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Thursday, May 27, 2010


By Mwarang'ethe

Recently, Chris wrote this. “One of the few things that Kenyans already knew about Mwai Kibaki early on and had known for decades was the fact that he was a brilliant scholar. Of that there is no doubt. ...” See his piece here. Chris is in good company in perpetuation of this myth. Read any mainstream media and you will find the same stuff. In view of this, we think that, time has come to demonstrate with irrefutable with facts that, the idea that, Kibaki is a “brilliant economics scholar” amounts to nothing but, feeding an ignorant nation with cow dung mixed with saccharin. We shall use Kibaki’s government (which includes Raila, Kalonzo, Uhuru etc) statistics to demolish this trash once and for all.

Let us first note this. In 1991, a committee from the American Economic Association noted that universities have been producing “WELL EDUCATED IDIOT ECONOMISTS.” It added that graduate programmes in economics may be turning out a generation of too many IDIOTS SERVANTS, skilled in technique but innocent in REAL ECONOMIC ISSUES. According to the report, one unnamed “leading” university graduate students could not figure out why barbers’ wages have risen over time, but, they could easily solve a two sector general equilibrium model with disembodied technical progress in one sector. Source: Report on the Commission on Graduate Education in Economics in Journal of Economic Literature, September 1991, page 1044-5.

Economic development (wealth creation) is about aligning the public interests of a nation with the private interests of the capitalists. However, the failure of standard economics since 1945 which men like Kibaki are schooled in, has led to a catastrophic failure in understanding the essence of colonialism. The essence of colonialism was and is to prevent colonies from developing manufacturing industries which are subject to INCREASING RETURNS. Having prevented development of industrial sector which are the source of HIGHER WAGES, and sources of high growth potential, they then, fasten on us the Malthusian activities which are subject to DIMINISHING RETURNS.

To fasten this yoke of slavery on us, they use “brilliant” economists like Kibaki. Let us now factor statistics from Kenya Monthly Economic Review, February 2010 issued by another “brilliant” economist calling himself Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya. The report is found here.

Inflation Statistics

Let us bear in mind this. Inflation is LOSS OF PURCHASING POWER. Bearing this in mind, let us now turn to page 7 -8 of this report (we were unable to lift the graphs). On these pages, we have statistics on loss of purchasing power for the previous 12 month for each of the three income groups in Nairobi. We expect the same trend all over the nation. As we go forward, let us bear in mind that, these inflation figures are a falsification of Kibaki/Raila government and the real inflation figures are over 20%. We demonstrated this in the article: EPZs and Modern Slavery: Who Shall Tell Wanjiku the Ugly Truth?.

Now, according to this report, for the previous 12 months, the lower income group (hoi polloi in Korogocho and Kibera) lost their purchasing power by 6.2%, for the middle income, by 3% and the upper income group, by 5.6%. Mark you, the low income group is on fixed incomes. Thus, under Kibaki and Raila’s government, the POOREST and the most vulnerable Kenyans lost more purchasing power than the middle class and the super rich. If you turn to page 9 of this report, you will see that, food prices were second to Tusker and Sportman in price increment. Ironically and tragically, it was the food’s component in the inflation “basket” that, this government has reduced so as to calculate inflation in accordance with “international standards” as if people of Kibera eat as per international standards, whatever that means. Is this how a “brilliant” economist runs a nation? How can a man who runs a government that subjugates the poorest due to its monetary and energy policies be termed as a brilliant scholar? We ask scholar of what?

Leaving all the bull shit in this report, let us now jump to page 12. Therein, we find what the gods of money under the leadership of our “brilliant scholar” does with our money. The first thing to note is that, trade (read imports) was given Ksh 28 billion so as to import used women under wears. The second highest recipient of our credit is private households to buy imported mobile phones, TVs and beds with Ksh 28 billion. The third beneficiary of our credit is consumer durables which received Ksh 18 billion. We need to note that, these debts on households are a direct result of low wages which force Kenyans to become serfs of the banks. Thereafter, we find land speculators were given Ksh 15 billion. Jumping all the other lucky sectors of our wonderful economy under a “brilliant scholar,” we manage to locate what should have been at the top, i.e. manufacturing and agriculture. We are told every independence day that, agriculture is the main stare of our economy at 23.4% of our GDP. However, we see that, this crucial sector received only Ksh 3.3. Billion. When you add the miserable Ksh 4.8 billion the manufacturing sector received, we see that, the two MOST critical sectors of our economy received only Ksh 8 billion. Brilliant!

On page 16, we find something about major crops such as horticulture, coffee, sugarcane and milk. We may note that, apart from sugar and milk (if not spoilt) which we consume locally, our tea, coffee, flowers, fruits and vegetables are in most cases meant for export so as to raise dollars for our debts which we are taking to build toilets. From these facts, we can see that, under Mr Kibaki, we dedicate much of our credit to consumption of imported stuff for consumption as well. And, even when we give some credit to our most vital industry, i.e. agriculture, we dedicate that credit to export stuff like flowers. Genius!

In very simple words, under the guidance of our “brilliant scholar,” who has been with us since 1963, Kenya is now locked into comparative advantage in economic activities subject to DIMINISHING RETURNS given that, land supply is fixed. A combination of population growth due to improved hygiene, vaccines etc, and diminishing return activities means that, our efforts are yielding less and less as our specialisation deepens. As we sink deeper into poverty thereof, many Kenyans, just to survive must go back to the nature to eke a living. In this we see the real cause of the ongoing destruction of our fragile environment, such as Mau forest is not greed, but, survival. Although destruction of our environment is in search of individual survival, it eventually becomes a collective destruction. From this standpoint, we hope the stupidity of Mau and other forests reclamation becomes obvious without a change of our economic structure.

Apart from the diminishing returns curse, we are also faced with PERFECT COMPETITION situation for all 3rd world governments sell same stuff. Under perfect competition conditions, there is no profit, i.e. the economic surplus necessary for future investments. This also translates to LOW WAGES and low taxes for the government. We dealt with this matter in the article: Even Dead Fish Goes with the Flow

Another tragedy we face is PRICE VOLATILITY of our products. By relying on flower, tea, coffee exports, it means that, our national wage levels and the level of economic activities tends to fluctuate with the world market of these exports. This means that, our wages are always reversible with very serious consequences.

Thus, under Kibaki’s watch, we are now locked into a double trap of resource curse. Even if we improve our tapping of the natural resources, it only leads to more disaster. As an example, improved fishing methods in Lake Victoria only leads to faster depletion of the fish stocks. Even if we introduce technical innovations like tea harvesting machines that Atwoli hates so much, the increasing returns part comes embedded in the machines we import and not as a result of knowledge created locally. As a result, there are few spills over effects to the rest of the economy from knowledge created in a resources based economy. Such an economy can only bring about zero sum game society of static rent seekers, i.e. land grabbers and stealing of aids. Such a nation is on the way to failure because such habits bring about feudal patterns of political and socio – economical behaviour as we see today in Kenya.

If we are not dealing with these Malthisian activities, we are busy building “special” EPZs, i.e. more slavery wage system as we documented in EPZs and Modern Slavery cited above. In these EPZs, we specialise in manufacturing low end activities which the developed nations outsource when they become subject to PERFECT COMPETITION. As a result, we specialise in areas subject to negative returns and have little scope of learning. We ask again, how does a man who has contributed so much to locking a defeated and vanquished nation to such a weird economic system, be called brilliant?

Instead of trapping Kenyans this way, if Kibaki was really brilliant as we are told, he could have come up with enlightened policies to move the nation to what Michael Porter calls created comparative advantage in activities not subject to diminishing returns, i.e. manufacturing activities. With industrial development, we would be able to develop our agricultural sector because, without a fully functioning industrial system, agricultural developments are impossible. More so, for those who tell us that, we can specialise in the in the services sector, we ask, services to serve who? Specialised services can only exist to serve high tech manufacturing and agricultural sectors of an economy.

By moving the nation towards manufacturing, he would have moved our economy to the economic activities subject to: (a) increasing returns, (b) imperfect competition, i.e. innovation rents, (c) large scale for learning and (d) technical changer. It is precisely these activities; colonialism was and is established to derail. To achieve these satanic aims, they use “brilliant economists” like Kibaki and the control of the “independent” central bank. It is precisely for these reasons; we have said so many times on this blog that, the so called “independence” of the central bank in our “new constitution” is the most dangerous clause and is treason.

However, since Kenyans rely on their “brilliant” economists like Kibaki, they ask, why are you talking about money all the time? We do so, because, money is the blood of the economy and if you take over the heart, i.e. the central bank, you will control the “blood flow” for personal as opposed to public interest. By controlling our “blood flow,” you can kill us any time you want by refusing to “pump enough blood” unless you are paid a tribute just when we are “running Boston Marathon and precisely when we need a lot of oxygen and maximum concentration to win” or you might just create unnecessary poverty to humiliate us by “releasing blood” when you want and reducing it whenever you fancy just to satisfy your satanic instincts of power and domination of other men, a characteristic of vipers and thieves.

In other words, to those who think we can reform our nation without reforming the monetary system, we say like Jesus, may the Lord forgive thee, for you do not know what you are talking about. A sound monetary system provides a basis for the people, NOT our private bankers and NOT our government, to control the very value of the money in our monetary system. This is why sound money is of such utter importance. Sound money means money will not be created as debt as it is today. We must say ENOUGH of this slavery.

As a matter of urgency, Kenyan needs well thought laws (not this draft constitution please) and policies to redirect our credit from imports and useless consumption to MANUFACTURING and AGRICULTURE so as to create the needed synergy for wealth creation. Instead of Kenyans doing this, they come up with weird ideas of CDF with borrowed money while accepting colonial welfare in the name of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). What developments are mad men like Sachs talking about when we are directing all our credit to imports, i.e. creation of jobs and wealth to foreigners? In simple words, the vicious circle of NO PURCHASING POWER and NO PRODUCTIVE POWER must be broken. Not by CDF, MDG’s, or “Vision” 2030 which has only managed to increase policemen, i.e. brutality as we hear here, or the so called socio – economic human rights, but a complete restructuring of our economy. Anything else is word play, disguise, deception, deliberate use of nonsense and absurdity to distract the masses.

To break this vicious circle, we need leaders (Jeremiah 5: 1) who can see Kenyan as an entrepreneur organisation. In other words, leaders keenly aware of the need to restructure the country as a collection of resources which includes capital/money, people and productive assets and more so, able to regularly identify new and additional combinations of these resources based on a network of relations, information with the objective of sharing economic growth at all levels. This must be so because; there is a relation between economic structure and the political stability and peace or instability and armed strife.

That’s why we find in the Bible these words. “And the land was not able to bear/support them that they may dwell together.” Genesis 13:6. If they had machines in those days, the land would have been sufficient for their families. Thus, in the Bible, we read about one of the most important economic laws, i.e. DIMINISHING RETURNS and its corrosive effect on human relations. The only way of ensuring that, this law does not destroy a nation is to industrialise because this creates higher dynamic rents for future investments in research and knowledge acquisition for the capitalists, higher wages for labour and higher taxes for the government. And more so, industrialisation increases the carrying capacity of a nation as we see in Holland etc.

However, our “brilliant economists” in the 21st Century cannot understand what was known during the Renaissance Era. Now, if this is the case, would one dispute if we said Kibaki is not a brilliant economist as we have been told, but, he is just another “WELL EDUCATED IDIOT ECONOMIST,” or just another IDIOT SAVANT, skilled in technique but innocent in REAL ECONOMIC ISSUES?


Anonymous said...

What utter nonsense. Kibaki's results speak for themselves and now that he and Raila are on the same page, Kenya is due for a turbocharged growth.

Fact: Kenya economy rebounded to record highs with Kibaki in charge.

Fact: Kenya's reliance on donors reduced to an all time low when Kibaki took charge.

Fact: Kibaki saw how donors were screwing Kenya and he fixed it by talking to china.

Kibaki is a lousy politican but when it comes to economics (esp. Capitalism), he's like fish in water: Completely at home!

I think Kibaki and Raila will do great things for Kenya and Kenyans before 2012. They will be remembered as great leaders who led us to the 2nd Independence. Economic independence.

Yes! Katiba Sasa Hivi.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know how brilliant Kibaki is then just compare him with your uncle who is his agemate.

You do try too hard to trash everything in your delusion that you know all. Well, watch out lest your ego bursts.

Wewe pumbaff sana, mavi ya ...

JEFF said...


Why we will never industrialise.

1. Education system geared towards white collar jobs, where students are 'taught' how to cram and duplicate what is crammed in exams. No creativity here. Furthermore almost 50 years after independence we still rely on mzungu theories and textbooks.

2. Absence of credit. Listen to the few African entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses (and are not politically connected). The story is the same. Great idea. Business plan and all. Visit bank manager. The idea is 'appreciated' BUT according to the bank manager, he/she has no 'experience' in that type of business. No loan. They normally have to start low with personal savings and borrowings from friends. Of course the said bank is a mzungu bank.

3. Africans preference for what is imported to what is local. Not just goods but also ideas. Listen to Bitange Ndemo, the P.S. for Information "....we do not have competition lawyers in Kenya....we have to engage a consultant from U.S.A....." to sort out regulations for phone operators. With few or no local consumers, who dares manufacture anything?

Anonymous said...

ok bwana mwara wa ngethe, now write another essay capturing the good that kibaki has done economically. but really shouldn't we be focussing on those who have held finance docket since 2003 instead of good old mwai wa kibaki? the likes of kimunya who sold grand regency at night and that party animal called uhuru?

Anonymous said...


Good Article Phil, you have related key points of the suffering of kenyans with figures and statistics to back it up as a direct result of Kibakis Economic policies.

Someone ( Like the guy who commented immediately after you with more Kenya-politico BS!) who has Kibakis Economics parlayed into the slums and reduced the cost of living for the avaerage kenya.?

Mr when you say the kenyan economy rebounded to all time highs where are the figures ? in what sectors? where was the overflow of this rebound to the average kenyan?

Talking to China is just as Bad cause they are buying into Kenya so much more then average Kenyans can do that come 2012 when Kibaki retires alot of kenya wont be ours anymore (ours' meaning average kenyan citizen)

Case in point Uhuru Highway going to the airport. There's a certain structure that is supposed to bear the names of both Kenya and the partner country, but our country name comes second and is truncated to Ken or something like that, in our own country?

I repeat "
our country name comes second and is truncated to Ken or something like that, in our own country?"

alot of the positive accomplishments of the government are not due to Kibaki but the dedication of certain individuals them selves.

Michuki reformed the transport industry so greatly cause he was out there in the streets making sure new safety codes policies and conduct were applied and adhered too. I didnt see Kibaki or Raila do anysuch thing ? What happened to Kibaki's promise of a new constitution? Raila's cheap housing project for slum dwellers ?

You can bet if Michuki was in Kibakis place in the above case in point, I mentioned Kenya's name and her citizens would never have come second or been truncated in thier own country.
Please answer how Raila and Kibaki addressed this?

Explain how they are leading the average kenyan to Economic independence ? facts figures dates and results please, no Kalozo-like Verbosity (pretty talk without substance)


Philip said...

There are two stories that I have read today in Nation newspaper in the links below:


One is about plan to introduce a minimum qualification of a degree in order for one to get a job, while the other is a commentary warning Kenya that Tanzania will soon catch up with us and overtake us.

Both were appalling to me especially to hear that Kenya is importing majorly food products from Tanzania, live alone importing coffee and maize from other countries.

The times I've flown I always look down and after one has left the area surrounding Ngong Hills there is a vast track of desolate and idle land all the way until Naivasha then followed by another one until Nakuru areas, then after passing Mau areas there is another one all the way to Kisumu. I've been to Ukambani and there is a big chunk of idle land some adjacent to Athi River.

The question is, what is lacking that we are forced to import food products, both raw and refined, yet we have huge chunks of idle land?

The matter becomes worse when you realise that a company called Dominion is making huge profits of of land surrounding Lake Kanyaboli in Siaya area, Nyanza Province. It becomes worse when you realise, which I'm not sure if it's happening in Kenya, that nearly land as big as United Kingdom, in Ethiopia has been leased to Middle East and Asian countries, who are producing crops and exporting to their countries, in a country where malnutrition is a norm. There was a time there were rumours that Taiwan also wanted to have some piece of Northern Eastern.

Universities are being opened everywhere but unfortunately nowadays it's all about them making money rather than disseminating the right knowledge to the students. The important units I did at the university which I'm applying in my profession are less than 10% of the total I did. This mean that though my education was important there was a wastage of over 90% in time and resources for me and the lecturers.

All in all let kudos go to the right person because Kibaki was better than Moi and the Proposed constitution is better than the current constitution.

I wish Mwarangethe you should start now concentrating in implementation of your ideas through looking at the proposed constitution (assuming it will pass) and seeing what will be of benefit to some of your ideas and what steps you can take. Okay if you are against it, and if the proposed constitution is rejected, then look at the current and see the benefits you'll gain in implementing your ideas using it.

But note that the reality is that there are only two options for your ideas because of vested interest by several people championing for it and against it which aren't at all close to the reasons you are against it. When it's rejected they'll still not listen to you, either because they don't understand or because it will bring more fear to them. That's why a little step becomes important.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why anyone fails to see the truth Mwarangethe has written. The point is that Kibaki has performed below average. Elsewhere, an analysis by one Linas Gitahi in the DN seems to support this. It seems, as the article asserts, Tanzania is fast overtaking Kenya economically. Indeed it is safe to conclude that most countries in this region will be ahead of us by the time Kibaki quits in 2012; including the landlocked UG.If interested you can read Gitahi's article here

Anonymous said...

Time for a big YAWN and the SKIP button.Anyone stupid enough to talk to himself in an empty room soon realises the futility of his actions...,unless of course that person is a raving lunatic..!

Mwarang'ethe said...

All in all let kudos go to the right person because Kibaki was better than Moi and the Proposed constitution is better than the current constitution.

I wish Mwarangethe you should start now concentrating in implementation of your ideas.


Let us be guided by reason and not passion. All that this draft has done is to create BIG government and nothing can be implemented as we propose under this draft.

More so, the creation of big govt. is a well designed plan which many Kenyans do not understand because schools have been captured. When they realise, it shall be too late.

A few days we mentioned something about LSE. In the same manner, who founded/funded the Chicago University whose economists have been at the forefront of monetarism starting with bloody coup in Chile in 1973?

To mention a few stuff:

(a)How does granting BP, Shell and Blackwater (concentration of wealth & power in few hands) constitutional rights which is sheer madness become better than what we have?

Since when did a constitution become a question of corporations which are blood thirsty vampires?

This is constitutionalisation of industrial feudalism and must not be accepted in the guise of urgency. Who taught these COE such dangerous fascistic ideas?

(b) How does implementation of international law without our input sound better than what we have?

(c) How does equalization of fortune in terms of land sound better than what we have? As we have noted before, a constitution must be based on TOTAL HUMAN history and not mere fantasy.

For instance, when you are born in a community, you are taught which trees are poisonous and the one you can eat. Imagine if every generation was to learn this by experimenting? In like manner, we must write a constitution by studying carefully human history from the ancient times to present.

And, for all these institutions, we have experts from around the world who can be called upon. Why are we not doing this? Because, we are in a hurry. To go where?

(d) How does perpetuation of a monetary system that is specifically designed to perpetuate slavery sound better than what we have?

In a nutshell, and with due respect, we are just recreating the treadmill economy. And, when this "new constitution" fails to deliver as it will, the poor will lose all the faith and hope. That should be our concern.

A sound constitution must be drafted while considering some poisonous feudalistic medicine injected into the modern states:

(a) Privatisation of social rents which was "started" by English Crown in the 16th Century when they took land from the Monastries.

(b) Socialization/communisation of private property/wealth, i.e. wages/incomes via incomes taxes, VAT, road tolls etc by socialists/communists in the last 200 years. They may not call themselves communists, but, they are for actions speak louder than words.

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Anonymous said...

To all the idiots saying that Tanzania is fast overtaking Kenya....that's what you'll always be. I am in Tanzania right now and the only thing i see is a mass of wasted, underutilized land, very idle and which so-called foreign investors are busy 'grabbing' with the aid of those in charge and poverty-stricken locals. I also see an economic system that is ran by non-Tanzanians and driven by donor money. Is that what you call 'development'? Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe's ideas are nothing but, worse still, they lack internal consistence. Nonetheless, we must defend his right to hot air and bla-bla.

Anonymous said...

Mwarangethe has some good ideas that need to be discussed objectively
That perhaps kibaki appeared better because Moi was worse economically speaking.
The crux of the matter is, are our economic policies geared towards industrilisation or are they geared towards providing raw materials for western industries? The former would lead to wealth creation and jobs and the latter to poverty. Unfortunately our policies seem to be directing us towards poverty.

Anonymous said...

You ignore these facts at your own peril. The starting point is our education system which is rotten to the core. We completely lack innovative ideas and depend solely on imported stuff that we consume like there is no tomorrow. How I wished we could start by gearing our production to the local and regional markets and not waste time exporting flowers at the expense of our own habitat and future generations. I cannot blame kibaki alone but kenyan past and present leaders are together in this.
And to make any headway we all have to change our ways of thinking too. But going by the comments on this post we still have a long way. If one can claim "going to beg in china is better economics" God help kenya. Begging is begging wherever you do it!!!

mm said...

There is substance in your article, but the attack on Kibaki is unwarranted (Raila's is)...Since Kibaki took over, he has sucessfully weaned the country off 'aid' and has tried to build the economy from nothing (what M-1 left him) to 7% growth (10% if it wasnt for Raila). A feat that Mwarang'ethe may find is more difficult that posting thoughts on some blog.

Kibaki is a great MACRO-economist (which is still 'real' economics), he can manage the economy from the top, kind of like an overseer, however he fails when it comes to what I like to call 'nationalist' economics, which is to create an economy that is for 'us' ie. growing enough food for the nation and exporting the surplus compared to growing flowers to export and importing maize(Afgri), etc...he fails. But he is a brilliant economist, just because Einstein was unable to create a time machine doesn't make him any less of a great scientist.

One another note, 'international law' should never be part of any constitution, how can the government enforce laws that were not passed by Kenyans...the COE has no idea what they are doing. And those Kadhi's...I have nothing against muslims but why should I have to pay for their courts if I will never be tried by them, let them pay for their sh*t just like the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

I think Muslims are broke thats why they want Kenyans to pay for their courts. They should call us for harambees should the draft fail.

Taabu said...

Spot on. But come to think of it a fool makes an average mind appear genius. Anybody succeeding Bush had to look smart (though present POTUS is a smart one no doubt). Similarly Mo1 had Kenya at the bottom of the pit and there was only one way to go, UP.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Taabu said...
Anybody succeeding Bush had to look smart (though present POTUS is a smart one no doubt). Similarly Mo1 had Kenya at the bottom of the pit and there was only one way to go, UP.


Bwana Taabu, the truth is that, Kibaki's economic growth was just another bubble/illusion like that of Ireland, Iceland, UK, USA, Spain and many others.

All that happened was that, the CBK lowered interest rates. As a result, Kenyans borrowed and there appeared an illusion of growing wealth. But, we created no wealth for we are yet to see any increament in our productivity.

In any case, cutting of Mau trees which was going on at this time, is called growth by our dear economists. What would appear to a child as destruction of wealth is captured by an economist as growth. Genius these people.

Now, is the pay time for these loans for speculation and wealth destruction and the picture is not cute. Just see this article from Standard, entitled:

"Middle class chocking in debt." U will see words like these:

"Before the economy sunk into a slow crawl, interest rates on loans had dropped significantly, and the aggressiveness of banks like Equity and others spawned a healthy competition among commercial banks to lend to the public."


Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe, another gem… I do not know what it will take for East African’s to wake up... A complete paradigm shift is urgently required, however the powers that be will never let that happen for they are happy to let people obsess on petty politics.

I too can't understand why anyone fails to see the truth Mwarang’ethe has written, I really don’t get it, I am afraid we have, are, and always will be exporting raw materials to the East and West and importing manufactured goods. And now we are importing food? we are poorer, we are more indebted? W.T.F happened? so much for London school of Economics

Discussing the fact that Economically Tanzania has surpassed Kenya is a relic of colonial thinking I would only be interested in such if any African was involved in the creating of these administrative geometric geographies.

@ Philip, implementing any plan or policy is not the work of ONE Person; it requires a critical mass of support, critical mass that understands what the issues are solutions to these issues are. After researching extensively anyone who attempts to disrupt the status quo will be called a nut job or a terrorist. Or, if he or she gains any level of support the poor fellow will surely come to an uncomfortable end if he or she does not toe the line, we do not need to look far for examples don’t we?

What Mwarang'ethe is doing is fantastic for at least it will open the eyes of those who are willing to see the truth. As the message spreads we should see the day when we are no longer suckers…

Ken Thumbi

Philip said...

Ken Thumbi

I agree with you wholeheartedly with the last two paragragh. I believe at the moment there will be no support for Mwarangethe ideas since some will not understand them, some will not be interested in them while some will not like them. Maybe in future, as people understand them it will get more support. Since at the moment it doesn't have any support then should we remain the way we are and concentrate in educating people about it while waiting for that time that we will have enough resources and support to push for it's implementation? That's where I start diagreeing with Mwarangethe.

I believe that we should always be alert and look out for even the little opportunity to make a step, and it's the reason I'm for the constitution because I believe it can give us an opportunity to make that little step.

Maybe Mwarangethe needs to tell us which is better between staying with the current constitution and going for the proposed constitution in implementation of his ideas, since I strongly believe that even if this proposed constitution is rejected, the opponents of the proposed will not listen to him since they are rejecting it for different reasons.

Philip said...

and also thanks Mwarangethe for the story in Standard. I think there is need to discuss in detail about lending and borrowing.

Mzalendo said...

Guys we DONT need to industrialize.

In fact, we must SKIP industrialization. The world is moving to a new Era, the "Knowledge" era.

Tigers leap. If we want to be tiger economies, we must LEAP straight into 1st world model.

Junguz will try con you ati we must go through stages, ati industrialize kwanza.. etc In truth they want to outsouuce from you and COMMMODITIZE our people as CHEAP LABOR.

The next frontier is:
2. Corporate Agriculture (people forming Corporates instead of going it allone)

Food is the OIL of the future. We need to nake other countries dependenrt on us for FOOD (Both Processed and Unprocessed).

We should form LOCAL OWNED Agri Corporates that farm, package and sell value added FOOD products to desert countries.

If the desert countries are dependent on us for Food, then our security will be their (food) security. We get more power in the global political arena - making it harder for Western Bufoons to bully us.

Daily Nation said...

Dont believe everthing you read in teh papers.

The story about Tanzania was sponsored by WESTERN DONORS who are getting frustrated that its getting harder to screw Africa.

We must make sure that kenyans always own aportion of "Foreign investment" (at least 40%). Otherwise our country will be stripped bare by these ex-colonialists.

Anonymous said...

Taabu jst know obama is the most stupid POTUS america has got! Jst wait a little n u'l confirm it!


Mwarang'ethe wacha,
nobody speaks ill of PORK infront of me-who else could have given us VISION2030?ODM? WAPI

rescind your posit at once and please in future cease and desist from defaming 1st class honours BabaJ

Anonymous said...

Can someone with some insight tell us , why Nation Newspaper has decide to make sure this country is divided along ethnic and religious lines .
Concerned Kenyan .

Anonymous said...

No body said that Kibaki was a brilliant economist. "Flash" Gordon Brown was neither a brilliant economist.

The rebounded of the Kenyan economy has/had nothing to do with Kibaki's so called theoretical economic background or credentials.

When will ....... leran to view issues as they are without infusing personalities or enthnic bearings into the same?

Paul Kagame is not an economist, Yoweri Museveni is not an economist, Kikwete is not an economist and yet their countries'economies are thriving beyond expectations.

Did I miss something? Help me understand what some of us have missed to see or failed to understand in the last couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Mzalendo what is knowledge economy? Educate the poor me. In my thinking, we cannot make any step at least come up with ways to process our food or even add value to our resources. In all this energy is at the heart of it. Without cheap power we cannot simply move. Cheap energy powers everything. Imagine all the cold storage facilities, running heavy machinery etc. We need nuclear power, even Ahmedinejad knows this and that's why they fight him like crazy.

Taabu said...

You must stop misusing Atwoli secretariat to advance partisan interests. Where is your BLING kwanza?

Mzalendo said...

Anon 8.03, "we cannot"?

As a man thinketh so he is. We must stop putting limits on ourselves.

remember Obama: "YES WE CAN"

Replace the "Cannot(s) do. end of stor" in our mind with "Can(s)do - just need to figure out how". Then watch success and wealth flow into your life!

example: A "can do" mentality would have quickl googled "knowledge industry" to discover and exploit its secrets. Meanwhile the "cant do" mentality would have lamented and whined wh the government is not doing something about unga.

Anonymous said...

How comes Kibaki is NOT Bright when he has the ability to start the first Goldenburg like scandal in Kenya? That is Ken Fertilizer.

All other latter scandals have the hallmark of this one.All have something in common. An untraceable "Ghost"
Goldenburg,Anglo leasing,Petroleum,Education Funds,Insert "security in DRAFT Katiba etc

However much he quotes the good Bible (Even Deya does) Kibaki is simply just a THIEF. Thats Bright.

Kenyamoja said...

The mini-boom kenya experienced 2003-2007 had nothing to do with Kibaki, but rather with the fall of the Kanu regime. Markets opened up and investors got confident. Kibaki was just at the right place at the right time.

If Kibaki was really an economist and had Kenya at heart we wouldmt have had the betrayal of the MoU, anglo-leasing, Artur brothers, standard raid etc. We would have been talking of a whole different Kenya...if only we had visionary leaders who had exploited the euphoria which made kenyans to be named the most optimistic people in the world in 2003. But it was as usual one step forward 2 steps backwards culminating in the bloodshed of 2007.

Frustrating but yaliyopita si ndwele, tugange yajayo. The B.I.G question is: Have we learnt our lesson? Or rather, will we EVER learn?

Anonymous said...

Ati Kibamki this, Kibamki that, and yet given all of his economic brilliance, Kenya has yet to see a light rail, yaani light train built within the Nairobi Metropolitan area, to ferry ordinary mwanachi from all the six corners of Nairobi.

Until then, let's continue to dream big time in the same manner some clergy for profit keep dreaming for miracles in order to gain fame or to out do their Master, Lord and Saviour.

kipchomosnet said...

When Mwarang'ethe does an article in Kumekucha , it usual don't get enough comments like other those Riala,Kibaki and Ruto stories done by Chris because that is wat Kenyans like not deep stuff like this!
In China Foxxconn's (they are the one manufacturing our all our phones and computers for America companies like HP,Apple) employees are committing suicide

Anonymous said...

Well spoken!

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