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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Muthaura:Primitive Behaviour Fails to Trap Our Role Model

Loyalty to the President comes with high costs,and the veteran Ambassador once again finds himself in the spotlight with a brilliant scheme engineered by his opponents envious of his close proximity to the ear of his boss PORK

Former Anti corruption Czar John Githongo taught Kenyans well to exhibit PRIMITIVE BEHAVIOUR of taping conversations and editing them in a manner that puts the recorded in bad light. In the Ambassador's case a very poor low quality recording can be heard with his voice stating its ridiculous for him to ask the commissioner of police to stop from stopping Mungiki. This is ridiculous indeed. The recording further captures the career civil servant saying that if the luo tribe were part of the demonstrators at the time police were quelling violence, they would have been the victims as the protest would have turned violent.

Muthaura can also be heard on the recording stating that as an advisor he cannot take the highest responsibility as this belongs to the advised.Shame on UNIVERSITY STUDENTS they have too much time on their hands plotting to set up Muthaura and disrupt the PMs peaceful visit to Meru. The clever students are studying the WRONG SCRIPT instead of imitating their colleagues in Yemen and Algeria in organizing demonstrations to topple incumbent regimes they instead want to take advantage of Muthaura's position as one of the Ocampo 6. This is manifest nonsense.

But wait a minute why are ODM MPs rubbing their hands in glee?This is not the time to score political points at our collective expense as Kenyans.No wonder they are now accused of orchestrating the entire smear campaign against the civil service boss. Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo must be aware that releasing the manufactured recording to the public begs the question of how he obtained it in the first place, and whether or not it was indeed all a set up orchestrated by the party itself as accused by PNU

ODM must know that not everything the chief public servant does sanctions the blessings from the duly elected above. Muthaura stands as his own man and, testing the water to see if they can harass him will not upset his boss. The voice specialists must be called in at once to determine if the voice on the manufactured recording belongs to PORKs most loyal ally


Anonymous said...

Wow Luka, you have balls man. Where did you guys learn satire? If it works for and reduces those lunatics who call you names then just go for it.
The message is very clear on that tape. Nothing happens in the government that he does not know.
Just one small thing. If this man could pour his heart out to these poor investigators aka students, how about real sleuths? How much does ICC have against this man? This tape is a land mine. By the way, Mzee Ambassador does not despute meeting these people. Nor does he question the authenticity of it's contents. All he is saying is it's edited.
All he does not like is the fact that the tape is edited. Wow. SOunds like a confesion to me. This is an own goal. No wonder Kalonzo wants defferal of ICC

Anonymous said...

Such a person like Muthaura should not remain in a position reserved for a nationalist and a truly Kenyan personality.

A tribal figure, who likes to cause chaos in our country, has no place in the Kenyan gov.

Someone who meets his tribe mate, listens to him, talks about and against Luos (or any tribe)deserves to go to Hague and remain there until his las day.

We are tired of tribalists in this country.

Anonymous said...

"I was taped and that's why I have to protect our own". These are the words of a go-srow Harvard prized lawyer, a dont-rape-a-willing-woman buddy, who is a national minister for energy. This is a scandal. Kenya can not be free with all these childish minds holding vital positions.

Anonymous said...

Luos gang up against muthaura then they go to meru to ask for votes. Doesnt work that way in this federation of kenyan tribes. Tribe is the most important identity in kenya, more important than even the family (especially mixed family).

Anonymous said...

"Luos gang up against muthaura then they go to meru to ask for votes. Doesnt work that way in this federation of kenyan tribes. Tribe is the most important identity in kenya, more important than even the family (especially mixed family)."

very true, raila was hard pressed not to utter nonsense in his tour of meru. the clever ODM plot failed after midiwo rushed to release it instead on a non luo, the impact would have been higher

Anonymous said...

Midiwo is Raila's kasin lol..
Seems only Raila's family members can rule in odinga jaluo kingdom...

Anonymous said...

the taped conversation...

Anonymous said...

the air continues to be polluted by the ususal thick headed tribalists aka raw village pumpkin/malenga goons.
adios for now.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when I really believed that outfits like Jukwaa and company would evolve into East Africa's variations of Al Jazeera, google, and more, but all there is to show for so far is squandered opportunities, big time.

Anonymous said...

wonders will never cease?here you are also squandering opportunities with Jukwaa and company.birds of a feather au sio?anyway,thanks for the commentary its good to know you care

Anonymous said...

When a supposedly sane person writes in this blog that tribe is important, then I can see how backward Kenya is.

Mwarang'ethe said...

When a supposedly sane person writes in this blog that tribe is important, then I can see how backward Kenya is.

2/14/11 2:07 PM


Well, the issue is this. What is NATURAL and what is ARTIFICIAL?

We put to you that:

(a) the family clans, tribes are the NATURAL stuff, and

(b) it is the Kenyan STATE and the GOK which are ARTIFICIAL ugly CREATIONS.

In other words, we are striving in vain to vanguish that which is NATURAL in preference for that which is ARTIFICIAL and PARASITIC and which in the fullness of time, will wither just like all the ancient states.

Go to Athens, Rome, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, India, China, Africa and you will ruins of old states. They went down, but, the people of these areas remained in their clans and tribes.

You may decide to argue against what we say, or, you may think yourself very civilised, but, you are cheating yourself for you will be arguing against historical facts.

The Kenyan State and the GOK will in the fullness of time wither. Once it has followed the historical verdict, that which we are taught to despise, i.e. clans and tribes SHALL remain.

Just look at Somalia. The State and govt. have withered, but, the ancient clans of Somalis are still there, and they shall remain whether you like it or not.

Having said this, we only add this. The main challenge therefore, and which we have failed miserably, is how to construct governance systems in Africa, that take into account our clans and tribes and our ancient customs.

And, we have failed because, all our efforts, as we have been taught by our COLONIAL MASTERS, have aimed at denying the existence of clans and tribes.

Unfortunately, the only fruits we shall get is endless conflicts as we see in Sudan, Congo, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia etc.

Anonymous said...

Mwara' right on!

Anonymous said...

Just because someone has given an order that we should not think tribal in the next elections, people come here to call others backward tribalists.

Mwarengethe is right. The tribe has to somehow be recognised. I think he had suggested "Articles of the confederation of Kenyan tribes". Kibs has been accused of tribalism. And when rao gets to appoint who does he appoint? And who do the ministers appoint?

Every "kenyan" denies being tribal, but acts tribal. Of course actions speak louder than words. The law needs to allow us to act tribal and not be ashamed of it because we will be labelled backward. I dont have the details but I seem to recall the two main tribes of Belgium worked out such a constitution, although I understand they have currently been unable to form a gava for over 200 days.

Anonymous said...

Luo leaders can really be very stupid. They have barely finished fighting with Kalenjins before they pick a fight with the Merus. No wonder when their warlord, Raila, headed to Meru so seek votes not a single Meru leader (including his sidekick, Imanyara) turned up. Instead, Raila was seen roaming aboutlike a madman in the markets there introducing himself.

These Kavirondo Mafia must realize that there is a big difference between Luo Nyanza and the rest of Kenya.

Anonymous said...

The Luos have picked the wrong fight with the Meru people. And this is a fight they won't win.

Anonymous said...

So if someone comes across a CD/Tape with a Kenyan voice indication crimal intent they should never make the tape/cd public, lest you are told you are picking a fight with another tribe?

Kenyans are still very primitive if this is how we think.

If Muthaura had any conscience he would have resigned by now.

I can be this, come 2013, any senior gova official who does silly thinks like this will be forced to resign. But I must add a coheat to it. If the President is not among the known KKK architects.
Good day Kenya. We still have far, very very far to go before we can consider ourselves humans near any civility.

If criminals are advising a sitting president on who to choice to try them suspects! well where does this end? Chieves will be expeceted to head CBK I guest!
Good riddance. Kenya hii ni mchezo tupu. Can't wait to see the back of this Kibaki gova next year

Anonymous said...

Macharia Gaitho wrote.......
'But that still does not provide any excuse for the rather despicable tactic adopted by a clutch of ODM legislators who found the perfect opportunity to launch an offensive against Mr Muthaura.

It was joint coalition government whip Jakoyo Midiwo who gleefully distributed to the media the taped recording of Mr Muthaura’s conversation with his visitors. Mr Midiwo also, rather helpfully, provided a typed transcript of the discussion.

But then, not any cleverer than his target, the Chief Whip neglected to “synchronise” the voice recording with the transcript. To put it plainly, the transcript was doctored as it contained words not in the actual recording.

Mr Midiwo gave out a transcript that put invented words in Mr Muthaura’s mouth, the most damaging being that the public service boss instructed the police not to interfere with Mungiki gangs that were executing deadly revenge attacks during the post-election crisis.

I suppose that in politics there is nothing like foul play, but that faked transcript was like scoring an own goal. It proves Mr Muthaura’s contention of a doctored tape recording. It also has the effect of helping put the gloss over other objectionable or self-incriminating words that Mr Muthaura may have uttered.

Looks like he has a lot for which to be grateful to Mr Midiwo.'

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe. I dont know how old you are. Let me remind you that Europeans were chased away from Africa because of their racist mentality.

If you find racism good, then I understand your opinion towards tribalism.

I have very little respect for tribalists and racists.

Anonymous said...

When will Kenyans start their own revolution?
It's about time Kenyans dispose their current corrupt incomptent leaders, starting from Kibaki and Raila, PS, all the way down to local councillors!

But I fear Raila worshippers will start shouting " No Raila no Peace"

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarangethe. I dont know how old you are. Let me remind you that Europeans were chased away from Africa because of their racist mentality.

If you find racism good, then I understand your opinion towards tribalism.

I have very little respect for tribalists and racists.

2/15/11 6:20 AM


There you are. Recognition of tribes is not the same as being a tribalist.

In your world view, the problem is tribes and races. We reject such an assertion.

It is the artificial creations called STATES, which are the source of the mess we are in. However, since these STATES control education, they make sure these facts are never recognised.

Let us give an example. In the last few years, millions of Iraq's have been killed by the Americans.

This being the case, can you tell us that, the problem is due to American and Iraq races?

More so, was it the Rwandese common people who organised genocide, or the STATE?

Who organised mass muder during NAZI era? What about genocide in Cambodia? Who organised the Manchuria massacres during WW11? What about Armenian genocide? Who organised apartheid? All roads leads to the STATES and not tribes or races.

Let us get closer home. We read from history that, there was a Berlin Conference in 1884, which decided to enslave Africans. Did the white race attend the conference?

No, all we know is that, 14 countries were represented by plethora of ambassadors from Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden-Norway (unified from 1814-1905), Turkey, and the United States.

Thereafter, the Imperial British East Africa Company was granted Charter by Queen Victoria in 1888 so as to enslave Africans in East Africa.

If these are the facts, we ask thee, was it the:

(a) British race that founded colonialism which was founded on racism, or

(b) the Crown/State?

Did the masses in Britain benefit from this? Not really.

In other words, the problems we have in Kenya are not rooted in the existence of tribes, but, in the existence of a STATE which is constructed in defiance of NATURAL ORDER.

NB: Remember even in the Bible, we read about tribes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:41 PM
Why refer to the ongoing conflict between Waflander and Wallonia in a far away country when when we have our very own two "working tribes" next door in Rwanda?

And guess who was reponsible for the propagation the same in Rwanda?

Mmmmmmmmmm! The only country in the world that doesn't have a language nor speaks its own original language.


Anon 12:41 PM
Which is which?

1) Luo politicians having picked a fight with Meru politicians?

2) One politician who happens to be a Luo seems to have locked horns with one retiree, His Royal Highness, His Excellence, King of Kings, The Lion of Meruland and all the conquered neighbouring lands, King Mutha Ura VI?

3) Luo nation has picked a fight with a distant Meru nation from a very far away region of East Africa?

Q: How and where will the two mighty warrior nations engage each another in battle?

What other nation in their right mind will dare offer a suitable location for the two warring kingdoms to settle their overdue political scores in search of grassing rights?

LOL! Do you remember how the ancient battles between the Gala and Mbulu ended?

Needless to say the spoils of the thirt year battles were equally divided among the Maasai and Nandi communities.

After the Galla had retreated back to the north eastern region of Africa, while the Mbulu (Wairaqw) advanced southward after being granted safe passage on their way to a permanent exile, present day home.

As they, "please pass three debe of popcorn, so the rest of su can ejoy the unique wrestling matches from a safe distance."

Anonymous said...

Anon@8:41 am
Well said, 'wonders never cease' but at the same time, monumental opportunities do cease and can never be reclaimed if they are squandered.

We may be birds of a Kenyan feather from different generations, space and time, and it's for that very reason that some of us still care about familiar communication nests, harbs, estuaries and refuge like Jukwaa et al.

With all due respect, I don't think it's unfair to still habor high hopes and undiminished expectations to the point where Jukwaa and company should be running a daily or weekly or bi-weekly online publication, and let's not forget a radio station to go along with it at this juncture.

More is expected of those who have the courage, smarts, experience and motivation to challenge the status quo.

And yes! Some of us still care very much about Jukwaa and others, regardless of whether we shout or voice our unrealistic expectations from nearby kraals.

See you at the next _ _ _ conference.


King Nebuchadnezzar said...


Perhaps you should tell your wonderful countrymen that civilization started in Africa and to stop aping West!
Civilization started in ancient Kingdom of Kush (modern day Sudan) and spread further North to Egypt. This contrary to what Europeans has told you!
Kush or Cush which means dark people is mentioned 54 times in the Bible!
Moses' wife was a Cushites, a princess from the Kingdom of Cush (Nubian).

It's only when Africans disobeyed God almighty through idol worship they were forsaken by God and they begun to migrate further south to West Africa.
One of the oldest Church in the world is found in Africa – Ethiopia!

Anonymous said...

Some people never cease to surprise with their knowlegde borrowed from past political events!

TF, replacing the name '...*' with that of Mwai Kibaki in order to make a point might be a case of transient global amnesia in its early stages or plagiarism. Maybe one or the other. Who knows!

'...*' is a stiff-necked [bureaucrat] who believes in the old [Windsor Country Club] that considers itself Kenya's royalty and that is why he will continue to stick with his own kind after he's leaves of office, or after the factory closes down." - Rev Fr Dr Ndikaru Wa Teresia, September 14, 1992, during a Mass demonstration of 3000 people against KEL Chemical Factory in Thika.

Wonder who really needs a 'walking encylopedia dramatica' in an era ruled by smart phones and webtops?

Anonymous said...

anon 8:47 am
i thought that one of the oldest places of worship (mdc = modern day churches) were located on the slopes of mt. kenya, mt. meru, mt. longonot, mt. elgon and mt. kilambongo?

Anonymous said...

Ruto brigadegoes quite

-reality of ICC. He has to "report" by end Feb
-European and American stand on deferrals
-KKK has realized the folly of having Ruto in the group?
-Parliament committes are not playing games

Hii ni Kenya mpya

Anonymous said...


Bwana you have missed the point by far.

A racist/tribalist is one who uses his race/tribe e.g. to oppress or harm other races/tribes.

It is in Kenya where a gate Keeper asked me what I wanted in the Ministry of Works because it belongs to Kambas while I am a Teso.

You cant get a job in the ministry of Finance when you are a Luhya.

A senior minister says the Kenyan flag is nothing compared to her tribe.

The examples above tell you that Kenyans are playing the tribalism game to discriminate others and go far to insult the nation, like the minister did.

Having 42 tribes is a gift of a nation because of the cultural varieties. I am proud of that. But many of us are blind or to say so stupid to recognise that.

Anonymous said...

Mwara' your arguments are really sound! Wtf are you on today 'real opium' perhaps?

Anonymous said...

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