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Friday, September 25, 2009

US Puts 15 Kings of Impunity on the Spot

The big brother is out and breathing fire on the neck of lords of Kenya. But before Michael Renneberger and his predecessor and sidekick Johnny Carson spits fire, one is left yawning given the past heat that left no light.

Threatening sanctions to 15 kings of impunity without publicly naming them is akin to another Kofi Annan-like secret envelope. Leaves you wondering what these people fear so much in naming saboteurs. And that opens the floodgates once more for us to don that tattered gab of patriotism in blind defense.

US must be naive to slap travel ban on landlords likes Muthaura and Uhuru. They even have the temerity to ask for Gicheru head even after the good justice saved Kenya from herself by swearing Kibaki at midnight. They will be awaken to a rude shock when they realize who the real RULERS and shakers of power are in Kenya

Trusted Daily Nation
But uncle Sam and Renneberger better pad their skin for the predictable tongue-lashing from regime apologists masquerading as patriots . Sovereignty is a common and apt word in such times. The script will run like this: Kenya is an independent state and we need no lecturers. And bloggers here will take it a notch higher reminding all and sundry that we have gone East.

Renneberger should know better, Kenya has its owners and no amount of noise NOT even rivers of blood can stop their evil schemes to auction the country. What is more, all the key posts are held by the right genes and they collectively form that critical evil mass to destruction. NA BADO.


Anonymous said...

Hey Taabu aka problems.No list yet? Do hope u'll come up with a fast one like the Waki's one! N pls why dnt u petition our big cousin to recall rannerberger(sp) for pulling a fast one n being a PNU mole!!

Anonymous said...

who cares what the US does afterall, it comprises one big block of impunity, when it comes to international justice. But for whatever it is worth, somebody needs to remind the Kenyan Kings that their antics are not pleasing anybody.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are beginning to be a big bore. Were they not told by Raila to stop lecturing us on governance and instead open their domestic markets for our trade. Agwambo, go get them; this time have no mercy after they humiliated you with their silly disinvitation to luncheon. We don't need their lunch, we have our fish and githeri. Go get them, Agwambo! No mercy! lamburst them with your forked tongue!

Anonymous said...

They will be hearing from our PM. Pumbavu Kibaki is asleep. How dare they include our PM in their list of Impunity Kings through disinvitation?

Anonymous said...

Pulling the rug from our PM,who has equal powers to Kibaki and therefore has equal powers to any president in East Africa,same powers like Kagame and Kikwete.How dare,this man Carson issues those letters while our PM is out there.Wouldnt it have made better sense and saved expenses to just give the letters to him for home delivery?For surely that way,we would have been guaranteed to know the names by a juicy leak to the Standard.If this isnt a backhanded compliment to our PM,then I dont know what is...!!

deroo said...

Kenya is not an American Colony and is not a failed state. Rannenberg, and any other American should sort out the Healthcare problems first and the hardships that normal Americans go through, which make Kenya look like paradise, before turning their attention to our country.

Lest they forget, the streams of blood that flow in the labyrinth of the innocents Iraq suburbs and not yet forgotten.

deroo said...

Afterthought after reading one of the comments, had Raila met his IMAGINED/DREAMT-UP/FALSE cousing, the brigade could have said that 'Raila gave Obama the list that he sent to Rannenberg (whatever), or Carson to read out.

Anonymous said...

It is on record that Raila changed hotels and ended up in Waldorf Astoria where Obama was also staying. Raila elbowed into Astoria so that he could increase his likelihood of chance encounter with Obama. Raila and Ida did have a chance encounter with Obama. The coincidence between that encounter and the appearance of the letters to targeted Kenyans cries for an explanation. It is already well known that Raila intends to use any association with Obama to eliminate his political competition well before the 2012 presidential elections. The ordinary Kenyans need to be made widely aware of this game so that they can be vigilant with their votes lest they end up voting for a candidate chosen by the Americans. We want somebody who can safeguard Kenyan interests against foreign interests and Raila has not proven himself yet.

Anonymous said...

Sisi wakenya wa kawaida ni lazima tuwe macho. Tukilala, majambazi wa ODM na PNU watatumaliza. Na hawa majambazi wanaongozwa na Raila na Kibaki.

Victor said...

The names are of those well know to us

See this in todays Daily Nation

The officials have received letters from the US government applying pressure on them to back reforms and renounce violence.

Civil service boss Francis Muthaura, Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta and Cabinet Ministers William Ruto, Franklin Bett and Mutula Kilonzo have been given letters from President Barack Obama’s Africa advisor, Mr Johnnie Carson.

Veiled threat

Although the US government did not disclose the names of those facing sanctions, the Nation learnt that they also included joint chief whips George Thuo and Jakoyo Midiwo, Environment Minister John Michuki and Internal Security Minister George Saitoti.

deroo said...

The plot is...Obama has recommended Raila and he will be working with Raila and Raila only. So, for Kenya, to get support, aid and other goodies from the States (i dont know why) Raila should be elected president. That was a plot that was being worked on. It flopped big time. One of the guys speaking for the PM said that RAILA WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO MEET OBAMA AT the Clinton Foundation forum. I dont want to say anything about someone delegated to speak for one of the highest political offices in Kenya, but is was a goof never seen before. No wonder the silence.

But is someone LYING. On Friday last week, when the letter was posted on the US State Department website, it was clear that the man was not going to meet Obama (I am sorry it happened). It was a straightforward letter that Rainburger, is trying to sugarcoat in many words to no avail. It was an excruciating embarrasment, even after the newspapers (Raila friendly) were awash with news that they were going to meet Stateside.

There is one thing that is going on that the PM thinks the Obama goldust will rub on him towards his acclaim for the presidency, parliamentary-based leadership of the country or whatever he so wishes to get.

Another thing is that the Obama campaign distanced themselves from a statement that Raila issued on the BBC in January 2008 that Obama is his cousin. But there is that issue of IMPRESSING that still lingers in the mind of Raila. That the Obama-mania is still magic and the midas touch will shore him to the greasy pole.

Even the UNILATERAL decision to scramble an entire police unit to Obama's home in Alego is one of the reasons that are seen in many circles as IMPRESSING.

At the moment, and the general perception across the USA political world is, THAT RAILA WAS DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the catastrophe that descended on Mother Kenya last year and connecting him to Raila is still not easy.

Even with a 20-meter pole, there is very little chance that they can touch. Upto the time that the Ocampo circus will clear the ODMessaiah, then, things will remain frosty.

They will definitely meet in time no distance, but the man from Bondo is really rubbing his hands for that opportunity that will be met with ecstatic jubliation across Luoland. Believe you me, they are really waiting for it to happen.

As at now...he is not the Head of State or Government and meeting Obama will be a favour, the same way, were were lied to here that he was to meet the Queen of England last year and it never happened. The Queen only meets heads of States, that is why, even Obama could not meet her before the US elections and even meeting Gordon Brown was done as a very private event.

Sorry that I have disinvited many detractors

Victor said...


Your rants are speculative, incoherent and inconsequential, meanwhile please familiarize yourself with the list of those banned from US. The list speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

"regime apologists masquerading as patriots "

deroo said...

The two cousins met. I have seen the White House picture gallery. They met and they are beaming with uncontrolled laughter. Now...Let the propaganda begin....

deroo said...

The list was issued by the ODMorons that worships Rainburger. As said before, he now wants Wako sacked, Gicheru sacked, had Ali sacked and so was Kivuitu. It borders on illitertate banality.

An ODM Youthwinger serving as the US ambassador...

Kenya is sovereign. How have Uhuru, Ruto, Michuki stopped reforms? Myopia

Victor said...


Deroo, your rants are hilarious.

Keep it up but don't blow a gasket.

Anonymous said...

It’s Ruto… No It’s Kulei. Oops Or Is It Ruto?

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the great President Barack Obama won't meet with people like Raila who have no respect for human life and property rights.

sagwende said...

wadungu wakenya things seems to be pretty fast in the right direction bravo.Come 2012 tuko sawa tuu

Shoked said...

If Kenya is a sovereign nation, what on earth was Kofi Annan doing in Kenya immediately after 2007 botched election? Why on earth was President Kibaki summoned at the Whitehouse in 2003 and threatened with sanctions if he did not allow USA troops on Kenyan soil or involve Kenyan forces to participate in terror war against Somalia?


A senior administration official explained later that President Bush does not know President Kibaki well and thought that a state dinner which "brings together a range of our cabinet officials" would be the most effective means of deepening U.S. ties to the new Kenyan government. "He talks to Mbeki, Obasanjo and other African leaders all the time. He hasn't with Kibaki."

Kibaki's Monday morning Oval office meeting with President George Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and other administration officials will be followed by a meeting in the Cabinet room with economic advisors, including United States Trade Representative Robert Zoellick and USAID Administrator Andrew Natsios. Separate meetings with Treasury Secretary John W. Snow and Secretary of State Colin Powell are scheduled. The state dinner will be held that night.

"We will be encouraging President Kibaki to continue on being a regional leader.If he has got suggestions about how our State Department and aid programs can help him do a better job as a regional leader, we are interested in listening," Bush said.

Despite current travel warnings and anxieties, President Bush pointed to new money that he believes will enable Kenya to come to grips with the problem. "It is important to work with Kenya to relieve the situation. It is not only for our own national interests, it is in Kenya's interest that we mutually deal with the terrorists. That's why we put up a 100 million dollars on the East African terrorist initiative."

"Most of that will go to Kenya," a senior administration official said at a briefing for reporters, Tuesday.

"The best role the United States can play is to be supportive of regional leaders, and/or, for example, the capacity of African peacekeeping forces to carry the task of dealing with civil disputes. Kenya is playing a vital role in the Sudan [peace talks]," said Bush

The current state of affairs in Kenya and birth of Coalition Government began with that fateful diner in 2003 at the Whitehouse. All Kenyans need to find out what the Kenyan Government gave up to meet American demand during that diner.
There is no Sub-Saharan African country which can claim sovereignty
as long as African elites in charge are perpetual begging gatekeepers yearning for recognition from Washington, London or European Union!! Leadership cannot be given out; leadership is earned!

Philip said...


Even Kibaki, Michuki and Muthaura do not hate Raila the way you do. And who are you working for? You know that I've never addressed you but to be sincere I'm now getting concern.

Or just be sincere and tell us what wrong Raila did to you. A year ago I had an old friend of mine who used to hate Raila so much that my friends and I got so concerned. Do you know what happened later - he confided to me that Raila had once let him down and he will never forgive him - Raila personally let him down in politics.

And to all who read this. Please don't pretend not to be knowing people who are against reform and also let's not try to bring politics when we are heading towards part of the solution to bring prosperity to Kenya.

Apart from those who have gained from corruption, poor governance e.t.c majority of us have suffered and we should support everything that will bring prosperity to Kenya and not bring politics and pride that we can sort ourselves out - afterall how many families have seeked help from counselors (outside help) because their family was headed for a break-up?

I know nobody would like to see Kenya becoming like our neighbour Somali or Congo, but why should some of us go ahead and criticize support that we are being given by external sources?

By the way where I disagree with Kumekucha is about the character of Kibaki. Baba Jimmy is a good man and that's why he did not have any problem to request Raila to represent him in 64th United Nations General Assembly.

Baba Jimmy, for those who don't know, has been very sick, though he's currently making improvements, and during that time that he was very sick he was not running the country, and whenever he took control he was using false information being provided by those surrounding him.

Unfortunately he has started taking control and I hope him and Raila will improve Kenya and bring the changes we need.

But still I'm not putting aside my presidential ambitions. I believe I'll do better than them combined.

Below - JJ

I'll soon be telling you how my golf went with Baba Jimmy and Karume. Tomorrow Mama Jimmy has welcomed me to State House to have an experience of her culinary skills. I'll also be telling you soon. She told me the menu includes "rech" or fish for those who don't know, which she has been taught to cook by Mama Fidel.

M-Pesa said...

America and Britain are the biggest beneficiaries of corruption being perpetuated throughout mother Africa. They will always be behind big scandals like Anglo leasing and Goldenberg. Dictators and tribal politicians have invested heavily in Europe and US while the Mzungu is given a free hand in raping the richest continent by exploiting our valuable resources. So please Bwana Ranne-hamburger, spare us the hot air! It's upoun Africans to fight their own battles without expecting too much nonsense by noisy Ranne-hamburger to translate into anything. Let's keep the fire burning, lets get rid of the dinosaurs, warlords and cheap juvenile tribal leaders! Keep your letters Ranne-hamburger, we have seen this circus before. They are not worth the paper they are written on and deep in your heart you know you don't give a damn about Africans, only your own interests!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha,%20and%20speak%20on%20governance

Anonymous said...

Mpesa, you are of course very right. It is a pity a country like Gabon has oil and a small population but that small population is very poor. But the west and their multinationals will control us forever because africans are very greedy and selfish (actually a mzungu even told me this). If you get an unselfish leader like sankara, his own people will be influenced to kill him. For you to resist the west you need a large pool of unselfish leaders. This will never happen and it is the difference between us and asians. Asians are where they are because they were able to resist mzungus from corrupting them.

Fire said...

The Carson List:
1. Uhuru Mungiki Kenyatta
2. William Mahindi Ruto
3. Francis Heart Attack Muthaura
4. Kalonzo Msaliti Musyoka
5. George Juja Thuo
6. Jakoyo Fighter Midiwo.
7. Mwai One wife Kibaki
9. Alfred Gay Mutua
10.Martha Wamugunda Karua
11.Aaron Sitoki Ringera
12.Franklin Bett
13.Isaac Rutto
14.Mutula Kilonzo
15.Beth Dagoretty Mugo

Fire said...


Anonymous said...

This is for all you silly, malicious and very petty panua mongrels

To all you panua mongrels - Deroo, M-pesa and the anon panua mongrels - who had stooped so low as to engage in such silly, malicious and petty "celebrations" about Raila being snubbed by Obama and not being able to come within 10 meters of him, eat your hearts out:,%20and%20speak%20o

Deroo, M-pesa and the rest of the anon panua mongrels, MEZENI WEMBE TATU at once. Your silly, malicious and petty "celebrations" have turned out to be... well, PUMBAVU. Bwa, bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..... you silly, malicious and petty panua mongrels.

Anonymous said...

Phillip @ 11:33 PM,

You said:

"By the way where I disagree with Kumekucha is about the character of Kibaki. Baba Jimmy is a good man and that's why he did not have any problem to request Raila to represent him in 64th United Nations General Assembly."

Phillip, don't be fooled by Mr Pumbavu. This is a very fraudulent, corrupt and deceptive character.

Just recently he is the one who has encouraged and given that spectacular failure on an individual called Aaron Ringera the guts and courage to STAY PUT as the director of KACC.

Phillip - and everyone else - do not be fooled by Mr Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki. He is a very fraudulent character.

Anonymous said...

IDPs Resettlement

Kibaki gives orders that are not effected.

what happened to Mau

Now IDP-will they be resettled "within 2 weeks" as he directed?

Anonymous said...

MUHURI is doing real good work auditing some CDF projects, following up on them n empowering communities to do 'social auditing.' Needs to spread across the country to stop our greedy MPs from eating the bulk of CDF money. Check out:

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
MUHURI is doing real good work auditing some CDF projects, following up on them n empowering communities to do 'social auditing.' Needs to spread across the country to stop our greedy MPs from eating the bulk of CDF money.

Our comments:

As usual, mere description of the problem.

We maintain, if people want to make their government A SERVANT and not a lord, they must SEPARATE STATE FROM MONEY. Anything else is a waste of time.

If money was separated from the state, we would not even need so called CDF. Simply, CDF and other such jazz, do not tackle the root cause of modern poverty.

Anonymous said...

wewe Taabu,
what do you have against deputy prime minister No.3(Rannenberger?)
Don't you know that KOGELO and MIJINJO are the 53rd states of the US? Those ministers banned from from the US cannot also go to Nyanza province anymore

Meanwhile all is well in Kenya ,no one in the grand coalition govt has lost any sleep over being banned.POTUS ashindwe kwani USA is the only country Kenyans can go to?hata Kazakstan ya BORAT ni nchi&well represented at current UN meeting in NYC

Anonymous said...

This an open letter to you. You sound bitter and hollow at the same time. I find you very hypicritical! One minute you are celebrating that Raira has NOT met Obama! Then the next minute you say the Cousins have met!.
Please take my advise. Take a chill pill. Leave raira alone. At least he is seen to be doing something useful to common man! What about Kifake? Protecting the corrupt and Ringera? Is that all he can do? Not good enough!
Deroo, can you explain to me what reappointment of Ringera and subsequent support by PNU members means to independence of KACC?
Is KACC a branch of PNU and MKMafia? I think so.
And for those who may thing that fabricated their picture of Raia and Obama, here is an officail Whitehouse link to it....
Good day.

Anonymous said...

"We maintain, if people want to make their government A SERVANT and not a lord, they must SEPARATE STATE FROM MONEY. Anything else is a waste of time."

Go explain that to a poverty-stricken, hunger-afflicted, disempowered CITIZEN of Kenya. Stop wasting our time and space with a wildly esoteric issue for which the only existing precedent is HongKong and even there it's the banks that have control.
Kwenda kabisa!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Go explain that to a poverty-stricken, hunger-afflicted, disempowered CITIZEN of Kenya. Stop wasting our time and space with a wildly esoteric issue for which the only existing precedent is HongKong and even there it's the banks that have control.
Kwenda kabisa!

Our response:

We shall inform the poverty stricken Kenyan that on average in every month in 2009, he has lost his purchasing power by 20% due to inflation.

We shall add, this inflation, which will mean over 100% loss of purchasing power by the end of 2009and therefore the cause of his ever deepening poverty is caused by the government.

What shall you tell him?

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