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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mungiki Backs Draft as Church Peddles Dogma

As they say the singular difference between religion and science is the fact that with science we can predict.

The Kenyan Christian Church Leaders are crying foul and demanding to be heard. Men of collar are admonishing the media and politicians for demeaning and painting their NO stand as obstructive to securing a new constitution. And you know what, the church is right. They have the right to peddle their divine wares (DOGMA) lest they be left home and dry as the constitution coasts to the shore.

The misinformation and propaganda on abortion and kadhi courts have taken back seat as the heat intensifies. The church-state/politico war is gaining momentum. The whole charade leaves you wondering why the church is failing to stick to its cardinal duty of shepherding the flock. If only the flock listened then nobody would be aborting babies. Period! But the SPIRITUAL PANIC informs you that the flock have their ears/hearts elsewhre outside church hence the clergy's quest to legislate morality

Forget the pulpit grandstanding and all the cheap Christi/Islamic conspiracy theories. The fact is that constitution making is a political process. And what is more, Kenya’s political decisions are EXCLUSIVELY informed by tribal interests.

It therefore remains a matter of when and not if the prevailing religious brinkmanship fail to win the flock against the draft constitution. True, dogma is the singular ointment that nourishes any religion. But will it wash this time round for Kenyans?

Well, the jury returned inside long time ago and the Kenyan church is destined to be exposed for what it has been all along. They may have maintained the dogma candle burning but their attempt to enslave Kenyans to the old ways of doing things is headed to the bottom of the pit soon.

The Kenyan church DOUBLE GOOFED during both the 2005 referendum and the botched 2007 elections. And just when they thought they had secured forgiveness and redemption from aggrieved Kenyans, here they are backing a dead stinking horse. True to the Jewish adage, the gods fatten you before the ultimate slaughter.

You don’t even need to decipher the deceit that belies the church’s crusade on abortion to expose them for hypocrisy. The draft constitution explicitly outlaws abortion except on medical grounds. But the male clergy would have none of that as they wax spiritual on matters REPRODUCTION oblivious of the burden of an an expectant mother.

That no female church leader is included in all their campaign is testimony to the church’s oppressive and gender-insensitive foundations. To be a bastion of tolerance, one would expect the church to back their opposition to Kadhi’s courts with commensurate facts and not cheap religious me-too bravado. What is more, the whole constitution as presently drafted in overtly Christian in both spirit and print. Otherwise there would be no Christian weekends as we know them and offices would be open on both days.

Contesting the fact that taxpayers’ money will be used to finance the Kadhi’s is foolhardy to say the least. Employing the same lame line of reasoning would make the affluent sending their kids to private schools refuse to pay tax to develop public/faith schools.

The Kenyan church must seek better ways to re-invent herself lest they be permanently consigned to MORAL IRRELEVANCE. Just as prior to the bungled 2007 polls, the clergy have started breaking ranks with their bosses as they take ethnic inclinations towards support for/against the draft constitution.

And with that proven trend there emerges only one winner, which predictably and fortunately is not the church. There won't have been a more apt and timely reality check.


Anonymous said...

Proud disdain for matters spiritual. Typical sour-grapes posture. The Light shineth in darkness but darkness comprehendeth it not.

Anonymous said...


the adage of gods fattening someone cant be jewish as jews had a monotheism. It must be greek/roman/egyptian.

In kenya most people go to church because of the promise of eternal life. However on politics they follow their politicians. Politicians are the celebs in kenya. Can you imagine someone in kisumu defying raila to follow a pastor.

Anonymous said...

In 2005, the Church told Kenyans to choose for themselves. Of course, the ODM side was not happy hence claims of 'betraying' Kenyans. This time, the Church has taken a stance and they are still being accused of 'betraying' Kenyans. Who is being hypocritical here?

M. Pesa said...

Sure, Taabu. The Church goofed, saw the light and has now back tracked from their earlier fundamentalist pose. This was after a classic legal ear bash from Orengo and Mutula which opened their eyes wider in dissecting the various contentious clauses. It's now up to Arap Moi, William Ruto and their tribal minnows like Kutuny and Isaac to hold the candle against the looming hurricane Katrina. Can they manage what destiny holds for the resilient Kenyans? This Katiba is as good as passed. Let those with an axe to grind get 1m signatures for any amendments, once the Katiba has won the day. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and sure as the sun rises, it's not an oncoming train!

Anonymous said...

we Taabu wacha,
Kwani Njue/Karanja wamekula mbuzi yako ama?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kumekuchans,

For me I am voting yes because majimbo and parliamentary democracy were not included in the proposed constitution. These two systems were being proposed by tribalist.

Viva! Nakuru County!!
Viva! Laikipia County!!

Viva! All the Counties of the Great Republic of Kenya.

May all our future presidents be men and women of wisdom, just like the PSC members who met in Naivasha and threw out majimbo and adopted pure presidential system.

Now let's go out and work hard and vote yes in the referendum.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember Raila going round the country in 2007 promising majimbo and parliamentary democracy? Guess what, he is now busy campaigning for a draft constitution containing none of those two core promises. And his blind followers are cheering him on despite the betrayal. It is amazing how betrayal of ODMorons comes so naturally to Raila.

Philip said...

When it comes to matters of abortion I support the proposed constitution wholeheartedly.

When Moi opposed constitution not only on land issues but also abortion issues I saw that the guy has ceased to be objective in his arguements, particularly on abortion.

Anonymous said...

Only FOOLS like you never change their minds. Your obsession with RAO is sickening. Watch you might chocke in it. You are stuck in gear one while RAO moved on. Get adrift and either join him or go hang.

Mwarang'ethe said...

These "Men of God" are very interesting characters to say the least. No wonder Jesus described them in this manner:

"You serpents, you brood of vipers, how will you escape the sentence of hell?"

He knew what he was talking about because as Isaiah said,they "keep the hungry person unsatisfied and withhold drink from the thirsty."

These men keep on yapping about abortion, yet, they dare say nothing about what is oppressing the poor.

In the book of Ezekiel 18: 13, we hear this:

"If he has exacted usury Or taken increase -- Shall he then live? He shall not live! If he has done any of these abominations, He shall surely die; His blood shall be upon him." What is interesting is that, usury here is equal to murder, rape, robbery.

In Ezekiel 18: 17, we hear this:

"Who has withdrawn his hand from the poor And not received usury or increase, But has executed My judgments And walked in My statutes -- He shall not die for the iniquity of his father; He shall surely live!"

In Ezekiel 22:12, we hear this:

"In you they take bribes to shed blood; you take usury and increase; you have made profit from your neighbors by extortion, and have forgotten Me," says the Lord GOD.

In Exodus 22: 25 - 27) we hear this:

" If you lend money to any of My people who are poor among you, you shall not be like a moneylender to him; you shall not charge him interest. If you ever take your neighbor's garment as a pledge, you shall return it to him before the sun goes down. For that is his only covering, it is his garment for his skin. What will he sleep in? And it will be that when he cries to Me, I will hear, for I am gracious."

We need not cite more verses on this issue. We only say in the words of Jesus, "Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes for they are blind guides who strain out a gnat, but, swallow a camel.

Since in words of Jesus one cannot serve two masters, i.e. both God and mammon, these Pharisees have chosen to serve one master, which mammon.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the NTV clip on Kalonzo's Mwingi constituency. It is unbelievable that he wants to run for the Presidency. 25 yrs of leading his constituency he has nothing to show for it. In actual fact, he should be prosecuted and asked to refund his salary for being an MP.

Some people are all talk.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fun of kalanzo but for heavens sake when will kenyans learn that politicians bring no developements to their consituencies.They are paid though handsomely so to make laws what more do you expect more.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:42 AM,

Are you saying that we should not hold politicians accountable for the development track records of their constituencies?

Anonymous said...

When reality sunk in I realised to my great horror that the neighbour's dog (Mkosa Kabila) had failed to bite a chunk out of the dogma (Siasa Kabila Kanisani) that was posing a great danger to herds grazing in the great fertile hills and valleys of Kenya.

The Kenyan clergy are as tribal as one can get, and it's high time they stopped playing politics with their smokescreen agendas under the guise of abortion politics that have nothing to do with the sanctity of life and dignity of all Kenyan women and children.

Sanctity of life? Human dignity? What about the continuous presence of IDPs on Kenyan soil since PEV? That's a testiment it self and real blight on all religious leaders. Charity begins at home.

The last thirty years and above all the PEV have exposed Kenya clergy for who they really are; defacto tribal chiefs, businessmen in clerical clothes, snakes in our midst, pulpit pimps, wolves in sheep clothing, agents of greed, corruption, evil and destructive ethnicity, hirarchical goons, crooks and harbingers of a very dark future for Kenya..

The religious leaders no longer serve God, people and country, but serve their own warped needs in order to try and appear as relevant as possible within their immediate chruch communities.

The clergy have failed the people, country and what they claim to stand for - PEACE - on numerous of occasions.

For instance, during the PEV, Kenyans were expecting, hopping, praying and waiting for two or three church leaders to emerge and follow in the foot steps of religious leaders like Archbishop Desmond Tutu's example, but not a single one of them rose to the the occasion in defence of the victims all over country and for what was right for the nation at one of it's critical moment in history.

The issue of Kadhis'courts should be left alone because pili pili usioila ya kuwashia nini?/

Who needs the mother of all religious skirmishes as seen every year in parts of Nigeria?

Kenyan Muslims and Christians have coexisted in peace for the last five decades and it would be wise for the religious leaders not to mess with the current coexistence curve as it is.

They may have maintained the dogma candle burning but their attempt to ensalve Kenyans to the old ways of doing things is headed to the bottom of the pit soon.

Anonymous said...


Christian: Remove Kadhi courts now
Muslim: Remove extra Christian holidays on our calendars-Easter,Xmas ....


where does this lead us to?

Anonymous said...

Muslims pay taxes in kenya too!

Anonymous said...


Mungiki are openly supporting the proposed constitution for two main reasons:

Reason One: Mungiki is virulently anti-Majimbo. Mungiki movement was born in Nakuru and Laikipia partly to defend the 1992 ethnic cleansing that was directed against the Kikuyu in the RV. Now with Majimbo dead and the birth of the counties, Nakuru and Laikipia are separate and apart from the other remnants of former RV. These two counties can now chart their future within the wider Republic of Kenya without the baggage associated with RV, and Mungiki could not be happier with the turn of the events.
In fact, the wider Mt. Kenya commuunity were ready to go along with division of Kenya into 25 Jimbos as long as Nakuru was decoupled from Kericho/Baringo and Laikipia from Samburu. But Bett, Kosgey, and Ruto were slow to make-up their mind and eventually they were told to go hang themselves on their tribal notion of Majimbo. So, Mungiki thinks it is a glorious end to a struggle which began in 1992.

Second Reason: The Mungiki can't believe their luck that Raila, the fiercest advocate of RV Majimbo in 2007, is now the one doing the dirt job of selling the draft which has dimantled the Majimbo. They will support him as long as he does the dirt and heavy work but he should not expect any votes for doing what he should have been doing from the very beginning.

The feeling among the Christian Mungiki is that, let Raila slay the dragon he created while the House of Mumbi takes a break before uniting in 2012 behind Brother Kalonzo en-route to the promised land.

Anonymous said...

does the Clergy need politicians to shepherd their flock? what an indictment!sets ground for fulfillment of the book of Revelation Chapter 18,they have adulterated the word of God, selfishly enriching themselves while committing Spiritual fornication (Jer 3:6-13)with the Kings of the Earth(political systems) and the Commercialism system,

Just like ancient Babel(literal meaning confusion)...Christendoms clergy like blind guides lack the moral authority to direct their flocks for they themselves do not know where they are going, "What a shame"

The one who they claim to follow stated "they would not be a part of this word John 17: 15-17, but not with this wicked generation, they are "the world" itself!so dont expect any good from them,if that which they preach prophetically condemns them and they fulfill it.

Anonymous said...

After reading the writing of Taabu, I was left with sadness rather than appreciation. Sadness, not for the church but for the writer. The writer manifests of a depraved mind, extolling in futility of reason based more on a simple mind that is consistently learning but lacking in knowledge and understanding.

The Church's stand on matters of consititution is extremely necessary and cannot be wished away by some angry, bitter soul whose mind has been deluded and is covered in a mass of scary scales.

The Church, (Clergy and their flocks) live on earth and not in heaven. Any bad rule, law etc. affects them in much the same way as it does affect other people of different faiths and beliefs. That is why genocide in Rwanda affected both the Church and the Secular.

It has been said again and again that the Church felt that because of their passivity in the past rules, a lot of wrongs happened and that is why the church feels that it should engage and indulge in pushing through anticipated potential explotions unforseen by many.

(I can almost tell what Taabu will write in the next generation - if he survives - that the Church has left this country to degenerate into Sodom and Gomorrah. Twisted thoughts)

The laws are not made because people have refused to go to Church. The TEN Commandments were made as laws against which man shall know evil from good.

The church is not in competition with any concerned body so as to be seen to fail or win. We can never win against God. For Sodom and Gomorrah to exist and prevail against the only sole voice of Abraham did not mean that Abraham lost and God lost. It meant that the people chose, like now, to do what they wished in their own eyes to please their own selfish desires and ignored that "foolish" Abraham. It meant that years later, Sodom and Gomorrah were to go into utter destruction.

Different groups have contributed their concerns into the constitution and they've been listened to. Why throw arrows on the voice of the church?

Anonymous said...

All through in the Bible many a time God sent prophets to Kings to speak to them and to the people.

At times people listened and at times Kings did not. That, like I have said earlier, does not mean that the Church (Prophets) are wrong, grandstanding, misguiding, or propaganda. It means that the people may choose not to listen.

The Church cannot therefore be confined to the pulpit alone. Part of the church's cardinal duty of shepherding the flock is to indulge in matters of governance, as to how the flock should be governned.

The church should therefore not shut up.

Anonymous said...

We are taxpayers whose statutory deduction will forcefully go into progressing, developing and expanding a religious entity we do not ascribe to. We too do not expect any other religion, be it muslim, hindhu etc. to forcefully (through statutory deductions) develop, progress and expand the christian entity to which they do not ascribe to.


Anonymous said...

Taabu, remember the Post Election Violence (PEV)clearly. Sadly, people were burnt in the church. Many people affected were Christians. Remember a Bishop or a Padri was hacked to death somewhere along the Nakuru - Kericho junction?

You condemned the Church. Now the Church is speaking and we're condemining the Church.

Soon, the anticipated Islamic oppression will come into full force. Are we going to stand and blame the Church?

Tafuta Bwana Taabu, you need mercy drops.


Anonymous said...

Taabu wrote:
That no female church leader is included in all their campaign is testimony to the church’s oppressive and gender-insensitive foundations.

My take:
Christianity brought about freedom from oppression and gender sensitivity. Several gender issues are propagated by liberal women who are majorly Christians.

Women in Kenya have always have platforms to talk when they feel pinched. Women do not like to abort, but they're pushed to it more so because men refuse to take their responsibility, abandon them after making them pregnant and/or run away to get other women.

Men vehemently support abortion in toto (save for where a mother's life is in danger) basically to avoid responsibility and to continue with their unbriddled ogling.

Therefore Men in Cloth are protecting the women.

Secondly, Majority of men in Church leadership, Corporate ladder, and Political leadership are a reflection of a patrilineal society. To deduce this to oppression by one entity is an unintelligent reasoning.


Anonymous said...


The politics of the constitution making and popularization are becoming bipartsan in a funny way. With the exception of the Islamic courts, this is essentially a PNU drafted constitution. Then comes ODM able and willing to do the popularization of the draft which essentially contains none of their major proposals. This is an unusual division of political labour. Is this a sign of what is in store for us in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4/13/10 2:01 AM,

An intelligent observation. This is a sign that the PNU draft will be implemented by the ODM. What more explanation do we need from the phrase that the house of the evil shall be taken over by the righteous.



Anonymous said...

Dishonest Raila is at it again. He promised the Kalenjins and the Coast and the NE Province people that he will fight and give them majimbo and an accountable executive govt. Then he turns around and starts selling them a proposed constitution without majimbo and contains an imperial presidency. This bugger has become more PNU than the real PNU people. He is the proverbial biblical father who gave his boy a stone when the boy asked for bread, and a serpent when the boy asked for a fish. What a shameless dishonest turncoat!!!!

Anonymous said...


Not so fast! The implementation of the constitution can not be left to the bloody hands of ODM. The righteous job of implementation can only be entrusted to the God-fearing hands of Brother Kalonzo. That is what the Big House of Mumbi has decided.

Anonymous said...


It is five years from now and the Kadhi courts have been operational for the same period. Your uncle is crying, the government has just forcibly repossessed his land and is planning to compensate him for less than his land’s worth. He seeks your advice about taking the government to court to get market rate on his land but you advise him against it. To your surprise the government begins to construct a mosque on what was formerly your uncle’s land. On completion you are informed it’s not a mosque but a Kadhi court. It begins operation and the compound is full of GK vehicles. A convoy arrives with GK vehicles complete with GK drivers and GK body guards.

What appear to be Muslim clerics disembark from the GK vehicles. You are informed that these are the khadhis. They are now government Islamic judicial officers (what a contradiction, you think). You draw nearer to get a closer look and the guards inform you that this is an Islamic institution and you should therefore keep off. You leave wondering how your constitution came to allow the government (Kenya now has a Muslim president) to build and fund a Muslim religious institution.

You go to church the following day, eager to share what you have seen with fellow Christians. You find the gate locked and a big crowd outside. You notice the Pastor and you draw near to him. He tells you and others that the government has closed the church because of its proximity to the Kadhi court. He has been informed that the court is constitutional and the church is not, therefore the church must give way. He may rebuild the church at an appropriate distance so as not to disrupt court proceedings, and no, it doesn’t matter what came first only what is constitutional.

This is not a fantasy; this may be the reality if the Proposed Constitution is adopted.

Anonymous said...


LIE NO 1. - The Kadhi courts have been retained in the proposed constitution as they are in the current constitution. This is a blatant lie. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that the jurisdiction of the Kadhi court in the current constitution is restricted to the 10 mile coastal strip stretching from the Indian Ocean. This was the territory that formerly (before independence) belonged to the Sultan of Zanzibar. This area did not belong to the British and was therefore referred to as the British Protectorate. This area is currently referred to as the former British Protectorate. Furthermore in the Bomas Draft and in all other drafts except the Proposed Constitution, the jurisdiction of the Kadhi court is restricted to this 10 mile coastal strip. In the Proposed Constitution the jurisdiction of the Kadhi Court will be nation wide. I hold that there is a big difference between a ten mile coastal strip and nationwide.

LIE NO 2. - The Kadhi court will not affect you if you are not a Muslim. This is a barefaced lie. You must not believe it. The courts will affect everything in your life. You may even find yourself without a place of worship as in the story above. Your taxes will pay the Kadhi and his staff. If each Kadhi gets a million and you add construction and other expenses, they could be taking off a clean 20 Billion from our national budget. They will use GK vehicle, they may take your land for construction of the courts.

LIE NO 3. - The Muslim “brothers are freindly people who mean no harm”. This is the biggest lie of all; Muslims are sworn enemies of Christians. Their faith encourages them to lie to kafiris. (Non-Muslims) and to kill kafiris who get in the way of their religion. In Islamic nations, like Pakistan, a Christian can be arrested and jailed for preaching. Here in Kenya, we seem to be rolling the red carpet for the Muslims. Take a look at the Islamic nations around us; see the kind of violence we are inviting.

LIE NO 4. - That having Constitutional Kadhi courts in Kenya is purely for sorting out family matters between practicing Muslims. This is also a lie; the plan of constitutionalizing the Kadhi courts is a part of the Abuja Declaration for the Islamatization of Africa. It is not an isolated incident. It happened first in NIGERIA. Today in Nigeria, pastors have to buy guns and hire people to guard churches, but our “Muslim brothers” are still managing to burn some of them.

Anonymous said...

LIE NO 5. - That all religions will be equal before the eyes of the law. This is the mother of all lies. The CEO deleted the clause” THE GOVERNMENT SHALL TREAT ALL RELIGIONS EQUALLY” This clause was present in the bomas draft , and in all subsequent drafts, but it was deleted by the Muslim headed COE to make way for the elevation of Islam from the proposed constitution. Christians be warned, the only religion in the proposed constitution is Islam. Christianity doesn’t even get a mention. Do not be deceived, they are trying to sneak in Sharia Law through the back door. Ask yourself, why would they delete this clause unless the opposite is true?

LIE NO 6. - That the amendments can be done after the referendum. This is probably the most shameless lie of all. The truth is that one requires a million signatures to petition a clause, a 2thirds majority in both the upper and lower houses and a referendum to change a single clause in the Protected Articles. Kadhi courts fall under the article on the judiciary which is protected and Abortion fall under the Bill of Rights which is also protected. They are making a fool of us. If we swallow this, they will soon be laughing all the way to the Consolidated Fund and the Treasury.

LIE NO 7. - This is the best proposed constitution so far, the let church not be a wet blanket by spoiling it. This is merely a guilt card and they should know better than to pull this one. This is not the best constitution so far, in fact it is the worst. It has a host of hidden clauses insert by individuals and groups of individuals with sectarian interests. These clause are so disguised one requires an international law degree just to recognize them. Take the clause on abortion for instance. This is the same clause that was used in the UK to legalize abortion. Whoever came up with the clause must not only be well informed but also very conniving.

Anonymous said...


1. Do you know why government is yet to release the results of the census which ought to have been released ages ago? The reason is not only shocking, but alarming. It is because persons of Somali ethnicity now out number any others in Kenya. Experts are saying this kind of increase can only be explained by immigration not birth. In a case of too little too late, the government has now stopped admission of children into public schools without birth certificates to curb illegal immigration. The question is, what about all those Somalis that now hold illegal ID, what they are going to do about them. The government has already lost cases in court against these illegal ID holders. Our courts appear to hold the view that a national ID is sufficient proof of citizenship. Somalis are 99.9% Muslim. As you read this, these illegal ID holders are now busy being registered en mass as voters by a Muslim headed IIEC. You still think all is well?
2. Have you noticed that mosques have multiplied ten fold in our neighborhoods in the last 5 years?
3. Have you realized investment by Muslims and Islamic countries have also increased ten fold?
4. Are you aware that the head of IIEC, the PSC, and the COE are all Muslims?
5. Are you aware that our beloved Prime minister has some kind of pact with Muslims?
6. Are you aware that our president as well has some kind of pact with ISLAMIC COUNTRIES?
7. This can only mean Kenya has been targeted to become an Islamic haven. This ought to make you very worried. They now have the voting power and the money. They are also very united and extremely good strategists.
8. Have noticed the increase of incidences of demonstrations conducted by Muslims for the most minor reasons?
9. Did it capture your attention that for the first time in Kenya, we had demonstrators using guns to attack security officers? Tellingly this was a peaceful demonstration by our harmless “Muslim Brothers”. This ought to worry you.
10. Did you know that according to a recent UN investigation hundreds of Kenyan Somali youth are now fighting alongside the insurgent AL- SHABBAB against the TFGORVERNMENT of Somalia? Do you realize that if history is anything to go by, these youths are likely to come back home and use their experience to instigate plan and execute a parallel insurgency right here in our own country. If this doesn’t worry you, I don’t know what will.
11. Are you aware that our politicians having noticed that the landscape is increasingly Islamic are now falling over themselves to make pacts with Muslim leaders in order to secure their political future?

Anonymous said...

I thought this was about the church...when did it turn to fools ...bure kabisa

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...


Archbishop dey enjoy
Pope self dey enjoy
Imam self dey enjoy
My brother wetin you say?
My brother wetin you say?

Archbishop dey for London
Pope dey for Rome
Imam dey for Mecca
Archbishop dey for London
Pope dey for Rome
Imam dey for Mecca

My people them go dey follow Bishop
Them go follow Pope
Them go follow Imam
Them go go for London
Them go go for Rome
Them go go for Mecca
Them go carry all the money
Them go juba Bishop
Juba Pope
Juba Imam
Then them go start to yab themselves

"Sheffering and Shmiling" by Fela Kuti

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:01 AM

The usual watered down version of FIRE and BRIMSTONE sermons will no longer work or hoodwink the flocks (lol! human or stock?) anymore.

The "men of the cloth" have had fifty years to bring about real change within the hearts of their "flocks" as well as in the whole country, but they have failed 99.9%

Why? They are no longer "the Salt of the Earth" or "the beacon on the hill" but they have transformed themselves into "prophets for profit", and the only scarificial item on your modern day altars is nothing but the exchange (transaction) of money, money, money and money.

Idol (money) worship is the name of the game in most of the churches and religious institutions around the country.

BTW, any individual who has been to school (geography class) knows where the Euphrates river, Tigris river, Jordan river, Nile river, Red Sea, Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus, Judian Mountains, Masada, Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Gaza, Nazareth, Ashqelon, Beersheba, Hadera, Ashod etc are located.

Where was your so called the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah located?

Where are the ruins? Or is it one of those myths from the ancient tales?

What makes the "men of the cloth" to believe or to be so sure that "they ('enlightened ones') speak on behalf of the Creator of the Universe?

At least Moses was known to have climbed up to Mount Sinai. So when did the Kenyan "men of the cloth" climb Mt. Kenya in order to commune with Creator ("God") of the Universe ('Kenya')?

Let's set aside the "man-made-god" (religious creation of "God") for a moment, help us the ignorant flock ("blind sheep") figure out how and when the bible thumping "men of the cloth" became God's spokespersons in Kenya?

Was it after the Creator descended from Mount Kenya or years after the first Europeans descended from their ships and set foot in the hinterlands of East Africa?

Politicians meet in parliament to deal with political issues of the day.

When and where do the "men of the cloth" meet as a whole group to deal with spiritual issues of the day?

And when do they usually meet with their boss, the Creator of the Universe ("God")?

I think it is the Kenyan temples and their high priests that will have to under go a real transformation before they can attempt to transform the people and country.

Or else they will face the fate that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

They may end up like the salt pillars of Sodom and Gomorrah in five years time. Who knows?

Anyway, back to the peddlers of dogma against KATIBA, panderers of the "NO" vote and seducers of the "YES" voters.

Anonymous said...

Mwarang'ethe said,
Archbishop dey enjoy
Pope self dey enjoy
Imam self dey enjoy
My brother wetin you say?
My brother wetin you say?

etc etc etc. ...

He He Hey, Mwarang'ethe,

You've always struck me as a reasonable, higher thinking, level headed person and the only sober mind remaining in the midst of all insanity.

Well for real, I will ignore what you've put above, deliberately live in denial and let what you've written pass ... as a mistake. After all you are human.


Anonymous said...


The ODM mandalins are telling the Kalenjins that the reason why the draft constitution does not contain their wishes, hopes and aspirations is because William Ruto betrayed them in Naivasha. In short, ODM is telling the Kalenjins that the proposed constitution doesn't take care of their interests. Then in the same breath these self-annoited champions of Kalenjin interests urge the Kalenjins to vote for the draft constitution that has allegedly killed Kalenjin dreams.

Either these ODM leaders' reasoning is a product of defective minds or they think the Kalenjins are stupid.

Anonymous said...

You are one of a kind! Just when I thought you are dead-ender book worm you come up with this rib-bursting quote from a Fela Kuti song. You have made my day (or is it night?). God bless you!

Mwarang'ethe said...

He He Hey, Mwarang'ethe,

You've always struck me as a reasonable, higher thinking, level headed person and the only sober mind remaining in the midst of all insanity.


The point we are making is very simple. At the end of the day, to the global pirates (both "islamists" and "xtians") we are just stupid Africans.

None of these groups is the solution. In fact, they are just multinational corporations just like Shell or Nike. Thus, let us not deceive ourselves in this nonsense of "I am a xtian, I am a Muslim," BS etc.

There is a second scramble for African resources and off course slave labour which is ongoing as we speak. This scramble is being helped by these petty quarrels about tribes, religion, we Africans engage in since God knows when.

Thus, Africans whether xtians or muslims, we are seen as slaves. U better wake up to this awful reality and see who is our real enemy.

Yes, you may feel superior to another African on account of religion, tribe etc, but, as Malcolm X taught us, you are just a KITCHEN NIGGER. Thats all.

Anonymous said...

does any of you believe the lies you have just espoused, in all that i have read there is a lot of vested interests if you dont want the draft constitution simply vote against it equally if you like then vote for it simple...dont come here and tell us some deep seated aggression that you all have welled deep inside you...use your vote instead!

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