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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kenya's Slimy Mess!

Kenya is the only country in the world whose people care so much about ethnicity that it is seen as one of the qualifications during electioneering. It is indeed strange to see politicians who attended the most prestigious universities in the world retreating to their tribal cocoons to preach tribal hatred and politics of disharmony in order to win sympathy votes from their ethnic communities. But if the leaders are bad, then the people are worse! For, why do we take whatever balderdash that comes out of politicians’ foul mouths as the gospel truth? And by the way, who elects the leaders?

We don’t need rocket science to know that ethnicity and graft are twin problems that have prevented Kenya from achieving progress. We all know the problem but we prefer sitting back and complaining about bad governance while in fact we happen to be the very architects of the problems bedeviling our country. We must wake up from our deep slumber and stand up for our rights. We need to understand that politicians play the tribal card to their advantage. Their object is to keep the citizenry busy fighting over petty issues as they (politicians) milk the public coffers dry!

People who believe that people from certain parts of our republic can not lead just because, in their stupid opinion, they ‘belong to the wrong tribe’(kabila adui) are simply not worth living in this modern world. I assert this because I strongly believe that ‘belonging to tribe X or tribe Y is nothing but a biological accident!’ I also call attention to the fact that a person’s character and not the language he speaks is what matters most. For that reason, the question of one’s tribe is irrelevant not only in matters political but in everything.

Fellow country men and women, it is an open secret that ethnicity will take us nowhere and the sooner we stop it the sooner our country will start achieving progress. The choice is ours; the future of our country is in our hands. Away with tribalism!.


One Wife Man said...

Ritch aka Ritch,
welcome back and long time umepotea? nice to e-see you

if our leaders are bad (hmmm....) and we the people who elect the leaders are worse(ahem....) then i'm afraid it is ROCKET SCIENCE that has prevented Kenya from achieving progress

nevertheless preach it brother, from the mountaintops to the valleys.sometimes a nice e-sermon is good to unburden the soul

Anonymous said...

There are some of us Kenyans who don't know what tribe we belong to. I for one am a son of a Kamba father (whose father is half-Kamba-half-Luhya) and a Luo mother (whose father is half-Luo-half-Nandi). I speak neither Kikamba, Luhya, Dholuo nor Nandi. I grew up in Meru and so I speak Kimeru fluently. Which tribe am I?
Who do the Kenyan Asians, Arabs, Somalis, Europeans, Americans vote for if everybody votes tribal? After you vote for your tribe and you lose, does this reduce the number of Ugali plates on your table? Kenya has had only Kikuyu and Kalenjin presidents, how has this affected the Kisiis and Luhyas and Taitas who have never had a president?

I am asking these rhetoric questions for us to see that tribe is nothing and apart from the feel-good attitude one gets when his tribe is at the helm, there is nothing else to be proud of. Kenyans feel good that Obama their son is the most powerful man on earth. But what else is there for them?
Martin Luther said it well, "do not judge a man by the colour of his skin (or tribe), but by the content of his character."

I wish there was a way of hammering in Kenyans'heads that we are all Kenyan. Full stop. Everything else is secondary and tertiary.

Anonymous said...

Ritch, R u trying to redeem yourself from that crappy post you and Mwalimu posted yesterday?

Whatever the case, this one make a whole lot of sense. And I agree with you, WE the stupid 'ordinary' Kenyans are to blame for our own woes. We are so gulliable that if the politicians tell us our poor neighbours are the hinderance to kenya's promise land we believe them and go after our neighbours.

Next time Ritch, preach about Kenyans morals. Our morals are rotten to core. The current state of our nation represent our morals. We want change but we're not ready to change.

Phil's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Martin Luther said it well, "do not judge a man by the colour of his skin (or tribe), but by the content of his character."

--I have heard the bumpkin say this a number of times.....heh-heh-heh

Anonymous said...


Where are you? That was a good game @ stamford bridge:)! Sadly, I am a red fan(:

Phil's Mistress

One Wife Man said...

Taabu aka Mwalimu,
If there was any justice in this world we would all be walking ALONE at LV

Taabu's Mistress said...


You have written a well educated piece. However, as you very well know, Taabu, Phil, Sam Okello, Kalamari just to name a few, are major contributors here who ensure that one tribe is maligned. Taabu has a habit of saying that one tribe that he loathes believes the presidency is a birth right. Okello told us the only fellow who can rule Kenya is his 64 year old tribes man, Phil is raila's hawk, he reminds me of Kamotho of the baba na mama fame. so you better start by preaching to these goons since they promote alot of tribal e-hatred.

by the way, 'kabila adui' was introduced by non other than raila to malign kikuyus in 2007 elections. they also came up with 'madoadoa'....and tried to hide it under majimbo.

too bad..

Vikii said...

Phil's mistress niko. I had to feign a nasty cold at work so I could witness the spectacle. Please accept my consolation, but acknowledge that the better team over the two legs advanced.

After Liverpool (your team) thumped Madrid and United (in the league), everybody rushed to declare them tournament favourites and I disagreed. Once again, I disagree with the myth of Barca's invincibility. Chelsea will beat them in an easier fashion than any other team they have played in this champions league and then proceed to the formality final against Porto, oh sorry, against Arsenal, sorry, against whoever gets to the final. We all love Frank Lampard, don't we?

More importantly, and concerning your post, Mr. Mbuthia, first of all it is a beautiful piece. If we, as a people, do not shed off tribalism as an issue in Presidential politics, we are doomed. Tribalism is the single biggest phenomenon responsible for the chaotic station we are in as a country. Forget corruption and take another look at negative ethnicity if you are interested in curing our biggest cancer.

You know when I was growing up, I remember us making fun of Daniel Moi's persistent and seemingly stupid description of multi party presidential politics as posing a serious threat to nationhood. People always brushed it aside as a statement coming from an old,self-serving, grandiose illiterate President BUT what's been proven now is that a country full of people so immature in so many ways is the wrong place to practice democracy. Instead of people using it to help themselves, they,ve debauched it with such shameful concepts as tribalism to hurt themselves. How moronic can we get!!!

Anonymous said...

Vikii stop that crap,

It is not multipartism that is the cause of tribalism. it is the leaders. How many tribes are in India, America, Nigeria all of which are multiparty states-yet tribalism is not such a factor as in Kenya? There was tribalism during Moi's one party rule (have you so soon forgotten?) There was tribalism during Kenyatta's one party rule (were you born then?). Moi used the multipartism-will-bring-tribalism epithet to cling to power. And when he saw he was losing, he made sure tribalism gets worse. Do you remember the Molo ETHNIC clashes? Even now he tells the Kalenjins to remain in KANU. Why hasn't he told the Kikuyus, Luos, Luhyas to join KANU?
Kirwa described him well when he said he is a democrat of no shade. Don't mention Moi in the same sentence with stopping tribalism. Tribalism starts from the top. When Kibaki was newly elected president, Kenya was the most optimistic country in the world. When in every office "atherere" was the official language, Kenya became the most pessimistic country in the world. Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki are the CAUSES of tribalism in Kenya. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe moi increased tribal tensions; every time he spoke publicly he talked about nationalism

Anonymous said...

take a different approach - embrace ethnicity and tribalism - ethnic nationalism - embrace diversity; the swiss, belgium and canada do; in belgium you have 2 tribes (flemish and ..), in canada you have quebec and the rest....this would mean majimboism

Anonymous said...

Kiraithe said, ofcourse quoting someone, "the values enforced in society are those demanded by the citizens". Has the citizen demanded a corruption and tribalism free society? NO. So the police, mps and other authorities will not enforce those values. People always talk of bad leaders but there is nothing like that. Leaders will be what we ask them to be. Yesterday calist mwatela penned a nice piece in the Nation in which he said during elections candidates have to deal with sayings like "Mkono mtupu haulambwi". If this is the way the people think how could they end up with better leaders.

Can we be given practical ways of reducing (not eliminating) graft and tribalism. Everyone knows they are the problems. I will start: some form of majimbo (preferably canadian) is a must. Majimbo is first and foremost a cure for the problems brought about by diversity.

Philip said...

I've been thinking, "what is the cause of tribalism?"

Is it pride, greed, selfishness and jealousy?

This is because if you ask a Luo what he/she thinks about the government, he/she will throw a lot of tantrums about Kibaki and his henchmen. However if you ask a Kikuyu the same question he/she will throw a lot of gibberish about the Grand Coalition government, but never to accuse the personality of Kibaki (he/she doesn't see any problem with the individuals in government but see a lot of problems in Grand Coalition government - a shorthand, meaning that Raila is the problem)

A Luo doesn't see any problem when Raila steals, similarly a Kikuyu doesn't see any problem when Kibaki steals and a Kalenjin doesn't have any problem when Ruto steals. Why is it so? Is it that we think that when our man steals then through trickle down effect we will also gain? Maybe, and that's why we don't have any problem when a politician from our tribe steals but see disaster and pray for our dear Kenya not to fall into the hands of hyenas when a politician from another tribe steals.

Sometimes I tend to think also that the behaviours of our politicians is a mirror of our society.

If you increase fare just because it is raining or there is a serious traffick jam, if you jump over the queue just because you think you are the only one in a hurry and others are not important, if you despise others just because you have more money than them, if you borrow money from a friend without any intention to return it etc what shows that you might become better than the current politicians if given a chance?

I believe the problem of our politicians is inside us and the solution is with us and not Obama or Annan.

Philip the Visitor.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:09pm and Anon @ 10:12pm,

Leaders (especially political ones) in Kenya are worshiped. They then exploit this to the maximum. One way is to keep the people poor so that when you give them something they think you are a saviour. The "mkono mtupu haulambwi" episodes would never occur if Kenyans were living above poverty level and were assured of the next meal. Then they would be talking issues. But now all that matters is "tumbo". Do you remember Moi boasting that the way to get a Luhya vote is to give a lesso and sugar, and that a Luo can be bought with 5000/=? Do you remember the chorus that went like "kula kwa Kibaki, kura kwa Raila?" Can you imagine politicians eating money set aside for the IDPs and maize for the low earners? Why? Keep them poor and at an opportune time, give them alms from the same loot. They will praise you and worship you. So is it the politician or the mwananchi to blame? Moi used to preach nationalism, but action speaks better than words. Kenyans are so poor that they still go to collect fuel from overturned tankers, even after witnessing the Sachangwan tragedy. And what do they say? "Kama siku yako ya kifo imefika, imefika na kama haijafika, haijafika. Surely would you expect such persons to vote for you without you tipping them? Not when you have arrived in a helicopter and are being driven around in a Hummer.

Anonymous said...

All these comments and not one that mentions the word "institutions". Friends, the issue is not the electorate or tribes or leaders. Leaders come and go. It is said that 50% or people will cheat if they know they will not get caught. The instituins of the Kenya governments are such that they prevent accountability, which in turn rewards kickbacks.

Please for the sake of all that is good, let "Reform" be the new mantra.. tell your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors (of whatever ethnicity).. anyone who will listen - make reform the main criteria by which to judge the Coalition. Diversity can be a strength, especially in a globalized world. We are not enemies. The enemy is antiquated institutions that do not engender accountability.

Anonymous said...

Why do Kenyans embrace tribalism?

It is because they hope to gain from it. Look at the set up in Kenyatta's, Moi's and Kibaki's regimes.

The Kalenjins gained totally and the Kikuyus gained terribly and are still gaining a million times from tribalism. Every police post at district level is occupied by a Kikuyu, the army, the Central Bank, The Treasury, etc. Where money is, there is a Kikuyu (there was a Kalenjin).

Unless we divide jobs and duties fairly among ALL Kenyans, people will always want their own to be the President (even if he is as useless as Kifaki, as brutal as Koi and a killer like Kenyafaa).

Anonymous said...

This majimbo issue, when repeated over and over, is sweetly clothed to mean, to the common man, kila kabila rudi ulikotoka in the precolonial era. Then why do this politicians who preach it day and night want to live in Nairobi, I wonder. One part, the larger, was Maasai, and the other (Dagorreti, Kikuyu, Runda, Muthaiga, Githurai, Kahawa, etc) for Kikuyus. This politicians who incite us (Kenyans will not burn their neighbour houses or loot without some incitement by a politician) own homes, flats and businesses in this areas. Terms like "kabila adui" and "madoadoa" have been used in the past. The fact remains that as a nation we must learn to live with each other, for if we do not, and we are continue being balkanised by our politicians, we shall all lose, including them. If PEV continued, and civil war erupted in full force, with the tension that had engulfed the city estates, and with Mungiki in top gear, it was probable Nairobi estates would have returned into the precolonial set up (or to the full control of the largest ethnic group), as happened in Naivasha and Nakuru, or had ealier happened with Eldoret probably with the exception of City Center.

Kenyans, we must begin using common sense, and put an end to our tribal way of thinking, or the model fomulated by our inciters that we shall benefit if we flush out "foreigners." The truth is that we shall all lose, for if we define ourselves by tribe, then we are all foreigners in other people land, including the silly, stupid, gullible, mentally challenged, infirm, dim, thick, dense, unintelligent and dull politicians who make us fit the same descriptions and adjectives for in our shallow reasoning and thinking, we hardly question anything uttered by them. They think for us.

When we go to war again, and I fear that it will happen coz even hunger and inflation after maize and oil theft has not taught us a lesson of our common heritage and problems (two tribes, the rich and the poor) all of us, including the politicians, all the 42 ethnic groups, shall suffer. Be prepared. We never learn,nor are we able to evaluate and interprete, to properly understand consequences. And to politicians, both in the PNU and ODM, begin using you common sense.

Anonymous said...

Philip the Visitor.

4/14/09 11:11 PM

I agree with you fully while anon 4/15/09 12:08 AM

i somehow disagree with you.

When we talk about institutions we should know that they are managed/run by the same people who come from our societies and the same society is made up of us the people who are inturn are corrupt.That is self explanantory.

We should not just talk about government institutions we have even personal institutions which guides me/you how to act in an orderly manner and if we realize that then everything will fall in the right places.

If even Bishops join politics and then mmmm what happens after that ? Your guess is as good as mine.We are living a life of lies not that we do not know what to do we know very well what we should do but do i say ? You saw how men of Christ acted during the PEV by saying that the agrieved to go to court knowing very well what happened.After all they steal then they repent their sins at night to those bishops and life goes on.That is the problem.

I tend to think that there should be a rule/law that any person who wants to be an MP should not seek to be elected from the province of his/her birth place like cental people should seek to be elected in Nyanza and Nyanza people North Eastern etc and one cannot seek re-election in the same province so they have to keep on changing and to do this they have to do good politics throughout because they do not know where they will seek elections.They have to bring development everywhere and have a good character because after all your tribe will not elect you.That is what i have been thinking that can bring some changes hata kama ni kidogo.The presidential candidates should not belong to any political party just to avoid the party politics.This will make the presidential candidates be chosen because of their characters.Any coalition should not be allowed like PNU/ODM etc.They should also allow independent candidates too.I believe that there are people who can work this kind of thing well and see us get good leaders.

On the other side Nyanza wamepata maendeleo UG is just by boat and you are there (Migingo Island) you forget about our corrupt country ama huko pia ni TKK ? Get a PP and move to UG men wacheni kupiga domo.I wish it was near Central inge kuwa biashara poa sana.Kwani ni faida gani kuitwa mkenya na UG ndiyo wanakupatia usalama na unga !! learn how to stay well with your new maburdies see how the people of the lake are a sleep.

Have a good day men that is what my small mind had.

M-Pesa said...

Old Stuff.....

Absolutely nothing new here!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4/15/09 1:49 AM,

Looks like you didn't do history at all.
Kikuyu land extends as far as to the Ngong hills from the North(all affluent Nairobi Suburbs including Karen are built in Kikuyu land!). Masaai land was where the town centre is, extending further South(Wilson Aiport, Langata, Nyayo stadium etc) to east (Buruburu, Umoja, Dandora etc) while some parts of Eastland (some parts of Embakasi, athi River etc) is Kambaland.

Anonymous said...

If Raila brings trouble in 2012, Luos must be ready vacate Nairobi heading back to Kisumu in the spirit of majimbo. No two ways about it.

Anonymous said...

Suggestions to stamp out tribalism.

1)Only national parties to be allowed to contest in general elections- i.e. death of ODM-K, Ford-K, Ford-P, Narc-K, etc.

2) The role of MPs and Ministers to be redefined. An MP is a law maker and must be elected by the people. A Minister must be a professional and is nominated by PM or President but cleared by parliament and professional body and civil society.


3)Provinces to be indipendent civic goverments, with their presidents elected by the people. Provincial Presidents (PP)should be in charge of CDF and all developments in their regions and towns. The mayors represent towns ONLY. NO Ministry of Local Gov.

4)The 8 Provincial Presidents (PP)are automatically members of Parliament.

5)PM will be the leader of Parliament and Gov, Commander in Chief. The President will be leader of the Nation, Prov Presidents are leaders of Provinces. A law can only become a law after the parliament has passed it, PM signs and then all Prov Presidents sign before the President signs.. in that order.

6) The President should not be an MP and is above party politics.

He will be elected by 222 MPS, 8 PP, Law Soc., University Lecturers, KNUT, Soc of Engineers, Soc of Doctors, Civil Soc, Labour Union, etc.

7) The term of the President, PM, PPs, Mayors, Ministers, MPs, etc will be once with a duration of 6 years. Vote of no confidence apply to all, there is no one above the law. POLITICS should NOT be BUSINESS!

8)A president will earn 100 times a P1 teacher earns and a max of 1million sh. Allowance of 10%. Nothing else.
A PM 80 times a P1 with allow of 10%
A Minister, PPs will earn 60 times a P1 teacher plus 10% allowance.

An MP to earn 40 times a salary of P1 and 10% allowance.

A new constitution is not better, if politics is seen to be an instrument to make money and to promote tribalism. My suggestions will make Professors remain in the Universities, professionals remain in their jobs and only law-makers (reformists) to go into politics.


chola said...

Anon 12:33 PM
There is a way of hammering in Kenyans’ heads that we are all Kenyan. Full stop everything else is secondary and tertiary.

In TZ they jeshi la taifa, in Europe they have national army.
All Kenyan should be put through the national youth service or a national army at list for4 to 6 months ,to clear of this tribal smegma and stupidity those between age of 17 to 20 this are the most militant
And you will have solve Kenyan identity crisis

Anonymous said...

To stamp out tribalism, you need a more devolved system of governance. A council made up of all the tribes and demographic groups (women, youth, disabled etc), who are appointed in an election. They would be part of the legislature, but an independent part of the legislature separate from the parliament.

They would be able to vote on matters of land distribution, property rights, and most socio-economic issues that impact on a tribal level.

Then we can also create a provincial government, responsible for dealing with things such as budget allocation, maintaining roads, public works, health, education and bidding for investments. This would allow each region to determine how they would like to grow economically, what areas they think need more support, and basically have some autonomy from the central goverment and get to keep a good amount of revenue, paying a portion to the central government.

Districts and constituencies will continue to have their budgets, and will be given more powers to implement development plans, but they must do it in consultation with the local government i.e provincial governments

We can then have the president and prime minister and have them act as a check and balance on each other. The current ministries that were created for the coalition government should be consolidated. And MP's and cabinet ministers, must declare their wealth publicly (in the newspapers through a gazette) every year at the end of the tax period. And for the cabinet ministers, they must not have any businesses that are in direct interest with their post, neither should any of their families, and that should be checked.

If we increase the transparency, and simplify our systems we can reduce tribalism. We must accept that we are different, so lets respect the tribal bonds, but make sure that there is equality, and that it doesnt overpower our "Kenyanness"

Vikii said...

8.49, first of all, I know the US, India and Nigeria are multiparty societies. Believe me I do, very well if I may add.

But that's not the crux of my argument. My argument is that Moi warned against the potential of Kenyans (and obviously he knew what small people they were) debasing democracy with ethnicity. The problem I am pointing out here is our decision to sneak tribalism into Presidential politics. Moi was himself a tribalist, the worst tribalist ever, even a toddler knows that. But the merit of his argument is noticeable when you consider that there was very little friction betweeen comunities when there was no competitive politics at the top. Tribalism, just so I could educate you a little bit, is not caused by Kibaki polluting government appointments with Kikuyus but rather by him using his community to propagate his continued stay in power and his competitors using theirs ro get into power. They;ve also striven to demonise the Kikuyus with eyes fixed on state hous and let's not argue about something an infant knows!

Do I support multi party politics? Of course I do. I am a miserable man coz of the one party dictatorship. What I am saying is that for it to be meaningful, we have to cultivate a new sense of maturity. You do not exepect competitive multi party politics to be helpful and successful just because it has been in America or India. You need to make it work by growing up!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:09 PM,

You said:

"I don't believe moi increased tribal tensions; every time he spoke publicly he talked about nationalism"

Yes he spoke of nationalism but did he practice it? Hell NO!!

Was he being nationalistic when he

* Was illegally allocating large tracts of the Mau forest in the 1990's to buy political loyalty and consequently putting the country in the very dangerous environmental state it is in? NO!

* Looted the the NSSF, Post bank credit and the Central bank almost dry in the run up to the 1992 elections? NO!

* Killed and or "protected" the killers of Robert Ouko in 1990? NO!

* Went on a rampage and detained so many people (e.g Matiba, Raila, Kiogi, Rubia, Edward Oyugi, Ngugi wa thiongo and Paul Muite would have also been detained but escaped just before being nabbed) who wanted change indiscriminately? NO!

You appear not to know this demon called Daniel "Kleptocrat" arap Moi at all. Alikuwa SHETANI! And a fake christian too, a hypocrite just like his political offspring Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka. They go to church without fail every sunday but deep in their hearts they are SATANIC to the core.

Kenya is a very crazy sick country where villians are admired as being nationalistic and patriotic while the real nationalistic and patriotic guys and demonized, insulted and labeled all manner of names that are meant to demean them.

Guka wa Obama said...

Kenyans in their Ujuaji opposed the National Youth service before one joined the university.

Some people believe in this tribe nonesense simply because because their world revolves around their places of birth. Sample this. A boy/girl goes to primary school in Nyahururu, secondary in Nyahururu and University at the Laikipia Campus in Nyahururu. Any tribal nonesense will be believable to someone whose world ends at Nakuru. Similarly this would be the case with someone brought up and going to Maseno Uni.

Solution - Send every kid who has finished high school to one year national service. Make them serve in atleast four provinces outside of their birth place and make the service count.

For example, in every public appointment make they national service account for certain marks that others without service to the nation will lose. This will instill a culture of service to the nation and remove tribal bigotry. Living outside your circle of comfort makes you appreciate other people and that is somethiing politicians cannot mess with. Once you start seeing the good in serving others then this kabila this, kabila that will end.

So has it been tried somewhere? Yes it has - The swiss have the national service, any Russiian over 17 must do national service and Nigerians too score employment points by doing national service.

Those roads that we are busy giving the chinese to build would be built by us supervised by army enginners and building national sense of camaradie. And its not too late to start it.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Great insights--keep em coming. Thanks Ritch for stimulating such an interesting conversation.

There are many things happening at the same time to reinforce negative ethnicity.

A lot of it has to do with the design and enforcement of institutions that demand accountability, that sanction those that do not comply, that enhance some equity in the distribution of resources, that enhance voice especially of minorities, but which also provide confidence and security to all that their interests are important and protected. These institions must operate at different governance levels rather than at the center alone.

But let us not forget that our cultures also promote clientelistic relationships that constrain the development of institutions. We should also not forget that the violence that has been meted out to different communities throughout the life of the different regimes in Kenya has not helped. In the end, people feel most secure with their own tribesmen at the helm, however suboptimal, because this they expect will assure them a measure of protection fo what they have, even though a different choice not of their own tribe might in reality improve their welfare.

It is a vicious cycle characterized by a deep mistrust of the "other", but can be broken if we start doing at least some of the things posters here are suggesting. We need to pick out a minimal set of things to start with--Kriegler and Waki made some good suggestions re what we can start to do now.

Tribalism is not inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:09 PM,

ever since 2003 moi has been actively telling the kalenjin to remain in kanu. You call him a nationalist, I call him a tribalist of the highest order.

We the common kalenjin man and woman did not benefit at all during his 24 year rule. it is only a tiny clique, like the one's who were illegally allocated large tracts of land at the Mau forest.

Ati moi is a nationalist? My foot!! Yeye ni tribalist na mwizi of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

Your reply to 8:49 should be seen in the light of what 11:27pm said when responding to other contributors. From one side of your mouth you agree that tribalism is bad, but from the other side you say that it is OK for Kibaki to pollute Govt appointments with Kikuyus. Let me quote you verbatim " Tribalism, just so I could educate you a little bit, is not caused by Kibaki polluting government appointments with Kikuyus but rather by him using his community to propagate his continued stay in power and his competitors using theirs to get into power". How does he use his community? By appointing his tribesmen in all strategic positions (what you rightly call pollution). You saw how Karua, Gicheru, Muthaura etc assisted him to retain power by swearing him in at night. You know how strategic it is to have your tribesmen head the Ministries of Defense, Finance, Constitution, Trade, Internal Security. You know how strategic it is to keep your tribesmen in charge of revenue collection, central bank, statehouse, KAA, NSIS, CID etc. You know how strategic it is to "hide" your men in strategic positions in Police, Army etc. These strategically positioned persons also appoint other tribesmen in yet other strategic positions in their institutions. Clothe it with any terminology, it remains naked and raw tribalism. Kenyatta and Moi did exactly the same. Raila would do the same. But we now need to identify leaders amongst us who do not have these tribalistic leanings-like 12:33pm.

Anonymous said...

"Kenyatta and Moi did exactly the same. Raila would do the same."

Brilliant. Now, let's move on.

Anonymous said...

The sad rule in democracy is YOU WILL get the kind of government YOU elect.
A strong military always steps in to ensure the lives of citizens are not jeopardized??
The incumbent LOST in Dec 2007.
Kenyans had overcome the tribal barrier and voted overwhelmingly for Raila Odinga.
Then came the POST ELECTION VIOLENCE,again Kenyans came together in SOLIDARITY,now the vomitous government has been forced back down our throats.
KENYA is choking?
In 2012 or before people are VOTING TRIBAL,MAINLY BECAUSE we were TAUGHT BY KENYATTA,MOI, and the VERY GLUTTONOUS KIBAKI that if THE PRESIDENT comes from your tribe YOU will ALL WALK THE STATE HOUSE CORRIDORS and eat, eat, eat, get your roads named after them, get universities and so on.
WE were brainwashed a long time ago,Until NARC then ODM FINALLY broke the barrier.
Now look where we are.
2 steps forward 10 steps back!

Anonymous said...

Bintiafrica’s Blog

April 14, 2009 by divinah

William kipchirchir samoei arap Ruto is without a doubt the greatest political paradox of post-independence Kenya.

He is a champion of his country’s democracy; he was mentored by its sincerest dictator. He is a child of those despotic times; a rebel against them. He stands in the pulpit to condemn ethnic loyalties; his career balances on his manipulation of the Kalenjin vote. He is a fraud and a traitor; he’s a democrat and a leader. He is the elixir in the veins of Kenyan politics; he’s Moi’s most enduring legacy.

I write with that awe that someone staring at Frankenstein’s monster would probably feel. Ruto, a creation of Moi’s politically intuitive imagination to gain his own ends, has risen to the higher echelons of the Kalenjin top-brass; a feat that is nothing short of meteoric, praise-worthy and severely chill-inspiring.

Ruto is ambitious and at a relatively young age he has managed to secure mention in the deeply satirical tragic-comedy that is Kenya’s history. I in no way mean to vilify him for his aspirations. He has also managed to romanticize the Kenyan plot, for there’s something whirlwind about a Sambu village boy gaining the favour of the president. The poet in me worships him.

But Ruto is a dangerous man. He lives in times where self-assertion (to any extent) is the accepted formula for political success. Behind his disarming smile is a silent ruthlessness. He is that blend of man who would have made Machiavelli both deeply horrified and greatly impressed. And despite his coaxingly rosy dreams for the future are the indelible exploits of his past….

Being an old boy of the ‘Youth for KANU 2000’ school, there was something hilariously ironic about the din raised by him over the December 2007 elections. The very man once appointed ‘Director of Elections’ by Moi for matters of …er…political expediency.

He features prominently in the scandals lining up in quick and alarming succession both from the Moi era and past it. The Nyayo connection is something he can never shake off. Angloleasing, Goldenberg- there are enough cases pending due to injunctions and other technicalities.

He is widely seen as having orchestrated in the ’92 and ’97 clashes and recently the Waki report where he is accorded notable mention. Ruto, MP for Eldoret North where Felician Kabuga MAY or may not have been allegedly residing once; here where the worst of the machete wielding took place- something that Kabuga knows more than a little about. No implications here, just a ground break in the field of the blatantly obvious. A leaked ODM strategy paper of the ’07 campaigns contains odious truths- if so proved- of an exclusionist campaign with ethnic cleansing as a last resort- Headed by him.

His subtle passes coloured by some rather overt gestures at the presidency should more alarm than excite us. He is a fiery proponent of the parliamentary system. That scares me. But the Kenyan populace, being what it is, innately whimsical and capricious, is hailing him as a political messiah of sorts. That surely makes a case for him being a ‘Teflon’ politician. - Nothing sticks to him.

He will survive every major scandal thrown his way. He will wade his way through the murk and still come out squeaky clean. Sometimes logic…common decency are at the mercy of history. ‘Sometimes history decides’

Already the political sphere is abuzz with news of a Ruto-Uhuru merger that, if it lasts to Election Day, promises a substantive shift in loyalties- a paradigm of politics. Perhaps this is his true talent; this ability to realign and continually re-invent himself. From a Moi errand boy under the self-proclaimed professor, to the lifeblood of the opposition- the young turk who was a symbol of the change that was proving so elusive- and now a warrior of the people; all fronts on which Uhuru has failed miserably. As a politician, William Ruto is that evolutionary breed of cockroach designed to survive a nuclear holocaust, and us all.

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Anonymous said...

Chola @ 3:06am

I was one of the pioneer pre-university students to be trained at NYS Gilgil for 3 months in 1984. The purpose of the training was to instill patriotism and remove tribalism in us. Did it work? Not at all. Why? There is nothing about patriotism that we were taught. We were more in a prison than in a training institute. Our teachers were semi-literate afandes who did not themselves know what patriotism was. I saw tribalism in NYS in the way the afandes treated the recruits. At the end of it all, we came out hardened, well grilled pre-university students. And we put to "good' use the techniques and commands that we were taught there. We even organised a parade in NYS uniform for one of the University Students leader. The NYS training went on for another 3 or 4 years and then died a natural death. The only people who benefitted were the well-connected contractors who put up the hostels and other buildings. Now I understand it is the "chokoras" who are being recruited. Has anything good come out of it? If yes, then I support you in your suggestion. I fear that nothing good will come out of this. In Kenya such things don't work. The only thing that works are the well-connected people who find a way of benefiting from any well-intentioned gesture (like the maize scandal) and end up making the situation worse. Kenya yetu ni nchi ya the song goes.

Anonymous said...

We should even forget about mergers. In Kenya people think that you stick by a formula to get a good leader.

He must have money, and merge with another tribe etc etc. Those are old formulas, not doing anything for us anymore. If we are to change anything, it starts with the grassroots, getting down to the mwananchi, sitting, conversing, and debating. Once you plant those seeds, you will see a change in what people are looking for in a leader.

Obviously there are people who are wishing to keeping things in the current state, but if the public refuse to follow the "usual" the candidates for elections will have to change.

We can do it, even if its to change the mentality of a few it will change things.

Anonymous said...

"Kenyatta and Moi did exactly the same. Raila would do the same...."

-why do you keep naming and blaming "individuals" when you know very well the problem is systemic....put the correct and legitimate institutions in place that will endure the test of time and manipulation by corupt "individuals".

Anonymous said...

institutions dont work by default. they have to be enforced.

Anonymous said...

Institutions cannot be enforced by anyone except the public, they are the watchdog. And that is most effective through checks and balances. Vicious cycle, which can only be solved by the public

Anonymous said...

yes, and 'the public' delegates the enforcement function to the executive (including bureucrats), the judiciary, and the legislature, and is theoretically supposed to hold them to account directly via elections (esp legilsature) and public opinion, the media, the civil society, and so on.
oh boy, i feel like atlas now.

Anonymous said...

you can say moi was a tribalist...

but under moi you did not have PEV that killed 2000+ and ended with hundreds of thousands of IDPs; in 1997 and before he got majority votes in all provinces without massive rigging; what is the point of multipartism when it resulted in violence, PEV, inflation; there was no civilian coup such as that in 2007; in 1997 most could have voted against moi but they did not; corruption after moi was much more than before; so there was detentions of matiba etc ...but there was peace for the masses and there was enough food...

what you call tribalism from moi could be viewed as affirmative action

now today even though there is no official majimobism there is partitioning in one's minds - we are well on the way where kila kabila rudi ulikotoka - and 40yrs ago you castigated wahindis for sticking to themselves; well they were 40 yrs ahead of the times. now everyone is sticking to themselves even geographically.

what is wrong in - majimboism???
esp since kenya after 50 yrs of uhuru is less nationalistic than before....??

if you bring nys/peace corp/military service - this may help if implemented right; but can you see the well fed mps wanting their well fed sons to spend 2 yrs in the military????

Anonymous said...


MOI started well in 1978 but realized after 1982 COUP attempt that TRIBALISM is the answer. MOI THEN BECAME A FEARED DICTATOR, KILLER AND TRIBALIST ONLY second to Mobutu.

KENYATTA WAS A TRIBALIST No.1 and murderer. HE believed in GEMA, NGOROKO, and NYAKINYWA.


All the three were and are never PATRIOTIC. They would SELL Kenya for money.

LOOK AT what is happening in MIGINGO. Can you compare KIBAKI with THATCHER? She acted fast to recover the Island occupied by Dictator Galtieri of Argentine in 1982.

KIBAKI is just sleeping in his job and busy counting his loots. Bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

I need someone to explain to me WHY Kenya should risk going to war with Uganda over Migingo. Why should I care about Migingo?

Perhaps Uganda's claims are stronger, anyone ever thought about that? Even Orengo cant seem to muster any evidence to support kenya's claims.

Or is this just another opportunity for ODM suckers to destroy property, their well recognized signature, and to bash Emilio (a renowned passtime)?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

About Migingo IslandRemember the former Grand Regency Hotel and how Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki "sold" it a throwaway price to the Libyans due to the Libyans "donating" some cash to fund his election campaign of 2007?

Maybe, just maybe Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki entered into a similar "deal" with Museveni, otherwise how do you explain Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's silence and inaction as far as Migingo is concerned.

I would not put it below him (Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki) to "sell" part or even all of our beloved country to foreigners.

Remamber at all times, despite pretensions in public to the contrary, Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is at heart a very stubbornly FRAUDULENT Mzee

Anonymous said...

"otherwise how do you explain Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki's silence and inaction as far as Migingo is concerned"

You contradict yourself. Painfully.
I thought there has been consensus here that Emilio is fast asleep, doing nothing about anything, taking the ocassional break to clarify the composition of his family. Now, why do you expect him to do anything about Migingo? Why???

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:16 AM

You said:

"I thought there has been consensus here that Emilio is fast asleep, doing nothing about anything,

There has been no consensus of the sort over here. These PNU rascals who fraudulently tell (These clowns know that they even lying to themselves) us that Mwai "Pumbavu" Kibaki "won" the "erections' fair and square wiro terr you that Kibaki is ndoing an excerrent njob (sic).... These are imbeciles who will quickly scramble to wear their socks on their tongues whenever you tell them the obvious that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki is sleeping on the job. If you tell them the truth that Kibaki STOLE the elections, these clowns can even cut off their own noses just to "show" you that Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki won "fair and square" - Kenya is a land brimming with tragi-comedians.

"Now, why do you expect him to do anything about Migingo? Why???"

I never, repeat, never expected him to do anything about Migingo - except something fraudulent for public window dressing. I shall repeat what I said just before this part that you quoted of my comment:

Maybe, just maybe Mwai "pumbavu" Kibaki entered into a similar "deal" with Museveni - if you ask me I think he did.

Museveni would not be bahaving the way he is behaving - confidently invading our territory - unless there is "something that he knows." This "something" could be..... jijazie

Mungai said...
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Anonymous said...

Mungai is trying - in the time honored Panua style - to divert attention with his XXXX rated panua shit

Anonymous said...

If Kibaki is a sleepy guy, how did he manage to steal an election from a "wide awake" Raila? If Raila is really awake, he must be spending his time in a toilet. It is time we got him some diappers!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon 7:31 AM,

You sound like a dyed in wool panua mongrel, someone whose motto in life is: STEAL, STEAL, STEAL.....

Raila was not the ECK. He was just a candidate. It was not his responsibility to make sure the elections were free and fair. THAT OVERALL RESPONSIBILITY BELONGED TO THE ECK.

The ECK abdicated its responsibility and allowed, thru outright complicity, for the elections to be STOLEN BY MWAI "PUMBAVU" KIBAKI

Get that thru your thick panua skull, I know it will be very hard for you seeing that you are basically a THIEF, but it does not hurt to try.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ultimately we all know someone rigged the elections, some think its PNU others ODM others both.

Point is that we will never resolve this until we sort out other things. If our institutions are strong, there can be a mandate to investigate the election. Justice can be served at that point.

BUt it is wrong to keep bringing this whole thing up again and again. It wont be surprising if what emerges years later will be so shocking! Politics is not black and white like Kenyans think.

There was method to that madness for the politicians. Lets hold the accountable,but ensure they do their jobs now, the one's which they took an oath on.

2012 should be for progressive change. I know that many Kenyans think the situation is worse now than during MOI, lakini we have become more democratic, we are more balanced in terms of viewpoints, we have improved infrastructure, maternity care, funds for marginalised groups, and in a strange way are better for it.

Anonymous said...

Elections were rigged by Kibaki's friends: GEMA looters incl Karume Kiraitu, Michuki, Uhuru and Mwangi wa Equity, assisted by Karua, Kalonzo and Nyayo na Biwott (while Kibaki was a sleep). Kibaki woke up and was taken to state hse for swearing in.

These are facts and bye-gones.

The problem is that this man is still sleeping while Kenya is being attacked.

Kibaki only wakes up if someone mentions he has a second wife. Maybe if Mama Lucy wakes him up.

Anonymous said...

Migingo now taken over by Uganda!
Read here:

Anonymous said...

can the idiot mutua instead of issuing useless statements on migingo that he has no role in instead do his job and fix the justice ministries website that has been hacked;start=0

Anonymous said...

anon 12.28pm, no one has proven yet that Kibaki has rigged, in the same way no one has proven that ODM rigged. That debate will go on for a long time, a fact is not a fact when there is doubt. And there is doubt as to who was rigging and who won. We cant dwell on these things right now because we need to focus on reform.

Making our institutions more transparent, equal and accountable is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

to find out if we are better off now we should ask the idp's and the victims of PEV

Anonymous said...

Fact: Till the end of time, 2007 elections will always be in dispute. How much both PNU and ODM rigged, in their strong holds, will never ever be known, and it will remain so recorded in the annals of history. But Kenya will always remain, whether as a strongly united state (Tanzania)or as a lawless one (Somalia) deciding on howour leaders and Kenyans want to sort their issues out. If we go the lawless way (Somalia), the only threat to our territory is UG as it strives to expand its tiny territory and therefore invading our tiny islands in L. Victoria, but it is unlikely they can be successful in infringing on the land boundaries to take Busia etc.

Anonymous said...

tom mshindi in todays Nation " leadership (power) is not given - it is taken either through theft, elite conspiracy, force or communicating a vision and programm that resonates". So there you have it, those who keep on talking about a stolen election. And didnt bush steal from gore? But obama took power thru the last of the above methods. You choose the method that suits you!

Anonymous said...

I think the Idiot Raila was promised a some pampers and a polyethyne carpet, thats why he came out grining like the idiot he is out of that meeting.

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