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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Reforms: More Visa Bans Coming Soon

While Amos Wako re-invents his poisonous smile smarting from the US visa ban, more politicians are lined up for the next round of ban. And the present grandstanding and brinkmanship on the draft constitution won't have been godsend. Forget the empty abroad-is-not-heaven chorus. The bans hits the mighty hard where it hurts most.

Calling learned politicians ignorant may sound disrespectful but what else can you term a bunch of people whose vision never extends past the present leadership? Add to that the obnoxious obsession with TRIBE and you get a recipe to make a superb idiot.

But these leaders are not alone. The have good company in equally-schooled Kenyans who mouth superlatives with no intention of walking the talk. Hypocrisy must be our collective forte. Look no further than the predictable propensity to chest thumb while supporting political turf wars at the expense of weighty national issues.

Kenyans appear to have been weaned on LEADERLESSNESS so mush so that any trace of tough decision is fast reduced into cheap grandstanding and partisan warfare. In the meantime nothing moves and Kenya remains the worst for it all.

No wonder the so-called international community have refused to buy into our national lies. Annan and co will never leave us stew in our own blood again and the EU and US visa bans are coming soon and furious.


Anonymous said...

Who released TAABU from wherever he was to come and write NOTHINGNESS. Someone should tell him that Kumekucha is the wrong forum to come and worship the international mzungu community.

Anonymous said...

who really cares about the visa ban anymore unless they are the poor who are dying to leave the country in search of better opportunities in america?

the wealthy will still find ways and means to travel to the east and to other exotic places around the world.

the american visa ban only affects the poor immigrant students and their relatives who desire to attend their graduation, wedding, or funeral in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Pure kapisa

Philip said...

what is A+O+O?

M-Pesa said...


Annan, Obama, Ocampo.
...Whipping our greedy politicians into shape.


Today's DN headline about a massive find of many machine guns, 100,000 bullets, army gear, pistols etc all found in....NAROK...of all the places! Where was the NSIS when these illegal arms were being smuggled to a sleepy town like Narok by an Asian "businessman"? Oh, sorry, I almost forgot, we live in a failed state! I would think twice-long and hard- before visiting Kenya if I was a tourist! This country may explode any time according to the BBC special investigations. So to my Kenyans abroad, think hard before investing here! We are doomed and no one cares. They are just busy fighting for power and wealth! What a banana republic!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Chris allows Taabu to come here and throw-up.

Anonymous said...


1. Your avatar is a teen holding a gun

2. In your blog homepage, i read this

'About Me

The Lord is my shepherd, thus I fear not.'

3. Then here you are a doomsayer just like Taabu, so should we start evacuating Kenya to europe, US and other countries?
How many times in a day are drugs and illegal guns smuggled to US through mexico silly with all their high tech surveillance intelligence???

I hate morons who are also naive!!!

Anonymous said...

Where was the Coordinating and Surpervising Raila when these arms and ammunition were being hidden in Narok. Is this Asian one of the platinum campaign contributors of ODM? It looks like this thing has roots in the ODM circles. Narok is an ODM zone. Durig the PEV the are was cleansed of the "kabila adui." Why is Ntimama quiet? We need the truth to come out.

M-Pesa said...

Anon 1.25

Relax! stop getting hot under the collar while getting your knickers in a twist. My avatar just goes to highlight the plight of child soldiers throughout Africa. It's evil and despicable and must be stopped at all cost!

Now- about warning fellow Kenyans about the gathering storm, you only need to read that report by BBC about militia re-arming across Rift Valley! I personally lost a substantial amount of investment during the post election violence.

I would not wish that pain and anguish even on my worst enemy and that's why I'm sounding the alarm! The sad truth is that ours is not a stable country and may explode any time. You can bury your head in the sand as much as you like, but that's the painful truth.

So next time, don't shoot the innocent messenger but vent your irrational anger at scumbag, incompetent and corrupt morons you call leaders. you only need to read the front page of DN to realize ours is a hopelessly lost cause living on borrowed time.

Apart from Narok, more cache of weapons was seized at Garissa and Mombasa that included hand held missile, please check DN again, back page. We have not even talked about the much dangerous Nairobbery where constant gunshots can be heard daily from my office....

As I warned tourists, think before coming to this dangerous country and to my fellow Kenyans abroad, invest in Kenya at your own peril.

nuff said.

Black Oak said...

Nice for hitting the nail right on the head. Here were the earlier news:

"NAKURU, Kenya, Oct. 7 (UPI) -- Ethnic rivals in Kenya's Rift Valley province are arming themselves in preparation for more political violence, the BBC reported Wednesday.

An investigation by the British broadcaster revealed that arms dealers are selling sophisticated weapons in the region, which was hit hard by violence after Kenya's 2007 election. The clashes claimed the lives of 1,300 people and a failure to bring the ringleaders to justice has prompted the International Criminal Court to step in to prosecute suspects.

One arms dealer told the BBC's Network Africa program that business was brisk in the area.

"Right now we have AK47 rifles for sale but there are times when we also sell G3s (rifles)," the dealer said. "In a month we sell more than 100 rifles."

The BBC said leaders of both the Kalenjin community and their rivals, the Kikuyu, Kenya's dominant ethnic group, claim to be arming themselves, with one Kalenjin leader telling the broadcaster, "We bought the guns because we hear the Kikuyu have also bought guns."

Mwarang'ethe said...

As I warned tourists, think before coming to this dangerous country and to my fellow Kenyans abroad, invest in Kenya at your own peril.

nuff said.

12/9/09 2:15 AM


Sasa M- Pesa, where do you want Kenyans to invest? Dubai, is gone for was a built on sand. Greece, is on the way, Latvia is on the way, Wall Street is full of financial gangsters, Japan is reduced to bailout after bailout etc.

Contrary to your views, Kenya/Africa is ripe for investment. And, as a matter of fact, Africa is the best place to invest.

For instance, do you know there is a Somali guy who lives in London who last year earned Kes 6-7 m from his banana farm in Somalia? If you want, we can even send you the pics of his huge farm.

Thus, it is by investing, but, not in business as usual, we can create jobs we need and not running away like cowards.

For instance:

- those who are from Kitui, why not invest in small scale cement plants instead of watching big monopolists take everything?

- those from kwale, why not turn the sisal into nice beer and steroids?

- those from Nyanza, why not convert the sea weed into biogas?

- those from Kibera, the human waste is organic fertiliser.

- those from Mwea, why not convert the rice husk into cement?

M-Pesa said...


Have you been reading Njenga Karume's memoirs being serialized in the Daily Nation? Of course this great politician and businessman (actually could be the second richest after the Mois) obviously left many loopholes in his thrilling biography. hope you will dig up all his hidden secrets which he was too shy to spill and come report back. But I'm not raining on Karume's parade, well done to him for the memoirs. Lots of our politicians take all their secrets with them to the grave only for a Mzungu to pop up and try to write them distorted and in vain. If they could only write when alive........

M-Pesa said...


As I said earlier, I lost a huge investment during the violence when the "haki yetu" brigade looted and burnt my business after the "election was stolen" although they now claim Kibaki actually won.

That does not mean those who were raped, maimed and slaughtered suffered less. To date, I have not recovered! What is sad is that nothing has convinced me that things have changed for better.

Not the daily news on the media or the tense war like atmosphere throughout the country. Why should anyone invest blindly in Kibaki's failed state called Kenya? Sometimes it's good to hold your cards and wait rather than watch your hard earned sweat sink with Titanic Kenya.

With daily reports about tribes arming, huge weapon arsenal being found, illegal Alshabaab aliens flocking Eastleigh, corrupt force and Mungiki Menace then investors and tourists are bound to get skeptical about pouring their dollars/pounds/euros/yens in a country like this only recently voted by Transparency International as one of the most corrupt in Africa. To be precise, more corrupt than the the notorious Nigeria where if you open your post office box, you find someone's hand laid out saying chota kitu!

Anonymous said...

Sadly MPESA is right. You only need to be bitten to be shy. Thing is Africa remains the only viable place to invest. The West has almost gone full circle. I was thinking hard about Mwarangethe's idea of starting a common currency in Africa (similar to the Euro) and back it with our unexplored resources. We need financial think tanks to do this, am just a chemist and don't know much about these things but am sure we have heavy weight economists in and around the world of African decent who can device something to this effect. We can start by inventorying all of the continent's resources and pegging a price on them based on foregoing market rates. Then start a currency and use these resources to back it. You see, in the future (actually it has started) the world will turn to Africa for resources. Why not sell it to them at a premium?

Talking of investment. It's only Africa which has raw opportunities (unexplored) and you will see how venture capitalists will decent here to make money. The politically instigated violence and fighting are just a creation to distract people from staying focussed.

Mwarangethe, what is you view on what if for arguments sake as a continent we decided to loose faith enmass in money as a medium of exchange?

And in its place we had a resource based economy-where reward for hardwork and innovation was a better high quality livable society?

Anonymous said...

Why is Raila Odinga impervious to the cries of the Mau evictees? Would he have been as heartless if they were Luos instead of poor Kalenjins? Why are our leaders so tribalistic to the point of causing death to members of tribes perceived as opposed to them? Why?

Mwarang'ethe said...

Mwarangethe, what is you view on what if for arguments sake as a continent we decided to loose faith enmass in money as a medium of exchange?

And in its place we had a resource based economy-where reward for hardwork and innovation was a better high quality livable society?

12/9/09 7:43 AM


Creation of a new and stable currency for use by African merchants is not that very difficult.

As concerns the design, we know experts who can be of help. What we need is just a few committed Africans who can committ their time and other resources and we start the project.

We are in the era of IT and this makes it very easy to start an alternative, but, very stable money which avoids so called bankers.

Haven't we talked/cried too much for too long? Anyone willing to stand up?

Mwarang'ethe said...

With daily reports about tribes arming, huge weapon arsenal being found, illegal Alshabaab aliens flocking Eastleigh, corrupt force and Mungiki Menace then investors and tourists are bound to get skeptical about pouring their dollars/pounds/euros/yens in a country like this only recently voted by Transparency International as one of the most corrupt in Africa.


M - Pesa, do not listen to these people calling themselves Transparency and Human Rights, BBC people too much. They are part of the problem.

These guys know the true source of corruption in Africa. However, instead of exposing it, they distract you with tirades against Moi, Kibaki, Raila etc, etc.

For instance, ask these Transparency people to tell you how Alaska manages its natural resources.

We can assure you, they will never talk about this, for Africans would see the truth. Do not be fooled by these pharisees.

Chris said...


Interesting that you ask about loopholes in Njenga Karume's biography coz that is exactly what I am working on. I'll have a post ready very soon.


P.S. I have always been meaning to ask you... how are you related to Michael Joseph's magic money transfer product?

M-Pesa said...


Actually the name Pesa is my real surname while "M" stands for my middle name! Pesa is a common male name in parts of Western Kenya where my father hailed from (RIP). So I think Michael Joseph actually stole my name! Come to think of it, the MP for Migori is called John Pesa Dache! But I always wonder why my old man went all the way to the slopes to get a wife! But then again, I got mine from the fierce Nandi so I guess it's in the family! Sounds like I'm more Kenyan than Mt Kenya!

Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.26

There you go again with Raila. Told you several times that Raira is mortal.

I do not know whether you have work-plans for your business or employment or for whatever you do and whether in these, you ever have a column for responsibility.

Well fool, this failed state has. So far, you can tell which ministers are working and who they owe allegiance.

When we have a cache of one million plus ammunitions, enough to arm a battalion for war, this is a grave security concern. Actually, I do not even know why the Police are bubbling with this when in the actual fact it is General Kianga who should've now been briefing the Commander in Chief of All The Armed Forces of Kenya.

This is a presidential (Kibaki) concern. He is the Commander of the Armed Forces. The ammunitions found are to do with the Army and Airforce. The Chief of General Staff is directly answerable to Hon. Mwai Kibaki. Minister for Internal Security is directly answerable to the Hon. Mwai Kibaki. Hon. Mwai Kibaki chairs the Security Meeting. The NSIS is directly answerable to Hon. Mwai Kibaki and the Permanent Secretary in charge of Internal Security in the Office of the President is directly answerable to Hon. Mwai Kibaki.

The Commissioner of Police is appointed directly by Hon. Mwai Kibaki. The Commanders of Kenya Army, and Kenya Airforce are directly appointed by Hon. Mwai Kibaki.

The Commandants of various disciplined forces do not by the Kenyan law answer to anyone but to their bosses who as mentioned above are directly answerable to Hon. Mwai Kibaki.

What will you anon 1.26 tell your children, that you are the dampest person ever existing on planet earth?

Kwenda huko.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.26

The buck stops with President Kibaki. Kwani alichaguliwa usiku to be the president of Mt. Kenya? Raira or William Ole Ntimama sio walio chaguliwa usiku! Fala wewe.

Narok iko wapi, is it not part of this country. Kwani Narok haina provincial administration. From the Assistant chief, to chief, to D.O. 2 to D.O. 1 to D.O. to D.C. to P.C. to O.P. internal security, to Police Commissioner, to Minister for Internal Security to mkubwa yule ana teuwa walinzi?

Kweli you guys are indeed dunderheads who only like shortcuts.

Ole Ntimama anahusika na Ministry yake. If he is to do what you suggest, basi waambie Provincial Administration yote ya Narok wafunge virago waache kula mshahara bure.

Kwenda Huko. Enemy of the people.

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