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Friday, January 08, 2010

Zuma: Authentic Fidelity With Plural Emotions

Not even ultimate power comes in between the joy and burden of athletism around the waist.


Anonymous said...

Bayeeeeeeeeeeete! Inkosi! Bayeeeeeeeeeeete! Inkosi! Bayeeeeeeeeeeete! Inkosi!

Well, well, well, izinyembezi of joy and pride. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Like him or hate him, Zuma is now a leopard among leopards from Kwa-South-Africa.

in the meantime, 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of mistresses continue to be hidden far away in safe houses, cabins, apartments, villas, mansions, penthouses, cottages, bungalows, huts, monasteries, hotels, treehouses, underground bunkers and yachts around the world.

BTW, let some of us hold our puritanical judgement and the so called moral lenses for a second.

Anonymous said...

Jay-Z is trying to follow in the footsteps of REAL bull of AUCKLAND...i dare not say more for fear of Chris facing legal lawsuit

Anonymous said...

A new year and Taabu is at it again with a tasteless post that lacks in research and appeal.
Why doesnt he look at Chris articles?? well researched, intellectually stimulating and keeps Kumekucha favourites amongst kenyan bloggers. At 55 year old, i thot teacher Taabu should be preparing for retirement and save us his obsession with other men waists. We are straight lol..!!!
Get the drift???

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

monogamy is not the natural behaviour of humans, or indeed other animals.

Sex also has a money/power element to it. The more money/power you have the more wives/mistresses you have.

A euro-atlanticist will dismiss zuma as primitive but one has to answer the question: what is the diffrence between zuma marrying many wives and a rich/powerful mzungu with "one" wife and a bunch of mistresses? The diffrence is white hypocrasy which we have embraced as "civilized".

Anonymous said...

Damn what is wrong with this Buffoon? I really fear for South Africa's future, it will have gone to the dogs just like other countries on the continent in sooner or later. South Africa is doomed! It has become even more tribal and dangerous than Kenya as BLACK refugees from other countries get hunted on the streets and skinned alive thanks to Zuma's buffoonery. Zuma has an anthem that goes..."where's my machine gun.." Should we say more? Hii mutu ni bure!

Anonymous said...

So what is the big deal? is there anything wrong that Zuma has done? Are we measuring him or judging him based our inherited or imposed on standards? have we forgotten that not so long ago that is how we lived as Africans? talk of losing an identity.

For judging Zuma for marrying any number of women, we may as well straighten our hair, bleach our skins, curse all none Christians as heathens and call ourselves 'Smith'.

Ken Thumbi

Anonymous said...

Ken Thumbi,

You really need to read the history of this guy called Zuma to appreciate his true character. I hear a fifth wife is lined up already and rumor has it a Swazi princess is being dated too. I dare you read Zuma's history and his relation with women or lack of it. Is this a man deeply in love or just for show and prestige? That's very obvious.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.38
I will read up on Zuma, but as an African I am not interested in his personal life for it is none of my business.
A word of caution beware of the 'single story'. Google it. Sadly some of us view Zuma through the eyes of euro-atlanticist...

Anon 9.18 has put it eloquently..

"A euro-atlanticist will dismiss zuma as primitive but one has to answer the question: what is the diffrence between zuma marrying many wives and a rich/powerful mzungu with "one" wife and a bunch of mistresses? The diffrence is white hypocrasy which we have embraced as "civilized"."


Anonymous said...

@Kumekucha prefect,
Your obsession with Taabu makes you look such a baffoon. Ever heard of a picture worth a 1000 words? Just compare other intelligent bloggers who saw the post for what it was and your empty rants.

You must be suffering premature ejaculation at the sight of Taabu's name. Get a life and stop fighting your mum's war. She is the one that conceived you with Taabu and don't blame the man you never know what your mum subjected him to before he desserted both of you. At 55 he is light years a head of you.

What an obsessive and consistent OAF?

Anonymous said...

@Kumekucha Prefect,

Why are you so addicted to howling at Taabu 24/7?

Any simple explanation for the usual howling as if Kumekucha is a full-moon paradise?

If I may ask, where are your tasteful posts (or rebuttal arguments) laced with real research and glazed with intellectual stimulation?

Why don't you try calling out Taabu for the right reasons, and at the same time limit your howling at his every post without including Chris for a change?

And must you belittle or condemn one inorder to appease the other? What's been going with your self-appointed prefectureship?

Come on! It's a new year and you have a wonderful opportunity to try and allow readers to experience your giftedness and at the same time to enjoy your periodic intellectualized articles @ Kumekucha in 2010 and beyond.

How about change in a positive direction?

Anonymous said...

@12:40 AM

Why is it so easier to call others (like Zuma) buffoons, yet you and your glorious band of friends (may) have NO PROBLEM with fighting for the "human rights" of individuals with different orientation from Zuma's.

Who among us has perfected the art of buffoonery? Be my guest.

Anonymous said...


What's the difference between Zuma marrying his third or fourth wife and the next president of the United States or Prime Minister of Canada or France marrying his gay partner or her lesbian partner of many years?

The joke is always on us (Africans). There are so many South Africans, Zimbabweans, Zambians, Tanzanians, Kenyans, Nigerians, Ghanians etc who reside in the greater Houston area, and they had no problem, whatsoever, with Mayor Annise Parker's private life yet the very same people have a real issue (huge beef) with what goes on in Zuma's personal life.

Anonymous said...

I like KumeKucha prefect!

He is the one who make this blog so spicy.

Folks, you should learn yo take things lightly coz this guy makes me laugh out loud. His comments are so hilarious and I don't think they intend any harm.

Without the KK prefect this blog is dead!!

kev said...

i am kenyan by blood and if all of you also check before 1895 when whites stepped into kenya, our grand and great grand fathers had more than one wife. just check it out from your own linage or ask OBAMA whichever tribe you are.

Zuma is doing what Zulu elder should, as everywhere in aAfrica and even in Islam.. If you have the capabilities, you marry another one as long as they are equally treated, accept it and not starving.

Anonymous said...

New Constitution

will Kenya get a new constitution this year?

Highly doubt:
-increased control of Press meant to "tame" political issues and the ICC

Kenyans can no doubt wait a bit longer for a new constitution. Status quo always safer.

Poll: Draft would fail in referendum

By JEFF OTIENOPosted Friday, January 8 2010 at 17:00

Less than half of Kenyans would vote for the draft constitution if a referendum was held today, an opinion poll shows.

According to the study released on Friday, only 34 percent of Kenyans were ready to vote for the harmonised draft, while 29 percent would oppose it outright. A chunk of the voters (37 percent), however did not state whether they would vote for the document in its present state.

“It shows that many Kenyans are yet to decide on whether to accept or reject the draft constitution and are still waiting for the final document which will be released by Parliament and be subjected to a referendum, said Synovate’s Political Scientist Dr Tom Wolf.

Its release coincided with launch of the revised draft, which was made public by the Committee of Experts.

The poll, which interviewed 1,002 individuals countrywide was conducted last between December 24 and 28 last year by Synovate Research International on behalf of Gallup International.

Though Kenyans were given one month to study the harmonised draft and give their views, the study found that more than half of the population (64 percent) had no knowledge on the content of the draft. Only 35 percent claimed to have read or heard about the draft while one percent did not state their position.

On whether the public were satisfied with the draft released last year, 57 percent of the population said they were not comfortable with some of the chapters in the draft, while 39 percent expressed satisfaction with the whole document. Four percent of those interviewed refused to answer the question.

“The most contentious chapter was the one on the executive. Many of those interviewed expressed concern with power sharing arrangement as stipulated in the draft document. Many Kenyans preferred electing the person in charge of government be it the prime minister or the president through the ballot rather than it done by an institution,” said Dr Wolf.

Of those interviewed, 60 percent preferred electing a powerful prime minister through secret ballot, 57 percent, however, preferred electing a powerful president who will not be required to delegate powers to the prime minister.

The coalition parties are already split on the issue, with the Party of National Unity preferring a powerful president elected by the citizenry, and ODM leaning towards a powerful prime minister who should come from the party with a lion’s share of MPs in parliament.

In fact, 36 percent preferred parliament electing the prime minister.

Anonymous said...

This can only happen in Kenya, unfortunately. The census results have been withheld because of ‘abnormally high’ figures for the districts of nandi, uasin gishu and kericho. Preliminary estimates showed that the kalenjin [when the various sub-tribes are combined] are now the most populous ethnic group with 25.4% of Kenya population, followed by kikuyu with 19.7%, luhya 13.2% and luos 9.6%.
The PM has already rejected the results and demanded ‘a verification survey’ be done immediately. Karibu Kenya. Kuna Matata.

Breaking News, Kenya, Africa, Politics, Business, Sports, Blogs, Photos, Videos- Why census findings were withheld

Anonymous said...

The PM has already rejected the results and demanded ‘a verification survey’ be done immediately.

He he - sounds like ealr 2008 after the elections that Kibaki won... he he he.... Maybe he should ask us to go to the streets coz of rigging

Anonymous said...

The Number is 42,373,022.

Kikuyus have doubled in number and are a whooping 15,781,926. Statistically placed at 13,559,307 and please remember there was a clause inserted about selecting between Tribe/Kenyan.

Kalenjins have surpassed Luos.

Kikuyu 32%
Luhya 21%
Kalenjin 12%
Luo 10%
Kamba 08%
Kisii 5%
Meru 8%
Other African 04%
Non-African (Asian, European, and Arab) 0.1%

Anonymous said...

Kwani what's the beef with the census numbers? What's wrong with kales being the most populous? It's high time Kenyans got off their tribal cocoons and thought about how to persuade all KENYANS to their view points rather than rely on the (in)security of tribe to defend them.

Anonymous said...

@Kumekucha prefect,
Please learn to RESPECT your father Taabu. He may only be your biological father but failed to be a dad. Your repeated petty beef with him here makes you look very stupid. And who knows, what would you do if he makes it up and reconciles with your mum? Never swear with your last breath lest you are left with eggs on your face.

Anonymous said...

"Education minister Sam Ongeri said some private schools were poaching bright pupils from public schools and registering them for examinations in their centres ostensibly to have them ranked among top performers nationally.

They entice such candidates with scholarships only to abandon them soon after they excel from their schools as they prepare to join secondary learning.

Some of the schools registered candidates in different centres, with brighter candidates, who are normally fewer, being enrolled in one centre, he said."

I think we have shallow thinking Ministers and leaders in Kenya. Is Ongeri not a Professor?

Question 01: Do public primary schools continue supporting a student who has excelled when he joins high school?
Question 02: Should private schools, when they decide to take a good performing student from public on full scholarship, be thanked and rewarded for helping the poor who would not have otherwise afforded higher quality of education?
Question 03: Which is better. Continue bashing private schools and escapism or improve teaching and performance in public schools?

Private schools from kindergatten to universities are all over the world and it is the time the ministry of education addressed scientifically the lot in Kenyan primary schools and ceased that kind of shallow escapism that is just too political

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it in 2020 that "Kenyans were told so" in 2009.

People don't eat a constitution. A new constitution will not change a lot of the current political mess nor lift 88.98% of Kenya's population from grinding poverty, rampant insecurity, ethnic strife, political hooliganism and economy slavery (coutesy of conglomerates).

2020 is just 10 years away. LOL! Remember 2000? That was some years ago.

I may be wrong, but best of luck with the "new sconesituation" aka constitution.

Anonymous said...


as for zuma--he looks quite silly in that picture, taabu.

Anonymous said...

do any of us "ordinary immigrants" look any better wearing a rented tuxedo or poorly tailored European suits?

lol! silly? eeeeeeh! talk of the african kettle and pot syndrome.

shaka said...

Zuma is very right in marrying his fifth wife whom they already have was created by God similar to other animals.I have not come across a monogamous animal.Go Zuma go.
I can mention some world leaders who have polygamy genes though their wives suppresed them-Bill Clinton,Obama's father,Balusaconi,Sacorzy,Kibaki etc

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