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Friday, January 22, 2010

The Big Question of the Week

Was an expensive retreat really necessary just to give Kenyans the same current constitution but dressed up in colorful distractions?

Now joking has acquired a new meaning altogether. But we must have sen it coming, didn't we? Well, welcome to JOKERS REPUBLIC.

Bottom line, the LAW IS AN ASS. What is more, man was both EVIL and the law is to keep him on a tight leash. Until we get cultured as a nation defined by values, the written law's spirit will be shredded by the living devils ruling us.


deroo said...

Luke, the economist aka LUKANOMICS... This process had cost more than Sh 3 billion to date and might touch Sh 5 billion by the time of the final draft. It was a total waste of time, space and even intellect. Honestly, they have done nothing new.

Forgive me for saying this, but I think Daniel arap Moi is a politician competent. He said these words last year and it has come to pass.

"You will go round and round and round. The best thing is to have the current constitution amended. The citizens of this country should elect their own leader who is accountable..." Said Moi.

It has come to pass. What was so hard in amending the sections and clauses they felt were contentious. It is now emerging that for 20 years, politicians, human rights activists and all other noise makers were only interested in clipping Moi's powers or the President's powers in this case. What is NEW. NADA!

deroo said...

There was no intellectual retreat in Naivasha. It was about cuttng deals, canvassing and relaxing/running away from public spotlight. brains, Orengo, Namwamba, Mutula and Abdikadir. Nothing. Moi used to nominate Ndolo Ayah, Joseph Kamotho after losing elections and make them cabinet ministers. I am dissappointed at this waste of resources.

Vikii said...

I do not agree with you that this Kitonga/Abdikadir/whoever else document is not a total radical deviation from the governing constitution. Instead I challenge you to highlight the 'overbearing' similarities between the two vis-a-vis the differences.

Did we need a parliamentary retreat though? The answer is NO!

deroo said...

Cheers Vikii. There are very few differences that makes the whole ting look the same. Honestly, Abdikadir has given us something that Kitonga feared giving us, or, it could have scuttled the retreat's purpose. The status quo is being maintained by the same people who were making all the noise about the presidential system. Is it not the same thing that PNU read to us last week? Lets us wait for the final draft, something that the political class will fight over, and brace yourself for the noise.

Anonymous said...

Moi used to say "ODM, ODM, kitu gani?" It is now obvious that ODM is nothing. If they can betray the people this much with nusu-mkate, how much more can they betray with mkate-mzima? They are worse than Mt. Kenya mafia. May they travel on forsaken roads!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 9:35.

didn't ruto propose this only to be quickly supportrd by pnu? we all know where ruto's loyalties really lie- btw is it pnu,udm,kkk or ppp? whatever it is, you can see this wasn't an odm plan. anyway, they have proposed a big bad president, as soon as RAO is elected(yes he will)what excuse will they have this time?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:04
At least it's a chance for Raila to be elected ama? - do you really believe the bulshit that he can be elected. Even Raila himself doesnt believe it? thats why he wanted Parliament to help in electing him

Anonymous said...

I personally think the proposal is very good though it could gave been reached through amendment of the current constitution.

The pros of doing it this way is that now we have had the time to know that we do not have to change the system of government to a parliamentary but we needed a chance to clip the president's powers and to devolve power to regional assemblies.

I don't like the proposal that losing candidates need to be locked out of parliament, infact they should move to take-up the position of leader of official opposition which is another position that needs to be strengthened and act as a check to the executive.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:56

whatever party RAO is in will always be the people's party hence have more mps. with the idea that the party with the largest mps gets the pm spot, RAO would have been PM FOR LIFE. in essence, kina ruto and his pnu brigade are seeing this as a war on rao. what made them think rao wanted to be pm? he may as well go for the presidency my friend. you as well as anyone knows that no one can beat agwambo when the contest is clean ie no kivuitus and mainas etc. on the other hand, he may tosha say mudavadi if say the tribal politics dominates, then still pull strings from behind if you know what i mean. my feeling is that the PEV was a lesson and i doubt tribes will be herde to vote one of thier own even if they are as useless as the pnu presidents in waiting being bandied around. RAILA is playing chess and some of you are still thinking of draughts. POLENI

deroo said...

@12.50, I think you are the same person who was telling us that the Ruto timing is bad and you went on about it so many times. You are still wrong on this one. That Raila can win a majority is not doubted. Moi contested and won against Raila. From the tenor of your language, last week, you brought in a theory that it is six against two provinces and you are dead wrong.

In 2007, Raila Odinga lost to Mwai Kibaki and up to this particular time, he has lost more than he has gained in terms of political count. The PNU brigade, joined by ODM-K have managed to play with their numbers, scuttled ODM and reached further afield to assure others.

If it is support that you count, Raila is (at the moment) only sure of Nyanza and Western. This is the truth as at this time. Things might improve for him. If he manages to wrest the Kalenjin (and this includes Pokot, Turkana and hope that Saitoti falls out with PNU) from Ruto, then his count in Rift Valley will be low. Very low. When you count Rift Valley, include Nakuru, Naivasha, Nyandarua and other Kikuyu dominated areas.

In a case where other tribes gang, you expect the difference to be clear. Remember the by-elections just after this parliament was sworn in, tribalism counts in some regions and it is dreadful.

You are talking about Mudavadi and this has been a game-plan that people have known all along. At this moment, simply stop the chest-thumping and some kind of wishful thinking and hope that PNU and others do not endorse Kalonzo. If they do that, then it will be hard for Raila.

NB: They are not as daft as you may think. You can see what they have done to ODM in the last four months after there was a change of advisors in the president's office.

Anonymous said...

why is the kenyan police harasssing somali in eastleigh and looting their businesses. the indiscriminate targeting of somali be the from kenya or somali is an uncalled for collective punishment and ethnic profilic at it best and will only lead to more problems for all kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Why the juvenile excitement? 4/10 comments all with the thinly-veiled vitroil about you know who/what. Well try all the much you can to sound rational but you are so transparent your mouth/fingers for hire betray you. Meanwhile soak it up and throw all the tantrums. Bring them on with all your easily-excitable ejaculations.

Anonymous said...

deroo, kalonzo has never been a threat to RAO and surely is that the best pnu can do? a man with no ideas, no agenda (other than to become prezo). kalonzo can only rely on kikuyu and kalenjin votes - now who tells you all kikuyus will be willing to follow the kikuyu elite/kalonzo after the mungiki killings. why do you guys overate ruto? kwani rift valley starts and ends with wakale? balala on the other hand has isolated himself, he may come crawling back so RAO can help him nyakua his seat - otherwise his goose is cooked.
Infact, the most influential kikuyu leader(forget about kalooser) at the moment is the mungiki guy. the kikuyu mps are s@#$%ing in their pants because this guy will take the majority of kikuyu votes to wherever he goes to ie scatter kikuyu votes. please remind me who visited him in jail when all kikuyu mps were silent? who gave him a motivational book and a bible? i certainly don't see him joining the rich who wer silent as his followers were being slaughtered unless they all join whatever mungiki party that will emerge.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

The more things (seem to) change, the more they remain the same.

Was there any change in 1989? No! In 1992? No! In 1996? No! In 2000? No! In 2002? No! In 2007? Worst of times.

In 2012? Expect none. In 2017? Maybe yes, maybe not.

In 2022? Oh yes! Definitely. kenyans who are in their 20s and 30s in 2010 will be incharge of their nation.

While most of those in their late 40s, 50s, and 60s will have vacated the political scene and gone six feet under by 2022.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.25pm,

You dont need to have ideas or agendas to become prezo. You need to read a book on the US presidency. The guys who win the election are not the ones who run the country. Americans say presidents change but the people who run the president remain the same. What changed after light-skinned obama replaced bush? Nothing. Sarah Palin will probably be the next president. the only change will be a good looking (and ignorant) white woman replacing a good looking light-skinned black man.

@ ur4 said...

The good thing is that the masterminds of the PEV:

1.Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

2. William Samoei Ruto

3. George Thuo

4. Kipkalya Kones(deceased)

Will not be around in 2012 as we the citizens of the RoK usher in a bright new future for our belovend country. Good riddance tribal warlords.

Mama said...

Even I can't help but laugh. This is just too hilarious.

Anonymous said...

@11:54 PM
Presidents change, people who run the president change with each cyclical election, while the mega corporations that own the presidency, congress, senate, wall street, industrial military complex, as well as the whole of continental (US) America, have ALWAYS REMAINED the SAME.

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