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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kenya's Looming Grand Class Wars Soon

and why it's no longer shocking to shop, worship or unwind at your favourite local side-by-side with your slum dwelling shamba boy or "askari soldier"

A vicious modern day class war has quietly been taking place in the country over the past 3 years even as our 45 year old nation, still besieged by pre-independence vices and beleaguered with amatureish political jockeys, hurtles towards a ground breaking referendum and what could potentially be a fateful election worse than 2007 in 2 years time.

Battle lines between Kenya's upper,middle and bottom classes are already drawn and its everyone for themselves, God for us all.The three main camps bitterly pited against one another are: the "flying-toilet-jigger-infested below poverty line" slum dwellers, the educated urban "clipped-english accent speaking" middle class city dwellers, and the elite ruling political class. Unlike our maize eating oil drinking school fees guzzling sorry excuse for a politician members of parliaments, there are no grand coalitions or memorundums of understanding or KKK's political sub clans to be entered into between these 3 classes who essentially are blood brothers drawn from the same family

To understand the root cause of this 3 tier class war we have to go back to the botched 2007 stolen elections and subsequent 2008 anarchy and mayhem that followed suit. It always bothered the poor slum dwellers from Kawangare,Korogocho, mathare etc that while they were out fighting&dying for "haki yetu" between December 07 and February 08 in the streets of the capital city and dingy back alley villages across the country, life was going on virtually uninterrupted for the urban working middle class, minority rich elite and upper ruling political class without so much as a ruffled hair on their expensive well groomed barbershop and salon fashioned hair styles

Clever Poor
It was around that time that there was a substantial shift in the mindset of these majority in number modern day slum dwelling slaves. It dawned on the cooks,shamba boys, "soldiers" (security guards), mechanics and househelps that because the "wakubwas" didn't feel the same pain they felt, they had to devise a pay back strategy, one that would also see them lifted out of the soul crushing poverty in this 6% growing east african economy. mostly, they just felt hurt that they suffered and died in vain.I mean come on, not even a pat-on-the-back for all that blood shed! In any other country around the world they would have been considered the tide -shifting heroes of the hour.

All this needless unnecessary dying whilst their rich fellow kenyans continued to watch DSTV(Digital Satellite Television), eat "nyam chom" and visit the Gigiri based "Village Market", content to only wax lyrical venom at "THAT tribe" from the comfort of their 4 walled 5 bedroomed expensive upmarket real estate penthouses. The "have nots" strategy was 3 fold- first of all they knew where those urban city educated middle class cowards lived,afterall they were their everyday modern "slaves" and did just about everything for them, including looking after "daddy jr" all day long, to washing clothes for "madam", and sometimes even doing the thinking for "Baba Watoto"

Secondly, they knew how to identify those educated "british-english" speaking "cowards", be it through their portly "3-square meals-a-day" obese body frames, or from their ineloquent halting and broken kiswahili (e.g. habari yako wewe today).Failing all that, just look out for the cars they drive. The middle class stopped buying those second hand Dubai imports a looooooooong time ago. Lastly,they knew how "strong"(read weak) those learned scaredy cats were, and correctly surmised where it would hurt the most if they put the squeeze on them

Bad Attitudes
The idea was to go back to living in your slum hell hole, continue cooking, repairing vehicles, guarding those expensive penthouses etc but with a "treat me badly and see what happens" added dimension and attitude to their jobs. Examples of bad treatment include stirring up unnecessary tribal hatred while grossly underpaying them and abusing the physical manpower they offer
Continued tomorrow.........

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Anonymous said...

Now you have started to talk [write] about real problems that are facing Kenyan society from the foot hills of Mount Kenya, over crowded streets of Nairobi, costal region, valleys, lake basin, western highlands to the semi arid regions of Kenya.

The PEV and its aftermath triggered a paradigm shift in the minds of poor class urban and rural Kenyans, that will have far reaching conquences beyond Bob Marley's liberation theme song, "emanicipate your self from mental (political, economic, social, class, religious, tribal) slavery none but ourselves can our minds" and country".

Kenyans are bound to see relentless repraisals that will pale in comparison to "Terre'Blanche" type of pay backs from the "have nots" should the same condescending attitude be adopted by the "haves" and "have-mores" December of 2012 and January of 2013.

There will be "camisa negra" on our "terra negra" if all fails and if the foot soldiers are used, betrayed and their patriotic contributions are abused, neglected and wasted in 2012.

Something will have to give, and the demand will be orchestrated by the young and the restless. They have come of age and they will have nothing to lose but everything to gain from the "haves" and "have-mores" of Kenya.

Mwarang'ethe said...

"We have about 50% of the world's wealth but only 6% of its population. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security. To do so, we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and day-dreaming and our attention will have to be concentrated everywhere on our immediate national objectives. We should cease to talk about vague and unreal objectives such as human rights, the raising of the living standards, and democratization. The day is not far off when we are going to have to deal in straight power concepts. The less we are then hampered by idealistic slogans, the better".

George Kennan, Director of the Policy Planning Staff of the U.S. Department of State, 1948.

If only Kenyans/Africans could pause and reflect on what G. Kennan, the architect of Cold War was saying, they would know what to do.

In 1729, a British economist who was advising on colonial economic relations wrote this:

"That all Negroes shall be prohibited from weaving either Linnen or Woollen, or spinning or combing of Wooll, or working at any Manufacture of Iron, further than making it into Pig or Bar iron: That they be also prohibited from manufacturing of Hats, Stockings, or Leather of any kind... Indeed, if they set up Manufactures, and the Government afterwards shall be under a Necessity of stopping their Progress, we must not expect that it will be done with the same Ease that now it may."

That same policy of 1729 of telling u to export flowers and coffee remains in place. We shall elaborate further in due time.

Meanwhile, enjoy this song by Peter Tosh, 400 years of the same philosophy and Africans can still not see the obvious.

Anonymous said...

During the PEV period when the wajinga (poor Kikuyus and their equally poor Luos) were skinning each other alive, Fidel Odinga and his Kikuyu wife were busy romazing each in a gated community in Karen. And to support their lifestyle, the couple took the wajinga's maize and sold it to Southern Sudan. Na mambo bado, the wajinga will be giving their votes to Fidel to go to bunge in 2012. And you tell us the wajinga have learnt a lesson? Please, go sing to the goats.

Panafricanist said...

The hope that the poor will somehow rise up often just remains a hope. Only when the poor are organized can they rise up. Organization requires brains and some education (even if self-taught). I am not seeing much organization going on.

Anonymous said...

This is where religion comes in handy. Keeping the poor from murdering the rich. Karl Max was sooooooooooooo right.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Panafricanist said...
The hope that the poor will somehow rise up often just remains a hope. Only when the poor are organized can they rise up. Organization requires brains and some education (even if self-taught). I am not seeing much organization going on.


Spot on. It is organised knowledge which is wealth and power. Knowledge which is not organised is useless.

If you analyse Japanese society, a non - Western nation that has done well before its land speculation (that small issue of land again) crushed its economy, u will find very interesting stuff.

For instance, in the Ministry of Finance (Okurasho), they hate economists. They employ very few of them and keep carefully in check for they come second in rank.

You will find in this Ministry that, for every 1 economist, they employ 3 lawyers from Tokyo Department of Law.

These lawyers are the ones who run the Okurasho. When they get there as trainees, these trained lawyers are trained as administrators, nationalists and politicians, i.e. the art of war.

As a result of its rejection of economists, who are useful idiots, Japan has been able to resist the Anglo - American slash and burn capitalism to prevent abrupt dislocation.

On our part, if you look at Finance ministry, it is full of these useful idiots who are brainwashed in London Sch of Econ, Yale, Havard. Once they are so brainwashed, they come back and implement policies that destroy the nation.

In simple words, even if the poor Kenyans killed all the rich guys in Kenya, it will solve nothing for we are very disorganised people.

We are yet to understand that, we are war, and we can only win this war, if we understand this, and then reorganise for this all out war.

Anonymous said...

Thug Raila is at again, calling those who oppose his positions names. He calls those who oppose the draft constitution dishonest and liars. His mindset and language are a threat to national cohesion. Kenya is luck that this delusional man did not not win 2007 presidential elections.

Egnubo said...

I received an email, which, even though I must admit has some things I think are not accurate, lays bare a number of interesting facts.

I copy it below
It is five years from now and the Kadhi courts have been operational
for the same period.
Your uncle is crying, the government has just forcibly repossessed his
land and is planning to compensate him for less than his land's worth.
He seeks your advice about taking the government to court to get
market rate on his land but you advise him against it.
To your surprise the government begins to construct a mosque on what
was formerly your uncle's land. On completion you are informed it's
not a mosque but a Kadhi court. It begins operation and the compound
is full of GK vehicles. A convoy arrives with GK vehicles complete
with GK drivers and GK body guards. What appear to be Muslim clerics
disembark from the GK vehicles. You are informed that these are the
khadhis. They are now government Islamic judicial officers (what a
contradiction, you think). You draw nearer to get a closer look and
the guards inform you that this is an Islamic institution and you
should therefore keep off. You leave wondering how your constitution
came to allow the government ( Kenya now has a Muslim president) to
build and fund a Muslim religious institution.

You go to church the following day, eager to share what you have seen
with fellow Christians. You find the gate locked and a big crowd
outside. You notice the Pastor and you draw near to him. He tells you
and others that the government has closed the church because of its
proximity to the Kadhi court. He has been informed that the court is
constitutional and the church is not, therefore the church must give
way. He may rebuild the church at an appropriate distance so as not to
disrupt court proceedings, and no, it doesn't matter what came first
only what is constitutional.

This is not a fantasy; this may be the reality if the Proposed
Constitution is adopted.


LIE NO 1. - The Kadhi courts have been retained in the proposed
constitution as they are in the current constitution. This is a
blatant lie. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is
that the jurisdiction of the Kadhi court in the current constitution
is restricted to the 10 mile coastal strip stretching from the Indian
Ocean. This was the territory that formerly (before independence)
belonged to the Sultan of Zanzibar. This area did not belong to the
British and was therefore referred to as the British Protectorate.
This area is currently referred to as the former British Protectorate.
Furthermore in the Bomas Draft and in all other drafts except the
Proposed Constitution, the jurisdiction of the Kadhi court is
restricted to this 10 mile coastal strip. In the Proposed Constitution
the jurisdiction of the Kadhi Court will be nation wide. I hold that
there is a big difference between a ten mile coastal strip and nation
LIE NO 2. - The Kadhi court will not affect you if you are not a
Muslim. This is a barefaced lie. You must not believe it. The courts
will affect everything in your life. You may even find yourself
without a place of worship as in the story above. Your taxes will pay
the Kadhi and his staff. If each Kadhi gets a million and you add
construction and other expenses, they could be taking off a clean 20
Billion from our national budget. They will use GK vehicle, they may
take your land for construction of the courts.

Egnubo said...

Continued on Kadhi courts

LIE NO 3. - The Muslim "brothers are freindly people who mean no
Christians. Their faith encourages them to lie to kafiris. (Non-
Muslims) and to kill kafiris who get in the way of their religion. In
Islamic nations, like Pakistan , a Christian can be arrested and jailed
for preaching. Here in Kenya , we seem to be rolling the red carpet for
the Muslims. Take a look at the Islamic nations around us; see the
kind of violence we are inviting.
LIE NO 4. - That having Constitutional Kadhi courts in Kenya is purely
for sorting out family matters between practicing Muslims. This is
also a lie; the plan of constitutionalizing the Kadhi courts is a part
of the Abuja Declaration for the Islamatization of Africa . It is not
an isolated incident. It happened first in NIGERIA . Today in Nigeria ,
pastors have to buy guns and hire people to guard churches, but our
"Muslim brothers" are still managing to burn some of them.
LIE NO 5. - That all religions will be equal before the eyes of the
law. This is the mother of all lies. The CEO deleted the clause" THE
in the bomas draft , and in all subsequent drafts, but it was deleted
by the Muslim headed COE to make way for the elevation of Islam from
the proposed constitution. Christians be warned, the only religion in
the proposed constitution is Islam. Christianity doesn't even get a
mention. Do not be deceived, they are trying to sneak in Sharia Law
through the back door. Ask yourself, why would they delete this clause
unless the opposite is true?
LIE NO 6. - That the amendments can be done after the referendum. This
is probably the most shameless lie of all. The truth is that one
requires a million signatures to petition a clause, a 2thirds majority
in both the upper and lower houses and a referendum to change a single
clause in the Protected Articles. Kadhi courts fall under the article
on the judiciary which is protected and Abortion fall under the Bill
of Rights which is also protected. They are making a fool of us. If we
swallow this, they will soon be laughing all the way to the
Consolidated Fund and the Treasury.
LIE NO 7. - This is the best proposed constitution so far, the let
church not be a wet blanket by spoiling it. This is merely a guilt
card and they should know better than to pull this one. This is not
the best constitution so far, in fact it is the worst. It has a host
of hidden clauses insert by individuals and groups of individuals with
sectarian interests. These clause are so disguised one requires an
international law degree just to recognize them. Take the clause on
abortion for instance. This is the same clause that was used in the UK
to legalize abortion. Whoever came up with the clause must not only be
well informed but also very conniving.

Egnubo said...

Continued on Kadhi courts


1. Do you know why government is yet to release the results of the
census which ought to have been released ages ago? The reason is not
only shocking, but alarming. It is because persons of Somali ethnicity
now out number any others in Kenya . Experts are saying this kind of
increase can only be explained by immigration not birth. In a case of
too little too late, the government has now stopped admission of
children into public schools without birth certificates to curb
illegal immigration. The question is, what about all those Somalis
that now hold illegal ID, what they are going to do about them. The
government has already lost cases in court against these illegal ID
holders. Our courts appear to hold the view that a national ID is
sufficient proof of citizenship .Somalis are 99.9% Muslim. As you read
this, these illegal ID holders are now busy being registered en mass
as voters by a Muslim headed IIEC. You still think all is well?

2. Have you noticed that mosques have multiplied ten fold in our
neighborhoods in the last 5 years?

3. Have you realized investment by Muslims and Islamic countries have
also increased ten fold?

4. Are you aware that the head of IIEC, the PSC, and the COE are all

5. Are you aware that our beloved Prime minister has some kind of pact
with Muslims?

6. Are you aware that our president as well has some kind of pact with

7. This can only mean Kenya has been targeted to become an Islamic
haven. This ought to make you very worried. They now have the voting
power and the money. They are also very united and extremely good

8. Have noticed the increase of incidences of demonstrations conducted
by Muslims for the most minor reasons?

9. Did it capture your attention that for the first time in Kenya , we
had demonstrators using guns to attack security officers? Tellingly
this was a peaceful demonstration by our harmless "Muslim Brothers".
This ought to worry you.

10. Did you know that according to a recent UN investigation hundreds
of Kenyan Somali youth are now fighting alongside the insurgent
AL-SHABBAB against the TFGORVERNMENT of Somalia ? Do you realize that
if history is anything to go by, these youths are likely to come back
home and use their experience to instigate plan and execute a parallel
insurgency right here in our own country. If this doesn't worry you, I
don't know what will.

11. Are you aware that our politicians having noticed that the
landscape is increasingly Islamic are now falling over themselves to
make pacts with Muslim leaders in order to secure their political

12. Are you aware that you are now the last hope in this war? The
politicians have failed, the civil society has failed, the
professionals have failed, and the experts too have failed.


§ Register as a voter and wait for the referendum.

§ Register as a voter and wait NO for the referendum.

(I have edited the what can i do part)

Joe said...


That is known as scaremongering.

Mwarang'ethe said...


We can only pity thee (but, u are in good company) for you know not what you are talking about.

Let us see how "Xtians" who love us so much treat us.

After independence, we borrowed money to build Telkom/Safaricom. We are still struggling to pay these loans to "our xtian" brothers in the West who love us so much, but, not more than usury compared to the "islamic barbarians" who are knocking on the door.

Interestingly, even as we struggle to repay these usurous loans, our "loving xtian brothers from the North" just came and told us that, if we want more "loans" to pay usury, while the principal remains, we must sell Telkom/Safaricom to em for peanuts.

We must keep in mind that, the act of "buying" for em is just a matter of transfering figures from a UK based entity to our creditor's account in London. In other words, no single coin came our way. With a few strokes on a computer, all we had built with sweat and blood was gone.

Having bought this jewel as we note above, these days, once in a while, in the SLAVISH MENTALITY which has crippled Africans from the president to Wanjiku in the street, we read and we are cordially invited to join in the celebrations of the most profitable company in EA by our "mainstream" newspapers. Fools die for lack of wisdom as Bob Marley sung.

Therafter, we listed the company and used those proceeds (money from Wanjiku) to pay our external debts (usury again) while leaving the principal intact.

Now, when we make a call to each other, we pay these "xtian brothers" from the North.

In the face of the economic genocide against us by "our xtian brothers," all we are talking about now is "Islamic threat."

In simple words, we must understand that, these so called "xtians" and "muslims" are all thugs UNITED in raping us. In words of Fela Kuti, please stop teaching us nonsense.

Anonymous said...

@ Egnubo,

Are the individual who has been regurgitating the same c_r_a_p and puking anti Mulims propaganda laced with tribal bile on every Kenyan site?

Who is paying you for your polluted and warped fundamentalist religious sentiments?

Why don't you let peace loving Kenyans decide for themselves without your 24/7 fear mongering?

How sick can one become? All you are doing is debasing yourself and whatever it is that you may hold sacred.


Do your home work and figure out how that kind of malicious propaganda has caused religious mayhem in Nigeria for so many years.

Leave that sickeness alone, let it remain in Nigeria and don't try to import it into Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Oh, look who's suffering from buyer's remorse!

I see we are making some movement towards calling a spade a spade, but let us not keep lying to ourselves that Kikuyus were equally gullible (blindly obeying orders to kill), and equally culpable in the post-election myhem.


"adui..Lesothians...madoadoa...zangari..." etc.

When we talk about people who are gettint impatient for "not [getting] even a pat-on-the-back" for doing the biding of their tribal masters and shedding the blood of their neighbors, we are talking about a specific segment of the Kenyan population...those who killed for ODM. Real reconcilliation begins with heartfelt contrition and then after that, zote tujenge Kenya.

What a great day would it be in Kenya if these (hopefully former) supporters of ODM would come out and apologize for killing innocent Kenyans on behalf of ungrateful, corrupt politicians. And neither should anyone draw moral equivalence between rigging an election and spilling innocent blood...unless he/she can show that the hundreds of thousands of peasants who bore the blunt of the violence had a hand in the rigging.

Anonymous said...


You are nothing but a scare monger....yaaaaawn... Next please...

Egnubo said...

In my comments above, I clearly stated at the beginning that I received an email, which, even though I must admit has some things I think are not accurate, lays bare a number of interesting facts.

I still stand by what I said.

Anonymous said...

Churches are built in every corner markets near bars villages towns you name itbut if a mosque is built it's a problem to some ok about IIEC let's say it was headed by a kikuyu or luo that wouldn't have been a problem,kenya is a secular country stop comparing it with pakistan and let kenyans live together as one nation

Anonymous said...


What do you if you happen to step on dog poop on your way home from work?

That propaganda email is full of poop and you know it. So why pass it on? Why bring it home?

Don't derail the thread with irrelevant material ("I received an email") from Nigerian religious fundamentalist and war mongers.

Anonymous said...


See this link.

If this is Muslim propaganda, then it is more intelligent and credible than your scare mongering. Try something along these lines, then maybe you might get somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:45 AM

Anonymous said...

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