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Friday, January 01, 2010

Kumekucha Citizen Journalism Awards 2010

The first decade of the new millennium is gone. And gone with it too is the prophesied meltdown that never was in 2000. The vanishing decade also ushered in the so-called citizen journalism that saw the birth of our own Kumekucha.

True, a blog is nothing but just that a blog, an online diary if you like. But again there are blogs and there is Kumekucha. This is not only a political blog that trail blazed while others followed, but readers visit this blog so as to have a true feeling of Kenya’s political pulse. And the opinions are both varied and acidic as they come.

As we welcome the second decade of the millennium, pioneer writers of this blog deserve accolades. First comes Chris with his no-holds-barred insights. The BOSS has rubbed many regulars and newbies the wrong way. And true to the adage that only fools don’t change their minds, he has modified his political takes based on dynamics while retaining history as his principal anchor. Wapi Oscar?

Acid and vitriol
Next comes Phil, the indefatigable. Like him hate him Phil’s passion and steadfastness to advance and defend his course is a case study of political fidelity. That picture would be incomplete without mentioning Derek (aka Deroo) as Phil’s checkmate on the political chessboard. Derek and Vikii’s eloquence in articulating their respective political stands is passion personified.

The rainbow politics in Kumekucha would be the poorer without mentioning both UrXlnc and Sam Okello with their often controversial pitches. And yes, one and only Luke with his tongue firmly stuck in his cheek.

Then comes the girls who stuck their heads to disabuse the male folk of political naivity. The potent mix of PKW, Ciku Msa, Sayra and Mrembo would often leave the men scampering for political safety like headless chicken. This lot provided the much needed reality check when the political kitchen became too hot.

The past few months wouldn’t have been the same at this blog without the intellectual rigour and vigour of our own Mwarangethe. His singular obsession and articulation of matters wealth and land is a thesis superlatively written and defended.

Reclaim Kenya
The KK citizen journalism awards would be biased and insensitive without mentioning the numerous anonymouses whose wits and vitriol spiced and enriched the blog.

This is therefore to wish all of you a happy NEW YEAR for making this blog such a success. KK's clones never grew wings or the feathers froze. You have provided a steady pedestal for even better political discourse in the new decade.

Phew! Gone is the cursed decade when we almost collectively stewed in our own blood and incoming is the defining year when Kenyans either reclaim their country from scoundrels or kiss the bottom of abyss-self destruction.

Happy new year once more folks.


Anonymous said...

happy new year!!!... from one of the to do you block an ip address?!

here is the joke of the day:
in the late 60's one of the national holidays was celebrated in Mombasa ....on mama ngina drive
(lighthouse) by the 2nd world war gun turret. Kenyatta took the salute when 3 navy ships passed by; then kenyatta gave a usual he became very passionate..and at one point he shouted: any person who has not benefited from uhuru should stand up now....can you believe it that one person stood up,.. now obviously this person did not have a clue what was happening and just happened to stand up for some other reason!! Kenyatta screamed 'heh muindi...ka chini'!!!

how many would stand up today?!?!


UrXlnc said...

and of course the indomitable taabu

happy new year

M-Pesa said...

My politician of the year gotta be the Speaker of our national assembly Hon Kenneth Marende. Impartial, sober and mature unlike so many of our MPigs whom I like referring as thugs in Gucci suits!

I have given him a score of 95% otherwise I would have given him all the marks was it not for his careless "philanthropic.." statement when he was commenting about taxing MPigs. Then again, it shows he's only human and not perfect. He certainly does look like a presidential material to me..Mmmmm many Kenyans are beginning to warm up to him! He's the man to watch in 2010!

I also liked Iron Lady Martha Karua resigning on principle, something very alien in Kenya and Africa in general.

Worst politicians: Simon Mbugua of Kamukunji for punching NTV's Robert Nagila and fleecing customers when he was an auto dealer along Langata Rd.

Ferdinand Waititu of Embakasi for being such a monkey. How can a whole Mheshimiwa hurl stones in a political rally? Last but not least, that Kalenjin politician: forgot his name- he was a health minister for about one week- who was telling poor, rain soaked and hungry Mau evictees that rain comes from the sky and trees have nothing to do with rain! Now that, ladies and gentlemen, was really sickening!

Happy new year guys: don't over indulge!

Anonymous said...

Martha Karua for president come 2012 mpende msipende!!!

Anonymous said...

The only person who deserve the award for 2009 is Chris aka Kumekucha. The man has gone through transformation similar to the bibilical Saul-Paul conversion. Within a year this true patriotic Kenyan has gone from ODMoron stone-throwing-Raila -asslicking to a no-nonsense unbiased insightful writer!
A truly remarkable transformation,,,what an amazing grace!!! Truly Chris can claim, 'I was once blind but now I can see'.

Kudos Chris. I look forward for 2010.

Happy new year!

Yours truly
Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Chris is a conman with a keyboard to go with

Anonymous said...

Chris happy new year!

12th edition of the presidency am you have a hangover.....

Anonymous said...

And the award for the most repetitive boring writer in KK goes to one Taabu whose DAILY use of FRAUD, DECEPTION, KENYA INA WENYEWE etc served as a sleeping pill and sent regular visitors scampering away looking for more informed and vibrant blogs elsewhere.

Luckily, towards the end of the year Chris realising that KK daily hits had gone to a new record low came back and revived KK.
I hope Taabu who turns 55 this year will enjoy his retirement somewhere in Mogotio, looking after his goats and occasionally checking how KK is growing.

Happy new year folks

Kumekucha Prefect

kumekucha said...

Thank you for this one Taabu. And thank you for being there for this blog through all the difficult times of 2009. Kudos bro.

I also take this opportunity to thank every single Kumekuchan, both the regulars and the inconsistent ones. Those who agreed with me and those who did not. As well as those who couldn't express themselves without hurling insults. I thank you all. This blog would obviously not have been possible without you.

Happy new year folks!!!


P.S. There is some information I am waiting for which will change my last few posts in the ongoing dark secrets of the presidency series. Please be patient folks as soon as I get it I will wrap up things (and it doesn't have to be a weekend).

P.S. 2:- Hehehehehehe. Wewe anon @ 7:41!! No hangover for me. Those who know me well would laugh at such a suggestion. Anyway something is cooking (you should know that when I get quiet you can be sure my next post is bound to be slightly warmer than lukewarm.) To let the cat out of the bag I am sticking out my neck and working on some rather precise predictions for 2010. This single post has kept me busy for the last 5 days or so (and still counting) and so I hope it will be worth the effort I have put into it.

Anonymous said...

HNY Kenyans

Let's use all at our disposal to fight tribalism. Those characters seeking tribal alliances are looters who want to protect their wealth.

Kenyans, don't allow KKK, Luo-Kikuyu, Western Union,Kenda-Kamba or any form of stupid tribal alliances.

Let's make Kenya a home for all of us. Our rulers should be national leaders and not tribal.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha has been a great blog. However, Kumekucha's exchange currency is the sensational. This tends to sustain interest among readers who do not have access to the grapevine, to the rumor mill. Quenching the thirst for "who-dun-it" news should not be Kumekucha's lingua-franca. Kenyans must be disabused of the notion that the sensationalized news/information is a sustainable vernacular for civic engagement. There were such print media greats like Nyamora's Society, Imanyara's Nairobi Law Monthly. These had their days.
Kumekucha must move to a new plateau-embrace the sober analytical approach that focuses on issues rather than on the individual escapades in the political underworld.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha prefect,
You seem to have a personal beef with Taabu, kwani he IMPREGNATED your mum and desserted b4 you were born? Look at your rants about taabu and see who is REPETTIVE and stupid. Get a life and learn to live with the bitter truth. You must have been conceived fraudulently and deceptively fighting your mum's battle. Shindwe pepo mbaya and may you die in your sleep. Ati prefect, leta ingine numskull.

Beat the drums of druth and let the faint hearted vacate. Fraud and deception is their middle name, hit them hard where it hurts most.

Anonymous said...

Taabu, why are u using Anon@8.18 to reply to Kumekucha prefect?
Do u have to sink this low mwalimu?

Anonymous said...

The award for the most insecure kumekucha blogger goes to Urxlnc. The guy is deeply disturbed! Wish u get better 2010.

deroo said...

I will be unfair if I did not tip my hat to wish everybody here a Great Year. Indeed, the love-hate-love drama that is Kumekucha completes that vital part of life. Try as you may, but for good you shall not. That is the great joy that makes it a place to be. Many don't know the YOU READ IT FIRST HERE that are recorded (16 that were WORLD EXCLUSIVES, only reported as follow ups later). It is the absolute citizen journalism that keeps them panting and breathing thin air (they know themselves).

To Kumekuchans, thanx for facilitating my blogshpere research (you will never know it) but it is you who made it a great success.

Finally, to all, Xris, Taabu, Vikii, Phil, Luke, PKW, Kimi, UrXINC, M-PESA, Mwara(what) and any other name that I forgot (the Nyatangas of this world) I wish you such a great year with the abundance that is PRESSED, WELL SHAKEN and PRESSED AGAIN in the basket of blessings.

Great one buddies!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a hot story brewing at Nation Centre. Bigger than the rest! Can someone give a rough idea of the pay. Not exact, but rough figures paid the journos, editors and the difference with the management. Please if you can. Anon above, you should start your blog

Anonymous said...

whats the big story

Philip said...

I've been around most part of Western Kenya, that is Nyanza, Western and Rift-valley.

One area I didn't miss going was Kaptagat. It was here that Raila got the name "Arap Mibei". The place is inhabited by Biwott's people, a Kalenjin sub-tribe called "Keiyo".

I discovered that among the Kalenjin sub-tribes Kipsigis are the majority, followed by Nandis where Ruto comes from, and Keiyos are trailing behind.

My research also found out that Kipsigis are divided over Raila-Ruto fight - in other words there are Kipsigis who will support Raila. Nandis are fully behind Ruto and separating them from Ruto is as hard as separating Luos from Raila. Keiyos are also behind Ruto but one cannot predict what will happen especially with Biwott entering into the picture.

I was told that anybody who can fight Raila will automatically be a friend to Moi. At least this makes sense over Moi's attitude towards Raila - I'm told the man will never forgive Raila over what this 'Raira' did to him in 2002 - the guy still does not believe he's out of presidency.

I was further told that Kalenjins are very aware that Ruto sold maize, and he used brokers to do this but this will never stop them from supporting Ruto.

More news that I collected there is also that the new Kalenjin elders are sympathetic to Raila (for those who don't know the previous ones were fired and Ruto appointed new elders). The current elders, as I was told, want truth and justice and according to them they don't see any reason Ruto is fighting Raila.

The last time I was in Kaptagat was during the PEV in 2008. Keiyos are good people and according to the information I got they never killed anyone, though they chased Kikuyus who were staying in Kaptagat. The same Kikuyus are back where they used to stay, though they are a bit tensed coz they never know what can happen when election nears.

Off politics - I was shown Limo's house. It's a very beautiful house. I also visited the training camps that has born the best Kenyan athletes in the world. I realised these athletes can help so much in educating their people and bringing absolute peace to the region. They are very nice people. I wished I could get one of the ladies and marry - JJ.

I also visited the forests in these region and WOW! They were so wonderful! I visited one of the source of river. It was a spectacular scene seeing nature at it's best. If I supported Mau eviction and reclamation then my support was not as great as it became after seeing the source of the river.

Finally I wish you all a happy new year.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure you actually did your research in the Kipsigis areas otherwise you would have heard that they are currently the most fanatical about Ruto for delivering on the Mau sh 1B for the omenas.

BTW, Arap Mibei originated in Kipsigis Land - Mibei is Kipsigis name not in Keiyo

Spoke to quite a few people in Bomet and Kericho and the message is "we are glad kibaki stole the election" and total support for Ruto. Raila is toast in all Kalenjin areas.

The new council of elders has hardly spoken except to criticise the PM overm Omena/Mbuta. the one yapping around is the imposter who was "fired" - Said Keitanny to be precise, so of course cannot be supporting Ruto

deroo said...


Happy New Year! I have read you post with alot of caution and I believe that you have good intentions when writing it. It also shows that it was not in vain that you visited an area that has come of so much interest, not to the polity, but the nation as a whole.

However, there are bits that lack in research, facts and conclusion big time. In any case, I was taught never to discredit one's research, but it being the shifting of bones from one grave to another, I will point a few areas that your research failed in.

If your resaerch pointed out that there is a split in the Kipsigis population, then, it was a little bit wrong because, there is something that bonds that community, that arises from initiation and a fact that they have always fought their wars together, hunted together and won/lost together, as a person and as a community.

It might be true that they are different from the Nadis and the rest of the Kalenjin communities, but in a situation where they are pitted against an outsider, they are different. The sitaution could have been different if they had two or more powerful members of their community in government. At the moment, they have one Franklin Bett and as you see, he is muddled in the Mau hogwash like any other pig in the farm.

Over to the Biwott section of the larger Kalenjin, controlled from Iten Hills, there is another bonding factor that unites the Keiyos and Marakwets. They are also a different fish in the pond, and I would not make a mistake when it comes to things that affect these communities. Indeed, it would be early, sucicidal and ludicrous to suggest that Biwwot might sway the tide.

That, using you own gist of the story, that any Kalenjin leader will do so to the detriment of William Ruto, misses the point by a country mile and waits to be seen. If they have a common enemy, they will abandon any parochial interest they have. If you are right about Kipyator Biwott, then rethink a fact that he lost in an election which even surprised his own family. Biwott to lose in a place that his name sends shivers, was unimaginable.

Bring in Daniel Moi. Whether it is true or not, that he is a professor in the dirty game, he baffles many. He, has in the last few months made sure that he tores the line of people he thought he could not and the confusion within ODM, his hate item clearly shows what the man can do.

He is not fighting Raila, but Raila is trying to prove a point or impress, which is leading to all these trouble in ODM. Moi, does not, and will not like Raila. Even when he joined Kanu, Moi was trying to make him politically impotent, and it backfired. Moi thought that having Raila in Kanu would rope the Luo into Kanu, give Uhuru a safe passage to the presidency but it did not work out. In any case, they could still have lost, because Wamalwa Kijana, Charity Ngilu and Mwai Kibaki were in a union, that was being pilloried as a tribal one like the KKK. He underestimated the backlash. On another note, Raila did not scuttle Moi's plans, the Kibaki, Wamalwa outfit was gathering storm by the day. Raila only joined late and offered to proclaim the obvious. Thats the only way the Kikuyu vote could have been won.

On the elders, kindly go back to your informant and ask him to advise you. Ruto dismantled the old one after a three month fight. It was only after they were dismantled, blamed for going to Bondo, ashamed in Kalenjin FM radios before he called the prayer meeting that included Biwott in Eldoret.

None of them has criticised Ruto since that time (they used to before that). Check your facts.

Finally, they are all KALENJINS

Anonymous said...

an effective president would be a global evnviromental person like Dr Wangaari Maathai Nobel Price winner. I just read a book by Paul Martin Canada's former pm - this guy said in 2004 Dr Maathai phoned British PM Gordon Brown, talked to him and convinced him to start a fund to protect the congo basin as this is the 2nd largest forest the size of France. Britain contirbuted 50 million pounds and other countries followed.

the time to go above tribal politics is now....

Anonymous said...

Happy new year BUT please spare us your singular object of hate. You seem to suffer premature ejaculation at the mention or reference of a singular politician. Walk the talk and stay objective and stop your monolithic comparisons.

deroo said...

TRIBALISM in Kenya (I dont know any other country) will take two generations to clear. Even the most educated in the village refers to PNU businesses on national TV. Correct that one first and fast. Tribalism? GEMA visiting Bondo OK? GEMA and LUO ELDER meeting OK. Kalonzo Musyoka and Uhuru Kenyatta meeting? Poison! What tribe is Balala and what tribe are the Njuri Nchekes?

Anonymous said...

My blog of the year is def the vey addictive kumekucha. And the blogger of the year without a doubt is Chris Kumekucha, AKA Krisso! Chris def has got many sources on the ground and rightly does verify all the facts before publishing a post on this esteemed blog which is def his labour of love.

I know several writers/journalists who frequent this blog for a dose of reality on what the mood on the ground is like. But the main reason why I particularly respect Chris is the fact that he has the courage to admit any mistake if indeed he gets the some facts wrong.

And now ladies and Gents that's a very alien concept here in Kenya! It's 4th of Jan today and looks like it's time to take my long waited holiday, so don't anyone purport to be me!

Happy new year once again, CapeT here we come!


Nairobi, Kenya!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous wrote:

Dr Maathai phoned British PM Gordon Brown, talked to him and convinced him to start a fund to protect the congo basin as this is the 2nd largest forest the size of France. Britain contirbuted 50 million pounds and other countries followed.


Who shall tell Africans the truth?

With due respect to Maathai and other "environmentalists," they are confused and brainwashed.

The problem we face in Mau, Congo forest etc, is not an environmental question as such.

It is the utter failure of Maathai and her environmental friends to appreciate the meaning of the modern economic paradigm which is based on general equilibrium.

Under this theory, under free trade, factors of production will equalise and all will grow rich. This utopia was coined to counter the Communistic utopia of every one in accordance with his needs.

Thus, under this free trade utopia, Kenya/Africa should and has been specialising in its comparative advantage activities.

Now, under these arrangements, Africa specialises in exploiting natural resources. Unknown by akina Maathai, and ignored for strategic or opportunistic reasons by the developed nation which award Maathai environmental awards, these African activities are subject to TRIPLE CURSE OF NATURAL RESOURCES:

(a) Diminishing returns.
(b) Perfect competition.
(c) Price volatility.

On the other hand, the developed nations specialise in activities that are subjeect to:

(a) Increasing returns.
(b) Imperfect competition.
(c)General price stability.

Thus, people like Maathai fail to understand the most fundamental underlying mechanisms of poverty and environmental degradation in the Third World is the dominating economic paradigm.

As a natural consequence, we are utterly unable to do something to stop both poverty and environmental degradation in the countries which are locked in the trap of Diminishing Returns. Instead, we continue to treat the symptoms of poverty, and not the causes.

Of course, the West is happy to treat symptoms cheered by gullible Africans like Maathai.

From this perspective, so as to address/overcome the dual trap of poverty and environmental degradation, Africa must incorporate strategies used by developed nations when they developed.

However, since Africa accepted free trade regime blindly, the ability to incorporate such strategies is closed.

In a nutshell, Africans are trapped and its intellectuals are incorporated in this entrapment.

The Romans would say, woe unto the vanguished.

Shiko-Msa said...

Happy New Year KK and all your readers.

Taabu thanks for the mention.

Anonymous said...

investing in activities that give high returns and prosperity include:
(1) manufacturing due to low labour costs in kenya vs developed countries
(2) tourism activiities
(3) software development requiring skilled workers etc
this will not happen in a country where corruption is rampant, infrastructure does not exist and degrees/promotion is not based on merit......meanwhile it is better to have more trees than less...

Anonymous said...

One thing that people tend to forget is that Moi still commands alot of influence in Kenya because in Kenya the one with Cash is the guy who will have won the day.

Moi ´s business empire and even Biwott´s business empire has flourished during Kibaki´s tenure as President.
These two gentlemen almost sit on half of this countries fortunes.

Chris said here that Kibaki thought of Moi as totally and complete fool but yet Moi is the same fool who is Kibaki´s number one advisor. Kibaki also has alot of business tied to Moi and the Kenyatta´s.....One has to dig into respective companies board of directors, though some use proxies.
I dont want to mention how many of the current ODM Mp´s are actually agents of this man called Moi, one better ask Biwott´s wife who is an ODM MP. Look at who is the investment secretary of this goverment one Esther Koimett and one should know what holding such an portfolio means.

When Moi handed over power to Kibaki in 2002 some pple missed how confident and calm Mzee Moi was. He had already been assured by Kibaki and by Brittain and the US that he wouldnt be interfered with.
There was no way Moi was going to support Raila in 2002, Moi just played his Cards very well. Choosing the devil he knew innsteas of opting to back someone who he couldnt influence. Kibaki being Narc torchbearer was a manna from heaven for Mzee Moi.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys think for one moment that Moi doesnt have any dirt on Kibaki after all these years?
Well one needs to know who is who in the business arena to understand politics in Kenya.

This climate change debate that has been hitting the World of late is just a smokescreen to hide the financial crisis. Well is all coming very soon, be prepared folks.....................

How democratic is the Son of Kogello one needs to know why his supported an election looser in Afghanistan.

One should also see a documentary called " Obama deception" find on Youtube.
@ Chris it would be very interesting if you could do a research about the business and politics in Kenya.
Kenya is failed state but not a failed nation. the people have not failed.

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