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Monday, February 02, 2009

Prof Kimya: History Repeats Itself As Battle Gets Vicious

2002 was a very memorable year and a lot of stuff happened. Two fascinating incidences are relevant to my post today.

The then president, Daniel Arap Moi was at this public meeting and he mentioned Prof George Saitoti’s name. The topology professor jumped to his feet at lightening speed as he usually did. Not different from a schoolboy whose name has been mentioned by the headmaster at a school assembly.

Moi started off by saying that the professor was his good friend. Saitoti beamed but then turned purple at what Moi had to say next. Infront of the huge gathering he emphasized how Saitoti was not qualified for the presidency of Kenya. Some people at the meeting seated in the VIP dias with Saitoti bowed their heads in embarrassment and disbelief.

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The other incident happened at Kasarani. After spending hours lobbying delegates and distributing cash through the night, Prof George Saitoti discovered minutes before KANU were about to elect a new party chairman in the Moi succession drama, that his name was missing from the list of contestants. Naturally the professor went ballistic. Moi heard the man murmuring and shouted; “Professor Kimya!” But Saitoti had gone totally bonkers and continued complaining and thgrowing his hands in the air. There was hush in the entire auditorium as the president stood up in full glare of rolling TV cameras to give the professor “daggers”. Moi’s action finally did it and Saitoti quietly sat down. Later he stood up and said those famous words; “There comes a time when the interests of the nation are more important than those of an individual.”

According to many sources Prof Saitoti later called Moi to complain about the shoddy treatment at Kasarani after years of blind loyalty to him. But Moi had made up his mind that his heir would be the son of the man whom he took power the presidency from. And so Saitoti crossed over and joined Kibaki, Raila, Ngilu and others in NARC, the party that eventuially won the general elections with an empohatic landslide that year.

Now on the eve of the Kibaki succession it seems that history is repeating itself again. Once again the man standing in the way of Saitoti’s presidential ambitions is one Uhuru Kenyatta.

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Folks never take lightly what the first lady says. It is clear that powerful forces in the Kibaki administration want Saitoti eliminated from the succession battle early. Indeed it is now clear that Uhuru Kenyatta’s appointment to the Finance docket was no accident or careless after-thought and analysts were correct to read succession implications in the announcement.

The big question now, is what will Satoti do? Will he look at his sums again? Whatever he does, George Saitoti will never be the president of Kenya. There are many reasons but the most important is that politics has changed and the dfays when his kind of politics worked have disappeared. His tactics may be effective in stealing parliamentary seats but surely not the presidency.

I will end by quoting a certain Kenyan who apparently called in to the radio station QFM this morning. The man said;

“Lucy Kibaki should remain as quiet as she was when her husband stole the election. If it is pity she is feeling for Kenyans she should have felt it then and backed her son Jimmy in warning their father to let go of the presidency and avoid attracting a cirse to the family.”

Interesting stuff. Very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Only those who are empty-headed like the First Lady could find sense in her outbursts which have no substance. Even if you dislike Prof Saitoti, he did not deserve Lucy's raw garbage.

If First Lady is used to deal with that cow Kibaki in such an uncooth manner, then she should know she is not president of Kenya and she will never be.
Who is she to demand written explanation from an elected leader and Govt officials? Prof Saitoti is an appointee of Kibaki and not Lucy Kibaki!

Prof Saitoti hit nail on the head and it's stupid for one to tell him he should educate Kenyans stealing petrol from a tanker that had an accident is bad. Only shallow minds would reason like Lucy. Don't we all know danger posed by petrol and even stealing? We even see people rushing to an accident scene not to save lives but to steal from the dead! Shame on the cheap thieves. Does Lucy want us to be educated that stealing from the dead is bad? Give us a break.

Since Kibaki is president, why hasn't he himself stopped accidents and calamities? If Lucy believes Prof Saitoti can stop accidents, then the first person on the firing line should be Kibaki.

Lucy kept quiet when Kibaki stole elections in Dec 2007 and when Kibaki's actions plunged Kenya into flames. How comes Lucy never saw evil then?

Kenya will be better off without Lucy's silly outbursts.

b-carotene said...

Lucy is just asking a simple question, which doesnt even need a professorship in mathematics to answer: where is the LEARNING??
No need to sidetrack from her straightfoward question, which dovetails quite nicely with many 'private citizens' querying of our administration.
I thank Mrs. Kibaki for taking the time to comment on behalf of myself (and I presume many others) and I do hope that she'll share the written explanation with the rest of us who wish to see an end to such calamities.

Anonymous said...

Ndugu Zangu,

Am not a fun of Prof Saitoti - but truth be told he is the only minister you see in Tharaka, mt elgon and northeastern in the last three months. Saitoti was also factual this time round - he spoke as it should be.

Lucy Kibaki should forever shutup. She should deal more with his husband and lack of good givernance rather than ventilate on prof. This was wrong. Lucy unless you live in Jupiter and occasionally land in this part of the world and witness what you saw - no sane, responsbile and respected person would have uttered those kind of words during the period of mourning. Its unafrican to apportion blame before you burry an african.

Saitoti has no blame - this is teh culture ya wizi that is hitting back. The culture of Kunyakua. This is what leaders are doing - tell your husband and PM to stop corruption and outright public theft and small Kenyans will stop those bad habits. The proble squarely rests in your bedroom. Saitoti is just a by the way. Why dont you go for the right person?

Am very very dissapointed

Mzee wa kijiji

chola said...

Its Blame game, read between the lines Lucy’s massage is. It was not my husband’s fault, blame saitoti. But to any sensible Kenyan, the bag stop with the president, Lucy should be firing kibaki not fooling Kenyans who to blame.

Phil said...

I have been telling you Chris, the whole lot of them in PNU, perhaps with the exception of Martha Karua, are NON-STARTERS.

Yes, the have loads of cash stolen from state coffers and they can finance an eye dazzling presidential campaign, but Uhuru, Saitoti, et al are simply not LEADERS.

Yet again, we cannot deny them their right to participate in the race. Uhuru's experience of defeat in 2002 was painful enough and it has taken years to recover the money that was 'lost' in this abortive bid. I see him more inclined to go for the Prime Minister's seat than for the Presidency this time round. And that is where Kalonzo comes into play, but Martha Karua may run away with most presidential votes because Central Province are known never to vote for anyone outside of their province. So it is a bit complicated, and I will not be surprised if one of the top contenders loses their life in an 'accident' one of these fine days. It may most likely be an air crash or a motor accident, and NOT an outright assassination (like Mboya, Mbai, Ouko, Pinto, JM) which will definitely bring down the entire country.

it is an open secret that PNU and its coalition partners can NEVER EVER win a fair and transparent electoral contest. And still, the same reasons that led to the stealing of elections in 2007 still exists. The thieves still require protection. The murderers still require political shields. The rookies also need to make a rip-off and turn in to billionaires themslseves. Remember one Murungaru? Therefore, what is the cost of life of one or two stubborn politicians?


Anonymous said...

I thought moi said "brofesa gedi. kama china hakuna, hakuna"

Anon 11.27pm. Chris' post is generally correct. You are looking at things from a superficial point of view. Everyone knows that Saitoti became security minister only the other day. Did previous security ministers do the things he is being asked to do? So why him? Becase he is not wanted any where near kibs succession. Not that I want him to be the next prezo, Oh No. But we should not be fooled.

Anonymous said...

Lucy is back!! May the embarrassing comedies and absurdities start and continue bursting forth

This STOLEN Kibaki presidency is just a very very big joke.

Anonymous said...

Kumbe wajaluo ni mashoga, wanakuja hapa kupiga porojo nawao ni mashoga.

Ati 1/3 of Kisumu residents like man to man sex??
Jameni dunia inaisha!

This is a taboo in many African cultures.

Anonymous said...

No one is commenting on Raila demands for equal pay with the president.
This is when people are dying of hunger he created through anglo-maizing scandal.

joe the choma man said...

just like cheeky Taabu you are a brave man attacking the first lady like this in broad daylight-well, wait for her response by night in pyjamas and at your house where you live i assure you it will come and that SLAP will not miss your cheeks either, padded or unpadded

what Moi said about Saitoti was actually true-he served for a long time as the VP yet other than scandals to his name nothing else can be traced as benefit from the years he served as the number 2 in command of this country

however we know George is good at playing poodle and being number 2, deputising others who issue orders from above for him to follow without question. such a man is not a leader but a reader who follows instructions given to him-can he really be trusted to be his own man if in command of the country and make his own decisions for himself?

His move to NARC in 2002 was not motivated by himself but rather by force of momentum-everyone at that time wanted to join the rainbow alliance. lets not make a mistake and put this man anywhere near StateHouse

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:07 AM,

Go shove you Raila hatred up that place between your buttocks where the sun never shines.

Now, about Lucy, it had to happen. She could not keep quiet as the stolen powers that be wanted.

Lucy, I only wish you could realize that the buck actually stops with your husband (Kibaki). You would be more accurate if you directed your fire at him. A few of those SLAPS of yours would wake him out of his slumber.

In your comments yesterday, you "expressed shock at the failure of the administrative arm of Government that falls under the Office of the President." Now, Lucy, this is the time for your SLAPS come into play and be directed at where the buck stops - Mr Kibaki. And as you SLAP him, make sure you SLAP real hard and real good - his slumbering is usually quite heavy, he needs extra strong SLAPS from you to wake up.

Anonymous said...

A Saitoti Presidency would be a repeat of the tragic Stolen Kibaki presidency!!

M-Pesa said...

It's evidently clear that our leaders are very foolish, they don't think beyond their noses, sorry.. bellies. I don't think they really give a toss whether anyone dies in fires, clashes or in the hands of dangerous gangsters like Mungiki.

Did you see Raila shedding crocodile tears as he schooled peasants at the scene of the tanker accident? This is the same moron who incited against 'kabila adui' to be massacared while defending murderers as 'freedom fighters' who were seeking justice against a stolen election.

Not to be outdone, Kalonzo trooped to the nearest hospital for a photo opportunity, posing with victims, kissing babies, nearly shedding tears. Poor soul! Dozy Kibaki cut short his Addis Ababa tour to mourn with Kenyans, although he dosen't give a toss about rampant corruption, IDPs still in camps, Artur brothers and maize looting by politicians.

The truth of the matter is that politicians may show some fake emotion here and there, but come 2012, it will be that tribe is adui, toa madoadoa, then hibernate as bodies pile up on the streets.

Anonymous said...

Kalonzo "Msality" Musyoka, Uhuru "Mungiki financier" Muigai Kenyatta and Martha "stolen election of Kibaki facilatator" Karua, right now, cannot contain their (immense) joy at the salvo's Lucy has unleashed on Saitoti. These three are shedding tears of supreme joy, they are almost having orgasms just replaying Lucy's salvos in their memories

Anonymous said...

History does repeat itself indeed! And so do all the accompanying argument, intellectual analysis and the like!

My question to my people is, do we not realize that we are running around in circles? all the corruption scandals, Roosy's comedy, media muzzling, large scale disasters, land clashes, electing the same idiots, cursing today's thieves who in turn become tomorrow's saviors, new constitutions etc etc...

Lets not try and intellectualize this crap for it does not take a genius to figure out that we have been constantly talking of the same smelly crap for over forty year!! Forty years and yet nothing, nada changes.

Over the years what I considered to be an admirable quality i.e. Intellectual capacity has proven to be just a joke, all we have to do is look at the so called leaders, adding onto that you can not convince me that on a one on one basis Caucasians are intellectually brighter than us!! Is that irony!

Before losing my train of thought could any of you enlightened people please explain what the hell is wrong with us? Are we pawns in the larger scheme of things? Do we even know or understand what our problems are? Are we as informed as we claim to be? Is someone or people pulling the puppets strings and we the wanainchi cheers the puppet show! Something is seriously wrong, tafadhali explain? Or is this better addressed as a separate subject in itself?

Chris may be a good idea to start a new topic asking for your readers to state what they believe is our main problem AND how should we address the said problems!

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

The Way We See the Problem may be the Problem – Stephen Corvey

Ps. please lets not degenerate to juvenile tribal runts

A fed up Ken Thumbi

Anonymous said...

Ken Thumbi,

Get prepared to be more fed up. This circus is bound to get crazier as Lucy has jumped into the ring with all her barrels blazing.

Ken, you will need to find a very big stone where you can hide under. More embrassing tragi-comedies are coming soon, GUARANTEED.

Creative said...

When two of your enemies are fighting, then you must know it is time to rejoice, because come tomorrow, they will have killed each other and so you won't have any enemy. I'll cheer them on.

Creative said...

And speaking of Professor, who will he turn to after he has been double-crossed by the use-and-dump PNU hoodlums?

Raila will definitely not cover his ass this time round, and that means he has absolutely nobody else to turn to. Raila, don't even listen to that son-of-a-bitch, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.55am As has been said here before by others the "msaliti" tag applied on kalonzo by odmers can only convince those not operating from a rational framework.

I remember even reading in Jukwaa someone pleading with his fellow luos to drop the tag as it really did not make any sense. May be it is now time for you to drop it, although am of course aware of the order that was given by the messiah.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:01 AM,

Whether you like it or not Kalonzo "Msaliti" Musyoka was, is and will always be a MSALITI, A BIG MSALITI. Read that twice because I know it pains you. The truth always hurts.

Anonymous said...

C'mmon people, Kenya is progressing fast!
Look at Nairobi it look just like any capital in a developed world, i.e java coffee, wimpy, 1st class restaurants, good cinemas, theatres.....

Even Kisumu is so developed they are copying their western conterpart in screwing other men backside. Half of Kisumu population is gay! Jameni that is much higher than any other city in the world!

Kenya is doing fine!!

Anonymous said...

Ken my two ksh worth.

kenyans inherited a colonial set up...Thats the genesisn of it.We had a very good time tested method of doing running our affairs, which consisted of a council of elders and in some instances a chief, but even the great shaka had his council no on made decission on their own.......then we got colonised....the colonial master built system that worked for him.....the we 'threw him out' some say he just handed over the reigns to trusted black skinned mangers and very little has changed.....
I digress ours is big problem....the unfortunate thing about the handover was that the only people who could read and write the white mans language were the ones who could 'inherit' the systems....these unfortunately were also the former white sympathisers
Now u see where the problem started ....our well function system of elders was destroyed now we had upstarts like Jomo who's only qulification was that he could read and write in english....the guy was just sloshing his life away in uk when called upon to lead.
In short there has never been a leadership with the peoples interest......that died when we got colonised. We worshipped the 'white' collar jobs we were socialised to believe was the best that could ever happen to us while we left governace to 'wenyewe' we are only beginning to realise the blunder whe 'wenyewe' have entrenched do you explain why the son(uk) of kenya's greatest land grabber(jomo) is strutting around talking of being the next president...
We have been leaderless the people purpoting to represent nothing but charlatans.....using us pretty much the same way the colonialist did only this time we cheer them as fellow tribesmen.Our colonised minds have not been liberated.....

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

WAzi wazi mama lucy is back on the play script that is kenya politics how i enjoyed last nite edition, she's really being rehearsing well, whats showing today...... will prof. kimya react... i guess no.. we can only wait for jioni.
what do you think of the other script characters.... when they return to the cast... how will the Hague gentlemen go about it? .... they may buy a space shuttle to the moon... they have enough cashcows... with the maize, petrol,grand regency, etc etc
looking forward to this GRAND SCRIPT, HOW ENJOYABLE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:10 AM,

You may try to mischievously change the subject in this comments section by introducing your pumbavu tribal rantings here but you will fail.

I think the services of Lucy's slaps are needed to knock you back to reality very quickly.

Anonymous said...

This is Anon 5:27 AM again,

I just realized that there are 2 Anon 5:10's. I was addressing the pumbavu tribal rantings of the 1st one and NOT Sir Alex with my comment @ 5:27. Once again, the 1st anon 5:10 needs some hard slapping from Lucy to Knock him back to reality.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2/3/09 5:27 AM,

I can see you are getting uncomfortable about this, but its a fact and it's out in the open; Wajaluo ni mashoga!
31.8% of Kisumu men like it man to man, 25.9% of women like it woman to woman. This is a shocker even to UN who published these stats!

clemo said...

'God proyect me from my friends,for I know my enemies'!

clemo said...

sorry i meant 'PROTECT'

Mwarang'ethe said...

Ken Thumbi said:

Before losing my train of thought could any of you enlightened people please explain what the hell is wrong with us? Are we pawns in the larger scheme of things? Do we even know or understand what our problems are? Are we as informed as we claim to be? Is someone or people pulling the puppets strings and we the wanainchi cheers the puppet show! Something is seriously wrong, tafadhali explain? Or is this better addressed as a separate subject in itself?

Mzee wa Kijiji said:

Saitoti has no blame - this is teh culture ya wizi that is hitting back. The culture of Kunyakua.

Our views:

As we said another day on KK, the problem is that we have been unable to create wealth and create institutions for we understand not capitalism, although, we profess to practice it.

As we said, there are two ways of creating wealth. These are:

(a) Through competition, what Mzee wa Kijiji would call kunyakua.

(b) Through creation.

Since we do not understand capitalism, we have chosen to create wealth/get rich through competition. Unfortunately, competition produces corruption and stagnation.

Thus, what we need is an education system that teaches not facts, but, that empowers mental power.

We do not need a system that teaches us history, but, that should teach us how to make history.

For instance, let us ask, in Nairobi, we have a school of medicine. But, what medicine does it teach? It teaches our doctors to prescribe (to simplify) Western medicine.

The question is, why doesn't that school teach our doctors on issues of herbal medicine and how to make them?

You see, if they were to do that, it would mean us changing what we teach in Geography. If you peruse a Geo book in Kenya, it will tell you that Kitui is a dry place. The question is, how can Kitui be said to be dry when it can grow food from Jan to Dec, when a country like Sweden is frozen for more than 6 months in a year such that nothing can grow during these months?

In that sense, we teach our children about LIMITATIONS of Kitui and not the inherent POSSIBILITIES. In Sweden, they do not tell their kids that Sweden is frozen for 6 months. Nay, they teach them how to enjoy the snow. In fact, as a result, people/kids look forward to the snow.

Thus, if we were to start teaching herbal medicine, we would be forced to say this: Kitui has some of the best medicinal trees in Kenya. If we were to do that, we would have shown our children the possibilities that exist for creating wealth in Kitui, and not the limitations as we are teaching them now.

The sad fact is that by teaching our kids about limitations and not possibilities, we decapitate their creative potential. As a result, competition remains the only option for them to get wealth. And, as we have said, it only leads to corruption and stagnation.

Anonymous said...

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Long live Kumekucha!

Anonymous said...


Kibaki has rebuked Lucy in a recorded speech from his press unit saying he has "full confidence in the minister for internal security George Saitoti who is serving in MY administration!"
Wooi, poor Rucy! Sorry about being shamed through the media but you still have the "secret weapon" when you guys retire for sleep. Now that's politics, Kenyan style.

clemo said...

Guys, I think mama has a point.flashback,(was it ten years ago)at the GSU roundabout on thika road a trailer carrying legal tender(chapaa!) was secured in less than 2 minutes!thats what she's talking about.

joe the choma man said...

ati Saitoti's favourite song is Kimya Kimya by Ngwea/jaymo

Anonymous said...

Dispite the rebuke by Kibaki, of these two - Kibaki and Lucy, we know who wears the BALLS. It is Lucy.

In public Kibaki will pretend and put up a macho act but when he goes back home, mkia iko kati kati ya migu zake. Lucy ndio ana vaa Makende kwa hiyo nyumba.

Msistuke kama Saitoti is sacked and replaced with a woman as Lucy "recommended" very loudly yesterday... remember she sacked Kibaki's first state house controller and replaced him with a more "compliant" one

Anonymous said...

Kibaki had better watch out. He may receive some hard slaps from Lucy for rebuking her in public

clemo said...

Mwarang'ethe good point.
I have actually come to the conclusion that the seeds of negative cultural traits towards different communities are sown in our primary schools.How do you explain questions like:compare and contrast,kikuyus and luos-kikuyus circumcise while luos dont!what sort of stupid question is that to a seven year old?who was the first man to discover lake victoria etc etc.this is simply silly!

Anonymous said...

Just to illustrate my point we have a system of wards that the basic elected positions in our political set up.
Now 90% of kenyans have no clue what a ward councilor is supposed to do......u see how we sit poorly with 'our' stytems, to an ordinary kenyan a ward is a room in a hospital.....thats about it...these systems did not evolve orgnically with us nor have they been intergrated in any meaningfull way with the communities and their needs....we tend to identify more with the MP some guy who in all practicallity even if he was to open his office 24/7 canot deal with a typical kenyan constituency issues.....

This kind of mismacthed sytems are there in may levels of government...the list is long.....only a few people know how the system works and are eploiting it the rest are floating in a sea of ignorance and misery....

thats why kibaki orininaly was against CDF....he could not think outside the box and was not happy with a decentralised system

We have not used our elders well....its even strange that I have to say that because our elders intsead of leading are out of the loop....Nobody here would like their teenage son or daughter to run their lives, but thats how kenya started....being run by 'teenagers' with no parental control. The rest is history.

Our wise elders were dimissed as ethiest and pagans and any creative thing a teenager can think of....while trying to avoid adult supervision.....To futher stress the point; Botswana is a rural village by kenyan standards but because their traditional house of chiefs is still intact ( they were never colonised) inspite of the fact that in many ways they are 20 yrs behind kenya.....very little mismanegment goes on.

Every governmrnt discission is scrutinised by wazeee wa muji and you don't get away with 'white 'man's mambo jambo ya have to lay it down in the local lingo. And with time they will get ahead of us if they have not already done so......

Now the children of the brats are holding us ransom protecting the wealth the inherited witha few stooges the enriched alo the way while protecting the interest of the coloniser at the expence of wanaachi....

When one of them tried to upset the apple cart he was reminded not to puke on the shoes of those who 'gifted' him....

One thing that Clay said that many did not notice is that kenyan are know for their had work and plain languge we are good slaves....who should not purport to get involed in serious matters of free people like real self determination.....ours is to cheer or tribal chiefs....

Sir Alex

kalamari said...

When you see Kenyan citizens unscrupulously pick-pocketing their fellow burning dead, it is because they have adopted the very habits of their sitting President. Decency flies out the window the minute an election loser is sworn into office in his backyard at midnight.

In the end, thievery is part and parcel of our culture as trickled down from Sate House.

Anonymous said...

What is Kibaki doing in Statehouse?

I keep asking. What is this man doing in statehouse
Even Kirucy is saying there are weaknesses in the Office of the President.
But worse still, The ODM that many thought was better has become "one of Them".

Is it not time that Kenyans are given achance to decide on another leadership.
Odinga's and Kibaki's is proving to be ll about their survival.

So again, what is Emilio Mwai Kibaki, even after Kirucy says it,doing in state House?

Mai ma Nguku said...

Since Raila joined the gava, we have seen deaths, hunger, corruption, accidents, fire, immorality, failures and everything that is bad.
Can you trust this man to lead kenya to her promised land?

UrXlnc said...

came across this article

decided to take a trip down memory lane on an old article to check on a name

no surprises at all, but in the meantime, the pawns caught up in these high level power games continue going after each other tooth and nail.

Anonymous said...


How do you feel now it is in public Kisumu is the sodomy capital of Kenya perhaps world?

You pretend to be a nice guy here, why don't you go and teach your people some morals? that is if you are not one of them.
31.8% of men surveryed in Kisumu said they preferred man to man sex and 25.9% women prefer woman to woman.
Kumbe nyinyi wajaluo ni mashogas and you want to rule Kenya?
Hiyo ni taboo hapa Afrika!

Anonymous said...

While lesser minds are wasting timeon;

.....Since Raila joined the gava, we have seen deaths, hunger, corruption, accidents, fire, immorality, failures and everything that is bad.
Can you trust this man to lead kenya to her promised land?....

Urxlnc isright on the money.....the money games continue.... Starring Mr. Naushad Merali as the Fund Chairman.....
Sir Alex

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