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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Constitution Rejects One Kirwa,AG/CJ/DPP To Go

This month parliament has earned half its paycheck in using the new constitution correctly to reject the process of nominating William Kirwa as new controller of budget. With great power comes great responsibility, and the supreme law maker must now bravely finish the job at hand and boldly drive the message home that the political landscape has changed forever stupid!

Inferior politics characterised by party infighting above national interest will never be capable of washing away Kenyans enormous expectations after the promulgation of August 2010. WanaNICHI know what they want and are determined to get it finally, so there are no 2 ways about it: either we lead the way as custodians of our collective aspirations in guarding the newly passed law or we fail beautifully to rise up to the occassion and instead implement the same document at a slanted and flawed tangent

A new constitution may have entrenched institutionalized governance, but only with great blood sweat and tears will tribal SCOUNDRELS be disabused from playing time tested political games that do not reflect the heart of true reforms in the right direction.Down must go the nominations of Chief Justice, DPP and AG. Kenya boasts an enviable and resourced manpower and inviting the public to submit their candidature for nomination of appointment to the judicial and budget positions will serve to ensure only the best in all aspects get the job

The wind of change blowing across Norther Africa has left behind in its wake a cool breeze floating towards sub-saharan Africa, with Kenyans on social media ( see #Feb28th@twitter) planning a peaceful nationwide strike by singing the national anthem at exactly 1pm on February 28th. Yet another reminder to our MPigs not to delude themselves in thinking the country is as asleep and divided as televised. Remaining hostage to low standard of leadership is no longer an option NA BADO


Mwarang'ethe said...

As you guys focus on implementing your wonderful constitution, we shall continue focussing on the ROBBERY of Wanjiku in the name of constitution implementing.

Now, we are learning this. The HIGH PRIEST and the head of the FINANCIAL OLIGARCHY is issuing what he is calling 30 Year Government of Kenya SAVINGS DEVELOPMENT BOND. In total, he is looking for a SMALL SUM of KES 18bn.

The HIGH PRIEST continues to tell us this. "The 30 year Savings Development Bond (SDB), comes with an ATTRACTIVE coupon rate of 12% per annum paid every 6 months.

He then tells us this. The purpose of this SDB is to support the BUILD OF NATIONAL SAVINGS as envisaged in the Vision 2030.

At this point, we were reminded of the George Orwell NEWSPEAK. So as to deconstruct this NEWSPEAK, we sought Karl Marx explanation of the real meaning of the word NATIONAL SAVINGS.

We heard him say this:

"... National debts, i.e., the alienation of the state – whether despotic, constitutional or republican – marked with its stamp the capitalistic era. The only part of the so-called national wealth that actually enters into the collective possessions of modern peoples is their national debt."

In other words, NATIONAL DEBT is what the HIGH PRIEST is calling NATIONAL SAVINGS. Isn't that special?

The High PRIEST continues to tell us, mere mortals that:

"... proceeds will be used towards the development of social and economic infrastructure INCLUDING the IMPLEMENTATION of the NEW CONSTITUTION."

Yes, the other day, we were granted KES 40 bn. by the IMF to support what they call balance of payment. This is because, given our high production cost, we are not exporting enough.

Now, within a week, we are increasing our NATIONAL DEBT/SLAVEY by KES 18bn. in the name of implementing our wonderful constitution.

In other words, we are making production even more expensive thru massive interests. Oh Heavenly Lord!

The HIGH PRIEST also tells us that:

"The bond presents a RISK FREE INVESTMENT opportunity to boost their savings with a guaranteed high return."

In simple language, the HIGH PRIEST is saying this. Since he has the guns, he will point them at Wanjiku and take her sweat and labour and turn it over to the rentier class.

Yes, let Wanjiku take all the RISKS in doing her business, but, once she makes some coins, we take them and hand over to those who take NO RISK. Isn't this wonderful world?

The same Wanjiku who has no food must be turned upside down so as to pay the new CJ, AG, DPP, governors, MPs, Senators, budget controllers etc. We must add, just like anyone else, these posts must be filled CONSTITUTIONALLY.

We are just wondering, for KES 18bn. loan at 12%, what amount of tax must be robbed to pay these interests?

Or, to what extent, must we burden our productive sectors to pay these interests?

Or, how many jobs must be destroyed so as to implement CONSTITUTIONALLY this thing?

Anyone talented in such esoteric calculations?

And, while at it, why do nations borrow their own currency? Where does the value of a bond come from? Wherever it comes from, why can't the value of currency arise from the same cause?

Anyway, as Bob would say;

Woe to the downpressors:
They'll eat the bread of sorrow!
Woe to the downpressors:
They'll eat the bread of sad tomorrow!
Woe to the downpressors:
They'll eat the bread of sorrow!

Pressed on their conscience.
These are the BIG FISH
Who always try to eat down the small fish, just the small fish.

I tell you what: they would do anything

To materialize their every wish.


Anonymous said...


I have always thought that you are a rational person until today. Do you expect to change Kenyans through twitter as in Egypt. You must be a delusional nut; each country's route to change is circumscribed by its unique circumstances. There are no copycat revolutions my friend. Ask Raila who tried to come up with an "orange revolution" in imatating Ukuraine. It got caught up in the ethno-clashes of RV and mass looting in Kisumu, Kibera and Mathare!!!

Don't be excited. By rejecting Kirwa, the Parliament just did its normal function of approving or rejecting a nominee. What is revolutionary about that.

While waiting and twittering for a revolution, don't forget to take care of your kids if you have any!!!

Anonymous said...

When Kalenjins and Kikuyus come together to talk about peaceful co-existence, Luo-ODM call them KK and accuse them of tribalism. It appears that they think Raila can only be carried to State House by a flood of blood shed by the Kikuyus and Kalenjins fighting one another. Such designs failed in 2007-8 and will fail again.

These depraved-heart politics of some ODM leaders must be condemned strongly by all peace lovers especially Kikuyus and Kalenjins who would stand to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Raila is sabotaging our national institutions and undermining the growth of local manpower. He has been insisting that we outsource Chief Justice to a white person from the Commonwealth. Also, his insistence that PEV perpetrators be tried in Hague is deliberately aimed at weakening our judicial system even as we try to revamp it under the new katiba.

This man has no faith in Kenyans and yet he (as a Kenyan) thinks he is qualified to be president. If a Kenyan can qualify to be a president, how come no Kenyan is qualified to be Chief Justice. A man who has no faith in the people he seeks to lead is just a charlatan.

Anonymous said...

Luke, another one bites the dust and three more to follow.

Who will be the next one left crawling in a dusty aftermath of parliamentary rejection?

I will get back to the "New Constitution Rejects One Kirwa, AG/CJ/DPP To Go" at a later point in time.

In the meantime, one Egyptian senior intelligence officer was over heard bragging at 26 Ramses Street in Cairo, moments just before the authorities switched off the Internet;

Do they expect to change Egyptians through twitter, facebook, their little laptops and what have you as was the case in Tunisia? I don't think so! As a matter of fact I assure you that Egypt is not Tunisia because we very different people from the Tunisians. They were ruled by the French, we were not. We are not Tunisians, I assure you. Our intelligence units are well trained and we will help the government take care of these little spoiled rotten brats when the time comes. We are always ready as the Suez.

The intelligence officer in question sneaked out of Egypt and he's believed to have gone into hiding in a neigbouring country.

While Mr. ElShabrawy and many others managed to dodge the hounds by utilizing alternative satellite means to broadcast the revolution as it unfolded.

Anonymous said...

I am not Luo,Kalenjin,Kamba,nor am I a Kikuyu. The new constitution makes it impossible for any future president to twist it to his favour. Thats why Kibaki wants to have 'his' people now for the future is very certain. NO IMPUNITY. Since both sides of the coalition are not agreeing, then let Kibaki withdraw the names, allow a competitive process, then get the best from right constitutional process. Otherwise blindly voting for 'PNU' nominees is very risky

Anonymous said...

Preaching to the same old choir that has been hearing the same old sermons while singing the same old hymns for the last nine years.

"I am not a Luo, Kalenjin, Kamba, nor am I a Kikuyu."

Does it really matter, and will matter in 2050 or 2070 when most of you are either six feet under, cr cremated, or long gone and forgottten from your community's memory as well as the nation's collective memory?

What kind of legacy are you going to leave for your great grandchildren?

Will they even know who their great grandfather/mother was, let alone the "tribe" s/he came from?

Unless you become another Isaac Newton, or Einstein, or Bill Gates, or Nelson Mandela, or Mahtma Gandhi, or above all, build a modern university for your beloved people who are neither Luo, Kalenjin, Kamba nor Kikuyu, THEN just don't bother with raising the issue of what tribe you are or are not.

DM-Nairobi said...

"The wind of change blowing across Norther Africa has left behind in its wake a cool breeze floating towards sub-saharan Africa, with Kenyans on social media ( see #Feb28th@twitter) planning a peaceful nationwide strike by singing the national anthem at exactly 1pm on February 28th."

Forgive me for being pessimistic but....thanks in a big way to Kibaki, Kenyans have become too tribalistic to unite and overthrow their corrupt ruling elites. The first thing we shall be looking out for and openly asking come the 28th February is:

"From what tribe are the fellows who are making this call to a nationwide strike?" So that we can compartmentalise them neatly into our petty political/tribal outfits.

Tragic because a Tunisia/Egypt like revolution is not likely to happen in Kenya say for another generation.

Anonymous said...

When Raila went around preaching the gospel of 41 versus 1, he introduced the hyper version of tribalism we are witnessing today. He continues to feed this monster by insisting that only if Riaga Omollo, a fellow Luo, is made Chief Justice is there going to be peace. Remember the refrain, "No Raila, No Peace" and the atrocities committed by its singers?
Kenyans, beware of Thug Raila! He has been associated with violence since August 1982 and he doesn't seem willing to quit on his own. Only you, the Magestic People of Kenya, can retire his bloodthirstiness once and for all in 2012 elections.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!!

Karua's dress has been torn to pieces by PNU's tsunami in the Kirinyaga Central By-election. With her underwear exposed and showing its orange colour the rumour has been confirmed that her Narc-Kenya campaign was paid for by ODM mandarins. ODM had agreed not to field a candidate and to combine their resources with Narc-Kenya. But the ever-vigilant people of Kirinyaga could not be fooled by Raila's games hiding under Karua's dress. He can inherit her as a wife but as for Kirinyaga votes, they have OWNERS and it is not easy for a chicken thief and a wife inheritor to steal them!!!.

Anonymous said...

Resident Chauvinist,

I hate to waste my time replying to your sickening comments, but I will do it for all it's worth.

Are you part of the same nyondu crew that never ceases to insult Hon. Martha Karua and other educated women of Kirinyanga, with your usual crude chauvinistic jokes made in Muruguru?

How about you delete Hon. Karua's name and add the names of your beloved parent, siblings, aunts, cousins, and grandmother?

How does feel it now that your chauvinistic crude jokes and insults are being hurled into your own homestead?

BTW, forget politics for a second and let the rest of the country know when have the chauvinist ngites and nyondus from Mukuruweini ever held the Ndia people of Kirinyaga in high regard or as equals, let alone treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve in 2011?

NB: Stick to "New Constitution Rejects One Kirwa, AG/CJ/DPP To Go"!

Anonymous said...

RE: Muhammud Sirat should have waited for the dual citizenship provision to be passed.

Wajir South MP elect Muhammud Sirat is in the country illegally and should not have been allowed to contest for the vacant Wajir South parliamentary seat vacated by Hon. Abdulhahman Haasan.

Sirat can not have it both ways by claiming to be in possesion of a valid Kenyan passport as well as an Australian passport.

The issue is not a constitutional question nor has Sirat's constitutional rights been breached since the agenda of dual citizenship has yet ot be resolved.

Muhammud Sirat did overstay his tourist visa or visitor's visa, an immigration offense/violation in any country around the world.

Hence his election should be nullified based on his Australian nationality. The law is the law until it's rectified or otherwise.

Australia allows its citizens to hold dual nationality. Other countries like Kenya don't allow as of yet.

King Nebuchadnezzar said...


Abdulai Wade (Senegal) age 83

Hosni Mubarak (Egypt) age 82

Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) age 86

Hifikepunye Pohamba (Namibia ) age 74

Rupiah Banda(Zambia)age 73

Mwai Kibaki (Kenya) age 71

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia)age 75

Colonel Gaddafi (Libya) age 68

Jacob Zuma (South Africa) age 68

Bingu Wa Mtalika (Malawi) age 76

Ben Ali (Tunisia) age 74

Abdelaziz Bouteflika (Algeria) age 74

Abbas El Fassi (Morrocco) age 70

Mohamed Abdelaziz (Western Sahara) age 68

Amadou Toumani Touré (Mali) age 62

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (Equtorial Guinea) age 68

Paul Biya (Cameroon) age 78

Denis Sassou Nguesso (Republic of the Congo) age 67

François Bozizé (Central Africa Republic) age 64

Anerood Jugnauth (Mauritius) age 81

James Michel (Seychelles) age 66

Pedro Pires (Cape Verde) age 76

... and who know who else!!

Anonymous said...

... and yes of course

Armando Guebuza (Mozambique) age 68!

Anonymous said...

Constitution is not for Raila, Kibaki or Ruto.

Let's force these people to follow the right and sincer process. No interest attached to any name.

Advertise the jobs, shorlist the names by respective professional bodies, forward names to Raila and Kibaki, forward chosen names to Marende, take it to Parliament, END. If not take process back to the origin.

Dont nominate friends of Raila, dont take lawyers of Ruto, dont settle on advisors of Uhuru, dont be afraid to choose political enemies of Ruto.

We want transparency and not tribalism, impunity, side-road nominations. Kibaki, Raila, Ruto, Uhuru are not Kenya.

Anonymous said...

So what if Narc-K's campaign was bankrolled by ODM? That sounds like normal politics to me. No reason to talk about Karua's orange underwear. In any case, the margin is narrow--it could have gone either way. Would we then have seen Emilio's filthy, tattered boxers? Idiot.

Anonymous said...

We are who we are. We are what we are. We will always be where we have been for the last couple of decades unless we change course.

Sadly to say that 90% of the nation's precious resources and moments are wasted on politically retarded issues and ethnic personality cults, while only 5% of the same is utilized on national and regional development.

Progressive minded human beings don't live on fleeting political pie crusts and mandazi-crumbs alone, but on every development achievement that is forged by like minded partriots.

We are who we are, the walking dead through the political and ethnic grasslands, bushes, valleys and semi-arid areas of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Anono@1:56 AM
The political geezers have become so accustomed to running their countries in the same way so many bishops and religious leaders run their churches and communities, until death or retirement age of 75-yrs.

lol! Leaders for life! 'Founding Fathers of African nations'.

"I speak to you as my own children, I speak to you as a father speaks to his children, I speak to you as ..." Hosni Mubarak.

Anonymous said...

Watch Out.
This man called MARENDE is a patriot.

This man is the best for Kenya. God bless him, God bless Kenya, God bring democracy into this DARK tribal nation guided by leaders of impunity.

Anonymous said...


Haya basi, better leave the "interpretation" of what is or not constitutional to our duly "elected" political "choir masters", we only sing the "interpretation hymns" that they recite to us.... Shauri yako you have been warned!! Didn't Kiraitu say "we have the numbers, who can stop us"

@Anon 7.46 AM,

Well said, and the matter shall rest.

@ Mwara"N"gethe,

Oh! It is real SPECIAL and what is wrong with NATIONAL SAVINGS? See you know that the average Kenyan paycheck kwishas before we hit the 10th of every month so what is wrong if the gava wants to help us save when we are known for not being a thrifty nation.

Anyway here is more popcorn fodder and economic curd for you to chew on;

1) Treasury has PROMISED the IMF a 3 year public sector wage freeze, in other words Prof & UK have realized that Public servants are immune to inflation and recession and hence do not require any increment.

2) Constitutional office holders, military, uni lecturers and judicial officers will be under Wawerus TAX net in other words those Military fellows who are used to tax free motor garis will have to consider using "FOOTsubishi" for the time being.

3) Treasury is set to lose the legal discretion it currently enjoys on what or who can be exempted from taxation, especially on consumption taxes such as VAT.

We wait for CONSULTATIONS on who will head the Tax Reform Commission (TRC).....may the real Marende please stand up!

Meanwhile, Kenyans are now left to attentively watch the 11pm news in the pubs thanks to MUTUTHO.

The Oracle has Spoken

Anonymous said...

KIBAKI is a MUGUMO TREE, A FENCE SITTER, AN OPPOTUNIST who has never fought for the good of Kenya.

Today Marende to told him point blank that he is corrupt and unconstitutional. He is the chief of impunity and Grand corruption in Kenya. The folk will go out soon and show him the door.

The north wind will soon reach Kenya.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:56. Kibaki was born in 1931. Do the math.

Anonymous said...

If outgoing CJ Gicheru and AG Wako told their soon to be former boss that your actions were unconstitutional the old Toad in his usual hear no evil kept mum. Well Speaker Marende has spoken and it was indeed loud enough for the whole nation to hear. What next for the PNU brigade, vote of no confidence on Marende, talk of wishful thinking.

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