy crisis."

We added this:

"Now, we know that, almost all of us have been led to believe that, if only we remove this leader, if only we use aid well, if only we are less corrupt, if we have a new constitution, Kenyan will march on to become a rich nation by 2030.

We deny all this as MADNESS. We even go further and assert that, things will not get better, they will get worse. In other words, expect more corruption, crime, disorder and general decay and perhaps total state collapse."


How such a well planned disaster can be averted by singing national anthem is beyond some of us. Anyway, wewe endeleeni na hiyo ujinga wenu.

For us, let us continue enjoying the Real Situation @

Anonymous said...

If Uhuru became the president of Kenya:

1)Alcoholism would increase ten times
2) Laziness would pay
3) Corruption would be legalized in Kenya
4)All Mungikis would be become the APs
5) Tribalism would be worse than during Kibaki, Moi and Kenyatta regimes put together

6)Assasination would be the order of the day.
7)Gatundu would be totally neglected.
8)Mombasa would be the focal point for vacation. Good to the Coastal people.

Anonymous said...

More Wikileaks!

Wikileaks claim Prime Minister Raila Odinga attempted to suspend former Agriculture Minister William Ruto to divert attention from his familys involvement in the Sh2 billion maize scam. Secret cables sent by US Ambassador, Michael Ranneberger, to Washington and now released by WikiLeaks allege Raila wanted to create confusion when he said he was suspending Ruto and Education Minister Sam Ongeri. It claims Raila wanted public debate to focus on the two, and not his familys role in the scandal. Ranneberger also gives an unflattering assessment of the PM, whom he says is increasingly being perceived as "unable or unwilling to govern effectively and move forward the reform agenda".

Anonymous said...

Great to see Kenyans in Nairobi united in singing the national anthem for reasons better known to them. I hope they will not forget to up the ante when more pressing issues arise in the nation's distant future.

On the other hand, there are reasons why I always love KUMEKUCHA's predictions and its way of dealings with some topics that are never dealt with by our local papers and what have you.

Talking of political topics and comments that would definitely be deleted for fear of repercussions

Case in point:

Wednesday, February 04,2009
The United States of Gaddafi.
Why the King of kings must lay off the pipe.

... I'm yet to figure out what type of books Colonel Muammar Gaddafi read in his early years in Libya but clearly his dream of a United States of Africa must emanate from a spectacular fairy tale.

... I hear he was banging his head on the table in defeat. Now, I'm neither a medical doctor nor a psychiatrist but I advice him to contine banging his head until he wakes up from the nightmare.

... This is what I say. A unified Africa is a great idea touted by the wrong person and at the wrong time.

If Gaddafi really sees a possibility here, he should invest his money in unifying communities within his country first.

Charity begins at home


Thursday, July 02, 2009
"GADDAFI Expands Ego, Ropes in Fellow Rulers" - By TAABU

- sovereingty must be a battle cry for scoundrels. So are African rulers consorting on continental impunity under the able tutelage of Leader Muammar Gaddafi?

Gaddafi must be laughing himself silly for congregating dinosaurs abd dictators whose only common denominator is pure IMPUNITY


The rest is now history in the making.

Thanks KALAMRI and TAABU for your revolutionary contributions way way way back before things started falling apart in neighbouring North Africa.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wikileaks on UHURU

"According to the classified information by ambassador Michael Ranneberger, although Uhuru’s wealth is the inheritance from his father’s corruption, the Kenyatta family still holds a special status in central Kenya. The cables add that his liabilities are at least as important as his strengths.

"He DRINKS TOO MUCH AND IS NOT A HARD WORKER (though he surprised everyone by the acuity of the budget, which reportedly resulted from some tough work over long hours)," claims the envoy.

The reports further allege that Uhuru has been linked to the outlawed Mungiki sect.

Well, He needs to go to Hague on this count alone
"The reason that Kenyatta is assumed to be on the Waki Commission list of suspected perpetrators of post-election violence is his fund-raising to support Mungiki violent actions against the Kalenjin during post-election violence," adds the reports.

Anonymous said...

how about that, our very own 'virtual economist' has a doomsday / end of times diary? Well the sheep are saying blaaaaah!!!

Anonymous said...

Just who is mwarangethe? I once baptized you 'The virtual economist' and now i must introduce to the world 'the cyber prophet' keep it up!

Anonymous said...

(Laughing) @ 'cyber prophet' that's something akin to Mr. Smith in the matrix.

Anonymous said...

Wikileaks uncut, unedited right here!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:36 am and committed company of blue, yellow, and green gadflies have perfected the art of buzzing around every comment that emanates on Kumekucha under the ID, Mwarang'ethe.

Well, if you are the anonymous one who claims to have once baptized Mwarang'ethe as 'The vitual economist' or 'cyber prophet', then I now declare you and your diehard gang of virual friends as gadflies and at the same time christen you as 'The virtual enzi' that has desperately tried but failed to sidetrack, belittle, torment, harass and silence Mwarang'ethe.

When will you and your so called company of intelligentsia ever rebuttal Mwarang'ethe's comments with substance instead of the usual one liners laced with projected sneaky attacks?

When will people ever learn to shoot through the message without ever targeting the messenger 24/7?

Just asking!

"If a nation expects to be IGNORANT and FREE ... it expects what never was and never will be." - Thomas Jefferson.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Wikeleaks is a CIA SELF EXPOSURE operation.

Why would they do this?

To CONDITION the SHEEP to support the forthcoming NEO - IMPERIAL agenda, i.e. coming NEO - FEUDALISM.

No wonder, von Goethe once observed:

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Sample this.

1. As we have "crisis" in the Middle East, the price of oil goes up. This means more demand for the USELESS DOLLAR PAPERS.

Isn't this genius at work?

2. When Gaddafi took power, because he was fiercely "anti - communism," the US thwarted THREE SERIOUS plots against his rule in his forst two years.

Isn't that special?

3. We also know this. Gaddafi, used ex CIA guys like Edwin Wilson to supply him with aircraft and pilots, mechanics and Green Belt instructors, all manner of sophisticated weaponry, explosives as well as setting paramilitary training camps in Libya.

4. In the East of Libya, where democractic MOBS (which UK will soon arm OPENLY) have taken over, the flag of the Libyan Monarch overthrown by Gaddafi is going up. This Monarch, as one would expect, lives in the UK.

Where are the main oil sites? Will Libya be CUT into pieces?

5. Sometimes back, Egypt included Sudan. It was CUT into Egypt and Sudan.

Now, Sudan has been CUT into two pieces.

Where does much of the oil in Sudan fall?

Who was arming the SPLA? And, for what reason?

By the way, are there people in Coast calling for the Coast strip (the port) to be CUT from Kenyan mainland?

The GREAT GAME is back with a vengeance.

Unfortunately, for the DELUDED facebook, twitter generation, which has been fed BULLSHIT by CNN, BBC, DN, STATE SCHOOLS, etc, they have no idea what is going on.

Anyway, let us keep on enjoying Alpha Blondy's Super Power @

Anonymous said...

@anon 2.51 Am

And the sheep will continue to say Blaaaaah!!!!

Anonymous said...

The wikileaks revelations are so fun. Pooh to the power elite! More power to Julian Assange.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you;
What did Mwarang'the do to you?
Day in-day out you spend all your time here chasing shadows.
I feel sorry for you(:

Anonymous said...

Kibaki on Raila and Ruto

Raila told the ambassador that he was ready to meet Kibaki "without preconditions" and Kibaki reluctantly agreed.

"However the President made it clear that he has certain bottom lines and that he is deeply sceptical that Odinga will ever agree to anything 'reasonable'. Kibaki said 'I cannot have Odinga in the government. It is impossible to work with him. Some of his Penelope could come into government, but not him, and not Ruto'."

Kibaki blamed Eldoret North MP William Ruto for the continuing violence in the Rift Valley and said, "Odinga must help restore normalcy" - although Kibaki said he did not blame Raila personally for the violence.

Ranneberger also met Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka who supported the idea of a meeting between Raila and Kibaki although he believed that "Odinga should remain outside of government as leader of opposition in Parliament".

Ranneberger therefore concluded that a meeting between Kibaki, Raila and Kofi Annan was viable when the former UN Secretary General arrived on January 22.

A cable on January 22 said that Uganda President "Museveni's preferred outcome was a power-sharing arrangement" as he was "apparently in agreement with our argument that the actual vote in Kenya was a virtual draw".

Kisumu Molasses said...

Raila's presidency is only a dream.
Luos can be doctors, lawyers, Engineers, Professors, academics...etc, but President NEVER! Leave that to Kikuyus, Kambas, Kalenjins, etc etc!

Anonymous said...

My my my. Musyoka is a grass.

"I don't if it's drugs that they are giving him (Kibaki) but he sleeping on the job" Says Musyoki. Born again my foot!

And Michuki wanted to assassinate RAO. These leaks are hot

Anonymous said...

am an okuyo who will not vote uk-the sob shud stop smoking weed

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.51 am
I baptize u, 'virtual sheep', carry the name with honour, may ur saddist cum guardian 'virtual economist' lead u like Elisha

Anonymous said...

We are meant to believe that this blog is international, that is why it cuts across from Kenya to the diaspora with thousands of viewers and followers. Having said that, are we supposed to agree to the terms of arrogant mwarang'ethe with his skewed opions. This dude loathes the Oracle with a passion, and is like PNU stalwarts who blame anything and everything under the sun on Raila, Oracle prefers to take him on without using anons. Mwarang'ethe be a man or woman or hermaphrodite and stop using anons to fight your battles.
Mwarang'ethe Please supply concrete evidence that can be proven without reasonable doubt and preferably in a court of law of your choice this theories that you pass on here.

Anonymous said...

Why wait for wikileaks ro whatever leaks when one very respected national figure is credited as having stated the following in August of 2002.

The man is an impossible individual to colaborate with. Believe me, it's very difficult to work with Raila Odinga as an equal, or even as a trusted comrade at the grassroots level, in any regional endeavours, within inner party circles, and the more difficult it is to do so on a national level, unless a person becomes subservient and subordinates, acquiesces, and defers to him at all times.

Those working or comporating with him or within any of his many political camps must be very careful not to cross his so called 'strict line of odedience' and not to dare oppose his legions of trusted advisors, lest they fail the never ending test of his version of loyality.

As a matter of fact, a person can never belong or be included in Raila's inner council of political advisors as well as the tight knit group of close friends if they don't share the same ethnic background and speak same language. Of course the same can be said of Daniel arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki, Wamalwa Kijana, Uhuru Kenytta, and the rest of them.

Don't get me wrong, it's always very difficult working with him because, he always has meetings before a meeting, committees within a committee, and only seeks advisory counsel from yes-men who are always very afraid of being dismissed, ostracized, demoted or relegated from Raila's premier entrourage cast of politicians, wannabe future leaders, and leaugue of hangers-on.

Raila Amollo son of Odinga knows only one version of politics and one side only; that of being a perpetual rebel, rabble rouser, harbinger of chaos, maverick, limelight seeker, underhanded person, a politician who will sacrifice his foot soldiers at the drop of a dime (hat), an individual who would rather see Kenya burn ashes than for him to miss living in the colonial edifice ('Static House'), a politician who has became so seasoned in using ethnic alliances and tribal leaders to achieve his political blueprint, and a man who will do anything, and I mean anything to walk from under the ever constant, oppressive, glaring and at times suffocating shadow of his father's political achievements, and monumental revolutionary episodes.

The only way Raila Amollo Odinga can be of use to the nation and his people, is by remaining a perpetual opposition leader as long as he continues to engage in national politics and keep the other leading politicians and their political alliances on either their toes or guessing every which way he is going to arise against their agendas.

Otherwise, the man has abysmally failed to identify, select, recruit and nurture the crop of political leaders from his region and around country, out of fear that they will gang up on him or rebel against his stronghold on political affairs and egde him out in the process.

He is a man who thrives on crisis and has survived because of having become a master of popularity contests rather than reconstruction of the nation and much needed inter-ethnic reconciliation.

... As far as am concerned, Daniel arap Moi's Kanu project, namely Uhuru Kenyatta, is not different due to the obvious fact, an apple, in our case, a mango does not fall far from the mango treet that has nurtured it ever since it was a tiny speck in the pod.

... I don't want to comment on pople like William Ruto, Jirongo and their so called compatriots. These are individuals who have been hired-guns, political mercenaries who were recruited to destablize the nation and at the same time derail the political careers of people who were seen as the enemies of the state and KANU.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:48 AM
When did you last take a very good look into the mirror of your inner life? I real hate to remind you in simple terms that charity begins at home. Heal thyself before calling upon others to do so in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:48 aka Oracle,

You need first to proof without reasonable doubt and preferably in a court of law that Mwarang'the post here using anon.

I AM the one who fight for Mwarangethe using anons. Stop chasing shadows!

Anonymous said...

Luka, mbona umenikatakata na kinichanjachanja hivyo bila sababu ya mimi kukosa nidham kwa yale yote nilichapisha hapo awali?

Tafadhali, nakuomba upunguze shughuli za fagio lenye mpini wa chuma kwa asimilia thalathini, igawaje mimi si mkazi rasmi wa Kumekucha.

Gadfly said...

Honestly, i am not 'the oracle.' my comments are always short and snappy. 'virtual economist' and 'cyber prophet' were coined out of more respect than sarcasm and in jest, a little humour on the blog, didnt mean to start a little 'battle of anons.' i even complement the being when he/she makes some sense to me 'keep it up' 'your reasoning is sound' so no hate intended here! Blog on!

Anonymous said...

However the President made it clear that he has certain bottom lines and that he is deeply sceptical that Odinga will ever agree to anything 'reasonable'. Kibaki said 'I cannot have Odinga in the government. It is impossible to work with him. Some of his Penelope could come into government, but not him, and not Ruto'."

So the PNU's new mr Fix it was never wanted in gova by Kifake? So how did he end up there? I know RAO fought for him. The eye you treat will look at you badly in deed!

And how about the violence that PNU hardliners want RAO to go to ICC for?

Kibaki blamed Eldoret North MP William Ruto for the continuing violence in the Rift Valley and said, "Odinga must help restore normalcy" - although Kibaki said he did not blame Raila personally for the violence.

The last line is instrumental. Kifake don't think RAO is not personally responsible.

So PNU haters give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.48 spot on, let us be supplied with concrete evidence that can lay away any fears that this are just falsehoods. The CIA once convinced the world that UFOs existed, we have mwarang'ethe who owns a cosmetics factory to mint some top dollar and at the same time rant about how useless paper money is. Nyani kweli haoni kundule

Anonymous said...

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has resigned due to plagiarism, a habit that we often see here on kumekucha eh hehe ehe

Oracles disciple said...

Can the 'cyber prophet' provide proof beyong reasonable doubt? I DOUBT!! He can take that to the sumerian bank. *Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh!* hawezi make, this rants about Oracle *mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh!* I prefer making one liners or two or three, but being used to malign Oracles name *mmmmmmmmmh!* I only wonder what the Kumekucha heavy hitter or master of word manipulation a.k.a Oracle can say about all this *mmmmmmmmmmh!*
Yippe-kai-ye-Mother f (jaza pengo).
Either we blog on or resort to village mentality type of reasoning. Can Luka or phil, Taabu or Chris post something new, mwarang'ethe can also post.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarang'ethe Please supply concrete evidence that can be proven without reasonable doubt and preferably in a court of law of your choice this theories that you pass on here.

3/2/11 7:48 AM


We have no problems with that. As concerns Libya, we hear our "friends" who call themselves "development partners" are now crying very loud kama mafisi, telling us that, Gaddafi is killing his people.

Fine, but, who armed this man who has all of sudden has become mad?

And, did they arm him so he can become a good hunter of foxes as aristocracts do for lack of anything worthwhile to do? Even when they try something, they CUT and PASTE and do not cite the source/s.

Read it here and if you want, you can take that to the ICC, that Kangaroo court. After all, if you sell weapons to a mad man, are you not part of the crime?

"EU arms exports to Libya: who armed Gaddafi?"


mmmmmm, selling weapons to so as to siphon the oil money from Libyans.

Now, they tell us, they are supporting the people of Libya? And, SHEEP believe these BULLSHIT.

Now, they are arming the new WAR LORDS, or, revolutionaries as we are told by the BBC so as to continue selling instruments of murder in exchange for oil.

Kweli, fools die for lack of wisdom for as they cry like fisi, they are moving to take over Libyan Sovereign Funds which the foolish Gaddafi has put in the West.

Do you remember the saga of the Czar's gold that was "lost" after his overthrow in 1917.

And, who FUNDED the "Revolutionaries" like Lenin? The WALL STREET.

Yes, you read it right, the "CAPITALISTS" of WALL STREET, funded "COMMUNISM" which the world spent over 60 years "fighting."

Isn't this a special world for the OLIGARCHY?

Woe unto thee, for it is written in the Book of Joshua 9:23:

"... You will never cease to serve as woodcutters and water carriers for the house of my God."

Anyway, let us continue enjoying Hebrew Slaves by Verdi@

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:45 AM
That's why I admire those folks for their consistency when it comes to matters of acdemia, intellectual honesty and people earning their PhDs through the right channels.

Plagiarist Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg should have known better in this day and age of constant electronic surveillance, fact finding techniques, comparative analysis, simple anti-plagiarism programs out there, and above the ever wondering eyes of his envious political competitors, opponents and sworn enemies who were waiting in the shadows in order to capitalize on any personal or political mistakes that he makes in one way or another along the way.

Remember the Kenyan religious leader, (can't remember the name of the pastor, minister or padre) who was forced to quit office in Geneva as well as his worldwide leadeship role because of his doctorate that was issued by a non accredited institution in the United States of America?

Some members of his regional fellowship cried wolf, and termed his forced exit as political victimization and racist. While the real issue was strictly related to presenting/uttering false documents to the worldwide religious community that his was affiliated with.

Ever wonder how many fake PhDs are still being issued or used out there, especially those that were not rightly earned but procured by way of plagiarism.

There is a current case that is still under review in our region, where a guy photocopied a whole PhD dissertation from Pedagogical University (Universidade Pedaogica)in Maputo, Mozambique, had it translated in American English and later copied and pasted the whole enchilada as his own doctoral body of work in 1993.

All he did was change the title and the name on the dissertation, but he got caught in November of 2010, a portion of it was used by an unsuspecting editor in one of the international journals.

Anonymous said...

i dont really care about plagiarism--at least not the way western folks obsess about it. the stealing of ideas, not only words, but actual ideas can hardly be captured under plagiarism rules. dont ever tell a mzungu antyhing--he will listen keenly and the next thing you will see is an article written re everything you told them, only your name wont be on it, neither will you be acknowledged. they are such thieves and you have no recourse.

Mwarangethe is right about the western muzungus chattering away about being with the people of Libya, yet they are a huge part of the problem. what's funny thouhg is that Marangteh is always quoting and citing the same muzungus, mostly dead, male ones.

Anonymous said...

don't ever tell a mzungu anything that's of value to you, or else you will be left hanging high and dry.

Goes without saying how traditional knowledge about present day medicines such as Sildenafil, Vardenafil, and Tadalafil was literally stollen and sold to pharmaceutical manufacturers in the west.

Same goes for the Milk Thistle, Starfruit (carambola), Pygeum, Balsam Apple (cacana), Red Spinach, Eucalyptus leaves and oil, etc.

Our African folks will run their mouths non stop just to impress the mzungu guest, colleague, expatriate, reseacher, missionary, or tourist within their vicinity.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia is his name, and the institution in question is the now defunct Fairfax University, Louisiana, USA.

The information about the PhD in Religious Studies was used to blindsight Samuel Kobia and other supportive members within the WCC's central committee in last minute political efforts to derail Kobia's chances of seeking a second term as the general secretary of the World Council of Churches.

Dirty religious politics often find a foothold in many church organizations around the globe, and power hungry people will do just anything to get even or get rid of their opponents for whatever unchristian reasons known to them.

Anonymous said...

Aiiii! this post is now stale 100% of bloggers here can't even sing the 3 stanzas of the national anthem.
can we move on to a new post, what happened to creativity? Chris must have abandoned ship and is busy somewhere looking for money either in mombasa or TZ. No wonder he was looking for business ideas. Shacks!

Anonymous said...

Kaloozer rattles the Kikuyus

-Kalonzo wanted Kibaki out of 2007 poll race
- Diplomatic cables have claimed that he sought the US to prevail upon President Kibaki not to run for a second term on health grounds -
"Musyoka seriously suggested that President Bush should call Kibaki to urge him to step aside," reads the cable sent by Mr Ranneberger to his superiors in Washington.
-The cable says the ODM-K aspirant "offered nothing concrete, instead focusing on a litany of complaints about Kibaki and the other main presidential aspirant, Raila Odinga (ODM)".
-Mr Musyoka also believed that an Odinga presidency would be a "revolution" in that it would lead to accelerated reforms including action against corruption and improved standards of living.

Anonymous said...

Mr Musyoka also believed that an Odinga presidency would be a "revolution" in that it would lead to accelerated reforms including action against corruption and improved standards of living in Kenya.
This simple factual statement has made me look up. So Kalonzo Musyoka does NOT want Kenyans better living?

SO the people of Ukambani (and Kenya) should know who their man is . Anti development. Wow. These Wikileaks are good.

Kalonzo was all along a spoiler and ready for spoils as VP.

The cable unflatteringly refers to Mr Musyoka as "opportunist interested primarily in advancing his political ambitions" despite projecting himself as a born again Christian.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, wikileaks--very deserving of a nobel prize.
And why were all these loosers prattling away to raneberger? you've got to give it to the americans--they know how to get information out of people!

Anonymous said...

Where is Chris?

Chris where are you at?

I know the age has catched up with you, but come back and revive this blog. Alternatively if your brains has really gone into remission, then coach your son to take over.
It is VERY boring here.

Anonymous said...

Some Africans never cease to amaze. Talk of the duke of plagiarism and prince of folklore embellishment.

A wannabe village sage hears of an old tale, or a version of a local story that has made it's rounds in the days when so many folks were either still in primary, secondary high school, or college, then the wannabe wise-dude sticks out his/her village neck with the claim that, "Oh, oh, I am the sole author, the originator, the primary source, the expert and the only bonafide storyteller of the tale in question."

Phew!!!! "Pwana you should acknowledge the source of the story otherwise WE (we as in who?) thought you are the author".

How so? Talking of real authorship or one simple narration of several versions that have made their rounds for the last four decades?

Copy and paste. galore!

Anonymous said...

'duke of plagiarism' eh ehe hehe LMAO!! and 'prince of folklore embelishment' bwa haha haaaaa! Such name tags will be met with a familiar response, BULLSHIT!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Did someone touch a raw nerve? Anway, the BULL is very much welcomed, but keep the SHIRT and leave it on your back as you have always done in the past six decades. Thanks.

E-cop said...

Anon 7.37 am is one very very old Taabu Methusellah. Use your handle instead of balaclava anons. The duke of plagiarism still deserves accolades or knighthood for making copy and paste seamless.

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