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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reactions From Bold Speaker's Marende's Intelligent Ruling

Anonymous Anonymous said...

KIBAKI is a MUGUMO TREE, A FENCE SITTER, AN OPPOTUNIST who has never fought for the good of Kenya.

Today Marende to told him point blank that he is corrupt and unconstitutional. He is the chief of impunity and Grand corruption in Kenya. The folk will go out soon and show him the door.

The north wind will soon reach Kenya.

Anonymous The Oracle has spoken said...

Haya basi, better leave the "interpretation" of what is or not constitutional to our duly "elected" political "choir masters", we only sing the "interpretation hymns" that they recite to us.... Shauri yako you have been warned!! Didn't Kiraitu say "we have the numbers, who can stop us......

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If outgoing CJ Gicheru and AG Wako told their soon to be former boss that your actions were unconstitutional the old Toad in his usual hear no evil kept mum. Well Speaker Marende has spoken and it was indeed loud enough for the whole nation to hear. What next for the PNU brigade, vote of no confidence on Marende, talk of wishful thinking.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch Out.
This man called MARENDE is a patriot.
This man is the best for Kenya. God bless him, God bless Kenya, God bring democracy into this DARK tribal nation guided by leaders of impunity.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Constitution is not for Raila, Kibaki or Ruto.
Let's force these people to follow the right and sincer process. No interest attached to any name.
Advertise the jobs, shorlist the names by respective professional bodies, forward names to Raila and Kibaki, forward chosen names to Marende, take it to Parliament, END. If not take process back to the origin.
Dont nominate friends of Raila, dont take lawyers of Ruto, dont settle on advisors of Uhuru, dont be afraid to choose political enemies of Ruto.
We want transparency and not tribalism, impunity, side-road nominations. Kibaki, Raila, Ruto, Uhuru are not Kenya.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Raila went around preaching the gospel of 41 versus 1, he introduced the hyper version of tribalism we are witnessing today. He continues to feed this monster by insisting that only if Riaga Omollo, a fellow Luo, is made Chief Justice is there going to be peace. Remember the refrain, "No Raila, No Peace" and the atrocities committed by its singers?
Kenyans, beware of Thug Raila! He has been associated with violence since August 1982 and he doesn't seem willing to quit on his own. Only you, the Magestic People of Kenya, can retire his bloodthirstiness once and for all in 2012 elections.

Anonymous DM-Nairobi said...

Forgive me for being pessimistic but....thanks in a big way to Kibaki, Kenyans have become too tribalistic to unite and overthrow their corrupt ruling elites. The first thing we shall be looking out for and openly asking come the 28th February is:
"From what tribe are the fellows who are making this call to a nationwide strike?" So that we can compartmentalise them neatly into our petty political/tribal outfits.
Tragic because a Tunisia/Egypt like revolution is not likely to happen in Kenya say for another generation.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not Luo,Kalenjin,Kamba,nor am I a Kikuyu. The new constitution makes it impossible for any future president to twist it to his favour. Thats why Kibaki wants to have 'his' people now for the future is very certain. NO IMPUNITY. Since both sides of the coalition are not agreeing, then let Kibaki withdraw the names, allow a competitive process, then get the best from right constitutional process. Otherwise blindly voting for 'PNU' nominees is very risky

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raila is sabotaging our national institutions and undermining the growth of local manpower. He has been insisting that we outsource Chief Justice to a white person from the Commonwealth. Also, his insistence that PEV perpetrators be tried in Hague is deliberately aimed at weakening our judicial system even as we try to revamp it under the new katiba.

This man has no faith in Kenyans and yet he (as a Kenyan) thinks he is qualified to be president. If a Kenyan can qualify to be a president, how come no Kenyan is qualified to be Chief Justice. A man who has no faith in the people he seeks to lead is just a charlatan.


Philip said...

Nowadays I don't like commenting in politics but let me do this today.

My predictions for 2012 politics is that victory will be determined so much by not only how many people like you but also how many people hate you. I see many people will vote based on hatred towards another candidate rather than likeness of the one they supports.

People will not care about candidates policy. Maybe that's what our politicians have all along discovered and that's why you see the current campaign is not about telling people one's policy but about throwing insults to another candidate that you oppose.

That's why you see Ruto's campaign is about, "Raila this, Raila that", while Raila campaign is about, "KKK, KKK".

Generally the campaign will be about fueling hatred to another candidate so that you get votes since you have a common enemy with the voters.

Kenyatta was behind tribal politics, Moi was behind sycophancy politics, Kibaki perfected tribal politics, Raila was behind 41+1 politics, Ruto is now the mastermind of, 'he is our enemy' politics.

I think I also need to find out where I can get mursik but I won't join Mwarangethe since that place is very cold, I prefer to head to Lukenya.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Marende Keep up with the good work. let those who think they own Kenya start the march to the HAGUE, Maybe the law interpretation there might make them wiser while they lounge in their jail cells

Anonymous said...

Philip keep it real, when does Raila go around the country shouting "KKK" Kenyans citizens are the ones who coined the gang of Uhuru, Ruto & kalonzo "KKK" why do people always try to bring Riala in the mix?

Uhuru after Marende's Ruling was so angry that he screamed ati " can't this country run without Raila" end of quote kwani is it Raila who wrote the New constitution? Uhuru looked so ridiculous after making such a stupid comment and this is the guy who runs the ministry of Finance? what an embarrassment kwani which whole did he get his education from? ignorance of the New Constitution is no excuse,

Uhuru should run and dig a hole for himself what a retard! hague is where he belongs Kenyans are tired of brainless chatter that is being carried out by Uhuru and his gang of thugs enough said

Kenyans are very bright individuals come 2012 they will vote for what is justice anyone thinking that they can buy votes let them try, Kenyans won't refuse the stolen money handed out, after-all it is stolen money belonging to the Kenyan tax payers,they will enjoy it but vote differently, Kenyans are aware many of the politicians in office now do not belong there, a clean sweep of is in order come 2012

Anonymous said...

“Despite Mwai Kibaki’s stated commitment to operate a meritocracy with regard to the diversity of Kenya, his appointments to the most sensitive and crucial offices have been biased towards members of a kikuyu oligarchy” These are words by Maina Kiai & Paul Muite, in an article titled “ Challenging the Kikuyu Oligarchy” in April 2009.

Almost two years later, does that statement sound true? While I don’t intend to castigate anyone (actually in the above quote you can substitute the words ‘Mwai Kibaki & Kikuyu’ with Raila Odinga & Luo, to get the same result) I think Kibaki might leave behind a more divided Kenya that Moi did. Sadly his main partner in coalition is no different. When I look at many other 'self declared presidential contenders' I can't help but agree with one Mwarangethe that 2012 is just another 'opiun taking' year.

Anonymous said...


Eh! Na BADO! This is one Furu Furu Conditiiiiiion!!! The "political echoes" of Marendes ruling continue to reverberate.

The trappings and rituals of the good old days continue, the DPM has challenged the PM to a duel on the floor of the house, mind you no ancient "machu-picchu" vitendawili kind of politics but good old dirty money no-holds-barred "siasa ya kumalizana" brazen duel.

How dare Marende over-rule PORK! Heck! His Oath of allegiance kitu gani, didn't he hear Mr. Kati-Kati equate PORK! To a village paramount chief who should not be questioned.

Bw. Marende will now know why the coat of arms bears those two lions, and he better be told that those are not rained on cats.

Now what does Marende expect the Mtarajiwa CJ to do, go back and arbitrate on those boring cattle rustling court cases and what of Prof.Githu,to go back to the classroom and chock on chalk-dust?, for heavens sake he has been at it for the last twenty years!!

Martin Luther once said that morality cannot be legislated.

As the VP goes MIA we watch on the sidelines as Marende continues to "Emu-haya".

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

I wonder how powerful this man Raila is. If he can influence Ocampo's list (forgetting that it is Waki who came up with the original list), influenced parliament to reject the local tribunal and recommend the Hague (the same people now denouncing the Hague), influence Kenyans to vote for the new constitution that ended impunity and now influence the speaker's ruling, (it is even said that when you differ with your wife you blame it on him) then yes, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, the country cannot move without him saying so.
Just asking, what is so wrong with a citizen (if a foreigner did, you'd cry sovereignty) standing up and saying something is wrong?
How can Kalonzo who claims to be a lawyer (does anyone know of any person Kalonzo or his law firm has ever represented in court?) stand and tell us that we can't question directions from the president?
For all of you out there, you may have your reasons for not like him - believe me I also have my reasons - but let us follow the law and constitution, not blanketly blaming him even when he is 'doing the right thing'.

Anonymous said...

This man Raila seems to be very powerful, if there is a traffic snurl up balme it on him, drought Rairaaaa. Remember as Kwendo Opanga had said, the brigade seems hell bent on soiling Raila through propaganda. I belong to eastern part of the country and for once I can honestly say that Rao has my support.

Is all this noise meant to scuttle the implementation of the constitution?, shield the Ocampo 6?, return the country back to anarchy and blame it on Rairaaaaaa!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Philip said...
Nowadays I don't like commenting in politics but let me do this today.

I think I also need to find out where I can get mursik but I won't join Mwarangethe since that place is very cold, I prefer to head to Lukenya.


Well, if you think Mt Kenya is cold, we are on the way to
Mount Everest.

From that higher ground, we shall be able to better contemplate the fate of man in the 21st Century.

As for the Africans, we see a terrible Century, perhaps, worse than that of days of slavery. This is so because, Africa will be squeezed between the East and West in their fight for its resources and slave labour.

Yes, from that higher ground, we will be watching man, the glory and deputed lord of creation, who is now withering under the influence of the Ancient Despotism of the East.

He is withering like an acacia tree from the African savvanna planted in the snow covered Scandinavian land. This is so, for three reasons:

(a) defective and erroneous "education",

(b) following bad examples copied from Imperial Rome, which brings about

(c) base artifices of corrupted governments.

Our verdict is simple. The Kenyan so called State and Government, as constructed is a MENACE to peace and prosperity.

It is for this reason, on 31st, August, 2010, on this blog, we wrote these words:

"On our part, we declare that, to rely on so called constitutional law experts to draft a constitution was a terrible mistake. What we needed are men and women well versed with Ancient, Middle Ages and Modern history (history of rise and decay of civilizations), economics (history of economic ideas), philosophy (moral philosophy) and sociology. With such people, we would only need a single lawyer, who need not call himself pompous names such a constitutional law expert, for his job will be that of a mere draftsman."

We stand in the same spot. And, unless Kenyans listen to what we proposed, their cry for prosperity and peace SHALL be in vain. And, even worse, that cry will be answered with PERPETUAL DEBTS and WAR.

NB: In the last one month, we have borrowed KES 40bn. from the IMF and another KES 18bn. which the CBK is borrowing.

Thus, in a single month and in the name of implementing this constitution, we have incurred a debt of about KES 60bn.

Isnt't that special?


We leave with the words of the Great Peter Tosh :

It won't be too long whether I'm right or wrong
I said it won't be too long whether I'm right or wrong
All my good life I've been a lonely man
Teaching the people who don't overstan'

Some goin' east
Some goin' west
Some step aside to try their best
Some livin' big
But the most livin' small
They just can't even find
No food at all


Anonymous said...


Do bear in mind that we do have some of the most lethal political gangsters on this part of the world.

Kibaki amevumilia sana that he can't take it anymore, so maisha ya KU-Kopesha will continue to rise; our NATIONAL DEBT-to-GDP currently stands @ 45% of GDP despite the IMF estimate of about 50% but we are heading there real fast.

Singapore that you usually refer to once in a while has about 102%, isn't that special?

Our EA neighbours UG and TZ have 22% and 23% respectively so kudos to them ama? Zim is Kaput at 240%, and Japan at ICU with 196%.

The African Chief of traditional elders, leader Brother Gaddafi's libya is at 3% no wonder we are on begging missions there, just ask one Pattni.

Do remember to carry your oxygen mask on your way to Mt. Everest our political gangsters may make you suffer from altitude sickness, and of course carry USELESS $25,000 dollars for you to be given the permit to accent.

Anyway enjoy your cold weekend.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

Marende will have to act cj, ag, dpp and cob like he did with lgb. If the two leaders dont agree the posts will never be filled since marende will only accept a letter signed by both.

We copied the US system but has anyone ever heard of a US president advertising posts before nominating people and forwarding the names to the senate. The Ag under the new constitution is just someone working for the president and can be sacked anytime. How can you say you want to tell the president who he should choose as legal advisor of his administration. Makes no sense. I know there is the consultation bit but no one really knows what it means. At the end of the day the prsident has to nominate some one.

Mwarang'ethe said...

The Oracle has Spoken wrote

Singapore that you usually refer to once in a while has about 102%, isn't that special?


As concerns Singapore, We are informed of this:

The debt-to-GDP ratio of Singapore is completely and totally overstated.

Singapore’s actual debt is a small fraction of that. The Singaporean government routinely runs a budget surplus and doesn’t have the terminal debt addiction that other nations have developed.

We are further informed that, with large institutions with hundreds of billions of dollars, they need safe, highly liquid debt markets to hold cash for the short term.

Thus, in order to attract institutional capital flows, Singapore runs a high volume, robust sovereign debt market. It has to, otherwise institutional investors wouldn’t take it seriously as a global financial center.

In other words, we are told, that, Singapore's debt is not real debt in the same way that the US, government issues hundreds of billions of dollars in debt, then squanders all the proceeds on war and wasteful social programs.

Singapore's government takes money in strictly to facilitate a local market in bonds,if they did not do this, there would be no bond market, and hence no financial center.

NB: Check wikipedia, Singapore had foreign reserves of $ 187.8 billion in 2009.

Also, in 2009, its revenue was $ 21 bn, while expenses were $ 24bn.

For us, we are begging the IMF for kes 40bn. so as to support our imports of USED WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR as Kirubi told us.

Isn't that something special about us Kenyan men??

And, when the IMF priests announced the kes 40 bn. loan, we wrote this:

"Disciplined govt. spending translated means, austerity. In other words, more tax on the productive sector while providing less in return so as to free resoures to pay IMF/WB and others. In simple words, more poverty is on the way.

Source: "

Listen to this now:, and this


As concerns Japan, you have to take into considerations the UPPERCUT they got from our friends, the USA in the name of Plaza Accord of 1985. The idea was to lower the value of the $ so as to allow American exports.

NB: Do we hear them asking the same from our new friends China? And, do we hear they now fighting inflation?

Anyway, having decided to abide by the Plaza Accord and another one, this is what we read.

In early 1980's, the value of LAND in Japan, no, they call it REAL ESTATE just like the ROMANS did 2000 years ago so to fool the sheep, was equal to that of the USA.

Hear, hear this now! By the end of 1980's, the Japanese real estate was $ 23. 89 trillion. In other words, Japanese land values were worthy 50% of ALL land on the face of the earth while representing only 3% of the total land mass.

That's something very, very special, one might say.

We have not given you the "values" of shares which were supported by rising land values. All we will say is this:

- unearned profits, speculative excesses erode work ethics while corrupting the ethical fabric of a nation.

Now, hear the thunder of the fall from these commanding heights. When the BUBBLE burst, as any bubble will do (just blow a baloon and u will see), in just 3 years, they lost "values" of land and shares of around $ 8 trillion.

In other words, Japanese saw devastation from this bubble worse than the losses of the 2 WW. Therein, we see the origins of the high Japanese high debts since 1990.

If these are the facts, isn't this kaland issue not special as we have stressed so many times?

Anyway, our constitutional experts like Ghai, Nzamba and Namwamba's think that, what matters is the NATIONAL VALUES they write in their constitution they draft.

How illiterate can literate men be?

Anonymous said...

Well President Kibaki is right. Marende cannot overule what is not unconstitutional.Lets wait to hear what PM will say.Mwarang'ethe pass me some the popcorn and economic theorem blankets to keep me warm please

Anonymous said...

Wewe Mwara and Oracle,

You will stop that economic mambo jambo gibbrish we are not literate illiterate. We prefer home made mano -a- mano Kenyan political fist fight that is going on with Marendes declaration.

This Raila man is very very powerful, he controls ICC, UN security council, civil society, media, Kenyan Judiciary,wako and Gicheru if we are to believe the PaNUa guys. What happened to national reconciliation and healing? Or that is the preserve of the KKK.
Marendes ruling has left RAO haters smarting, because they view it as victory for RAO.

Anonymous said...

Where does RAO think he'll get the numbers come 2012? By having his rivals face the Hague and attempting to paralyse the Judiciary by Insisting on Justice Omolo, he's burning bridges with everyone and come 2012 he'll be left with the likes of Marendes and Weakleaf who can't even give him votes. Just as Moi said, "Anajikaranga na mafuta yake mwenyewe".
I predict a second round between Kalonzo and RAO and Kalonzo will sweep Eastern, Central, Rift Valley and Coast.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6.40, you do realise that the issues that Mwara talks about are far beyond the PNU, ODM, and other fancy acronyms which are merely sideshows meant to hoodwink people away from the real issues...

“And the great owners, who must lose their land in an upheaval, the great owners with access to history, with eyes to read history and to know the great fact: when property accumulates in too few hands it is taken away. And that companion fact: when a majority of the people are hungry and cold they will take by force what they need. And the little screaming fact that sounds through all history: repression works only to strengthen and knit the repressed.” – John Steinbeck 1939

Ken Thumbi

mbakan said...

You celebrated too soon,Kibaki amesema ng'ooo,hatishiki.Marende is not a judge,matters to do with constitutional interpretation are better left to the courts.Parliament can never make laws and then interpret them.And then again there is that small matter about separation of powers...I think Kibaki has a point...!!!

Anonymous said...

RAO will never stay in state house. Even Ranneberger's sentiments were leaked on wikileaks that he's just a sadist keen on attention who's only ambition is to be the president. He embarrased Kenya at AU and America doesn't want him. Which ODM mp has brought to the floor a progressive bill meant to help Kenyans except noisemaking?

Anonymous said...

I think we're heading for another 'nusu mkate' deal in 2012/13. It's the *only* way RAO will have chance. Between now and then we will see a lot of ethnically targeted moves and statements (pretty much like the 41vs 1 or now 41v3, or KKK bull shit) i.e. what RAO does best. We will also see him dispatching his kibera thugs to uproot railways, terrorise people, generally cause disruptions in Nairobi. RAO is incapable of civilized politics, even more so now that he's lost the RV, coast including the central that he never had. He's a cornered beast that wants to be president. Still. Expect the worst.You can take this to the bank.

Anonymous said...

The Uncertainties That Are Being Brought Into Play Now Are The Same Ones That Were Used In 2006 And 2007 And Were Used To Fuel The Pev. It Is Time Our Mpigs On Both Sides Toned Down And Handled The Constitution Implementation With A Somber Mind. Btw, Every Kenyan Voter You And Me Included Can Only Vote In One Booth. Lets Quit The Tribal This And That And Study The Candidates Very Carefully. Good Ones Are Those Who Accept To Lose Honorably Keep Peace And Contest. Next Time. Long Live Kenya.

Anonymous said...

My crystal ball tells me that before this year ends, RAO and his goons will have organized violent protests. He will find a reason--the contrived constitutional crisis of nominees is one of a series of issues that will be used to justify the violent protests during which businesses will be disrupted, property destroyed by haki yetu chanting, RAO-worshipping, ganja-smoking, machete-wielding flying toilet brigade. Hopefully Kenyans will have the fortitude and vision to stop the aspiring sun king in his tracks.

Anonymous said...

This is a personal observation. Kenya needs leaders. We need true leaders like yesterday. The current crop of leaders are useless. They think of nothing other than themselves!

Kibaki and his advisors have goofed bad. They are out of place. But that is for another day.

I want to comment on what I saw on youtube clip of PNU operatives. Guys, if Uhuru Kenyatta were to be a president of Kenya, then we would be in a serious situation!!! That man should never be elected anything.

Why am I so hush to UK? Because he can't hand pressure! I observed him buckle under pressure at a press conference! Instead calmly telling us what Marende had done wrong, he choose to be annoyed and angry. He spit his dummy out for no apparent reason. Whatever error Marende had made, UK as a potential president, he should have been methodological and calm in explaining the errors. Not in anger! An angry Commanderin Chief is a murderer of the nation! What happens if he is annoyed and gives orders to his subjects? What orders is he capable of giving in anger?
How about his supporters? Uhuru Kenyatta's behaviour can easily incite his supporters to violence or destruction of property.

I had thought of him as a leader. From that clip alone. Me think his temperament is not good of a leader at State House.

He belongs home in Gatundu. His anger can't run even a kiosk.

Anonymous said...

@anon 6.10pm

And which bank would that be? Inny- minny - miny - mo. Forgive me for my little or is it minimal understanding of the term bank. FYI are you willing to open an account there?
RAO will get votes from his supporters and not from your balkanized selective tribal brain, what will it take, a muratina brewing sipping ritual to sobber you up to reality.
Back your own horse will you, will it be the steroid laden horse from the dubai derby or napier grass eating horse from the ngong racecourse backyard?
RAO indeed is real powerful the whole government, i meant GEMA nation and add to the mix Kalenjin warriors fighting a one man army.
Read RAOs lips, their will be MAJOR political realignments in the coming months, watch and learn as you rush to open your bank account,

Anonymous said...

I am from Morroco and married to a kenyan lady. We live in Europe. I am coming 2 kenya for the first time to met my inlaws. my wife is from Central/Nairobi region. I am scared and excited at the same time to come to kenya. Any advise?

Anonymous said...

Thug Raila is in for surprise in his monkey chase of the presidency. In Luo Nyanza he is used to being worshipped as a deity. At the national level, he is used to dealing with Kibaki (a very reticent fellow) and getting his way.

But come 2012, the young bulls (Uhuru and Ruto) with circumcise him politically without anaesthesia. The question is will the old Bondo Thug handle the pain withhout going into cardiac arrest? The ONLY WAY this Thug can get to power in Kenya in 2012 is having Uhuru and Ruto arrested and taken to Hague, otherwise with these two bulls in the arena they will answer to Raila's thuggishness blow for blow. And his worshippers will be left picking the pieces after their deity is retired by wananchi to Bondo or Kibera with his tail between his legs hugging his balls till his death. Remember old Odinga's miserable death: he died asking Moi to let him sleep in State House just fr a night! Like father like son.

Anonymous said...

Luos and mass action equals throwing stones. Period. They don't have the Kalenjin warriors to help them. The Kalenjins have woken up to the beastly betrayal by Raila after they helped him get Prime Minister position. As long as Luos are led by the Odinga family, they will never have lasting political coalitions with other communities.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus and their thirst for blood is never satieted. They betrayed the nation during the colonial period by becoming colonial guards and spies, we are in this mess as a country simply because of kikuyus PERIOD! Look at how the Kiambu Butcher was baying for blood recently and you will see the kikuyu in him

Anonymous said...

Anons 1.42 and 1.49 pm are one and the same person whose tribal HATE! Is so loud. Such a pity that we play to the tribal shenanigans of our politicians as we are but a ready and willing audience. I hope those comments based on Tribal hate of Luos and Kikuyus will be deleted. LUKE!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, why does Raila surrround him with Luos (Orengo, Midiwo, Kajwang etc.) everywhere he goes? Doesn't he realize the picture looks eerly ugly and tribal??

Anonymous said...

Instead of HYPERuentilating about tribal affiliations and we all Belong to One Lets Consider A Change of BOTH mindset and leadership Maybe We Try Ole K And Peter K for starters My take.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me, anon 4:01 pm. Who says that leadership be monopolized by the two moronic "bulls" and the retard from Nyanza? I'm with you on this one!

Anonymous said...

OMG! That tired Old and sluggish kikuyu thug called Kibaki echoes the true Gema, EMA tribes are only sheep being herded from one end to another. How about Kikuyu thugs backing one of own Meru brothers for leadership?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.23Pm,
True, if politics was to be based on the size of members then your brethren would carry the day. But come back to reality, since time immemorial Kikuyus have outsmarted luos in politics. Whereas Luos are the real Cassanovas. Call it truce guys.

Gema Sista

Anonymous said...

I listened to M7 being interviewed on K24 yesterday.When asked what he thinks is the problem with Kenya he stated that it is ideological and cannot be cured by ICC process.However the ICC process for the six is meant to discourage war mongering by our war lords and stop impunity.There may not be sufficient evidance to procesute some of the suspects but this will be a reminder to other potential perpetuators tha big brother is watching.That is precisely why we need ICC.
Kibaki is the president of Kenya but he has in actual sense been the president of the central Kenya.Other communities view him as a tribalist.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.54pm
True that! We view Kibaki as the President who will go down as the most tribal in Kenya's history. Look at the tribal cabal around him. Let the ICC process serve as an example and reminder to all lords of impunity

Anonymous said...

If Chemilio is a tribalist, then the barbarian of the kabila adui fame and 41 vs 1 fame AND the one who (like hitler in 1933) urged "his" people not to patronise
Kikuyu businesses surely defies description. What a dangerous loon---off with his head!

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.52am,

Wewe ni Okuyu!!! U al shuari dlunk from 2 mush muratina, Chemilio is so tribal he reeks of it. He STOLE the erections to appease his equally thug community.
Prease stop the mbuul chit, Kenya will NOT have a kikuyu president come 2012, you can take that and bank it. Kabila adui they are and will always remain. The cosmetic alliance with the warriors will only come back to haunt you.
Continue sleeping in tents as idp's as we wait for the year 2012. Kenyans are fed up with kikuyus i'd rather vote Kalonzo or Ruto in.

mbakan said...

We are all very tribal lets just accept that and learn to live with it.What sheer coincidence makes all Luo Nyanza mps side with Raila on any confict he has with Kibaki and what sheer coincidence makes all Kikuyu mps support Kibaki on any conflict he has with Raila.Look at the staffing in their respective offices,Kibaki hires mostly kikuyus/merus.Raila hires luos.And we the ordinary Kenyans stand on the sidelines cheering them,reserving our loudest cheers to the protagonists depending on where we were born....ata masomo haisaiidii,we will still view things from the tribal perspective....!!

Butcher of Kiambu said...

UK can't believe that TIME is running out for him, Ocampos noose is tightening by the day and that is why he is hyper ventilating. Snap elections, selecting your own judiciary still won't get you to state house silly. He just needs to stick to his amarula drink and wait for indictments.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki and his PNU thugs want to protect the murderers, rapists, thieves and mungiki friends.

Why nominate CJ, AG, State Prosecutor who are already working closely with the Hague SIX?

Kenyans have no interest in protecting them. These people dont need Kenyans. They have already stolen enough Kenyan money. They are free to spend it in the Hague.

But Kenyans dont want to finance their AG, CJ,Prosecutor, etc.

Kibaki dont interfere with getting new candidates through competative means. Let LSK or other bodies advertise as per NEW constitution.

Anonymous said...

While Raila has Kenyans working in his office, Kibaki has no any community in his office. The official language in State House, Harambee office, Central Bank, etc is Kikuyu.

Anonymous said...

If there's one thing I can say about Kumekucha is that the bumpkin defenders who contribute to this blog are surely rather crude, lacking in finesse and subtlety, very angry people who easily rush to insults. With such defenders the retard bumpkin quite frankly does not need ruto or uhuru to bring him down. I also think more railways will be uprooted soon. They seem unable to control themselves right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey bro/sis,
Eh.. some Kenyans are smart in politics, buziness day and night. They have outsmarted everyone in the country. They have even outsmarted themselves. They rob their fathers, kill their brothers because of 10 ksh. To say the truth many dont want to go home. They would rather go to Masailand, Kaleland, Luoland, even to Busia and settle there forever. They want to invest in these areas 'abload' cos they have been outsmarted by their own pple. They will murder you in Karatina, if you make a mistake of investing there. Better go to Kagundo, Kaimosi, Karachuonyo, Keroka, Magadi or Butere. In these areas abload, you can walk alone past 7pm and nothing happens. In Kerugoya, they will outsmart you, take your 10ksh, cut your neck and hang it infront of DC's office.

Kenyans are gentle but the smart boys will always outsmart all including themselves.

The writer is from Kagumo but migrated to Eldoret but now an IDP.

Anonymous said...

I hope Chemilio is closely watching and following events in Libya. He better be real SCARED!!!

Anonymous said...

Kifaki is like Chris can't manage to bring decorum and civility in the country, similar to Chris who can't make people abide by house rules. Talk of POOR leadership.

Anonymous said...

There is one aspect of -ve tribalism that need to be studied. Being a close cousin of Kikuyus, I have lived with them for several decades and I think the good and enterprising people suffer some sort of ‘superiority complex.’ Which is difficult to cure (or explain)
Somehow, the belief that it is only a kikuyu who can lead is deeply entrenched among a majority of people in this community. I am not a psychologist but I think it emanates from the largely-unconfirmed- belief that the country was liberated by one Jomo Kenyatta (and Mau Mau fighters).Many of us recall that before Kibaki came in, Jomo was still extolled among the community as ‘ Mutongoria Chamba’ (loosely translated it means brave/hero-like leader). Whether he was that great a leader is a story for another day.
It has argued that the Kenyan voter is enlightened nowadays, but can an average Kikuyu voter elect another tribe? Suppose Kibaki said ‘Raila Tosha’ is he likely to get massive following in Central & associated areas? The ans to these 2 Qs is likely to be No. KIBAKI SQUANDERED A GOLDEN CHANCE TO REVERSE THIS TREND. How sad.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1.51am,
I may be a close relative too to our central brothers more precisely, I come from Embu. Remember when one of our MPs namely Cecile Mbarire told UK that we shall not continue to follow them blindly she was brushed aside. That is the arrogance that they potray to others. Well not anymore, I am not going to vote in anyone on the Ocampo list, why would I want to encourage impunity?

Anonymous said...

Chris Kumekucha e ku?
kimundu giki gitagwa Chris kiorire na ku?
Kai gitendaga mbeca?

Anonymous said...

If u think you are that brave...try something like this!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

I may be a close relative too to our central brothers more precisely, I come from Embu. Remember when one of our MPs namely Cecile Mbarire told UK that we shall not continue to follow them blindly she was brushed aside.


We gave Kenyans the formula for ending this slavery, but, they decided ati what matters are such nonsense as national values, patriotism and other bullshit we see in a useless 179 pages ati new constitution.

Let us take a case of Uhuru and another patriotic idiotic kenyan from Runyenjes in Embu.

NB: For word patriotism, in our wonderful constitution, see new Art. 10 (1).

However, when we consult wise men like Tolstoy on this word, we hear him telling us this:

"Patriotism in its simplest, clearest, and most indubitable signification is nothing else but a means of obtaining for the rulers their ambitions and covetous desires, and for the ruled the ADBICATION of human dignity, reason, and conscience, and a slavish enthralment to those in power.

And, this:

And as such it is recommended wherever it is preached."

mmmmmm, see what Nzamba and his "learned" friends recommend?

And, before we left this area, we saw word territory at Art. 5. As usual, we travelled to Mt Kenya of Human History to find out what this animal is.

When we got there, we met an eminent historian. We heard him say this:

"Territorial sovereignty - the view which connects sovereignty with the possession of a limited portion of the earth's surface -- was distinctly an offshoot, though a tardy one, of feudalism."

mmmmm, isn't it special that, feudal ideas are still taught in the STATE law universities to "learned" friends?

Anyway, let us assume Uhuru has an acre of land at Koinange street and the Runyenjes guy has also an acre around that place.

As concerns Uhuru's piece of land, we can give it a "value" of kes 50 million. For the Runyenje's guy, the value of the same size land is about kes 2 million.

Now that our HIGH PRIEST has decided to "BORROW" kes 18bn, let us have UK and the Runyenje guy take "loans" to "loan" the MONEY PRINTER currency.

Yes, the curency printer borrowing his own currency. Call it the 8th wonder of the world.

From the above, we can see that, UK can "borrow" (read CREATE) around kes 40 million and buy so called Treasury papers at an interest of 12% p.a. Let us also the Runyenjes guy "borrow" KES 1.5 m. and buy the same TBs.

Now, after 5 years, you can calculate how much money UK has accumulated versus the Runyenjes guy.

With such interest (or the capitalised blood of children as Marx would say), UK can bribe his way to power for more loot from patriotic idiot in Runyenje.

Isn't that calculus equation special?

Anyway, let us continue enjoying Equal Rights (to land) and Justice by Peter Tosh the Great as we sip mursik:

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has withdrawn the list...finally he has read the mood on the ground. Or is it uncle Koffi..!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha haaaaa! Rt. Hon. Raila PORK has gotten the last laugh. Yeah Rao haters bring it on, yeah you read that right bring it on. Mezeni wembe

Anonymous said...

The 'virtual economist' read a 179 page constitution, please get hold of the full constitution IDIOT!! and stop the Bull shitting.

Anonymous said...

I think kibaki has done the right thing. Country must be put first. Kenyans have won round one against the click that were holding the president hostage. Reading in between the line I think Kibaki may have been advised that the court WAS going to rule against him and as a clever politician he choose the option that gave him some leverage. God bless kenya

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Thanks! Rao PORK! For making that old toad toe the mwananchi line. The frogs on KK can continue to croak as loud as they want but that will not stop the nation from moving forward, and yes Uhuru the nation cannot move forward until RAO as PORK says so.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

When a statement like that made by Kifaki comes while surrounded by masters of impunity there is always a hidden card under the table, the Butcher of Kiambu was all smiles and Kalooze who seems not to know the meaning of KKK (Kuondoa Kalonzo Kabisa or Kalonzo Kwenda Kwenyu)was strategically placed for the cameras to see that he is VP ha ha

Anonymous said...

The Phone calls from White House and 10 Downing street always seem to work wonders. Can our KK tick, feed on that statement, pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki withdraws list of nominees, PM welcomes move, writes THE NATION

At last the President of Impunity has understood what the EU, OBAMA and ANNAN have told him.

When Tinga hinted to him and his PNU criminals that he acted unconstitutionally, he refused to understand.

Marende, even the smily AG, the Women, civil society told him. Now he has understood.

But his criminal tactics are not yet over. He might try to corrupt or threaten the PSC to recruit only people from one community as he has always done (CBK,Airport,Police, Army, GSU,AP----They are ALL from ONE community).

Let's remind this old man that there is a new Katiba, which he must follow.

Agwambo, please help Kenya to become a democracy. The country is for all Kenyans and not for Kanu thieves, Youth92, Mt Kenya. Remain tough. We are following your steps.

Anonymous said...

What a shame! Pumbavu. Must the West urge first in order for common-sense things to happen. Did these lots go to school. Cant they read the laws first and do chest pumping later?

Anonymous said...

'The president has changed his mind and i was not consulted'. Ha ha ha. Pole sana RAO, you'll only be consulted for the AG's post. Just as the art of war states PORK has done what we call a tactical retreat.

Anonymous said...

This theater piece by President of Impunity has no place in modern Kenya. Tinga is always principled in his judging and the whole Kenya is behind him, except for a few NO-voters and maybe some tribalists.

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