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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So you think you know everything about Jomo Kenyatta?

I thought I knew a lot about founding father Jomo Kenyatta. That was until I embarked on the research that went to my recently published book, Dark secrets of the Kenyan presidency.

This led me to wonder why nobody has never penned a biography of Jomo Kenyatta. Surely the man who was driving the engine when the train called Kenya steamed off from the train station for the first time deserves a detailed study. If nobody will I might just attempt this monumental task in the near future.

Meanwhile I just thought that it might be a good idea to share some of nuggets from the book here. Note that the book features a lot of material that was not published in my Weekend specials. If anything the weekend special was just a brief introduction when compared to the complete book. You can get further weekly updates on new ongoing research that I plan to add to the next print run of the book by subscribing to my email newsletter on the subject. The email address to enable you to do this is at the end of this post;

Kenyatta promised church elders never to touch alcohol?
…Jomo had stopped taking alcohol in 1920 (32 years earlier) and announced his decision before witnesses. Actually he was accused by the church of marrying without Church rites and drinking liquor. He pleaded guilty to both and promised to reform. He was further ordered to get married before a European magistrate. The strict church then finally accepted him back in 1923 (after about 3 years of carefully observing him) and in being accepted back at a ceremony Jomo promised to refrain from liquor for the rest of his life.
It would appear that his life looked up considerably after he stopped taking alcohol. For instance he turned part of his Dagoretti home into a provision shop, he called Kinyata Store. Then in 1922 he went on to secure a job at Shs 250 per month as stores clerk and water meter reader with Nairobi Municipal Council where John Cook his protégé at the church was Water Superintendent. The colonials considered Kikuyus thieves and murderers in those days and this kind of profiling prevented many of them from getting jobs that required very trustworthy people like a stores clerk or meter reader. There is little doubt that the only reason Kenyatta got this opportunity was because of John Cook and his link with the church at Thogoto for a long time.
Kenyatta bought a motorbike and also built a house at Dagoretti in the same year (1922). He went on to start an active role in politics by becoming a member of the Kikuyu Central Association in the same year. Interestingly the meter-reading job exposed Kenyatta considerably and he met many Asians who would later be key allies and supporters including the owner of the printing press who went on to print his newspaper, Mwigwithania.
With this kind of background it is not surprising that in his speech he spoke out so strongly against the taking of alcohol.
So the question we must busy ourselves with now is how did this meek old church man turn into the feared president everybody remembers? Young folks change all the time but Kenyatta was at least 68 years old when he became Kenya’s first prime Minister. How does such an old man change from what he has been all his life?
The answer is shocking…

Andwhat about this one…

Bizarre tale of witchcraft
But there is another bizarre story often told in whispers that suggests that Kenyatta was ordained to be a leader long before the 1950s started to unfold. It is a tale so far out and strange that I cannot resist telling it.

It all has to do with Kenyatta’s third wife Grace Wanjiku who died while giving birth in 1950 to her daughter Jane Wambui, who survived. Kenyatta had married her in 1946 and she was the daughter of Senior Chief Koinange and sister to Mbiyu Koinange, who later became a lifelong confidant and was one of the most powerful politicians during Kenyatta's presidency. It is whispered that…

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Kiplagat now sounding very ridiculous
Apparently Bethuel Kiplagat has hired a Public Relations firm to enable him and the TJRC receive more public acceptance. Either this firm is bogus or Kiplagat is not listening to them. The man sounds so ridiculous and so desperate to hang on to the chairmanship that it is almost funny. Only that he is wasting valuable taxpayers money and time since it is clear that the TJRC will NOT be able to fulfill its’ mandate with the old white haired man’s hands firmly and desperately grasping the chair. Even if you hire 100 PR outfits Kiplagat's image will NOT change. Poor man, after years of building respect in the international community as a diplomat, that reputation has now all flown through the window with this one bold stroke of genius from him of deciding not to resign.

Kiplagat does not need a PR firm to be told that the best thing would have been for him to step aside and then defend himself against allegations when he is OUT. As it is he looks very guilty sweating it out answering reporter’s questions.

Go home and rest Mzee, you are fighting a battle you can never win. How do you fight the masses and public opinion? Certainly not with Kifua bwana!!

See this Kumekucha classifieds for air conditioning services in Nairobi and how you can be an editor.


Anonymous said...

wewe wacha why leave us hanging on the edge of your seat ati "Subscribe to my weekly newsletter...." some of us won't be able to concentrate the whole day until you finish the story! please bwana

meanwhile I for one admire Mr.Kiplagat's adamant stance and obstinate stubborn headed ness in the face of mass rejection and public outcry. What a man-all the right qualities but wrong job. Otherwise somebody give this man a medal quick

Chris said...

Habari Luke my brother,

You are very active on KK these days and ur even doing posts. And they don't mention anything red!! WOW!! Congrats!

People who have purchased the book will feel bad if I toboa everything.

On Kiplagat, let's have a competition to give him a prize. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Father Christmas hair award
2. Clinging power award
3. Biggest challenge for PR frim award.

Come on Luke I know ur good at these awards ideas. I remember the time u were busy watching the economy growing. Am still laughing almost two years later.


JEFF said...


1. Does Kenyatta have some Kipsigis blood?
2. Was Kiplagat nominated for some chaguo la teneez (not sure of spelling)award alongside Esther Arunga?

Anonymous said...


What about giving some of your ardent leaders your books for free. You can challenge them to write an assay say on kiplagat, constitution or the rise and fall of ODM then the best one is published and the author is awarded your book free of charge.

Just tell Taabu and Phil to keep off the contest for they may bribe you with some liquor ama??? over to you.


Anonymous said...


is the book available in shops?

were you threatened while penning it?

How much does it cost?

did you dig anything about his PA called kimani wa mbagi, owner of agip hse, kimani court (meridian) etc?


Anonymous said...

Kinyata became an atheist after going to uropa. I respect him for not hiding his atheism through out his presidency. But these days even in developed countries like america atheists have to pretend to be religious to get elected to office. John Kerry and Obama are definitely atheists.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4/14/10 5:33 AM,

Wacha ku-judge, lest you are judged. If a person shall confess with they mouth and believe in his heart, then they shall be ...

Toa proof that Obama et al confessed with their mouths and believed with their hearts that they're atheists, then we will believe you.

Meanwhile we go by confessions of their mouths that they're Christians.


Endelea and paste this whole story here we read. You can serialise it; after all books written have often been serialised.

The story will help many Kenyans understand why they're where they are and how they reached there. Understanding the type of altar Kenya was sacrificed at will enable us know how to deal with consequent effects that have turned this country into bloody hell.

And you amaze me, Ati The colonials considered Kikuyus thieves and murderers in those days (1920?)and this kind of profiling prevented many of them from getting jobs that required very trustworthy people like a stores clerk or meter reader.

Oh, indeed, nothing is that was not.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope you will not add insult to injury or worse, insult the intelligence of the general public that ends up at Kumekucha for one reason or another.

Anyway, looking forward to a well written and researched body of work on Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, including all the foot notes as well as how credit is given to where it's due.

So many of us still don't know who Mzee Jomo Kenyatta is or who he really was beyond the available tidbits of information.
Who was Jomo Kenyatta?

Johnstone Kamau wa Ngengi 1890-1920

Kamau wa Ngengi 1921-9130

Jomo Kenyatta 1931-1946

Jomo Kenyatta 1947-51

Jomo Kenyatta 1952-1961

Baba wa Taifa (Father of the Nation) 1963-1978
And what about:

Jomo Kenyatta: Mwigwithania.

Jomo Kenyatta: 15 Years in Europe.

Jomo Kenyatta: Leading Kenya Out of Darkness into Light.

Jomo Kenyatta: His Spirit Still Lives On.

Jomo Kenyatta: Loved His Country.

Jomo Kenyatta: Character, Vision and Ideology.

Jomo Kenyatta: Struggle for Freedom and Independence.

Jomo Kenyatta: Vision, Successes and Failures.

Jomo Kenyatta: Emergence of Dark Political Shadows 1971-1978.

Jomo Kenyatta: A Hijacked Presidency, 1974-1978.

Jomo Kenyatta: Kiambu Mafia - 'Kitchen Cabinet'.

Jomo Kenyatta: Abuse of Power and Office.

Jomo Kenyatta: Land Grabbing in Kenya, 1964-1978.

Jomo Kenyatta: Gala Nights at Nakuru State Lodge.

Jomo Kenyatta: Why He Loved Mombasa So Much.

Jomo Kenyatta: How Insiders Took Advantage of Him.

Jomo Kenyatta: The Man - Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Political Activist, Detainee, and President.

Jomo Kenyatta: In Russia and His Deslike of All Things Russian.

Jomo Kenyatta: Focus On Africa: Manchester 1947.

Jomo Kenyatta: Wealth and Family He Left Behind.

Jomo Kenyatta: Choke Hold On The East African Community.

Jomo Kenyatta: His Role In The Overthrow of Milton Obote of Uganda.

Jomo Kenyatta: Sleeping With The Enemy (British Settlers, MI5 & Military).

Jomo Kenyatta: Kenya's Tourism Industry - Carte Blanche Playfield for Outsiders (Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Asians & South Africans).

Jomo Kenyatta: Kenya's Present Day Ethnic Nightmare.

Jomo Kenyatta: Blessing or Curse?

Jomo Kenyatta: Myth, Legend and Fact (Kenya's Liberator??)?.

Anonymous said...

Land is the main campaign tool

PM says new law to address land

Posted Wednesday, April 14 2010 at 16:20
Prime Minister Raila Odinga has said that the proposed constitution will address inequities of land ownership and use in the country.


Download the proposed constitution
Speaking during the handing over of six title deeds back to the Judiciary Wednesday, Mr Odinga said that land grabbing and inequitable ownership have been systematic problems that Kenya has grappled with for generations.

While supporting an article in the proposed draft that would see Parliament put a limit to the maximum and minimum land holding in the country, the PM said the quantum for landholding would accelerate economic recovery and development of national economic stability.

“As a corrective mechanism, Article 68(c)(i) of the Draft constitution has empowered Parliament to enact legislation that prescribes the minimum and maximum land holding in the country. I believe this is a positive step,” he said.

The titles handed over to the Judiciary in the ceremony were land grabbed from Nairobi, Eldoret and Mombasa law courts. The titles had been issued to private developers but they were revoked by the Ministry of Lands and reverted back to the Judiciary.

Among the titles issued is a road reserve that would ease access to the Upper Hill Law courts, which had been grabbed by an individual.

Mr Odinga said that laws, regulations and systems touching on land should be applied transparently, equitably and consistently for the benefit of all.

He was accompanied by Lands minister James Orengo, Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Mutula Kilonzo and Public Works minister Chris Obure. Also present were Chief Justice Evan Gicheru, Attorney General Amos Wako and Court of Appeal judge Onyango Otieno.

Mr Orengo accused former land bosses saying they were almost losing the sacred role of preserving the sanctity of title deeds by “unscrupulously casting aside principles”.

He said cases of alienation or allocation of land vested in the republic or dedicated for public purposes, was the order of the day.

“This was often done by corrupt or fraudulent practices or other irregular means to private individuals,” he said.

Mr Orengo said it was ironical that land where the “institution of justice, such as court of law, can be grabbed and matters end up in court”.

Other than the Judiciary, the Ministries of Culture and Lands have lost land to grabbers said the minister adding that the titles would be revoked.

“The original interest takes precedence, any subsequent grabbing notwithstanding,” Mr Orengo said.

One of the titles handed to Justice Gicheru is where the new courthouse stands. The new courthouse, built at a cost of Sh925 million, was initially expected to become operational by December last year, but the contractor asked for more time to complete the job.

Phil said...

Chris and the great folks of Kumekucha,

I can barely hide my excitement. It is a constitutional moment for Kenya. I shall therefore refrain from commenting on your post, and also ignore the likes of Jeff and Anon@4.08am. Sio kwa ubaya lakini!

Do you notice the DREAD and SWEAT of stolen land oligarchs like William Ruto and Daniel Arap Moi who are advocating the NO vote simply because of a clause or two in the proposed constitution? I hope you do. Take comfort because the YES Tsunami is coming to sweep all the trash into the sea. Yes folks, a new dawn beckons in our beloved country.

When you listen to people like Kutuny and Isaac Ruto ranting about Rift Valley land, one sympathises with the constituents these KANU die-hards represent. These guys were last weekend booed and chased away from Tinderet in Henry Kosgey's constituency where they had pitched a NO tent. Tinderet happens to be in the region William Ruto purportedly controls. So does Eldoret North where the ODM succesfuly toured last week. Ruto has not been seen in parliament the whole week!!!

The plan to make this a NO constitution began in Naivasha, with Ruto in the driving seat. He betrayed ODM, but his plan has backfired badly on Moi and himself. Thanks to the visionary Nzamba Kitonga led Committee of Experts, the draft has emerged overwhelmingly YES draft and is the nearest to consensus both sides of the political divide could reach. This fact alone is sending cold chills down the spines of Moi, Ruto, Kenyatta, Delamere, Criticos, Kibaki families. They supposedly 'own' hectares, hectares and hectares of idle prime land which they grabbed in yesteryears and that which they will have to pay tax upon unless they can make these lands productive. Remember the story of the ADC farms Moi was dishing out to every KANU tom dick and harry in the 90s? Remember Mau, Karura and ngong forests? The time for reckoning is NOW.

Soon to be revealed in Kumekucha will be a new bread of young educated Kalenjin grassroot leaders who have been working with the ODM in the background. These guys have worked hard to debunk the Ruto myth in the grassroot. They are eager to step up into positions of national leadership and even sweeter, they are ready to integrate with the rest of Kenyans in Rift Valley and Kenya at large, without futility and false attempt at so called ancestral land in Rift Valley. Kenya re-awakes.

Thanks to AGENDA4. Where would we be without Koffi Annan, ODM?

Anonymous said...

"...This led me to wonder why nobody has never penned a biography of Jomo Kenyatta..."

Although there are huge gaps yet to be filled in Kenyatta's life story, the above claim is simply not true!! There are several biographies on Kenyatta if you care to look.

Chris said...

Anon @ 7:53,

Kindly give me the name of one book that is Kenyatta's biography.

What I know is that there are several places where there are brief pieces on his life. But I could be wrong. Please advice.


Anonymous said...


PNU drafts a constitution that omits almost all the key proposals that were popular with ODM voters, and then gives the draft to ODM to sell it to the betrayed voters.

Welcome to ODM's initiation to real politics by PNU. Na mambo ya 2012 bado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear ODMites,

Ready or not, Mwana wa Kiveti, Kalonzo Musyoka, is slowly but surely climbing the hill to occupy his rightful place in state house after Mtukufu Rais Kibaki. Hebu tumupigie makofi tatu ya kilo!!!

Mwarang'ethe said...

“As a corrective mechanism, Article 68(c)(i) of the Draft constitution has empowered Parliament to enact legislation that prescribes the minimum and maximum land holding in the country. I believe this is a positive step,” he said.


This fact alone is sending cold chills down the spines of Moi, Ruto, Kenyatta, Delamere, Criticos, Kibaki families. They supposedly 'own' hectares, hectares and hectares of idle prime land which they grabbed in yesteryears and that which they will have to pay tax upon unless they can make these lands productive.


The right to land is a God given right that no man can alienate it. In other words, it needs to be stated in black and white that, right to land is NON - NEGOTIABLE and the fact that, we have been negotiating for what is our birthright is insulting to say the least.

Having said this, we think that Raila is being misled as concerns the limitations of how much land one can own. It is not about size, it is about value thereof.

Let us illustrate. One guy owns 100 somewhere in Nyanza. Another guy owns 4 acres near Uhuru highway. Without much ado, we know that, the guy owning 4 acres is richer doing nothing than the guy owning 100 acres in Nyanza. Let these guys keep all the land they want.

As we have noted before, equalization of fortune must be avoided at all costs. All we need is to equalise the right to land values which should be done by running the state affairs (common affairs) using land rent and REMOVING or REDUCING tax from those who work.

Once u do this, those who own land for speculation (income without corresponding cost of production) purposes will have two choices:

(a) Dispose the land, or

(b) develop it.

If they chose to dispose, since all of them will be doing so, the price of land will come down which would allow business to thrive because, today these rent receiving guys choke both investors and the employee.

Off course, the bankers who fund land speculation (fictitious wealth) will be hit, but who cares about these vampires. They have to start funding productive sector of the economy and stop their gambling. In other words, they need to earn their incomes.

If they decide to develop it, well and good for they will be employing Kenyans and this is what we want. And, since all will be under pressure, they will be competing for labour. This will allow us to raise the wages.

Otherwise, when we take land from those who own it, they will ask for compensation and this will have to come from Wanjiku. Surely, why should Wanjiku pay the rich one again???

Anonymous said...

With the elimination of PM in the draft constitution who will be articulating government position in Parliament...LGB who will be Deputy President perhaps

Anonymous said...

Kenyatta screwed up Kenya's future by setting up very poor political, economic, civic and social foundations for the country.

Kenyatta was an evil politician who should never been the opportunity to lead the nation during its infancy political age.

Sometimes coups are better for some African countries like Kenya.

Besides the collateral damage that results in their wake, most coups end up cleaning out bad, ugly and evil politicians, businessmen, so called shakers and movers, wealthy real estate and land tycons who procured all of their ill gotten wealth through corrupt deals and exploitation of the general public.

Maintaining the status quo will never bring about any semblance of equality or even a just, verdant, peaceful and prosperous Kenya.

NiggersStink said...

Kenyatta was no more than a hustler that got lucky. he never figured out government but he became an expert on accumulation in spite of all else.
All you oppressor cocksuckers can go to hell. And the churches do not represent Kenyans they are part of the system set up by white man to keep the mental slavery going.
Keep chugging the kool aid.We are in a fuckin war and 90% of you do not have the foggiest clue.
"Any post/s breaking the house rules of COMMON DECENCY will be promptly deleted, i.e. NO TRIBALISTIC, racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive, swearing, DIVERSIONS, impersonation and spam AMONG OTHERS. No exceptions WHATSOEVER."


Anonymous said...

Moi is the evil one. Evil incarnate. May the winds of ... befall on his house and on the houses of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and that of his henchmen.

May Moi's bloodlines pay for the whole damage and darkness he have caused in Kenya from 1979 to 2002.

Evil is Evil by any other name.

Man like Oyugi roasted in his own evil, his bloodlines are still paying for it in many ways than one.

Opiyo's, Nderi's, Hinga's, Mungai (Ngoroko), and Too's bloodlines should also pay for the sins of their fathers.

They benefited from their fathers' ill gotten gains and a price must be paid in the long run.

Evil is evil by any other name.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4/15/10 4:23 AM

You of the Evil is evil by any other name.

You are very bitter. Just figure out a person carrying fire and throwing out at another. The thrower certainly ends up with burnt hands.

The victim may at times duck.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:04 AM aka Blogger.

Oh yes, I am evil as you've stated (as branded) if I am very bitter at what Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki, their henchmen as well as successive adminstrations have done to Kenya as a country, to its citizens and against certain Kenyan individuals and their families in the last fifty years.

Am I Evil?

I am not by any other name. I have never been born, raised, educated nor worked in the sordid company of evil men and women.

Am I Evil?

I am not by any other name because I never benefited from the actions of the aforementioned characters and and their families. I have no desire to do so.

Summer is almost here and this is all I have to say to you and your ilk, simia quam similes turpissima bestia nobis! ~ Ennius, Saturae.

Btw, it's the cavemen who used to carry fire as a means of defence or offense when cornered.

Fyi, ignoring some posts on Kumekucha would be the best defense rather trying to duck after the fact. It will help lower your blood pressure.

Oh, I am very sorry if your family's name, relative's name or family friend's name was mentioned in any way, fashion or shape.

Enjoy the wonderful summer or rainy season or dry spell wherever you maybe.

Simia quam similes turpissima bestia nobis! ~ Ennius, Saturae.

Over and Out!

Anonymous said...

Chris @ 4/14/10 9:38 AM

Try these:

1. Guy Arnold (1974), Kenyatta and the politics of Kenya.
2. Jeremy Murray-Brown (1979), Kenyatta.
3. George Delf (1961), Jomo Kenyatta: Towards Truth about "The Light of Kenya".

There are a few others.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:50 AM

I am not Chris but did you take time to check Guy Arnold (1974), George Delf (1961) and Jeremy Murray-Brown (1979) @ Anon: 4/14/10 7:23 AM? Just asking.

Best primary sources ever on Jomo Kenyatta and East africa can be found @ the Library of Congress (USA).

Re: Doctoral dissertations (Theses) from many other universities around the world would be of much help when looking for primary sources on Jomo Kenyatta.

Anonymous said...

TO: Ocampo

Commander in chief is where you should start/end:

Nigeria's Yar'Adua accused of killings

Nigeria's president Umaru Yar’adua. Photo/Reuters

Posted Thursday, April 15 2010 at 19:27

Nigeria’s ailing president Umaru Yar’Adua is among several dignitaries that the Maiduguri High Court in north-east of the country has indicted for extra-judicial killing.

Local media reports said presiding judge Justice Mohammed Mustapha, delivered the judgement this week against Yar’Ardua in his capacity as Commander-In-Chief of Nigeria’s army which was involved in the violence.

The court also indicted the Borno State government and the Nigerian police for the judicial killing last July of Alhaji Baa Fagu, father in-law of the former leader of the Boko Haram, an Islamic sect and fined them 100 million naira, or about $665,000.

The sect, “Education is Evil” went on the rampage in Bauchi State and Maiduguri in Borno State and killed several people. The leader of the sect, Malam Yusuf, was arrested by the army and later shot dead allegedly by the police.

Reports say Fagu, 72, had on his own accord went to the police and was subsequently arrested and executed, apparently because his daughter was one of Yusuf’s wives.

Nigeria’s police said it would appeal the court decision.

Anonymous said...

Ocampo's immediate task is Kenya, East Africa and not Nigeria, West Africa.

I thought this thread was about "So you think you know every da_n thing about Jomo Kenyatta?"

What has Ocampo got to do with it?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4/15/10 7:50 AM

Simply put, Guy Arnold (1974), George Delf (1961) and Jeremy Murray-Brown (1979)are the biographies on Kenyatta that had the best circulation worldwide, and not necessarily the best sources on his life. So you are quite right. I skimmed through them long ago, but I can't say I have studied them in-depth. Simply wanted Chris to know that there's so much out there that can form the basis of a solid study of Kenyatta--other than the rather casual assumption that there's little to work with.

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