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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Imanyara's Local Tribunal Bill Dead on Arrival

Kenyans must have seen it coming. The voluble MPs predictably and conveniently dissolved in thin air leaving parliament chambers empty. Result, the popular Imanyara Bill meant to create local tribunal to punish perpetrators of PEV was pronounced dead on arrival.

To compound matters, the Kenya clergy are already proposing minimum reforms after prophesying failure in enacting new constitution. But you cannot fault men of the cloth given our penchant to kill any progressive idea that doesn't serve present political interest.

Give it to Minister Michuki for shooting straight from the hip. At least the snake rattler is forthright in telling off Imanyara to separate local tribunal from his obsession in targeting the president. Kimendero is a go-getter who knows what brings results and what amounts to hot air bereft of any meaningful movement.

For results, Michuki has promised Imanyara his vote provided the provision stripping the president of immunity is deleted from the bill.

A+O+O=Fire or meddling?
So here we are paying over 200 MPs to desert their work stations and still expect progress from their collective inertia. The political stakes have never been higher and the forest is getting even more crowded.

It appears we haven't sunk to the bottom of abyss but we are steadily headed there.

The eloquent inaction, rudderlessness and official indifference are the trinity arsenal we need to exterminate ourselves come 2012.

No wonder only the fire of A+O+O shakes the scoundrels off their boots.


Anonymous said...

Doesnt Taabu get it???

Kumekucha readers have given you a vote of no confidence now that you have proved to be a copy cat.
Just get another forum to vent from.

Damn, you do not even acknowldege your obvious sources...

Chris, are you going to allow this dimwit to run your blog down?????

Anonymous said...


Please spare us your daily wails. You have dethroned women in that department. Chris by his post yesterday alluded that he also doesnt have confidence in your daily
chants. What do you want to be told?
Just f$%# off and leave sensible people to take Kumekucha back where it was.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha,rediscovering the old KK indeed.So Taabu thinks all it takes is some flattery for a prominent politician from central and voila...,we are back to 2007?

Phil said...

Imanyara's bill is ok.

it is his lone ranger modus operandi that is letting him down.

It beats me how Imanyara expects a bill of that weight to be passed in bunge without any lobbying or whipping.

Imanyara ought to draw lessons from one Dr. Bonny Khalwale who was able to pass a vote of no confidence on Finance Minister Hon Kimunya because of effective lobbying.

Imanyara also ought to take advantage of the divisions within the coalition and use this to the maximum advantage. Remember he has publicly already been assured of support by no less a person than the PM. Surely, what else can a man ask for?

Otherwise, the chances of that bill seeing the light of day are NIL

Anonymous said...

Imanyara is just a plain stupid self-seeker. Like his friend Paul Muite, he doesn't understand that politics is a contextual game. He has never transitioned from political activism to real politics. He thinks he can chase the ball across the Gema field cheered by delusions of championship and expects miraculously to score. He drafts the bill and decides to own. He then goes to Raila, and Raila promises him some-pie-in-the-sky support and he believes it. He even chaperons some make-believe Meru Elders to Bondo to meet Raila and pledge loyalty and 2012 votes. Raila dodges them and flies back to Nairobi without meeting them. And Imanyara still doesn't get it. If he doesn't wisen up, he will soon be addressing lonely microphones alone without even a single human prop behind him just like Muite is doing these days.

Anonymous said...

don't let this pnu losers sabotage this blog. It's the current events that we need to discuss. This guys never get tired

Mwarang'ethe said...

If a dog claimed be a cat, it would be considered an absurdity.

Likewise, to expect a government constiuted as a MASTER to act as a SERVANT is an absurdity.

We have asserted numerous times on this blog that, modern States as constituted are MASTERS. It is therefore, madness to expect them to behave like SERVANTS. Forget it and enjoy your slavery.

Given this view, we must be ready to consider the knowledge we have on how to constitute a government as OBSOLETE and not fit for the 21st Century.

However, since we are not willing to accept that our knowledge is obsolete, we will continue toiling to buy chains to bind us better.

UrXlnc said...

and it came to pass

Anonymous said...

I believe the only persons going to jail will be taabu,chris,kumekucha etc.
Poopers like this can't get it right.The only thing they know is mujaluo na gikuyu conversations.pathetic kenyans can't even feed yourselves.same kind of people who are chasing obama with stupid mail that he was a junior senator.we will smoke you tribalists from your mad huts straight to the hague. as a matter of fact population controll needs to begin in kenya.wipe out this primitive human spicies and start afresh.

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