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Friday, September 25, 2009

Embodiment of Virtues


Taabu said...

Kwenda na hiyo propaganda of PHOTO CROPPING yako na Std. There was no meeting the DISINVITATION as reported by East and Central Africa's largest daily still stands.

Now you and your PLURAL ROVING eyes! Kwani you are ogling Mrs PM's llower pair of limbs aka hockey sticks (ama ni legs?)

Once again, there was no meeting and POTUS can only meet with PORK, period.

Joragem said...

Tumepata nani.....? Tinga wuod Bondo!
Wandugu musibabaike Kenya...? Obama wuod Alego!

Joram Ragem,
wuod Ndinya, wuod Onam, wuod Amolo, wuod Owuoth, wuod Oganyo, wuod Mumbe, wuod Odongo, wuod Olwande, wuod Adhaya, wuod Ojuodhi, wuod Ragem! (Are you my relative?)

Anonymous said...

TRUE OR FALSE is your name among the BANNED? just asking bro

Joragem said...

Luke, please ask me that question too.

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden there is a flurry , IDPs should be resettled in two weeks ! We are heading for an election folks. Pronvinces need to be secured under cover of US warning against violence, but this is a runaway train and stopping it will be very very hard. The change of guard is now official. Kalonzo, Saitoti ,Uhuru is the game plan . Pure desparation if you ask me. Kenya is now heading firmly into the hands of its people, and to the new owners if we do this right .... Asian tigers here we come. If side tracked by the Kalonzo , Saitoti and Uhuru smoke screen I don´t have to remind you about the legacy of the HOME GUARDs.

If the truth be told Saitoti or is it Kamau cannot win any genuine election anytime anywhere - birds of a feather.

Good speed Kenya , we deserve the best and only the best. Its along time coming.

Anonymous said...

No big deal,even Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and wife Jane appear at the same setup with the Obama's.Seems the state dept photographers were in a hurry to get the photo-op done with in a hurry and never bothered to change the set,they were simply calling out next....and the next African leader and wife would take position.Just wondering if M7's photo made it to the front pages of Uganda's leading dailies?I highly doubt!

Taabu said...

Money has been poured to ........

Swali: in your pix, who is the lady in ODM colours?

Anonymous said...

TRUE or FALSE is your name among the BANNED?

wacha, ati now YES WE CAN has suddenly gone ORANGE?wapi

Anonymous said...


We can't stop it. We can't. Odinga is the de-facto ruler of Kenya. watch the space.

Ordinary kikuyus (not only IDPs, want Odinga so Othayians. nobody, "related to Kifaki will see parliament in the next eelection. Take this to the bank.Even that silly JIMMY.- Kibaki is selfish and at worst reactive. 2 years and it is only now that IDPs matter to him?-by the way,IDPs, we are talking of Kikuyus. Kifaki!

Kenya is now changing

watch the space

PANUAs, just hold your breath. You are not Kenyans (against everybody else in Kenya). What a mess Kibaki has done to PANUAS. It will take many generations to CORRECT. It is a Curse.

Kibaki is a shadow- his powers are in his head and also in Muthaura's and Mutua's-we are moving ahed. HONDURAS case. Google this interesting case where a man "thinks alone " that he is the president. Reality is that he is not!!
I wouldn't have trusted Odinga. But for fact that Obama is involved, everything is moving well for Kenya.

Just like Odinga- Moi knows him, Kibaki who stole Odinga's victory must start knowing Odinga! Simple as that.Odinga is smarter than all.

By the way, I am not a Luo, but an independent observer.
Na bado

Anonymous said...

@1:46pm--the lady doth protest too much, me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha is soo predictable, we knew this photo was bound to crawl here. All of a sudden Taabu and his many mutated handles is all over increasing the comments load with no substance as usual. And some other jaluos declare that with this photo raila becomes a defacto leader...te he he heeee

the Taabu tells us even Michele is ODM simply coz she is wearing orange. And the circus continues.

BTW am a Kikuyu and i have framed 1000 of this photo op. By yesterday, i had sold 200 pieces at 1000 kshs each. Stupidity of jaluos translates to wealth of the always shrewd kikuyu enterpreneurs.

I will have the last laugh and it will be in the bank halls......he he heeee

Mama said...

Disinvitation indeed! Where are Kalonzo, Wetangula, UK and their DN mouthpiece? Seriously, this blog is sooo...predictable and I don't mean the post.

shocked said...

Do not under estimate Mwai Kibaki and his group. They have gigantic foreign support! If Kibaki did not have that foreign support (a) the coalition government under which Raila's power has been undermined would not have been formed (b) Raila would be the President of Kenya today!! (c) The 2007 overwhelming ODM electoral support from the majority of Kenyans would not have been squandered.
The appearance of Kofi Annan in the Kenyan scene was intended to create confusion so that the 2007 popular support for ODM could be neutralized; that mission has been accomplished. There is nothing more dreadful to the multinational corporations who are controlling of most governments in the world than a populist, that is, a person elected by majority of the citizens. They refer to such a person as a socialist or communist. The 2007 Kenyan elections had communism and socialist written all over it and had to be dismantled using any means necessary. The property destruction, death of about 1,500 poor Kenyans who had just voted and displacement of 350,000 other Kenyans were all appropriate for these people to accomplish that.
All of you must remember that President Obama was elected by a big majority of Americans citizens, both black and white. Yet, he is being called a socialist, a communist, illegal alien form Kenya and Hitler!! You must ask yourselves, why?
If the power of any leader in Kenya must come through foreign association, then that leader must be merely a rich winking security guard which will neither bring development nor security to Kenya.

Joragem said...

Luke, it is true, I am in the envelope. But I am lying horizontally flat, so that I can fit in the translucent ballot box Unajua, mbio za horizontal huishia KICC! Lol!

Hope you have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Wa!Didnt know that Obama was hurting that many 'idol worshippers' by continously giving the bumpkin a cold shoulder!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Shocked wrote:

The appearance of Kofi Annan in the Kenyan scene was intended to create confusion so that the 2007 popular support for ODM could be neutralized; that mission has been accomplished. There is nothing more dreadful to the multinational corporations who are controlling of most governments in the world than a populist, that is, a person elected by majority of the citizens.

Our views:

We think the whole agenda of messing the 2007 was to prevent land reforms in particular. Those who control land do not want the stupid arrangements we have to be changed. They want to continue to enjoying unearned income while taxing those who earn their incomes.

For instance, when Uhuru promised to erect market structures in all constituencies, a few guys rushed and grabbed those lands. As we all know, with the knowledge that the govt. will buy these lands, the price will sky rocket, and the govt. shall tax Wanjiku to pay such speculators who have done nothing to earn these incomes.

However, we are not surprised. Few people know that although Churchill was able to face Germans, he could not win his war with landlords in 1909. Yes, the only battle he lost was with land lords who were and are still sitted in the House of Lords.

Anonymous said...

Fine, am convinced that he met Obama. Can he come back and join us in building our nation? What is he smiling about if young Luo professionals cant get jobs with their degrees because each minister is giving jobs to people from their tribes and Luos give to anybody so that they look fair, and we are now jobless cos of this "stupidity"

We are broke, cant feed our families, cant develop and he is smiling?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:37 AM,

I detect a lot of hurt and pain in your comment. Jealousy, my friend, is a very bad thing. It hurts the source (you) more than the target. Pole sana, you will eventually get over the jealousy, hurt and pain.

Anonymous said...


The choir boys and flower girls of human worship are out of the woodworks, thanks to the US State Dept photographer.

Anonymous said...

Now that the two "cousins" had a photo op, can we get back to tending to our issues?

Anonymous said...

That odinga wife is FAT or what?

Shocked said...

(a) It is unbelievable that some of you are sooo excited that the PM of Kenya had a photo op with the President of USA!!
(b) It is equally disturbing that some of you are really, really upset that the photo op did take place!!
This is analogous to the fits thrown by two wives in a polygamous relationship, each wanting to ensure that she has an upper hand in accessing the husband’s love and attention in this tortured relationship!”
If the fate of the citizens of the Republic of Kenya is left in the hands of the elites who are overtly or covertly seeking validation, endorsement and approval from foreign powers, then Kenyans are in a deep hole from where they may never see light!
I am sure all of you have families. Imagine what would become of that family if the man/woman in charge of the family delegates the decision making process to another family. Imagine further that other family has invested interest in any property the dependent family has; what would stop that other family from doing everything to take over the dependent family's property?
President Obama represents USA interest! It is up to you to find out whether that interest also serves Kenyans' interest.

Like Zimbabwe, the former colonial power and other foreigners who wrote the land laws at the dawn of Kenya's independence still own what was refered to as "white highlands" in Kenya. During Mau Mau, the Kikuyus mounted an uprising and took part of the "White Highlands" in Central Province. The bulk of "white highlands" in the Rift Valley and Western Provinces is still owned by these people through Kenyan African surrogates who hold these pieces land in exchange for some gratuities from the actual land owners. Some of these surrogates are members of the filthy rich ruling elites who have no respect for the rest of the Kenyan citizens living in poverty in slums or other arrid regions of Kenya. The surrogacy system is the main the reason why African leaders must have approval from foreign powers; they do not want any rogue individual rising to power and disturbing the status quo. This is also the reason why a populist may have difficulties rising to power; 99% of Kenyans want access to these pieces of the land.
This should be the focus of Kenya's youths' attention instead of photo op the PM of Kenya had with the President of USA!

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