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Monday, February 02, 2009

Tell Them off Lucy, Tell Them

She emerged from her hibernation with guns blazing. And Mama Jimmy took the bull with both horns. Nobody is well played to understand the lethargic leadership Kenya is wallowing in than Lucy Kibaki. She understands the sloths first hand and could not stand the sight of Saitoti’s insensitivity to fire victims.

Forget the loaded Kibaki succession political undercurrents ragging underneath all these charades. Lucy couldn’t mask anything and the pain of a mother was so thick you need an axe to slice it. She saw the opportunity and true to her character she seized with all the zeal and gusto. Damn the consequences. No amount of moralizing would dissuade her from reading the riot act.

The straight talking Muthoni threw all the caution to the wind in disparaging the Office of the President and his minister. She knows better than sugar coat fifth when she sees one. The difference between the gloomy spouse bandaged at the mouth paying homage to the fire victims is incomparable to the agitated and forceful Lucy demanding explanation in writing within 24 hours. That is leading by example and from the front.

Firing from all cylinders
The Nakumatt and Molo tragedies has left little bigoted minds waxing moralistic in justifying the deaths oblivious of global human nature towards the same episode as witnessed in New Orleans and even off the Britain’s coast last year. The only difference is that out there institutions work unlike ours which is chocking from incompetence with all powers and authority traceable to a single office.

With the GGC neck deep in murk, recent tragedies may have offered little respite to the political scoundrels until Lucy appeared on the scene. Guess it all boils down to the adage THERE COMES A TIME…….Nani kama Lucy.


cicero said...

I can understand her being outraged as a private citizen but I do not know who she thinks she is to expect a "written explanation" from a cabinet minister. Since when have cabinet ministers answered to the first lady?

kenyanzuri said...

Looks to me like Saitoti's goose is cooked as far as Kibaki succession in PNU is concerned. For Lucy to come out strongly, there must have been things brewing under the radar. In a way, this gives Kenyatta a field day.

Hata hivyo, our government, our leadership are all corrupt and inept.

Most of the people in power do not care about the common man - irrespective of their tribe.

I am so fed-up with our system that I think a revolution is the only way o get rid of this mess.

Another point - why is it politically incorrect to talk about family planning at the same time with improving the people's standards of living?

I think that the thre major factors consigning our country to the dark ages are

1. Kuzaa watoto wengi while the country is already full - we cannot even sustain the people we have. More than 50% of our population is below 16 years old. This leaves a very smal proportion of productive population. But the productive population is the one dying from aids tec.

2. Corruption, ukabila and selfishness

3. Mismangement, lack of proper planning, outright incompetence.

Kenyans, amkeni. Or else, we will be driving ourselves to extinction. Our current system is not self sustaining unless we are propped up by donors etc.

joe the choma man said...

Mwalimu Taabu aka "cheeky teacher"
i don't know who is your mother but WATCH OUT do you still live that Lucy can storm you pyjamas this night?

Lucy was ahead of her time and got it right- stupid George Dubya was DUCKING shoes from irate Zaidi but vice versa for mama Koffi stupid Derrick was too slow to duck the SLAP and she did not quit there either....shame on Imanyara, Jimmy etc slow duck never escapes swift slap

she is back and normal programming has resumed schedule-business as usual....the more things change....jijazie na ujibambe

Taabu said...

Wewe wacha kumuonea frist lady. She was only acting out of her mother's instinct. Kwani amekula nini yako? She is filling the void she understands too well exists. Watch out lest mama Judy makes your missles do a summersault and onto your unpadded cheeks. You have been warned.

Anonymous said...

I knew a man who every year bribed the fire chief during the annual inspection as his building could not pass the fire inspection; when his building burned down very quickly he blamed the fire chief....

Vikii said...

Mrs. Libaki is an embarassment to both the country and the President. This first lady needs to be told the truth--and I believe that the best placed person to do that is Prof. Saitoti himself--that she is nothing, but a private citizen.

You are accusing the minister of national security of not conducting civic classes that emphasize on the need for people not to visit scenes of overturned oil tankers? Is that what she is talking about? If someone goes and throws themselves in front of an oncoming bus, for instance, would we also blame the minister? When the first lady says. "the minister must ensure the safety and security of every kenyan", does she really mean it?

Look here people, this kind of stupid populism is what has, more than anything else, been our biggest disease. Instead of someone stepping out and offering tangible solutions to problems that strike us, we have cultivated a culture that dictates that we blame others and tell ignorant unduly-zealous Kenyans what sounds like sweet music. If you want to be seen as a hero/heroine, then offer us solutions instead of trying to score some popularity points with this kind of gibberish. We had an illiterate populist President for a quarter century and during that time, we came to believe that the best way to solve problems is by heaping blame on someone else. Nothing pisses me off like a public figure who never takes responsibility for anything, but would rather soil other people's names and then emerge to proclaim themselves defenders of the common man. This is the exact kind of attitude that we must discard. We must shed this holier-than-thou attitude.

When Mrs. kibaki blames the Security minister, what exactly does she propose he should have done to avert the "accident"? And assuming something could have been done, does she not understand that the person on whom the primary responsibility of ensuring Kenyans' security and safety rests is the President who happens to be her own husband?

People have given the example of Katrina as a disaster similar to ours. Well, that's ok. Katrina was not handled in the best possible way, and the person who got flak for the sub-optimal government reaction was not even the secretary of homeland security, but the President of the United States himself. When authority is invested in a President, much is expected in return and if at all the government is at fault in this tanker business, then Mrs. Kibaki should be turning the heat on her husband. It is the President who has entrusted this duty to minister Saitoti who should be registering his displeasure with the minister. When you tell us the President is "saddened", who cares? Why doesn't he then ask the minister to resign instead of treating us to this comedy?

This was an uncontrollable misfortune. But if we must keep with the Kenyan tradition of always blaming someone, then the people to blame are the victims themselves. Sad, dry, painful but true. The best way forward is for us to treat this as a "lesson learned" (those dreaded words again). If government ministers who visited the accident scene were wrong in doing that, then the first lady was also wrong in visiting the survivors at the hospital.

Finally, as we challenge Members of Parliament to use their "large salaries to buy their constituents food", we must also remind the first lady that she draws a salary that she can employ to the same cause. At least the MPs are government officers/peoples' representatives. The first lady is not!

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and you've all laughed me off the stage.
Lucy is the real 'tool' in state house.

Anonymous said...

Chris, your journalism lacks any principles and is cheap. It’s driven by the tribal hatred you harbour. You always praise what Raila and his ODM gang says, no matter how wrong they are. Now that Kibaki’s wife is attacking Saitoti, you think that is good since you looth Kibaki’s men.

I’m not a supporter of George Saitoti. Even if that is case, I totally disagreed with Lucy’s unprovoked verbal diarrhea towards Saitoti. How is Saitoti supposed to stop accidents like the Molo one? Is he supposed to monitor all roads with satellite to know which driver is about to cause accident and stop him? Was Saitoti supposed to know a tanker had overturned in Molo and rushed there to stop villagers from STEALING “free” petrol?

Ignorance is no defence. Lucy is as ignorant as Kenyans who rush to their death due to the obsession we all have for free things. How do you expose yourself to real danger because of poverty? Who does not know danger posed by petrol? Even a young child knows. But since we adults have taught our kids that greed for free things pays, we’ll continue dying in accidents we can avoid. Ati civic education for Kenyans to be told fire hurts? What rubbish is that?

Lucy looked like she had emerged from a grave. In fact, when she speaks, she speaks as who? She is only wife of the president and our constitution doest recognise her. Who elected her? And she dares ask Saitoti and other to tell her in writing why they don’t stop accidents? Power has badly gotten into Lucy’s head and she is material fit for Mathari Hospital.

Lucy accused ministers of laxity. And does she look at her husband? The man is paid free salary for doing nothing. Just sleeping in State House. Lucy should first tell her husband to wake from his deep slumber before she can tell others. Lucy’s outburst shows how thick-headed and ignorant she is.

Taabu said...

That was TOTAL RAGE lil bro, kwani kuna moto wapi? All the same I fear fro you since Lucy spares no cheeks. When was the last time you were SLAPPED hard across the face? Don't worry I will deal with her should she threaten you-BB.

PS: I understand your bitterness though. 5-0 inn 2 weeks till you have lost your lips na bado. Not white, not black and not blue JUST RED; OT=Theatre of Dreams.

Mama said...

I did not agree with the first lady reading the riot act to Saitoti, it made no sense to me. In any case Saitoti said people should learn from that incident....obviously Nakuru residents did not! What more could he have done? Tena the way she said Saitoti's docket needs to go to a woman member of parliament makes you wonder what that was really about.

If she really wanted to shout at someone for not doing their work then it should have been the Minister of Public Health coz surely she should have been the one doing civic education telling the public to stay away from hazards. Or even the Minister of Local Government or whoever is in-charge of safety in public buildings. This one of Saitoti she was just settling a score in my humble opinion. What for? I don't know!

Anonymous said...

'''Saitoti himself--that she is nothing, but a private citizen. '''

You all the reason this country will not go calim to fight for justice and the common man but Alaas your colonised DNA lets you down.......If the president is the chief servant...the who is the minister of internal security......these guys report directly to the 'private citizen.' thats the most powerfull guy and the end of that command structure.... Ole wetu......

Its because of you rotten attitude that this sick man of africa called kenya is headed nowhere fast.....Ati she is only a private citizen....shame on you....did you even a private citizen should just be outragged and then waht?.....I join Lucy is asking for a written statement on my desk now! And saitoti should present it kneeling.....Where death is involved we must go beyond 'feeling outragged as a private citizen' what shithead thinking is that?!!!!

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Vikii and company

Have just prooved themselves worse that any RAO manic they have denigrated on this site day in day have just gone and committed the unpardonable sin.....
Ati just a private citizen.....shame so willing to denfend the extent that yo make a complete fool of yourselves.....this same saitioti of Goledenbag?.....What other reason could it be other than he is either you tribes man or he is at least not that other tribe that you hate so much......
leo mumepatikana.....

Given Lucy could be who to blame...but surely a private citizen is no small person surely hapo...mume noa....

Sir Alex

b-carotene said...

C'mon guys--I dont see what Mrs. Kibaki has done wrong. At least she speaks on my behalf--I need an explanation too. Go get em Lucy!

Mwarang'ethe said...

Vikii said...
Mrs. Libaki is an embarassment to both the country and the President. This first lady needs to be told the truth--and I believe that the best placed person to do that is Prof. Saitoti himself--that she is nothing, but a private citizen.

Our Comment:

We did not know that you hold the private citizen with such contempt.

You could have said all you wanted to say about Lucy and her useless opinions without implying that a private citizen in Kenya is useless.

Anonymous said...

Odmers and especially taabu are only happy because she took on a pnu minister. She also appeared indrectly to be taking on rao for his love of publicity. I wonder what we would be reading here if she had actually directly refered to rao. That said this is pure kibs succession politics. The statement was not extempore: it appeared very well rehearsed.

Taabu: when are you going to post about ruto?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:38 AM,

Raila does not seek publicity. Publicity seeks him. Dont you Know that all the country's major newspapers have a squad of reporters and photographers whose sole mission is to "follow" Raila all over the place to get a "story".

Once again, Raila does not seek publicity. Publicity seeks him. If you have a problem with his very huge and impressive publicity, train your anger at those who give him publicity.

Anonymous said...

Vikii, it is now official. Your inferiority complex has hit the roof. As a private citizen you hate yourself so much, and you think you are useless. I suggest you have a chat with Dr. (Morinho??!), but the first step is to own up on this site that you have a very low self esteem. Daktari, you could do with some pro bono work.

Phil said...

Blogger Anonymous said...
Anon 12:38 AM,

Raila does not seek publicity. Publicity seeks him. Dont you Know that all the country's major newspapers have a squad of reporters and photographers whose sole mission is to "follow" Raila all over the place to get a "story".

Once again, Raila does not seek publicity. Publicity seeks him. If you have a problem with his very huge and impressive publicity, train your anger at those who give him publicity.

I agree entirely.

Newspaper daily sales index, web hit counters and even general TV viewership is indeed determined on whether you have Raila on your lead story or not. And that has been the case in Kenya since the days he had turf wars with Kijana Wamalwa in FORD-K.

Not surprisingly, the same bug has caught up with international press. CNN, BCC, Al-Jazeera and all major networks were last week chasing Raila all over the place in Davos - for he was seen to be the representative of the African continent thought several Heads of State and Prime Ministers from Africa were in attendance.

People like Abiola refused to accept rigged elections and they were killed - period! Others like Bisigye next door have been jailed and hounded. One Tsavingaria was denied a passport and literally had to live in exile. Not the ODM Party Leader who refused to accept a stolen election but was graceful enough to make concessions that returned this country and the entire Eastern Africa region to normalcy.

Vikii said...

Sir Alex, you are the exact kind of fellow I would rather not "argue" with.

First of all, I need to tell you this; if you want to know what my stand is regarding Prof. Saitoti's ineligibility for any public office, go back in history. Since Feb 2007, I have written an untold number of comments in this blog and in those comments I have made it clear that I have no time for a murderer/thief of the George Saitoti mold. Once again, your little mind tells you I am defending him for political/tribal reasons and that is just dumb. I am trying to make this clear; I believe Saitoti belongs in jail and not in the cabinet.

What, however, my comment is doing is to slam a first lady who clearly struggled to make sense. It is time we supported/attacked ideas rather than persons. Her rants did not make sense to me. May be both you and her neeed to tell me what the national security minister should have done to save those lives. How can he prevent accidents? And why would we blame him on road accidents and cushion the Roads and Transport ministers from blame? If you are talking about muttonheads, sir Alex, please look in the mirror.

Mwarang'ethe, Mrs Lucy Kibaki is free to express her opinion however stupid that opinion is. What she cannot do--and both you and I can't-- is to demand that governmental officials write to her desk explaining why civic education was not done. Let me be very clear; It is only the President of Kenya who can order minister Saitoti to explain himself. Mrs Kibaki does not have an official government job. She therefore has no business issuing idle threats to government ministers. And that's the whole point about my reference of her as a "private citizen" dangerously lacking in powers.

And I think we need to read and understand before hitting the keyboard.

There is nothing defensible about this first lady's utterances yesterday and there is nothing blamable on Saitoti about the tragedy. Do you now understad or we should I spend a little more time teaching you this obvious fact?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.34am Perhaps you are right. But some people think it is paid for and in fact the way you have put it I would say it can probably only happen when it is paid for. And you know the guy knows a thing or two about the value of propaganda.

clemo said...

Guys i think madam 1st Lady has a point which some of you are missing.flashback,(was it 10 years ago?)at the GSU roundabout and a trailer currying legal tender(chapaa!) was secured in less than two minutes!thats what mama Lucy is talking about au sio?

Anonymous said...


":It is only the President of Kenya who can order minister Saitoti to explain himself. Mrs Kibaki does not have an official....'

Thats my problem with you...get it?

I think I should order any public servant to explain themselves.....this are elected people they REPRESENT US! Where and how do we hold them accountable?
Pray tell......
What is the role of a private citizen on such issues?
Just to get pissed..then what?

Heads have to roll dear and they don't until the private citizens like you and lucy ane me demand is YOUR CIVIC DUTY....jamani/....ulienda shule gani?

Sir Alex

b-caroetene said...

I pursue this for the final time, for very obvious reasons.

I don’t really care about the (lame) reasons that have caused some to ignore and/or viciously discount Mrs. Kibaki’s comments but just thought I’d list her concerns here, just for the record.

Following are the questions that this private citizen is asking of a certain category of our public servants:

“why they failed to secure the scene of the incident.”

“avoided if the Provincial Administration took a step to caution the residents of the danger in scooping oil from a fallen tanker.”

“Prof Saitoti and his ministry officials of failure to learn from similar incidents in the past.”

“demanded an explanation in writing to be presented before her on Tuesday by officials of Internal Security ministry on their reasons for failure to cordon off the area before the explosion.”

These are legitimate concerns and the brouhaha totally unfounded if not outright malicious.

cicero said...

Sir Alex,

According to your reasoning, we need not have a government then. Let me introduce you to a concept that seems alien to you...protocol.

Picture Michelle Obama getting on TV and roaring for Hillary Clinton to provide a "written explanation" of a matter that pertains to her office.

Picture Lucy demanding the same kind of subservience from Raila Odinga...? See?

You know enough to understand that Lucy was not making demands on behalf of mwananchi but rather as a Queen that she believes she is. When she prances around slapping men and raiding news stations, she does it because she believes that she has the power to do so. It has nothing to do with her believing that she represents the interest of the private citizen.

Kenya "will not go anywhere" with people like you who ignore common sense even when it spells itself on your forehead like a stigmata.

Vikii said...

Thank you Cicero. And if I may finally hammer this point to this moron and others; if we all demanded that government ministers or anybody else working under them explain themselves in writing about anything we are not happy about or are in need of answers, then we need to hire more supporting ministers and officials because there will be a lot of letter-writing to do. Dude, we are a country of 35 million. If all citizens demanded the minister writes to us, then both ourselves and those who attempt to defend such an outrageous outburst need to be told exactly what we/they are; idiots!

Anonymous said...


You have an amazing ability to enter into lucy's head and examine her motives........but my point is private citizens have the right to question public servants.....thats the whole point. . . . . I do not have an office and desk for Saitoti to report to but I can make such 'claims' the whole idea is to highlight the issue. . . . .
protocol is just a tool to help but if the same protocol is nothing but another bottle neck then protocol be danmed.....what protocol for example do you use to address a guy trying to rape your daughter?....ask him is name and number? his favourite night spot? you clobber him hopefully to death.......
The only thing Lucy did 'wrong' was make a political blunder by doing that,..but as a private citizen she has a right to question just about everybody for herself not for the general intesrest of the public....

then take another look at what b-carotene said @6:13

Sir Alex

Anonymous said...

Cicero. very well put.

Anonymous said...

Sir alex. am following the debate above and am waiting for you to say what would be your reaction to similar demands being made to rao.

b-carotene said...

No amount of name calling will minimize the legitimacy of Mrs. Kibaki's comments. She has stated facts.

The idiots and morons are those who refuse to see beyond their short, flat noses, hiding behind rather dated and evidently unworkable notions of retrogressive bureaucracy.

Spare us the nonsense.

Great points Sir Alex, I am compelled to say.

I'm bored with this. What's the next bit of controversy Chris? Anglo-"Maizing"??!

Whats in it for me? said...

She missed her pills I tell you...with Mzee some miles away..appears we had no one to trigger her daily routine to take the tablets..True madness this one..A Written Expl(r)anation..

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:53 PM
Gett off the politics people have died here...!!!School children
I really do not understand your problem......RAO or no RAO public servants are accountable to private citizens......My reaction would be the same....for your information RAO has been booed several times by his so called fanatic supporters when he did not appear to represent them as they wished so whats you point.......?
U c vikii and cicero are looking at the political implications of mama lucy's 'outburst' that is a no brainer its a political blunder.....and forgetting what the rest of us are highlighting....that;
1)site should have been secured,
2) Satoiti's comment on learning was immature and irrelevant
3)Explanations are awed or heads should roll...this is a grave matter

The last incident prior to that happend 10yrs ago in are kenyans to learn?, the school kids for example in another farway place they were not even born then its not like they waylayed the tanker they were busy doing what kids do playing the naturally the were attracted to an accident any normal person....the procedure in such sitioutions is to secure the place by armed forces, that did not happen! Blame the minister for security? makes sense to me. That lucy did it...well politically not clever but when people are dying politics and protocol be danmed. and she is even being very nice some people have been slapped for less offences.

Sir Alex

Marcus Tullius Cicero said...

Sir Alex, you might want to scroll up to top; I begun by saying,

"I can understand her being outraged as a private citizen.."

Contrary to your claim, I have no idea what the political implications of Lucy's outbursts are. You are pretending to read too much into my simple observation that Lucy Kibaki has time and time again overstepped her boundaries and the country needs to know exactly what her role is.

Anonymous said...

Cabinet ministers can and SHOULD answer to private citizens. Ha!

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