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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Hague Watch: Impunity Seeking Immunity

Nothing exemplifies a failed state better than a fractious cabinet. Here we have one theoretical cabinet with three camps of preferences: The Hague, local tribunal with powers to try anyone (read no sacred cows/immunity) and the latest kid on the block TJRC. It couldn’t get any spicier.

Impunity begets nothing but more impunity. We sowed it and must reap the bloody fruits. The three options clearly indicate the variants of selfish interest each group prefers with the intention of fixing perceived and real political opponents. The NOBODY-MOVES-NOBODY-GETS-HURT mentality is a selfishly smart scheme with all eyes singularly trained on magical 2012. Power to the moneyed.

Going in circles only succeed in making you dizzy. So now we are back to where Annan left us by declaring that the government is committed to undertaking ACCELERATED and far-reaching reforms as spelt out in Agenda Four. Play another original tune please!

The present costly pretence amounts to motions with no intention to cause any movement. We can as well enjoy the beauty of every floor on our way down from the top oblivious of the hard pavement (read 2012) waiting to crack our collective skull. Make no mistake January 2013 will be bloody and messy.

Only scoundrels seek complicated solutions to simple problems. The creators of 2007 mess wont own up neither will they give up. They had a mission they have to accomplish and no amount of pressure or blood will make them halt. And they have cleverly roped us in when we now join them in discussing the effects with no mention of the CAUSE.

Impunity-immunity tango dance
Living a national lie may never kill but the cost is incalculable. Give it to President Kibaki in leading from the front when he reprimands nosy journalist by shamelessly declaring that nobody has abandon the pursuit of local tribunal because that imagining was never created in the first place.

The standards of ICC are very clear. The present circular games will no wash. Whether we go local tribunal or Hague, the bar is raised and seekers of immunity and power of clemency have no place to hide. The guilty are afraid and who is scared to being stripped of immunity?

Mutula promised one Moreno Ocampo that Kenya will set up a credible judicial mechanism. What is more, the High Court option peddled by the cabinet is outside Waki’s recommendations of the Waki Commission. Both ways the noose is tightening and the dithering only succeeds in massaging egos.

Once you lose the moral authority, you never regain with fiat or bravado. The cabinet is rudderless and they know it. The fractious bunch are only fooling themsleves in attempt to circumvent an equally hostile parliament.

In the meantime the clock is ticking fast and furiously to 2012. Ole wetu, NA BADO.


Anonymous said...

Kibaki is frying himself in his own oil. Kwaheri kenya have a great journey downhill. When you reach down the valley hola we will pick up the pieces and make a new but true kenya!

Anonymous said...

wewe Taabu wacha kuonea Kenya
we are a sovreign nation not accountable to the world but to Kenyans ONLY

but Kenyans should stop this bad habit of baying for politicians blood-who said if you live by the sword you must die by it?what sadisfaction is derived from seeing a powerful personality incarcerated?

Fish was eaten in Bondo last week and now everything should be OK

Fish was consumed in Bondo and everything should now be OK

Anonymous said...

For those who always think they do,now you know.You dont really matter,not according to these politicians(we dont have leaders).You are just pawns in the game and as many of you as need be can be sacrificed to sustain those in power.And what justice is that you were clamouring for?Ati your pawn father,mother,brother,sister was killed or raped?What more justice are you asking for if we,the two principals can sit down,forgive each other and share a meal of fish.What more do you want thoughtless Kenyan?How long will it take for you to understand you are just A PAWN IN THE GAME?

Anonymous said...

And come 2012,if we the principals decide to disagree and unforgive each other,we will call on you little pawns to hate your neighbour some more,fight some more and kill each other some more so that sometime in future,we can forgive each other again and eat fish some more on your account!

Anonymous said...

And now the new districts have fallen off your radar screen....ha,ha, haaaa!

DM-Nairobi said...

The evil nature of our so-called leaders in cabinet never ceases to astonish me. They would rather protect killers than seek justice for the victims of their political games.

Clearly, Kenya is now headed towards a bloody and explosive finale in 2012. For those of us resident in Kenya, we need to save our lives by looking for all ways, any means, to get rid of this Kleptocracy and criminals pretending to govern Kenya.

Anonymous said...

The creators of 2007 mess wont own up neither will they give up. They had a mission they have to accomplish and no amount of pressure or blood will make them halt. And they have cleverly roped us in when we now join them in discussing the effects with no mention of the CAUSE.

Living a national lie may never kill but the cost is incalculable.

The standards of ICC are very clear. The present circular games will not wash. The seekers of immunity and power of clemency have no place to hide. The guilty are afraid.

Anonymous said...

so much for the Fish and Ugali this past weekend. our moribund and ineffective principals cannot rally their troops no matter what!

Martin said...

I won't even bother to answer people like Luke coz he obviously has Godfathers in the Government.and for your info, it is Jesus who said those words.The innocent blood will be repaid whether the likes of Luke like it or not. Kibaki won't fool the International community. Not this time. wait and see.

M-Pesa said...

Just like in the movie Ace Ventura starring Jim Carrey, Kibaki is indeed a master of disguises. Having pulled a fast one on unguarded Kenyans and the international community, the good president will act out his time tested formula.


I would urge all who care to listen to read Kibaki's speech on 20th Oct 2008, Kenyatta day. Said Kibaki: "I am aware that many Kenyans desire justice for past injustices. ... justice must be tempered with forgiveness for reconciliation to take root..

With killers still lurking in cabinet, urgent travel bans from the international community may show solidarity with Kenyans!

Anonymous said...

It is always difficult to understand what taabu is talking about. Ati "nothing exemplifies a failed state more than a fractious cabinet". Someone please tell me what this sentence means. Does it mean a divided cabinet? But the cabinet was united in the statement read by HE. No one has contradicted that position. All cabinets discuss various options and individuals take positions but eventually the cabinet takes one position.

When you watch the world's media you see so many problems in the world. ICC cannot deal with all these problems and the kenyan policians know it. The process that kenya will put in place will be approved by Ocampo because there is nothing else he can do.

Anonymous said...


Those who are waiting for Ocampo to ride to town to their rescue on a white horse will wait together with their children untill their butts flatten like chapatis!!

Moreno Ocampo will never come to Kenya unless it is to spend his Euros watching wildlife in Maasai Mara like any other mzungu.

If he ever becomes stupid enough to attempt to come do something else, he will meet his Waterloo and he knows it. He knows Kenya is the graveyard of the British Empire.

Anonymous said...

Those who are suggesting about Kikuyu-Luo alliance to support Raila don't understand Mt. Kenya politics. Ask yourselve: What will Kikuyus gain by supporting a Raila presidency? That is the question those people should answer.

Which alliance, Kikuyu-Luo or Kikuyu-Kalenjin, is more beneficial to the long term interests of the Kikuyu people.

Kikuyus are cool-headed calculators. So, don't waste your time talking about Kikuyus reciprocating to the Luos. You are wasting your time by appealing to the heart. Kikuyus are non-emotional.

Anonymous said...

Ocampo should make public the name of the suspects in his envelope for their own sake. You cannot keep suspects malingering in public and holding seats they can use to cleanse the crime scenes. Even as the GNU continues to make strategic steps as usual for their own interests, they should not forget that most of us were caught unawares in a war after the elections n Never again will that happen.

Anonymous said...

Kikuyus will never vote for a Luo president. Let them take that. Matiba could not bring himself to be the Vice President of Jaramogi. If he had accepted, he would have ended president. Let everyone know that from now henceforth, only the Luo will make a Kikuyu President. They did it in 1963 and 2002.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Meanwhile, as Kenyans debate how to try the PEV suspects, the GOK has changed the way it calculates inflation.

By excluding food prices in its calculation, the CBK can lie to Kenyans as they get poorer. Since most Kenyans spend most of their income on food, how can it be right to exclude their prices in inflation calculation?

Anonymous said...

Kenyans can only have themselves to blame,for putting too much faith in politicians at the expense of working institutions.See what is happening in SA,after Zuma went round during the campaigns promising improved standards of living once elected,the masses are holding him to account,pushing for those promises to be implemented.And this is happening barely 3 months after the elections.Contrast this with Kenya where a politician will lie from both sides of the mouth during campaigning knowing very well stupid Kenyans will never take them to task when elected.

Anonymous said...

We should allow raila to be president, so kenyans continue to be disappointed. They were disappointed after removing mzungu, they were disappointed after kenyatta and they were disappointed after moi. They will certainly be diasppointed after kibaki. raila will come with his people and the african nonesense will continue.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Anonymous wrote

They will certainly be diasppointed after kibaki. raila will come with his people and the african nonesense will continue.

Our views:

You are right. As we noted the other day, many are yet to grasp what is hitting us.

If any African country is to prosper, it will need a leader with the brains, courage and resoluteness of Thomas Sankara, Fidel Castro and Che Guevera combined.

Anonymous said...

This is happening in the land of the so called INDUSTRIOUS, ENTERPRISING and HARDWORKING (Nyahururu)

They gather in a huge crowd during "working hours" and hope that a trapped hippo and its calf will die so that they can "attack" it, carve out some chunks of meat and at least have some taste of meat after a long "drought.". How low have we sunk? TOO LOW!!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, it is pretty clear that the ICC will be a last resort.

So Kenyans, since they advocate this option, they better be prepared for a long process

papa plus said...

What a banana republic, what a joke.

UrXlnc said...

hehehe taabu

we saw this one coming

but lets move in with kazi iendelee theme

what are the chances of topping up and slashing of figures in this upcoming exercise


He (kibaki) noted that data from some areas may be manipulated to increase the allocation of devolved funds and warned that “cheating will be detected and dealt with accordingly.”

hehehehe thats a good one.

Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi asked the Ministry of Planning to make public the result of the one-week exercise.

“It is important that this time the census is made public when the data is ready,” he said, adding that information from the last two censuses was not formally released.

The secrecy in the data, he said, undermined the “integrity” of the census process.

The Planning Ministry has once been criticised for falsifying the poverty index --a key indicator in the allocation of the constituency development fund.

do we have any institution that still remains credible? with some integrity? or are they all in tatters?

Anonymous said...

Kenya belongs to Kikuyus and the allied tribes!

Anonymous said...

Kibaki should endorse Raila for 2012 so that he can get the huge GEMA block and ditch Ruto.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, as Agwambo babaika's hapa na pale begging Kyuks like this:

One Hon Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka calmly strums his manicured fingers knowing full well the kyuks (and the coalition of the willing) will be boarding his train thus:

Anonymous said...

write a new post already????

kalya david said...

why are Kenyans so pessimistic? Has anyone ever read the book the secret?Does anyone here understand that we are what we think? We are always quickly bashing and tarnishing our own country, yet, we offer no sound solutions. All we do is whine, throw tantrums and curse. Kenya is bigger than the current leadership and we all need to understand that what we are undergoing is part of growth... No one has the mandate to change the political lanndscape other than the, we need to rrealize thta elections have consequences and we have to live with them. In three years time, we'll have new leadres, nay, probably the same guys, but anyone who feels he's getting a raw deal should just run for office like Obama, and try make a differrence from there..
and back to the book the secret, its prudent to note that, we spend too much time drawing negative energy to the country by always being negative, retrogressive and pathetic.

Kenyan leaders need prayers and blessings to lead well, cos if we curse them, they'll fail, if they fail, we suffer, when Kenya suffers, the downtrodden feel it.

Its getting lame, lets be part of the solution, not always being quack doomsayers.

I love this country too much to let it go to the dogs, and all y'all Kenyans in the diaspora, please, you are too comfortable in other people's have no moral fiber to banish Kenya to the grave.... just because you've had opportunities, in fact others had to depend on bursaries, harambees and well wishers, who spent time tilling their Kenyan lands to make money to help you afford a plane ticket, these Kenyans you left behind deserve a good country too.Good health care, good infrastructure etc.

Think of it as a car with a drunk driver going on 180 mph on the freeway.... as a passenger, do you a) fight the wheel off him? b) curse him to get an accident?or c) encourage him to drive more carefully while praying and hoping that he pulls safely on the curb for a safe handover?

Kenya is too important to let it fry and we all have a duty to make it great.

Anonymous said...

kalya keeep praying by and for yourself. the leaders "thugs" we have need no prayers. No sane man would waste his time on that.

Mwarang'ethe said...

Ati bwana kalya david thinks all we need is prayers. No wonder Karl Marx said that, religion is the opium of the masses.

We need to follow the example of Jesus. We are told that, when He entered the temple area he drove out all who were buying and selling there.

He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.

Anonymous said...

what we need is people to have income generating rograms to free themselves from poverty and all the languishing that come with it. When one has ugali in the table then he can be taught on hoe to vote and stem out the corruption that is killin our beloved xtry.

Anonymous said...

ukabila and corrupt leadership is the order of the day.If we had policies that asssist common mwananchi to have a steady income then corruption will be gone.We can no longer depend on these hungry leaders who care about themselves in accumulating wealth. WE need to put our fate in our on hand and elect leadres who haven't lost theirs moral values and are sure enough to deliver?

UrXlnc said...

still on the census

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