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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Who Advises President Kibaki On Siasa?

Who advices president Kibaki on political issues?

I know many people (like political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi) have asked this question many times. But seriously who is it? What is the name of the twit?

I suspect that the head-strong president who has a reputation for surrounding himself with many advisors whose advice he never takes is making decisions here against the better judgement of his aides. But I could be wrong.

Kumekucha titbits: Did you know that corporate team building programmes have been known to turn around previously loss-making companies the world over?============================

But honestly what is going on? I mean the man (President Kibaki) keeps dead quiet when he is supossed to speak and show leadership while giving direction... But then now he speaks when it would have been much better to keep quiet. What was that confidence-in-professor Saitoti statement all about? Please tell me somebody because I haven’t the slightest clue.

What the President should have done was to keep quiet and if for some reason he is scared of Prof George Saitoti, he should have used his cell phone and called the man to reassure him that all was well. However by opening his mouth he has send the following clear and unclear messages to Kenyans;

1) There is no unity or united front in his immediate family. Can a man who can’t run his own immediate family run the nation?

2) Why rush to defend George “Goldenberg” Saitoti? Is the President scared of Saitoti? Certainly he has proved that he supports the corrupt and has full confidence in their corrupt way of doing things..

Kumekucha titbits: With so many fires happening in Kenya these days, have you lost data recently to a disaster? Or perhaps a raid? Raid recovery in Kenya will help you recover your data.

3) So what was the President telling us about the first lady? That there is a power struggle between him and her as to whose word is final? Or that there is something wrong with her mentally that he cannot control?

4) The President issues very very few statements personally. So the message he was sending forth yesterday was that what he had to say about Prof Saitoti was very very important. Excuse me!!! Really?

5) Usually in politics you do stuff to cause an impact and change things. So what has the president's recorded statement done? What has it changed? Kenyans still know that the succession intrigues are raging and that the preferred choice is obviously Uhuru. If anything the statement has told Kenyans that the President is worried and certainly not in full control. Just as they had feared.

Obviously the president has his own ideas about leadership and how to go about being CEO of The Republic of Kenya Limited, but my humble opinion is that they are not from any known management book. And so far these principals have sunk the country to its' lowest ebb ever. I hate to admit this but if Moi (who never saw the inside of a university, let alone lecturing in one as some people did) was still president today Kenya would be much better off and many of our fellow citizens would still be alive.


Anonymous said...

while chris is busy telling us about comics that adds no meaning to ordinary mwananchi, there is substanciated information that Ruto, Raila and his son Fidel are still selling maize to sudan. Its is a fact that even maize meant for relief has courtesy of PM calls also closed the borders to be sold to enrich these corrupt goons. No amount of side shows will deter Kenyans from focussing on the stealing of Raila and his ODM cronies. they are making PNU thieves look like saints.

Let us not loose focus on raila continued theft of maize as kenyans, even in his luo nyanza starve to death.

RAila should stop stealing maize.
chris should stop diverting kenyans from the reality of grave THEFT in our midst.

Thats why Raila went to Annan to save Ruto from going to hague since Ruto has threatened to spill all their 'secrets'

Anonymous said...

Lucy: Saitoti is useless. He must go.

Kibaki (the election thief): Lucy, wewe ni mpumbavu sana.

Lucy: Ati what? ( and with this, Lucy proceeds to unleash many slaps on Kibaki's unpadded cheeks)

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:03 AM,

Go stuff your Raila hatred up your asshole. This post is not about Raila. It is about your mistaken object of worship and adoration Kibaki, the most tragicomedic, incompetent, corrupt and evil president that Kenya has ever had

Anonymous said...

Correction, the title should read;

(20 Marks)

Anonymous said...

This statement by Kibaki of having confidence in George "Goldenberg" Saitoti reminds me of the ridiculous statements about his family that he used to make during his 1st and only legitimate term as the president of Kenya.

The statements used to go along the lines of this (this was during the embarrassing "wars" between Lucy and Wambui "the Narc activist")

"The members of my family are Lucy, blah, blah, blah...."

Kibaki is a big joke.

Phil said...


The fact that Kibaki was reading from a prepared statement (while his wife Lucy made off-cuff remarks) should tell you something.

Saitoti and his party PNU are an important player in PNU succession plans.

As a matter of fact Jimmy Kibaki - due to inherit his father's Othaya seat come 2012 - is on record having asked politicians to remain united in PNU, not KANU and not NARC-K. His own father was in attendance at the recent PNU National Delegates Conference in which Saitoti was elected unopposed as Chairman while Kibaki was retained as Party Leader. Please familiarise yourself with the Political Parties Act as well as the PNU constitution and you will know Saitoti is going for the presidency come 2012. Uhuru will probably be Prime Minister or at the very least Vice President, so I guess Kalonzo's ODM-K will be once again looking to form premature coalitions with the 'winner' so as to win cabinet positions for himself and his blind supporters.

Back to Mrs Kibaki, it appears she was talking as a mother/wife/grandmother, pained at the sight of children, husbands and grand fathers burnt to death. I am not sure if you have seen the gory images taken of the victims immediately after the fire was put off! Please search for them and you will appreciate the horror these people went through in meeting their deaths. They will make you, just as Lucy, bitter and upset.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:30 AM

Keep on dreaming. Your fantasies will never come true.

Mama said...


Kenya ina wenyewe, kama hujajua, jua leo!

Anonymous said...


You said:

"I hate to admit this but if Moi (who never saw the inside of a university, let alone lecturing in one as some people did) was still president today Kenya would be much better off and many of our fellow citizens would still be alive."

I never admired Moi at all and considered him to be a man of very poor leadership ability but, surprise surprise, I AGREE WITH YOUR COMMENT. It just shows how MEDIOCRE Kibaki is as a leader, even more MEDIOCRE than Moi! How low can one get.

Despite this, there are still many individuals in this country mainly from Kibaki's backyard who will will claim that he is the best thing that happened to Kenya; that is absolute nonsense. Where is their Dr Murinho (the quack psychologist)? His fraudulent services are needed by this misguided lot.

Anonymous said...

Some time at State House Last evening

Lucy: Saitoti is useless. He must go.

Kibaki (the election thief): Lucy, wewe ni mpumbavu sana.

Lucy: Ati what? (and with this, Lucy proceeds to unleash many slaps on Kibaki's unpadded cheeks)

Anonymous said...

Sam Okelo
Sir Alex
Joe al

Wajaluo ni mashoga! 31.8% of Kisumu men prefer to have sex with another man.
What is happening in Luoland? Shetani anataka kumalisha nyinyi nyote.
Have you heard of Sodom and Gormorrah?

Anonymous said...

Anon1.55am. I thought the last steadman opinion polls showed that rao is more popular in central than kibs (ask phil). And we already knew that in africa there really is no difference between an educated leader and an uneducated one. Ofcourse the best "president" for kenya was the colonial governor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:13 AM(the first Luo hating one),

You are are one stinking piece of shit. We Know what you are trying to do. You are trying to divert our attention from the current silly shenanigans of Kibaki, Lucy and Co.

You think you will succeed? forget it, your stand much more success plucking out all the hairs in your filthy hairy panua nostrils than diverting our attention. For your information, this is because you seem to think everyone here saying things that pain the living daylights out of you is a Luo, I am a Kenyan who come from long neglected North eastern province.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:24 AM
Are you saying its not true what anon 2.13 said? Thats a fact and its out in the open - publised on UNAIDS website.

Anonymous said...

What did Ruto call Luhyas?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:32 AM,

The topic of this post is

"Who Advises President Kibaki On Siasa?"

Kindly leave your obsession with other guys dicks, aids, homos and other nonsense out of this or do you want me to stoop to your level and start stating here that
Kikuyu's are thieves, prostitutes, carjackers conmen/women and child rapists. No i will not for that is not the topic of this post.

Oh, I forgot. Feast your eyes on this

Some time at State House Last evening

Lucy: Saitoti is useless. He must go.

Kibaki (the election thief): Lucy, wewe ni mpumbavu sana.

Lucy: Ati what? (and with this, Lucy proceeds to unleash many slaps on Kibaki's unpadded cheeks)

Anonymous said...

Tough days ahead. Kikuyu/Kalenjin alliance to cover corruption.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.04, Wajaluo ni mashoga.

A woman in Nyanza was paid by a white American man to have his 16 years old son "adopted" and you can guess what happened to the son. That too is documented on UNAIDS website.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Kibaki's style of leadedership, this is Waki's take on him.

Kibaki was elected with a resounding landslide in the elections of December 2002 - genuinely. He did not STEAL the elections then, he won fair and square. His primary duty and responsibility as the newly and genuinely elected president of Kenya was to tackle the three major problems that had messed up the country since the 1960's, first during the Kenyatta administration and later accelerated during the Moi administration. These are:

1) Endemic corruption. Which even he, during his swearing in speech, said had sadly become a way of life in Kenya and that he would do all in his power to reverse this ugly situation.

2) Poor governance. All our institutions had collapsed and had failed to fulfill their role.

3) The cancer of Tribalism.

These problems arose and were fed by the culture of IMPUNITY. Unfortunately, on all three counts, Kibaki's performance has been disastrous. He has failed spectacularly. In fact things have gotten worse. Tribalism, Corruption and Poor Governance have worsened. All these have been driven by the culture of IMPUNITY. This was epitomized in his (Kibaki's) blatant STEALING of the elections of December 2007 in broad daylight and his subsequent HURRIED and SECRET swearing in - only someone who has stolen the election can behave this way; the post election violence was a direct consequence of this blatant THEFT.

Had Kibaki provided proper LEADERSHIP since taking over at the beginning of 2003 and not STOLEN the elections of December '07, all of these nonsensical and tragic events would never have occurred.

Read what Judge Waki in his report says about him:

The Waki Commission report accuses Kibaki of failing to exercise the required LEADERSHIP that would have convinced the public and the international community that the 2007 General Election would have been free and fair. (This later came to pass: Kibaki STOLE the elections; consequently triggering the violence)

Kibaki's inability to provide leadership includes the failure to lead the National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) from the front when he took over power in 2003 after winning the December 2002 elections.The post election-violence is, in part, a consequence of the failure of Kibaki and his first Government to exert political control (i.e LEADERSHIP) over the country or to maintain sufficient legitimacy as would have allowed a civilized contest with him at the polls possible.

The report also blames Kibaki's decision to renege on the memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Kibaki’s National Alliance Party of Kenya (NAK) and Mr Odinga’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) before the 2002 elections as one of the major contributory factors that created the environment that made occurrence of post election almost a certainty. It eventually came to pass.

Even though the 2005 referendum was peaceful and results were accepted rather than contested, the parameters were nevertheless drawn. Worse was the decision by Kibaki to dissolve the entire Cabinet after LOSING the referendum and excluding Mr Odinga and his allies from the Government a month later when he reconstituted his administration.

The net effect, was further political polarisation. Kibaki's turning away from Raila and removing from government the group of ministers associated with Odinga had the effect of increasing the polarisation of politics along ethnic lines.

By so doing, the Waki report points an accusing finger at Kibaki saying that he failed to take actions (i.e LEADERSHIP) that would have bridged the escalating ethnic and political divide, which fueled the political violence. It was wrong, the report argues, for Kibaki to fail to heed the advice of leaders from other communities.

Kibaki’s regime failed to unite the country, and allowed feelings of marginalisation to fester into what became the post-election violence. He and his then Government were complacent in the support they considered they would receive in any election from the majority Kikuyu community and failed to heed the views of the legitimate leaders of other communities.

Under the agreement that Kibaki's NAK signed with Raila's LDP the post of PM was to be introduced after 2002 General Election and the Constitution reviewed to recognize the new position. Failure to honor the MoU by Kibaki broke the trust that had been built between Kibaki and Mr Odinga, in the process splitting Narc.

This (reneging on the MoU) was criticised by the public as an attempt by the so-called ‘Mount Kenya Mafia’ to keep power to itself rather than share it.

The Waki report also blames Kibaki for the way he handled the search for a new Constitution and the 2005 referendum and its aftermath. His administration is accused of diluting some of the provisions of the Bomas Draft into what was later called the Wako Draft. It is the latter that was put up for the referendum pitting Kibaki on the side of the “Yes” or Banana campaign and Mr Odinga in the “NO” or Orange crusade.

The Orange movement that defeated the government by rejecting the Wako draft was later to be transformed into a political party, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Former President Moi, who is now Kibaki's strongest supporter and defender, stands accused for allowing the culture of IMPUNITY to take root following the election violence of 1992 and 1997. As events have unfolded since early 2003, it clearly shows that Kibaki has faithfully followed the footsteps of Moi, no wonder they are on the same side now - birds of the same feathers flock together. What a big let down from someone from whom so much civilized and progressive leadership was expected...

Bottom line: Kibaki stands for the pumbavu status quo of massive corruption, mediocre leadership, tribalism and is completely averse to change.

joe the choma man said...

what a brave man you are!twice in two days you have shown no fear of Mama Kofi's infamous right/left hands-by the way the same president whom you accuse of not showing any unity in his immediate family is the same man who will be defended by that dissonant first family starting with the first lady, then the second first lady and lastly the iron lady of GCG-nani kama hawa

In answer to your question its easy to tell who advises Dr.Kibaki on politics-his advisors are a bunch of aloof out of touch fence sitting indifferent past retirement dinousaurs whose ideas of politics are not only out-dated and stale but also tribal and frictitious to execute.They've fumbled their way right from 2002 with the hurried implementation of free education, the poor handling of the Arturs and the fake general Mathenge saga through to Dr.Kibaki's re-election campaign and subsequent re-election

Dr.Kibaki will continue to foil all attempts at understanding and analysing his leadership style-endelea na style hiyo hiyo. one thing we know about the man he is an avid fence seater and his so called "hands off" approach to running his government has been proved to be nothing more than indecisiveness disguised to look like a wise mans thoughtfulness

Still, i disagree with you that if moi was president today Kenya would be better off-lets not forget that Moi was a professional dictator whereas Dr.Kibaki is simply a lethargic architect of past decay

chola said...

Could we be seeing a 2 political blocks in Kenya , Lucy block and Kibaki Block?
Those gunning for power through the kitchen and those trying from back door, ama side door.In kenya there is no front door siasa

Anonymous said...

Joe the choma man,

I agree with you 200% when you say:

"''Kibaki's so called "hands off" approach to running his government has been proved to be nothing more than indecisiveness disguised to look like a wise mans thoughtfulness"

Hapo nakuunga mkono Kabisa.

makena said...

"stuff your Raila hatred up your asshole. This post is not about Raila. It is about your mistaken object of worship and adoration Kibaki, the most tragicomedic, incompetent, corrupt and evil president that Kenya has ever had"

Hilarious. I just love the last bit about most corrupt and evil. When will people realise all these politicians are the same? They are all corrupt wankers , Raila included.

"I never admired Moi at all and considered him to be a man of very poor leadership ability but, surprise surprise, I AGREE WITH YOUR COMMENT."

What are you guys smoking? Did you live in Kenya during the Moi days? If leadership ability is looting, pillaging the country, ther Moi wins hands down. Remember the years of recession?

Until you realise Agwambo is as useless as Kibaki, the politicians will keep benefiting from your ignorance.
We need new leaders in Kenya, we are tired of the same old faces from kanu, ford, pnu, odm.
I. for one, will never vote in a Kenyan election again. Are you gonne join me?

Anonymous said...

Is it me or what. Have you noticed that the usual panua mongrels (Kwale, that quack Dr Murinho, Vikii and the rest) who never miss farting their shit over here daily without miss have all of a sudden, since Lucy spoke, kept very quiet. Very very quiet.

The mischeivious ones are hiding behind anon tags to try and bring Raila hating on board..... to divert attention from Lucy and Kibaki's wobbling and blundering upumbavu.

Must be very embarrassing times and moments for them election thieves supporters - their "matriarch" and her poodle (Kibaki) have made them recoil in heavy embarrassment.

Anonymous said...


Tell me what powers does he have apart from opening seminars, conference meeting, attending funerals in Nyanza and hiring his relative to the PM's office. Nakuiba chakula yaa watoto eeh!!!!!

This jamaa just brought confusion, mayhem, whinning and corruption to the government. I cannot even get a litre of petrol to carry my cabbages to Wakulima market. Even mama cannot get a packet of Unga.

This foolish old man cannot even pull the country together when Kibaki is away incase of a national disaster; Lucy has to step in to fill the vacuum. Do you know what that implies?

What a waste of time and resource to our country. Now, we are forced to spend KES:700 billion to buy him an office building on top of a motorcade w/ bodyguards who could be deployed on our highways to save lives.

For what???????

Raila must go...

Anonymous said...


I quote you:

This is what you copied from my comment:

"I never admired Moi at all and considered him to be a man of very poor leadership ability but, surprise surprise, I AGREE WITH YOUR COMMENT."

Then you naughtily left out this bit in my comment that came immediately after:

"It just shows how MEDIOCRE Kibaki is as a leader, even more MEDIOCRE than Moi! How low can one get".

Then you asked:

"What are you guys smoking? Did you live in Kenya during the Moi days? If leadership ability is looting, pillaging the country, ther Moi wins hands down. Remember the years of recession?"

* Do you think the looting and pillaging does not exist in Kibaki's govt? It does in a big way.

* If Kibaki was a real leader, he would have led from the front (and not from behind us as he is wont to do) and ensured that the current looting, stealing and pillaging nonsense that's going on in Kenya is dealt with. Come to think of it Ringeera should be very busy now, there is a lot of work to be done... but what is he doing? SLEEPING ON THE JOB just like his boss Kibaki.

* How come Moi is one of Kibaki's biggest cheerleaders, supporter and defender? The answer is obvious. These are birds of the same feather (Kenren/Goldenberg/Angloleasing). These two goons must be soul mates as far as looting, stealing and pillaging goes.

To correct you, If leadership ability is looting, pillaging the country, then Kibaki wins hands down. With all his eduacation and exposure he should have known better and done better.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:32 AM,

This is for you and your twisted logic:

Some time at State House Last evening

Lucy: Saitoti is useless. He must go.

Kibaki (the election thief): Lucy, wewe ni mpumbavu sana.

Lucy: Ati what? You spineless boy! shriek!!! - and with this, Lucy proceeds to unleash many, many slaps on Kibaki's unpadded cheeks

Anonymous said...

Kibaki has no siasa advisers all he knows is that pre prezdency should not leave the house of whe the anointed Saitoti is threatened he merly reacts......him and his cohort of thieves are busy stealing way to busy, siasa is un unwelcome interruption, thats why he keeps bungling can't keep your eys on service delivery and gross self will have to give way to the other cause they are naturally opposed.
At least as someone said MO1 was a politician and total man did the thieving.....kibaki is niether a good thief nor a good politician.....everyone is stealing under his nose and he has no clue......

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

To continue with the idea that the colonial governor was the best "president", in ukambani you will find market places called "itangini" or "katangini". Both words basically mean "tank". At these places the white man had constructed huge tanks and water used to be pumped from nearby rivers into those tanks. Boreholes were everywhere. All these projects of pumping water colapsed immediately after the african chased away (i think this is the way onyato used to put it) the mbeberu. i suppose this is nkurumah's nonesense of seeking the political kingdom first. Ask those starving people in ukambani and else where whether they are proud they nyakuad uhuru. And I think this is more or less the case in most afican countries. Someone said in another site that african corruption is unique. The middle east arab leaders have stolen, but they have given their people development.egypt which has no oil has an "africa aid budget", like many other countries in the world. After saying all this what do i think is the prolem with africa. Ofcourse what one watson said some time ago: low iq. dont bash me just because of pc. it is true.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:32 AM,

It is KIBAKI WHO MUST GO!!! He STOLE his way back to the presidency after LOSING the December '07 election.

I do, however agree with you on one point - you did not directly say it but you implied it, Raila does not have much real power in this goverment. It is Kibaki who has virtually all the executive power. This, all the more, makes him (Kibaki) to be the right person to bear responsibility for most of the nonsense that's been happening under his STOLEN PRESIDENCY watch. However, being a THIEF, he will not. He and his fellow bungling, wobbling and goofing thieves will cheekily try to shift blame onto Raila.

Kibaki is just one hell of a big joke.

Anonymous said...

Vikii (when you come out of hiding),

Ask those starving people in ukambani whether they are proud of having Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka as VP.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan journalist found decapitated in forest 03 Feb 2009 14:40:24 GMT
Source: Reuters
(Adds union comments)

NAIROBI, Feb 3 (Reuters) - The decapitated body of a Kenyan journalist has been found in a forest in a case possibly related to his reports for a weekly publication, media groups said on Tuesday.

Francis Kainda Nyaruri, a freelancer based in the south-western town of Nyambira was found on Jan. 29, two weeks after he disappeared.

There were deep gashes on his body and his hands were tied behind his back,Paris-based Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said, adding it was shocked by the killing.

"According to the privately-owned daily The Standard, Nyaruri had reported being threatened by police officers over several articles he wrote for a local weekly," RSF said.

Police officials were not immediately available for comment.

The Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) said Nyaruri was writing for a Nairobi-based weekly and two regional papers.

"Kenya has become a dangerous place for journalists," said KUJ Chairman David Matende, citing death threats received by several reporters during last year's post-election unrest.

"The murder of this journalist is disturbing, coming one year after several journalists received death threats," Matende told Reuters.

"It is not a criminal offence to write sensational stories, if a journalist has offended you, you go to court, you don't kill him," he added.

RSF said in a statement everything possible should be done to establish the motive for the murder and to bring those responsible to justice "keeping in mind its shocking symbolism for the Kenyan population". (Reporting by Andrew Cawthorne and Duncan Miriri; Editing by Katie Nguyen)

AlertNet news is provided by

Background information
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Wanyoike said...

Dear young Kenyans,

Today, you and I sit in our comfy apartments abroad, flipping thru TV channels and occasionally visiting Kumekucha to spew venom. We are oblivious of the absurdity that is going on in our nation. We carry on like we are devoid of the tenets of basic responsibility, and even think it is funny-what our grandfathers are doing. Today am calling upon you to ARISE and join your fellow young Kenyans on the ground (VIJANA TUGUTUKE).

Like most of you, I arrived in NEWSA (USA) barely out of my teens and was, for a while assaulted by culture and all manner of lifestyles, but I prevailed. I initially pursued sciences but after a while and a long time of soul searching, sadly realized that my pursuits are of little help, it any at all, to my people back at home. I had ventured into coating technology. As a black woman and a scientist, I knew I had a chance, and I smelled it. But then, I asked myself, how will this help Kenya. Ours is still a raw material society, and here I was in pursuit of water-based polymeric coatings. And so I switched to public health after being mortified at the refusal of big Pharma Corps in the west to allow poor countries produce their own HIV generic ARVs. I asked, who will defend Kenyan HIV carriers from the bourgeoisie, at home and abroad?

To most people, it was a stupid decision. And I will almost for sure die poor and young, but I'd rather live than exist. I am not calling on you to fight for Kenya abroad, but to start at home. The malignacy of scandals and corruption has to be stopped, by none other than you and me.

Statistics show that today. 70% of Kenya is below 50. Let us look at our government and ask ourselves, how many are below 50? Are we represented, young Kenyans? NO.

Our fathers before us failed to act, and most of us born in the 70's, 80's, and 90's bore the brunt of this inaction. We were forced to seek education and jobs elsewhere as the public coffers were emptied via shady deals and acts like YK92 and Goldenberg. We were barely adults, we did not know how to speak. Today, there is a threat. Our children will be forced to shoulder the burdens of our inaction people. Ask yourself, do you beleive that America or UK will still take your child in the next 10 years and allow him to enjoy what you have in your time?

Ask yourself, do you really hate a kyook or Luo or Luhya? I walk in clubs everyday and have fun days with Kenyans from all walks of life. We have a common language, Kiswahili. Unfortunately, even those of us abroad, supposed to be exposed, have fallen victim to a rabid tribalism that only seeks to help our grandfathers in power. We encouraged our kin to slaughter each other,while the Odingas and Muhohos were speed racing on Kenyan roads while drunk. Do you really, Do I really, hate kyooks or luos? We have been duped.

Yesterday it was Angloleecing, now they are eating thE corn and sending it down with the oil. Our lands are being leased to Qatar, the same govt that treats our athletes like dirt. The capitalists see money, money that will dissapear in their deep pockets. I see misery, misery that will lead to a revolution by the poor, and make life unlivable for all.
Now, perhaps most of you are convinved that you will escape because you have property abroad, but thanks to some smart lawyers, thieves escaping justice in their poor countries can no longer hide in America. Cheruiyot may have made it in Texas, but the next breed will not be so lucky.

Bottom line, comrades, fellow Kenyans, come 2012, we need to have a presidential candidate who represents the majority. A man or woman in the age group of 70% of Kenya. The other 30% had their chance, they blew it. It is our time to have a say.

1. No recycling of Odingas, Mois, Kenyattas, or Kibakis.

2. We need to improve the qualifications of MPs. The notion of semi illiterate cabinet ministers having PSs who are better versed ought to be halted in its tracks. That is how we end up with mediocre delivery of services.

3. Our leaders need to be vetted. They should be close to squeaky clean. Today we see Ababu Namwambas, Railas begging India to release wanjala, why DONT they beg for the release of Wandetos in Kansas. Who among you beleives Wanjala does not deserve to be doing his time in India? Such shady characters need to be allowed to learn. He already had two or three wives, what was he looking for?

4. Holding people accountable, including ourselves, needs to be encourgaed in all facets of Kenyan's lives. When we allow people to do stupid things like stealing the Nyali Bridge rails, or peeing on mail boxes we encourage underdevelopment, even mentally. That is not somethig to smile about. That is abuse of public property.

5. Bigamy should be banned and child support payments enforced at all levels of governance. That is the only way a woman will be respected in Africa. As long as the woman is disrespected, Africa will never see the light. Not if leaders like Wakoli and Wanjala can have 5 wives and concubines on the side. How can this indisciplined caricatures be expected to tell the youth to change their sexual activities.

Save Kenya for our kids, my dear generation. They need it.

Let me learn a thing from Blago's impeachment. Blago just blurted out that he thought of Oprah as Senator to repplace smart. Politics!

Anonymous said...


You have said a lot of good things. Very admirable things.

Now, when you observe the young Kenyans, do you really think that they think any different or better that the wazees? No! If you 0bserve their behaviors and attitudes, their is no difference. the only difference is the biological age. The mental attitudes are just the same.

If someone like Obama with excellent leadership attributes were to offer himself to lead us you will hear the usual tribal insults such as Jaruo, Kihii and unelectable... It is these young Kenyans who spread so much hatred on blogs that you are counting on? Pray for a miracle, a big one.

Anonymous said...

You have just rattled the insecure/ jealous UrXlnc and Taabu. They hate to read resumes online. The poor souls will go mad when they read your comment.
Kindly keep your address and resume to yourself. (not jealous at all!)

But point well put!

Anonymous said...


You got it right.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way it seems like there is a mole in this blog. Why did you remove the 'beware of mental health patients' warning.

Anonymous said...

Does this help anyone.
Anon 1.03Am. This your best answer. RAO is not involved in sale of Maize but Kibaki is. Read this...
In addition, a firm linked with the First family and unnamed MPs were accused of impropriety in the sale of maize.

The heated debate dominated Parliament’s afternoon proceedings with MPs Bonny Khalwale (New Ford Kenya, Ikolomani) and Ababu Namwamba (ODM, Budalangi) tabled documents which they said linked prominent personalities to the affair. The names cannot be published because the Deputy Speaker, Mr Farah Maalim, who was on the chair, ruled that the documents not be admitted into record until he rules on their authenticity on Thursday.
Dr Khalwale led the onslaught on the Agriculture minister while Mr Namwamba introduced the name of a firm which he said was linked to a member of President Kibaki's family.

Do it is Kibaki's family that is selling maize and then propagandist are using Raila's name!
The truth shall prevail.

UrXlnc said...

as always these articles border on madness

here are current and past leaders of kenya, still all very influential complaining that kenya has lacked (quality) leadership since 1963. if they believe what they are saying what is so hard about stepping aside?

Anonymous said...

This how Moi would have reacted to this situation ,first of all he would have never used the presidentila dias infront of glaring cameras to adress his wife ,he would simply have instructed one of his henchmen to make fun of the situation and that would be the end of it and if he had confidence in saitoti then the good prof kimya would have woke up and found the 4 aps guarding him intact and the ministerial limo waiting for his beck otherwise if mzeelost confidence in him then these luxuries would have been recalled in hours and he would meet a court clerk to serve him with papers from national bank or Kcb suing him for the loans running into billions that he owes.for more info check my new blog

Anonymous said...

Despite 'eaarning' close to 4 million sh every month between them from the tax payers, lucy and her illegitimate sloth of a husband could't stop their thieving itch hands. Gobbling NCPB maize and doWning it with triton oil- how pathetic!!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the commends that the so called 'concerned Kenyans' are making. they are good altogether.However, most of them are one-sided, I mean, most (if not all) commentators are arguing either in favor of Kibaki or Raila, depending on where one comes from, instead of taking the interest of all Kenyans at hand.

Though the commends am making are from a personal point of view,am convinced that when well analyzed (without any prejudice) will help to save Kenyan majority.

First,whenever we fill bitter and point curse-less fingers towards our 'glorified thieves and murderers'(politicians),let's not forget that we are real partakers in this acts of impunity!As some might have already said in public rallies that 'the greatest enemies of women are women themselves', I say, the greatest enemy of a Kenyan is a Kenyan! In many occasions, it is we who stand by those secret thieves and try to purify their impunities publicly, at the expense of our starving and dying dads,mums,brothers, sisters,sons, daughters,grandpas,grandmas e.t.c.

Secondly, how many times have we ever gone to streets to demonstrate against an Mp whose scrupulous action i.e stealing and selling of maize abroad while fellow Kenyans are dying of hunger? Instead we demonstrate on empty or alcohol-filled stomachs in defense of an international thief!

Pliz, Kenyans, let's come back to our senses and unite in fighting for our basic human rights rather than "Politicians' public defense!"

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