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Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 predictions by Kumekucha: The sucker punch year

What is a sucker punch?

There was a time in my eventful life when I boxed a little before other sports like Rugby kept me too busy to return to the ring. I believe that one has to have been a boxer or at least able to imagine themselves in the ring to fully understand what a sucker punch is. Come with me into a boxing ring where you have the upper hand and are already boxing your opponent to the corner of the ring. At this point you get pretty confident that the fight is soon ending with your opponent’s back firmly on the floor of the ring. In fact you are looking for that big knock out blow that will floor him. In other words you are moving in for the kill. But your problem is that in the process you have left yourself wide open. Suddenly your opponent who is already reeling around the ring like a drunkard masters all the strength they still have and throw one heavy punch blindly in your direction. His fist gets you square in the jaws. It is so unexpected that it hurls you back. As you fall you know that your jaw must be broken and the fight is definitely over. Sure enough, the next thing that happens is that your opponent’s hands are being lifted in the air in victory. He has won. He is bleeding and still feeling so dizzy that he can hardly stand. BUT he has won.

A sucker punch is something that is so unexpected that it catches you completely unawares and usually it comes when you are pretty confident that things are going your way.

That is how I see 2010.

And we saw an ominous sign on Christmas day 2009 that illustrates this brutally well. President Obama was on a well deserved brief holiday retreat with plenty to celebrate, including his success with a health care bill that has defeated plenty of presidents before him, including the very politically-savvy two-term Bill Clinton. Then suddenly without any warning the attempted Bombing incident by a 23 year old Nigerian. Everybody knows that this single event has completely changed the politics of the Obama administration. His big priority now has to be to prove to his critics that he is tough enough to continue the war on terrorism. Although this blog is not about American or International politics, I mention this example because it is going to have a very huge impact on local politics. If I was Mwai Kibaki or Raila Odinga I would have been popping the most expensive Champaign I could find after that incident. You see until now the two gentlemen have been under such intense pressure that breathing must have been difficult. Now we can expect a very sudden and deliberate change in US policy towards Africa and Kenya. The priority now will be fighting terror. Those Al-Shabab kids in neighbouring Somalia who swoon and get all wet at the mention of the name Al-Qaeda will now have to be dealt with ruthlessly. Reforms in Kenya will have to take a back seat for a while as much more urgent issues are dealt with first.

I believe that the year 2010 will be one full of surprises and sudden and completely unexpected political shifts. I believe that it will be the year of the under dog. Remember that it is the under dog who usually delivers the sucker punch on the over-confident guy who is already sure of victory.

I am afraid that I see a successful Al-Shabab strike on Kenyan soil in 2010. Just when Kenyan security forces thought they were in control of the situation. Rather obvious when you consider the porous nature of our borders and the fact that ours is a country of Kitu kidogo meaning that anybody can bribe their way to anywhere as long as they have ready cash.

I also see the new constitution being defeated in 2010 and throwing the country into deadly birth pangs of its’ long awaited re-birth.

I also see major political problems for Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his twin brother President Mwai Kibaki. The kind of political problems that people never recover from.

Also, like most Kenyans I see some very prominent big shots making appearances at The ICC at The Hague which will naturally cause lots of excitement and joy amongst Kenyans. Never in the history of our nation have we seen any “untouchable” in the country sweat from anything else other than from overeating at some five course meal in a big hotel or from making tribal hate speeches on a warm Kenyan weekend day. This will be the year that a handful of people will sweat and have their lawyer’s numbers available on speed dial. Don’t be surprised if the big shots of the big shots are indicted. The perfect sucker punch don’t you think? When you are confident that you are too big to be touched by Luis Moreno Ocampo… the worst happens.

If you are currently winning and on top of the situation, prepare to taste the dust in 2010. And if you were facing imminent defeat towards the end of 2009, prepare for sudden and unexpected victory. I repeat, 2010 will be the year of the underdog.

I believe that the world economy will slump just when everybody thought that recovery was here. You see you do not have to be an economist to realize that the stage-managed recovery has only succeeded in postponing the inevitable. Lets simply this further for the non-economists. A man is badly in debt and out of a job and so you decide to bail him out by handing over a lot of cash to them so that they can start their own business and get themselves out of the mess. Instead of starting the business or getting a job the person instead focuses all their efforts on their image in the eyes f their debtors. They work hard to prove to debtors that they now have a cash flow going and are therefore credit worthy and will end up paying their debts some day. BUT meanwhile this person has not addressed the crux of the problem. This is exactly what has happened with the so-called stimulus packages that have been implemented all over the world. There was even one for Kenya that has hardly taken off because the government financial year is already halfway gone and it is unlikely that a significant percentage of the stimulus package funds will be released before the budget in June. Just as well, because I don’t believe in such cosmetics things.

Of interest to most of you readers will be what I think the effect of the widely expected second dip (as some economists are calling it) will be on Kenya and indeed Africa. Call me crazy but I firmly believe that it will be the beginning of the rise of Africa. Notice that we were mostly unscathed by the first wave of the unprecedented world economic crisis that was triggered by the American mortgage market. I believe that this time round Africa will in fact start to shine. Let me go further and add that the continent to place your investments in is definitely Africa. Investors in Kenya should go ahead with their plans at full throttle but make contingency plans for sudden and unexpected violence, looting and mayhem that will hopefully pass quickly when it comes, because it will surely come. Whatever businesses you want to dive into in 2010 just make sure that Africa is firmly at the centre of your plans.

For currency speculators, I am aware that currently there are plenty of positive sentiments towards the dollar (remember the sucker punch analogy?) but personally I am shifting all my savings to Euros. I will stick with the Euro and be patient even into 2011.

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Anonymous said...


It's not good to make pessimist prediction, it's always good to be optimistic in life. Always try and remain positive regardless. That's my advice for 2010, my friend.

Anonymous said...

what makes you think the correct ballot numbers will be sent to Nairobi......

Mwarang'ethe said...

Bwana Chris:

As concerns the global economy, you are absolutely right. There is no recovery and there will be none.

In any case, when some people talk of recovery in the current atmosphere, they talk nonsense.

For, what does recovery mean in today's context? Recovery can only mean a return to the bubble/fictitious economy which is about wealth extraction and not wealth creation.

In this fictious economy/wealth, as an example, we had a barrel of oil traded 27 times before reaching a car. Seen this way, they should talk of restoring the bubble.

What we see in the coming year is the slow but sure rejection of free trade by the West led by the USA.

If this turns out true, it will be the best news for Africa, for, it would be very easy for Africa to also reject this neo - mercantilism in the name of free trade.

Seen in the above perspective, it is only if Africa rejects free trade, it can become the beneficially of the on going economic crisis.

Otherwise, as long as free trade is in full swing, Africa cannot benefit much for as we noted, it is lockedt into the Malthusian activities which are not subject to increasing returns and therefore, INCAPABLE of developing any nation.

At the same time, we also think it is advisable for Africans to invest in Africa no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

I have always planned to invest in Africa. Whatever happens, I will build in Africa and start ventures there. Africa is the continent of the future, the rest are fast moving into senility.

Also, it will be very good if we adopted an Afro-currency but for this to happen we first must stabilize our nations, remove any external interference and secure our resources. The future my brothers and sisters is all about resources and Africa is the only continent with resources (human, natural (weather, parks, beaches), and capital (minerals etc) that is yet to be explored.

Mwarangethe am with you on the need to move from free trade and move to an economic model that benefits Africa. And am also with you on the need to peg our common currency (The Afro) on our resources once we have done the above i.e secure our borders, resources and external influence.

deroo said...

Chris, that near incident has been jumped at by everybody. Even Obama himself is enjoying it. It has taken the heat off his tribulations at the moment, the same way Gordon Brown is celebrating at it. Kibaki and Raila should equally thank the heaven for it. It will give them time to think of how to counter Moi, Ntimama and the rest of the domestic troubles.

They can use it, albeit for a few weeks as a diversionary object to distract and parry any salvoes that are aimed in their direction. Further afield, Nigeria have that kid to thank for the blessing that might stabilise their political situation.

NB:- Personal Xris. Our common friend will contact you at the end of the week. Have a Happy New Year

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

these are nice theories about the economy......but the harsh reality is that investments in kenya help the rich become the expense of the masses. Someone is benefitting from all the free see this in Nairobi streets...everyone who owns a mercedes while the masses do not have enough food, jobs, health services etc. Local and African investments will not change wealth is created without paying taxes it gravitates to one class.

Nyerere tried ujamaa as a solution but whats the solution??

try Canada's solution: reasonable/high govt salary for the junior stafff to discourage corruption; low tolerance for corruption; subsidized/free health care and education; promotion based on merit and not based on tribe/race; increased security, rule of law and services to prevent emigration;

Anonymous said...


I have about 750k in idle cash which I would like to invest hapa Kenya, which is the best bet for investing that cash? also if I were to buy shares in NSE, which are the hot picks for 2010. Thanx for the good job and being our own blogosphere's Mutahi Ngunyi!

Anonymous said...

I beg to go beyond the "Sucker Punch Year" and call it the 'Upper Cut Decade.'

Kenya-2020 will have so many surprises for us. Some of us will never live to experience the end of this decade. So be it!

While half of the current crop of politicians will have beeen kicked out of parliament for good and others long dead into oblivion.I wonder who the Kenyan president will be by then?

Obama will be out of the White House, Rash Tarimbo will be have fried his brains by then, and Britain will have welcomed its new prince.

Oh! The Vatican and North Korea will have elected or rather selected their new Leaders by then.

And the rest will be business as usual in the Middle East, Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraqi, Norther Uganda, Somali and Kibera.

Kenyans will still be dying of hunger as well as from seasonal floods and road accidents.

Unfortunately, the world-wide Obituary Pages will continue to register more new faces than facebooks,twitter and all social networks combined.

20-year-olds will be 30-year-olds. 30-year-olds will be 40-year-olds. 40-year-olds will be 50-year-olds and 50-year-olds will be 60-year-olds waiting to join the Senior Citizens'Club.

Such is life. So be it!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

I have about 750k in idle cash which I would like to invest hapa Kenya, which is the best bet for investing that cash? also if I were to buy shares in NSE, which are the hot picks for 2010.


Hope you do not mind this unsolicited opinion about your idle cash.

Now, there are two ways of investing savings:

(a) One/nation can invest his savings in BIDDING up prices of EXISTING ASSETS.

This is accomplished in bidding land/house and stocks prices. Essentially, this is nothing but gambling. This is the way the West, and very unfortunately, majority of Kenyans invest their savings. The results are there for all who are alert to see.

(b) The other way of investing is putting savings in PRODUCTIVE SECTORS of the economy.

Having said this, investments under (a) are nothing but an engagement in wealth destruction (excluding IPOs). This type of investment amounts to fictitious wealth/economy or a bubble economy.

Under (b), a nation that directs its savings to these activities, become wealthy, as we see in China.

Thus, we would recommend option (b). After all, there are so many nice investments in Kenya under (b).

If you are serious, we can discuss matters further.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said..

Local and African investments will not change wealth is created without paying taxes it gravitates to one class.

Nyerere tried ujamaa as a solution but whats the solution??


Firstly, we do not advocate ujamaa. We advocate free market enterprise kind of economy. In fact, we think the idea of welfare state is stupid.

Now, you note something about taxation. It is for this reason, we have advocated shift of taxes from labour to commons like land, which is a gift from the Creator.

Such a shift, would destroy land monopoly which does not allow free market enterprise to operate, and thence, the necessity of a curious animal called welfare state.

Anonymous said...

mwarangethe said:

b) The other way of investing is putting savings in PRODUCTIVE SECTORS of the economy.

kindly give SEVERAL examples.

i once bought a plot in kitengela for 450k that was around year 2004 and sold it in 2008 for 950k. i thought that land is/was the surest way of investing here kenya since i never seem to go wrong. definitely (land buying and selling) is a good way of making quick cash in kenya but should it be this way? is it ethical? the karume's of this kenya have become overnight billionaires through various land buying companies that happen to be legal business empires. what say you?

Anonymous said...

@ Mwarange'the:

What does "Mwarang'ethe" mean? I have always been curious since I've never heard such a name and so I did some research and uncovered more than I had bargained for. By the way those glasses seem too big for your face, hope it's not bacause of the chilly Scottish winter!

I won't say much since I respect people's right to privacy.

Happy Blogging.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous wrote:

once bought a plot in kitengela for 450k that was around year 2004 and sold it in 2008 for 950k. i thought that land is/was the surest way of investing here kenya since i never seem to go wrong. definitely (land buying and selling) is a good way of making quick cash in kenya but should it be this way? is it ethical? the karume's of this kenya have become overnight billionaires through various land buying companies that happen to be legal business empires. what say you?


Let us first note this. Very few people, understand, or even bother to understand the spiritual/intellectual/philosophical dimensions of social realities. However, given the pathetic education system, this is understandable.

Having said that, let it be noted that there are two philosophies of wealth:

(a) In accordance with Renaissance philosophy, wealth is and should come from a man's wit, will and creativity.

In this sense, man is created in the image of God, and since God is a creator, man should be a creator. In this sense, it is the duty and pleasure of man to create. This kind of man is not materialistic.

(b)In accordance with Enlightment wealth philosophy, which is captured in Classical economics thinking of Pysiocrats in France who influended Adam Smith, Ricardo etc, wealth is from land. Essentially, natural resources are seen as the origin of wealth. In this paradigm, man becomes materialistic and eqoistic.

Thus, from the above, you get an idea as to the origins of the materialistic mentality so prevalent in Kenya and elsewhere today is rooted.

Also, from the above, you get the idea why today in Kenya, we are fighting over land, and across the world, battles are ranging to capture land with valuable God Created resources like oil in Iraq, timber, gold in Congo, uranium in Niger etc.

Now, coming to your specific question about land. Flowing from the above:

(a) How much labour did u put into that land so as to increase its value?

Remember, God pronounced the curse on you that, from your sweat of your brow, you shall eat your bread.

(b) How much talent, expertise did u expend on that land so as to raise its value?

The answer to the above questions is NONE. Remember, thou shall not steal?

Thus, you like the rest of Kenyans like Karume, are rich because of UNEARNED INCOMES arising from absolute titles to land, which are of feudalistic origins.

Essentially, land values result from expansion of population and productivity of economy due to good governance in terms of roads etc.

Seen this way, all land increament values are a common which rightly belong to the creators, i.e. the whole community.

Thus, this NATURAL FUND. should be taken (NOT TAXED for one can only be taxed what he has created) to fund state activities.

This way, every Kenyan would benefit from the fruits of the land. As a result, the BIRTHRIGHT to land, would be restored without redistributing land.

Flowing from the above, if we taxed these land values, the only way for you to get wealthy would to expend your labour, talent and expertise to create your wealth.

By arranging the state matters in this manner, we would have equalised opportunity so that, no ones should acquire wealth via land monopolisation, and then, dominate us politically as u see with people like UK.

After all, in Ezekiel 33:24, God says:

"The land is given us as an inheritance."

And, in Ecclesiastes 5:9, we are told:

"The profit of the earth is for all."

Anonymous said...

Quoting the old Book of Wisdom every now and then never does do any justice to a commentary.

BTW, who said what in the good old book of wisdom?

Was it the "Ancient People of the Book" or God the Creator of the universe?

Educate the public ("we the people") if you will.

Les Prophrtise, don't take it personal. It's just a suggestion.

2010 where is your sting?

Anonymous said...

Here are my predctions for 2010:

1.Raila will be isolated than ever

2.By the end of 2012 ODM will be no more (sorry)

3.Kikuyus will continue to prosper - more and more investing in real estates across the country and beyond.

Lastly but not the least, Kenyans will get to know they will not get much justice from this over-hyped ICC aka Hague.

Yours one and only,
Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...


I do not entirely disagree with you but am amused that Bronze Age writings of a nomadic tribe in the middle east are an authority for you.

BTW dont you know one of the main themes of OT is land acquisition through genocide sanctioned by "our god" who is better than "your god".

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...

I do not entirely disagree with you but am amused that Bronze Age writings of a nomadic tribe in the middle east are an authority for you.


Well, there is so much to learn in matters of economics from the Bible and ancient people than any other economics treatise we have today.

Sample this:

(a) Today, we have privatised a lots of stuff. Are you aware of history of privatisation dating over 6000 years?

And, if you are ignorant of history of privatisation since our economics/law/philosophy/sociology schools do not touch such issues, how the hell can you say you know what you are talking about?

(b) Isn't the origin modern banking rooted in ancient civilizations like Babylon?

If you have no understanding of these historical facts as many economists, lawyers, sociologists etc, are unaware how can one claim to understand the modern banking and its implications for mankind?

(c) Didn't the ancient civilizations like Babylon invent money in your pocket? And if so, how did they see money? How did they ensure no inflation?

Thus, if banking and money systems we have are rooted in ancient world, how the hell can u claim to understand modern world without understanding these roots?

For instance, how many people are aware that, the ancient people used more sophisticated and more realistic mathematical models in their economics than Wall Street today?

For instance, how many people know the similarities between the monetary system that drove Jesus so mad and the current monetary system?

It is extremely interesting that, we are still under a monetary system that Jesus could not stand. If this is so, if you are ignorant of these facts, how the hell can you claim to know whats going on today?

In a nutshell, Biblical/Ancient Economics is the best start for anyone who wants to understand where we are coming from, the follies of modern world and how these follies may be rectified before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

How much would a normal "house size of plot cost in Meu?

Phil said...

Blogger Chris said....

I also see major political problems for Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his twin brother President Mwai Kibaki. The kind of political problems that people never recover from.

Happy new year bwana Kumekucha.

What exactly are you dreaming on about here? Can you tell us exactly what this is all about or is it the usual talk and no substance to back up you claims?

I was hoping the new year would be a new dawn for us here at this forum, where we discuss issues based on facts and not dreams. For instance what intelligence have you gathered and can publish for us to support you claims of an imminent terror attack?

I have told you time and again that RAO does NOT have to be president or prime minister. What I know for sure is that a third of 12 million Kenyan voters trust him more than only a fraction for Kibaki, Kalonzo, Uhuru, Balala, Ruto and even Karua combined. The other fact is without his timely intervention yesterday, most of us would still be living in agony of the matatu strike.

You just dont get such leaders from anywhere my friend Kumekucha.

Anonymous said...

obviosly rao is definately da man~ mungai j

Anonymous said...

yes, rao is theee man--kungu

Anonymous said...

RAO mkundu

deroo said...

Polls, done by ODM operatives and supporters aimed at bargaining support, canvassing and forming coalitions??? Wonders never cease. Who commissions polls that pit people serving in the same government?

Mwarang'ethe said...

deroo said...
Polls, done by ODM operatives and supporters aimed at bargaining support, canvassing and forming coalitions??? Wonders never cease. Who commissions polls that pit people serving in the same government?


Wewe Deroo, first, you ignore the fact that, this govt. is not a normal govt. Therefore, given the fault lines in it, it cannot be abnormal to ask what people feel about different players in the same govt.

Secondly, as a matter of logic, why do we have exams for people sitting in the same class?

If we go by your reasoning, there should not be any exams that pit people in the same class.

Likewise, there would be no performance assessment to pit people working for the same company.

deroo said...

Ludicrous, inconsequential and uncalled for. We have a cycle of polls that are always trumped when there is problem in ODM. This one, was to scare the rebels into believing that they should not go away. well, they are going away. Where are the numbers. One in four football fans, cane cutters and fishmongers cannot make the Kenyan population in a survey.

Leteni ingine. At least Bill Ntimama did what we have all been waiting for. WEDGE!

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, vangaa laulah laulah, bumbah laulah wakashina!

Kumekucha, Happy Happy New Season (Year), Happy Times to all!

Anonymous said...


What I know about the bible (and probably any other holy book) is that it can be used to gain support for any social, economic or political project. If you find verses that support your brand of economics, verses supporting an opposite brand can be found also. Absolute power (or divine right) of kings, slavery and oppression of women are sanctioned by the bible. Democracy, women liberation and abolition of slavery were also urged with support of the bible. In other words this collection of books (this is what bible means) has no msimamo and is not an authority on anything.

Again you are wrong to say jesus was against the monetary system of his time. His reasons for overturning the tables of the money changers were that the temple should not be a bank and he also saw the money changers were "conning" the travellers. However in those days banking was done in temples. Since this was the passover time with so many pilgrims from all over the "known" world, would you blame the money changers for trying to make maximum gain from forex. The pilgrims needed local money to buy cleansing birds and to pay for holy baths which also happened to be at the temple. Those were the religious (and banking) practices of the day and frankly I cant see what jesus' point was. He didnt suggest any alternative.

Anonymous said...

I meant ODM will be no more by the end of 2010 and not 2012!

2012, will not have any ODMorons candidates.

Before the end of this year (2010) ODM will be re-named as LNP (Luo Nyanza Party).
ODM will become a Jaruo party.

Many Jaruos will continue to suffer due to their myopic nature.

Luyhas will rise up and field their own for 2012 - most likely Eugene wamlama who is likely to get support from the Central regions.

more predictions to come.....

Yours one and only,
Phil's Mistress

Kipsang said...


I hear that there are census results circulating showing that Kalenjins are now the no. 1 tribe in Kenya.

Kumekucha should investigate:-
-should Raila be very afraid ?
-who is cooking the results ?

Kumekucah should publish this results pls dont let us down

Happy new year to all

Anonymous said...

Phis is a social worker in Kibera (one of the largest manmade slums under raila, it explains his idol worship of this land grabber raila...ask Malindi squatters or better his poor luo kin who contributed money for molasses only for raila to own it. this was after raila got shagged by Moi under the merger...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone take what this pundit(OLIVER MATHENGE) on tha Nation writes seriously ?

Anonymous said...

blogger claims to have been inspired by kumekucha!

check in "my profile section"

somaie said...

Good post


Anonymous said...

What the world needs is the Islamic economic model. It's very simple and protects all classes.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!!!! The Bible borrowed heavily (million of ideas, themes etc) from the Mesopotamian, Assyrian and Babylonian civilizations.

Crosscheck Mesopotamian economics, Assyrian economics and Babylonian economics, vs. Hebrew economics.

Do the same for religion, government, war, daily life etc.

Have fun and not real shock while at it.

Anonymous said...

Please verify what is happening to the census results in light with what Kipsang @ 10:12 raised... The Nation is also carrying a similar story from an undisclosed source from the PM's office, titled

"Why census findings were withheld"

and with some very interesting excerpts... like the below

“I can confidently tell you that the problem is about figures and statistics. Some people in particular areas have become too many all of a sudden,”

there must be some fire here

Kipsang said...


You insulted your voters and now you see that their numbers are truly great .You evict them and let them to die in the cold and still you refer them to as your people !

Malipo ni hapa hapa.
Now the Omenas have become too many.The Kalenjins are now a great force, no wonder you are trying to destroy them?

@Kumekucha please if you dont have these results , then i will publish them here
I know you have them. then why are you afraid to tell us the truth.

Anonymous said...

Kipsang and the ilk,
why are u so obesessed with tribes? if we have more Kales, will that add more ugali on sufurias or pay your children's school fees?

Anonymous said...

What is this about? if you have the results then you post it, no point in tauting Kumekucha yet he may not know.

Frankly, I think there is nothing you have

Anonymous said...

This can only happen in Kenya, unfortunately. The census results have been withheld because of ‘abnormally high’ figures for the districts of nandi, uasin gishu and kericho. Preliminary estimates showed that the kalenjin [when the various sub-tribes are combined] are now the most populous ethnic group with 25.4% of Kenya population, followed by kikuyu with 19.7%, luhya 13.2% and luos 9.6%.
The PM has already rejected the results and demanded ‘a verification survey’ be done immediately. Karibu Kenya. Kuna Matata.

Breaking News, Kenya, Africa, Politics, Business, Sports, Blogs, Photos, Videos- Why census findings were withheld

alejandro said...

The whole Euro issue is baloney,

Right now there are fake gold bars (roughly 900,000) going round in the world gold mkts...they happen to be tungsten bars coated with gold(Tungsten has the same density as gold)and even more of it is in fort point is, this is the so called gold that is backing the paper money being used in the world...esp the dollar.....very soon this year, someone will blow the lid officially on this big lie causing paper money to lose its integrity, and I think you know what happens afterwards...long story short, fake bars withdrawn, gold shortage exists as a result of the prices shoot up like a mo'fo!!

buy gold coins(not bars)...theyll shoot up

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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