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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Identity of Visa-Ban Minister Revealed

Kumekucha can confirm today that the cabinet minister who received a visa ban from the Americans earlier this week is agriculture minister, William Ruto.

For Kenyans still thinking in terms of ODM and PNU, this clearly underlines the fact that corruption has no party or tribal boundaries, the cancer eats into our society right across the board.

My information tells me that the minister is “very upset” over the news more so because there are indications that his family members and business associates will also be affected.


Why do flash drives crash so frequently?


Clearly the Americans launched an FBI investigation into William Ruto and the findings sealed Ruto’s fate. It is sad that the contents of that investigation are secret because it would have been of great interest to long-suffering Kenyans. It is also important to note that this is the first visa ban to happen under President Barrack Obama’s watch.

William Ruto: Contents of FBI investigation on him would be of great interest to Kenyans

Many Kenyans will be grateful that even after beating a censure motion against him, Ruto was not able to stop this latest development which means that foreign travel will be an extremely difficult if not impossible prospect for him.

The first big question this raises is whether Mr Ruto is capable of continuing to carry his duties effectively as agriculture minister at a time when this particular docket is so critical to Kenyans that it is a matter of life and death. For example he cannot attend any major Agicultural conference in the United States. Agriculture experts will tell you that the most important conferences and gatherings on the subject usually take place in the US. In fact what is bound to happen is that other countries mostly in Europe will follow the US lead (as they usually do) and slap visa bans on Ruto.

The really fascinating thing here is that there is a new deadly and extremely powerful enemy to impunity in Kenya and it is called Barrack Obama.

P.S. My inside information tells me that Emilio Stanley himself and his immediate family could be the target of a future visa ban sooner than most people think. Wow!!!

Is the future a flying car?


Anonymous said...

If it turns out to be somebody else remember to tell us you were wrong. If you are right, ruto's supporters are bound to see the move as having been instigated by rao.

Why do you keep on implying that obama has some interest in kenya. Ranneberger has issued these bans before and the law he uses has always been there.

ODM Damu said...

I think Ruto needs to take some time out to rethink his political strategy. He seems to be running up and down like a rudderless creature, making too much noise and not much substance and seeing an enemy in everyone. Isnt it ridiculous that this man now talks of a Kalenjin Kikuyu alliance?? RAO had his interest in mind when he talked of a local tribunal but of course in his lack of wisdom Ruto did all he could to scattle the effort. It should be known to him that unlike in other cases, once Annan sends his name to the Hague, this will be promptly followed by an indictment(let alone immediate travel ban by EU), as both Waki and KNCHR have quite some damning evidence against him. Lets be frank, RUTO IS FINISHED.

M-Pesa said...

I have said it many times here that if there was any justice at all in this country, Ruto would be rotting in Kamiti Maximum Prison in solitary confinement. But he should thank his gods since Kenya is indeed a banana republic lead by a weak and indecisive president. Look carefully and you will see the word CRIMINAL clearly tatooed on his big forehead.

This guy is simply a thug who just became an overnight billonaire before he was 34 years old. Ruto to me is the best example of leaders who should never be allowed anywhere near power. Graft charges hang on his neck like a loose tie. He has been deeply implicated in land clashes, land grabbing and looting.

Just why did the Americans wait for so long to slap a ban on Ruto when overwhelming evidence has always been there? I just hope and pray the EU will quickly follow suit. IMPUNITY must be crashed, by any means possible. Over to you Raila, the ball is in your court now......

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why Amos Wako is still AG, whose interest that serves, and why? Thanks.

Vikii said...

I thought William Ruto was banned in 2003 from entering America! It appears there is so much I do not know. Mimi ni pumbavu tu sana!

M-Pesa said...

Anon 12:31 AM

Ever smiling Amos Wako is a useful idiot and that's why Kibaki decided to keep him from day one. He's always ready and willing to be used by politicians like a cheap toilet paper. After 18 years as AG he realized (Ooohh!) he needed more power from this week. what a useless fella. Maybe he should retire and write a book, "How to Screw a Nation!"

Anonymous said...

Ruto?From hero to villain.
You have to give RUTO marks-that guy has the ability to DELIVER VOTES and crush his opponents to a pulp!

NOW-What is the work of the UNITED NATIONS OFFICE IN NAIROBI if Kenyans continue tO BOIL MANGOES FOR LUNCH while these folks drive around in TOP OF THE RANGE VEHICLES and while away time at JAVA most earning SIX FIGURE SALARIES.
We should take this to the Headquarters in NEW YORK!
The UN OFFICE is UNABLE TO tackle issues affecting society-if then what is its mandate????
These folks are sleeping on their jobs?what are the REAL SOLUTIONS BEING OFFERED BY THE UN THAT CAN BE SEEN??

Ruto is a tough guy? its doubtful he will be shaken.
Everyone needs those votes.

Anonymous said...

I hope this illustrates to all simple minded people how difficult it is to govern kenya....the kales fronted Ruto as their man...if you wanted the kale vote you went through Ruto everyone wanted it but Rao was the most succesful. Does not mean he likes the guy, or approves all he does, the alternative was to continue the pillaging that was going on with the PNU goons.
To all you RAO haters what would you have done differently? The problem is us kenyans. We look gift horses like RAO in the mouth and fail to appreciate the tricky position we put him in...we want him to reform kenya yet we give him rotten tools....These many 'good' people we talk about are too good to come and face the dirt that is required for leadership of a country like ours....lets not fool ourselves, we have no leaders,true leaders stand to be counted, when there is need, the fact that none is standing means they do NOT qualify.
Lets not qualify them.

Lets quit this petty fault finding and support those that have dared to face the bull obviously its RAo working on Ruto but it has to be done quietly and cannot use a blunt instrument in kenya, once again RAO is proving himself, don't forget that RAO's trademark has always been the element of surprise you never see him coming but he does the job.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

kenyans must wake up to the fact that WE are the problem, if the 2012 talks are anything to go by. Look at the options we are giving....Central is proposing either Uhuru or Saitoti I mean seriously everyone except the kenyan courts know that Saitoti stole to become so rich is such a short time but central still offers him, Uhuru has done nothing for anyone lately...cross over to ukambani and find Kalooser....Ngilu has more balls...Kalooser has done nothing for the people of ukambani..except give them a fasle sense of pride that they have a presidential candidate yet thats what they bring to the table now suppose someone from the so called small tribes makes an allience with the two and wins, how much change can he/she effect with these clowns on bothe sides.

The "good" kenyans must stand up and sell themselves and make the difference and quite wasting time finger pointing when we are 99.9999% of the problem.

Neither wise men nor fools can work without tools. Give RAO a break the guy is trying.

Sir Alex

b-carotene said...

Interesting how this particular outcome is being linked to the bumpkin? Tell us more!

Vikii said...

Sir, Alex, you know very little about anything. A politician, especially one who considers himself a cut above the rest, has a duty to decide what he values more; an expedient route to power or a firm stand on his principles and convictions.Benjamin Franklin once reminded morons like you that "he who sacrifies essential liberties for temporary safety deserves neither". That is exactly why Raila Odinga should not and WILL NEVER be President. That should be easy to understand, you fool!

Anonymous said...

people really underestimate the 'closeness' between raila and this space.

Anonymous said...

does travel bans in the usa be approved by the president?

Dude said...

M-Pesa, thanks for the update on Wako. I have always wondered what forces would keep the same AG even though the country has been through so much change. Something does not fit.

I have been gone too long from Kenya to know the new realities and was not very politicized growing up in Kenya - what with being Muhindi and all..

Anyway, Sam Okello is out to lunch with his so called studies.

Chris, I don't think Obama is going to be micro-managing Kenyan politics anytime soon.

My observation - being from Kisumu - is that RAO rode the disenchantment wave Nyanza experienced since '62 and that spread to the rest of the country (excluding Central, of course). That however does not imply he's most suitable for CGH 2012.

Are there no national personalities who are NOT DIVISIVE? - And please don't mention Musyoka - his ill-conceived choice hurt the cause of change more that anything in the last decade (IMO).

I think RAO may want to consider passing the baton for the greater good. The question is - to whom?? Mudavadi perhaps. Is it too naive to propose a Mudavadi-Karua team?


Anonymous said...

Vikii you seem to know only one thing...that RAO should not be president what esle do you know by way of workable solutions?
Your simple mindedness is astonishing, even Obama had to work with Hillary. In politics as in life your always dealing with an imperfect environment, the job is never done, you just do your bit and pass on the button.
Kibaki has been nothing but a fence sitter al his life I did not hear you castigate RAO for pronouncing 'Kibaki Tosha' There were better people from central but they gave us Kibaki. ROA has just tried to make the best of the tools he is given. Your B.F. quote is so out of contex it reqires no response.

Sir Alex

One Wife Man(formerly Joe the choma man) said...

Chris aka Chriso,
what is so special about America?just curious you know...

Dude said...

Vikii, you're too erudite to be using words like 'you fool'. Your contributions are though provoking - if only they would not be so dismissive of anything RAO.

Anonymous said...

pls Muhindi dude lets broaden the criteria beyonds useles words like 'divisive' its naive and says nothing. We will not solve kenyan problems throwing meaningless phrases's like 'someone divisive'.
I think all important people in life have been divisive, Jesus was...Abe lincoln was very was Obama. and many people in between.
This simplistic thinking to say the least is dangerous and typical of people who are happy some place esle and not realy affected by the shit in kenya busy ponticficating cause they have a kenyan passport or have lived in kenya and is expected of them to have an opinion.
There is simple no application of mental effort....just a play of words. Now we know you went to school thank you.Shut up.

Sir Alex

Dude said...

Sir Alex,

Your point is taken regarding the term 'divisive'. Do I sense hostility because I am Muhindi? Actually, I dont hold a Kenyan passpost any longer - got fukuza'd out by Moi's youth wingers. Anyway, if you don't like my contributions, you can say so with restoring to condescension. It's just as easy to tell you to piss off.

Anonymous said...

Ruto was barred in the lot of the tribal clashes. This one is Kiraitu

Phil said...

Bw Chris

I wish you could substantiate your remarks.

First off, the Ambassador never ever in his statement specified that it was a 'minister' who was banned. They said a prominent member of government. Only the Nation and Standard newspapers know why they decided to say it was a minister, and unfortunately Chris is also following them blindly.

Secondly, what's with this ambassador who himself is on record having looked the other way when kibaki's people were stealing votes or having prevented the publication of an exit poll that showed Raila had won the elections hands down? If that is not corruption, what is?

Until, and only when we get these people arraigned in court, I find it had to believe any FBI investigation - if ever there was any - which I remember also alleged that Father John Kaiser committed suicide!

After all Kenya also exercised its rights when it deported an American known as Jerome Corsi....

In the meantime, lets avoid sensationalising stories like tabloids or gutter press. Let us present and debate FACTS!

Anonymous said...

Dude feel free to express yourself...just apply your mind more. It does not hurt.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...


The following is what I wrote yesterday as a comment to another post:

"There is a very high likelihood the minister banned from travelling to US has recently crossed swords with Raila. Some of the "investigation evidence" may have come from the PM's office. What if Ambassadour Ranneberger is being used to settle internal political scores with an eye on 2012. That would be scandalous.

3/18/09 1:11 AM "

Quite interesting you come up with your piece today.

To find out what is/isn't happening behind the scenes, I suggest you do the following:

* Remember that Karua and Ruto had been threatened by the same Ranneberger with travel bans unless they compromised during NARA negotiations. They compromised and they were forgiven and NARA was signed and ODM (Raila) was happy. Unless Ruto has committed additional misconducts, it is reasonable to suggest that he was used by the American to reach the Accord and now he is being dumped. Somebody pressed the "dump" button after that somebody found Ruto was too much for him. That is, the American was used to do somebody's bidding. If this is the case, the urgent question is, what did the American get in return?

* If there is an answer to that question, it is this: Remember that immediately after swearing-in of President Obama in February we witnessed heavy pressure from ODM asking USA to recall Ranneberger from Nairobi for allegedly helping Kibaki "steal" the elections. You don't hear those DOMO DOMO anymore, do you? Instead, what we hear is that Ruto could suddenly be the target of the ban so soon after Ruto started the slow and painful public political castration of Raila. Was the cessation of the recall chorus rewarded with a ban on Ruto?

* My concern is not that Ruto is unfairly targeted. I don't know. At least from first looks he deserves Kamiti. My concern is that if there are quid pro quos going on between Raila and foreign powers we need to know. Also, we need to know the process used to arrive at Ruto's ban and not Raila's. Anybody who cares to know knows that Raila is a corrupt billionaire and he abetted the election violence and inter-ethnic hatred as much as Ruto.

I repeat, my concern here is the right to know the deals being done behind the scenes on behalf of Kenyans and the processes being used to include some for punishment and eliminate others who, at first glance, are equally guilty. But if there are no deals, then I welcome the bans, and may many more follow promptly!

Anonymous said...

heheheheheh Dude the pot calling the kettle black you castigate Vikii and quite slyly when offended drop in the 'piss off'....Dude its obvious you don't do much thinking before you write......This is kumekuchaa don't get too sensitive just sell your ideas and be ready for a storm. Being muhindi is neither here nor there, we can't even prove that here, they have their sins but thats another story.One of my best pals is highschool was muhindi and so was my worst enemy I saw them all as people or even kenyans not that it mattered.

Sir Alex

b-carotene said...

anon 1:50 am said:
people really underestimate the 'closeness' between raila and this space.

i say:
this is rip-roaring funny, LOL-obama orders travel ban to help the bumpkin weather a political storm. heh, heh, heh.
lots of intrigue for that wierdo corsi to pen a sequel.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Muhindi Dude for using you as an example nothing personal u just seem to fit what it takes to make my point. Sorry again I'm not reacting to your opinion you do not have one, I'm reacting to your attitude, its prevalent among many kenyans in the middle class. Its the notion not supported by historical fact,that we wil solve the mess that is kenya with erudite and polite conversation over a cup of tea at the Hilton.
Its unfortunate that kenya's education system gives the option of not taking history. If your to look into world history tell me any great nation that was forged out of polite conversation? Russia was made almost in a criminal fashion lives were lost in an attempt to keep up with USA, USA on the other hand rose on th eback of slave labour, UK pillaged the world from Amrica to asia thru Africa and so did countries like france, America had a civil war, and the stories go on......So lets wake up and smell the coffee we will not change kenya blogging we need to be out on the streets making our voices heard.
Lets not leave it to the kibera people and then ponificate and compare our various abilities at writing on the blog.

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex,

Are you suggesting that we should listen to Thug Molasses Raila and rape and murder those who don't vote for our messiah? Is this the only route open of becoming democrats and freedom fighters. This time I suggest that Thug Molases Raila order that you get mental circumcision. Seriously, you need it.

Anonymous said...

For the US to slap a travel ban on Ruto, it must be more about a strategic interest they have that he is blocking. The US are probably giving that consignment in return for more consideration on Africom and using Kenya as a base to interrogate Al-Qaeda suspects (including our own citizens) which is scary. Look what happened 11 years ago, do we need more bombings against us, and muslim marginalisation?

That is the number 1 rule of foreign policy, so dont think it was a favour for us. However, I say good for him, this is someone who vehemently denied responsibility for the maize scandal, yet it clearly falls under his docket.

He allowed it to go on, and although he's not the only one, his smugness is what did it for me. Out with him, he cant do his job now, they will have to move him to a ministry otherwise we will have the worst agricultural industry for the last 20 years

Anonymous said...

If it turns out that it is Ruto who is banned, then the ban will be blamed on Raila. And that certainly means the end of Raila's presidential hopes. These are two political thugs joined at the hips, and neither can walk to State House without the other. That is the silly reality of thuggish politics.

Daniel Waweru said...

First off, the Ambassador never ever in his statement specified that it was a 'minister' who was banned. They said a prominent member of government. Only the Nation and Standard newspapers know why they decided to say it was a minister, and unfortunately Chris is also following them blindly.

Obvious from context that the 'senior government official' is a Cabinet minister. We also know that he - and is a he - had already been in trouble with the Americans. The reasons given for the permanent ban are corruption and impunity. The obvious suspects are Kiraitu and Ruto. Kiraitu has not previously been banned from travelling, nor has he been directly associated with impunity for the post-election violence. Ruto it is.

Anonymous said...

The haters list:
We are so hated- actually 95% of hateful messages posted online are from you people
We are superior to other Kenyans…remember the London demos?
Luos will always be spectators in Kenyan leadership…..mmmm let’s wait and see
We are so rich unlike other filthy and poor comment
All Luos have AIDS ….just laughable
Obama will never be president- turns out that the guy won so convincingly despite being a LUO
A luo can't rule…ha
Raila will never rule Kenya ….ha

I expect you to bash me for pointing this out. All Kenyans can however clearly see where the problem lies. Of course you will assume that I am Luo since you breath, sleep and eat them. What quality of life do you have? You have a much bigger problem than you realize… are enslaved to the HATE!

Anonymous said...

the kikuyu luo rift in this blog is beginning to sound like the croatian serb etc rift in Yugoslavia ????!!!

when one complains about corruption in Kenya what they are actually saying is that those people are eating more than us...??? no one talks about the poor who don;t have free medical - what are yu going to do to help increse the standard of living of the poor - quote the rise in annual GDP ???!!!

Dedan Kimathi might be asking himself why was he struggling?

Anonymous said...

Some aide of obama recently said the guy has not even shown any pretence of being interested in foreign affairs upto now. He is busy giving AIG public money to distribute to its excutives. And we are being told here that he is close to rao and has been intervening in our affairs!!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

In politics, perception is everything, and the rumour right now is that Raila used his connections to Obama to do in Ruto. On the other hand, if he did not, the question is why he didn't use those same 'koneksons' to assist brother Ruto. He is damned either way.
This is so funny. Now Raila knows that talking too much unthinkingly and chest thumping in politics can be very expensive, especially on the 'Kassin' remark.

Anonymous said...

Sir Alex,

I'm glad you decided to ignore Vikii - ever noticed that he callls people fools and odiots when cornered with facts?

Now, wacha ku unleash what was meant for Vikii on the muhindi dude.

Anonymous said...


The person in question is not RUTO at all. Guess again, pick another name and roll the gossip dice.

Why Ruto, if I may ask? Any factual evidence or reasons that points to him?

What about those well known individuals whose pockets and foreign bank accounts are still dreeping with farts of corruption from their ill gotten gains through Anglo Leasing Finance and Goldenberg scandal?

Saitoti could be one of the 'names' on the list of scandals and shame in a country known as Kenya.

Who really cares a about a simple action like "a visa ban" when the goons, holigans, hyenas, snakes, and rabid wild dogs are left to roam the halls of parliament and around the country freely?

Why even bother when thugs, looters, killers, rapists and damn politicians get honoured and rewarded by the system, voters and their fellow members of parliament?

Where is the national shame? Collective responsibility?

Kibaki nearly got killed in a helicopter crash had the mechanical problems started while the crew were airborne.

I am sure whoever was involved in the Sh360 million helicopter service contract in South Africa, would have been skinned alive by those concerned.

My point is, the most effective ban would be to have these corrupt people in position of leadership removed from public service and banned from seeking elective office for a period not less than twenty years.

And sent to jail if found guilty as charged in various corruption scandals.

Only then will they learn a hard lesson.

Anonymous said...

Didnt you tell us that Raila was finished along time ago? I thought the Uhuru-Ruto alliance was supposed to be a foregone conclusion.
These side shows arent going anywhere. The ordinary Kenyan knows clearly that Raila is not the devil you painstakingly paint him to be.The more you keep the obsession the more exposed you will be...No one is fooled. By the way what happened to the vote of no confidence on the pm ama umesahau?

Anonymous said...

Raila ni Jaluo jinga! shetani!!! His political career is over! yeye ni maitu, marehemu kabisa!!!

Anonymous said...


You always like distorting facts and telling blatant lies especially where Raila is concerned.

Yesterday or today you stated here on Kumekucha that Raila equated himself to Jesus christ and Nelson Mandela! These are your words:

"we have a guy called Raila odinga who said, "I am like Nelson Mandela or Jesus Christ."

This is a load of Upumbavu! Just to correct you, it was Madame Charity Ngilu, during the campagns of 2007, who said that Raila is our (Kenyan) equivalent of Nelson Mandela.

This Jesus pumbavu bit that you added is just a pumabavu manifestation of your rabid and irrational HATRED of the man - you had to throw in that lie to make you allegation about Raila "Juicier" for all the Raila hating mongrels like Mr fake Kimi Raikkonen and gang.

Vikii, you are one nitwit of a homo sapien who is infected and infested with a disease called HATE. IRRATIONAL HATE. IRRATIONAL HATE fueled by IRRATIONAL FEAR.

Anyway, what would one expect of Vikii whose ideal image of a president is Kalonzo "MSALITI" "KALOOSER" Musyoka.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.21
Don't be emotional! Calling Raila and his fellow Luos names actually hurts you more than it helps you.

Anonymous said...

venus, Who is Raila? Obama's 'ka-chini'?

Anonymous said...

Raila is a devil incaration. he is a member of secret society (freemason). he also pays S Africa witches to have his fortune told. do you wonder why he doesn't care about the poor in his constituency? because he was told by devil to leave them poor otherwise they will never vote for him. "keep them poor and get the vote" FACT

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:36 AM,

Your comment is full of pumbavu and blatant lies. Do not let HATE consume you so much that you actually start believing that TRASH.

You are very sick. You need to get yourself some psychological and psychiatric help to rid you of your IRRATIONAL HATRED of the Agwambo.

Anonymous said...

Hater Kimi,

i think you need to keep off RAO and concentrate on selling the uhuru/ruto/kalonzo/saitoti line that you guys have been frothing at the mouth about. Geeez! you guys haven't learnt if demonising RAO has never worked, why not try selling your 'wares' ...whom you all know will hit a brick wall. haHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA...

Anonymous said...

Raila is a monster like Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man sent to life imprisonment today after he was convicted for 7 charges against his own daughter.
Raila should be charged for neglecting his constituents and causing death by creating hunger through maize stealing.

Anonymous said...

its definetly Ruto, he was stalling the maize consignment and the US dont take kindly to humiliation

Anonymous said...

U knw what,when somebody is hated with passion and on the other hand loved with passion like RAILA its either he is a copy of the devil or the only hope 4 others depending on whch side one that wil hav to b judged by the results..wil he ascend or descend!! And to the ma'f**kers who keep talkin of SA witches,gve me a break,hw do u knw that?unless of course u r a witch too and learnt 4rm whr ur compe is.plse dnt bring gutter press info hapa.I knw some anons r gona bash me thnkin am a Luo supporter of Raila,too bad am a lunje and proud of it.simply interested in seein kenya have a prezo with balls,kibaki to me doesnt exist...hw about John Githongo for president??ama PLO??ama Titus Naikuni??am a fan of Musalia bt he has to grow bigger nuts to face evil and corruption in the face,he aint there yet. Lloyd

Kimi Raikkonen said...

All these Raila missteps is because Shetani asked for his file. After perusing the file, he did not put it in the OUT tray, but in PENDING. Poor Raila.

Anonymous said...

What's your source? I'm no fan of Ruto--and I'm unaffiliated with any party--but I feel it's irresponsible to bandy around a name without citing the source of your information.

Anonymous said...



deroo said...



I just wonder what will happen if it turns out to be the other way or another way. In the larger PNU/ODM fraternity, I hope it will be confirmed. I read the American Weekly State Department Bulletin that is circulated every Thursday and there is no mention of the thing.

If it turns out to be true that William Ruto is the banned man, then, lets all brace for the most tantalising political moments in recent times.

While the ‘other’ part of ODM will see the hand of Obama’s cousin (sic), the real thing is that this is undermining Kenya’s sovereignty in the most appalling style. That USA and UK can unwontedly ban Kenyan ministers into their countries reads mischief, betrayal and slavery master tactics. You mean FBI can come into the country and start investigating a minister, or any other person on flimsy, trumped up reasons?

I don’t like William Ruto, I would not touch him with a 10-metre pole and I can’t sell poison to him. I hate him that much. Not for any personal reasons, but as an individual and politician who has done more harm to the country than any of the criminal who populate our prisons.

I think the Cyrus Jirongo, William Ruto and Kamlesh Pattni Tug-team did more damage to the country than anyone else has ever done.

Whether it is Ruto or not, whether as text messages flying across the country suggest that Raila is bent on cutting the poor sod to size, and whether it was planned by PNU to rattle the ODM bit of the marriage, waits to be seen.

Finally to Obama’s cousin, was it a must that you have Ruto in the cabinet?

As at now, it is ODM DOMO, kama kazi


deroo said...

Sorry, on another note, I have watched Ruto on YOUTUBE today during an official function and the body language is 'FUNNY'. I think, there is more than the eye can see.


deroo said...

To ODMers

Vikii alikula nini ya nani?

Why is this guy always being targeted with abuse and unprintable wards (they are printed here!) anytime he offers his opinion? If you hate him, just like you hate me for being in the ruling party, then you should grow up and play your politics in a mature manner.

When one writes his opinion or thoughts, he is an NSIS spy. When Vikii makes his stand known on matters that do not even touch on Kalonzo Musyoka, the VP’s name has to be invoked.

Anyway, as for now and until elections are called, Kalonzo Musyoka will be the VP and the PNU flag-bearer. I wish it is William Ruto banned from going to the States now. How I wish it is true for the sake of Kenya. God, please let it be Ruto!

With the silence from the ODM end, I think it is confirmed and the man himself, no, the other one will never be the president of Kenya. Never. Like father, like son.


Anonymous said...

The man is Kiraitu. The US is preparing a ban for Ruto and Saitoti. The AG and Anti-Corruption Chief will follow.

Kibaki will be banned in 2012 to step a foot in the US.

Anonymous said...

What is in US if I may ask? I would be more interested or worried if one is sacked from the goverment!

Anonymous said...

Chris (kumekucha) is a paid kibaki mouth piece now we as kenyans have confirmed





and Chris/kumekucha let me see you removing my post from here. since we have caught you red handed this time round.


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for giving us the information - seems you are right kumekuchsa is in Kibaki's pocket

The Ambassador specifically mentioned the minister was in the previous government - with the looting and corruption under previous government "NARC" and involved in bloodshed of December 27 and Jan 28 and is still involved in corruption now.

Ruto was not in the previous NARC government- one must be a fool not to be able to read and understand the USA ambassadors statement,

Anonymous said...

anon3:07 PM

yes i guess you have a point. but look at the heading of this article - it is not Ruto who was burned news from the USA say that is is Uhuru Kenyatta and I'm hoping his accounts all over are frozen the thieving mungiki warlord murderer!

Anonymous said...

anon11:18 PM

He keeps mentioning Obama to any nasty piece here because this blog now belongs or it's share holder is Kibaki and Alfred Mutua

Anonymous said...

anon12:40 AM


don't hit yourself on your head please - Chris or kumekucha is only taking you for a ride i hear he is being paid well to confuse and fool kenyans who lack education! do you?

Most Kenyans are well educated and well informed and can read the statement from the US Ambassador Ranneberger clearly, note: he said the minister banned served in the previous government - was Ruto in Narc?

Anonymous said...



2. MICHUKI: MURDERER AND THIEF IN CHIEF(mungiki youth execution)
3. SAITOTI: ANOTHER THIEF AND MURDERER(mungiki youth executions)

Anonymous said...

Minister denied visa to the USA

1.Uhuru Kenyatta
2. Uhuru Kenyatta
3. Uhuru Kenyatta
4. Uhuru Kenyatta
5. Uhuru Kenyatta

Ha!ha! and he thought having the Kenyatta name would give him an automatic visa to the United State? shenzi sana

Anonymous said...

4:54 AM
Daniel Waweru

pity is to you now that we all know it is Uhuru Kenyatta. so now what say you? your king has been nipped in the bud:)

next it will be your murderer and thieving con man Emilio Kibaki- and for him the Hague awaits

Anonymous said...

anon7:21 AM
Kibaki in kikuyu jinga sana mwizi na muuwagi wa watoto ** a killer and a thug. executing his own kikuyu youths was kibaki devil worshiping as people in central have been whispering? so abusing Raila will not help you pal.

Dude said...

Sir Alex,

I don’t need a lesson in history – I’m probably more impacted by it colonialism you might realize. Nevertheless, I am with you as to how easy it is to underestimate the challenges of governing Kenya.

If the middle-class is so ignorant of the challenges on the ground, you would expect the elite to set the tone for civil discourse – all I see here is raw hatred. It was precisely the proverbial cup of tea that saved Kenya from the brink. Let’s try and be more civil please.

Anonymous said...

It's appaling what short memory some of you have. There is clearly a case of selective amnesia with ODM brigade who claim Uhuru was in the last NARC government. So if UK was in the last government then who the fuck did "Kibaki Tosha" defeat?

We can choose to celebrate banning after FBI investigating but my question is who gave the FBI mandate to coonduuct investigations in Kenya? We are not a 52nd state of US of A inspite of the Obama inlaws. There are many corrupt British and American individuals enjoying their wealth in Kenya but we never do anything about it. We declared Sir Edward Clay a persona non grata and you should have seen how livid he was on BBC hard talk.

Anyway for whoever is banned, let them take courage,heaven as Martha Karua told them is Kenya. Who in their right mind wants to visit Europe and america when they have had the worst winters in 18 years. If it is banning people ban everyone because we are all fucking guilty!

Joragem said...


This time you may be wrong. My informats are saying it is Kimunya. The US is viewing it as the ultimate impunity Kibaki's act of remaining Kimunya a minister against the backdrop of parliamentary impeachment. You will get with me for the next speculation when you fing out I was right.

Joram Ragem
wuod Ndinya, wuod Onam, wuod Amolo, wuod Owuoth, wuod Oganyo, wuod Mumbe, wuod Odongo, wuod Olwande, wuod Adhaya, wuod Ojuodhi, wuod Ragem! (Are you my relative?)

Vikii said...

To the fellows accusing me of maliciously linking Obama's cousin, Mr. Raila Amolo Odinga, with blasphemy, I know very welll the difference between Kaluki Ngilu and Raila Odinga. Below is the real Standard report;

Presidential Aspirant Trashes Power-Sharing Deals

July 2, 2007

News Article By Abiya Ochola

After the Council of Elders reportedly arm-twisted him last week, ODM Kenya presidential aspirant, Mr Raila Odinga, trashed consensus, declaring that only delegates would nominate the party's torchbearer.

Speaking on Sunday at the launch of 'Nairobi for Raila 07' drive at the historic Kamukunji grounds, the Lang'ata MP dismissed boardroom power-sharing deals, which other aspirants are pushing for.

He said he had been shortchanged through similar deals.

"Mpaka debe iamue. Kila mtu anayegombea kiti asingoje kupewa kiti kwa boardroom (The ballot box must decide. Let no aspirant imagine that he will win the candidature in a boardroom)," Raila declared amid cheers from enthusiastic supporters.

He added: "Some (aspirants) are spreading rumours that they have a formula to beat Kibaki. If you think you are more popular then let us go for nomination through delegates and see who wins. It is only the people who will decide."

The MP said his tolerance had been mistaken for cowardice and foolishness.

"All ODM-Kenya aspirants must respect each other. I feel bad when one says that Raila is good, but he cannot be voted to State House because he is Luo. Such statements from senior politicians can cause anarchy," he said.

Raila said he was the only beacon of truth, justice and prosperity.

"When you see Raila, you see a leader who stands for the truth. I can be compared to (former South African President Mr Nelson) Mandela, Galileo Galilei and Jesus," he said at Jesus is Alive Ministries, where Bishop Margaret Wanjiru hosted him.

The campaign tour took Raila and several MPs to Buru Buru, Kayole, Dandora, Korogocho, Baba Dogo and Githurai.

At Kamukunji, the crowd booed the chairman of the Council of Elders, Mr Fred Gumo, when he tried to defend the consensus method of nomination.

Bondo MP, Dr Oburu Oginga, claimed other contenders had a tainted history, hence their efforts to try and lock Raila out of the race through deals.

"We know many of them have a history of corruption and that is why they fear Raila because he is forthright. But let me assure them that Raila is not vindictive," he said.

Anonymous said...

Ruto, Uhuru, Kiraitu, Saitoti, and now Kimunya. Don't the interchangeable names tell you something about the political class?

I think Chriso is wrong on this one but he as always he managed to get the 'discussion' going. Much food for the rumor mill even if the maize is not reaching its destination.

Anonymous said...


William Ruto is currently on trial charged with defrauding the Kenya Pipeline Company of huge amounts of money through dubious land deals, but he has been out on bond. The case has been dragging in the courts for almost three years due to technical injunctions.[7].[8]

[edit] Ethnic clashes

William Ruto was the treasurer of Youth for KANU, an organization seen as responsible for the ethnic violence in Rift Valley during the 1992 and 1997 elections.[9]

A leaked Orange Democratic Movement strategy paper for 2007 elections names William Ruto as responsible for leading a campaign for exclusion of the Kikuyus, Akambas and Indians from certain areas. The strategy paper also contains plans for use of ethnic cleansing as a last resort. [10]

William Ruto has been accused of fueling the violence following the Kenyan 2007 elections with hate speech.[11] Other sources accuse William Ruto of actually leading and financing the genocidal actions in Rift Valley during the 2007 election crisis. [12][13][14][15].

This is not the first time William Ruto has been accused of promoting ethnic violence. In April 2007, on the floor of the Kenya Parliament, John Serut, the then Assistant Minister for Planning and National Development and Member of Parliament for Mount Elgon Constituency, accused Ruto (together with Members of Parliament, Musa Sirma , Linah Kilimo, Charles Keter and Franklin Bett) of financing the activities of Fredrick Chesebe Kapondi, that resulted in the killings and displacement of hundreds of people in the Mount Elgon district of Western Kenya. He also accused Ruto of inciting people in Mt Elgon district to kill one another. William Ruto and the other members of Parliament denied this.[16][17]

[edit] Maize(Corn)Scandal-Anglo Maizing

In early 2009 after parliamentary debate on a maize scandal , Agriculture minister William Ruto was not cleared of all the allegations directed at him by Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale (Public Accounts Committee Cairman) and all the documents bearing the National Cereals and Produce Board seal that linked Mr Ruto to the illegal sale of maize were upheld by Parliament’s deputy speaker.

They included those from managers of the board allocating maize to some individuals allegedly on the strength of a call by Mr Ruto. Others included tables showing that the cereals board had in store 2.6 million bags of maize in June 2008 and those that allocated maize to companies and individuals that Dr Khalwale described as undeserving. Mr Ruto had informed the House that the maize in the stores at the time was 1.6 million bags. Mr Khalwale wanted to know what had happened to the one million bags. It also emerged that though Mr Ruto had announced reforms in which he claimed to have removed 14 of National and Cereals Board’s 17 managers, he at the same time appointed the managing director of a milling company allocated more than 600,000 bags of maize to NCPB’s board of trustees.Both the minister and the appointee when contacted denied any conflict of interest and said the appointment was in accordance with the law. William Ruto attributed the maize scandal allegations and claims of his involvement in corruption to the work of his “political enemies”[18]

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO you guys are wrong the minister in question is GEORGE SAITOTI,This decision was made since he gave the shoot orders for the two civil Rights Activist

Anonymous said...

We all know who it is:

1. Corruption allegations for a very long time - From Youth for KANU (1992)to sale of Ngong forest to maize scandal;
2. Ethnic cleansing - From groundwork in 1992 and 1997 ethnic clashes to the perfected skills of 2007 PEV with a pre-conceived defence "spontaneous protests." Either way where ODM won or lost, there were going to be ethnic cleansing.
3. Visa ban not based on current maize/oil scandal- US does not want to appear to base its actions on a single unverified allegation/conduct. It is based on an analysis of previous investigations, allegations and conduct, all leading to the same conclusions-someone is dirty, very dirty.

Stand up William Samoei Ruto. And stop telling us that you have not received any communications. They are waiting for you to apply for visa. To humilate you and cause you sleepless nights. And the fact that you are already doing so by issuing statements indicates it is not a passing cloud

Anonymous said...

Purported 8 Sep 2007 Kenyan Orange Democratic Movement political strategy for Raila Odinga's presidential election. The document is very likely a full or partial fabrication. However it is increasingly politically influential due to an uncanny prescience over the January 2008 Kenyan ethnic tensions and vote rigging. While the language employed in those sections is the least credible given the authors and the nature of the document, whoever wrote them had a keen understanding of the likely movements in the Kenyan election. If those sections were fabricated, as is most likely, by PNU (Kibaki / government) loyalists then this provides a very interesting perspective into their thinking and strategy.

The document definitely predates the Dec 28 2007 election and has been flowing around Kenya as email forwards since mid December 2007. Public proof of its pre-election creation can be seen at ( ) where an identical version was uploaded on the 19th of December 2007.

The document, or at least a very similar version of it is also named as the source of an Abunu Wasi story on Dec 17, 2007 ( ). Abunu Wasi did not reveal the document, citing "fairness" to the Orange Democratic Movement.
Other influential fully or partially fabricated documents against the Orange Democratic Movement and Odinga have been a feature of the Kenyan election (see MOU between Raila Odinga and Muslims). The New York Sun scandalously used the later document as the basis for its Jan 10, 2007 editorial ( ), despite Wikileaks warning.

Anonymous said...

I used to think that the "Mungiki"composed of the most dangerous individuals in the world , I was wrong. The most dangerous people in the world are the individuals in this blog

Anonymous said...

its a wonder how many people love sweet it is unto our ears . begining with hon.ruto's allegations, who can prove that he is bila visa?he assured us that he had it.and any way wat's so big about US?REMEMBER that KARUA[because ruto publicised her desire to be with him in 2012 and his pulling out]must have been having sleepless nights planing his big downfall! putting this in the internet gives her a big ugly smile.WATCH OUT ON RUTO AND TOUCH HIM NOT.ILL BE BACK IN 2012 IF HE WIns!

Anonymous said...


The group has links to politicians and powerful Kikuyu families and is suspected of colluding with crooked police officers in exchange for a cut of their extortion schemes.

The government banned the gang in 2002 after knife-wielding members killed more than 20 people in a clash with a rival gang in Nairobi's Mathare slum, a Mungiki stronghold.

The gang is said to be behind the beheadings of up to eight people in June 2007. The heads were placed on poles and body parts scattered in the bush around Central Province and near the capital, a Mau Mau tactic to instil fear.

Last week UN special investigator Philip Alston said he backed a human rights group report saying the Kenyan police had killed around 500 young men in an attempt to wipe out Mungiki in 2007.

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:12 PM
YOU WANT TO GO THAT ROUTE MY FRIEND?? THEN HERE WE GO WITH FACT(didn't mungiki leave a calling back for kibaki and MP's from central province???


You are NOT fooling anyone with your cowardly emails. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM and NOT THE Solution to the Community’s terrible situation or the country’s equally terrible mess.

In the first place, you are Kibaki's sycophants and cheer leaders. You have blindly supported him on his journey to destroy the community and the country with his lack of leadership.

In the 2nd place you continue to divide the Kikuyu community into "haves"and "have not", Ngati na Itungati, Royal Families and Commoners. Your sole mission now is to impose the children of those who have as leaders so that you can continue ruling the community from your graves.

Your children are beneficiaries of the enormous wealth, which you have stolen from 1963 and before ’63, benefits given to you as bribes by the colonialists with whom you were collaborating. All these years, you have sucked our blood. You live on our sweat and you now have the audacity to style yourselves the saviours of our community!

In 1992, you conspired to stop Hon. Kenneth Matiba who cares for the poor and has no time for your class system from taking over as President. You, the “Royal Families” rallied behind Kibaki and formed D.P. at the 11th hour to split the Kikuyu vote. To you Moi was preferable to Matiba and his supporters who were “tumundu tutu” You do not care at all about the thousands displaced from their farms, businesses and properties. If truth be told, you do not care how many more are killed.

All you care about is your hold on power to continue with your obscene accumulation. This is why even now you are leading the country to civil war and disintegration. You have killed thousands of our young men whose only crime is being poor and unemployed on the pretext that you are “crashing”and wiping out “mungiki”. Only recently, you murdered Boniface Maina and his wife Elizabeth Nyambura in cold blood and dumped their bodies at Karura forest.

Their young children are now orphans. And you entrusted the crashing to Kimendero the crusher to continue and finish the job he was doing in the 1950’s! You can rely on the pseudo mungiki youths who in truth are merchants on hire claiming the brand name mungiki.Before on behalf of the Community we confront those in the country who think they can isolate and exterminate the Kikuyu community, we shall sort you out first.

You are the Traitors to the community. Your stomachs is your only concern. When you are issuing your threats; do NOT for one moment think that you have the monopoly of violence. What you have is the wealth stolen from the masses and we shall come for that too.

Do not ostracize one of your own Charles Mugane Njonjo because of his personal differences with Kibaki. He is one of you. The others are Emilio Mwai Kibaki, John Njoroge Michuki, James Njenga Karume, George Kamau Muhoho, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, constituting the House of Lords and the recently constituted cast of Maina Kamanda, Amos Kimunya, Martha Karua, George Thuo, Dick Wathika, Lee Muchiri, Beth Mugo, na kanda cianyu cia moko, Murathe, Muigai Njoroge and Kamau Ngunjiri. There are others. We know them all.

Inyui Inyuoothe ni-inyui thaata cia Ruriri na cia Bururi.We are ready for you.

In the run-up to the 2005 referendum vote, we have learnt, a senior cabinet minister secretly met a section of Mungiki leadership at a city hotel and agreed to a visit to State House two days later. The purpose of the meeting was to assure president Kibaki that the sect would back the banana/yes campaign. To lead the Mungiki delegation was a key founder of the movement but who has since quit, Ndura Waruingi.

Sources say, at least four district police heads in Central province and two divisional commanders in Nairobi are on a generous take form respective Mungiki cartels operating in their areas.

Says a Mungiki leader who did not want to be named: “Just how can the government expect to finish us when not less than 6 OCPDs in Nairobi and neighbouring districts are in our payroll?”

Sources say any effort to crackdown on Mungiki will always hit a brick wall as long as senior policemen have a financial stake in the existence of Mungiki, just as sitting MPs-at least 8 including a cabinet minister-have a political stake in Mungiki.

Anonymous said...

'uhuru ni kazi' must have meant you work and give us 10% chai

Anonymous said...


Kibaki’s regime has been responsible for numerous other corruption scandals. Notably, the scandal involving 360 million Kenyan shillings helicopter servicing contract in South Africa, the Czech fighter jet scandal which could have cost the Kenyan tax payer Ksh 12.3 billion, the Ksh 4.1 billion Navy ship scandal and the Mahindra Jeep scandal involving the purchase of jeeps at a tune of Ksh 1 million each.

Apart from afore-mentioned, there is the US$ 3 million Prison Department scandal involving the purchase of 30 boilers, the Ksh 2.6 billion scandal involving the construction of Nexus - a secret military communication centre at Karen, a leafy Nairobi suburb. And numerous other scandals where top government officials have been implicated.

Anonymous said...

Hope Chris is enjoying the egg plastered allover his face.

FACT: He was wrong on this one.

Anonymous said...

still waiting to see whether you are right. So far Ruto has Said He is not "the One" so who is...
Can we look for ways to move kenya forward from the present Instead of "Domo Domo"!
I am looking for Kenyans who want to build a road, hospital ,give food ..
Teach all the value of being Kenyan. How do we make sure that our country by 2012 will not be a sweet banana republic?
Over to you?Who cares whether the Rutos go to US or where. What is the future of us. Cleaning toilets in Europe and Us.
Fight for your Country!It is worth it to make it a better place.

Anonymous said...

It wasn,t Ruto after all......its Joshua Kulei........check your so-called "sources" .

Anonymous said...


It's definitely Ruto, he's been frothing in the mouth with tribal alliances, and i will not be suprised if he was single handedly responsible for the post election chaos in the rift, re , North Rift. Never trust him

VisaSnap said...

Countries should immediately impose a visa ban on such individuals. People having criminal background should face such treatment in the interest of the nation and it's security, irrespective of the position they hold .

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