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Monday, December 07, 2009

The Curse of A+O+O: Rain Isn't From Forests

Hail the king and his sidekick for true triumph. Fighting him is akin to cutting fig tree with a razor blade.

The last laugh is surely the longest, loudest and sweetest. Don't spoil the party with all those stale draft constitution debate. Forget about LEADERSHIP, politics is all about triumph here and now. And the winner is........................(NOT KENYANS).

So in appreciation let us all expose our post-molars please and applaud the brave worriors of democracy. One, two, three ............


Anonymous said...

Poor Taabu is back after a long hibernation where his paper King Raila has been reduced to a pulp by Ruto!!!


Anonymous said...

anon 3:59,

Many Raila apologists thinks that the hired crowds ferried to Tononoka translates to Raila's popularity in the region. When Raila paid a visit to central province i think early this year or late last year he also attracted a mammoth crowd.
Does that also amount to votes??
My guess is as good as mine. Raila may have slowed the pucture but he is slowly running out of options.
Chris was very right on this one.
I understand from very reliable sources that he has started paying rebel MP's to ensure that he is not embarrased by the issue of Leader of Govt Business. Ruto is keeping his cards close to his chest and has already hired a shrewd political scientist who is a specialist of the Sun Tsu Art of War.
Raila and Luo's believe in showbiz, Ruto has adopted Kibaki's shrewd lie low spring fatal suprise. Raila is a cooked goose.

Anonymous said...

The winner is the KENYANS,
Kuleni wembe those who are wishing for Ruto.. simple. Kenyans back home living the life of inflation and insecurity amongst their joys and pains are the ones who will decide. Not those simply payukaring abroad..

rayonn said...

Ruto is a hopeless radar-less politician who is blinded by his ruthless, NEEDLESS and meaningless ambition for the great. This is a man with great indecision and generally NO political strategey. He has flip flopped on virtually every single issue, from the Hague and Local tribunal to the Mau issue. Thankfully he has been badly exposed and isolated this early. His intention has always been to wreck ODM at whatever cost.

Rutos deadliest political blander yet may be his ridiculous move to gang up with his former thieving YK92 cronies! What foolishness, after being cleansed and sanitised by ODM!! If Ruto, Kalonzo, Balala, Kutunyi, Jirongo, Simon Mbugua, Isaac Ruto are the future of Kenya then this country is finished!!!

When will people realise that patience is also a virtue. That common sense is a useful tool?? Kenyans want change.We came from KANU days a long time ago and nobody is going back there, hell no!

Kudos to Kenyans for staying focused on the issues. Big lesson for Kenyan politicians. Issue oriented politics. Anybody not on the right side of history will surely be swept away to the high seas.

Anonymous said...

Rayonn said

What foolishness, after being cleansed and sanitised by ODM!!

Lol...wonders never cease!!! ODM had powerfoam i suppose.

Where do they collect morons who type away such statements???

Anonymous said...

woe upon woe! wanasiasa hatarishi and tragic politicians are living on borrowed time.

someone wake me up in 2017 or 2022 and remind me what become of tragic politicians like kibaki, raila, uhuru, kalonzo, ruto, balala bin balaa.

who is the current president and vice president of kenya in 2017 or better in 2022?

i have no clue of who won the elections in 2012 and what happened to the country thereafter.

Anonymous said...

I said kikuyus would not allow the vote of no confidence. Githae has confirmed they are the ones who told kaleos to ngo srow. kikuyus now prefer raila "on the inside". The tragedy for him is that he now believes kikuyus will support him. He said so in mombasa. Raila has ditched kalenjins and believes kikuyus will vote for him! Very tragic. Surely even phil should now know it is over.

Anonymous said...

I liked what Mutahi Ngunyi wrote jana.....Raila like a bull meant for slaughter is being fattened...and the tragedy is that he cannot see it coming neither does his fanatical supporters.

Its sad that it will end this way for Raila, a beacon of hope in Luo community, but he made one too many mistakes and he has to face the consequences.
Like Moi, he will be relegated to political oblivion but once in a while he will be asked to comment on few political issues.
Like Chris sadly said in his Must Read weekend special, Luo's may take another 20 years before they can have a realistic shot at presidency again.
Mudavadi has better odds than Raila. Maybe Mama Sarah Obama will hire the Luo paper King as a tour guide in Kogelo home.


Anonymous said...

Bett,Sally and Henry have just been finished politically and now the field is left for the young turks in Rift valley to stand up and be counted.
The mood in the grass roots is quite differnt from what these people are trying to mislead us. Believe me i have been at home in the past one week! Believ it or not the mention of PM's name might get you killed. Just imagine that these are the people who were ODM Damu in the previous elections ?

Anonymous said...

Lol.. its comical how the two sides of the chungwa are both courting and hoping the kikuyus side with them... gone are the kabila adui, jigger trash.

Kweli the house of Mumbi is a blessed one. Now our enemies are grovelling at our feet.

M-Pesa said...

Check Daily Nation page 2, there a photo at the top and in that photo, someone is waving a yellow placard that is written something very, very, very shockingly derogatory about a certain pentagon member. Why did the editor (Mutuma Mathiu) allow this photo to be published in a family friendly newspaper? Is it meant to attack ODM-R (ODM-Rift Valley or ODM-Ruto) if you like!

Lol, first there was ODM, ODM-K and now ODM-R!

Rock on baby!

Ahmad said...

All of u who are vomiting here should b concerned about ur families. Tribal consolation does'nt help u @all. Let raila, ruto, uhuru & all dirt fight. Fight 4ur parents & children. Finally, 2012 is a generation away for any of the current situation/ lineup to stay. Keep ur words sweet incase u need to eat them back. Already some charlatans have bin proven wrong. Ahmad

Philip said...


Your post is very short but it has left me pondering deeply. Unfortunately the way you see it is not the way others will see.

At least I can see. In the end after all this fascination about politics and how Ruto and Raila are fighting over power what will happen is that one of them will win or all might loose and someone else win, and this someone unfortunately will not be us.

Then again we will start wondering what went wrong with Kenya.

Anonymous said...

YGKMO! Its not only annoying, but also quite tiring and absurd to keep on reading the same prediction day in and out without seeing it being fulfilled. Its like those days when Chris would smother us with predictions on the impending death of Kibaki.
Please people, Raila is going nowhere. PERIOD!

p.s YGKMO is Nigerian version of LOL meaning You Go Kill Me Oooh

Anonymous said...

Sasa Chris,

You make me do the craziest things all the time.

I sat up all weekend (stayed away from the beach etc. etc.) reading a very boring topic... history of the Luos and their political future. But guess what? You made it so engrossing. It was torture waiting for the next part, kind'a reminded me of that soap on Citizen TV called Storm over paradise.

I don't know of any other writer who makes such boring stuff come alive like you do. You make me come alive Chriso.

Wacha I just toboa. I get wet thinking about you Chris. The truth!! Yet another of the crazy things you make me do lol.

I am sure you can effortlessly make me do a lot of other rather nasty things for you, ama? lol.

Keep it up bro but don't be such a tease. And lets hope you don't lenga me when next I flash you my smile. lol

Mpango wa kando wa Chris

P.S. Is that really a photo of you on Twitter? That ear thingy?

Anonymous said...

Tononoka was an assembly of hired thugs and lay-abouts. MP Joho is alleged to have spent 20 millions to transport people from across the coast province.

Anonymous said...

So What has changed ?
Alot !

2007 PM had Coast and RV
now PM ha Lost RV.

PM is now weaker than before.and the ODM guyz cant seem to see this and are still in denial.

Anonymous said...

I know we have to talk and all, but dont worry; whoever gets in will not worry about you. since those who comment here have a claim to being "educated", it should be easy to see what i have said as common ground, irrespective of our tribes.

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy fools? If I can find that market, I can ask for RAYONN. If Rayonn's brain was being sold, then, I would demand for that to build a fool. Please show me the direction.

Anonymous said...

Were there hammers (or is it hummers) at tononoka? But ruto did not show up. In 2007 kalonzo showed up and was seriously "hammered". Raila's supporters do really worship him. I wont say worship him like a god, because i dont think any god ever asked any man to worship it. Being worshipped and worshipping are human weaknesses.

teejay said...

It is amazing that the very same people who just afew weeks ago were cheering when RAO was being mocked by the Ruto axis are now at pains to admit that the Tononaka Rally attendance was genuine. They are telling us how money had been poured.

Well I say that these are very ignorant people. First they seem to ignore that fact that the Coast Region has no clear Political spokesman under who the Coasterians unite, Balala's move is suicidal. Secondly ODM has not wronged the people of Coast region at any single moment to warrant a disobedience against it. If anything only one ODM MP, who cannot explain his rebellion is failing to read the political undercurrents at the coast.

Other people here erroneously think that Ruto carries the entire RV. It is best to remind them that RV is is cosmo. Ruto has also tripped himself by telling his supporters in RV that he regrets leading them to wrong path (read ODM). Now that he wants to lead them into KKK, does he really expect them to believe they will not regret?

We know that he has declared his presidential ambitions. Is he willing to give them up in favour of (selfish) Kalonzo or Uhuru who has a political storm brewing in his backyard.

Are the people of Central Province ready to be lead by Uhuru to make an Alliance with people they consider murderous and rapists of their brothers and fathers, sisters and mother?

Anonymous said...

woi balala na ruto...and the nightmare only just began!

John Maina said...

Anonymous what did Taabu and Raila do to you as both seems to make your blood boil?
Whatever is your problems or kenyans, I don't the two are the main causes.
Don't you think our current president has tried/tested/failed to utilise the executive powers vested in him for the betterment of the whole country and should be your main target?

Anonymous said...

"Rift valley MPs" is a creation of the press. Reality is Rift Valley is cosmopolitan. Ruto by no means controls the rift valley. What's more, he doest not even control the kalenjin, let alone the kipsigis.

Its obvious that the Nandi will not bide his tune. Henry Kosgei, Sally Kosgei et al will ensure this. He should definately forget the Tugen, thanks to the man Musa Sirma. Already major cracks have emerged amongst the Kipsigis with Franklin Bett and Magerer Langat leading the revolt!

If I was Ruto I would be very afraid. Its like being in the middle of a melting glacier or a sinking island. Its no wonder he is making a hasty retreat and toning down. he he he

Anonymous said...


I dont care whatever is happening-Political, in terms of rallies etc.

But the truth is that Kenyans, and especially the majority of voters who are the youth want someone who is BRAVE and Decisive.
Kibaki has been a big let down in every way!

Thats what will be the defining factor between Raila an Ruto.
Of course am sure that the ICC might derail Ruto on this.
I am also sure that the Mt. Kenya Mafia might derail Raila

Lets enjoy the drama as it unfolds

Anonymous said...

Phil's dose working???

Anonymous said...

I am intriged!! Who were all those people at Tononoka? Were they real? Or were they also photoshopped?

WHy is it that whatever Raira does causes alot of confusion and concerns? When he went to America and met USA president, people here said that the official Whitehouse photo was actually photoshopped! Rediculous! For beginners, photoshop is an Adobe computer software that allows one to manipulate images post-taking. You can cut and paste whatever you want to import and use.

Back to today! Why don't just give these pessimitist what they want. I accept that there were NOBODY at Tononoka bar ODM officials. Those photos were "doctored". In fact the people on those photos were in Ruto-Balala Kapenguria rally. Mombasa was empty. All people of the coast took couches to Kapenguria to be with their MP and great leaders. They left Mwambao empty for empty debes aka Raira. Is that ok people? Are all those ANTi Raira satisfatied.. Ha? Na hivyo ndivyo ilivyo.

Whatever you do, muji-enjoy. Please leave Raira alone. You want his name in all sorts of negativity. What has he done to anyone on this forum? I thought that this was a useful discussion forum. Hoooo. It is now even below some tribal websites like miste....ed!

Shame of tribalists on this forum.

But Chris, Tabu and Phil do NOT realise that tribal sentiments are posted here deliberately because other Kenyan websites are so biased so that want to make KK as bad as they are.

Please clean this site and keep open to reasoning and intellentia. A place where we can discuss with open minds not tribal diatribes. I am above tribe and tribal tirades.

When we had PEV, we all lost. Luhyias, Turkans, Pokomos, Luos, Kikuyus, Kalenjin, Kambas Masaais... name it. All sufferred. It is only the magnitude that matterred. But we a Kenyan sufferred.

So think w=twice, not thrice, 4, 5, .... 10 times before you incite Kenyans here. For you could be buying petrol to fire your own house next time. Mind what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:06
This will work in Ruto's favour... Bett is finished politically in south rift and so is H. Kosgey (he was 1st as he is an Agwambo apologist)

This is what Ruto has done for the Kalenjin - After Moi, they were supposed to be apologetic for 24 years of Moi rule and taking this or the othr blame with zero leadership... but one of their sons is is now leading the oposition charge - its the sweatest spot to be in and he will get 100% support

And, Raila pciked the worst issue of all - Land... these Kalenjins fought for land in RV in 2007 and now he wants to snatch it - He cannot Win this... Kibaki could not and he will not

The Mau forest will be cleared but RAO is toast whether the entire country attends your rallies.

The next battle ground is the constitution - i.e. if panel of experts do not change the clause on Executive. Ruto is speaking the same language as the PNU folks and if this goes to the referendum that way, that side will win and go to win the next election... its a repeat of 2005

So Raila is seeing himself as Executive PM next time round (back door politics). He is not a fool - he knows he cannot win on the ballot when the Kalenjin have revolvted... but politics being about perception, he will appear as if thats not the case.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Bett, H. Koskey and S. Kosgey is they feel they have been in goverment longer than Ruto so deserve to lead... Thats not how it works and if that were to happen these leaders would be like Musikari kombo - totally useless...

Anonymous said...

Much as I hate to, I have to agree with you Taabu. Raila is increasingly looking good. The Ruto, Balala, Uhuru axis of noise is increasingly unattractive. The bondo bumpkin actually stands out as a mature and purpose-driven politician. I'm really stumped by this turn of events. Honestly, we must seek to do better than this!

Anonymous said...

Whatever other lies he tells, Molasses Raila should stop saying that he is becoming popular in Central Province and Eastern. It is one thing to dream, but to believe the dreams is delusional.

Ken said...

@Anon 2.45 --- Umenimaliza na "YGKMO is Nigerian version of LOL meaning You Go Kill Me Oooh"... Its good to have a good laugh in the midst of all this tribal bashing.

Anonymous said...

some of us will be hit by vehicles or be involved in very deadly vehicular accidents before 2012, or worse we may die from some deadly sudden diseases before then.

who really cares about dead old politics, kenyan style? it's more of a pit-choo beand of politics. nothing changes, the pit remains the same for decades.

why waste valuable energy!

Anonymous said...

The raila fan club which includes standard editors says the rally was very successful. May be so. But does being succefful mean it was not staged? After all that is what you say about other politicians when they hold big rallies. Are you saying ruto cannot call a rally and ensure the venue is full? Luos travel from kisumu and kibera to attend raila's rallies around the country. Ask phil. Add to this there are many luos in mombasa. Of course the rally was successful. Happy now.YGKMO

Anonymous said...

Litsen to this "ruto is the biggest headache but intelligence shows raila's and odm's popularity is growing faster in central and eastern provinces" Today's Nation. Let us start with eastern. This is mainly meru and kamba country. Merus are very conservative. They genuinely believe a kihii is a boy and cannot be elected to a leadership position. Zero votes there. The kambas are more liberal than the meru but they have been convinced that raila hates them. Recently a taita with a kamba sounding name was being rejected by raila's people to appointment to a big position because they thought he was kamba. There is also the case of the kebs guy. So again zero votes. Now to centro. Ultimately centro blames raila for PEV. Kikuyu women may be marrying luo men but there will again be zero votes here. This is a simplistic analysis but it is 100% correct. Those managing raila's 2012 campaign need to go back to the drawing board. And dont assume am a hater of the pm.

Anonymous said...


You are full of hatred. You hate Luos with a passion. Your writings are not objective at all. Your game plan in the 4-part spews on Luo is meant to depict the community in bad light. That they are all cursed.

You strike me as a person who does not believe in God and all his creation. that Kambas are not presidents, are they not cursed. And who said that the rest of the tribes who have tried being presidents and failed, are they also cursed.

What you have failed to tell the blogs here is why God have not done away with this cursed lot. Why, instead, they continue to multiply, get education, prosper and live well.

It also shows your foolish hypothesis based on stupid premise that because Oginga Odinga did not ascend to presidency and Raila Odinga did not ascend to presidency, and because they are Luos, then no Luo will ever ascend to presidency. Are you God to judge.

That because the so called Uthieno killed his brother, therefore all his descendants, the Luos are cursed generationally?

Let us say that indeed Luos are the only community cursed in this country as you have well insinuated, you who do not know and understand the power of God and the power of Christ, why do you think that God cannot forgive them?

And, for heavens sake, you believe that because the Presidency has come from only two tribes Kikuyu and Kalenjin, then only these two tribes are blessed. And that in their generation to generation, they Kikuyus and Kalenjins will rule this country forever. That is why Ruto believes that this time they (Kalenjins) will alternate with Uhuru (Kikuyus).

That since you are neither a Kikuyu nor a Kalenjin, that you are a cursed community and shall never reign in this country.

Luos, take heart. God himself will have mercy on your oppression. He has heard and read about you being insultsed and castigated. He will pass judgement on those who have selft-appointed themselves as only blessed and termed the rest as cursed.

For Chris, you have insulted the Luo community because of your hatred and bitterness which can be felt from the tone and slant of your contents.

As for Luos, it does not matter what Chris says about the community. God will continue to give his divine protection, which Chris thinks is lesser than the powers of magic. God's divine covering and protection will be amongst the Luos. And no matter how much Chris reasons about the history and background of the Luos, his efforts to alleniate this community from the rest of Kenyans will never never materialise.

And Chris will live long enough to wonder whether he actually knows the meaning of a curse.


mzee majengo said...

m-pesa wrote 'Check Daily Nation page 2, there a photo at the top and in that photo, someone is waving a yellow placard that is written something very, very, very shockingly derogatory about a certain pentagon member. Why did the editor (Mutuma Mathiu) allow this photo to be published in a family friendly newspaper? Is it meant to attack ODM-R (ODM-Rift Valley or ODM-Ruto) if you like!
i also saw that placard,and it only confirmed rumours that have been flying around mombasa for quite sometime now.I come from Mvita and I would always here this ''mwanangu wee...kumbe waziri ************* ni msenge!?juzi amepatikana kwa hoteli ****** kando ya beach na mzungu fulani mwanamume'' and this was confirmed to me by my fiancee who as never interested in politics and had not even seen that placard.

Anonymous said...

LUOs are a benchmark in this country. If you want to appear in the news headline, hit at them, curse them and insult them. You will be an instant star.

Look at this, Kenyatta's presidency can only be remembered with the ouster of Oginga Odinga, a Luo. He could not have entered the history book and left a legacy of having done something if the equation of frustrating Oginga Odinga did not appear.

Everything else about his rule was a sham. From education, land to agriculture.

Moi's rule was marked by the same. Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka and now William Ruto can only stand and their stars can only rise when they bash at Raila and insult the Luos. Look at Jirongo, no one hears about him at all even if he pays fees and feeds 1000 orphans. But in order to jump into the lime-light, he has to insult Raila and the Luos.

Poghisio, who claims he professes Christ and believes in the power of God, never got mileage in his communication stunts but when insulting Luos and Raila, he feels like somebody.

Wow, it gets sweeter. Kumekucha is sustained through insulting Luos and castigating Raila. The day Kumekucha will get into other stories without Luos, Chris career will go down.

Keep on brother Chris, Luos are a benchmark, your star will only rise if you arise and be seen to beat this tribe called Luos.

Anonymous said...


Personally am a Luo. I am blessed. I am annointed of the Spirit of the living God and through God's power, I have been able to live a peaceful life and and also overcome a lot of troubles.

I am not cursed and I do not relate the curse you say are on Luos to me, a Luo. I have very many Luo friends, I will not hold briefs for them in this column but I am convinced that they are a blessed Lot.

If your concept of blessing and curses can only manifest in presidency, they what do you make of Hitler, former Somali President, Idi-Amin, etc.

If to appear to be blessed can only be measured by one of your own making it to presidency, then God forbid that the examples cited above and many more, reflect otherwise.

Since blessed communities produce presidents who in turn shut down their countries like Somalia and former Rwanda (genocide),

Then a president from a curse community maybe, may turn the entire country into a blessing.

Long Live Chris!

Anonymous said...


To begin with there are no such things as curses, gods, demons, devils etc. Of course belief in these things is very strong in kenya. But the TRUTH is no such things exist. So forget about curses.

Now the luos and the presidency. I asked in the 4-part chris stories why we should talk about the luos while only two tribes (out 42) have produced presidents. If it is the numbers, the luhyas are more than the luos.

I have now realised it is the luos who promote this interest other kenyans have in them and the presidency. The luos see the presidency as their ultimate self-actualisation. They believe anyone who opposed jaramongi or opposes raila is against the luo quest for the presidency. That person has to be stoned (figuratively but also litrally). Think kalonzo in 2007 and now ruto and balala. You are basically saying that opposing raila is hating luos. It does not help matters that luos go about saying they will make others weep after they (luos) come to power. Bottom line: I dont think anyone hates luos. It is only that luos see opposition to raila as hatred of luos.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.12

wrote: I have now realised it is the luos who promote this interest other kenyans have in them and the presidency.

The luos see the presidency as their ultimate self-actualisation.

My take: This my friend is further than the truth. Self-actualization can first be achieved by an individual before teaming up as the like-minded.

Kenyatta vowed to deal with this tribe Luo and alineate them because Oginga Odinga differed with him.

Luos saw themselves thrown out of jobs, denied resource allocation, neglect of the region academically etc through an All mighty presidency. The Luos just do not want themselves or anybody to undergo what they have been undergoing. They want to better the presidency.

And that is why multi-partysym is synonymus to Oginga Odinga, and of course with the support of people like the late Masinde Muliro, george Anyona, Shikuku etc.

Changing an overbearing system is not easy. Just ask Ringera, it is like corruption, it fights back big.

Ruto, Uhuru and Kalonzo Musyoka benefited from an All mighty presidency and that is the only system they know. Ruto, for your information, will never support the ODM stance on devolved government. Believe you me. Since the current leader of ODM is a Luo, you should understand where Chris is coming from.

They believe anyone who opposed jaramongi or opposes raila is against the luo quest for the presidency. That person has to be stoned (figuratively but also litrally).

My take: Your sentence above relates to what you've said above and my response.

Think kalonzo in 2007 and now ruto and balala. You are basically saying that opposing raila is hating luos.

My take: Kalonzo, Ruto and Balala have not come out and sold to Kenyans their ideals. They should stand on the pillars of what they will do for Kenyans and not why they dislike Raila.

As at now, they only portray themselves as those who do not know what to do but just to thrash all the ideals ODM promised and which are entrusted with Raila's leadership of the party. As a leader of ODM, Raila has never changed the ideals of the party.

Ruto and Balala need to stand on the platform of better ideals. If Raila could pass on today (and God forbid), Ruto and Balala will have no fodder because what they have been telling us is that Raila is bad but what we want to hear is what they will do to Kenyans. Their manifesto. Save us the trash of young generation leading, tell us what this young people are going to do. Action. That is what we want.

It does not help matters that luos go about saying they will make others weep after they (luos) come to power.

My take: Believe you me, no sober Luo would do that. Bar talks cut across and if we were to believe what Kikuyus said they would do when they took over, then with Kibaki's rule, a lot of people would be extinct. That is that, bar talk.

Bottom line: I dont think anyone hates luos. It is only that luos see opposition to raila as hatred of luos.

My take: This too cuts across the country. All Kambas rallied behind Kalonzo and as much as Luhyas are clustered, they rally behind their own. Some rally behind their own in Ford Kenya, some behind their own in Jirongo, while some rally behind their own in Mudavadi.

Kikuyus too rally behind their own, it was either through Matiba, now Kibaki. Look at the coalescent forming around Martha, Peter Kenneth and Uhuru, not to forget Saitoti.

Try attacking Kalonzo now and you'll see why you will owe me one.

Anonymous said...


For the first time M-Pesa have confessed what he had obviously been denying.

In the past response
M-pesa wrote: "hit me the most and is actually painfully true":

Firstly, like it or not, they (the Luo) will remain an important political influence in Kenya but will sadly continue to suffer from bad decisions made by leaders that the community follows blindly...

In deed, I do agree with M-Pesa fully and with Chris. It is Oginga Odinga who said no Uhuru without Kenyatta and put Kenyatta on the presidency. The Luos followed Oging Odinga blindly and paid dearly for Kenyatta's hatred, oppression, marginalization and alienation of Luos in all areas.

It is through the efforts of Oginga Odinga and by extension Raila Odinga who relentlessly put pressure that forced former president Daniel Moi to repeal Section 2A in the constitution which marked the long journey to eliminating an all-powerful president through multi-partysm. The Luos paid dearly. Remember Moi's 'Siasa Mbaya, Maish Mbaya' after the repeal. He made sure no Luo was in the cabinet.

Luos paid dearly.

It is Raila who said Kibaki tosha and Luos paid dearly dearly.

That is why I told Luos that God will continue to offer divine protection to them, and use while using their determination to determine the direction of how Kenyans will be ruled.

Kudos M-pesa for that insight and Kudos to Chris.

Anonymous said...

Some Luos have resorted to saying that when Raila passes the baton to his son, Fidel, Kikuyus will vote for Fidel because he is married to a Kikuyu woman. If only these people could soberly try to understand how Kikuyus think and operate, they would save themselves from the grief of ignorant hope. Kikuyus don't think that way; they are non-emotional, and their operations are largely motivated by their interests, not fantasies of love.

Anonymous said...

There you go again. Without Luo or Raila as a topic, then no discussion.

Now it is Fidel. These are a group that surely set the political pace and are used for benchmarking.

Kalonzo for instance, never have any original ideal. He stands on opposing literally anything that Raila says. Before Raila talks (creates an idea or initiates a plan), Kalonzo cannot be heard. The latest, Raila initiates the idea that all Kenyans to read the constitution by themselves and give recommendations.

Muthaura writes to all PS's to forward their opinions to the OP on the constitution as PS's. Raila opposses this reasoning that most PS's are from the PNU wing of government and by forcing them to contribute, the PNU wing will be heavy.

What in effect Raila is doing is saving the PS's whether they're considered to lean on the PNU or on the ODM side.

When forced to contributed in their capacity. The PSs will indeed do that. But irrespective of their leanings, PSs are civil servants who want to be perceived as professionals in execution of their duties. They want to retain their jobs with whichever party on the throne.

By forcing them to contribute in their capacities. Muthaura is exposing them.

But in the name of opposing Raila to gain mileage, Kalonzo jumps to support Muthaura's stance without being sensitive to the PSs, who would not like to be exposed politically.

It is no wonder that Kalonzo is alleged to have written to Kibaki to sack Ngilu because by constructing water point in every Ukambani region, Kalonzo is complaining that Ngilu is becoming famous but not being sensitive to wakamba's perenial water scarcity.

Kalonzo can only hope to appear good by making sure that what someone else does is bad. But can never initiate an idea.

Ruto, will oppose literally what Raila says or does. That is when Ruto can stand. When Raila keeps quiete, Ruto is silent. When Raila flies out like now, Ruto will not be heard of. But wait till Raila comes back and Ruto will bounce back with Raila this Raila that.

His henchmen have confessed that their mission in to paka paka yeye matope completely. As in, Raila has to look very very bad for Ruto to look good.

Kenyans are waiting for Ruto to come and say, I will do this and I will do that, but instead what they are being told is Raila huyu, tutampaka paka matope tuu. As in that is all we are going to offer you Kenyans, kupaka paka Raila matope.

Ruto can only stand when Raila falls. With Raila still standing, Ruto has no principles to stand on. That is why the gateway to Ruto's goodness is Raila's badness.

Balala has not also stood up and told Kenyans what (real issues) he will offer Kenyans. what we are getting is one lamentation after the other. Oh Raila this Oh Raila that. Crying baby. Just urging the young generation to take over. Instead of hiding under the armpits of young generation, tell us what you Balala is going to offer.

C'mon guys, Kenyans are burdened with hight cost of electricity, water rationing, high cost of food, 'free' education that is never free, job cuts etc.

Can these guys shouting epiteths tell us how they're going to generate more power, create new jobs, increase water levels etc.

We are fed up with Raila bashing. It is not going to add more ugali on our tables.

Go to hell.

wrote to Kibaki
their because as much as these

Anonymous said...

anon 1:06 said;

It is through the efforts of Oginga Odinga and by extension Raila Odinga who relentlessly put pressure that forced former president Daniel Moi to repeal Section 2A in the constitution which marked the long journey to eliminating an all-powerful president through multi-partysm.

Someone is seriously trying to rewrite the history and remove the Father Of MultiParty Democracy in Kenya, one Kenneth Matiba who fought Moi to the end and suffered permanent disabilities due to torture. Then Raila was nowhere in the picture and his father had no balls to stand up to be counted. Infact, Odinga by breaking from the original ford and forming a Luo ford helped Moi hold on to power. Just like during MauMau, Kikuyu's once again liberated Kenyans from the single party rule.

Kenneth Matiba will be honoured for generations to come

Anonymous said...

People bash Raila because he is a thief of public resources, a political conman, and a specialist in nepotism.

* He has stolen Kisumu Molasses Factory.
* He has stolen squatter's land in Malindi.
* As a specialist in nepotism, he has appointed his brother, sister, cousins etc to high govt positions.
* He lied that the election was stolen intending to con Kibaki of victory and as a result many innocent citizens were killed or raped.

So, please don't come here to defend and promote a thug. You can worship the thug in the privacy of your house, but not here at Kumekucha; hapa tuko macho.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah,

Good. Raila and Luos are pace-setters. Without bashing them no one has balls to stand tall.

I will repeat that without Raila there is no news. It is as if this country has no president and no other leaders.

Who else has the balls to hold on to the national news headline in major mainstream media like Raila.

Who, in the history of this country have commanded headlines in as much as Raila.

Who has been targetted by all the politicians, (and I mean holier than thou) ones like Raila.

Ever since the conception of this blog Kumekucha, who has been serialised in several topics like Raila? Tell me, who?

Out of every 1000 words, Raila's name appears 857 times (in words).

Out of every response, whether from Railamaniacs or Railaphobians, Raila's name appears, capturing half times sum total of all words used.

Dare Chris to write at least two articles following without one on Raila and see how many people will take off this blog.

You have godded this mortal man. He is just a man. With blood in his body, tears in his eyes.

People, and I mean Ruto, Balala, Kalonzo, Uhuru and all their supporters. Do it differently. Stand on your own. By bashing Raila to stand, you do not know, what will happen to you when the good Lord calls him back home "Welcome my Son".

Fast forward to the year 2250,Who will you bash? Who will you insult? Who will you chastisize. What will Kumekucha (The department of Raila mortification)be without Raila to insult.

Oh poor Kalonzo, Ruto, Balala, Uhuru and their supporters. Raila this Raila that, Raila this Raila that.

Raila amefanya, Raila ametenda.

This man is not God. Do not fear him. He is just a man like you.

Kwendeni jehanamu.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.22

Listen yourself below:

People bash Raila because he is a thief of public resources, ......

So, please don't come here to defend and promote a thug...

My response:

Before you all guys bring Raila before the judge to have him .... for being caught in the act. Ask yourself how he did it alone.

You who have not sin be the first to cast the stone.

In other words, Raila is just a mortal man with no ability to stop you from achieving what you want to achieve.

Raila has no power to decide for whether to be rich or poor. It is your own decision.

Raila has no power to determine what you will be tomorrow or the purpose for which you exist. Raila has no power or authority to stop you from realizing your dreams.

For all the thefts, just hound him into the corridors of power. After all, It is Gicheru who is the Chief Justice, Mutula Kilozo the Minister for Justice. How about Iteere, the Police Commissioner to prosecute him. Is Raila above the law?

C'mon dummy, take this man to jail instead of ku kodoa macho makubwa Kuonyesha watu vile huna akili timamu.

This man is not God. Wacheni ufala. Let Ruto, Balala, Uhuru and Kalonzo tell us separately what each one of them will do for us, but not collective Raila bashing.

Raila ni binadamu tu kama wewe. He has no authority to do all that you insinuate that he has done and get away with it.

Raila cannot even determine what schools my sons go to, or what career I should take.

Yale yanayotimia ni yale yaliyo tabiriwa.

Kwendeni jehanamu.

mzee majengo said...

anon 3:21 wrote
Someone is seriously trying to rewrite the history and remove the Father Of MultiParty Democracy in Kenya, one Kenneth Matiba who fought Moi to the end and suffered permanent disabilities due to torture. Then Raila was nowhere in the picture and his father had no balls to stand up to be counted. Infact, Odinga by breaking from the original ford and forming a Luo ford helped Moi hold on to power. Just like during MauMau, Kikuyu's once again liberated Kenyans from the single party rule.

I agree with you 50% but disagree again on another 50%.yes matiba contributed greatly to the 2nd liberation of kenya but if you check your history well it wasn't jaramogi who cost him the prresidency...but it is your gen. kegs,kibaki true to yourself...if he didn't run away with the kikuyu votes from nyeri after forming 'dawa ya panya' aka 'debe ya pesa' or DP at the last minute?those monied fools from nyeri,the likes of karume who was used to convince kibaki to form his own party only for him to spoil for his own fellow kikuyu. check those history tapes well 'KANU S.D.C 1991,Njenga karume is saying that the sheep have to be seperated from the goats because those clamouring for multiparty are making to much noise...and what was he dressed in,a brown suit and a kanu tie.
So my friend who are the true liberators,by the way where did kibaki make this decision...of course in Mombasa raha!...hmmm!u cant fell a mugumo with a razor blade,i think kibaki must have been thinking he had a sharper razor blade
LESSON:never make an earth shaking decision in mombasa while enjoying your tusker in mombasa you may regret it the rest of your life.
LESSON No 2:the 2nd liberation was a struggle that included many and it wasnt the odingas and matiba alone,even those who went to demonstrate on the streets...need i mention that farmer who donated the famous pick up to kamukunji...

by the way matiba has never had any kind words for kibaki,hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

lol! our nationally beloved illusionists are trying so hard to sample some deluding delicacies from the high table of a premature landslide victory celebration in 2012.

mmmmmmh! who among them will bend over backwards and agree to settle for the 2012 table crumbs (vice president and deputy prime minister)?

where is uhuru? was it not mentioned by one balala bin balaa that uhuru had been included as a guaranteed member of the future high table?

the high table still needs twelve more guaranteed young members from all the other regions of the country in order for it to be inclusive.

lol! what is the next political skit?

Anonymous said...

Why do idoits come to Kumekucha. 3:21 AM should know that Shikuku, Anyona, Jaramogi, Chelegat Mutai, and even Abuya Abuya did more to liberate Kenya than his two useless gods Rubia and Matiba, who were faithfully serving baba Moi from 1978-1990.

Anonymous said...

my post at 2:35 should read: "Why do idiots come to Kumekucha," a well directed slap at 3:21 AM; a deserved slap, I may add, for his exhibiting gross ignorance of facts.

Anonymous said...

every market place has its certified idi.ota who loves to hold the standard 24/7.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that they are the Four Horsemen of Kenya's Disastrous Future - 2012.

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