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Friday, August 07, 2009

Bye Hilary Clinton, You’re Obama’s Catapult

She came, shouted herself hoarse and left plenty of heat with no trace of light. Hilary Clinton was such a powerful catapult for Obama who will not reduce himself to gracing our shores soon. And as predictable as the sun sets in the east Hilary took the moral high ground delivering great lecture to an unwilling audience.

Her theatrics are over and we are back to own ways. Hilary and Obama are better advised that no amount of noise will make us deviate from our goals. They must know that post election violence which they often exploit to as a pretext to harass us is our exclusive making.

We know the colour and taste our own blood better and we have more pressing issues like IDPs to settle instead of watching video links from Washington. Clinton can shout all the much she cares about reforms but we know we have our own IRON LADY Martha who is real steel with the penchant to never taking hostages nor suffering fools lightly.

So POTUS Barack Obama takes the relationship with Kenya very seriously and very personally? So what? Yes he can mouth all the platitudes but he cannot hold any candle to our own PORK who was already a don when he was born.

US should be the last country to lecture anybody on impunity. And we are miles ahead of them in terms of human rights and good governance. Look who between Kenya and US is a signatory to the Rome Statute.

So Hilary waxes democratic and articulate by reminding us that fighting impunity is like a rite of passage and the only road forward. So what, we have heard that before. In fact we are treading that bloody road since December 2007. Leta ingine.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever feel the need to contribute subtanstively to the debate on issues affecting Kenyans or are you comfortable playing the role of a perenial whinny bitch?

Reading KK is like having to listen to ten women whose "that time of the month" happens to be all the days of the calendar.

Anonymous said...

wewe Taabu,
what do you have against international exported LECTURES and DOWN-DRESSING? indeed we needed that. sitting there like primary school children being told what we already know does not HURT anyone.

Too bad the people that really needed to hear it were NOWHERE to be seen, but be sure they heard and will have lots of SOVREIGN indignity to spew tomorrow

meanwhile enjoy the experience bro-nothing beats SQUARE ONE and CIRCULAR MOTIONS bereft of any real movement

M-Pesa said...

Raila, Agwambo, Tinga, Nyundo, Baba Fidel, Rt Hon PM, Arap Mibei, Obama's cousin or whatever he's calling himself this week is indeed a funny man.

When he was outside power just some few years back, he loved it when Moi and Kibaki got tongue lash from the diplomats and international community.

But now that he's drowning right up to his eye balls in power, fame, hummers, money and luxury, he says we don't need "lectures" from the west, although we are happy to take and squander the cash from the donors.

He has refused to act on corrupt ministers in his own party. He has refused to act on mass murderers sitting in his own cabinet and he doesn't want to know while his eyes are singularly trained on 2012.

Funny how some "democrats or pan africanists" change when it's their turn to eat. Unfortunately, the joke is still on you!

Anonymous said...

As we said a couple of days ago, Hilary came and left with a hoarse voice, but thank goodness she didn't tear off her hair while lecturing us. Here is a sample of how some Kenyans felt about her lectures:

* Some Kalenjin barbarian didn't have time for her lectures because she didn't bring her daughter along and sell her off to him for some 20 cows and goats.

* Agwambo's ear-drums were uncomfortable with governance lectures when he is enjoying chase cars, VIP toilets and fish lunch with his boss.

* And Snoozer Kibaki was heard muttering, "I have been there, done that. What are Hilary's lectures compared to Lucy's pajamas sessions at The Standard."

* The lest of the nation was heard to yawn and say: "Next, Ocampo, take your turn, please!!"

At the end, it is us to know what to do with our sovereignty and not some foreign mulato or mzungu from Washington, DC, or from wherever.

Anonymous said...

Even in the middle of a contentious situation in governance and public accountability in Kenyan politics, the United States of America and Western Allies can only nudge carefully for constitutional reforms, because beyond Kenya, the continent of Africa is littered with previous military dictatorships, failed states, active wars and latent hot spots.

That President Obama of the United States has a Kenyan ancestry makes it more urgent that his father's homeland puts its house in order as a vibrant democracy. But even President Obama can only push so far given the complex ethnic politics of Kenya, which currently pits his Luo cousins against the House of Mumbi and GEMA tribes, with the Kalenjin, Kamba, Luyia, Kisii, and the Coastals offering a moderating influence. That is the reality of Kenyan politics.

Any credible Constitutional Reforms, and the exorcising the country of the demons of the 2007 post-election violence through the reforms of the Judiciary and the police force, will require the collective courage of Parliament, the Prime Minister Odinga, President Kibaki. I cannot name everybody, but Mr. Balala, Mr. Ongeri, Mr. Ruto, Mr. Mudavadi, Mr. Kalonzo, Mr. Saitoti, Mr. Ntimama, Mr. Kenyatta and other leaders must sacrifice their personal political ambitions in order to see a new constitutional order.

The WAKI LIST at the Hague should see the light of day, and credible trials held to assuage those who lost their kin and property in the post-election violence.

Mr. Obama can only nudge Kenya to act, because Kenya is for Kenyans. Our leaders must rise to be counted. This is the hour. Give Mr. Obama a bright spot on the map to point to with pride. That appears to be his plea to the land of his father, even as he cautions Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Kwaheri Mrs Clinton.If you had visited Kenya a few years earlier,we would have welcomed you with a very hearty KARIBU KENYA,HAKUNA MATATA.But nowadays there is a chronic shortage of everything from rain,water,food,money,fuel and now power so we have since downgraded that phrase and so we now welcome guests with,KARIBU KENYA,HAKUNA KILA KITU!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:17 if that is your original contribution you just made my day.

Kalya David said...

Taabu, you belong to a doomsday cult. You and those sexist, racist republicans who could not contemplate a black US president or a woman for that matter. sail in the same boat.

Hilary Clinton was spot on, Obama has changed the History class syllabus the world over, and doggonit TAABU, however much you hate this fact:Obama's dad was Kenyan, Obama has a personal attachment to this country, he's the POTUS today, and y'all haters can't accept that he's impactng the world order in a big way.

Its called tough love, for the uninitiated and no way in hell would you dismiss it to mean they mean ill.What would they gain or lose if Kenya didn't play ball anyway?

somewhere halfway your post you sounded like, Rush Limbaugh,Mwangi Kiunjuri,Omar El Bashir, Hugo Chaves, Kim Jong Il and Chimp man Mugabe. Those who's political capital is bashing the successful contributors of global politics.

Anonymous said...

Taabu said...

Chill bro, ama? Don't get too hot under the collar. And BTW you may be very honest in all your takes but never premise them on assumptions. Just read in between the lines where no words exist and disabuse yourself of any illusion, ama?

I get your passion but you are months behind the rest. Nice take though. Tuko pamoja.

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