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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

US Leads by Example, Kenyan Church Follows

Locally DPM Uhuru Kenyatta is leading by example and from infront. By shuning both YES and NO sides, the son of Jomo is showing leadership that both the so-called pricipals have failed to deliver in their rush to polarize Kenyan on the draft constitition. Go UK go.

Globally there has never been any need to reinvent the wheel.The land of the brave and home of the unbound proudly wear at all times the t-shirt "been there done that". We can only imagine. But wait a minute, who are we not to learn from the best?Perhaps this is the way out for the Kenyan church from her presentt quagmire.

Not only will women seeking abortions in the US state of Nebraska be required to undergo extensive mental and physical screening, abortions after 20 weeks are also banned. And even this is not good enough, as there will be more changes made to this legislature. see story here

Truly the best things in life are free and there is no patent on invention's maternal parent necessity. Welcome devolution, and please get it right church-no human law has ever been or will ever be perfect;shoes are forever changing feet and you only perish at the peril of your stuborness. Remember once we were 7 years ahead of them with our "yote yawezekana bila..." brand of optimism

Now the roles are reversed and truly "yes they can" they are leading the way once again.Only a fool never changes his mind. na bado


Anonymous said...

Kwani Luke is a lady? Sikujua

Anonymous said...


The current constitutional standard for abortion in the US as stated by the US Supreme Court in PPSP v. Casey (1992) is as follows:

The state may restrict abortion before viability so long as it does not place undue burden on the womans right to choose abortion. Viability is the point during the pregnancy at which the child becomes capable of possibly surviving outside the mother's body. Viability occurs at about five months into the pregnancy. A state may prohibit ALL post-viability abortions EXCEPT where necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother.

So, whatever laws the state legislatures promulgate, they must conform to that standard of "undue burden."

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Uhuru for going slowly, I am sure you have heard that pole pole ndiyo mwendo. Muache Raila akimbie-kimbie kama sunguru.

Anonymous said...

It is not just Uhuru who has softened his "Yes" campaign but the whole of PNU fraternity. The idea is to appear inclusive while leaving Raila's hard-edged campaign to look as divisive at a time when the nation ought to be coming together. Raila is not helping himself either by calling the Kalenjin elite land grabbers and the church dishonest. PNU knows the draft (which incidentally contains mainly PNU posistions) will be ratified at the referendum. But they don't want to champion the campaign because they know that that move doesn't add any votes to their 2012 basket. Already their rank and file are largely satisfied with the draft except for a few church members. The majority of the disatisfied citizens are from the ranks of ODM who had been promised the pie in the sky of majimbo and who knows what else.

All what PNU needs to do for now is to appear sympatheic to opponents' ideas while Raila curses and spits at his former voters.

Anonymous said...

Let Njue and others of his ilk campaign for the anti-abortion agenda.

However, for heaven's sake let them leave the Kadhis Court from their religious ploys.

They are not going to have their cake and eat it.

They are welcome to open a can of worms. What goes around comes around.

I just wish that they would have invested the same amount of energy in opposing and endless campaigns against:

land grabbing,
infant mortality,
environmental degradation, deplorable conditions in IDP camps,
waste of the nation's wealth on unnecessary military expenditures, infant mortality,
deplorable infrastructure,

that have been so rampart in the country for the last fourty years.

Anonymous said...

Uhuru's was expected

It is all about Land.

Moi knows better,and has stated so.

I also doubt that the land issue is not troubling kibaki

But all in all,Kenyan's will shall prevail

Anonymous said...

Catholic church is highly compromised as grabbers of large portions of land in the Ndungu report.
So are others like Inland church etc,who benefited massively during Moi's ERROR.

Its all about land

Mwarang'ethe said...

I just wish that they would have invested the same amount of energy in opposing and endless campaigns against:

corruption, crime, land grabbing,
embezzlement, nepotism, tribalism,
rape, infant mortality,


Well, the way to understand these things is to read long term history carefully.

From around 1970 -80's, we had some Catholic priests who took Jesus message seriously and started preaching the Gospel in "preferential for the poor."

For instance, Archbishop Romero issues a letter entitled: "The Church's Mission Amid the National Crisis." Among other things, he lamented that:

"They are infant mortality, the housing shortage, health problems, starvation wages, unemployment, malnutrition, no job security, and so on:

This situation of pervasive extreme poverty takes on very concrete faces in real life. In these faces we ought to recognize the suffering features of Christ the Lord, who questions and
challenges us. They include:

-the faces of young children, struck down by poverty before they are born, their chance for
self-development blocked by irreparable mental and physical deficiencies; and of the
vagrant children in our cities who are so often exploited, products of poverty and the moral
disorganization of the family;

-the faces of young people, who are disoriented because they cannot find their place in
society, and who are frustrated, particularly in marginal rural and urban areas, by the lack
of opportunity to obtain training and work;

-the faces of the indigenous peoples, and frequently of the Afro-Americans as well; living
marginalized lives in inhuman situations, they can be considered the poorest of the poor;

-the faces of the peasants; as a social group, they live as outcasts almost everywhere on
our continent, deprived of land, caught in a situation of internal and external dependence,
and subjected to systems of commercialization that exploit them;

-the faces of laborers, who frequently are ill-paid and who have difficulty in organizing
themselves and defending their rights;

-the faces of the underemployed and the unemployed, who are dismissed because of the
harsh exigencies of economic crises, and often because of development-models that subject
workers and their families to cold economic calculations;

-the faces of marginalized and overcrowded urban dwellers, whose lack of material goods
is matched by the ostentatious display of wealth by other segments of society;

-the faces of old people, who are growing more numerous every day, and who are frequently marginalized in a progress-oriented society that totally disregards people not engaged in production.

What was the reaction? The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (the successor of Inqusition Office) headed by current Pope, condemned such Marxist ideas in Catholic Church.

At the end, this priest was assasinated while offering Mass.

NB: If you are not aware, the current state is a creation of the priest, judge/king and the soldier in the 16th Century and they are still working in harmony to achieve their objectives.

kirgit said...

that's the crappiest excuse of a post... of course Uhuru is a culprit, on behalf of his family, for sinfully owning land larger than the entire Nyanza Province. That's not capitalism, that's absurd.... many citizens of Central Kenya are poor beyond imagination, in fact, Kenyatta and wabeberu created the Kikuyu Diaspora, pushing Kalenjins from their lands, so as to squander and grab all land these hapless Kikuyu mortals had.

When violence breaks out in the rift valley, Kenyatta is always to blame, because he caused many Kikuyu's to live far from their ancestral home, and that's the reason for IDPs and all. But of course you all know this. Issue is, another thief, Moi,and his cabal of pickpockets like Jirongo, Ruto and the like, have displaced many citizens in the quest fro land ownership. of course the land question will be answered by the new constitution, and that's why, the No Noisemakers exist. Forget about those clowns called the clergy, they are as sinful and virile as they can be. They nee first check themselves, beginning with the catholic rapists fro priests, the capitalistic pentecostal pastors and the ever seeking relevance evangelicals. Have they repented for taking sides in 2007? anyway, Uhuru cant be seen to be upsetting the Yes wave in his own backyard, including the current President, and he cant be seen to be against Moi, of whom Uhuru owes his all for even being a politician in the first place. This is nothing other than fence-sitting, and Uhuru can go suckle his cattle at brookeside.

Anonymous said...


It’s very strange that politicians have started their night meetings again regarding the draft.
WHO passed the draft in parliament in the first place? All of a sudden we need to extend and continue to amend. We are told that if we continue to support the draft as it is the country will be divided and it we will have PRV [post referendum violence] – picture the scenario where catholic bishops are lynching members of their congregation who voted yes and extolling the “meek flock” to go out in a crusade against the abortion loyalists. – Laughable ama?

The issue is not that “AS IS” will polarize leading to violence as some would like us to believe; at stake is the country versus vested interest that have been suffocating us.

We must start to respect our LAWS, they must count for something – The same MPs passed it into LAW in the house. They can either vote YES or NO as they voted in the house, they are within their democratic right. Fence sitters are not serious as it shows they lack conviction which is a fundamental trait of a true leader – We MUST move past individual interests fence sitting and “bungee” back and forth depending on which night meeting is in town is NOT HELPFUL.

It is natural that there are opposing sides, that’s healthy – everybody has a right to ventilate their opinions at the polls, that’s why there is a referendum in the first place, its
quantitative and qualitative measurement of public opinion – we always complain when
we hear Mugabe of Gaddafi getting 90% of the votes in anything, yet we want to stage manage our referendum to reflect the same results. It’s better to lose the referendum because of what you believe than to be shepherd to loose – that creates conflict.

The excuse that it will lead to PRV (post referendum violence) is in itself a provocation and it’s the tale tale signs at the beginnings of laying the groundwork for violence. It should be made very clear in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS through a roll call of all the MPs and security organs that VIOLENCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and visible preparations made to REINFORCE the same, here is a chance for the leadership of the APs to redeem themselves.
The ONUS is on the security organs to put in place a co-ordinated plan to mitigate violence
And let the people get on with discussing their opinions according to the time plan and the law. We cannot change the ROAD-MAP just because some individuals want us to. KENYA should have passed that stage.

We have to learn as a country that we need to have timelines, TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NO MAN. Extensions re-debating, retreats, re-openings, whatever’s, its just a waste of time and resources. We have to start EXECUTING not DEBATING OURSELVES TO VIOLENCE & DEATH. It time to catch up with Singapore and not to wait for NJOYA to catch up with modernity and reality , The days of ROMANS were gone long long time ago – tuta ngoja mpaka saa ngapi ?

Let wanainchi vote and if we insist on these on “mutations” after it was passed in PARLIAMENT then lets US vote on two drafts - a pure presidential and a pure parliamentary system with complete separation of the state and the church – abortion left to the clergy to preach to their “flock” and no mention in the constitution. Let wanainchi vote for what they want not what some people think they should vote for.

pale_pale said...

Uhuru Kenyatta is a cowardly opportunist who talks with a forked tongue. Don't buy his "consensus" BS. The man doesn't give two s.hits about the welfare of Kenyans, his only concern is protecting his family's ill-gotten wealth.

He secretly supports the "No" camp because new constitution will be a death knell for shameless land grabbers like him. But he knows that the mood in Central province is an uncompromising "Yes", so he hides behind the "consensus" nonsense and hopes the "No" camp can muster enough numbers to stop the katiba train. Won't happen.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4/14/10 2:36 AM

Well said, well said. Me no need to add some more.



Hu, I have the sober Mwarang'ethe back with informative info. The reading continues.



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