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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fear of O+O+O

Kumekucha Regular Readers Reactions to President Kibaki's Fear of O+O+O

Anon: What a shame! Pumbavu. Must the West urge first in order for common-sense things to happen. Did these lots go to school. Cant they read the laws first and do chest pumping later?

Anon: At last the President of Impunity has understood what the EU, OBAMA and ANNAN have told him.
When Tinga hinted to him and his PNU criminals that he acted unconstitutionally, he refused to understand.
Marende, even the smily AG, the Women, civil society told him. Now he has understood.
But his criminal tactics are not yet over. He might try to corrupt or threaten the PSC to recruit only people from one community as he has always done (CBK,Airport,Police, Army, GSU,AP----They are ALL from ONE community).
Let's remind this old man that there is a new Katiba, which he must follow.
Agwambo, please help Kenya to become a democracy. The country is for all Kenyans and not for Kanu thieves, Youth92, Mt Kenya. Remain tough. We are following your steps

Anon: The Phone calls from White House and 10 Downing street always seem to work wonders

Anon: When a statement like that made by Kifaki comes while surrounded by masters of impunity there is always a hidden card under the table, the Butcher of Kiambu was all smiles and Kalooze who seems not to know the meaning of KKK (Kuondoa Kalonzo Kabisa or Kalonzo Kwenda Kwenyu)was strategically placed for the cameras to see that he is VP ha ha

Anon: Thanks! Rao PORK! For making that old toad toe the mwananchi line. The frogs on KK can continue to croak as loud as they want but that will not stop the nation from moving forward, and yes Uhuru the nation cannot move forward until RAO as PORK says so.

Anon: I think kibaki has done the right thing. Country must be put first. Kenyans have won round one against the click that were holding the president hostage. Reading in between the line I think Kibaki may have been advised that the court WAS going to rule against him and as a clever politician he choose the option that gave him some leverage. God bless kenya

Anon: Ha ha haaaaa! Rt. Hon. Raila PORK has gotten the last laugh. Yeah Rao haters bring it on, yeah you read that right bring it on. Mezeni wembe

Anon:Kibaki has withdrawn the list...finally he has read the mood on the ground. Or is it uncle Koffi..!!

Anon:I hope Chemilio is closely watching and following events in Libya. He better be real SCARED!!!

Anon:Kibaki and his PNU thugs want to protect the murderers, rapists, thieves and mungiki friends. Why nominate CJ, AG, State Prosecutor who are already working closely with the Hague SIX?

Kenyans have no interest in protecting them. These people dont need Kenyans. They have already stolen enough Kenyan money. They are free to spend it in the Hague. But Kenyans dont want to finance their AG, CJ,Prosecutor, etc. Kibaki dont interfere with getting new candidates through competative means. Let LSK or other bodies advertise as per NEW constitution.

Anon:UK can't believe that TIME is running out for him, Ocampos noose is tightening by the day and that is why he is hyper ventilating. Snap elections, selecting your own judiciary still won't get you to state house silly. He just needs to stick to his amarula drink and wait for indictments.

Anon:We are all very tribal lets just accept that and learn to live with it.What sheer coincidence makes all Luo Nyanza mps side with Raila on any confict he has with Kibaki and what sheer coincidence makes all Kikuyu mps support Kibaki on any conflict he has with Raila.Look at the staffing in their respective offices,Kibaki hires mostly kikuyus/merus.Raila hires luos.And we the ordinary Kenyans stand on the sidelines cheering them,reserving our loudest cheers to the protagonists depending on where we were born....ata masomo haisaiidii,we will still view things from the tribal perspective....!!

Anon:True, if politics was to be based on the size of members then your brethren would carry the day. But come back to reality, since time immemorial Kikuyus have outsmarted luos in politics. Whereas Luos are the real Cassanovas. Call it truce guys.

Anon:Instead of HYPERuentilating about tribal affiliations and we all Belong to One Lets Consider A Change of BOTH mindset and leadership Maybe We Try Ole K And Peter K for starters My take.

Anon:his is a personal observation. Kenya needs leaders. We need true leaders like yesterday. The current crop of leaders are useless. They think of nothing other than themselves!Kibaki and his advisors have goofed bad. They are out of place. But that is for another day.
I want to comment on what I saw on youtube clip of PNU operatives. Guys, if Uhuru Kenyatta were to be a president of Kenya, then we would be in a serious situation!!! That man should never be elected anything.
Why am I so hush to UK? Because he can't hand pressure! I observed him buckle under pressure at a press conference! Instead calmly telling us what Marende had done wrong, he choose to be annoyed and angry. He spit his dummy out for no apparent reason. Whatever error Marende had made, UK as a potential president, he should have been methodological and calm in explaining the errors. Not in anger! An angry Commanderin Chief is a murderer of the nation! What happens if he is annoyed and gives orders to his subjects? What orders is he capable of giving in anger?
How about his supporters? Uhuru Kenyatta's behaviour can easily incite his supporters to violence or destruction of property.
I had thought of him as a leader. From that clip alone. Me think his temperament is not good of a leader at State House. He belongs home in Gatundu. His anger can't run even a kiosk.

Anon:The Uncertainties That Are Being Brought Into Play Now Are The Same Ones That Were Used In 2006 And 2007 And Were Used To Fuel The Pev. It Is Time Our Mpigs On Both Sides Toned Down And Handled The Constitution Implementation With A Somber Mind. Btw, Every Kenyan Voter You And Me Included Can Only Vote In One Booth. Lets Quit The Tribal This And That And Study The Candidates Very Carefully. Good Ones Are Those Who Accept To Lose Honorably Keep Peace And Contest. Next Time. Long Live Kenya.

Anon:I think we're heading for another 'nusu mkate' deal in 2012/13. It's the *only* way RAO will have chance. Between now and then we will see a lot of ethnically targeted moves and statements (pretty much like the 41vs 1 or now 41v3, or KKK bull shit) i.e. what RAO does best. We will also see him dispatching his kibera thugs to uproot railways, terrorise people, generally cause disruptions in Nairobi. RAO is incapable of civilized politics, even more so now that he's lost the RV, coast including the central that he never had. He's a cornered beast that wants to be president. Still. Expect the worst.You can take this to the bank.

Anon:Where does RAO think he'll get the numbers come 2012? By having his rivals face the Hague and attempting to paralyse the Judiciary by Insisting on Justice Omolo, he's burning bridges with everyone and come 2012 he'll be left with the likes of Marendes and Weakleaf who can't even give him votes. Just as Moi said, "Anajikaranga na mafuta yake mwenyewe". I predict a second round between Kalonzo and RAO and Kalonzo will sweep Eastern, Central, Rift Valley and Coast.

Anon:We prefer home made mano -a- mano Kenyan political fist fight that is going on with Marendes declaration.
This Raila man is very very powerful, he controls ICC, UN security council, civil society, media, Kenyan Judiciary,wako and Gicheru if we are to believe the PaNUa guys. What happened to national reconciliation and healing? Or that is the preserve of the KKK. Marendes ruling has left RAO haters smarting, because they view it as victory for RAO

Anon:Marende will have to act cj, ag, dpp and cob like he did with lgb. If the two leaders dont agree the posts will never be filled since marende will only accept a letter signed by both. We copied the US system but has anyone ever heard of a US president advertising posts before nominating people and forwarding the names to the senate. The Ag under the new constitution is just someone working for the president and can be sacked anytime. How can you say you want to tell the president who he should choose as legal advisor of his administration. Makes no sense. I know there is the consultation bit but no one really knows what it means. At the end of the day the prsident has to nominate some one.

Anon:This man Raila seems to be very powerful, if there is a traffic snurl up balme it on him, drought Rairaaaa. Remember as Kwendo Opanga had said, the brigade seems hell bent on soiling Raila through propaganda. I belong to eastern part of the country and for once I can honestly say that Rao has my support. Is all this noise meant to scuttle the implementation of the constitution?, shield the Ocampo 6?, return the country back to anarchy and blame it on Rairaaaaaa

Anon:I wonder how powerful this man Raila is. If he can influence Ocampo's list (forgetting that it is Waki who came up with the original list), influenced parliament to reject the local tribunal and recommend the Hague (the same people now denouncing the Hague), influence Kenyans to vote for the new constitution that ended impunity and now influence the speaker's ruling, (it is even said that when you differ with your wife you blame it on him) then yes, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, the country cannot move without him saying so.
Just asking, what is so wrong with a citizen (if a foreigner did, you'd cry sovereignty) standing up and saying something is wrong?
How can Kalonzo who claims to be a lawyer (does anyone know of any person Kalonzo or his law firm has ever represented in court?) stand and tell us that we can't question directions from the president?
For all of you out there, you may have your reasons for not like him - believe me I also have my reasons - but let us follow the law and constitution, not blanketly blaming him even when he is 'doing the right thing'.

Anon: Eh! Na BADO! This is one Furu Furu Conditiiiiiion!!! The "political echoes" of Marendes ruling continue to reverberate.
The trappings and rituals of the good old days continue, the DPM has challenged the PM to a duel on the floor of the house, mind you no ancient "machu-picchu" vitendawili kind of politics but good old dirty money no-holds-barred "siasa ya kumalizana" brazen duel.
How dare Marende over-rule PORK! Heck! His Oath of allegiance kitu gani, didn't he hear Mr. Kati-Kati equate PORK! To a village paramount chief who should not be questioned.
Bw. Marende will now know why the coat of arms bears those two lions, and he better be told that those are not rained on cats.
Now what does Marende expect the Mtarajiwa CJ to do, go back and arbitrate on those boring cattle rustling court cases and what of Prof.Githu,to go back to the classroom and chock on chalk-dust?, for heavens sake he has been at it for the last twenty years!!
Martin Luther once said that morality cannot be legislated. As the VP goes MIA we watch on the sidelines as Marende continues to "Emu-haya".
The Oracle has Spoken

Anon:“Despite Mwai Kibaki’s stated commitment to operate a meritocracy with regard to the diversity of Kenya, his appointments to the most sensitive and crucial offices have been biased towards members of a kikuyu oligarchy” These are words by Maina Kiai & Paul Muite, in an article titled “ Challenging the Kikuyu Oligarchy” in April 2009.
Almost two years later, does that statement sound true? While I don’t intend to castigate anyone (actually in the above quote you can substitute the words ‘Mwai Kibaki & Kikuyu’ with Raila Odinga & Luo, to get the same result) I think Kibaki might leave behind a more divided Kenya that Moi did. Sadly his main partner in coalition is no different. When I look at many other 'self declared presidential contenders' I can't help but agree with one Mwarangethe that 2012 is just another 'opiun taking' year.

Anon:Kenyans are very bright individuals come 2012 they will vote for what is justice anyone thinking that they can buy votes let them try, Kenyans won't refuse the stolen money handed out, after-all it is stolen money belonging to the Kenyan tax payers,they will enjoy it but vote differently, Kenyans are aware many of the politicians in office now do not belong there, a clean sweep of is in order come 2012


Anonymous said...


This blog has gone to the dogs!
Have you run-out of ideas to write here that you have to copy and paste previous comments?
Bure kabisa!!!

Anonymous said...

i came to this blog hoping for an objective analysis of todays events. What i have read is horrifying, tribal and cheap to the core!!!

Consider the following facts gathered from the parliamentary proceedings which were broadcast live. it was Raila who convinced Kibaki to avoid advertising the jobs and instead go for nominations. When he failed to get his choice of chief justice, he jumped ship and started to cry foul.

The press, in which all news editors and editorial directors are Luos pick Railas cue, simply echoing his cry baby message. I have checked to my horror that this is a factual statement. Editorial policy and headlines in all newspapers and all television stations are manned by Luos.

Public opinion is shaped in favour of Raila and it is game shot!!!


Luckily, Railas support in parliament has fallen to a bare 54 members of parliament. A Prime Minister who loses parliamentary support is very very vulnurable. Raila will fall so hard he will not know e
what hit him.!!

KIbaki is 100 miles ahead of him. Raila has won the battle but lost the war.


Mwarang'ethe said...


This blog has gone to the dogs!
Have you run-out of ideas to write here that you have to copy and paste previous comments?
Bure kabisa!!!


So many believed that, with a new katiba, a new Kenya was born. Just look for the blog Chris did on the day this new katiba came into being. He was crying in joy. On our part, we were trying to tell him and other Kenyans, it was a delusion.

This being the case, you can imagine the sense of disappointment and anger when they understand it was another MASS DELUSION. So, please understand the situation.

Anyway, what we can observe is this. At this stage of human history, we have two warring passions:

(a) The passion of the masses to be LED, and

(b) the desire to be FREE.

Unwilling and it seems unable to make a choice between these two passions, we combine in vain, the centralization of Caesar and popular sovereignty/OPIUM TAKING.

We wish many could adopt the attitude of Bob Marley as he expressed it very well here.

Forget about the herb and all else, just listen to what he says about self governing and not bowing to so called governments:

Anonymous said...

Milie Will Not Die Without Letting The World Know How She Died The Pm Almost Got Killed At The Coast By Manlukis From Israel Luke Has Fully Converted This Blog Into Another Jukwaa, A Propaganda Tool For Odmorons. How Far Down Do We Kenyans Want To Sink In Mediocrity Before We Can Be Objective?

Anonymous said...

Ahaa 'virtual economist' tell us, free us, educate us, save us. But keep it real will you, Pessimism never made a scholar.Europeans are hanging a copy and paste government minister out in the sun, avoid it will you.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.57
If only you knew the term or meaning of the word objective. It is there for all too see, Nation and Royal Media groups are dorminated by Kikuyus, and yet they are the largest media houses and we are not complaining, i.e if you wan't us to sink and view things as per your tribal lens.

Your king is naked, does it pain you so much that RAO was right and the masses stunned PNU with Marendes rulings popularity. Lets be objective and devoid of Luo this and Kikuyu that and stick to objectivity.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for this ICC debacle. Will PNU warm up to RAO now that uhuru knows who call shots? Will uhuru avoid alcohol and bangi and sober up and stop banging tables

Anonymous said...

What are kenyans celebrating? Having to pay more money for some people to get jobs. Raila says PSC should be helped by experts to pick DPP and COB. This is a waste of money because at the end of the day the guys to fill these posts will be nominated by the president in consultation with the prime minister. Of course parliamentary approval is required. For CJ, if we use article 166, then JSC recommendation is binding on the president. But how do you deal with the schedule which says CJ is to be noiminated by the president in consultation with the prime minister.

The president's and premier's advisors had read the law corectly. Gicheru, wako, mutula, karua and other lawyers are only engaged in pure populism. They have misled the public that the law was being broken. Raila's reaction is understandable because he seems not to have made any input in the actual names. If he had, I dont think anyone would be listening to the NGO types. Indeed the crux of marende's ruling was that he will only deal with names forwaded by the two so called principals.

Bottom line: we are going to spend a lot of money on issues which will eventually end where they are today ie decision by raila and kibaki. This is so unless pnu are able to remove marende and elect a more friendly speaker.

Anonymous said...

KENYA is greater than any indivindual or groups of indivinduals. Kikuyu indivinduals are busy starting banks, universities, breweries, insurance companies etc while Raila is busy leading a whole population of Kenya beyond Kericho into blind hero worship antics!!!

Cant you see the tragedy. Priorities are so wrong that ODM can only translate to Ooo Dear Me.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 12.09

From your comments you sound almost euphoric, with a skewed mind set only betrays where you come from and your political leanings. This are the delusions that Mwarang'ethe keeps ranting about, Take it away armchair economist.

Anonymous said...

The only man missing in that picture is Moi!!! Otherwise its a KANU delegates meeting!!! Anyway what the press did not tell you is that Kibaki withdrew his nominees just minutes before Raila's scheduled press conference because he got wind that the Prime minister was going to announce his resignation and a pullout from the coalition.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Ahaa 'virtual economist' tell us, free us, educate us, save us. But keep it real will you, Pessimism never made a scholar


You are right. To be a "scholar" these days, one must be an intellectual HARLOT of the petty tyrants. In other words, BREAD FED SCHOLAR.

Thats why we read this sometimes back:

"A think tank bringing together scholars, lawyers and political scientists is behind President Kibaki's new push for the draft constitution ahead of his retirement in 2012."

and, then this:

"Also working behind the scenes, with President Kibaki are senior State House officials, intelligence officers and top civil servants who by virtue of their offices have to advise the President on pertinent issues."


Here, you see the INTELLECTUAL HARLOTS like prof. Kibwana, Prof Peter Kagwanja, Dr Stephen Njiru, Prof Nick Wanjohi, Prof Nyong'o, Prof Wanyande etc form a common bond with the COURT JESTERS/FOOLS to deliver you a wonderful constitution.

There we are. The so called modern scholar, is nothing, but, a recreation of the Pythagorean Brothershood, the OLIGARCHIC CONSPIRACY which was routed at Croton in 510 B.C.

And, what role did these scholars play? Simply, to support OLIGARCHIC states like Sparta in opposition to "democractic" states like Athens. Same, same old story.

In other words, as Bob would say:

They are trying to belittle our
integrity, saying what we know is just what they teach us. And we're so ignorant 'cause every time they can reach us through political strategy

Well, what we know is not what they tell us, we're not ignorant.


Anonymous said...

We wish it was as simple as arm chair swiveling law opinions based on what you least understand. The Mafia can never be underestimated in their evil plot. My crystal ball tells me that the naked king is out to no good.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that alignment of KkK, on the photo caption, notice the middle k, this operation KKK (Kung'oa Kalonzo Kabisa) ahem is about to play out. And we all know how the errand boy will behave when he sniffs the plot, he indeed is bwana kati kati even in captions ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Luos are the most undemocratic people in Kenya!
How come we only have one political party in the whole of Luo Nyanza?
Even among the nomadic tribes of Northern Kenya you will find different political parties side by side.
I feel sorry for Jaruos.

Anonymous said...

KENYA is greater than any indivindual or groups of indivinduals. Kikuyu indivinduals are busy starting banks, universities, breweries, insurance companies etc while Raila is busy leading a whole population of Kenya beyond Kericho into blind hero worship antics!!!

Cant you see the tragedy. Priorities are so wrong that ODM can only translate to Ooo Dear Me.


which Kikuyu are you talking about?- be correctered and say century company and we know the owners who have now gone on to own Equity bank,Housing Finance,shell,safaricom,rift valley railways etc

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmh so mwarang'ethe is the 'virtual economist' i keep reading about on kumekucha, he has an old mind though, mmmmh probably a guy in his early fifties who had a traumatising childhood, but all the same as boring as our politicians and equally boring lecturers, but all the same trying his best to herd people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.28am
Yesterdays announcement must have really put a big lump on your throat. Meza wembe so that you can ventilate, tribal bigots like yourself can only come from one region that thinks its either there way or the highway and we all know where that is.

Anonymous said...

The KANU brigade is regrouping but the King of vitendawili shafted them this time, really sorry to say this but Kenya will be a better place once we get rid of the Kikuyu presidency, i'd rather eat bull shit, horse shit, camel shit or Emilios shit than vote in another Kikuyu.

Anonymous said...

You Kenyans truly amaze me
Look around you, all over the continent your fellow brothers are uniting to fight their oppresors the "presidents for life" and other type of oppressive dictatorial rulers

Yet here you are busy killing each other over tribes while allowing your own politicians to do all the real hard work for you.You will be the last country in Africa to be liberated from your current leadership

Kisumu Molasses said...

I have to admit that bondo bumpkin has made Kifaki eat dirt, woi that jaruo is giving us problems

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing rumors of assinations, Israelis, bondo bumpkin and so on. Quite puzzling indeed. Why would anyone do this when the ballot box will surely do it in 2012?!? The writing is on the wall. Or perhaps the rumors are part of the plot to create chaos in Kenya---get the flying-toilet, haki yetu brigade to do the same old, same old. The usual see-through strategy of the violent bumpkin. Sigh.
As for Millie--what the heck is that? She belongs in the loony bin. Poor her!

Anonymous said...

Raila Rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

The GEMA brigade are capable of anything, remember when the mercenary story was brought people dismissed it, then emerged the Artur brothers and who are they shagging? The daughter of PORK, so as RAO meets the Israeli ambassador, there must be something cooking, with able murderers like Michuki aka Kimeendero, and Uhuru aka Butcher of Kiambu we just dont trust them.
So Milly has a point, they threaten the speaker who has shown them the middle finger and they try shut up the vocal Milly, we Kenyans are watching closely.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:28
Luos have no capacity for individual thought,they continously exhibit what is commonly known as the sheep mentality:-when the lead sheep jumps if it sees an obstacle in its path,the following sheep even if they number thousands will very dutifuly jump at the same spot long after the obstacle has been removed..Hio ndio tabia ya wajaluo...!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.28am and 10.03am is one and the same person trying to be very crafty, what a tribal bigot. Blanket condemnation of a whole community due to bitterness that one feels. I belong to a minority community but it is obvious who are behind all the impunity, shuttle diplomacy and murderous schemes.

Anonymous said...

A country with so many intelligent people and a promising future like Kenya must stop bad governance.

Even if people from one tribe builds factories, breweries, universities, banks, etc with stolen money Kenya will not develope and there will be no social peace. These thieves are building a tower on a volcanic hill.

The best thing for Kenya now is to strengthen our instituitions, introduce democracy,practise fairness in employing state officers, discard tribalism and do away with slyness and greed in our country. Let's stop supporting criminals. We dont want to experience Revolution as in N. Africa.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki is aware that only Rao can do for Kenya.
Leave those young men who wake up to Alcohol and Bangi

If I were PNU,which am not,but Kibaki is and seeing far, I would warm up to RAO.Why?
-Kifaki was the C-I-C when kenya burned.As Muthaura said,the bucks stops at higher authority-not on advisors. Ali is of the same view.
-UN security council and ICC are likely to listen when ther is a "whole gava"view as to whether deferral of ICC case is to happen.
we must see Kifaki's latest move in this light- he played the PNU/Ruto axis-to safe his skin!He let them think they "advised"him to climb down.Wapi?
Kifaki cares for nobody and the latest, which RAO knows is that Kifaki must guard his skin.
He is not bothered whether UK or Ruto burns.
What a turn of events?
lets watch the game,but whatever happens, RAO carries the day.Kifaki is a caged animal.Both knows it.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha is the loony bin in the web, where tribal bigots come to ventilate there hatred for each other, whereas jukwaa is currently leading with political heavyweight comments with sobriety. Wake up Kumekucha even the blog moderator is missing in action.

Anonymous said...

raila kibaki uhuru kalonzo ruto boooooooooooring! does any of these guys put food on any of your tables? No! Infact they are taking away food from your table by their corruption and inciting you against each other. Grow up pubaff nyinyi. Go work and feed your kids instead of getting excited over people who are robbing you day in day out. Do you feel good when you go to bed after arguing over kibakirailauhururutokalonzobullshit? Does your life get more meaning? Do you wake up to find your rent paid? and the school fees? Well, here is some news, the rent of paid for already, their kids are in the best schools at home and abroad, they eat what when they want, go wherever they want whenever they want, anything and everything is already taken care of. By eho? by you the idiots who can't pay the rent or worry about school fees. Look at Kalonzo, his people starve every year but they still vote for him. I mean how stupid is that? Kikuyus are in IDP camps or being shipped to the coast and masailand while Uhuru sits on a fifth of Kenya his father stole and Kibaki plays golf at Muthaiga Country Club, Kalenjins are dirt poor while Ruto flies around in helicopters. They cant even think that all this is theirs, they paid for it to get back services they never got or it was stolen from them. The same applies to all the idiots sitting in cybercaf├ęs spending their last shillings spewing hatred because the people who steal from ALL of us told us to hate each other so that they can continue gang-raping us.

Grow up you idiots, this is a very simple matter. Can't we use our heads? I too was just another kyuk hating on luos until last year, then I saw how stupid all this is. Why should I hate a group of people, most of whom I dont know and I have never met, just because some politician wants to remain in power and continue enjoying his wealth? It was just a click in my head, and I realised the stupidity of it all. I hope one day you all will realise how stupid you are acting.

Anonymous said...

At least one person has seen the light

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