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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Running Scared?

Remember Joseph Kamau, former head of the CID who had a problem coping with police commissioner Major General Hussein Ali and ended up being fired?

Well the man has made a dramatic resurfacing act and is now President Kibaki’s new special advisor on security affairs. As usual the man raffled feathers the minute he landed on the job by calling for the immediate sacking of the head of the president’s security detail. I was unable to establish the reason why Mr Kamau wanted the man gotten rid of but am still doing some digging.

Kumekucha titbits: Did you know that corporate team building programmes have been known to turn around previously loss-making companies the world over?

Kamau’s appointment at a time when the security of the two principals has been drastically increased poses some interesting questions that beg for answers. The current political situation in the country not withstanding, why did somebody feel it necessary to increase the security detail to unprecedented levels a few months ago? This was long before the so-called terror threat on the Prime Minister. Does the intelligence community have information suggesting that the executive would be under some sort of threat? What do they know that the rest of us do not know about this matter?

Meanwhile recent surveys by various organizations have confirmed what I have reported in this blog as the general feelings of Kenyans on the ground at the moment. For instance the popularity of the principals has sunk to an all-time low with most Kenyans firm in the belief that the coalition government has achieved absolutely nothing since coming to power about a year ago. Kenyans would also like to return to the polls as soon as possible (as impractical as that may seem at the moment.)


Anonymous said...

Chris, get this in your head; they WILL NOT be any election held in Kenya until 2012. so, now stop whining and get up and do something for this country! At least feed the dying people of Ukamabani.

Anonymous said...

3:04 AM

joe the choma man said...

given the general feelings of outright discontentment kenyans have against this coalition government the idea of increasing security for the coalition is not a far-fetched idea.

hunger+anger are dangerous combinations of reality and feelings on the part of wananchi and can explode with enough force to warrant caution being taken on the part of the principals as well as any of the 222 MPs in parliament

i wish them well but in life there are no guarantees of safety, especially from doing wrong and messing with millions of Kenyans lives

Kimi Raikkonen said...

You guys are dead wrong. The replacement of the Presidential security chief would very likely be because of the recent embarrassing, primitive unprofessional and extremely dangerous airport fiasco involving the arrival of the Iran State delegation.
Has anyone including the know-it-all but pathetically ignorant Kenyan media realised what might have happened if the highly volatile Iranians had drawn guns while resisting the provocative manhandling by those idiotic and thoughtless 'bodyguards'? It would have taken just one gunshot for all hell to break lose, and God forbid, 2 Presidents and other high ranking Iranian and Kenyan officials might have been seriously injured if not killed! Can anyone imagine the fallout if that had happened, both IN and FROM Iran, and THEN the fallout within Kenya?!
The Kenyan Presidential guard therefore needed new leadership and a complete overhaul and Kamau, being a highly trained security alumni of US colleges, was the right person to oversee that overhaul.
Making him a CID cop in 2003 was a big mistake as he is not a trained detective but a security policy maker.

Anonymous said...

May the elections be tomorrow. I can't wait for Kenyans to get the leadership they deserve, the leadership of Upright Kalonzo Musyoka.

Anonymous said...

Indeed you are correct that there is a turf war in progress between the Prof. Nick Wanjohi - Kamau axis and Ben Kibue's team........keep digging, you're on the right track

Anonymous said...

the only state house kalonzo will see is tha of a state funeral in ukamabni. whic will be his own.

ther is no way the kikuyu mafia (im one) will allow him to take power. we made a mistake with moi and paid the price. saitoti, karua and uhuru will grab it even before kalonzo weakling says nikuseo.

Anonymous said...

if the fiasco had happened at nairobi airport both kenya and iran would be better off in the eyes of some...the next leaders might be compassionate, democratic and effective

Anonymous said...

here is why the rich get richer
this time magazine was banned in kenya in 1074,9171,908862-2,00.html

Taking advantage of those opportunities, as foreign businessmen have rue fully discovered, sometimes involves entering a twilight world of official corruption. Corporation executives doing business in Kenya are often asked by high government officials for "contributions" to various charities, though some doubt that the money ends up in the coffers of such worthy recipients as hospitals or orphanages. Early this year, James Skane, the American managing director of Esso Standard in Kenya, was declared a "prohibited immigrant" and summarily expelled from the country after he aggressively tried to collect some $70,000 in unpaid fuel bills. Unfortunately for Skane, it turned out that the money was owed by a series of farms reportedly owned under different names by Kenya's lionized President Jomo Kenyatta.

The latest story about scandal in Nairobi involves two American geologists, who claim that they have been euchred out of their ownership of what may be the world's richest ruby mine by some well-connected Kenyans. It all started about a year ago, when John M. Saul, 37, and his partner Elliot ("Tim") Miller discovered in Kenya's Tsavo West National Park a deposit of rubies that was later estimated to be worth at least $5 million. Saul and Miller got a fully legal permit to develop their find. Figuring local participation would ease their way, they shrewdly offered 51% of the deal to a group of high-ranking Kenyans, including Vice President Daniel Arap Moi.

Unfortunately for the two Americans, others got wind of the rich discovery. One of them was Beth Mugo, Kenyatta's niece and unofficial lady in waiting to his vivacious wife, Mama Ngina; another was a wealthy Greek resident of Kenya, George Criticos, a friend of the President's and Mama Ngi-na's partner in running the Kenya Trade Development Corp. Saul and Miller charge that Beth Mugo and Criticos encouraged other leading Kenyans, including Mama Ngina, to demand a bigger share of the take. The two Americans agreed to let the Kenyans' share go up to 72%. Still not satisfied, the Kenyans evidently decided to push the ruby discoverers out of the deal altogether.

Private Pockets. Last June Saul was abruptly declared a "prohibited immigrant" and given 2½ hours to leave the country. At first Miller went into hiding to keep the same thing from happening to him; after a month underground he left the country for London. After Saul's expulsion, Kenyatta, in an apparent reference to the ruby mine, publicly declared that no foreigner should be allowed to exploit Kenya's resources for his own private benefit. That is, no doubt, a valid general principle. But in this case it seems that the wealth of the mine is intended for private pockets, not the public welfare. With the Americans out of the way, the mysterious Criticos began mining rubies at Tsavo, continuing even after a Kenyan court had temporarily enjoined him from doing so. There have been allegations that the claims book at the Kenyan Ministry of Natural Resources, in which the two Americans had originally registered their find, has disappeared. In its place, supposedly, is a new claims book listing Criticos' claim to the Tsavo mine.

Anonymous said...,9171,908862-2,00.html

Mai Ma Nguku said...


When will you start campaigning for Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka ready for 2012?

Time is NOW chris!!!

Kalonzo for 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i can imagine empty suit kalonzo as president - indecisve, cowardly and always waiting for instructions from mkm and moi, in beween jetting in and out for conferences abroad and receiving delegations at SH (Moi style.

Anonymous said...

see article below -
its the misadventures of.. pnu who should have given power to the democratically elected Raila Odinga

By: Reuters
23rd February 2009
TEXT SIZE Kenya's economy provisionally grew by just between 2% and 2,5% in 2008 and the global slowdown is weighing heavily on the outlook for the east African nation, the government said on Monday.

Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta blamed post-election violence at the start of last year, followed by the global economic slowdown, for his estimate. If confirmed, it would be the lowest rate since 2003. Growth in the region's biggest economy peaked at 7.0 percent in 2007.

"This good economic story was in 2008 interrupted largely by our own misadventure," Kenyatta said in a speech in Nairobi.

"The post-election violence affected the agriculture and transport sectors hard, which in turn impacted adversely on the other sectors of the economy," he said.

"Other external developments -- drought, exceptionally high oil prices, and the meltdown of the world economy associated with the global financial crisis -- caused even more damage."

Last year, the government had forecast growth of around 4.5-6.0 percent for 2008, before lowering its estimate this January to 3.5-4.0 percent.

The new figures from Kenyatta, who was named as Kenya's new finance minister last month, were in line with most analysts' predictions for 2008.

"This is in line with expectations, given the data releases to date: the Q3 GDP data pointed to a full year figure of about 2.25 percent," said Richard Segal, Africa strategist at UBA Capital. "Thus, the Q4 data are likely to come out neutral or perhaps even a little better than expected."

Razia Khan of Standard Chartered Bank said the estimates were not a surprise, and that the greatest concern had been the impact on agriculture and on investor and consumer confidence.

"Ironically, however, given the low base from which '09 growth will be measured, Kenya may be the one economy in the region to see more rapid growth in 2009 than it did in 2008," she told Reuters.


Joseph Kinyua, the top official at the finance ministry, said Kenyan exports like tea might be hit by less demand and lower prices this year due to the global economic outlook.

"We may want to be pessimistic in our growth projections," Kinyua told Reuters, without elaborating.

He said government revenues might be affected due to reduced tax collection, but said the authorities were aiming to offset any losses by acting firmly against corruption.

Graft within the tax administration system and other parts of Kenya's economy is widely believed to cost the government billions of shillings every year.

"We will have to put new measures to ensure that where we still have leakages, those are squeezed out," Kinyua said.

Last week, the government moved to overhaul the capital markets after the fall of two stock brokerages in two years spread investor apathy that threatens the country's 8 billion shilling privatisation programme.

Funds raised from the sale of government enterprises is expected to help bridge a 127 billion shillings deficit which Kinyua said was likely to balloon due to a food crisis and the cost of various development programmes.

A prolonged dry spell has left about 10 million Kenyans -- nearly a third of the population -- in need of food aid.

"We know the expenditures are likely to be much higher than we had programmed earlier," said Kinyua, adding that cutbacks would be made in non-critical areas to allow extra spending.

A Reuters poll of analysts last month predicted, on average, just over 4 percent growth for Kenya in 2009.

Anonymous said...

govt should double civil servants salary so they can enforce the laws as opposed to accepting bribes

Public servants remuneration on review
Written By:Rosalia Omungo , Posted: Fri, Feb 27, 2009

Public servants remuneration is way below the market rate, a report on the remuneration of public servants released Friday has established.

The report states that the pay has led to lethargy and poor service delivery in the public sector

Anonymous said...

more mismanagment:

It is also a fact that the Coast is a major conduit for drug trafficking. International gangs take advantage of unpatrolled seas to smuggle drugs from waiting ships, with no distraction from Kenyan authorities. The Kenyan Navy is yet to apprehend a single narcotics smuggler. Today, coastal societies are ravaged by drugs with youths turning to prostitution in order to afford the expensive habit.

Meanwhile, a ship ordered for the Navy is rotting away at a Spanish court after the Kenyan government and its contractor got into a payment dispute. The KNS Jasiri, which cost over 4.1 billion shillings (US $52 million ), is docked at the port of Ribadeo as the dispute drags. By the time the case is decided, the vessel may no longer be seaworthy.

Such is the sorry state of our maritime defences.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Nation reports:

The audit also makes another chilling observation – two containers loaded with firearms were reported by a UN agency to have moved from Somalia to Kenya at the height of the violence. They have not been traced or recovered.

“It is disturbing that the UN Monitoring Group for Somalia reported in February/March 2008 that two containers loaded with illegal arms had been smuggled into the country during the post-election violence. The UN group identified the buyer as ‘a militia group in Kenya’,” the report says.

To those with brains. This report is Kibaki's reminder to Ruto et al.

We have weapons.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong or unusual with Joseph Kamau's return to the country's security circles. He is a qualified candidate for the position, he did a great job while with the CID and he will continue to serve the nation as well as improve on existing security system. The man loves his country and that's why he returned home in 1981 to offer his services. So many of his peers never returned home but decided to remain in North America due to well known reasons.

Wenye wivu: for every one negative thing you state about JK, offer four positives. Otherwise shut up and "enjoy" your so called middle class lives in North America and Europe.

sereast said...

Its one thing to love your country and totally another to live like a pauper. In Kenya, only the corrupt rich and some few who have acquired riches through just means live decent lives. Now, to lambast people who moved out of the country because the system was so skewed that staying would have meant them leaving pauperish lives to me is insane....even God would be offended. Ati those who stay in Kenya and corruptly make it any better or say patriotic than those to leave? My take those who leave are even ,ore patriotic....see they are away only physically but there in every other way.

Secondly, yesterday Chris mentioned that we bloggers are the kids of rich parents who could afford to make it overseas. What you fail to recognize is that many of us had to toil in village schools, make it to University and make opportunities for ourselves through scholarships. and we now can mingle with every other people...whites, Indiana, Chinese etc who have all moved into graduate schools in USA and Europe to try and make it here.

Meza wembe kama unawashwa. Nimesema.

sereast said...

"ther is no way the kikuyu mafia (im one) will allow him to take power. we made a mistake with moi and paid the price. saitoti, karua and uhuru will grab it even before kalonzo weakling says nikuseo."

Our comment:

Exactly the kind of backward thinking we have with a section of kyuks in and out of kenya. That Kenya is them and they are Kenya. Wacha tutaona....

Kimi Raikkonen said...

Anon @ 10.50am. You must be one really dumb, third hand Kikuyu Mafia. The Country will simply not elect another Kikuyu or Kalenjin as President, not even if the Kikuyu vote to a man for Uhuru, Saitoti or Karua and the Kalenjins for Ruto. CAN'T YOU SEE THAT YOU GREEDY DUMBKOPF??!!
I am a Kikuyu myself and very, very many of us are not ready to put our Children's future in danger because of your selfishness. Our votes will therefore go to the coming alliance as follows:

Kalonzo - President
Uhuru -Prime Minister
Ruto - Vice President

The above alliance is the one currently being worked on and when it is agreed on, and it will, then it cannot be stopped from taking power. The future is about workable alliances so get your head outta your black behind and smell the aroma of current reality.

sereast said...

Even Kalonzo will not cut. Simply put...we will have a president no one really knows at the moment...a new comer....miracles do happen people.

Anonymous said...

Kimi Raikonen,
You are counting on Ruto? He who engineered the slaughter of KIUKS? You must really hate Raila and Luos but guesse what, a Luo is the prezo of USA. These plans will flop just like all your plans do. We Kales and I know that Iam talking for most will never vote for a Kiuk or anyone fronted by Kiuks. You must be fools to be that shortsighted....obviously you have no idea who your real enemies are.

Anonymous said...

Before the dec 2007 elections the local surveys were saying Mweshimwa Raila Odinga would win; we heard whispers here overseas that this would never happen even if it know.

Whats to stop massive vote rigging in 2012?? I'm sure a committee is already working on this (ie how to rig) at the moment. One of the following would prevent bloodshed:

1. ask UN to adminster the elections (very embarassing for kenya - will never be done)

2. fill ECK with foreigners, kenya asians and europeans (would not happen - they will fear their lives)

3. hire private security firms to protect, and prevent tampering by ECK - the private american security firms should be free by then (I like this - US can pay for it)

4. ask US to adminster the elections (yes and they can pay for it)

5. ban elections and make Kenya a one party state (US and kenya pseudo intellectuals will never go for it- the latter were the same people who insisted on reading Karl Marx in Nairobi during one party state)

6. bring in Moi's queque voting system for choosing the president -it's cheap and everyone can see which is the bigger line.(US would not like this)

7. ask the kenyan armed forces to adminster the voting; (this means they will have to leave their barracks..might work but too embarrasing)

Ah Ah!! if only Moi did not have pickpocket ministers he could have been made president for there would have been peace ..prosperity and no much fewer dead people from election violence

John Kay said...

P.L.O Lumumba for president in 2012!!!!!

John Kay said...

Are there two Kimi Raikonens here? One a Kalee and one a Kiuk? If yes shame on the copy cat for creating confusion!!!! You couldnt pick something else eg Lewis Hamilton?

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