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Monday, May 31, 2010

Curtailing Civic Education Benefits NO Campaigners

Nyamu-led Kadhi Court Ruling Boomerang

This past weekend, Infotrack released opinon poll results touching on the referendum and the effects of the Kadhi court ruling on voters. Only a mere two out of ten voters confirmed having been influenced by the ruling.

The Infotrack poll also put the YES-ers at 63% and the NO-ers at 21%. The poll reveals there are significant incidences of katiba ignorance in Rift Valley and Eastern provinces the same areas where the NO-ers get most of their 21% support.

Knowledge is power and it is sad in this day and age, a large portion of these populated provinces have little knowledge on what is on the cards in the katiba. The need to educate these voters is important for it will help them make informed decisions at the time of voting at the referendum. In the short term, it will help them heckle and tell of the likes of ex-President Moi and the Ruto-Mithika axis who have made it a habit of misinforming and distorting the provisions of the draft whenever they address their rent-a-crowd rallies. Moi has suddenly gained notoriety for stoking ethnic passions instead of using his status to educate the RVP peasants on the individual chapters or provisions they purport to be retrogressive. Moi’s opposition to the draft stems from the fact that he wants to keep his huge swathes of idle grabbed land tax free.

It is regrettable that the status quoist are using Uhuru Kenyatta (YES daytime and NO nigh time) to deny these populous areas the right to civic education. For instance, some areas of Eastern and Rift Valley can only be reached by helicopters, which the CoE have to hire daily to traverse the remote areas. The CoE also have to run expensive daily roadshows and media campaigns all over Kenya so as to effectively disseminate their educational messages. But without money, they cannot do it. The same tactics which the colonial government used in the 1950s in resisting the struggle for independence are the same ones Uhuru is now using to deny Kenya the right to information on the new constitution.

Instead it is the office of the Prime Minister which has so far donated Kshs. 90million for the CoE to use in civic education. For a national assignment as important as this, why not the Office of the President, or even why not the Treasury?

Back to the poll and not surprisingly, the two leading YES provinces coincidentally also happen to be the same ones worst affected by deliberate marginalization of the Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki governments. NEP at is YES at 96% and Nyanza is at 93%. They two are also the most informed about the contents of the draft and the least influenced by the recent bizarre ruling of the constitutional court on Kadhi courts.

Obviously these two regions are attracted to the proposed draft due to prospects of devolved government. After decades of paying tax to national government and watching helplessly as the same government overlooks their interests, there is hope at last in the new draft. Am looking at nearly 15% devolved funds comprising the national allocation to the County governments, powers to borrow and raise revenue, the equalization fund, the CDF and other forms of local resources will be put in the hands of the local people to decide for themselves at the grassroots what is best for themselves in the regions that they live. Too good to be true? What is more, the governor and county committee remains and are directly accountable to the people who elected them to these positions. In this case, there will be no PC or DC or even chief involved. It will be strictly by the people themselves.

What most ethnic kingpins and latter day politicians fear most about the counties is that the governors will overnight be transformed to become the new local political kingpins. The MP or even the power bokers will no longer be the ones calling the shots or hosting delegations. The governors will be. That will be on top of being on the development driving seat. Can you see the end of people like perennial fence-sitter Kalonzo and PEV masterminds Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta – those who do not have a political constituency beyond their ethnic enclaves?? You bet!! The era of 'our people this our people that' is GONE.

Back to our pet question: Do you approve the proposed new Constitution?

Mine is BIG YES.


Kenyan Finance Jobs said...

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Anonymous said...

Daily Nation has a story of Raila bragging he has never received a bribe. Why brag if foreign land where interviewers not conversant with Kenya's domestic matters well? Let him tell us how Kisumu Molasses Plant and the land on which it stands - both public property - changed into his hands after selling his NDP to Kanu in 2001?

Panafricanist said...


Your last two posts "Curtailing Civic Education Benefits NO Campaigners" and "Dark faces behind secret NO campaign by YES camp revealed" are the usual top-notch Kumekucha style insightful articles. You are becoming my must-read post - enough analytical material to provide the essential intellectual heft mixed in with a dash of personality profiles and shenagins to keep it interesting - great stuff. Keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

Phil of Bondo Kisumu wrote,

NEP at is YES at 96% and Luo-Nyanza is at 93%. They two are also the most informed about the contents of the draft and the least influenced by the recent bizarre ruling of the constitutional court on Kadhi courts. Obviously these two regions are attracted to the proposed draft due to prospects of devolved government. After decades of paying tax to national government and watching helplessly as the same government overlooks their interests, there is hope at last in the new draft.

Obviously the Luo-Nyanza are still bound to the Raila spell and it has nothing to do with the Katiba. Phil knows it, Kenyans knows it.
NEP is where the highest literacy levels in Kenya are. These fellows follow their elders who are heavily financed and influenced by politicians. Its not suprising.

Why did Phil not report about Nairobi with the highest literacy levels?
Well, Nairobi happens to be YES, 40 and NO 48..

Panafricanist said...

To turn to the content of your recent insightful posts - what is fascinating about Kenyan discourse over the new constitution is that it is beginning to dent the "negative tribal/ethnic mindset" that has bedevilled Kenya since it was introduced by colonialists. One is beginning to see the possibility of a cross-ethnic/tribal battle between the landgrabbers (who pay no tax) and the rest of the population.

I understand the Rift Valley opposition to the new Constitution led by odious characters such as Ruto and Moi but why is the Eastern Province opposed to the consitution? Could it be the configuration of the counties? Could it be that Musyoka, perceiving himself as having the inside track to the Presidency, wants to retain the imperial powers of the old constitution?

On the important advantage of devolution, remember that 100Shs in NEP or Nyanza buys a lot more than 100Shs in Nairobi. The 15% allocation (this is the minimum, it could eventually be more) to counties implies a huge transfer of purchasing power to marginalized areas. Better still it has an inherent redistributive effect - the poorer your area is, the greater the purchasing power of devolved funds. It is one of the key reasons I am supporting the YES campaign all the way!

Phil said...


Well said and thanks too for your insightful comments.

It is good we have Kenyans who appreciate the proposed constitution for what it is, rather than oppose it simply because Raila Odinga is supporting it.

You can even see here we have those who are equating KATIBA IGNORANCE with LITERACY! There are well educated folks who have chosen to be deliberately unfaithful to the provisions of the draft. And here you have people like Cannon Karanja and William Ruto.

I think the chapter on devolution is one of my most favourite, I rank it up there with the chapter on the bill of rights, that I consider very very progressive, better than some bill of rights in the developed world. The transitional clauses were also clever pieces of work by the CoE. You cannot just trust these scoundrels can you?

I am extremely proud to be playing the role of ushering in the new constitution for Kenya's future generations. I am sure they too will be proud of us.

In the meantime, Uhuru Kenyatta is still milking our money without shame, under the pretense of producing the draft constitution at nearly seven times the market cost, without blinking an eyelid (see the wide-eyed Uhuru in the picture on Nation today). It was never Treasury's responsibility to print the draft. So what happens if some more illegal 'national security' insertions are discovered in Uhuru's print-outs?

Anonymous said...

I'm yet to receive the book or any reply 6 days after sending the mpesa. Please check your email and act accordingly bwana Chris. I know you could posibly be overwhelmed by the orders but it would be great to keep me updated by any means. much thanks.

mike c/o taitataveta at gmail dot com.

hope to hear from you soonest!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:22,

Good observation, how can the most illiterate NEP be used as the yard stick of measuring Kenyans who read, understood and support the draft constitution unless one is not serious.
About Luo Nyanza, thats a herd of sheep and will die following the Odinga family. From Jaramogi to Raila and Fidel is next in line. Their YES is just obedience to their supremo.

Phil should stick to Jukwaa where his ego will be massaged by his fellow raila fanatics.
Out here, people are well informed. I wonder why YES has lost ground in Nairobi where most learned people are concentrated. Seems all is not well.

Anonymous said...

Mine is a big NO without any reasons and its my right to vote anyway I wish and yes,I have read the whole draft so am not mis-informed.Just like the way Luo's accept or refuse anything coz 'Raila amesema'....!!

Kenya Reborn said...

Uhuru must explain his actions. Civic education is critical if we are to have a sober referendum. Currently he is inviting speculation about his motives. And goven his family history, status quo might appear beneficial to him.

This Katiba is Kenya's true rebirth. Mimi nimeweka tick. YES!

Lakini wale wanasema NO. Sawa tuu. Hata nyinyi ni wakenya na ni haki yenu. I respect that.

I just wish that those who have been hurt by the current constitution (the poor people especially) do not allow themselves to be misled like dumb sheep (as they usually are). I hope their misfortunes and miseries are not due to stupidity because then there is no hope for them.

YES or NO has no effect to me. With the current system, Money is Law. I can afford to buy my own customized justice. But the poor will be really dumb to vote NO after all the shafting they have received from the current constitution.

YES or NO, Mkoloni lazima atarudi nyumbani (we know they are still here, looting and exploiting us quietly!). Mali ya Africa waliyoiba itarudi kwa wafrika, watake wasitake. Siku za mwizi ni arubainne na za mkoloni zimefika. Hata kama ni kuleta Mugabe tutamleta. We know why Africa is poor!

Chris said...


I am NOT overwhelmed yet, there must be an oversight coz my records show that the only pending order is from Australia. But let me check and I will get back to you pronto via email.


Anonymous said...

The Akamba, Meru, and Embu are mad as hell about the few number of counties they were given. Things are especially hot in Meru where they have only two counties. And the rumour going around the villages is that Raila worked with CoE to deny Eastern Province its share of counties in order to finish Kalonzo!

Anonymous said...

You only need to go to any town in Central Province and say that Nyanza got six counties while Central was only given five and you see how faces turn angry.

Anonymous said...

Hii kitu ikipita,Chris come I make you a partner in my business..!!Coz definitely the NO will have it..!

Anonymous said...

Chania river adage.central is Yes except kiambu.this is what a heightened security detail for kibaki meant during madaraka cerebration.kibaki showing true colours that he no longer needs the kimbu mafia

Anonymous said...

Eastern will not support a jaruo document

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