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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Evil Trinity: Contempt, Impunity and Immunity

Let the truth be told, the unspoken utmost fear is President Kibaki being held personally responsible as commander-in-chief for all the post election violence. When the security machinery kills RIOTERS, the buck stops at the Commander-in-Chief who must have overtly or covertly given those orders.

You can choose to bury your head in the sand in denial all you care but only one person MUST be held responsible for the breakdown in law and order and the subsequent bloodshed in the control of lawlessness. Only the state has monopoly of violence. Hiding under two-wrongs-make-a-right facade is a cheap short at security in numbers gimmick.

Apologists to the present regime can hide under truncated ICC mandate but not for long. Most Kenyans are comfortable serially living national lies. We are allergic to making hard decisions no matter the challenge facing us. What to do, someone else (read The Hague) must come and clean up our messes.

We can circumscribe all the beautiful circular motions we want but twisting the nasty truth will not make it vanish. The NSIS saw it coming and promptly warned the relevant offices. And what did they do? Well, the script had been crafted and rehearsed. No amount of dire warning would let the National Security Council (no pizes for guessing its members) change tact or give in. Kenya has its owners and we all unwittingly dissects the effects ignoring the 2007 cause.

Settling for a suboptimal compromise singularly crafted to please selfish competing interests of tribal warlords is a kin to neatly bottling a deadly apocalypse. Soon the deceptive threads will give way and the red river of blood will flow fast and furious. But scoundrels would prefer to baptize a grave as a rut oblivious of the fact that the true difference lies only in their dimensions.

Evil reign
The ghosts born in December 2007 are growing bigger and won’t exit our borders any time soon. Faint hearts bred on deception would cheaply brand that whining. Well, living in self-denial is the genesis of self-destruction.

We speak of impunity as if it is some alien object from outer space. Nothing epitomizes impunity more than the obtuse contempt Cabinet shoved down the throat of Kenyans by opting for the phantom TJRC headed by pretenders and peddlers of diplomatic/peace CVs.

The cabinet is simply telling Waki and the selfish, querulous bunch of MPs who the boss is - UTA DO? What is more, the cabinet’s fear for MPs is an extrapolation of bastardized democracy as expertly engineered during the 2007 polls.

The MPs may have thought they had the executive by the balls. Not quite when the executive is the alpha and omega as originators of impunity. Even Imanyara’s well-meaning manoeuvre to set up a local tribunal independently by parliament while bypassing the presidency is a kite without wings. The hitherto absolute and abject fear of the Tenth Parliament has been turned on its head. No surprise here.

Of whiners and pretenders
Pretender here often hide under platitudes in re-defining ICC mandate oblivious of the naked fact that their poorly disguised concept of presidential immunity is a dead end under international crime context. Refusing to look the ugly truth in the face only succeeds in postponing the inevitable explosion.

While the genuine IDPs remain relegated to the footnotes of present leadership, we shamelessly applaud their fraudulent political schemes. If not fattening an opponent before political slaughter, our political masters dream of unholy alliances of tribal warlords. Well, the joke is squarely resting on our heads.

The evil trinity of impunity, contempt and immunity is what accurately defines the mindset of our past and present rulers. All else are sideshows and acts meant to propagate the same selfish interests. The saving grace it that the wishes of majority of Kenyans for The Hague trials will eventually come. Only that the present pretenders are expensively buying time, but not forever.


UrXlnc said...

very true taabu considering the vast amounts of intelligence at their disposal , there simply was no excuse for the lapse and poor judgement

Anonymous said...

sure at always accurate Taabu. actually your piece of article can stand as the gospel truth at Hague. i mean why should police kill innocent 'rioters' armed with poisonous arrows, killing innocent kenyans at will, burning children and women in a church, creating roadblocks and killing 'kabila adui'. the police should have exercised restraint, herd them to a lorry and serve them soft drinks before transporting them to a police station.
i mean like Raila said these were freedom fighters who deserve medals.
way to go...leta ingine mzee Taabu

Anonymous said...

What a load of rubbish yet again! Slanted reporting brings out the big trablist in you. Police were right to shoot dead the looters and those who were damanging private and public property. What right did they have to do so?

I wish they shot dead the whole lot who burnt people in Naivasha, in an Eldoret church and all those who killed innocent people.

There is no doubt both Kibaki and Raila stole votes in their respective stronghold. Raila then cried foul after Kibaki stole last. Raila incited other tribes against Kikuyus and this triggered a bloodbath.

Both Kibaki and Raila are directly to blame for the post-election violence and should top the Hague list. Their sidekicks Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Company should also board the Hague train.

Kibaki and Raila were not fighting for us. They fought for their stomachs, wives and children.

M-Pesa said...

It's just criminal to kill peaceful demonstrators as it happened in Kisumu where over 400 innocent Kenyans were felled by police machine guns for no good reason at all. That's simply a crime against humanity yet no one has been held to account! Innocent kids lost their moms and dads and for what?

And it's also criminal to kill over 5,000 innocent and jobless youths from Mt Kenya region who are "suspected" members of illegal gangs. Actually that primitive move has just made more youths to join Mungiki and it has even increased it's savagery.

I'm sorry but it's true the buck stops with the president!

Anonymous said...

You are right, it is criminal to shoot the innocent Kisumu rioters who burnt down properties belonging to non-Luos worth millions and destroyed government property.

You see where I come from it is your democratic right to kill or burn you neighbour's house to protest against rigging. We do not spare third party properties like railway line though we rely on it to travel home

That is why in our democratic country we can not agree to set a tribunal to prosecute innocent protesters. After all they good examples to emulate in the fight for demo-'crazy'

Anonymous said...

Ha ha haa! Taabu "albeit" Taboo is now getting back the satire he has been feeding us with for the last two months. When he starts his piece with "let the truth be told.." he gets satire pushed down his throat. Poor man. But you started it. Now it is boomeranging back on you...and it is not sweet.

Anonymous said...

Police the world over are not trained to play guitars to rapists and murderers. In January 2008, the Kenyan police were right to deal with these barbarians ruthlessly. My complaint is that the police spared some bullets before finishing off these sub-humans who rape babies and great-gandmothers in the name of "stolen" elections and other "historical injustices."

Anonymous said...

When raping, the RV rapists used to sing: "No Raila, No peace!" I wonder what they sing now as they wait to get out Mau Forests.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be a very traumatic experience for the Kalenjin community when Ocampo comes to take his share for they stand to lose a whole generation of politicians to ICC on top of the youth they lost in the PEV. Somebody must pass kleenex to the mothers of this community and a tool-kit on how to raise people who are not easily manipulated by political thugs.

Mwarang'ethe said...

True leadership is the ability to recognise the real cause of a problem and the ability to suggest or offer real solution to the problem.

We believe that if a government is vested with MONEY POWER, i.e. it is the source of money, it must surely rise above the citizen. And, when it does so, the citizen can only only plead, and if you plead to the govt. you are a subject and not a citizen. It is the govt. that should be pleading with its citizens and not the other way round.

Simply, if we look to the govt. to supply us with medium of exchange which is vital to our wellbeing, instead of the other way round, we shall remain subjects.

Remove this power money from the govt. and u shall control it as you would control a servant. If it wants to buy bullets and teargas, u shall ask, what for? If you do not get the right answer, you shall say no. But, today, we lack that power and as a result, the govt. finds is easy to buy tear gas and bullets to intimidate and kills its citizens. However, when you ask for bread, there is no money. Talk of asking for fish and someone gives u a serpent.

Anonymous said...

Rais Kibaki is going nowhere. After completing his second term he will retire peacefully. And when the time comes for him to leave us, he will be laid to rest with a 21-gun salute. What else can a man ask for? Wacha wajinga waendelee kunugunika.

Anonymous said...

You are right; Kibaki has a case to answer. The same Luo thugs who had tried to grab power in 1982 tried last year to grab power illegitimately with the help of Kalenjins using PEV. In 1982 Moi aliwakanyanga kama vidudu. Last year, they nearly succeeded, and Kibaki ought to answer why he allowed them to come that close without giving them technical knockouts.

Anonymous said...

We appreciate your abstract ideas cut and pasted here from the library. But don't you think we deserve some real life examples of where these ideas have been tried so that we have a frame of reference as we struggle with our circumstances?

Anonymous said...

Taabu and M-Pesa @ 11:59 PM,

I agree with both you guys one hundred percent.

The buck (blame and responsibilty) stopts with Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki, John "the rattlesnake" Michuki, Police commissioner Ali, and Njenga Karume.

The were told that STEALING the elections would be very disastrous for Kenya. They refused to listen... they went ahead and STOLE the elections... and that is why we are in this quagmire that we are in.

Philip said...

I have already seen some tribal undertones here. This shows a mind that can easily be controlled in future.

One thing, we had a president who was briefed of what was going to take place. It doesn't matter whether you are a Luo or Kikuyu or Kalenjin, we all had a right to be protected by the government, through orders of the President.

Luos who were shot dead by Police or burnt in their house were suppose to be protected by the government. Kikuyus who were burnt in Kiambaa were also suppose to be protected by the government, unfortunately he never did this and that's why in issues of PEV I see the president failed. Why did he pour thousands of GSU at Uhuru Park when even his fellow tribesmen were being butchered?

When the militants were burning Kikuyus in Burnt Forest, what actions did the government take, and even what actions is it taking now in order to ensure the victims have settled back in their land.

It is so sad that our leaders will come and incite us, and when we start fighting they refuse to stop us then eventually we see them talking of starting a coalition, at a time that we are still disunited.

So fool is who still looks at this post through a tribal lenses, and hiding behind anonymous, and then maybe in future you will want to be a leader.

I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Phillip @3:35 AM,

You said and I agree with you:

"in issues of PEV I see the Kibaki failed."

You also asked:

"Why did he pour thousands of GSU at Uhuru Park when even his fellow tribesmen were being butchered?"

Well, Phillip, this is a fellow who had just STOLEN the election. His sole objective at the time - after STEALING the election - was to "secure" the presidency that he had STOLEN. Nothing else mattered. Even his fellow tribesmen who were being butchered.

If you had managed to get close and within earshot to Kibaki, you would have heard him muttering the following:

"Wacha wale wanataka kupigana waendelee kupigana. Hao ni wapumbavu"

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous said...
We appreciate your abstract ideas cut and pasted here from the library. But don't you think we deserve some real life examples of where these ideas have been tried so that we have a frame of reference as we struggle with our circumstances?

Our response:

When IMF and WB come to town with all stupid "solutions" to our problems, do we ask them where these ideas have worked and yet we implement them? Wasn't UK in USA the other day getting instructions?

If you could think thru what we are proposing, without prejudice and biased mind, u will how practical our ideas are.

For instance, the global trade which runs into billions of dollars every year, is done using two critical documents. These are the Bill of Lading/Airway Bill and Letter of credit/documentary credit.

Who issues these documents which are the at the heart of global trade? They are issued by private sector. Just imagine what would be if the Kenyan Govt. issued these documents.

Also, think about it this way. We had foreign exchange control after independence. What was the result? And, how was this issue privatised? And, isn't working now that u can get £ and $ in any exchange bureau?

As a first step, lets remove or abolish legal tender laws. This would mean that, if we have 4 currencies in the country, people would demand to be paid by the most stable currency. If the govt. wants to issue money, it can do so. However, since it cannot back its money, it will be debased and people will reject it. Stability of currency would go a very long way in preventing distribution of wealth from the poor to the rich. What is so difficult about this?

M-Pesa said...

Anon 1.02

Please don't get me wrong, although I voted for PNU, I don't condone shooting of INNOCENT DEMONSTRATORS in Kisumu and other ODM strongholds as if we are living in medieval times.

Do you agree with me that unarmed civilians were killed by the police during PEV? Did you watch that clip on KTN of a soldier pumping bullets into someone's dad, son or brother. At the time, police parrot Eric Kiraithe dismissed the clip as fake and in his own words "was like a Rambo movie!"

My beef is the police killing innocent persons who are unarmed as it happened in Kisumu and the extra-judicial killings in the larger Mt Kenya area of the so called suspects of illegal groups. Acting as judge, jury and executioner is just wrong, immoral and illegal in modern times.

Other than that, I wouldn't make any big fuss with police blowing the skulls of proven baby killers, mass murderers and rapists!


kathinbob said...

25% of Kenya population are dying of hunger, 600,000 Idps are still displaced,1500 were massacred for no reason. This government is fake. They are busy eating their turn. They care of their immediate family. They will never stand for accountability. Corruption and nepotism is their way of life. Hon Raila has also joined the trapping of power,money and call for status quo. The youth of kenya will soon rise and no tall building will remain they will turn Kenya into a grazing zone.

Anonymous said...

for those of you who are blaming kenyans for reacting the way we did prior and after the elections whichever tribe we come from, you should know that that everyday the president enterws his office he has to be given a security feedback collected from allover the country before any other issue. it comes from our chiefs , sub chiefs, do's, dc's pc's internal security minister and police intelligence. this happens DAILY.

you just have to ask yourselves how President KIbaki dealt with this MATTERS OF NATIONAL SECURITY

Anonymous said...

How comes the Standard newspaper sets the topics for this blog?It has happened countless times that one is left wondering,doesnt Taabu have a brain of his own or is he so much lacking in creativity that he has to copy and paste what is appearing in the Standard?

Taabu said...

Hating the truth you see only qualifies you as a hypocrite. It never mutates and the truth remains valid no matter who says it. Scoundrels, as the post rightly posits, would rather live the beautiful lie. Poleni sana, no apologies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:41 AM,

It is obvious that it is the CONTENT of the Standard today which has rattled you (Michuki style). Who ever said that the truth hurts was right.

The standard is merely calling a spade a spade. It is just merely telling us what any Kenyan who is honest with him/herself already Knew: That Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki STOLE THE ELECTIONS of December 2007 - only that this time they are informing us of what was going on behind the scenes. No matter how many times you repeat a lie - that Mr Pumbavu won - it will never become the truth. Never! It will always remain what it is: A BIG FAT LIE.

Anon 6:41 AM, you are most likely one of those pumbavu shameless liars who have been claiming that Mwai "pumbavu" kibaki won the elections "fair and square." Shame on you! That was, and still is, a BIG FAT LIE. Mr Pumbavu did not win the elections. He lost and then STOLE them in broad daylight. Any other claims are pure nonsense.

Another thing: Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is the main cause of the post election violence via his THEFT OF THE ELECTIONS and his subsequent sins of omission and commission.

Anonymous said...

To all of you who would rather live a lie, here is some food for thought for you.

Hating the truth only qualifies you as a massive hypocrite (the Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi and Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka type hypocrites).

The truth never changes and always remains valid no matter who says it - all you Taabu haters take note. You merely hate him for the truth he writes on this blog.

Living a lie is the ultimate height of UPUMBAVU. It is foolish. When the chickens come home to roost - as they never fail to do, it will leave you with so many shameful stinking blobs of feaces on you face.

Anonymous said...

Go back to that image that played on CNN for Goodness knows how long, of a man being chased and then being hacked to death with a panga.

I cannot see why every single person involved in that violence should not be prosecuted. We still need a local solution, there is no excuse for murder, property destruction and discrimination.

Remembering that image, always reminds me that for Kenya, there is no choice, we must change, whether some people like it or not.

Anonymous said...


Moreno Ocampo of the ICC is neither naive nor is he so foolish as to restrict himself to the anti-Kalenjin Waki report. He will investigate afresh and Waki must ready to defend himself as to why his report covered crimes of Mwai Kibaki. There will also be the obvious actions of Mutula Kilonzo of clearing the competition field for Kalonzo Musyoka by sending Ruto and Raila to The Hague knowing very well that Kibaki's case is sealed.
Even the gods can not punish those who defend their land, like the Kalenjins.

Victor said...

well well it looks like some reports are being allowed to slip through the cracks

deroo said...

Someobody said and I tend to interpret it in my juvenile English, as the masters of sacarsm have insisted all along that...When the kitchen gets hot, even the cook cannot withstand it...

It is very hot in the ODM wing of the coalition and I am enjoying this game. I think our spin will be put on hold for the time being. Ati...I can make it without the MPs and political leaders...kitu gani? Leta Part Two.

I love to see egoists go down and history is witnessing that this time round.

Another day...


deroo said...

Sangiri, kabila adui or madoadoa should be allowed to go back to the land if Raila is to get the Kikuyu vote. Sawa.

And the corrupt elected alongside him should face the law devoid of impunity...Ruto (Land and many others); Zakayo Cheruyiot (Anglo Leasing, Land and many other including abuse of power); sammy Mwaita (same as above); Raila Odinga, Molasses (it is in the Ndungu Report and many other).

Iko swali????


M-Pesa said...

Ndio iko swali

What compensation needs to be paid to convert Derek from a hollow and shallow cheap tribalist to a full grown Kenyan man

Ninajibu pia

Sorry, its impossible, no doctor in his right mind will touch that decaying degenerate brain,

leta ingine

onlinebizteam said...


Your irrational hatred of Raila, (plus your kabila adui lies) that borders on madness will one day severely depress you when the chickens of your hatred and lies come back home - to you - to roost.

Living a lie is the ultimate height of UPUMBAVU. It is foolish. When the chickens come home to roost - as they never fail to do, they will leave you with so many SELF INFLICTED, shameful stinking blobs of feaces on your face.

Deroo, instead of preparing to "celebrate" over Raila's "downfall," get prepared to be severly depressed when your expectation fail to materialize. That, you can take to the bank.

mburu said...

it is so heart breaking that we cannot speak as kenyans even after 40 years of indepedence.many things have change,cities have come up,roads are constructed,factories are established etc.but our hearts never change;God is waiting and watching when our hearts will change and welcome the other irrespective of which part of kenya one comes from.
its a great shame that we cannot make a fair and sound judgement on an evil done in our society of killing of innocent people, that we must go to HAGUE; yet we confindently talk of development plan of 2030.

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