Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dark faces behind secret NO campaign by YES camp revealed

Kumekucha exclusive

For days now our politicians have been telling us that there are some dark evil powerful forces bent on ensuring that Kenyans do not get a new constitution. Today in Kumekucha we reveal some of these big names. Sneaky fellows who are allegedly in the YES camp but are secretly fighting day and night to ensure that Kenyan’s efforts for a new constitution are frustrated.

Make no mistake about it. These guys are ready to do ANYTHING to make sure that we continue with the old constitution which has served them well. Too well, I dare say.

John Michuki gives the NSIS orders and the president can do nothing.

At the top of this list is star minister John Michuki. I have it from three independent sources that Michuki was behind the insertion of the infamous national security addition to the bill of rights at the Government press. Apparently Michuki used people like the solicitor general Muchemi to organize the bizarre changes at the government press. Some sources claim that he was also aided by Moi/Ruto contacts at the government press.

The other big name in the secret NO campaign is Uhuru Kenyatta. It is said that the Kenyatta fortune will be wiped out literally overnight if and when the new constitution comes into force. For starters the limit on the amount of land an individual can own (to be set by parliament) will affect the Kenyatta family before any other. The truth is that the full land holdings of this family is not really known. People keep on talking about land the size of Nyanza province, but that is only the land that is widely known. There are vast tracts of land not known about littered all over the country. The truth is that there was no nice piece of land that Jomo kenyatta laid his eyes on that he did not “acquire” during his presidency.

But an even bigger Motive for both Michuki and Kenyatta to be wary of a new constitution that promises too much justice to the ordinary folk has to do with the post election troubles of January 2008. These two individuals are top suspects on the Ocampo list and one does not need to be a lawyer to conclude that they are much better protected under the old constitution. The proposed constitution to them is like a hand grenade that has had the safety pin already removed.

Moi’s motives are easy to decipher. He has vast tracts of land and a new constitution would enforce the truth and reconciliation process which would also bring out all kinds of skeletons from closets that Moi has sealed and is eager never to have opened in his lifetime or that of his children. Those who underestimate Moi’s influence and potential to do harm should think again. Moi has always been a hard systematic worker and remember that at the moment he has nothing else on his plate but defeating the new constitution.

Amazingly Kibaki’s exit strategy is hard to believe. But then I am quickly reminded that most Kenyans laughed when it was suggested that Kibaki would rig the 2007 presidential elections. And so for now I will not laugh. Kibaki plans to be the first president under the new constitution.

Earlier in this blog we talked about the NSIS involvement in inserting the controversial National security addition in the bill of rights. To me the orders would only have come from Kibaki. I just could not contemplate the thought of the president not being in full control of such a vital organ like the NSIS. Facts emerging now prove that Michuki (whom Kibaki has always delegated certain sensitive NSIS matters to) took advantage of things and used the NSIS to do damage at the government press. Michuki knew that the president would do nothing. In other words the commander in chief is NOT in full control.

My big fear is what else these desperate Kenyans will do, knowing full well that the president will do nothing? Brace yourselves Kenyans, it’s going to be a pretty rough ride from here to that place called a new constitution.


Anonymous said...

The same old pumbavu's (the pro status quo mongrels - John "the rattlesnake" Michuki, Daniel "Goldenberg" arap Moi and their accomplices) are upto their tired shenanigans.

These numskulls are driven by FEAR.

Fear that their dark past that is filled with so many sins will be EXPOSED for all to see in BROAD DAYLIGHT.

For Michuki the rattlesnake it the major role he played in the STEALING of the presidential elections of 2007. This numskull is running SCARED. The guy is desperate.. If all fails he will even try to STEAL the referendum vote just like he did the presidential elections of 2007

May Michuki and all his accomplices who are trying to block Kenya from getting a new constitution go and ROT IN HELL.

Phil said...

What is Michuki's beef with the new constitution? At least for RVPians, we know it is land and perhaps devolution.

People like Moi and Ruto dread being called into account. Are they the ones who influenced constitutional court judges last week? There are numerous landmines being planted on the constitutional reform roadmap.But it will not be easy to stop this train. Unless of course one is powerful enough to organise a coup.

Most pundits are asking whether Kenya will survive to reach the referendum - August 4th is a long way off.

Already, the CoE has exhausted its 30-day civic campaign period and note that Kibaki is very quiet about the noise CoE are making about funding.

When the campaign begin officially, can we expect the large percentage of voters who know nothing about the new proposed constitution to law? It is very shocking that some voters do not even know that the country is at the threshold of a new katiba!

Anonymous said...

Reverend Timothy Njoya: Uhuru Kenyatta should stop frustrating the constitution-making process for the sake of the few rich who are against the passing of the new law. Uhuru is clearly frustrating the process since he wants to protect the rich who are against this country getting a new constitution. The minister seems to be serving the interests of the rich few at the expense of the majority poor whom the new constitution will serve. Kibaki should also come clean on why the CoE is being denied funding.

The Justice and constitutional Minister, Mutula Kilonzo, said the assertion by Kinyua - the finance PS - that all money due to CoE had been released were not true.

While presenting this year’s budget almost a year ago, Uhuru announced that Sh2 billion had been set aside for Agenda Four Items. Where is that money?" demanded Mutula.

Anonymous said...

There is one group that cannot be underestimated: the provincial adminstration. They have been reassured that they will keep their jobs but they are not buying this. Combine PA and the churches and you have a big problem passing this thing.

Most reports from central and eastern show a big gain by NO. I dont know where infotrak got their numbers from.

Anonymous said...

Days are rolling and Chris has not found it wise to teach Kumekucha readers the contents of the constitution that make it a better document. Instead, he has chosen to lead the gossip, since that requires engaging no brains unlike the labourious task of poring over the document.
Chris, come on, stop being a sissy and for once lets discuss the contents of this draft. Its what we will be voting for or against so please FOCUS and stop the side shows.

Or is that asking too much from simple minds which can only discuss people???


Anonymous said...

Chris, you and your fellows Luos can continue singing loudly as you wish about Kenyatta family land . . . your god Raila was bribed with Kisumu Molasses Plant land by Moi 2 disband his NDP and defect to Kanu. Ask Raila to surrender mali ya uma kwanza before you see log in other people's eyes.

Luos think there will be free land to be dished to them with passage of new constitution? They are dead wrong. First, you should be encouraging your lazy Luos to work hard - Kenya is a capitalist state.

commes said...

@Anon 2:44 a.m and 2:55 a.m

It is not Chris’s business to educate Kumekucha readers! Please check out the CoE awareness program and their slogan.

Chris just drew attention to the real issues and here you are going tribal

Wakenya want Katiba sasa!

Sema basi

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:55 AM,

I quote you:

"Luos think there will be free land to be dished to them with passage of new constitution? They are dead wrong. First, you should be encouraging your lazy Luos to work hard - Kenya is a capitalist state."

Anon 2:55 AM, if we have to go the stereotype way, I think it would be very much in order if you encouraged your fellow Lazy, fraudulent, deceptive and thieving Kikuyus to earn a living by doing genuine honest hard work and not the fraud, deception and theft that you fraudulently call "hard work"

Anonymous said...

It would have been good if this was only about the constitution, but it looks like it will be a mini 2012. 2005 was about defeating Kibs. 2010 will most likely be about defeating raila.

Anonymous said...

And what is this obsession with Luos. Raila maybe a Luo, but he is not all Luos. Quit the stupidity and begin dealing with real issues. What Raila did to put, and Kibs in power can never be done by any of those thieving goats from your area. Stop the nonesense and deal with the real issues.

Anonymous said...

raila is bigger than all luos put together. It's a no brainer.

Philip said...

Hi Chris,

You have rattled a snake. I've started writing the eulogy of Kumekucha.

Don't think virtual world cannot be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please delete the thoughtless, kiddish and tribal comments. Do they come from adults or kids who are used to 'muchongoano'

Anonymous said...

It is quiet sad! That some people have decided to settle tribal scores in this blog. If we are to apply house rules and expunge such comments from people who seem hell bent on deviating from real issues and dwell on so called 'Raila Phobia'. Raila seems to hold so much power that it takes a 'tribal army' to bring the man down....Its about the Katiba and not Raila, the constitution should surely outlive the Man. But its a fact Land grabbers, non-performers (MPs), Tribal chiefs surely have a reason to fear this proposed new constitution, Mambo ni Katiba ni Sasa!

Anonymous said...

Michuki has never been on the YES side even 4 a single day! Rem he said that he wl vote NO! bro always check ya facts right coz ths smal misinfos ruin great topic!

Anonymous said...

Nothing will stop the wind of Change. This constitution is for Kenyans. Katiba ya Wananchi.

Katiba Sasa. YES! YES! YES!

NSIS said...

@ Tribal Anons,

We have traced your IPs and we know you are not even Kenyans. You are not even African.

You are part of the wakoloni damu "NO" camp trying to incite tribal differences so that Katiba fails.

Kumbaff!! You will not succeed. Kenyans are united. We have seen your game.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mr. Michuki so afraid of the proposed new constitution?

I was made to believe that political reptilians like Michuki have no problem with shading their rattle like skin when a new season arrives.

He did it during the colonial era, post colonial era, Kenyatta's era, Moi's era and post Nyayo era.

And he will be able to do so once again in the post Kibaki era.

What's his real problem or fears as the country awaits a new political season?

Anonymous said...

From day one it has been so wrong to have people like Michuki in government. Michukli is a well known colonial loyalist. One of the traitors who fought AGAINST independence.

As much as we respect and tolerate the genuine poeple in the No camp (e.g. CHURCH LEADERS), we must expose the SNAKES and WOLVES among them. We must expose traitors for what they truly are.

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