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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Bitter Truth...An Obama in Kenya Won't Happen in 2012

No, I've not met Prime Minister Raila Odinga as some have claimed.

Not too long ago I and a couple of friends in the Diaspora brought in a team to Kenya to study and give us a report on the viability of a people-driven change, one that would closely emulate the miraculous election of President Barack Obama in the United States. The team carried out studies and employed some of the best approaches to a matter of this nature, even where I thought their methodology would lead to suspect conclusions. In the long run, their findings have proved sound and fortified within solid reason.

After careful analysis of the massive data the team slapped on the table for our consideration, we all arrived at the conclusion that it would be impossible for Kenya to replicate what happened in the United States. There are simply too many logistical, political and historical obstacles that stand in the way of realization of this dream in 2012. For me, the most disturbing finding of the team was the fact that most people who admire Obama and wish for a repeat of his achievements here in Kenya were the very ones who categorically said they wouldn't vote for that person if they were not from "My tribe!"


Faced with this state of affairs, my friends and I asked the team to study the history of Kenya and its leadership and give us a report on who best qualifies to lead the nation in a post-Kibaki Kenya if a younger, charismatic leader can't emerge. Without hesitation, the team gave us this name: Raila Odinga.

I'm aware of all the names I'll be called for stating the findings of this team, but I have to go with my conscience on this one. There is only one leader in Kenya today who can and will work hard to push reforms. There is only one leader who will look out for the interests of all Kenyans. And there is only one leader who will ensure that perpetrators of the heinous acts that were visited on innocent Kenyans after the elections are punished.

That leader is Raila Amolo Odinga.

Uhuru, Martha, Saitoti and Kalonzo are a recipe for disaster.

Where were they when Raila risked his life to expand the freedoms we enjoy in Kenya today? And on what side did they stand when Kenya faced her darkest hour? Were they with progressive forces or with those who would deny Kenyans their democratic rights?

Traitors will always be traitors!

And with that, my fellow countrymen, I bow out of presidential politics and present to you, for renewed consideration, the Langata MP, the Rt Honorable Raila Amolo Odinga. I've not said I'm out of contention for Honourable Member from Rarieda. More on that later. For now, my word is...for a prosperous, peaceful and united Kenya to emerge, I call upon the Diaspora Kenyans and our compatriots within this great land to help build Raila and help sustain the dream and reforms he promised to deliver were he elected in 2007.

Let's keep the dream alive.

It's Raila 2012...or sooner!


Anonymous said...

-yes he is socialist enough - which is what kenya needs - tax and uncorrupt the rich and provide jobs, free quality education and health care for the poor - Raila can do this......
-did he not say nse should be looked at...and 2 yrs later we see massive fraud at nse....
-but he has to promise to leave moi alone for future peace; truth and reconciliation comittee should be halted until after moi....
-if only foreign kenyans could vote!

Anonymous said...

Amen brother Sam.

Anonymous said...

2012 will surprise many; its none of the people mentioned above,raila,uhuru,karua or kalonzo.A leader is still in the making a bet to deffer with writer;we need a leader who can bring sanity in the political arena without compromise without personal vendetta or inuendos.What change have seen in langata for that matter?why does raila always call for international help even for simple issues which can handled by the house of integrity.Looking forward for God's leading to give us a leader who is not tainted from any tribe.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Sam Okello is back!

Sam, you are a breath of fresh air.

Wellcome back my friend! This blog has not been the same without you and Kwale. You guys u have something these people don't have and am so glad to see your name. If u excuse me now, let me go back and read your post.

I love you Sam!

Anonymous said...

I thought karua was in the reform movement, or is this now to be owned by one person? The second part of your post is not the work of your "team": it is your opinion.

For there to be peace in kenya the uhuru/ruto alliance should be encouraged. Our people are not as sophisticated as we appear to assume. a kalenjin cannot elect uhuru and a kikuyu cannot elect ruto but a candidate picked by both uhuru and ruto can be elected by kikuyus and kalenjins. So let ruto and uhuru choose a candidate and we have peace. we have to find african solutions to african problems. if the candidate is rao i guess some us "luo haters" will have to live with it.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, anon 6:45 AM here again, now i have read your post and I wish you stayed away! I thought you gonna gives us an insight on your presidential bid. You are like a dog that vomit and then return to eat the same vomit!

Let me repeat this to you "Raila Odinga WILL NEVER become the president of REPUBLIC of Kenya". I hope this get into your bones and veins because Raila will not be allowed to rule this country of ours.

Anonymous said...

Sam, I beg to differ slightly. As much as railas credentials speak for themselves in matters justice and good governance,most of those who surround raila are all remnants of the system he has long fought. He cannot discard them since he needs them to get the high price.However will he turn tables on them when he gets there? That will make him a good or bad leader.
Just look at the damage Ruto has done to ODM yet you cannot push him around. His immense contribution towards ODM "victory" is on record.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello: In your dreams!

Did you go to consult South African witches like your demigod Raila to come and post that kind of nonsense here?
You can post all your hallucinations but Raila WILL NOT be the next president. upende usipende! It does not matter what these ugly jaluos told you and "your team", they don't represent majority of kenyans. Another jaluo but NOT Raila Odinga. yeye ni pepo mbaya, shetani!

Kalonzo is the man and you can bet that on your life!

Anonymous said...

Politics in this country is run solely on Alliances between tribes

Those with connections are busy LOOTING AND RAIDING PUBLIC COFFERS at will, PUBLIC Land is being grabbed in the name of PRIVATIZATION at the EXPENSE OF THE ORDINARY KENYAN.
We need an Obama!
Raila will have to be very tactful if he's to get anywhere in 2012.
As far as we know THERE are ONLY two tribes in Kenya THE RICH AND THE POOR!

I have never seen or heard my MP since the elections???

The axe forgets; the tree remembers.

One Wife Man(formerly Joe the choma man) said...

Samo aka Sam O.
welcome back and where have you been bwana?sometimes a change is as good as a rest ama?

but Sam how i wish you had simply taken a rest instead and come back as the same Sam we knew and remembered......what happened man? before you were idealistic and radical thinking, the Sam Okelo from previous posts in kk.
it seems now you have suddenly and automatically reverted back to the Sam Okelo of yester years prior 2007

your explanation that the reason Kenya can't pull an Obama in 2012 is because "there are simply too many logistical, political and historical obstacles that stand in the way of realization of this dream in 2012" seems to suggest you and your exploratory team assumed that the road to change would be paved with sweet smelling roses for you and your Obama, and the ride would be smooth and easy without any problems

correct me if i'm wrong Sam but i thought the whole point of a Kenyan Obama was someone who could overcome all sorts of problems no matter what came their way and give kenyans change they can believe in? rather naive of me i must admit....

so anyway now Dr.Raila is the future face of change in Kenya?are you sure Sam? what does Lucy have to say about this?

Kimi Raikkonen said...

You said it yourself that Kenya is too tribal to elect an Obama. We could have told you that ourselves if you had cared to ask.
In such a scenario then, how can Raila win any election if 3 of the biggest 5 tribes, the Kikuyu, Kalenjin and Kamba plus 1/3 of the Luhya(the Bukusu and scattered other Luhya sub-tribes like Jirongo's Tirikis), are not supporting him? Top up with Somalis and half the Coastals and Raila will be buried. He simply wont have the numbers to win, period.

Anon @ 6.51am: You are quite correct. A Kikuyu wont vote for a Kalenjin and a Kalenjin wont vote for a Kikuyu, but both can vote for a Kamba like Kalonzo.

Anonymous said...

There is something about Luos and Raila Odinga. It doesn't matter how one pretend to be educated or westernised they cannot stop worshipping Raila Odinga. Sam, do you mean this man Raila charm is so powerful you cannot see life beyond this man? Are there no other talented politicians from Luoland other than this wicked man?

sam, you pretend to be a christian, and yet this man consult South African witches, the most cruel and evil group of witches anywhere in the world. they use "muti" (live human parts) to predict and bring good fortunes to customers.

Sam okello you are a disgrace to christians!

sereast said...

There is this guy who changed on his way to Damascus, was his name Paul or Saul? Ney, it was Sam!

What an about turn?

It's good it happened earlier than later for you would have derailed some of us forward thinking Kenyans who want true change.

Raila has fought his war, however he has reached a place where his presidency will either bring too much bloodshed in Kenya or a continuation of the status quo. You only need to look at how he constituted his half cabinet to know this is not an embodiment of change rather a conman who is only too good at hoodwinking the masses.

We need fresh leadership, fresh ideas? Under Raila I see a silhouette of more of the same, perhaps I am wrong.

I will soon be going to the drawing board to come up with a master plan, and at the same time read the writings on the wall since everything I will plan depends on the goings on on the ground. YES WE CAN bana!

Anonymous said...

IN YOUR DREAMS!!Raila(luo's) will NEVER lead Kenya,in 2012,2017,or wherever,Raila as a Prime minister has given us a kionjo of just how his presidency would be and i can say it is a MAJOR DISASTER!!by the time 2012 fika's Raila will be a spent force,trash to be thrown to the dustbin,so my friend keep on dreaming coz this will never happen!!

Anonymous said...

We have been shouting for constitutional review, the independence of the judiciary, etc, but it seems the current govt. (by govt. I mean coalition govt) has failed to deliver. Now, most, if not all Kenyans are represented in govt. compared to previous years when various groups claimed to have been marginalized since they were in the opposition, and blaming this for lack of development. Was this even true? North Eastern and Coast had always voted for the governing party. Did development trickle to them? What should we do to improve our country? Should we look for a new leader to carry us from the proverbial 'Egypt' to 'Canaan'? Have we left 'Egypt' and are now in the desert, and are waiting for a 'Joshua' to get us to the 'promised land'? Did we even leave 'Egypt' in the first place?

We are very dissatisfied with our current leaders. True? I think many of us are. Should we;

a) look for a youthful Obama-like leader, with no links to corruption, no name recognition (Kenyatta, Odinga, Moi sons and relatives) and an unselfish desire to serve? Does such a Kenyan even exist? If he/she does exist, will the current crop of leaders allow the new kid on the block to blossom unfettered, or shall they be obsessed with stymieing him from power by using the tribal card, money, or even, God forbid, assassination? Will Kenyans embrace such a leader who has come out of 'nowhere'?

b) If (a) above is not possible, should we then look at the crop of our current leaders, and choose the 'cleanest' or 'least corrupt' of them all, and hope that they shall turn the Kenyan house around? Can these 'clean' politicians be acceptable by the number of people needed to put them into power (25% in 5 provinces) Who are examples of clean politicians, especially those who can become president? I sincerely cannot think of any right now. Or was I (and many other Kenyans) brainwashed by Moi to believe that being president was so hard that 'nobody could do it'? Can I throw some names here, Mutava Musyimi, PLO Lumumba (not even an MP), Peter Kenneth? (I think he is clean, is he even clean?) As you can see, these guys are political lightweights who might not even retain their parliamentary seats!

c) If (a) - hitherto unknown youthful leader- and (b) -known but clean politician- is not possible, then we are left with only one option. Choose amongst our oft-maligned powerful and popular politicians, who can cross over the tribal divide and garner the required 25% in 5 provinces. Since Kibaki is not running in 2012 unless he changes the Constitution (almost impossible) let us objectively discuss the leaders we have been left with!

- Raila Odinga. He is the PM and is well known, an Odinga. Unlike Uhuru, he is his own man (I think, you may differ), and people do not link him to Jaramogi the way they link Uhuru to his father. He is also capable of raising funds. Hate him or like him, he commands a lot of clout in Kenya. Whether you think he makes good or bad decisions as PM, at least he makes his stand known, unlike Kibaki. (everyone was initially in favor of Kibaki's non-interventionist style, but are not in favor of it any more) Will he still have the support from the groups that supported him in 2007, or as the Ruto experience is hinting, shall he lose some key supporters that were with him in 2007? Has he remodeled himself as a national leader, and has the PMs post helped or hurt his chances to compete for presidency come 2012? Can 'Agwambo' be a good president, and as bizarre as this sounds, do you think foreign countries (especially the west) can accept him? (since it was rumored that they did not support him in 2007 since they did not 'trust him') At least we have had a dose of 'Agwambo', and have seen what he can do. Has he performed better than his adversaries? Is he underachieving because he has no 'real' power, or, if given presidential powers, shall he try to overachieve like Nkrumah and fail? Since he has always complained of excessive presidential powers, shall he then reduce them once he gets there?

-Uhuru Kenyatta. He has name recognition, and lots of cash, but will Kenyans trust him enough to vote for him? Kikuyus might vote for him, but will other communities, especially considering the 2007 debacle? If Karua sticks to her guns, wont she split the Kikuyu vote like Matiba and Kibaki did in 1992? Is his upbringing one that makes him immune to the suffering of ordinary Kenyans, or does it make him more objective, since he is out to serve, and not unjustly enrich himself? Is his name in the Waki report, and if so, can he cleanse himself and ask Kenyans to vote for him? Will 'UK' be our saviour and improve on the country that his father left, or as his detractors say, 'Not yet Uhuru'?

- Kalonzo Musyoka. He has name recognition, and has been in a presidential campaign before. He claims that he initially initiated the 'peace process' by joining Kibaki after the 2007 fiasco (Since ODM joined later anyway), but others consider him a 'traitor' for 'legitimizing' Kibaki's election. He is the 'quiet' VP, and has avoided the problems that face Raila, since he is not seen making decisions publicly, and 'never gets the blame for anything gone wrong'. He always seems to say the right things, and has not brushed anybody the wrong way for a while, and has the Kamba vote. As VP, he is traveling a lot, and thus exposing himself to a lot of people. Is he a legitimate contender, or is he like a 'Mudavadi VP' whose clout as VP shall end in 2012? Can he get votes outside his Kamba community? Some communities think Kambas are part of GEMA (Gikuyu, Embu, Meru Association), and might not vote for Kalonzo. Will this hurt him? can 'Wiper' wipe the slate clean, and endear himself to Kenyans come 2012?

- William Ruto. He has name recognition, and popular in Rift Valley. His recent weathering of the censure motion in parliament means that he is not going away any time soon. Did the maize scandal ruin his reputation? His name is constantly mentioned whenever PEV (Post Election Violence) leaders are mentioned. Will this ruin his chances? Can he garner votes outside Rift Valley?

- George Saitoti. He has name recognition and lots of cash. He was mentioned in Goldenberg, but the courts cleared him. Did the public clear him? If Kikuyus 'agree' not to field a candidate, will they be convinced to vote for him 'since he is one of our own'? It looks like he can only win if he is in an alliance with someone who can deliver a substantial tribal vote, but who? Uhuru, Karua, Mudavadi, Ruto (don't laugh at these suggestions, didn't you hear Moi endorse Kibaki in 2007??!!)

- Martha Karua. She is creating name recognition. Does she have the cash? She uses NARC as her platform. Will this work? Do Kenyans vote for parties or people? Do people still vote for FORD anymore? If Uhuru stands for election, isn't her candidacy doomed. Apart from Kikuyus in Kirinyaga and Nyandarua, who shall vote for her. Can she convince the Meru, and Embu to vote for her? Are Kenyans ready for a woman president? Can she garner 25% in 5 provinces?

- Moses Mudavadi. He has name recognition, but is he not technically Raila's deputy, and has to support him in 2012? Will ODM still be in existence as it currently is in 2012, or shall it crack into 'ODM Asili', 'ODM People', etc .Will he be prevailed upon by Luyha's to go for it and ditch Raila, since it shall be too late in 2022 for him to become president, if Raila is actually elected in 2012. Does the public link him to Goldenberg?

-Others. They include Wakoli Wa Bwifoli, Jirongo, etc. Are they non-starters? Do you have other leaders in mind? I have only listed those leaders who have declared directly that they are going to contest. Do you know of any others?

Please let us start thinking seriously about our choice for Kenya's next president in 2012. We need a leader who shall institute the social, political and economic changes that we thought were coming after 2002, and even better them, so as to achieve (or come close to) vision 2030.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, you have made our vision 2012 easy. Now we know you are out and so is ALL current leaders including raila odinga lets concentrate with dreaming for a better kenya.
Thanx a million times for making it easy for us. Have you heard of the game "weakest link"? Well Sam, YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK! Goodbye!

Anonymous said...

I think the question we should be addresing is why a kikuyu cannot vote for a kalengin and vice versa. It was once said that a luo would not vote for a kikuyu but 2002 happened and they voted kibaki to a man. Yet the luos still remain maligned with no rhym or reason. The luos have been manganimous other tribes can too. The person who screwed the chnances of kalengins voting for kukuyu is one Emelio and his treatment of kales soon after ascendin to power and the PEV. I the only people who have voted tribaly consistently have been the kikuyu now they want to paint kalengins and kambas with the same brush. Though out of point the kamabaas have consistently voted cowardly, depending on how forces shape themselves- that is if they don't swallow the kikuyu scare story they may not be with kalooser come 2012. kalooser is an opportunist with doubtfull loyalty and it will cost him, someeon just has to find a strong kambaa candidtae and he is toast. currently kibaki is the unifying factor in PNU and coalition when he exits the stage the gema vote will bw split.

Uhuru Biwot ticket is a dead horse it does not repesent chnage and as someone pointed out what has Uhuru done lately for the people of kenya.....Nada, just protecting his family jewels.
like I have said who would this Obama be....what are his/her struggle credentials?

RAO still remains head and shoulders above that crowd. Only barrier in his way is some tribalist and thieves and if we choose to listen to them we can only blame ourselves.

Sir Alex

Non Kikuyu, Non Luo said...

Anon 6:57 AM,

You said:

"Let me repeat this to you "Raila Odinga WILL NEVER become the president of REPUBLIC of Kenya". I hope this get into your bones and veins because Raila will not be allowed to rule this country of ours."

This is very primitive. You are the kind of bigots who are driven by irrational intense hatred that leads to elections being STOLEN, hence creating deserved resentment that unfortunately leads to chaos. You are the scum of this country.

When you say that Raila will not be allowed to rule this country, what you are actually saying is that you are ready to STEAL the election - again, as in December 30th 2007, so as to make sure that Raila does not rule this country. That is foolish, primitive, silly and stupid.

You and your ilk with your kind of thinking are squarely responsible for the chaos that happened after the STOLEN elections of Dec 27th '07 and will also be responsible for any that occurs in future should you maintain the same pumbavu attitudes.

HATRED, my friend, will take you nowhere, it will only end eating you up and destroying you.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello, fala wewe!

Anonymous said...

I have heard you loudly.

You may be correct and you may not be correct.

Can someone tell me the good sides and bad sides of Raila, supported with facts. I can use this to make a decision of whether to support him or not if that Obama-like-leader doesn't stand.

Philip The Visitor.

Anonymous said...

sam okello,

Can you explain why PM travel by plane with his goons all over Kenya instead of using road travel, what message is he passing across to Kenyans, that the roads are bad??
He have his motorcades, why can't he travel by road? If he is smart enough, a tiny thought might occur that the roads need to be constructed and expanded to a dual carriageway.

Another thing, can you explain why your PM goes foreign for solutions? Even a simple eye test cannot be done by a Kenyan opticians. He even consider Kenya witches as not good enough, how can you explain his patriotism?

Anonymous said...

I wil throw my voting card if sam wl not contest! Pls change ur mind pliiiiz!!!

Anonymous said...

Luos are bewitched people! For more than 50 years, they have been looking upon only one name ODINGA.
Jaluos wake up and smell coffee, its time to leave your retrogressive backwardness behind.

Anonymous said...

I have been curious to see how the so called "political analysts" will respond to a bombshell that was unleashed over the weekend in Hill teb (Iten) by non other than the the only and the only Kenyan PM (or the postponed president till ...) regarding to the Majimbo. Friends I will tell you this issue is causing panic all over albeit attractive to the Lesothonians.

You will realise this statement about adopting Majimbo was not said due to lack of other things (government agenda) it was well calculated. And my word for those who love peace be prepared to uphold and repsect the will of people even if we are "conned".

For those of us who do not suffer from memory lapse will recall immediately after the 2005 referendum, the opinion polls showed that the most handsome presidential candidates was in the lead and the bumpkin unelectable.

The truth is as long as Raila remains active in politics and/or show slight intrest on presidency irrational decisions/actions will be taken by those all those who suffer from Railaphobia.

And before i forget the Majimbo issue is a simple tool PM is using, being in government his log register on the issues that PNU has illegaly done is standing at an eigth and his target is to accumulate ro 25% and he starts his thing...

Vikii said...

Good to see you , Sam.

You have come up with an interesting piece.

First , on the possibility of an Obama-like in Kenya, of course it was never going to happen, not any time soon. Part of the reason is because we, as a society, are very different from the American society. Their values, though not perfect, are a world different from ours (do we have any values?) and two they have some form of education that enables them to critically think through the issues that affect them and how well the candidates plan to tackle those issues. We need at least a century before we can have productive Presidential debates that have the potential to change the political course. We have a long way to go before we can have Kenyans who want to listen to reason as opposed to listening to tribes.

Since we are not going to have the maturity needed to play in the "Yes We Can" league, we should settle for the next best thing and to me that means at least judging people by their characters, knowledge, experiences and all that. We can today mandate the few objective and knowledgeable media people like Louis Otieno and Julie Gichuru to start interractive TV sessions that grill the key political players in Kenya and those who want to be President. This has the tremendous potential of getting College kids and those others who have been there (though I doubt) to start a meaningful debate on who really seems an able President. We somehow have to shift the debate if we hope to make any steps forward. Our problem today stems from the fact that the very system that produces candidates and frames issues and decides who wins and who loses does little more than make a loser of the Kenyan people. We can change that, at least some of it.

As regards your short-lived adventure to the Presidency, I was expecting exactly this. I told you in this blog (and I can retrieve that if need be)that I was taking a walk with you down the fantasy lane, but I warned you that we will reject any attempt by you to dupe us into the same tested characters we know all too well.

Raila Odinga cannot be President. He should not be President and he must not be President. You have to make up your mind, you cannot be an Obama fan and an Odinga one at the same time. To me Raila odinga stands for everything President Obama stands against.

Look here, and I welcome this debate, I actually like it; Can those who support Raila odinga, and Sam you should lead here, just tell us hw we should handle the molasses question, for instance? I know you guys can come up with some pretty good insults, but seriously, are we supposed to look the other way when a legitimate question about misuse of power and theft of public property rises? Anon 7.58, thanks for some balanced comment, but I have a question for you---What makes you think we should be concerned with Musalia Mudavadi's alleged involvement in the Goldenberg affair and be disinterested in Raila odinga's proven impropriety concerning the Molasses deal? I have used the word "proven" deliberately because just so you can know, there were public-funded commissions that looked into these two cases. Just for your information, the Bosire commission on the Goldenberg case exonerated Mr. Mudavadi from blame regarding Goldenberg. It was an ongoing fraud when he joined treasury and he moved swiftly to stop it. The Ndung'u report on the other hand implicated Raila Odinga as a land grabber. None of these is a court of law, but why should we discuss Mudavadi's imagined role and ignore Raila's?

Obama-Raila; Just look at the egos of the two people. When Mr. Obama was always touting his humility as his most important asset, we have a guy called Raila odinga who said, "I am like Nelson Mandela or Jesus Christ". I think we all know Raila odinga is not like Jesus Christ, but additionally,I SINCERELY expect him to issue an apology to President Mandela. That was the biggest insult anyone can throw at Mandela. And you can say this was a one-off statement that should not be given much thought, but a couple months later Raila, while likening Kalonzo Musyoka to Judas Iscariot, once again, likened himself to Jesus Christ and the galaxy of fellow suspects in the Pentagon as Jesus' disciples. It's called grandiosity, baby, grandiosity!

Now to the question of Raila odinga fighting for reforms, have we reduced the Presidency of kenya to a level where it has to be determined by people's involvement in political activism? I do not want to say that Martha Karua, as a young lawyer, was on the forefront fightng for multipartysm because it is not even important. If the American people (and I love this obsession with Obama) rejected John McCain, a man who spent five torturous years in a prison camp, not for the sake of political power, but for a genuine love for his country and instead embraced a man whose patriotism could only be gauged in the promises he made and a belief that Americans should listen to those "who are ready to tap the opportunities and meet the challenges of the future and not those who keep clinging to the straws of the past", why should we vote for someone just because they tried to overthrow a government and instead landed in prison?

Look here, I know we have a string of imperfect candidates. If elections were held today, I would vote for an imperfect Kalonzo Musyoka. He has been senior minister for 14 years now. He does not have a scandal hanging on his neck. I will be voting for a candidate who can defend his personal integrity on ANY objective forum against ANY opponent. Martha Karua is another one of those, but she is as fundamentally flawed as a candidate as is Raila odinga--very polarizing and intoxicated in a belief that those who do not share their dreams are either impure or lesser beings. I am hoping for a joint ticket that has Kalonzo on top and UK as his running mate. That's the best ticket out there, but I respect your right to think otherwise.

ciceraw said...

So you reached your conclusion based on a "study."

What kind of study was it?

Who was studied?

Who did the
Company name and credentials?

Where are the figures?

Think we fools?

UrXlnc said...


its grossly unfair for a bunch of fellows to go into a kitchen, pick a recipe, cook and eat, then come out back to the open and say the meat was over done or excellent and then expect comments.

perhaps a better starting point would be for you to publish the research materials, scope, terms of reference, methodology, etc. and the final "report" (hint: even kriegler, waki and others have published their reports)

not to disparage your study or findings but its frivolous to throw statements like

"couple of friends" ... "best appraoches" ... "proved sound" ... "massive data" etc. its all very well intentioned but has no basis unless we are in the loop.

we would need to independently review the materials and come to our conclusions before we can engage in a more meaningful discussion.

otherwise any comments are not based on your report or findings but are due to our prior prejudices in which case .... jijazie ...

Anonymous said...

Sam, You article sounds very similar to that biblical story of 10 spies sent to survey the promised land. They came back with bad report, "The land was verdant, but its inhabitants were forbidding—unduly strong and impossible to defeat. The walled cities seemed impregnable."
In other words, they were frightened by what they saw, but on the other hand two young feisty charasmatic fellows, Caleb and Joshua saw it diffrently and said, "Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it." (Num. 13:30)

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity. A pessimist finds a calamity in every opportunity.

Mama Njeri

Anonymous said...

That is interesting, which diaspora is this? UK? I hope not.

Number 2 - I do not understand for the life of me, how Raila Amolo Odinga is considered young and charismatic. He has not even pushed for reforms now, and he is not going to anytime soon. He is a great orator and mobiliser, but that is where the love affair with him ends; I mean, he cannot even control his own party!

Number 3 - There are a great many leaders in Kenya who are young and charismatic but lack the funding like Obama did, to be able to take on the big guns. Clearly your team did not do enough work, you dont go to do such research and then take secondary data to formulate your conclusion, you should have tested it. I for one think that the fact that one constituency had zero misuse of its CDF fund shows you that there are people who can be reared to be leaders for us.

Number 4 - Its foolish to aspire for an Obama, Americans did not aspire for a president who replicates what others do, they just elected someone who holds todays needs and values in his unique vision. Obama is great , someone we can learn a few lessons from him, but we need our own person, we dont need to emulate him.

Number 5 Read the economist for this week. They once again write about Kenya and pretty much conclude that we are the basket case of Africa. They even go on to say that PNU has the choicest ministries, as if ODM do not have key dockets themselves.

If we have a major economic journal take sides like that, who are we to trust the west? Clearly UK supports ODM, and US supports PNU, and many people do not support either so now?.

Number 6 - Kenyans (incl myself) are interesting creatures, we seem to be obsessed with impatience. You only need to read the news and see how Obama is being roasted right now, how his advisors are being criticized as incompetent to understand how difficult it is to do anything without snags, delays and opposition

Politics is def like fine wine, it gets better with age, you take any dynasty, and take a timeline, and their governance advanced with time. We are a very young nation, we have been set back prob ten years after last years violence. We need to sit down and start from scratch, if anything your research should not be about the central govt, it should be about grassroots.

Lets start getting our leaders from the village, the councils, like that, getting our people to be more engaged in the process. The first thing this will do is even the playing field kidogo, everyone (incl our crazy MP's) will have a stake in this. This can take years, but the result is worth it. Then from these consultations, we can now take common denominators, and enshrine it in a constitution.

As this is going on, this truth and restitution commision should be fully supported and vetted by the public, because they must understand that relentesness is the number one killer of impunity, someone will get tired and give in and it shouldnt be the mwananchi

Civic engagement, participatory governance, grassroots leadership, if we cant sort out the top lets re-do the foundation, then chop off the rest of the pyramid with a strong foundation

Anonymous said...

Let us face facts. To begin let me declare that i am a Jaluo. I don’t agree with you Okello. We can still have our own version the Obama magic. It is only Kikuyus in this country who can not vote for anybody but one of their own. We can start from there and build on it like we did in 2002. We voted for Kibaki (to the man), unfortunately he decided to hide in his tribal cocoon and not only wasted a chance of uniting Kenya but made ethnic tension reach its highest level ever (much worse than Moi and Kenyatta). However I digress. The point is politics is a game of numbers and if every tribe had one of their own stand Kikuyus will always win. So what we need is another KIKUYU and the same spirit of 2002 but this time one who will not play to Kikuyu manipulation, who is young, who his incorruptible and has been tested proven it, one who has the interest of all Kenyans at heart regardless of their tribes. Someone who will unite Kenyans and yet have Kinkuyus give him the numbers because he is one of their own. Remember if Kikuyus there are several Kikuyus on the ballot, the Kikuyus will vote for the person (read Kikuyu) they believe has the support of the rest of Kenyans. That way we satisfy their ego (that they are the only ones who can rule) and get someone in to save our country, kill tribalism and institute reforms. If he does his job well we can then in future vote for the best candidate regardless of tribe.
I suggest one John Githongo
(How I wish Sam Okello were a Kikuyu)

Anonymous said...

Sam, One more point to note, Obama win was a matter of self-belief. He believed HE CAN and nothing even the colour of his skin could stop him from achieving his dream. Like Caleb and Joshua, he lived a life of discipline and self-control. He never permitted himself to become soft or waver in his belief. He maintained his assurance in his inner belief; this perspective prevented him from frittering away his physical well-being through tension and stress.

Mama Njeri

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.04 pm, I disagree, I am a kikuyu and for one I can tell you Kikuyu's do not always vote for one of their own.

Many kikuyus were campaigning for multiparty politics and supported tom mboya in the 60's, they advocated for Raila to be released from detention, they have voted in non-kikuyu MP's, and they genuinely are Kenyans, wanting a Kenya not a Kikuyudom.

Kikuyu's have had some serious advantages over other tribes, but that does not mean they are like the devils spawn and vote for their own. Yes, some do vote for their own and in 2007 alot did. But this was mostly a reaction to the kind of hate we saw in 2007, I have never seen that before in my life, and trust me when I say people were shocked. Secondly we have fielded candidates for leadership since colonial times, we are spoilt and selfish sometimes as a result. That does not mean we will not support a non-kikuyu candidate.

But many of us kyuks are just trying to come to terms with the fact that we must keep being apologetic to everyone else, and be outsiders in a country that our forefathers also fought to build. That is the greatest danger for Kenya, Kikuyus have never banded together like this, and they are still split. Dont forget that they had been so uprooted during the 1950's emergency, so their view is that maximum patience must be held, because once that tolerance goes, it will be an ugly situation.

I think it would be good to field a minority person. Like a mjikenda, or if its bigger a moderate tribe like kamba, luhya and kisii,)

If its a luo, kalenjin, Meru Embu, it def has to be the most nationalistic person ever, who infact is always in conflict with their community because they do not award any favours. They can then work on balancing things, and you will be surprised, many kyuks will happily conduct their businesses and not create trouble.

Vikii said...

Tribe, tribe, tribe. That is exactly what we should run away from. I do not care whether you are Jaluo, Kikuyu, muikaba, masai or whatever else there is. I am just looking for a good person to entrust the leadership of my country with.

Anon 11.55, that was a brilliant comment. Thanks.
I have a problem with what you said about Raila odinga's oratory though. This is the second or third time I have read here about Raila's "oratory". I am not trying to be negative, but, seriously, can he really SPEAK? He can definitely speak better than Mwai Kibaki, he is a lil more coherent, but can Raila odinga really,in terms of both language and substance, outspeak Kalonzo, UK, Ruto or even Musalia? Wow.

Anonymous said...

For all the ignoramuses Luo this, Luo that, Raira this, Raira that, take the log out of your eye first before the speck in your brother's:

Ngengi beat his pregnant wife to near death, Kenyatta grabbed Muigai from the jaws of hyeanas (who ate his departed Mum)

Jomo Kenyatta was born Kamau Wa Ngengi at Ng'enda village, Gatundu Division, Kiambu in 1889. He was the son of Muigai and Wambui. In 1896 his father died and Wambui was inherited by Muigai's younger brother Ngengi.That is the union through which James Muigai, Kamau's half-brother was born. Kamau's mother later returned to her parents where she died. Kamau moved from Ng'enda for Muthiga to live with his grandfather Kingu wa Magana who was a fortune teller and medicine man. He took interest in Agikuyu culture and customs and used to assist his grandfather in the practice of medicine.

Anonymous said...


I think part of being a good mobilizer has a lot to do with possessing some oratory skills - that is saying things that the masses want to hear - someone who connects with the common man. PLO Lumumba, Mudavadi, Ruto or even the one you admire Kalonzo may possess better 'oratory skills' but pale politically in comparison to RAO.

Vikii admit it,each one of our leaders has a past - only the degree of rot varies and that is why you would welcome an uhuru presidency despite all the mungiki warlord talk that he has never denied. Kalonzo has also never denied the land isssue that has come up severally, and would rather project an image of a saved man, even though we know whose tune he will be dancing to were he to be elected president.

You deliberately choose to rubbish the FACT that Raila though not an angel is best placed and probably the only one bold enough to tackle some of the issues currently bedevilling our country.

He may not have succeeded in everything he set out to do as a PM. Anyway, who would as a lone ranger among filthy rich past and present thieves, a president who seems not to have an idea what to do with the powers that he has, and a cowardly VP who always waits to see the direction the wind is blowing because he hopes to inherit the central province votes.

Anon 11:55, to say Raila has failed as an ODM leader is passing out an unnecessarily harsh judgement. I hope your view is not influenced by the the jonnie ccome lately 24-7 complaining RV
bunch, majority of whom are either Kanu or Pnu moles and are only in parliament courtesy of the ODM wave.

BTW, do you think ODM would be what it is without RAO? Ask Kalonzo who on realizing that he wasn't being toshwad bolted out only to find himself with only Ukambani mps.

JEFF said...


I am delighted that you learn quickly, man. I was wondering when this will dawn on you. To succeed in politics in Kenya and in particular Rarieda, you will need a political godfather. You definitely need Raila. You will sing the tunes only him will find amusing. You will have to hang on his coat tails. You will be his spy. Say anything to offend him and you are finished - politically and literally. You will run his errands as he wishes. Defend him in and outside parliament. Some violence here and there in his name. You will serve him and not the ones who voted for you. For this you will get some token of appreciation. Some assistant ministerial job. Some maize here and there. And some fuel. Only he determines what you get.

Just remind me, why did you want to run for office?

Anonymous said...

Kenya will not exist in 2013. The country will be dismantled into tribal kingdoms.

Kikuyus Kingdom will take Central, part of Eastern and Nairobi. Kalenjin Kingdom will stretch from Eldoret upto Naivasha, where Maasai will start and take the last part of Nairobi upto Mara and a portion of Tanganyika.

The New Luo Kingdom will include areas around Lake Victoria upto regions in Tanganyika and Uganda.

The New Luhya Kingdom will be from Uganda past Elgon upto Kiboswa.

Pwani will be an Arab Protectorate and will absorb a big portion of Eastern.

Somaliland will take the rest of Eastern Prov, combining it with NEP.

There will be NO quarells and tribal wars in the country, which people will refer to as 'The Former Rep. of Kenya'.

Are we ready for this? Yes it will come.

kalamari said...

You people should be cheering the African solution going in Madagascar. It is very possible to frog match Kibaki out of State House.

All we need is a DJ.

Anonymous said...

By JOHN GITHONGO (email the author)
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Posted Friday, March 13 2009 at 22:56

The intrepid Polish journalist and author Ryszard Kapuscinski was particularly colourful in his description of roadblocks. I share his grim fascination.

In parts of West Africa, I have had occasion to pass through roadblocks that do indeed turn into little villages where the men manning the enterprise (actually an armed informal toll station) live by the road with their wives, girlfriends, kids, dogs and are served by local kiosks, changaa brewers, bhang sellers and the like.

The roadblock is a little community built around a jua kali enterprise whose core activity is to transmit fear of personalised violence.

Roadblocks are interruptions of your journey that ostensibly express law and order at the point it meets the people.

But in the eyes of the soldiers or policemen one can see a unique expression — the awareness of impunity.

It says, “I can kill you and get away with it. I have power over your life.” Being able to read this is key to how you comport yourself through a roadblock. It determines your entire posture and demeanour.

Often, the toll you are charged is influenced by a range of factors that express your status.

Those who are from the wrong place are cleaned out first.

Then the middle classes are hit hardest — those well dressed; those who drive newer and more expensive cars; then those who sound educated; those who wear glasses, etc.

Eventually, it does not matter; everyone gets shaken down as the roadblock becomes the national youth employment programme.

Kenya’s ruling coalition is taking on the appearance of a network of armed informal roadblocks; it is where we have come to a halt and are being shaken down.

We agree to be shaken down because the repercussions of protest are too awful to contemplate; memories of the recent past still too vivid.

In truth, therefore, it’s no longer an issue of whether the coalition running Kenya can survive (“the family that eats together stays together,”) but whether Kenya can survive the coalition. It also forces an important question about ourselves.

This parliament saw the biggest overhaul in Kenyan history, a wholesale transfusion of new blood.

Yet when it came to the most important vote they have had to face thus far — a censure motion against the Minister of Agriculture over the maize scandal — they united overwhelmingly in his defence.

There is some middle-class hypocrisy here. Let’s face it, for the last four years of the NARC government, corruption was seen as the cost of growth.

Especially for Kenyans inside the incestuous bubble of Nairobi's shiny capital with its combination of well heeled business types lucky enough to be in on the rackets or servicing the racketeers at least, NGOs, donors, media fed by politicians, politicians who feed the media and an expatriate crew of cafe latte Africanists who opine magisterially of things “tribal” and profess love for Kenya but are rather more ambivalent about its people.

The argument went that Kenya wasn't as bad as other countries and the administration was not as bad as its predecessor.

Floating in air-conditioned comfort up to a roadblock, this bubble was about to burst.

Perceptions of ethnicised inequality were creating a toxic political situation.

Corruption in the Moi era had actually been a reasonably managed affair! If you were not “in,” you were out.

The current racketeering is a free-for-all and the graft that preceded it, from 2003-07, was of a blow-dried white collar, corporatised variety that simply didn't reach the bottom.

Instead CDF, free primary education and revenue collection to deliver government spending in an ostensibly more equitable manner replaced the crude and rapacious machine that had produced a gamut of corrupt schemes and brought the economy to its knees.

Nevertheless, the NARC administration was unable to translate this into political backing outside the Gema communities in any meaningful way.

Why? The reason was not only the continuation of structural economic inequalities but also, more important, of perceptions of ethnicised inequality whose solution is only political. Indeed, had the economy grown at 10 per cent, the political contradictions within the elite would have been even deeper.

And politics often means small things: A leadership style of arrogance that seemed to look down on other groups to such an extent that they became willing to sacrifice growth and “development” to teach a political lesson to the ruling elite. This irrational and overpowering need is one of the most powerful narratives in modern Kenyan politics.

So where is the leadership if parliament is like a black hole that swallows even the best younglings the country has into a maze of cheap mortgages, untaxed salaries, slips of paper to offload maize from the NCPB, irresistible car loans, attractive insurance schemes, per diem scams and bonanzas earned simply by filling out travel allowance forms?

Balkanisation would seem to be the natural progression and our emerging tribal kingpins will increasingly look like the West African warlords of the 1990s.

To offset this is the at once beautiful and dangerous irony of a youthful population across the nation united in disgust by what one observer described as a hapless, helpless and hopeless presidency; not to mention a premiership whose stock is declining daily.

This disgust is turning into a very real anger as wananchi realise for the first time how graft hurts them on a day-to-day, deeply personal basis.

Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg were abstractions; the maize and Triton scandals were felt directly by Kenyans, youth and women in particular.

Channelled by an articulate civil society and a media recovering from the dislocations of 2007/8, the anger of the people may just be enough to dismantle the roadblocks looming in the chill mist that cloaks the immediate future.

Anonymous said...

anon2:23 PM

Thanks to Githongo for the article
now we see the same churches that closed their eyes and closed tribal ranks during the 2007 kibaki and mungiki death squad singing new elections, without a constitution

This are blood thirsty priests or whatever the church leaders call themselves this days.. shenzi sana they should shut up and concentrate on the healing process and counsel kenyans not enter politics

Anonymous said...

Interesting, but think you are wrong. Raila has appointed has-beens to cabinet, is blatantly dependent on foreigners, and his attacks on subordinates and the local workforce pretty ugly. His former supporters who chanted "haki yetu" the other day are infuriated at him - check out his rallies in Eastleigh and Kibera. I think ODM will front new blood to avoid losing. Maybe Mudavadi.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious I mean really???
It took a team of 'foreign experts' as is so cliche, to report that people driven change won't work and that someone from outside the Kanu govt. rule history will make the best candidate for leader of this country?
I think this blog sometimes runs out of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Kiambu the Problem in Kenya? Is Kibaki a hostage then?.
Kikuyu's have started talking. Just like the troubled house on the Hill,the tribe is a problem within itself.Read on...

Kikuyus, Only: House issues:Kenyan Problems are a Result the Chania River Controversy - 03-16-2009, 02:34 PM
This issue, we have debated among my peers from all over the country and especially with Kikuyus from both the North and South of Chania River.

I want to hear your intelligent opinions regarding the matter.

Back in the day Mzee Kenyatta made utterances to the effect that the seat of power will never cross to the North of River Chania...obviously that would be Nyeri, and of course this has been the cause of untold hatred among Kyuks of the various regions in Central Province.

I believe the change we need, and the healing we crave for as the people of Kenya, (all tribes) lies in the addressing of these underlying issues that were the creation of our founding fathers.

Unknown to most, especially us, the younger generation, after that declaration by Mzee, there was a tribe-wide (Kikuyu) state sponsored oath-taking ritual which in essence forced the people to declare that power was to know whom. The possible trigger for these radical actions by the then government was the accusations that probably the government didn't do enough to defend Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi (rest in peace): this dude is a rela. of mine.


What's even worse, this ritual was also done in schools and the entire generation of around the late sixties got under the oath.

Now, what's even more awe striking, majority of the Mungiki sect members are probably 30yrs or younger, that means they are the sons of the generation that per took the oath-rituals in the late sixties.

And so that brings us to the next point.

The executions of the adherents:

It's funny the way everyone has been running around saying that Mungiki this and Mungiki that, and I concede Mungiki may not be totally innocent either, but look at it from a different perspective.

Back then, (in the Sixties), an injustice was done, Kimathi was betrayed and so were other freedom fighters, Mzee Kenyatta was obviously in London most of the period when freedom was being waged (though he also served 7yrs for the cause).
When they came to power, they should have remembered their comrades, they didn't.
They instead chose to become protective of the power, by getting into peoples minds by way of a revered ritual (oaths meant alot back then).

And blood was spilled if you resisted.

Now that blood from the sixties, and that of the freedom fighters who were despised by their own government has come back to haunt the grandsons the culprits...that's quite a stretch but think about it.

Think back to when the Mungiki executions started.

Who was the Minister for Internal Security? Where does he hail from?
Who was the President? Where does he hail from?
The answers, if you don't know are: Michuki, Kangema, Nyeri: Kibaki Othaya, Nyeri respectively.

If you check the map, Nyeri is located to the north of the Chania River. The curse/oath was broken, and it was now turning around. Power had crossed the Chania contrary to Mzee's words and the oaths that were forced upon the Kikuyu people.

Guess who would pay for it?

Now, my point is, even though Mungiki may be brutal and ruthless, what if there is another force working to reap vengeance, (based on the history I just spelt out) by staging attacks in a most gruesome way in the hopes that the public will buy it and blame it on Mungiki, thus giving the government a license to "shoot to kill".

I know this question has been raised here before, but now please reconsider it in the light of this.

Could it be that there is a systematic campaign to avenge the blood of Kimathi and other victims of the yester-regime of post colonial Kenya?

Just a thought.

Maybe if we address the issues of historical injustices, in all of it's aspects, not just land and not just among tribes but also within tribes and the successive assassinations of agents of change in our country, and repent too, handing out justice to the responsible parties, (who still live) only then can we move towards any meaningful peace or prosperity as a nation.

I want to hear your take on this Nation.

Mama said...

Sam is that really you? What happened?

When people are looking for better, progressive leaders you take us back to people who want to be 'shown bigger scandals than the Anglo-leasing and Goldenberg in the coalition government'?

What I think we need is to stop recycling politicians day in day out. Why should someone be an MP for one constituency from 1964 and have nothing to show for it and people continue to vote for him? It makes no sense to me. What new ideas will 'Ntimama types' bring to their constituencies that they haven't been able to all these years? I wish for the day our politicians will run only for two terms I mean after that, what else new is there?

What has RAO and his team done with the half a loaf they were given that they always keep telling us about? Sam, RAO's time is up!

I am not going to hold my breath for an Obama but we should at least get new leaders for a new Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, maybe orator is being nice, I meant he has the gift of the gab, he is able to really engage crowds, the common mwananchi, and he can mobilise them to rally around one common objective.

Ok UK and the rest speak very eloquently, but RAO knows how to make people feel empowered (even if the reasons they do are wrong)and thats a plus

Anon 1.37 pm, We cannot give Raila any breaks any more, because he has served in 3 of the 4 govts that have ever lead Kenya, yet he has not done anything, and continues to blame the regime.

Its only fair to be harsh, because he has been in these regimes, in significant positions, as an ally in all, and therefore cannot keep saying he's restricted.

I feel that he chooses to be a rebel, and then cannot do anything because he is perceived as a danger. Some of his biggest critics will argue that his rebelliousness is what really brings him down as a leader, in the 1990's many people endorsed him as a leader,including some GEMA's.

I admit, part of it is the johnny come lately from RV, but he should be accountable, why should we shout at kibs for the conduct of his party and not Raila for the conduct of ODM? They are the leaders of their parties, they are accountable whether they are moles or not.

ODM would not have done as well as it did without RAO, but now its time to move forward,unless he has a clear direction then he should step aside and let someone else run for presidency in 2012. Kalonzo is too indecisive, and we know from having kibs that doesnt work.

Lets focus on building more grassroots leaders, for 2012 I am not sure who we can pick, but at least we can make sure the foundation of our leadership is improving, the rest will tow in line in due course.

papa plus said...


You have gone back to smoking those weeds I warned you about?

Out of a country of 40 million odd your team picked Raila Odinga?
Acha uchizi.

Raila is in GNU eating and getting fat he can barely turn to lend a hand as the citizens of Migingo island are being evicted by a little despot Museveni right in his back yard. Had he been in opposition, he would have been on the news daily.

Some people are like empty debes, always making the most noise. That is your Raila!

Anonymous said...

Sam, I read your garbage with all your demigod worship of raila just with a sick taste in my mouth. For once step outside your little tribal quandry and seek for a fresh true leader. Stop being a tribal jackass, period. You are too old for that- but then again, it's the old that are driving tribal politics in kenya while we the young watch hapelessly unable to stop it. We need a young fresh leader that is not kalonzo, uhuru or ruto, the rest is GARBAGE.

sereast said...

Nice debate going on here, infact one of the best. Thanks the anon of yesterday for giving us a break. Someone touted the idea of fielding a Kikuyu who can appeal to the Kikuyu and still be seen as an agent of change by the rest of Kenyans. Interesting indeed, another person has delved into the mungiki issue with a view not known by many.

We have some digging and thinking to do and personally the idea of fielding Githongo is not a bad one at all! You see it will be like a home run (and I stand corrected). This guy if he means business will institute reforms in government, and at the same time is well placed to deal with Kikuyu past that can only be appeased by a fellow Kikuyu.

Anonymous said...

I can't see why I had to learn about General China, Dedan Kimathi and mau mau in a north american university and not in a school in kenya.

The professor kept on insisting it was a kikuyu movement - yet other members of other tribes and some muindis were part of mau mau

Anonymous said...

If balkanization is going to take place what will happen to state house mombasa...the reason I ask is because 2 persons over the years have told me kenyatta insisted on buying their beach front property even though they did not want to. The properties became part of state house. They had to sell it for less than market value. If coast province is going to seperate can these people get their beach front property back?? ...just asking

Anonymous said...

professor wangari mathaai for president

Anonymous said...

Raila has wide experience from being in detention, to being in mois cabinet to opposition member to being prime minister...and he has only one wife....

but he should not bother moi..nor interfere with mois retirement benefits nor tinker with the planned state funeral....

Anonymous said...

Raila folded up NDP in 1998 and entered into a cursed cohabition with moi. he got molasses and a cabinet post. he worshipped moi, licked his ass until moi said Uhuru tosha. molasses being selfish rushed to join Kibaki and again said Kibaki tosha. now okello, where is the new ideologies that you expect from raila apart from circumcision calls to his kinsmen???

Taabus mistress

Anonymous said...

the truth and reconciliation comittee should have it's starting point the year 1899 and not the year 1963; my parents complained to me many times that when they went for a walk some English Kenyans unleashed their dogs so that the dogs would chase them.

Anonymous said...

why did he name his son fidel?

Anonymous said...

We do not care much about the economist or time or newsweek:
during the height of apartheid newsweek, or time had a map of the world - you got 100 pts for being democratic, multiparty, and having freedom of speech etc.The source was Freedom House. Kenya got 34 or around the same as South Africa!?. How can a one party state like kenya be considered less democratic than an apartheid state like south africa (in the 1970's and early 80's)???

Anonymous said...

I hear even Obama, when it comes to Kenyan matters, he worships Raila. Is it true?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Guys let us talk about today not tomorrow. NARA cannot be sustained. The country is broke and none other than the vice president told us ministers are stealing right left and centre. This country has only one head of state, head of government and commander in chief. Am calling on him to take charge and save kenya. am kamba but i voted for him (instead of kalonzo as would be expected) because i believed his first 5 years registerd some good economic achievements. we can sit here and talk of the next president but of what country? there will be no kenya. let kibaki take charge of the country for the next 4 years. there will be no madagascar as the armed forces are loyal to him. so fuck NARA. after 4 years kenyans can elect whoever they like.

Anonymous said...

but who is going to count the votes in 2012 - Kivutu??

under the mlolongo system the raila line will be longer

Anonymous said...

Kenya has been a country of cowards, we have been sat on screwed left right and centre and very few kenyans have gotten out of their comfort zones and dared to take on the powers of the day.....most of us have prefered to negotiate for a place at the table with the opressor so we are the problem.

My take is that a good majority of kenyans don't really care for tribe, or in other words for as long as the person in power is a friend they can pretty much screw their own communty for their personal survival. For example kalonzo would have done kenya and that includes kambaas a gteat favour by siding with ODM but it did not assure him a political future, all his actions were designed for nothing but his own survival. That is the typical kenyan.
Very few kenyans are like RAO. People who have stood up for others and nautrally we are uncormfortable with them, they make us look bad, lazy and the oppotunist that we are., so here we are, trying to find an 'Obama". Its like during the colonial times some kenyans fought but when it came to dividing the spoils the weak and cowardly come up with a new standard that the educated and 'qualified' should lead and not the guys who went into the ring and fought the fight.
You cannot have it both ways, you either go into the ring yourself or forefiet the right to decide who leads.Kenyans are a bunch of morons pretending that all is honkydory and you just walk to a balot and cast your vote meantime pontificating on who should lead, some even saying that being handsome should count, I guess we have not realy had it bad, perhaps kenya needs to sink deeper into shit till we wake up to the reality that its better to have an ugly, dirty, uneducated person who has the real interest of kenyans at heart.....than smart looking opportunists see you we you get there if you ever get there....

Sir Alex

Phil said...


I am glad you took time and came to the ground and researched this issue. I am sure that now you do not doubt what I have been posting here. I hope you also had time to sample some athola, madondo and mlima with the Kenyan voter?

Please could ask Chris to also undertake his own study and come up with facts, rather than one-sided analysis drawn mostly from Kenyan media for drawing misinformed conclusions.

As far as I am concerned, We in ODM are waiting for the inauguration of one Raila Odinga as president of this country. You remember he was to have been inaugurated in December 2007, before a Mkamba known as Samuel Kivuitu lead a civilian coup on the people of this country and the swearing-in of the people's president was rudely postponed..

Well said Sam and welcome back.

Chris said...

Hi Phil,

What I am so happy about is the fact that although we no longer agree politically, we are still good friends.

Politics will always change but it should never affect any friendship.


Anonymous said...

Chris, r u saying you are going to support Raila Odinga in 2012? Wewe msaliti kabisa!

Phil said...

Blogger Chris said...

Hi Phil,

What I am so happy about is the fact that although we no longer agree politically, we are still good friends.

Politics will always change but it should never affect any friendship.


Chris, lets meet at kililimbi nite together with Vikii. I am a great fan of Ken Wa Maria and I intend to buy his latest CD and DVD on 27th at carnie. I owe Vikii a beer and I wouldnt mind extending the same to you. I AM SERIOUS about this invite.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:38 AM,

There is only one MSALITI: Kalonzo "MSALITI" Musyoka. A dyed in wool Msaliti.

Anonymous said...

I would not meet at carnivore on the 27 - I am sure nsis are onto this website

Anonymous said...

It is extremely foolish for anyone to think that raila odinga will ever be president. A kihii cannot rule Kenya! I have said this before and am going to say it again. A kihii cannot rule kenya. What does the fool know apart from empty politics? I wish the new constitution makes jaluonyanza an independent republic. We would free from his dirty and evil politics. Kioko. BC canada.

Anonymous said...

Luo men don't know how to make love to a woman. two minutes and is over!

Anonymous said...

Kioko B.C. Canada, what are you doing there obsessed with other men's genitalia, suck a fat dick a**hole.

JAKE said...


Anonymous said...

None of the current top politicians is best to rule kenya. We need change, change can never come from people who have been reluctant to bring it simply coz they have been elected president. RAila can bring any change whatsover; why doesn't he try now? Why does protect the like of Ruto? while every Kenyan know who they are?

Anonymous said...

yes Obama in Kenya may not happen in 2012, but One thing for sure is that Kenyan or African media can play a major role in discovering African Obamas. American media did that major role in making Obama what he is. When I visited Germany after Obama's victory. I listened to a radio interview inside my car and I was shocked to discover a one Potential leader- 22 year-old African. This young man by the name Dominik Otiang'a (hope the spelling is right) was no different from Obama. He is already discovered as a potential leader or potential problem to some african despots by the local german media long before the African Media set it's eyes on him.
If he isn't African(Kenyan or Nigerian, as his name suggests)he will soon be convinced to change his nationality. The point is that Africa must discover her own Obamas and keep them at home before they become Obamas elsewhere.

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