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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ruto and Uhuru Tops The Hague's Gang of Six

Ocampo has miserably failed the REGIONAL BALANCING test, LOL. And President Kibaki has subsequently called Kenyans' bluff that Uhuru and Muthaura are innocent till proved guilty, so no RESIGNATION, period. These two are special breed and we must not use same political lens applied to Ruto and Wetangula. This is Kenya, MTADO?

Luis Moreno Ocampo has lived to his promise and he has delivered emphatically. The Hague's gang of six have been named as William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta, Francis Muthaura, Gen (Rtd) Hussein Ali, Henry Kosgey and one radio executive Joshua Arap Sang.

PS Muthaura MUST be the most surprised, but is he? Well, when you coordinate government operations like a governor, the buck stops with you, PERIOD. Ex-police boss Ali couldn't escape either given the number of people shot from behind.

As for Ruto, he saw it coming and has been working himself into lather to remain afloat. Not even a winter visit to The Hague could save the warrior. There is no love lost between Bill and Moreno. Jomo Jnr. meanwhile chose to take it cool but set his foot soldiers on the war path to no success. Henry Koskey and radio journalist completes the infamous list of cargo destined to The Hague.

The die is cast and Kenyan politics WILL NEVER be the same again. The faithful Diaspora can wax patriotic extolling their village virtues but that won't wash. The Hague Express has completed her first trip and let the political temperature sour.

Meanwhile the named suspects finds themselves in very strange territories. Ocampo has outlined very stringent conditions and they dare break them at their own peril. No more empty threats, LET JUSTICE PREVAIL.

Chris is preparing a major analysis on this major event which will appear here later today. See his brief initial comment on this.


Anonymous said...

Good for them!!

Anonymous said...

I think the list is not complete! I think it polarises the country even more and I think the country is more at the brim of more violece now than in 2007. There are major masterminds that have not been mentioned and I think it is now an alliance of the "fighters" versus them especially on the political alliances now being established. I think Ocampo and the ICC are not doing anything to ensure peace in the country as much as they seek to pursue justice for the affected.

deroo said...


The MOST STUPID ever Prosecution statement. Who attacked the ones in Mombasa, Kisumu, Kakamega, Busia and Nairobi?

Anyway, if you meet Phil, tell him that 2012 is so far away. It might be 2090 as predicted!

ODMERs, Where did you get the names that you have been repeating daily...Michuki, Karume and others (including Balala, until he went back to Raila?)

deroo said...

Anon, PEACE?, he has polarised teh country so much and look at the people bearing the brunt of bad publicity. Foot soldiers for the big two. Henry Kosgey, he of AKWAMBO 2012 ropped in another one. Why? Fighting for his party leader.

Sue said...

Where is kivuitu, the one who said he does not know the winner. Bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

To be NAMED is good enough.

Kibaki should thank god that he entrusts ALL powers to Muthaura. Otherwise,we fell short of the commander In chief of the security forces.Or is he trying to tell kikuyus that he's trying for Uhuru?.He was alone and not the kikuyu tribe.
Just remember all those victims would curse anybody against Ocampo's tide.

deroo said...


See you another time.

Anonymous said...

Very very disturbing. Are we all living in the same country? We all saw what happened so why the selectiveness? Pure bull!

Sam Ochola said...

I don't buy this ICC list. It is half-baked truth. I have no love lost for William Ruto and his latest politics but as an ODM sympathyzer, I smell coffee in this latest ICC initiative. This this is not worth pursuing..It is a trap that could inadvently boomerang on Raila Odinga's path in 2012.
Chief culprit of PEV was incumbent Pres Mwai Kibaki; who stole elections in broad-daylight and unleashed police brutality to thousands of unharmed protesters in the ODM strongholds.I expected the likes of Mbugua, the commander of the ethnic millitia disguised as police (AP)to be listed; the Michukis, Evans Gicheru, Kivuitu and all those who raped Kenya's democrasy on Dec 2007 and afterwards.
I do not buy the notion that any ODM politician (Ruto & Kosgey) or a mere mortal journalist like Sang be held for Hague. ALL reactions from Kalenjin Rift-valley was necessitated by resisting stolen election. They did it for RAO. If Ocampo has no guts to go after Kibaki's real henchmen in PEV, let him shut the f**k and leave us alone. I see vile opportunists like Kalonzo celebrating at the lastest news. They will roam the country inciting "victimised" ethnic blocks against ODM.I want to see a united Kenya. I say NO to Ocampo on the list.

Anonymous said...

This list is incomplete. Expect other warrants to be issued once the trials begin. Atleast one of the principals should have been roped in. They could have escaped this time but time will tell if the already roped will keep mum forever.
Atleast one thing is clear kenya is changing, unfortunately though it had to come from without. Lasting changes should be born within for them to be effective and be felt.
Go ocampo

Mwarang'ethe said...

With their lips plastered with words such as civilising and christianising Africans/the rest of the world, they declared merciless war on mankind.

In the 20th/21st Century, now with their whore like lips plastered with sweet words like human rights, justice and democracy, they have declared merciless war against mankind.

To hide their war on mankind (3rd world), they form and direct so called "independent" "international" bodies as a means of pursuing their wars on mandkind.

In other words, since direct rule is obvious, they now pursue their war using the so called "international" bodies, which they proclaim to be "independent" to legitimitise their satanic war against mankind.

deroo said...

Sorry Mwarangethe,

I was to sty away. WHAT HAVE YOU SAID or WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I cant get my way round the post you have just left above. Can you say it KINAGA UBAGA? Waiting...

Anonymous said...

Ocampo, sorry, Odinga should feature ahead of so many others in the list. He was the genesis of all the tribal hatred and some of his speeches fanning tribal animosity are in the open, including his questionable and openly biased and tribal and reaction to the Kiambaa burning in a BBC interview that is still available on youtube (which justified the attacks). It is all political and Ocampo began seeking political convenience by meeting Raila and Kibaki even before he commenced his investigation to request their support, yet they were part if the violence. He was seeking the smaller fish he could handle, which required the support of the big two, but has no balls to handle the big two. Biased justice is worse than no justice at all

Meerkat Manor said...

How can somebody say Kiviutu?

Since when did annoucing the result of an election became a crime against humanity?
Hallo Sue....)))))))

Ujinga tupu!

Anonymous said...


Naming RAO in all these makes you very happy. HE IS AN INNOCENT MAN. Ocampo knows that well. Let everyone carry their cross.

For Kiviutu, how dare he says he does not know the winner? That is incitement he should be on the list. Assume he was the referee in a football match and he says that he is not sure of the results, the fans will kill each other and he will be lucky to escape their wrath.

Anonymous said...

Some names that should be bound for the ICC are missing from the Ocampo list of The Hague's Gang of Six.

The ICC's list should have been expanded to include a gang of twelve rather than the current gang of six.

As someone has mentioned, the name Mbugua, the adminstration police commandant who has a great difficulty prouncing the words 'integrity' and 'justice' is missing from Ocampo's list.

Including Iteere, the former commandant of the notorious General Service Unit whose members were responsible for some of the brutality, rapes and killings.

Others include the provincial police officers incharge of Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley, who were responsible for the official negligence.

Desperate lack of police presence was very evident. There was no police protection or escort for civilians and wounded victims who needed immediate emmergency assistant.

The women, children and the elderly bore the brunt of the ethnic backlash and violence than ensued.

There was no one there to defend those who could not defend themselves.

So many desperate Kenyans, at the time, like Uhuru Kenyatta tried to did what any concerned citizens should have done [after the government's massive failure of protecting its citizens].

Which was to find ways and means to counter the oncoming waves of onslaught that were being directed and carried out around the country by murderous rogues and youth gangs involved in marauding mayhem targeted against fleeing individuals as well as whole communities that had been violently uprooted from their homes.

Was trouble expected after once the elections results were announced?

OF COURSE NOT! Because majority of the electorate and people expected the government at the time to be voted out by what was thought to be popular demand by the majority in some regions of the country.

The names Henry Kosgey and Joshua arap Sang came as no surprise because they have been the masterminds behind other ethnic clashes ("cleansing") dating back to the early 1980s.

BTW, ODM has two other notorious cabinet ministres who are heavily tainted by the blood of innocent victims of PEV.

They too should be on ICC's next list, and Odinga Raila should distance himself from them or else the become a political liability and PEV baggage in 2012.

Anonymous said...

What a shame Ocampo did not name everyone who should be on that list. That is the problem with these chinese whispers

Anonymous said...

How could this Ocampo man leave raira out of this list. Raira organised for police to kill luos in Kisumu so that he could take all the lands there.
I CAN HEAR SOME people talking like that in a Karumaindo pub.

Anonymous said...

"[____] is arguably Kenya's most divisive political figure, widely accused of instigating violence but revered as a hero within his ethnic community, the [____]"

Mwarang'ethe said...

deroo said...
Sorry Mwarangethe,

I was to sty away. WHAT HAVE YOU SAID or WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I cant get my way round the post you have just left above. Can you say it KINAGA UBAGA? Waiting...

12/15/10 5:05 AM


Very few people seem to understand the ECONOMIC basis of POLITICS.

It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to understand politics, without an adequate appreciation of the underlying economics.

Please, watch this, part 1 - 4:

Do we agree with all that he did? No.


Thereafter, just caring for the message, and not who is speaking, watch this:

And, then, this:

Good viewing.

Anonymous said...

John Michuki has said... "Ocampo acted politically and thus Kenya has every right to act politically". Can the loyal tribal diaspora shed more light on this statement, inluding Mwarangethe with his whore mouth.

Anonymous said...

Come off your destructive delusion of YouTube and be real. You only delude yourself with serial web refrences and nothing of your own. Kwani your head only exists to separate the ears? Plagiarism never made an intellectual and if someone told you YouTube an web reference makes you sound intelligent then please ask for refund.

Enough of your mumbo jumbo. Please stay relevant with the present post and save us your skewed and misplace economic theories. STOP!

Anonymous said...

Dear kenyans, this is the time for sobber minds. These named people are not guilty till proven so by ICC.
But as is the case they have to resign their government position. That is what the constitution says. that is why Ruto and Weta are suspended. So Uhuru, Koskey, Muthaura eta al must resign. Whatever Kibs says is contradiction.
Why did he accept Ruto and Weta to step aside and not UK and Muthaura?
Impunity and nepotism it seems to me.

deroo said...


It is not about economics, politics or otherwise. It is about your umpteenth references that do not give clear directions. Google,copy PASTE

Your intoxicating references to the web and Youtube on anything and everything SUCKS at times. I have no beef with you, but, for matters Kenya at the moment, we are talking about group being mentioned in court. Denials and counter-denials and the obvious disappearance of Phil.

The addition of Muthaura and his consistent COLDWAR with the PM speaks volumes and the inclusion of a reporter who organised the clashes baffles as much as it annoys.

Forget about lectures this time round. Things are not as they seem for starters. Dreams shattered, mandazi businesses opening up alongside Nyatanga hairdressers in Kibera, and further questions why the violence against other tribes in Kibera dont warrant Ocampo's attention.

The MAGEUZI Report by Hassan Omar has killed someone's smooth saunter to State House.

Anonymous said...


Some senior police officers who are still on the force should have been fired, kicked out of their assignments, and others forced into early retirement by now, as one of the many steps in overhauling the police force.


The rank and file police officers were not in control of their respective regions and the nations police chief was not in command of the force and the chaotic situations after the 2007 elections.

There was absolute failure in communications and command.

Delay and oversight were the major obstacles to restoring law and order in various affected regions around the country.

The overdue police reform business has not taken place and it doesn't seem as if it is going to happen any time soon

What the country has in form of the top brass is nothing but the same old police game with same old senior police players doing their old time synchronized "Kiganjo Dance" inform of promotional musical chairs assigned to a select few in every province (region).

As of December 15, 2010, the Kenya police froce doesn't have any contingency plans in place to deter and contain any future regional or nationwide outbreaks of ethnic and political violence.

The current "Manual of the Kenya Police" has not changed much. The policies, procedures, and rules pertaining to the force's MOD is still as old (archaic) as the one that was inheritated by Bernard Hinga.

So far, all orders and other regulations which are still in conflict with the post 1972 Kenya, let alone the new Constitution, have not been revoked in order to reflect a police force that's professinally equiped to function and operat in accordance the current times.

All regions of the Kenyans, including all of its citizens deserves a police force that is not only well trained but a professional force that is prepared and well versed in how to conduct itself and above all rapidly respond and adjust to situations and whatever circumstances as they arise in and around their respective regions.

The police force is the first line of defense in any given situations, while the paramilitary units are the last resort in cases where incidences have gotten out of control or deteriorated beyond their local police capabilities, as is it sometimes happens in the far eastern and north eastern regions of the country.


Mwarang'ethe said...

Deroo wrote

I have no beef with you, but, for matters Kenya at the moment, we are talking about group being mentioned in court. Denials and counter-denials and the obvious disappearance of Phil.


It is not that we are not aware of some people being mentioned in a so called court. But, we are also aware of Pavlov dog syndrome.

Yes, we can discuss to the end of the times (what the masters want us to discuss) how UK, Uhuru etc have been indicted as if we are Pavlov dogs, but, that will CHANGE NOTHING in Kenya.

For you, the whole thing is about Raila. Thats good for you if your hate for Raila gives you the DAILY BREAD, fine brother.

For us, we are not here to discuss and REJOICE cos your "enemies" or, rather, the enemies of your BOSS, have been caught. We discuss the REAL ISSUES and not personal matters.

As such, we prefer to deal with the UNDERLYING CAUSES of the violence, and not the SYMPTOMS.

As concerns references, we are aware of this. We have two types of refences:

(a) books, we can add web these days, and

(b) ignorance.

If you think (a) sucks, no problem, continue relying on (b) which does not suck.

Anonymous said...

where is Anyang Nyongo who called for mass action against innocent Kenyans-by the way how come that all the guyz implicated are non political allies of Raila.i am now awaiting the synovate opinion polls showing raila on the 'big lead'-RAILA WE KNOW YOUR POLITICAL GIMMICKS ,WE HOPE YOU WILL TRY SOMETHING NEW THIS TIME ROUND

Anonymous said...

raila,forget 2012 presidency-we are ready for kkk presidential nominee

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