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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Draft Constitution: The Curse of Two Parties

One week to go and the discussion on the so-called harmonized (conflicting) draft constitution has refused to leave the station. The whole noble task of drafting a constitution for posterity has been reduced to the never-ending PNU-ODM political wars.

You can never built anything sustainable premised on FEAR. Chapter 12 of the draft on executive has proved to the most contentious. Each political side is determined to have her cake and est it. Unfortunately, the truth is that none of the parties is right on either the presidential or parliamentary system of governance.

While Moi frustrated the search for a new constitution for selfish reasons to consolidate his powers, the present political leadership are no better. No wonder the key players inadvertently let it out that the struggle was not to make Kenya better but to remove Moi and inherit his powers. Meanwhile Kenyans remain stuck in the middle suffocating from impunity.

The whole country is held hostage by the political class. Despite being overtly political, the average Kenyan will fall to the gimmicks of these scoundrels and miss yet another opportunity to re-invent Kenya.

Only a third neutral force devoid of the present brinkmanship can make us realize the dream of a new constitution. And there promptly comes the question, who will offer this selfless leadership. There must be such a Kenyan out there, who is s/he, ANYONE?


Anonymous said...

the more things change, they more the remain the same. kenya has turned into an animal farm type of state, with the infamous motto four legs good, two legs bad.

it was a banana republic during moi's era, and its now into an animal farm republic.

btw, there is no such thing as a two party system in kenya. what historical parties are there to be found in kenya?

are these the same political parties that change names and tribal colours every general election?

parties with no history, ideology, vision and political backbone?

kenyans are sick and tired of chameleon-nyambu parties that vomit on people's door steps.

Anonymous said...

I think this post has been hijacked by spammers. Admin, do something.

Anonymous said...

Like a typical kenyan taabu is looking up to his party leaders to guide him. Have you, taabu, forwarded your views to COE? You write in very general terms. What are your views?

Phil said...

Like the rest of Kenyans and other interested groups, political parties have a right to take a common position with regard to the harmonised draft.

More than any other thing, political parties hold the key to success or failure of the adoption of the zero draft. It will be a huge mistake to ignore this group.

Do not also forget that all Kenyans, regardless of their social standing, enjoy equal rights concerning commenting on the draft.

Suggestions of a third neutral force means you have given up your own individual capability to influence the debate. It means you have auctioned your individual civic duty to the vultures. It means you have resigned to fate! How unfortunate.

Personally, I support the hybrid system as proposed in the zero draft. I think it is the best compromise for the country to move ahead and equality to prevail without any imperial powers being vested into a single institution.

deroo said...

Sorry, I don't post comments on Taabu's Posts after he insulted me, but, can someone please ask the administrator to clear the trash that is on this post. Please can someone delete the rubbish appearing after the first post.

Why do you people do this??? Does it help you in any way? No! It does not and until it freezes in hell, it will not.

Stop and many people should equally stop this idea of posting whole stories. Why not refer?

Sorry for posting a comment here! Very sorry again!


deroo said...

I meant copy and paste whole stories from other sources.

Anonymous said...

We will never get a new constitution when every time we draft one it has a particular individual in mind!

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