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Monday, October 19, 2009

Only Kalonzo Can Guarantee Kenya Peace

The Honourable VP Kalonzo Musyoka has been erroneously and selfishly put on the defensive mode about his quest to unite Kenyans. Kalonzo is only being truthful and saying-as-it-is unlike the majority politicians who mask their tribal modus operandi.

Kenyan politics is tribe-based and Kalonzo’s KKK alliance is nothing but testimony to that truism. Many may deride him as spineless but no Kenyan politician can hold a candle of GODLINESS and HONESTY to the MP for Mwingi North.

After wrong footing pretenders to the throne in PNU, now Brother Stevo is whipping ODM’s backside. What is more, the God-fearing and saved VP is the MOST POPULAR and ELECTABLE among the masquerading lot.

Reverse logic informs you that the VP would not be receiving so many brickbats were it not for his popularity which his opponents are cheekily bent on diminishing. The KKK Juggernaut is one hell of a political edifice that leaves others shaking in their boots. With the other two Ks already associated with power, only one K deserves the presidency. Calculative Kalonzo knows when to strike it rich and hot.

Saintly mien
Kalonzo’s political track record spanning over a quarter century speaks for itself. He should know better when he warns us against negative ethnicity drawing out attention to two million Sudanese killed from such heinous acts. He is unparalleled ambassador of peace and a DIPLOMAT to boot.

Kalonzo’s detractors give wings to the old adage that a prophet is never revered at home. While Sudan and Somali owe their PEACE to his singular efforts, we cage him into our narrow tribal jingoism. Stevo proved that charity begins at home when he SWALLOWED his political pride and saved Kenya from stewing in her won blood.

Only Kalonzo’s honesty can save us from our own evil selves. Look around you and see fake witnesses at Waki’s commission seeking protection with the singular intention to make hay. Add that to con IDPs parking SUVs next to their tents and you get a country blissfully mocking God's wrath unto them.

Our politics feeds exclusively on deception and ONLY Kalonzo can dissolve the burden of imperial Presidency and its attendant impunity. Go Stevo go and unite the willing majority of Kenyans.


Anonymous said...

these homosexuals can only cause havoc to kenya.

Anonymous said...

The couple: Ngengi (left) and his 'bride' Chege Gichia at their wedding reception

chola said...

kumekucha this sarcasm at its best.
Kalzoo is one man who is able to spit his words swaloosw the spit the out and denaie he even did any thing wrong

2012 mugi pange na ruto.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:59 said

Stealing has painful and permanent consequences.

This ia one of the best quotes i have read here and its unfortunate it was by anon. Taabu and other ODMorons should pay keen attention to this.
My advice to Taabu is that his mental condition has a cure. He should visit a good psychiatrist!!
Good luck

Anonymous said...

Ku Klux Klan!

Anonymous said...

These are the double standards that will never get Kenya anywhere.When Raila assembles a coalition of tribal leaders,Balala(coast)Ngilu(eastern)Nyaga(central)Ruto(kalenjin)Mudavadi(luhya)Magara(kisii) it becomes democracy.At least Kalonzo is honest enough to call a spade a spade!!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:44

expecting honesty from Taabu is like expecting water taps in Kalahari deserts.
tough luck bro!!!

Anonymous said...

T (tokeza)
A (asubuhi)
A (anza)
B (alaa) na
U (ugomvi/uongo)

Anonymous said...

This was ofcourse written with tongue in cheek, but it is basically true. we need an alliance of the two most powerful tribes, the kiuks and kaleos, for there to be peace. I doubt kaleos can vote for a kiuk and and i doubt kiuks can can vote for a kaleo. so kalonzo sees the opportunity. I guess that's why they call him an opportunist.

Someone called odipo says in today's standard that a luo kikiyu (LK) allaince is in the offing. He thinks it is very good. But KKK is very tribal. I like the way these people think.

Anonymous said...

We dont want tribal alliances. We want idiological alliances and nothing else.

Whoever loves environment will vote for Prof Maathai.

Whoever likes cleptocracy minced with word of church and a bit of miracle happenings must vote for Musyoka

Whoever loves loose manners, toughness and abit of vote cheating will have to go for Martha.

If you are for Land stealing, Mungiki and real Capitalism of the man-eat-man style cast yours for UK

If you are for a change, sometimes by force, abit of socialism laced with capitalistic elements then give RAO a chance.

If you are for total oppression Nyayo House style, total capitalism, vote robbery, bank robbery then warm up for Prof Read my lips.

If you prefer Y92 style, printing of more 500-notes, get rich-quickly, madoadoa style of ruling, a young, tough but effective presidency consider Willy.

It is up to you Kenyans. The choice is yours.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Let the land debate continue here:

Anonymous said...

Yet another SILLY (kind characterization) question by Mwarangethe:

"When did this silence about land by economists begin? and why?"

Which economists? Land markets have been WIDELY studied and documented by economists, you idiot. Ever heard of google scholar? Use it! Your shallowness is beyond reproach.

Our response:

We noted that we shall expose your utter ignorance to the readers of this blog. Your response says all about your ignorance. No wonder one great economist wrote that:

"Neoclassical economics is the idiom of most economic discourse today. It is the paradigm that BENDS THE TWIGS OF YOUNG MINDS. Then it confines the fluorescence of older ones, like chicken-wire shaping a topiary."

Given this level of ignorance on land question on your part, it is utterly impossible to argue with you further for you need to do a bit of home work.

And, if you wanna educate yourself (and any other blog reader) on how land dissapeared from economics which you are totally ignorant of, read the following books:

(a)The Corruption of Economics by Mason Gaffney et al.

(b) The Power in the Land: Unemployment, The Profits Crisis and the Land Speculator by Fred Harrison.

These books should give you the introductory knowledge which you seem to lack but, you are too proud to admit.

Further more, let every reader of this blog, read the warning given to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown in 1997, i.e. 10 years before the 2007economic crush and see for himself or herself how land has been ignored by "mainstream" economists who dominate government, central banks, banks and universities and which u seem to be totally ignorant of.

The UK economists, just like American or Kenyan whose minds have been twisted as said above, rejected these warnings out of ignorance or out of vested interests just as you do here.

It is therefore very irritating to hear economists in central banks, government and even the Queen asking, how come no one saw this coming?

Well, the bitter truth is that, some saw it coming and here is the link for the correspondence:

Also, if you want to see how today's economists are twisted with mythification of rent/ignoring of land rent, (which you are unaware of) we refer you and any other interested reader to an economics book by CURRENT BANK OF ENGLAND GOVERNOR, a Mr Mervyn King and John Kay chapter 12. ( J.A. Kay and M.A. King, The British Tax System (1978) 5th Edition, 1990).

King's book is a text used by the Open University and therefore very popular text. Being popular means it is continues to twist economists mind such that, they cannot see the obvious as exemplified by you and your friend anonymous.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
We dont want tribal alliances. We want idiological alliances and nothing else.

Whoever loves environment will vote for Prof Maathai.

Our views:

Good analysis.

However, with due respect to Wangari Maathai, there is something she and other environmentalists have not yet appreciated. They have ignored the economic history of the last 1000 years.

This ignoring of critical economic history is not an accident. It is by design. Thats why in any university today, history, economics and political science are taught as separate subjects. If they were taught together, what has been obscure and incomprehensible would become visible to all.

In simple terms, the ongoing ecological destruction is a direct consequence of neo - mercantilism economic policies (wealth interception of the weak) which are called free trade to deceive the masses.

It is a fact that, since 30% of the world own all the industrial capital, the other 70% of the world population must pay these few to obtain amenities of modern life.

Since the 70%, which includes Kenya have no tools with which to produce, they have nothing to trade EXCEPT THEIR NATURAL RESOURCES. This is the driver of ecological destruction we see in Kenya, Congo and elsewhere.

To address this issue in a mature manner, there must be fundamental change in the current economic paradigm.

To do so, our schools must trace the intellectual foundations of modern economics so as to see where we went wrong. Unfortunately, to do so is to provoke the wrath of the vested and wealthy interests who have perfected wealth interception for centuries.

Anonymous said...

Mwaura ng'ethe,go write a book...

Anonymous said...


I always look forward to your responses. I'll be the first to say, I learn something new every time.


Mwistar said...

I don't think Kalonzo is the most popular among the presidential candidates like you state. E.A. Standard published a Steadman poll not too long ago showing that he is trailing Raila, Uhuru, and Ruto. He is only ahead of Martha Karua.

Anonymous said...

Hague! Hague! Hague!
why bother campaigning for 2012?
most of the ministers and MP's will be visitors at the ICC waiting trial:)

Next elections will not be about money.. since sources indicate most of the thugs and thieves accounts will be frozen.. forget about Uhuru and Ruto's stolen $$$$ they won't be in the next elections

Kenyans should start looking around in their back yards who best can represent them..
who has no tint of corruption and no more job inheritance happening in 2012:):)

M-Pesa said...

Where are those crazies, who kept reading the hand of god anytime someone died in RV or Nyanza

Is it the same god at work now in PANUA zones? Perhaps hitting back since it appears the wicked ways of Soddom and Gomorah are being re-invented

That must be the most evil place in Kenya, all the thieves, incest, warmongers, haters, and homosexuals. Anything for money


Anonymous said...

Now Taabu can you for once be balanced and tell us how Ruto's goose is well and truly cooked.The installation of Sirma as a tugen elder in a ceremony attended by Oburu Odinga and Reuben Ndolo who hit out at Ruto fits perfectly into Raila's modus operandi of raising the profiles of tribal leaders he wants to work with.Are we starting to see the beginning of the end for Mr.Ruto?

Anonymous said...

the greatest evils that kenya continues to experience are generated by negative ethnicity that always originates from the posonous hydra-headed kikuyu, luo, luhya (sub-tribes), kalenjin (sub-tribes) kamba, kisii, meru, and embu.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

what will kale kamutu kalonzo do for kenya that wasn't done by ngei, mwenda and muli mutisya?

kenya kuna mambo! political cartoons keep reinventing themselves but with the same results.

the day a kikuyu politician will allow a mkamba to become the president is the day the whole north east will start getting rains similar to the kisii region.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, sirma is not even a tugen and secondly, tugens already have many national figures who easily overshadow Sirma. Thirdly, unlike Luo's , Kalenjins easily see through Raila's skin and are usually hesitant to trust anybody, even one of their own. the best way for Raila to win Kalenjin support is to go to them derectly, and respecting their concerns, like he pretended to do in 2007. Nothing will suffice. But then again, I doubt that whatever he does, Kalenjins will vote foe him.

Anonymous said...

kalenjins just like the luhyas are a homestead full divided households and opportunistic political snakes. they will never stand as a unified entity.

the magic rungu of divide and conquer will continue to be the norm in every political cycle.

as for luos, they will continue to blindly worship their demagogic ethnic leaders until the day they are ready to rejoing the rest of the country as equals without ethnic underpinnings.

kalonzo is doing what he has always done well since his tutorledge under grandmaster nyayo. call it cheap political ayalamu 24/7.

when will the kikuyu discover that kenya is made of more than 41 ethnic communities?

Anonymous said...

Do not be cheated.Maybe most of you think of Kalenjins as the " stupid and washamba people" but nothing could be further from the truth. they always speak in one voice, at leas politically. they are slow in making decisions on who to support but when they do, they do so in one voice. They know what their vote is worth.

Anonymous said...

i like the way luos are so dismissive of kalonzo. they should pray very hard that he doesnt get to laugh last.

Anonymous said...

what i find interesting is that people think they can limit others. Now ruto has declared his candidacy and raila's people have come out to criticise him for it. qualifications to run for president are very well set out in the consititution. Of course if pastor muiru declares that he is running, nobody will pay him any attention. we know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Because ODM is a shell without the Kalenjin Vote, which Ruto managed to extract from Raila, despite Raila going around installing Kalenjin elders all over Rift Valley including his best friend Sirma, he has realised that Kaleos will just by pass them, for Ruto who stood out for them in the Mau issue.

Raila cooked himself in the squat when he became prime minister. And he will suffer more embarassments when the campaigns start in 2011. just wait.

Anonymous said...

all you guys are a big joke and a dissappointment to kenya and kenyans. from what i can gather from your shallow talk is most of you are tucked far away in some nondescript corners of this earth, stuck on minimum wage and dead end jobs then you have the audacity to give you one sided view on the political situation here. just shut up the whole lot of you. anybody who was here after the bungled general election of 2007 and witnessed the aftermath cannot talk the way you shallow minds are talking. kibaki and raila did this country abig favour by agreeing to work together to save this country from the precipice. both these men are trying very hard to move this country forward but its the talk of people like kalonzo,uhuru,ruto thats erasing all the gains that the two principles have made so far. these same people with their demands are holding the leadership at ransom so much so that any decision that has to be made by the principles has to 1st be cleared by the honchos. am not trying to defend anyone here but let us be honest kibaki and raila can do a better job without the people mentioned above and others breathing down their necks. but the most important thing is we need to engage in consructive conversation about how we can help this country in the coming future. spending valuable time trying to paint both principles red will not solve any of the problems facing this country. do you think when kibaki or raila reads these posts they lose any sleep? no thry dont infact they enjoy it coz it gives them comfort that we still dont know what issues we should be adressing. let us talk about how to fight corruption,food security,insecurity and other myriad of problems facing us. let me also tell you guys in the diaspora you should be lobbying to get one or even two of your own nominated to parliament based on the fact that your contribution in terms of repatriated funds and human resource cannot be ignored. by you also contribute a huge chunk to the exchequer. so brothers and sisters lets have discussions with content and leave the attack on personalities to citizen tabloid.

UrXlnc said...

anon 10/21/09 10:16 AM above

you are the kind of person that i'd like to see more of in these blogs.

i however think the opening three sentences of your comment above can be discarded.

Anonymous said...

i want to apologise if i offended anyone with the remarks i made in my post earlier, it was uncalled for. however being a kenyan and knowing kenyans i just get dissappointed when i read some of the posts appearing here and wonder why we cant engage in positive talk.
one of the problems facing us and which i think is the mother of all other problems facing us is IMPUNITY this is the single most urgent issue we need to address. impunity breeds corruption and corruption is responsible for creating a class of kenyans called the haves' who prey on the have nots'. what we need to be adressing is how to bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots and also how do we deal with impunity. perhaps thats why kenyans are waiting with bated breath for one luis moreno ocampo to visit us and show us impunity has no place in todays society.
there is also another issue i would like to pick your minds about. am in odm but not blindly. i think its very unfair that, a person goes to rv (rift valley) does odd jobs saves some money buys a piece of land, builds a home,gets married starts a family educate his kids then one day after exercising his democratic right goes home sits with his family and waits by his radio to hear if his candidate has won. in the middle of the night unknown people chanting war slogans come to his house flush him and his family out set his house on fire and tell him and his family to flee and never to come back again since he is the enemy coz the person he voted for stole the election. this man and his family end up homeless and in an idp camp. months late after living in squalor in the idp camp the govt sends the gsu with 35,000 kshs and guns and tells this family to take that money and dissappear otherwise they'll be shot.
then there is another group of people in the rv who claim the rv is theirs, the ones who attacked the above family are living and farming on land that was illegally hived off a protected forest by their leaders and dished out
to them. because of public outcry the govt steps in and says the beneficiaries should vacate the forest at once, when the grabbers hear this (mostly politicians in the former govt) they incite the beneficiaries not to leave untill they are compensated and the govt gives in to their demands.
now kenyans let us be objective and fair. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THE TWO SCENARIOS?

Anonymous said...

I have said and it will happen in due time. Kalonzo will either drop dead from an unknown disease or he will never see the inside of a cabinet office, let a lone being the second fidle for the next president or prime minister in 2012 and beyond. Kalonzo has a lot of umalaya traits and he fits the stereotypical image out there on the Kenyan coast and along Mombasa - Nairobi highway.

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