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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hague Express Watch:Migingo Going To Court

International court season is here in full swing.The corridors of justice in Netherlands never anticipated they would be this busy playing host to contingents of East Africans seeking to settle human rights and real estate disputes all in the same year.

Now that Uganda is going to the Hague because of us, Kenya will be making a second appearance at the International Courts this time on the grounds of being a bad neighbour reneging on a joint survey agreement with our East African brothers. Hague prosecutors will happily switch sides both for and against Kenya depending on whether post election violence trials or Kenya v Uganda lands first in the docket

Political Mileage
Contrary documentation not withstanding, the populist remark made by President Kibaki during his Narc-nostalgic magic tour of Nyanza last week has shown the landlocked relative that Kenya is finally ready to lead from the front and by example on the unresolved matter of the island's true ownership even if the statement made was only for extra political mileage

The appointed Ugandan survey team has to be forgiven for postponing the start of the joint exercise to seek further consultations beforehand while the Kenyan team went ahead and made a start on the same assuming that such an important survey would have to have a preliminarily report carried out before the main course begun

Kenyans ever increasing faith in the Hague as the just and independent arbiter to help resolve disputes future is set to get a further big boost with this latest twist in the two countries ownership disagreement.

Never underestimate the power of FISH sourced fresh from Migingo and served under tent in Bondo. Yote Yawezekana na Hague in all her shades, border disputes and ICC.


Taabu said...

Ole wako. And where will you go now that your one acre paradise MIJINGO will soon be theatre of POST DISPUTE VIOLENCE? And have you paid M7 his dues ama ni ransom lest he spills the beans?

Anonymous said...

Luke stop being a copy cat of Taabu writing signature, like you may have noticed other than develop endless life draining ulcers, your hitherto guru is nothing.

by and by, this is yet another useless attempt to revive the dying embers of the fire that Migingo lit. Yours looks like that guests showing up at the party when the caterers are clearing the dirty dishes. but who can forgive your timing? no one wants to call a moron silly you know!!

Phil said...

Blogger Taabu said......

Never underestimate the power of FISH sourced fresh from Migingo and served under tent in Bondo.

You are right Taabu. And it is for only those who can read and discern.

As far as I am concerned, Kenya is on the verge of political revolution and this revolution will shake not just East Africa, but the entire African continent. It does not matter what Ruto, Kalonzo or Kibaki does.

Try and imagine what could have happened HAD WE in ODM conducted people driven inauguration at Uhuru Park on 29th Dec 2007?

Hiyo ina kuja. And there is nothing the Dereks and Vikiis of this evil world can do about it - apart from defect or blog aimlessly!

Anonymous said...

Uganda wants to go to ICC to report Kenya? I thought that place was for criminals... I suppose they meant the ICJ. Anyway, they can talk all they want, but since it was a juniour officer who said that (i.e. their lands commissioner) and not Museveni who was no 1 at reacting to it, we don think they are heading anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Try and Imagine if Uhuru Park happened??? Dont be silly - No one needs brains to imagine that we would have slaughtered each other mercilessly... and would be a few years to go from the hague decisions were are trying to come to terms with now.

UrXlnc said...


the catch phrase is that the Uganda survey team went to consult. Now assuming they are the surveying authority in UG, equipped with the latest and greatest in techno gadgets, GPS, Trimble, etc. and even mobile phones

and yet they have to physically go to consult, so what are they consulting? medicine (juju) men, the oracle, books, maps, M7, hehehe iko mambo.

UrXlnc said...

specifically, if there is a dispute in methodology/technology, why not ask a third party entity to handle the technicality e.g National Geographic, why suggest the ICC? Unless off course someone somewhere thinks some people are allergic to the hague., 34.363861083984375&z=9

Anonymous said...

Another diversionary post.Should have imagined seeing the beneficiaries of the Mau list posted here so that we can understand why some people have been shouting the loudest.But no,that will never happen here at KK and then go ahead to blame the politicians.The rot starts in our heads by choosing to see things selectively.

Anonymous said...


We look forward to the glorious reign of His Majesty. On a serious note, why are you so sure that rao's presidency would be successful? Or is the uhuru park corronation an end in itself?

Mama said...


Tell Uganda to go! Do they think we are scared of international courts? Especially with arguments like 'the land is Kenya's but the water is ours?'

The words 'pumbavu' and 'mavi ya kuku' come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Kenya neeeds to start a fresh and not just a revolution but a "real revolution" will cleanse kenya.

The last elections was a blessing in disguise. Its refreshing to see how kenyans come out today to defend their environment with one voice, their territory, their rights. The next stop is parliament. The MPs salaries will eventually reflect the realities on the ground.
Here we come kenya

Anonymous said...

Migingo is half an acre that belongs to Kenya. Period. So there is no way for me to argue about it.

What I'm thinking at the moment is Mau. I believe Raila is taking the sacrifice that we have all along wanted him to take. It's time that he should go ahead for the sake of saving millions of lives even if he'll loose thousands in politics - maybe even the millions of lives he'll save may lead to his gain politically.

Ama sivyo?

Anonymous said...

Mau is and will always be a Masaai-land! Kalenjins knows this all too well... and we masaai's have no say in this whole Mau saga.
Talk of marginalisation, Masaai have been marginalised for too long,... been push further and further away. Masaais owns the biggest land in Kenya. Half of kenya is masaai land! All the way to Eldoret, mt Elgon, Mt, Kenya, Naivasha, Laikipia, some parts of Nyeri, machakos, Mtito Andei, Nairobi, some parts of taita-land... all these places were once Masaai-land!
God help Masaai people... were have been robbed and pushed away but no-one speak for us.

Kenya without masaai people is no Kenya!

Anonymous said...

Moi with his Nyayo tyranny were the Key beneficiaries of massive looting and mis-management of public property.

After the revelation of the Mau list of SHAME, how can we respect the former president, Daniel arap Moi as a responsible elder? Nobody in his right mind can listen to any of his "Advice" which he keeps on "giving"

Anonymous said...

That man called Daniel Moi grabbed Mau Forest and allocated the plots there to buy votes, besides the votes he stole in all his elections. No wonder he supported Kibaki in the last elections of 2007 that Kibaki STOLE. Birds of the same feathers flock together

He should be taken to court to answer why he allocated these plots illegally.

Can you believe that we are paying this man millions in his retirement after messing up the country! This is outrageous.

Anonymous said...

Kiptagich Tea Estates, Sian Enterprises and Kelewa Enterprises — all believed to be associated with retired President Daniel arap Moi — were given 80,118.89 and 28.80 hectares respectively.

This Mzee (Moi) should just shut up instead of giving Kenyans and irritating us with his useless "advice"

It should be clear to everyone by now why Mr Moi has always been very - irrationally - scared of the AGWAMBO. He has always feared that his MISDEEDS would be uncovered should Raila be anywhere near the leadership of this country.

Moi messed up this country via the destruction of the Mau and his other huge financial Mega THEFTS, such as GOLDENBERG, from the Kenyan people. HE SHOULD BE MADE TO PAY. He should not get away scotfree. If he deos, it will be sending the wrong message that IMPUNITY pays and is "worthwhile" and "Legitimate"

SHAKA said...

Moi was clearly following the foot steps (Fuata nyayo)of his predicessor Jomo Senior.Jomo junior is the last person who should comment on the mau.His father together with Basil criticos displced all the Taita/tavetas.They collectively own the two districts while the indegineous inhabitants are squatters.
Most people did not understand what moi meant by fuata nyayo.His actions truly reflect what Kenyatta did namely assassinations,impunity,land grabbing,15% free shares as precondition for any foreign investor coming to Kenya.
Why do you think the two familiies own have shares either directly or through proxies in nearly 80% of the companies in Kenya?Go raila we are behind you.
The next step is table all major government land original allotees from independence to date.Let us not demonise kalenjins only and leave others who have grabbed other areas such as aberdares,Coastlines,voi etc

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:40 AM,

You are very right, let us not demonize all Kelenjins. The ordinary Kalenjins I have encountered in my interactions and stays with them are very decent people, very polite and hospitable and not warlike as some people have tried to portray them. I should know. I have stayed with them for over 15 years.

It is the elite of all tribes who are the problem in Kenya. You have seen the Mau list of shame, it is full of kalenjin elite. Now, the same thing that the Kalenjin elite have done to their own people is what the elite of the other tribes in Kenya have done to their own people.

At the risk of belabouring the point the bottom line is that our elites of all tribes have just been as rapacious and maybe even worse than the kalenjin elite. You just have to look at how the Kikuyu elite have been looting from the common Kikuyu since independence thru land grabbing, mismanagement and looting of predominantly Kikuyu organizations.

This might sound crazy but remember the Safaricom share issue at the beginning of last year (2008), the main drivers of the share issue were Kyuks - the elite who made a killing; while the vast majority of the buyers of the shares were Kyuks, a lot of who got their fingers burnt and as of now have not got their safaricom refunds back! When Raila told them that these shares were not good and were riddled with a lot of "monkey business" they told him that he was making noise - domo domo. Amos Kimunya even had the pumbavu audacity to tell Raila that the "stock market is not a fish market." PHEW!!

Bottome line: we should stop following our respective tribal elites blindly.

Taabu said...

Not rain of anybody's party after the Mau list of shame MUST come that containing who acquuired and sold what with govt since independence and particularly the last 5 years.

The Kale theives must carry their own cross and so do the rest. Mau crisis is IMPUNITY on our kitchen and tables hence the unanimity in conservation.

But before you ulalate, know your water is ready for SHAVING. You haven't seen the ROT yet. Land fraud may be easy to expose hence the present list but when the spotlight turns into the mega deals using paper and pen, wacha tu.

Anonymous said...

Jomo Jnr is the LAST Person who should Comment on the Mau.

Uhuru's father together with Basil criticos displaced all the Taita/tavetas. They collectively own the two districts while the indegineous inhabitants are squatters.

Most people did not understand what Daniel arap Moi meant by fuata nyayo. Moi was clearly following the foot steps (fuata nyayo) of his predicessor Jomo Senior.

Moi's actions while in the leadership of this country for 24 years truly reflect what Kenyatta did namely assassinations, impunity, land grabbing, 15% free shares as precondition for any foreign investor coming to Kenya... etc etc

Jigga said...

Mr Taabu, have Kalenjins who bought land settled in the Mau and were issued with titles by a legitimate government become thieves ? What about the maasai ? Watch your statements my friend.

Taabu said...

Not so quick mate. The theieves are all there and you must have no apologies in lynching them. The real squater is just a pawn in this game and will be relocated and compensated. The THIEVES who steal in their name must carry their crosses. Need I say more?

And while at it justice must be blind and go after all present paper thieves.

Anonymous said...

kenya is burning! TJRC to try post election violence thugs.
This the biggest joke of the decade from this bloated and useless cabinet.

Mwarang'ethe said...

It seems to us that, the idea that the TJRC can deal with international crimes is a non - starter.

Anonymous said...

Cabinet decides: NO ICC, NO LOCAL TRIBUNAL but TJRC will do.

Taabu said...

Impunity mutates and in search of immunity only possible through TJRC. We haven't seen anything yet and come 2012 what a marvelous RED RIVER Kenya will be?

Be very afraid. You have been warned on the dangers of entrusting your flock to the care of WOLVES, ole wetu.

deroo said...

Phil, I respect you as a person. I dont hate you at all and never will I. It is from my heart of hearts. Sincere and honest. That is where I place you. It is only our POLITICAL leanings that set us asunder.

On that Phil, me, I will not change. In the coming one year, I will roll out my 2012 plan and it will be simple that Kazi itaendelea, kuendelea.

The revolution you are saying, is not new. I mooted it in 2007 and I was bumped. But now, the revolution will be vijana and vijana and vijana. Forget Jimmy. He can maintain their family citadel in Othaya, but kwingine, Phil my buddy, wait and see. You have a mountain to climb. It is high!


Anee said...

Forget about Migingo and Mau: What if we the people of RV, Western, Nyanza and Coast decide to be part Uganda? What will happen? dont crucify me; Am just thinking aloud. Now that we just want to wish away what happened in 2008, I bet 2012 will be the end of Kenya. It is much better we end it earlier and in an amicable way than in a bloodbath. I dont mean that we are moving away to Uganda, not at all; we are shifting the boundaries from Busia to Naivasha, to Voi, to the shores of L. Turkana, all the way to the horn of Coast that meets Somalia and we be part of Uganda.To me; it becomes a viable and posibble option to peace. M7 should forget about the 1 acre of Migingo, Iddi Amin was right, we are in Uganda. M7, are you listening Mr President? There are 4 provinces which are willing to join Uganda now that it has oil reserves more than Gulf states combined. What if this happens.

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