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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Media Must Let Muhoho Modernize Airports

What is all these obsession with age? The media is all over crucifying Muhoho oblivious of the fact that fellow octogenarians PSs Mutahi and Nyoike are doing just fine. Grey hair if synonymous with wisdom alloyed with the right genes.

Kenyans never cease to amaze. Their penchant to witch hunt the really industrious and competent is legendary. Now the press wants to hound CEO Muhoho out of office before his term expires. What a disgrace to pay somebody who has turned the hitherto sleeping KAA into a profitable institution.

The press must give the KAA board the freedom to appoint the MD after the President did his constitutional part in appointing ex-Runyenjes MP Wambora chairman. Muhoho is no ordinary Joe, just ask Engineer Erastus Mwongera who thought he had the gravitas to take him head on.

True, Muhoho has served two mandatory terms plus a 12-month extension but he must be allowed to manage his succession given the capital investment KAA has initiated. You only entrust such heavy investment to upstarts at the nation's collective peril. The astute economist in the President cannot and won't allow that to happen.

Reign of octogenarians
Father Muhoho may be 72 years only but he is less than 30,000 days old. What is more, his short third term has witnessed phenomenon growth with Kisumu Airport destined to be upgraded to international status in addition to constructing Isiolo Airport to decongest JKIA and open up northern Kenya for prosperity.

We owe it to Muhoho that he helped whisk the notorious Artur brothers out of our borders. What more do we need from such a person with a passion to preserve national security? All the flack directed at him can only be traced to his his filial and royal relationship with President Kibaki. Leaves you asking whether an ex-priest cannot remain faithful to his flock?

The press better direct their tirades elsewhere instead of detracting Mzee Muhoho from his pet projects that will see JKIA join the league of world's leading Airports.

For Pete's sake, we don't eat politics. The press must desist from attacking the president via proxy. Washindwe!


Anonymous said...

Poor Taabu,

And your ulcers continue to kill you softly as you whin daily like a woman.
Moi took you to school with a non deserved scholarship.
The fruits of that effort are clear for a ll to see.

Anonymous said...

After telling us how Raila spent..200 minutes..sic..on the phone on behalf of Mariga you then go back to your usual tribal rants. Why didn't you question Raila's open LIE to the press about mariga so that he can win accolades and 'votes' from soccer fans!! What a desperate fellow.
Raila hounded out Kimanzi and brought a looser Hey coz he believes in Wazungus.
He should be blamed for our current rankings which made Mariga miss out on 10 million a week salary.


Anonymous said...

My friend and I were recently talking about technology, and how integrated it has become to our daily lives. Reading this post makes me think back to that discussion we had, and just how inseparable from electronics we have all become.

I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Ethical concerns aside... I just hope that as memory becomes cheaper, the possibility of uploading our memories onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's a fantasy that I daydream about all the time.

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Fiona said...

The reason Muhoho is in the limelight is because he is an old man. Fine you say that he has overseen the expansion of airports, but does this mean a younger person isn't capable of the same?

If we take your reasoning Taabu, then Kenya's youth might as well forget ever rising to such positions.

Finally, one man alone cannot do all the great things you say Muhoho has done - it takes a team of I am sure below retirement age KAA employees. He is just the face of the work done.

Anonymous said...


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M. Pesa said...

Muhoho's post as KAA boss is just too sensitive to he held by a stupid outsider and must be retained by a GEMA operative at all cost. Picture this, all "sensitive" dockets are held by Andu a Nyumba like internal security- George Kinuthia Muthengi Saitoti, Finance- son of Jomo, KRA-Michael Waweru, PS internal security- Kimemia, Energy- Kiraitu AKA "ngo slow, or is it ngo srow?" and even the ultra sensitive NSIS seat is held by Kibaki's homeboy from Nyeri called Michael Gichangi. Even akina Ringera existed and also the real power broker at State Law Office is one Wanjuki Muchemi, Wako is just a planted stooge used to cushion the flak from the intrusive media. Did I say even the dude who swore Kibaki at night one Justice Gicheru is also a local homeboy, yooo...wasssup homeboyz!

That's why the next successor of pensioner Muhoho will and must come from Nyumba, kwani pumbavu Kenyans wata do what? We need someone we can trust and sorry other pumbavu Kenyans simply don't have good guts to manage such a sensitive docket. Watch Kenya Railways being snapped up by Transcentury homeboyz. Kenyans will whine and bark but then after 4 days, the noise will definitely die always does! A time tested formula. KAZI IENDELEE! Down with a stupid new constitution!

M. Pesa said...

Those idlers who are screaming Muhoho is old at 72 years are simply misguided elements and enemies of peace and development. Muhoho amekula mbuzi ya nani? Yes he's a bit aged but he's in great state of health, physically and mentally and his great record at KAA is open to all. If indeed he's old as some tribalists are saying, how comes he never uses a walking stick? I dare all those rumour mongers to publish a photo of this great Kenyan using a walking stick! The man can also pack a Punch. Just bring your jaw near him and ask the man to punch it and see if he won't break it. Now, which old man can pull such a knock out? Still, Muhoho's record at KAA is impeccable and whiter than the snow on Mt Kenya. If you have any evidence of corruption, I dare you take it to the acting director at KACC one Dr Mutonyi. If you don't like KACC, why not see Bwana Iteere, another homeboy who heads the Kenya police? It's evidently clear that money has been poured to tarnish Muhoho's good name. Don't you people know that the road that links Nairobi West and South C is called Muhoho Drive yet you people want to soil such a great family which is a credit to this nation? Let Muhoho be!

shaka said...

During Muhohos tenure at the KAA major scandals have taken place.The much talked about JKIA expansion is a white elephant project.Muhoho was supposed to involve stake holders in the design of project scope.The stakeholders include airlines,ground handling companies,Kenya pipeline and oil companies.An airport expansion is not just about paving the aircraft parking areas and taxiways and considering that as an expansion.The most critical part of the expansion should have been fueling points.They single sourced fueling equipment form an unknown supplier in the US and fitted them despite advise from KPC and oil companies.The design of the fuel lines was so poorly done that they are unable to commission the line for use without affecting airport operations.
The perceived expansion has not helped decongest the airport at all.
I'm sure if Muhoho came from western kenya side like Lumbasyo etc investigations would have been conducted and would reveal massive corruption in the JKIA expansion project.Since he is the presidents buddy nothing will be done.That is Kenya .

Integri-tea said...

Why is it only GEMA people who are harrased/hounded out of office? Kajwang is still sitting cozy in office despite Al-Faisal debacle. Nyongo is chilling despite drugs shortage. Ruto continues to enjoy ministry perks despite Ksh20 billion maize scandal. On the other hand maybe its good GEMA are held to higher standards...are others subconsciously admitting less is expected of them?

Integri-tea said...

Wont Raila be 70 soon? Will we hear calls from people here that he steps aside??? double standards?

Anonymous said...

my view is that a president should be allowed to work with a team he thinks and believes can deliver even if it means appointing his entire clan to all top positions. Kenyans have an opportunity to extend or hire a new leader based on results. We should stop this tabia of tribal diversity and focus on performance if the country is to progress.

Anonymous said...

This was meant to be a tongue in cheek post. Fiona, please try what we call reverse psychology.

baraza said...

man u crazy insane idiot....

Anonymous said...

remember the article about somalis they are a whooping 2.4 million according to the census time to field a somali presidential candidate just as Chris said and surely will get the support of many tribes including eastern,many from rift valley and kenya muslims then watu wa nyumba watalainishwa kweli kweli.

Anonymous said...

There are many Kenyans, younger , better educated and coming from other communities who do the job better.

The days in which you have to die old in office and people build you a massoleum is over.

Also the days when every position from cleaner to CEO are reserved from ONE community is coming to an end. Let's start today.

Anonymous said...

Muhoho is an old gizzard (stuffed with privileges and a recipient of constant preferential treatment from the 1960s and 70s) who should be enjoying his retirement like many retirees from the bygone era.

Muhoho FAILED as a clergy man due to excessive alcoholism, disobedience, arrogance and lack of self-control in terms of mandatory celibacy. Several nuns and young women fell victims to his wayward behaviour and were left to raise children on their own.

He FAILED as a politician, even with his well known inner circle connection to the Kenyatta family and his sister Ngina, and large amounts of money to run a sucessful campaign.

He FAILED as a civil servant, his stinking public record speaks volumes. He has done minimal in terms of modernizing airports in our small geographic village, that is better known as Kenya.

One wonders why old gizzards like Muhoho are still being recycled in Kenya of 2010?

Why not get any other person (Kikuyu or whatever) who understands the complex world of the aviation industry in this day and age.

Muhoho is a man who hated beepers when they were first introduced, he desliked the computers and didn't see the need of having a single computer installed in every office at JKIA.

He considered cellphones to be "a waste of public funds" and an intrusion on his personal life and other people's privacy, and wanted employees at JKIA to do business the old fashion way, through land-lines and secretaries.

He was among one of the old gizzards who were very adamantly opposed to modernizing and centralizing the cargo depo at Embakasi.

He was also a very stubborn gizzard when it came to airport security as well as learning from the improvements that were being implemented by countries such as South Africa, Israel, Eygpt, and other Asian and European nations.

He was once heard saying "...that's what the GSU are there for around the clock. What more security improvement do people want...?"

It's Muhoho who should let Kenya's airports to be modernized and not the other way round.

Langata ("Wilson") Airport [WIL-HKNW], Nanyuki Airport [NYK-HKNY] and Garissa Airport [Gas-HKGA] are typical cases in point.

Anonymous said...

Muhoho is just an illitrate person who secured the job because of his connections to Kenyatta. He is Mama Karafu's brother, that's the only qualification he has.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Right Rev. Father Director (KAA) George Muhoho should be forgiven for his past and current trespasses if the priest for life agrees to open himself to the counsel of others at the KAA.

LOL! The one time Priest of God Most High has manged to survive through the last four decades only to become the friend and confidant of the president most high in Kenyan political circles.

May he be forgiven for his trespasses and allowd to retire in peace. Amen.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:14pm-Obama is a luo from kogelo, it is only that his dad was generous and waist athletic like zuma, rao“s pal

Anonymous said...

what's a gizzard?

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