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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Too Late To Save Kenya As Ali Is Retired From The Military

See Taabu's latest post a few hours ago

The ostrich is a very fascinating animal. For starters should it really be a bird? I mean it has feathers and all but it never flys like other birds. Instead it runs on the ground like a Zebra or Lion and buries its’ head in the sand (like no other creature).

The Ostrich has many similarities to many extremely well educated Kenyans today. I have seen this trait over and over again and many times it has even been reflected in the comments on this site. The increasingly common mannerism is to bury one’s head in the sand and pretend that the rapidly approaching forest fire does not exist. Or to completely ignore and trash what you don’t understand and don’t want to understand because it is way too scary to consider. In other words the idea is if one thinks positive thoughts only and sticks to the sensible ideas that their intellect and lifestyle has supported over the years, then surely no harm will befall them. Education is a vital thing but sometimes it can be pretty dangerous. I think the village idiot may be better off many times than the highly educated fool.

I have come to fully appreciate what a blogger called Taabu means when he frequently says; Munajezea mbuzi guitar (playing a guitar for a he-goat).


We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect. The judgement of the intellect is only part of the truth.

Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist, an influential thinker and the founder of analytical psychology known as Jungian psychology.


Some recent developments have left me very alarmed although I have posted articles in the recent past warning about them. I have no joy in being proved right if Kenya is going to the dogs. As I have said many times before I would rather be proved wrong and things get better for mother Kenya. After all I intend that my children and grand children will live in Kenya and call this currently kidnapped country home. However at this rate there will be no country left if things continue the way they are where my “alarmist ranting” of today turns out to be the headlines of the following week.

Many Kenyans must have caught a fascinating story in the Standard shortly after Maj Gen Ali was relieved of his duties as commissioner of police. The story was done by one Cyrus Ombati and claimed some insider information on Ali that suggested that he was well aware that he was going to be replaced and had NOT been taken by surprise. It was clear that most of the information had been supplied by Ali himself. In fact the story had a major piece of information (or so it seemed) that left me gaping for a number of minutes. Mr Ombati claimed that Maj Ali was in fact being ear-marked to succeed Gen Kianga as Chief of general staff. The military man was going to cross back from the police and head the military in this country (forget about Hague and all those rumours about extra-judicial killings). Now fresh press reports indicate otherwise. Maj Gen Ali has in fact been retired from the military. But what is even more interesting are the developments over the Kianga succession in the military. It is clearly emerging that President Kibaki is cleverly eliminating all potential would-be candidates to ensure that a man called Lt Gen Karangi becomes the next head of the military. Guess where Karangi comes from? He’s from Nyeri, not far from the president’s village in Othaya. Mere coincidence?

If this happens then it means a complete sweep will have been achieved where all key security dockets will be in the hands of Mt Kenya boys. Sample this;

Mathew Iteere (police chief, Meru), Karanja Gatiba (CID chief, Kikuyu), Evans Gicheru (Chief Justice, Kikuyu from Nyeri), Michael Gichangi (NSIS chief, Kikuyu from Nyeri), Kinuthia Mbugua (AP chief, Kikuyu), Aaron Ringera (KACC chief, Meru), George Saitoti (Internal Security minister, Kikuyu masquerading as Maasai) and Francis Kimemia (PS Internal Security ministry, Kikuyu). Mere coincidence? We have a very similar situation in the Fianance portfolio.

And in the event that it is NOT a coincidence what then is the whole idea here? What do these guys want to do exactly? Is the objective for President Kibaki to end up handing over power peacefully and without drama to whoever wins the next presidential election? Or is the idea in fact to maintain the status quo with a hand-picked man going through the motions of a so-called presidential election (similar to the one that happened in 2007?) As it is now, certain “sensitive” conversations can be carried out between security units in Kikuyu (all the Mt Kenya tribes can speak Kikuyu and even when they converse in their mother tongue they can still all understand each other).

As stated in my earlier post these tribal appointments in key dockets started with the Kenyatta presidency in the sixties. President Daniel Arap Moi perfected it and that is why Kenyans voted overwhelmingly for Mwai Kibaki in 2002, a well educated economist whom they hoped would give the country a clean break from the past. Instead the man has proved to be worse than Moi because at least Moi did his tribal thing but showed leadership and kept the country peaceful. Mwai Kibaki continues to relentlessly push the country towards bloodshed with his clarion call wacha wapigane (let them fight), which he is on record as uttering several times in public whenever frustrated wananchi try to show their frustration towards his presidency.

P.S. It amazes me to what extent a man can go to just save face. Former commissioner of police Maj Gen Ali went to great lengths to “leak” a story to the media “to prove” that he was not fired from the police but was in fact being kept aside in preparation for a bigger post (chief of general staff). Kweli pride comes before a fall.

P.S. As “well educated” Kenyans continue to scream about tribe here the situation on the ground with the uneducated pumbavu masses is very different. I witnessed a fascinating discussion the other day between a bunch of Luos and Kikuyus over the current politics. Both tribes were in total agreement that Kibaki and Raila have failed the country big time and are the biggest obstacles to a new Kenya. Meanwhile President Kibaki is much more unpopular in his home districts of Othaya and Nyeri than he is in Mombasa where he still has a significant clique of die-hard supporters (am not sure why). And then Raila no longer goes to Kibera or Kisumu without heavy security and without hired hecklers positioned at the front of every crowd he addresses to ensure that his unpopularity amongst his own people remains a secret.


Taabu said...

Your can of worms seemingly never runs dry, does it? You have dutifully beaten this point into a pulp but expect the serial DENIALISTS to come at you with guns blazing. They hate the truth with a passion. Well, unfortunately the truth never tires to bounce back at their face and embarassingly so.

They will come back spewing tribal epithets cleverly packaged to mask your post and divert attention. You will be reminded of your blogs going to the dogs etc.

Meanwhile IDPs continue to languish in camps as scheme 2012 goes full circle. And louud cheers here will break your ear drums.

Make no mistake, the ground has irreversible shifted. No amount of scheming will overcome the changed Kenya. If you thought 2007 was founght on us vs them ngoja 2012 as the regime fans flames of discord.

Kibaki's apologists will rant and rave but no state might will be bigger than a REVOLTING Kenya. Kibaki is busy burdening Kenya with 1960/70 ideas that will EXPLODE big time in less than 1000 days.

The truth be told, all other communities have returned to their ANCESTORAL lands and so who will be caught in the impeding 2012 ARMARGEDONN? Well, no prizes for guessing and no army, no Mungiki will stop the RED RIVER.

Let the true tribalsist pick speck in others eyes while conviniently ignoring the stamp of tree in theirs. NA BADO.

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has done so much for Kenya! Look at the latest Kibera upgrading and yet there is more to come. Kudos Kibaki!

Anonymous said...


Government releases Sh27 million to compensate former IDPs

Updated 17 hr(s) 45 min(s) ago
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Hideaway where peace was made

We don’t need law review, The Hague or Imanyara Bill to try poll chaos suspects

By Peter Mutai

The Government has released more than Sh27 million to pay IDPs who have returned to their farms.

The families who were uprooted from their homes in Kericho during post-election violence were not compensated when the Government paid thousands of IDPs living in camps.

According to records at the local DC’s office, 2,700 IDPs had not received the Sh10,000 token from the Government.

Local DC Samuel Njora said most of the returnees were either back to their places of work or their farms.

Build homes

Speaking to hundreds of residents who attended this year’s World Peace Day celebrations at Uhuru Gardens in Kericho town, Mr Njora said the IDPs would be paid from next week.

"We have received the money released by the Treasury to be paid to all victims of post-election violence in the district," he said.

However, the DC said the Government was yet to release another Sh25,000 for each of the affected families.

The money was to be used to rebuild homes set ablaze or vandalised during the violence.

Njora assured all victims of the violence who registered with the Government that they would be paid.

"We want to assure all IDPs whose houses and property were destroyed during the violence that they will be assisted to restart their lives," he said.

The administrator appealed to communities in the region to co-exist peacefully and shun politicians out to divide them along tribal lines.

Anonymous said...

I believe Kibaki is up to some mischief.

A few days ago, Kibaki's ugly son Jimmy made stunning revelations in Othoya and nobody tried to read between the lines. The guy said the constitution barred Kibaki from running for president in 2012 and not as MP. Do you smell a rotting rat?

To get a better understanding of the bombshell Jimmy dropped and nobody - journalists and politicians - took notice because of the Ringera craze, look at Russia. What did Puttin do? The constitution barred him from running again and he changed it and came back as PM. Does that alarm you? Kibaki could be plotting that!

Kibaki has remained silent on the constitutional review and he must be scheming doom for Kenya as he did in 2007. We were so foolish to troop to the polling stations from 4am to cast our votes while Kibaki had already known the outcome. It's like watching a recorded football match which you had been given the score line. Why then watch the game?

Kibaki knows Raila wants to be Presidents and that's why he now pretends to have warmed up to him. Raila is the biggest fool I have ever seen. He was taken for a ride by Kibaki in 2003 (remember the MoU Kibaki trashed?) and again in 2007 (Kibaki got back to State House through the back door). Since the constitution bars Kibaki from running for President, why not try his hand in the PM post?

Many Kikuyus have been vehemently opposed to a powerful PM before Kibaki run for second term. But now, they are excited with prospects of watering down the presidency (coz Kibaki wont run again) and have a powerful PM (they hoped Uhuru would fill the slot). Now that we have been told Kibaki is going nowehere, do you expect Kibaki to run again and be a mere MP or appointed Cabinet Minister? You can bet with your head that Kibaki can't run to settle for that. So what's up his sleaves?

I highly suspect Kibaki will convince Raila he will back him for president and once Raila swallows the bait and he hits the road campaigning, Kibaki will seize the opportunity and agree for a constitutional review that will create a PM's post. Raila will risk his career if he changes his mind after announcing he's running for president and later change his mind and tell Kenyans he wants to be PM. His opponents will brand him power hungry - he wants the post that has more powers and not interested to serve Kenyans, they will tell us.

If Jimmy was Gideon and he made the statement when Moi was in power, all media houses would be drowning themselves with all sorts of commentaries trying to interprate it. But the media allowed Jimmy's statement to pass. Why? All key posts across the media houses are held by Kikuyus and they are worse tribalists than the politicians we blame. Macharia Gaitho of NMG is good at pretending to write commentaries reading other people's mind. Why hasn't he written a commentary on Jimmy's statement? Or he is silently backing his kinsman from Nyeri to get the PM post? Gitahi has also been pretending he can write commentaries. Why hasn't he done one on Jimmy's statement?

We blamed Moi for all manner of bad things - including when a man got ditched by his wife or when rains refused to come - for the 24 years he ruled Kenya. Kibaki will rule for 10 years as president and make Moi's tenure look like a concert done in heaven! See Kenya was on the brink of total arnachy like Somalis or worse last year after Kibaki messed up with the presidential results. The worst is yet to come in 2012. Putting key security dockets, the judiciary and Finance ministry on the trusted hands of his kinsmen is no mere coincidence.

It's time Kenyans who love this country stand and be counted and stop Kibaki on his tracks or we start looking for safer grounds as we'll be swimming in our own blood. God forbid!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Taabu started on the defensive while he was the first commentor. The guilty are always afraid and no matter how well you sugarcoat lies, they will NEVER MUTATE INTO TRUTH.
Chris, your PARANOIA is understood especially since you come from the land of the witches. Everything is 'Kurogwa'
Continue talking of horror tales but please pick up afew kids from the neigbourhood. They may just love you for this kind of stories.
Where is Mwarangethe to drop one of those tired stories from Mzungu book??

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

Taabu reminds me of a baby bird with its mouth wide open waiting for the mother to vomit regurgitated food in there. He bites the bait without blinking an eye where Kikuyu bashing is concerned. Then he drops the old one that DENIALISTS will come with guns blazing. Talk of guilt.
You can cheat all the people sometimes but YOU CANNOT CHEAT ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TYME.

Anonymous said...

Should someone not petition the CCK to classify this blog as a hate site and seek prosecution of the people behind it?

We cant have this primitivity in the name of freedom of expression.

Am circulating this to media houses and copies of this page including references to 'rivers of blood' to the police and anyone who will listen.

Its time people realize that freedom comes with responsibility

Anonymous said...

Yes Anon above

And so does truth

Bobie Bristol said...

I beleive neither Penguins nor Kiwis can fly...

deroo said...


Goes as per the predictions. Chris is very right on this. Kibaki, the genius, has been joined with Raila at the waist and the TITANIC is sinking pronto. the only thing he needs is to ensure that any kind of descent, imagined or real is dealt with at the right places.

All this is the product of a single coherent government or a Grand Coalition as this one running Kenya is.

Given little space to shout and do what they feel is right, deprived the right to shout as is the case with Ababu Namwamba and Martha Wangari Karua, disgruntled personalities tend to drift towards extremism or apathy, as the case of ODM weakening the big parties even more.

Given room to wriggle about and throw the weight around, the superior and stronger of the partners in this case Kibaki, chooses to frustrate every move by the other partner, embolding the positions he needs to carry on.

As Chris has rightly said, positioning, as in the grand old game of chess is the point here and people in it for a long time enjoy it and as Kenny Rogers sang, the gambler knows when to throw the card.

Enjoy the game for the coming three years...USITUKANE UKUNGA UZAZI UNGALIPO!


deroo said...

As for the ODM charade, please remember my posts on the day Emilio Mwai Kibaki was constitutionally elected as the president of Kenya and Sworn in for another term, HAMTATULIA for FIVE YEARS.

Popularly elected in a hotly contested election, Kibaki will always come back to haunt the THUGCRATS who underrated him and even called for a MOCK Swearing-in Ceremony at Uhuru Park.

Now it is all falling apart on the other end and soon, as things shape up, the Western Alliance will be REALLY WESTERN. Then, the other Western that is known be SPREAD AROUND THE VOTE (quoting Barack Obama) will do as per norm and then...tutapita katikati yao...Na Kazi iendelee (TENA).


deroo said...

Just an innocent question, where did the IDPs come from??? Someone called for their gassing, vanquishing or extermination (in the Third Reich Terms, Stalin or Lenin propotions) altogether. That is the bitter truth that we should be ashamed about.

Anonymous said...

wow, another kikuyu huh?

ODM to lead us into another round of mass action (read LOOTING, vandalism, burning, and killing hapless peasants taking shelter in churches in the name of democracy)

I forgot that they are too fat to run anymore now that they are enjoying the trappings of "haki yetu". Kibaki and his govenment full of kikuyu's is no longer a big deal, mambo ya constitution ime sahaulika, ruto steals maize, most m.p's are still not paying taxes, ngo'-srow kiraitu bado ni m.p, etc..........

kweli, kenyans are the biggest fools on this earth..

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog since early 2006 and have seen it all. From Marianne Brinner to the famous Chris versus Sam Okello incident.

My appeal to every Kenyan of goodwill who regularly reads this is two-fold;

1. Think very very very carefully about the posts here, especially those done by Chris. The man may be many things but his posts have a nasty knack of coming true.

2. Reject people in this blog who leave multi-comments trying to get people to think in a certain direction and usually trashing the obvious for the sake of it. Pls guys don't be fools spooks exist and r currently xtremely busy.

So much depends on folks waking up and smelling the coffee.

Anonymous said...

Anon said;

Should someone not petition the CCK to classify this blog as a hate site and seek prosecution of the people behind it?

We cant have this primitivity in the name of freedom of expression.

Am circulating this to media houses and copies of this page including references to 'rivers of blood' to the police and anyone who will listen.

Its time people realize that freedom comes with responsibility

Oh my!!! Why does this sound so much like Mwai Pumbavu Kibaki or Alfred Mutua?

Could this be the same people repeating the same things here over and over again?

e.g. This blog is finished, shut this blog, nobody reads this blog anymore, am sending this post to the police, am sending this post to cck, Taabu is s tribalist I will report to the police, Chris is paranoid etc.


the www is huge. why waste your time here? Si you move on and read other sites.

The only logical explanation for you to be still here is that the contents of this blog are hurting you badly. And that can only mean that there is some truth?? si truth hurts sana?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine if "kalooser" had gone to represent kibs at UN instead of rao and kenya was "barred" from meeting Barry! We would never hear the last of it here.

Rao is in US but we are hearing of Barry's views on kenya from rannerberg and Carson. Why cant Barry meet rao and give him those views one on one? And why did dennis onyango have to lie that rao would attend a dinner with Barry and clinton?

Are Chris and taabu and okello telling me this whole saga was not worth covering? you are now exposed for what you really are. And please let others see my post.

Phil said...


We are waiting to hear more. I've been silent because I think things aren't well in Kenya.

But I still have hope things will get well soon.

Anonymous said...


Taabu said, "...all other communities have returned to their ANCESTORAL lands and so who will be caught in the impeding 2012 ARMARGEDONN? Well, no prizes for guessing and no army, no Mungiki will stop the RED RIVER."

Is this the Taabu you are proud of? Last year, some anonymous used to call him a troubled soul because of his rabid anti-Kikuyu rhetoric and I now agree with that anonymous wholly.

If you go to Changamwe in Mombasa you will see Akambas living there; if you go to Kisumu Ndogo in Mombasa you will see Luos living there; if you go to RV you will see Kikuyus, Kisiis and Luhyas living there; and, of course, if you look around Nairobi you will see Luos, Luhyas, Kalenjins etc living there. All these communities are not living on their ancestral lands. So could Taabu tell us which communities returned to their ancestral lands and which is this community that haunts him by its refusal to return to its ancestral lands?

It is amazing how Taabu's thinking and probably his entire life has been taken over by tribal hatred.

Fortunately,despite the troubles we may be facing as a nation, majority of the citizens do not buy into this "Armageddon business" that keeps bubbling up in craniums of tribal extremists. Kenya will still be there as a nation long after these troubled souls are laid to rest in their so called "ancestral lands."

Anonymous said...

Dear ODMers,
Accept my sympathies for how badly your Messiah Raila Odinga has been treated by his "cousin," Barack Obama. Please cheer up and remember that even before you knew of Obama you ate and drunk something and breathed God's free air, and above all you worshipped your Raila. So don't lose heart and think less of Raila. Forget the voteless Obama and concentrate on your never ending journey to State House, Nairobi.

Good luck as you prepare to face the indomitable Kalonzo Musyoka and his followers in 2012.

Anonymous said...

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Preliminary census results show that Kikuyus have hit the 25% mark of the total population. And the conglomeration of the sister tribes generally referred to as GEMA has hit the 35% mark of the total poulation. If these preliminary results hold up in the final tally, then the prevailing economic and political models are likely to be dramatically reconsidered.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:37 a.m., this one is quite hillarious:

"Macharia Gaitho of NMG is good at pretending to write commentaries reading other people's mind. Why hasn't he written a commentary on Jimmy's statement? Or he is silently backing his kinsman from Nyeri to get the PM post? Gitahi has also been pretending he can write commentaries. Why hasn't he done one on Jimmy's statement?"

Keep us entertained

Anonymous said...

Just a query. Why did Kibaki decide not to go to New York for the General Assembly meeting and instead delegated the task to Raila? What would be the scenario had Kibaki visited New York? Would he have been targetted for disinvitation whereas akll other heads of state were invited? If Kibaki had delegated the task to represent Kenya to our Prime Minister, is it rather unusual that he was disinvited? Was the prime Minister not representing the Kenyan head of state and government? Didn't even Colonel Gadaffi himself, who should top the list for those to face isolation, not sitting squarely and proper inside the Obama meeting?

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:19AM

Colonel Gadaffi has oil, what does your Prime Minister have of value to Obama? Just kinship? Can you fuel your economy with kinship?
Did you see how quickly he flew to Ghana before the Chinese could get there after huge oil deposits were discovered?

Kenyans should apply some brakes on their infatuation with Obama. Obama is first and foremost an American and he talks about his Kenyan roots only when its suits his purposes. Americans only care about their interests. It is soothing to think of Obama as one of us but it will never put ugali on the table. Lets us take care of our interests and let Obama take care of the American interests. There is no point in getting bitter about Raila's disinvitation, Obama doesn't owe us anything.

Anonymous said...

The Americans invited Raila to a luncheon and then disinvited him. Then the Kenyans started accusing and throwing mud at each other about the disinvitation. Wakenya ni wajiinga wamwisho, hata mtoto anaweza kuwapiganisha.

Anonymous said...

The reason why Obama is avoiding Raila like plague is because he doesn't want to be drawn by Raila into the tribal politics of Wajaluos versus Wakikuyus. I would also avoid these two communities like hell if I were Obama.

Anonymous said...

But remember the comments a few months here from odmers gave the impression that obama and rao would rule kenya together. I remember the chants "obama, odinga, oliech" from the likes of phil. Some of us (and please am not a kikuyu or a luo hater) kept on saying obama was not a kenyan and there was nothing to expect from him. We were told we were jealous and that we were supporters of macsame. I mean do you remember people in kisumu actually cast ballots there to "elect" barry. Barry does not think like us and that is why he is not kenyan. I even think his wife hates us. She said she was shocked when they went to see barry's grandma and unknown people were trooping in unvited and asking for favours. This is the kenyan way but these people (obamas) dont think like us.

Ja'Rusinga said...

The main post has been put quite pignantly.
Some facts though.

1. RAO is Kenya's PM, not for the ODMers. We should be hanging our collective heads in shame as Kenyans.
2. Nairobi is not an IDP camp. The only ethnic community dotting the camps, including the one in Uganda is Kyuks.
3. It is not true that Kyuks who are still living in the Rift Valley are comfortable there. As long as their illegal occupation in the RV is not sorted out, we shall have more of those sporadic ethnic clashes.

Finally, we should be very afraid of what will happen to the run-up to the next elections and the critical period of transition.


Anonymous said...

ffunda wewe illegal ocupation includes the ones in kibera,,,eldoret belonged to the maasai
or is it the whole kenya belonged to the dorobo shenzi type wewe..but ile bangi invutwa kenya ...NACADA shud just highlight this blog

Anonymous said...

The way things are going, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki, his blind followers and worshipers from the Mt kenya area are taking Kenya down the road to disaster with their theft and hate and outright IMPUNITY.

Anonymous said...

I have this sneaking feeling that the US embassy in Nairobi advised the State Department that rao had no legitimate claim to power after the last election. This is where the problem lies. In the eyes of the US our pm is very different from the Zim pm, whose name I have never mastered how to spell. And rao had the audacity to tell a whole US Secretary of State to her face that kenya did not want to be lectured!

Anonymous said...


Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki only cares for his ass. The "smoother" and "well wiped" it is, the more content he is. Anything else is ... well, pumbavu.

His own people (Kikuyus)- people who voted overwhelmingly for Kibaki - are still living as IDP's in very humiliating and squalid conditions..... Kibaki does not give a hoot about them. He probably thinks they - his own tribesmen and women - are WAPUMBAVU... NA MAVI YA KUKU.

In these IDP camps, just to manage to survive, the women - the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters engage in prostituting themselves; being screwed by large numbers of men just to get some little cash to survive and put some food on the table.

This is the shocking part, should another election be called at any time and Kibaki stood, they would still foolishly vote for him. The problem with Kenya is people who think like this (foolish, ignorant tribalists).

M. Pesa said...

He he he, look who is calling the kettle black?

Kumekucha is sweeping under the carpet Raila's humiliation in New York by his "cousin" Obama. Raila has also refused to condemn Kibaki's tribalism when filling the sensitive dockets, in fact the PM is perfecting what Kibaki is doing by posting his brother to be Uhuru's Assistant at that "eating house" called treasury while his other relatives get lucrative jobs in foreign missions. Shhhh, don't tell everyone! That has also been swept under the carpet by this blog which is the online mouthpiece of Odomorons. When Raila called Kikuyus "kabila adui" as they were being butchered and massacred by some barbarians, Kumekucha and his little flower girls were looking the other way, as you would expect. When Anyang Nyongo, Kosgey, Sambili, Balala, Ntimama etc made illegal appointments against the wishes of various boards, this blog was on holiday in Animal Farm. Don't throw stones if you live in a what? In a glass house!

Anonymous said...


His decision to stick to the KACC job is not surprising.

After all, his own boss, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki set a "very good example" by stealing the elections of December 2007 after losing them in broad daylight and, in a very thief like manner, getting himself hurriedly sworn in at dusk and in secret. That is an election thief for you.

Aaron, is just following the footsteps of Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki. IMPUNITY still rules. Kazi Iendelee; in this "Kazi" Aaron's role is to protect the MEGA THIEVES by seeing no evil and hearing no evil from these mega thieves from his Mt Kenya region.

M. Pesa said...

Obama "snubs and humiliates Raila" in New York. Very sad indeed...

Anonymous said...


You just can't keep your head out of Raila's ass. You seem to like the "solids" and the "aromas" therein. Shame on you. There must be other better places for you to expose your head to.

Sample this from you once again:

"Raila called Kikuyus "kabila adui"

That is absolute nonsense. A big lie. Anyway coming from someone insane enough to vote for Mr Pumbavu, it is not a surprise.

I challenge you, once again, post a link here showing Raila uttering those words you allege. I and others have challenged you on this before many times but instead of posting a link, you instead go very quiet - the Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki type of silence. Post a link or forever stop vomiting pumbavu lies over here.

Anonymous said...

M-Pesa and others who are celebrating that the Raila and Obama meeting never occured, I would like to remind you that the silliness and pettiness started right here in Kenya more that 2 months ago.

This is how Stupid and petty the people who lick the ass holes of the powers that be in the current prevailing status quo are behaving as regards Raila's visit to the USA:

..... Sources privy to the goings-on said a section of politicians are unhappy because Kibaki and Raila may have found a formula for working together but those who have succession stakes are not taking it lightly.

The row has raged secretly for about three months since Kibaki decided that Raila represents the country at the UN General Assembly.

A section of Kibaki’s men — including Deputy Prime minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Foreign Affairs minister Moses Wetangula and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka — are believed to have mounted the campaign that Raila was not a Head of State and is not formally head of Government and could not represent Kenya at Obama’s lunch table.

Kibaki had agreed to Raila representing Kenya after he learnt that the PM would be in New York for an earlier scheduled meeting with former President Bill Clinton this week and the dinner hosted by Obama at The Waldorf Asteria Hotel a short distance from UN.

But PNU mongrels (Uhuru, Kalonzo and Wetangula) could not resist sabotaging things. Phew!! This is silliness of the highest order. Kalonzo, Uhuru and Watangula are beneficiaries of the stolen elections of December 2007. Had the elections not been stolen, they would have just remained mere MP's. They hold those titles they have due to electoral THEFT. They do not in any way deserve them. No wonder they are so INSECURE.

M. Pesa said...

Anon 6.02

How the hell does one post a link of what was said on TV news? Unfortunately or fortunately, the print media didn't report the message of hate preached by the Messaih ostensibly to avoid more bloodshed. The "kabila adui" speech (not anywhere near I have a dream speech) was uttered in Gusii stadium just after the elections when Raila pleaded with other tribes not to attack "Kisiis who are our friends!" So why only Kisiis and not other tribes? I'm sure that tape has now been shredded or "bought" by the powers that be to destroy any incriminating evidence but that fact is most Pentagon members spoke of madoadoa, sangari, kabila adui...etc

Anonymous said...

so Uhuru, wetangula and kalonzo have the power to influence who the president of the most powerful nation on earth sees? Maybe they are more than they are credited for.....

I am sure its hard for an odmer to conceive this but the world really is disgusted by primitive apes who rape little children, burn people in churches and slash pregnant women on highways. Few normal people want to be associated with such butchers.

Raila, milosovich and Bagosora would struggle to even be invited into my house let alone the whitehouse.

Ati Uhuru? give me a break! kassin Obama is not interested in having his clean shirt sleeves smeared with blood by the blood drenched Ojinga

Anonymous said...


That is hearsay. Ati you heard it being said on the TV. I can also claim to "hear" many things being said on TV and claim that it is true.

If it is not too hard for you, try to be a bit more convincing. As of yet you are not. You are operating at the level of hearsay and rumors.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:20AM,

You have a very warped sense of morality.

You say:

"so Uhuru, wetangula and kalonzo have the power to influence who the president of the most powerful nation on earth sees? Maybe they are more than they are credited for....."

You are the kind of deviants who approve of Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki and Robert Gabriel Mugabe's blatant theft of elections in broad daylight. You would actually give them credit. Phew!! another thing, you would also "credit" Ringera for staying put at KACC after having been a spectacular failuire.

Our leaders are not the problem with Kenya. It is fraudulent, corrupt, dishonest, hypocritical - some of you even claim to be saved and devout church goers - Kenyans like you who are what is wrong with Kenya. Our leaders are just a reflection of your kind

deroo said...

M-Pesa, please stop arguing with that man. The truth is that during the Referendum Campaigns in 2005, in Kakamega, it came out of the ODMessaiah's mouth that...Kikuyu ni kabila adui yetu...

It was that time that the hatred about the Kikuyu was being spread like bushfire, at the same time that the civil service appointments were being circulated by the ODM charade.

You have no apologies to make. The tape is in safe hands. We shall play it in 2012 and in all radio stations, including the vernacular ones.

Another point in moment, Lorna Laboso, excited about the Kikuyu bashing. let it out during a campaign rally in Kericho. She was shaken when she learnt about it that someone had to do some damage control. The tape is there, it was played in Kass FM.

During the final ODM rally in Nairobi at the Nyayo National stadium, some unkind words about the Kikuyu tribe were said by Musalia Mudavadi, the man himself (aka Obama's cousin) and even William Ruto.

Then, bring in the Lesotho blooper by Najib Balala during the riots in Nairobi and Nyongo's open declaration that ODM supporters should boycott all PNU associated firms, and the immediate backlash on Stagecoach and other bus company plying the Kisumu-Nairobi route and you get the full picture of what went on.

M-Pesa, all these things are on record. ...USITUKANE UKUNGA...


Ja'Rusinga said...

I just saw a page 1 in all the Kenyan dailies a photograph of Raila and his cousin Obama posing with their spouses.

1. Was it computer manipulated and generated to prove a point?

2. After all the din it created in this blog, can the haters now eat their words? It won't give them constipation!


Ja'Rusinga said...

I just saw a page 1 in all the Kenyan dailies a photograph of Raila and his cousin Obama posing with their spouses.

1. Was it computer manipulated and generated to prove a point?

2. After all the din it created in this blog, can the haters now eat their words? It won't give them constipation!


Anonymous said...

Ya, according to dennis onyango,they cornnerd barry somewhere and demanded the fotos. Only fotos matter.

Anonymous said...

Imagine our prime minister chasing the US president around new york to get a photo op?

afadhali Moi, at least he was a thug with some degree of self respect.

Useless kabisa!

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