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Sunday, February 21, 2010

No Meeting as Kibaki Call Raila, ODM's Bluff

Peddling the word crisis does not necessary create an image of one. And now those who have been carelessly and disrespectfully bandying words at Kibaki have found their match. Kibaki the shrewd politician has come out with all guns blazing and there is no place to hide. ODM and its hirelings are toasted.

First the President has categorically made clear it there is no CRISIS, real or imagined. All Kenyans must know who is in charge and make no mistake about it. Kibaki has reminded Kenyans once more of his signature tune and declaration that "corruption will now cease to be a way of life in Kenya". That tempo was set in 2002 and after more than 2000 days, the gestation period is over. Heads will and must roll now.

Make no mistake, Kibaki is held hostage by no corruption networks/sharks. For those doubting Kibaki's brand new resolve to eradicate corruption once and for all are yet to come to grip with his determination to clean Kenya and bequeath her new constitution as the template for his LEGACY. There is no bigger scandal than Anglo Leasing and Kibaki learnt his lessons hard and painful.

Woe unto those who said that rhetoric about corruption and good governance does not make an entertaining national circus. Well, hear and read for yourself from the horse's mouth lest you loose the gist and substance in translation:

"Dear Kenyans, first and foremost be reminded of the basics and know that I was duly elected (the PORK) and then signed NARA on behalf for GorKi.

I want to take this opportunity to outrightly dismiss careless and disrespectful suggestions that I have been SLEEPING and cannot CO-ORDINATE AND SUPERVISE affairs of state, leaving HOME AFFAIRS aside.

My cabinet has become even stronger. We now don’t tolerate GRAFT - anybody stealing from the citizens children freely will be dealt IMPUNITY, I will came out strongly to terminally rectify any attempt before it gets out of hand. My Government will move swiftly with bold, decisive and transparent steps to avoid a crisis as has been demonstrated recently.

We have opened our MARKETS and will continue to give away LABOUR, your thirst for work will be taken care off. First as a thank you to our partners doubling THE DOLE during this last EL NINO hunger compared to the normal seasonal HUNGER periods that we live with every year and second for the ROADS we receive that opens further our markets and RESOURCES to our brothers in the west and at an accelerating pace to the new brothers from the EAST.

Now you can see our new brothers in the deepest part of our former agricultural sacred lands prospecting for minerals. We are planning to open Mandarin classes in almost all villages so that it could help YOU SERVE them better.

Transportation is on the MEND, the railway will be soon moving again and be back ON THE TRACK after our very own HARD WORKING Kenyans took possession of it from the government, cleaned it of its land, “lazy employees” and other assets which it could not manage. They will be selling it back to wanainchi having been CLEANED through our thriving STOCK MARKET. We will now pick up the pace of PRIVATISATION as a means of RELIEVING wanainchi their burdens.

To the EDUCATED fleeing in droves to use their potential in the WEST, there are some who claim CORRUPTION AND NEPOTISM have REPLACED RELIGION in my Government, I Emilio can assure you those are things of my PAST, and as I promised when I was sworn in -”serikali ya ufisadi" will continue to provide the LEADERSHIP YOU HAVE BEEN USED TO.

My Government is even getting stronger as you see new members joining we strive to continue changing Kenya to our image even after I pass the torch of state to our very enthusiastic NEW YOUTHFUL LEADERSHIP.

With those few words let’s all stand up and join hands together singing kazi iendelee to the 65% unemployed. Thank you."


Vikii said...

This is a poorly written piece by a disgruntled ODM enthusiast.

If I understand the theme of the piece (and I am not sure I do), it is a sarcastic repudiation of the leadership of President Mwai Kibaki and his reaction to and handling of the violation of the constitution by one citizen of Kenya named Raila Amollo Odinga.

Has Mwai Kibaki steadfastly fought corruption in Kenya since assuming office? Yes and No. Corruption levels have drastically fallen (I am not the CEO of Transparency International), but questions still remain regarding why certain key corruption suspects have not been arraigned in court. I did not vote for President Mwai Kibaki and I cannot purport to hold his brief. That is for the objecive mind to judge, the stupid mind to criticize and the apologist one to defend!

The President's declaration of the non-existence of a crisis; I am on the exact same page with the President on this one. You cannot, as a corruption suspect, be allowed to deflect attention from the very credible accusation of your involvement in mega corruption by presenting yourself as the high priest (askofu mkuu) of anti-corruption without first clearing your name and instead painting others as pro-corruption for refusing to swallow hook, line and sinker your corrupt ways, the defense of them and the violation of the constitution in that deflection and defense. Manufacturing a "crisis" so as to escape the microscope aimed at your suspiciously devious ways only to learn later that those foreigners previously unaware of your deceptive ways are a lot smarter and better informed today than they were a couple years ago when they fronted your case,leaves a hundred and one questions you should answer. If I were the President of kenya, I would demand that you apologize to the kenyan people before enjoying the priviledge of meeting me, leave alone attempting to set the agenda for that meeting!

I am still waiting for these writers who are laughably ODM's brains to explain to me how the supposed implication of minister Ruto and Prof. Ongeri is any different from that of Raila Odinga. I am in complete agreement that William Ruto and Prof. Ongeri need to sideline themselves for expedient investigations and audits to take place. But I also believe that Raila Odinga should lead them in resigning. He not only forcefully nominated Ruto for appointment to the cabinet, he has also been more prominently implicated in the same scam Ruto is being accused of. Ruto should go, but also should Raila! This is exactly why he has no moral authority whatsoever to even address the subject of corruption before convincingly wriggling himself out of the corruption cloud engulfing his office. Raila should own up, resign and apologize for taking this nation for a ride. If he does that, I will join the loud mouth named Okiya Omtattah (or something close to that) in demanding the resignation of ministers Ongeri , Ruto and Shabban, but before that happens, fuck no, I am not that stupid to fall so stupidly for his shenanigans!

Anonymous said...

Well said Vikii, its about time Taabu and his stupid bunch of Raila fanatics realise that the time Raila used to play politics with Kenyans mind is soon coming to an end. Even Lina Kilimo has told Raila that his Nyani nyef nyef analogy clearly illustrates him and he will end up in the jungle alone.


Anonymous said...


well written as usual. ARGHH!!! did vikii have to kick off the comments? Vikii ati corruption levels have fallen? - tell that to the birds. Was about to give you credit for not mentioning RAOs name, but am disappointed you couldn't just resist...aii those RAO ghosts must be haaunting you proper. Wapi waganga wa TZ?

To exorcise the ghosts why not talk about your god mwana wa tseikuru. Am glad he finally came out of hiding; who wouldn't when the thieves and lords of impunity are smelling RAO blood and can't wait to pass a motion of no confidence. or is it the prospect of being intalled the leader of govt business that did the trick?

Anyway, I pity 'empty suit'. No longer is he sure of being the anointed one - mara uhuru, mara ruto, sijui saitoti .....Am sure he is, together with his sidekick 'mitula' hoping that ocampo pounces soon.

By the way do you expect RAO to quit so that the theieves have a field day? Where is the genesis of all the corruption? Why can't 'duckie' quit for presiding over a corrupt gava. he's obviuosly not in control, has been roped in and is being held hostage by the corruption networks. Without the courage shown by RAO, who would have even thought we would be having such discussions? Watch as the theives,starting with the former prezo start defending their 'wealth'.
Back to the post, am happy RAO is smoking the fat sloth out of hiding. 8 years into his term and he is still talking of corruption ceasing to be a way of life? Let the world know who is shielding the thieves. RAO does not need those stupid meetings, let him go straight to the kenyan people. majority mainly poor people who were affected by the maize scandal, and those that cannot take their children to private schools are with him.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, this a serious issue & not tongue in the chick business.Learn to write articles with substance from chris. I watched ester arunga on k24 & i think she has a point.

Anonymous said...

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Hari Sheldon said...

I’ve never ever understood why Kibaki supporters are so quick to attribute intelligence to the actions Kibaki undertakes. Even the most cursory examination of Kibaki since the 60’s would show that this is a person who has been a spectacular failure within and without politics.

Since Kibaki became the PORK, he has managed to stumble from one crises to another, with no sign of having learned from the previous experiences, and worse, no idea how to handle anything. If this is not stupidity at its best, then I don’t know what is.

Yes, Raila is an irritating corrupt dickhead but that should in no way overshadow the failures of the Forrest-Gump-wannabe Kibaki.

Anonymous said...

Raila ni nyani anaekataa kuona kundule yake. But soon te people of Kenya will twist his head not just to see his kundule but to make him kiss it too.

deroo said...

Thank you Taabu. With all due respect to you, it is a good, well-timed and as usual, hell-bent to paint the other party.

Where is Phil and his outbursts, poorly timed as usual, salon talk as per norm and busaa den tittle-tattle. Taabu, there was someone sworn in a president and he invited the other people to join him.

He appointed his principal assistant and signed a contract with a bunch of civil society. adherents. The invited rubble-rousers were in such a hurry to sign a document that they forgot to read that they signed as an NGO.

Lakini sasa, ujanja wa Phil na wenzake huishia jangwani! Even Simon Mbugua looks like a genius.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Esther Arunga is going to end up like many other learned Luos before her - and that is going back to western kenya to waste away without any fufilment in this life. And that unfortunetly is how our Jaluo brethens most of them end up - so much promise but in the end all wasted.
So sad!
(Not a hater but a concerned friend)

deroo said...

Phil, the secretary to cabinet announced here that William Ruto will be sacked this Sunday after a purported meeting that he had called. What happened? What about the replacement and why should we not be told about the powers that his party weilds in the coalition. The government is not run on a blog!

deroo said...

Thank you Vikii. Lovely and keep it up. Where are those noise makers? Mpo?

Anonymous said...

Raila's latest delusional outbusts have convinced me that he is mentally unfit to be the CEO of Kenya or any other nation including Somalia.

Anonymous said...

See this post from Jukwaa by nereah....This should be a yardstick for those of you here in Kumekucha who write nonsense...Lets have intelligent analysis/debate on topical issues such as posted below

that siasa is moto moto is evident by the conflicting dialectical inquiry into the state of kenyan politics by the two mainstream nairobi's weeklies: sunday nation and the sunday standard.

sunday nation's takes on raila in a biased and bare knackle manner(using prejudiced and opinionated pnu strategists as source) and even upps the ante by elevating kibaki above his co-principal (see ) . the two front page stories portrays raila as a loser, a poor strategist on a self destruction mode and with waning support. in sum,sunday nation defers to the far right political formation which constitute the greatest threat to kenya's quest for a just,accountable and corruption free nation state.

in my view, it trivializes the war on corruption and political reforms issues by reducing it raila and kibaki power play.there is no reference to the national accord or underpinning issues as war on graft.

sunday standard on the other hand throws caution to the wind and goes for kibaki's jugular. it persuasively lay bare the facts as they are and explains to its readership why the brother of waitherero who jukwaa's political maniac once angrily referred to as the president who "just sits and fats at state house", is messing up the nation state.

sunday standard is bold enough to take kibaki on on graft and echoes what jukwaa has been saying over the years and especially in my thread" jukwaa's stand on corruption"

the siasa moto moto bit of all this is that kibaki's handlers believe strongly that agwambo is at his weakest and if kibaki is to go down, then agwambo might as well go down first and faster.

what is emerging from the media constructs is that kibaki's handlers, seemingly at the behest of corruption godfathers, are fearful that agwambo's odm would run away with victory in 2012 if it spearhead the war on corruption.

raila's political gains must be negated and he must be projected as a besieged,desperate and unreliable leader. anti raila strategy is now premised on the fact that he will be running for presidency in 2012 and has lost support of rift valley.

well, as i have observed elsewhere, odm's agenda and raila's historic assignment is bigger than presidency. odm may implode or not, and raila may not be the president, but the forces of status quo will and shall not prevail,no matter what.

pnu propagandists are now projecting raila and odm as the one desperate to meet kibaki; and that this meeting will be on kibaki's own terms yet we know that the kenya shilling suffers every time kibaki makes odm to hit the roof. and the world pays attention too.

deroo said...

Anon above. Raila has been on the receiving end of most opinions in the newspapers this weekend. Including top Standard editors, columnists and so are the Nation's. He was wrong. Period. He wanted to be seen to be championing the war against corruption and it might have flopped as well.

The return of Salim Lone tells it all. The man said he was off to Japan and only returned at the middle of last month when something went wrong with the Mau debate. They were bounding on grave mistakes every time and they needed someone to steady the ship.

That man was Salim Lone and his arrival and immediate actions never worked out well. He was met by an ODM different from the united outfit that he left and the open fight within ODM could not be controlled.

By stroke of bad luck, when he was settling, the maize thing came up and it could neither be managed any more.

They then wanted the graft war by leaving the country in a moto moto mood last Sunday and pick it up from today when the Messiah returned but it was not to be. Net loss.

And wait for the revelations, now that the whole country has been polarised and the much-trumpeted Muranga rally might run a cropper.


deroo said...

Sorry, I have been to JUKWAA and I thought I was at the Kisumu Bus Stand if not Nyatanga Salon in Kibera. Si rudi huko tena. I remain loyal to Chris and Kumekucha

Anonymous said...

Let me state clearly what Kenya doesnt need in future to develope fast:

1)Mugumo tree characters. Today promising this, tomorrow breaching it.

2)YK92. Kenyan looters like Jirongo and Ruto should never never be given a chance to have a say in ruling this nation.

3)Fake Maasai. Kenya has no future, if Prof. Goldenberg is given a chance to rule.

4)Loose Morals. Vote tallying lady who witnessed stealing of votes can not be trusted to lead this tribal-sick nation.

5)Sly scout traitor. This miracle clean man had everything to win the hearts of all Kenyans. But he cheated, became an ally of a devil and forced the release of presidential results, knowing he was promised VP position.

6)Mr Go Slow. Is Raping a willing woman a crime? This man would rape Kenyans everyday and claim that all are willing.

What Kenya needs is a man or a woman who is ready to die for Kenya while fighting for cleanliness of the government.

Anonymous said...

Not jukwaa...its full of political wanksta**z...their dreams shatterred to smitherins they are a bitter lot pickin on one kamale ....the truth is qouting former Kebs MD one great luo is Obama no where close to Odingas

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4.01

Please add Musalia Mudavadi's name to Goldenberg, the messiah's name to Mollases, maize scandal, triton and the 1982 failed coup. And why not Mohammed Isahakia, Joho with known illicit business in Mombasa, and crown it with Kosgey (x2), Midiwo and Koinange Street, Ntimama with the 1992, 1997 clashes (and 2007 PEV), John Harun Mwau with what we all know about him, Dalmas Otieno with Thabiti Bank and why not the messaih and the breaking in several political parties and cream it with KABILA ADUI YETU war-cry.

FYI, the elections were not stolen. Martha Karua has said, IF THEY WERE STOLEN, she could have said it.


Mwarang'ethe said...

We are in agreement with MK that, there is no crisis. We do so, to the extent that our assumption is correct. Our assumption is that, when MK says there is no crisis, he means corruption is not our main problem. If this is what he means, we concur fully. This is why.

When the USA occupied Japan after the 2nd WW, it revived the criminal gang called Yakuza which had operated in Japan since 1600 after the battle of Sekigahara. When Mao took China and the Japanese leftists threatened the democratic transition, the U.S. occupiers found Yakuza very useful in putting down the Red sympathizers. The use of these mafia gangs by the USA created one of the most corrupt power structure which is still there in Japan since they are involved in providing money and muscle for politicians.

One of the key persons in the Yakuza was Yoshio Kodama, an ex – spy and a profiteer in China. When he was held as a suspected war criminal in Tokyo, he entrusted his immense fortune to a right wing friend who financed the establishment of the Liberal Party. The LP later in 1955 merged with Democratic Party to form the LDP. This party has done very well in Japanese politica from these dirty roots.

When Kodama was released in 1958, the Americans found him very useful. That’s why USA’s corporations like Lockheed Aircraft had to call on him to sell Star fighter jets, Tristar airliners and Orion anti –submarine planes. To get these businesses, Lockheed paid Kodama a sum of $ 12 million in a span of 20 years which he used to bribe the politicians and airline officials.

When the scandal broke out in 1976, USA passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to bar bribes to government officials. In 1983, ex – Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka was convicted of taking more than $ 2 million from the Lockheed’s bribe money. It was also reported that, more than $ 250 million of these illicit money had been passed through dummy corporations to his LDP faction.

Today, Yakuza has over 80, 000 members making Japanese to be have the heaviest concentration of organized crime. The Japanese police, who cannot act on this open corruption, estimate that, per annum, these guys deal with over $ 10 billion. Despite all this corruption, the Japanese economy did very well those days. Why?

On January 6, 2010, the Acting Comptroller General of the United States aid that the Department of Defence represents a big share of the federal budget, it…cannot accurately account for its spending or assets … [and] cannot pass the test of an independent audit. If DOD cannot account for trillions, why is American politics not about corruption?

A few days we noted that, in the last one year, we have lost $ 130 million due to lack of demand for flowers in Europe. Mark you, $ 1 million dollars is around KES 70, 000, 000.

Seen this way, the crisis is the structure of our economy that requires us to use our best soils to grow flowers for so called lovers in Europe when our people are starving. This is what we should tell these guys from the West and their puppets who want to blind us from the reality with corruption “nonsense.” Mark you, this does not amount to condoning corruption, but, it should not the main issue because restructuring our economy to serve our people is the MAIN ISSUE.

So, can we have a meeting between the two principals to discuss the MAIN ISSUE?

What do u say Phil, Vikii and Deroo?

Anonymous said...

Whether Kibaki has outsmarted Raila isn't an issue when talking about Corruption.When a kikuyu chest thumps how PNU have won makes me wonder whether that makes any difference to me.most of these bloggers are a bunch of hopeless kenyans who think that their misery will end if only their tribesman is at the helm..........

Anonymous said...

Congrats for having of them by the BALLS. As Vikii and Deroo and co twists and tunes, please squeeze some more. They all zipped up and ejaculated pre-maturely as usual. Their common object of tirade RAO is what sews them together.

But what they all missed is you gem GORKI. What a bunch of hairheads masquarading as youthwingers? Bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

Raila Odinga is a dangerous blood-thirsty thug masquerading as a Luo leader. He uses emotionalism to hold tight to this poor tribe's pysche while he enriches himself like his father before him.

He has used them in violent attempts to try to grab state power. He tried in 1982 through a failed Luo-led military coup. In Dec 2007 & January 2008 he tried again through Luo-led "mass-action." In all these instances he failed, but the consequences to the Luo people have been tragic.

The big question is: Going forward, can the Luo afford, generation after generation, to be used as canon fodder in Odingas' blood-thursty political thuggery and looting of resources (e.g., Kisumu Molasses Factory)? For how long can a people be blood-sucked by one family? Are there no mothers in Luo-Nyanza who can give birth to alterantive leaders? Brothers and sisters this tragic drama must end. And the time is now!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eugene Wamalwa will be Kenya's next president

Anonymous said...

We dont get it

The whole of last week, there was a some sort of a "crises" in Kenya. This is irrespictive what Ruto and Kibaki said.

RAO gets back and everything seems to calm down.Even statehouse is quiet as usual.

They only speak when RAO is away!What is that?.

Lets enjoy the game while it lasts.
Those who have benn shouting about fallability of RAO, lets see.
PANUA died with the exit of Iron Karua. They are poor in political propaganda.
above all, who doesnt require some entertainment?

Anonymous said...

anon 11:37

try not to worry so much about luos - hey at least we have a leader we are proud of and who can give direction.TELL ME ONE LEADER TODAY WHO IS RESPECTED (FEARED BY WAGEMA COZ HE IS BOLD) AND I WILL SHOW YOU RAILA OWAD GA AKINYI..HEHEHEEEE... Never before have you people am assuming you are gema had a leader that is respected nationally. RAO is not just a luo leader, remind me which luo nyanza constituency he represents PLEASE?
I understand your fear if you are kikuyu. Right now, you guys are rudderless, tell me a KIKUYU leader that is respected throughout kikuyuland....let me guess the mungiki guy. But again aren't all kikuyus mungiki, no surprises there.
I pity you guys running helter skelter as your 'leader' remains holed up in SH never uttering a word even when you guys (vigilantes = mungiki) slaughter each other - for what may I ask?
Do kikuyus have a leader accepatble to all kikuyus, let's not even talk national because there is none. Please don't mention the sloth for we all know his votes came from wana gema plus the 2 million dead voters.

Anonymous said...

How GREAT thou art!
Pity you're beaten pants down in your own game. More to come--stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

"well, as i have observed elsewhere, odm's agenda and raila's historic assignment is bigger than presidency. odm may implode or not, and raila may not be the president, but the forces of status quo will and shall not prevail,no matter what."

Yup, OK to rationalize defeat. Such a-g-o-n-y.

Anonymous said...

Question:- how RICH&WEALTHY have you become under Kibaki rule since 2002?
just curious bro...

Anonymous said...

@2:28 AM

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

You are kidding? The village "stage" is nothing more than an old mouthpiece for regurgitating the usual political gossip from the Kenyan street radios and beer halls.

So, what new about the stage? Do the stage managers really know who is going to be Kenya's president in 2012 or let's say Who will be Who in the cabinet of 2012?

They are not and will never be like the NewAfrican - bestselling pan-African magazine.

Anonymous said...

This is why western style democracy in Africa doesn't work. That gentleman mien BS isn't going to cut it. Only strong man and dictatorial tendencies work.

Anonymous said...

this Salim Lone (must be very lonely chap) ought to ave been bombed by alqaeda/baath but he survived to bring shit here...aede kwwao

Hari Sheldon said...


Spot on.

But do you honestly think anybody understands or even cares about what you're trying to tell us?

Most Kenyans seem to enjoy following our politicians antics instead of being independent thinkers.

Anonymous said...

M. Pesa said...

Like father like son. Kibs is busy cancelling meetings with Tinga. Jimmy is also busy cancelling meetings and rallies with Simama Kenya where he was to endorse Eugene Wamalwa in Bungoma. Instead he SULKED into hiding like Daddy and has not yet resurfaced. What a cowardly douche bag!

M. Pesa said...

Last week I wrote in this blog that Raila would jet back from Japan and immediately claim "his life was in danger" or "hold a public rally in Kibera" all for the sake of public sympathy.

What I wrote was meant to be just a joke on a dull day. I was not serious at all when I wrote that. little did I know that indeed Raila would jet back and head straight to Kibera, a perfect place for licking his wounds....Lol!

JEFF said...


Remember what Kimunya did when he was under pressure to resign? He rushed to Kipipiri. Did you expect Raila to behave differently?

Anonymous said...

Wakoli wa Bifwoli for 2012!

Anonymous said...

Moving backwards?

"In Kenya of course corruption is pervasive and has been for a long, long time ever since independence but it doesn't get much worse than taking money from a child I think," US ambassador Michael Ranneberger told the BBC.

"In terms of corruption we have moved backwards," campaigner John Githongo told the BBC.

"The type of corruption we see today was last seen in the 1990s in Kenya... it is cold-hearted and rapacious."

Mr Githongo was President Mwai Kibaki's anti-corruption chief after he came to power in 2002 with an election promise of stamping out the vice.

But after Mr Githongo exposed high-level looting, he fled the country saying his life was in danger.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
Moving backwards?

"In Kenya of course corruption is pervasive and has been for a long, long time ever since independence but it doesn't get much worse than taking money from a child I think," US ambassador Michael Ranneberger told the BBC.


The question ought to be, why is the parent unable to afford to pay school fees for his/her kids without other taxpayer's help in the name of government?

Sample this. Parents with 2 kids in Kibera must spend more salt per day than a family of two people who have no kids and live in Runda.

Since salt is taxed, it follows that, the parents with two kids and living in Kibera are paying more in terms of tax when they buy and eat salt every morning.

These are the issue we must address. But, to do so, we must be guided by reason and not passion that drives people like Githongo.

Anonymous said...

Mwangarethe, what do you think of Wakoli Bifwoli? Don't think he is good? Million times better than Raila Molasses Odinga?

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