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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kibaki Backs Down,Next Constitutional Deadlock Please

President Kibaki finally put his house in order.Well,Kenyans are far ahead of their leaders and were not fooled by Tuesday's cleverly crafted press conference and stage managed photo op disguised as smart give and take politics.Make no mistake,H.E.had painted himself into a corner that left no option but to beat a hasty retreat in order to save his face from an inevitable egg plastering.Just imagine the combined embarrassment of swallowing pie in public with the inevitable rulings from the constitutional court favouring the same verdict as Parliament, AG Wako, CJ and High Court.What would he have done then?We may find out come the next inevitable constitutional deadlock thanks to his cabal of advisors, PNU allies and ODM rebel MPs

Phony Advisors
What a shame to his close croonie advisors? This cartel of stubborn elderly elitist never miss an opportunity to try and introduce primitive style old leadership schemes and gimmicks through the back door. Once again their bad decision has cost PORK humiliation in the just concluded nominations row.Throw PNU allies and ODM rebel MPs into the mix and the picture slowly starts to emerges of a posse out to advance their selfish causes with the singular result of constantly undressing the emperor leaving him naked. Well, after December 2007 and August 2010 Kenya will never be the same again and it is no longer business as usual.Kenya is now anchored on a NEW CONSTITUTION and no amount of political TANTRUMS will derail our determined march towards realizing a truly united and prosperous country.

Let TRUE leadership lead from the front and by example;the 2 principals the Prime Minister and the duly elected must be alone so that BOTH may take charge of not just the nominations process but the entire remainder of implementing the new constitution.The national expectation now is that our leaders will stop politiking and listen to the nation's pulse by allowing only the Prime Minister and President to read from the same script so that the current scenario of constitutional deadlocks will not keep repeating itself.Parliament and the house speaker should not be required to keep on adjudicating political stalemates between the 2 principals while Kenyans continue to be robbed of their peace and subjected to permanent tensions.God bless Kenya


Anonymous said...

I find a feather just as important as a diamond. It is all about perceived value.

That said, I would like to add, "wise general always withdraws for a later attack".

Raila and his ODM cohorts may be quick to celebrate their short lived victory, but their knack of over underestimating Kibaki will come to bite them all where it hurts most in due time.

I can't wait for 2012 and find out how many Kenyans will vote for Raila's ODM candidates, and how many regions will dish out their votes for Raila's presidency besides Nyanza and Western.

Raila is no different from Kibaki, he's just as a diehard political tribalist like Kibaki, and far much worse.

Why should Kenyans be forced to endure another double jeopardy with a new list of characters like Oballa for AG, Owino for CJ, Omondi for CoB, Ojwang for PP, Apondi for CGS?

Anonymous said...

In memory of a young Kenyan who committed suicide in 2002 after having been abused by a priest in Philadelphia. RIP.

[Philadelphia grand jury declares open season on pedophile priests.

The Catholic church is scrambling to continue "the works of Jesus Christ" and to make his name "known and loved."

When it comes to the Catholic Church, however, "loved" takes aon different meanings, especially when it comes to the thousands of children its hypocritical priests have sexually abused, some of which were driven to suicide, with others tormented for a lifetime with memories of the horror perpetrated on them by these "representatives of Christ on earth."

As it turns out, the criminal justice system is determined to make things right.

They are determined to do what the Vatican has failed to do and that is to jail the WHITE COLLARED destroyers of innocent young lives

Anonymous said...

Just note that whenever you mention the word, new constitution it instantly makes some bloggers here on Kumekucha to foam in the mouth calling it interesting names like delusions, similar to the political water melons and masters of impunity who are out to derail it.

Anonymous said...

Stop petty politicking, the JSC Ranked Judge R. Omollo as the most senior, so why wasn't he given the position of CJ? Or was his only sin be that he belonged to the Luo tribe? Justice Kihara has been boasting to all who cared to listen that he will be CJ for the last 1year, well shock on him.
Yeah, let us wait for 2012 and we shall see which regions will vote for Raila, we only hope you won't have nightmares when you see the outcome of the people.

Anonymous said...


Raila is far much worse? Tribal wise, are you kidding, which country do you live in. Plus calling Kibaki's move a tactical retreat, my foot. You would have been here spewing viral about luos and Rao had Kibaki had his way (impunity) which you support just because the tribal clog in your eyes can't see beyond Rao.
Kibaki raised the white flag, plain and simple, he even had to pre-empt Rao's speech to save face. We know that even after raising the white flag the old toad is still up to no good, but come 2012 we shall see who will have the last laugh. Meza wembe till your throat hurts, ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Am neither odm nor pnu (neither kikuyu nor luo) but i think raila should allow kibaki to appoint his AG. It is just common sense. Who here would want his advocate to oppose him in court!!!

One K said...

It is no secret what the official language in State House, state law office, PSC, Treasury, Transport, AP and other installations is. Thank the almighty that Kenya Army does not speak that language and the other 41 Tribes, we support only one K, Kenya.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I wouldn't want to be opposed should Rao haul me to court nor the hague when he takes over in 2012

Anonymous said...

Luke, you put it so well:

"What a shame to Mr Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's close croonie advisors!

This cartel of stubborn elderly elitist - plus their younger versions such as Amos "Grand Regency Theft" Kimunya - never miss an opportunity to try and introduce primitive style old leadership schemes and gimmicks through the back door.

Once again their bad decision has cost Mr Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki humiliation in the just concluded nominations row.

Throw PNU allies and ODM rebel MPs into the mix and the picture slowly starts to emerges of a posse out to advance their selfish causes with the singular result of constantly undressing the emperor leaving him naked - as his tribesmen and women insist that he is immaculately dressed.

The theater of the absurd continues: William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta and Francis "Matharau" Muthaura are now Mr Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's current advisors. This is a GIGANTIC FARCE of spectacular proportions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.39pm

Am not a christian but I can defend a headmaster who wants creationism taught in a biology class. That is what advocacy means. Kibaki as head of state and government is entitled to have his case presented in court by his advocate, amos wako. Wako should show some professionalism even as he panders to regional politics. I meet many people who complain of kikuyu tribalism (which is there) but I have always found the people of western kenya (luhyias and luos) to have an excessively tribal and regional outlook. Kikuyus are tribalistic but what lesson can we give them if we are worse.

Anonymous said...

There are people in this country who are looking for Protection. They know they have done something wrong. Their number increases every year.

Some were in Kanu under oppresive Kenyatta and Moi regimes, where land, lives and money were lost. Some were in Narc where billions were stolen in numerous scandals. Some stole elections and used the state power to kill demonstrators. They even met thugs in the state house and gave them orders.

These people are very sensitive. They dont want democracy, prosperity and freedom. They want dictatorship. Road-side nominations, murder, scandals are there instruments.

It doesn't surprise Kenyans that these people under the umbrella of PNU nominated figures who are already their lawyers to be Kenya's next CJ, AG, etc.

Thanks to the few office holders in Kenya who want this country to develop, we have managed to reject the ill intentions of these people. Kudos to PM, Speaker, AG, Women's Group, etc.

You can see now how they are reacting. Threats, intimidation (and at last murder and assasinations will follow) are their instruments. Now they want to punish the AG, Ababu, Speaker, etc for saying the truth.

How long will Kenyans tolerate thuggery within their ruling class? We have lost brillant Kenyans. Remember Ouko, JM, Mboya,Pinto, etc. Some of them just critized the Big Boys and paid with their dear lives.

How long are we going to witness the acts of these criminals. Remember today it is this tribe, tomorrow it will be your tribe and even you as a victim. Say NO to PNU tyranny today.

Anonymous said...

Annon 11:34 PM,

That nonsense of 41 verses 1 belongs to the dustbin of history which after 2008 will never be restored to the table of civilized Kenyans.

Even by your warped reasoning, all those offices are not staffed by Kikuyus just like the PM's Office is not staffed by Luos (from messengers upwards). Unless there has been mass firing of the Kalenjin cadre in the civil service there is absolutely no way, Kikuyus replaced them without effecting a mass firing. We are too fond of using scenarios that fits us at a particular time.

Why, for example, are Raila advisors only Luo - Karoli Omondi, Miguna Miguna et al? KIbaki and Raila are no different. In fact they belong to the same tribe of election thieves, public funds plunderers and only care about their relatives. The rest of us belong to the Kumbaff and Nyef Nyef tribe.

Anonymous said...

To be in the good books of luos all you need is to be on the same side with raila. karua, mutula, wako and others have been called all sorts of names in the past for being on kibaki's side. Today they are heroes for being on raila's side.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:40 AM,

I agree with you 100%.

Yesterday the Nation newspaper reported that it was Ruto & Uhuru (part of the OCAMPO 6)who were some of the main "drivers" of this "retreat."

My fear, and that of many Kenyans like you, is that this was just a tactical retreat and that the same FRAUDULENT INTENTIONS that caused Mr Pumbavu's insistence on the nominations are still alive and kicking waiting to STRIKE again.

You also asked: "How long are we going to witness the acts of these criminals." Unfortunately IMPUNITY still reigns supreme. Plus again, the vast majority of the members of the Mt Kenya communities are solidly in support of Mr Pumbavu's FRAUDULENT/DECEPTIVE actions and intentions - and Mr Pumbavu knows this very well and it consequently EMBOLDENS him to engage in more MISCHIEF.

Prepare Yourselves for more drama and unnecessary tension as the STATUS QUO does all that it can to maintain itself - with the strong and active support of the members of the Mt Kenya communities.

Anonymous said...

@12:22 AM
Well put! As they say "mkia ni myama" and Raila and company will take the best portions in 2012 in the same way they did in 2007, then leave the Luihiya wannabe political elite to fight over the left over oxtail pieces.


Some of these misinformed and unfortunate people don't have the nerve neither the courage to politically and economically stand on their own regional feet.

Or even dream of standing apart from Raila and his Nyanza legions, let alone even oppose them out of principles of democracy and patriotism.

With the exception of those from the Bungoma region, the rest have never stood up for anything since the 1900s, 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

They will still not dare stand up for anything or against anything except lend their blind loyal support for Raila and his henchmen in opposition to the "enemy tribe", so long as they get their little share of mkia ni nyama given to only one man, Musalia Mudavadi, at the end of the day.

And whoever said "There is no difference between nyani in Jamuhuru and nyani in Ughaibuni, different forests same old nyani who are so addicted to celebrating the political downfall, personal misfortunes, setbacks, failures, and death of their own kind."

While poverty, underdevelopment, illiteracy, sub-tribalism, clannishness, self loathing and inferiority complex, lack of vision and backwardness galore continue to thrive as a regional industry besides Sunday religion and traditional funeral partying.

Let the defenders of their ways put it as it is, let them spew what it is that they have to spew, but only one condition; let it be done with heads on their shoulders and not as the usual headless chicken trying to defend their regional, tribal, sub-tribal and clannish wasted coops.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:98 PM
the onus is on raila amollo odinga come 2012. the united front of kenya's Youth, minus the kibera hooligans, will give him a ran for his money and cause him sleepless nights if he doesn't change his political ways and become an inclusive president. kenyan youth are sick of kibaki as a president, they are also sick of raila as a prime minister, and they will not tolerate the same in the post 2012 era. if radical political change is not realized after 2012, then majimboism will be the only way forward for kenya. call it, balkanization if you will, only then will some tribal warlords, ethnic political leaders, diehard tribal supporters and extremist tribal elements be put and confined where they belong for the remainder of their lives.

Anonymous said...

You can find out on how they had planned the whole episode on

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