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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

When Age Suddenly Mattered


I keep telling myself that the guys who are frantically trying to change the law to bar Prime Minister Raila Odinga from running for president again are kidding. If they were not, when did it occur to them that age is a liability to effective governance? Did you hear any of these guys worry about Moi's age when he repeatedly sought reelection? Did they stay up late to agonize about President Kibaki's age? There's a reason they didn't.

I'm not going to bore you with a chronology of cultural evolution, where African communities placed a high premium on age. Indeed, grayness was equated with wisdom. When adolescent boys were around the elderly folk, they were required to be still and absorb the wisdom that emanated from years of experience...years of watching the world. The elders were supposed to be wise. And they were. Why is that we'd suddenly view such a noble cultural blessing as a liability?

The answer in cynicism.

If these people who are now calling for a change of the laws had a track record of pushing for this change over the years, we'd have taken them seriously. As it is, we have to believe they are doing this only for the sake of blocking an eventual Odinga candidacy. The sad thing about an approach like this is that it's profoundly stupid. It reflects poorly on the people who are for such draconian measures, and it exposes them for the charlatans they are. Do they think politics is an eternal game? At some point they have to realize that once they are elected they carry people's lives in their hands. Children and mothers and struggling fathers look up to them daily, yet they are spending their time scheming how to deny some people a chance to lead.

How outrageous is this!

Common sense should of course dictate that at a certain age a man or a woman is too old to seek the highest office in the land. That age is debatable, so I won't be firm on a figure. I would put it at anywhere between sixty-eight and and seventy-two for anybody seeking a first term. And for the sake of molding a vibrant, working society, it would be wise to engrave an agreed upon age limit in the constitution. That way we'll not be sidetracked by people who never saw a tunnel they didn't want to crawl under.

Indeed, the MPs who are wasting our time with this matter need to be reminded that their constituents are looking to them for development, not perpetual politicking. 2012 is four years away, just imagine how much they could do if they focused their energies on themes that unite the nation and build their constituencies rather than always looking for an angle to score points.

But can a bat start flying in broad daylight?


Some of these guys have no clue what it means to be a representative.

They shame themselves!


Anonymous said...

The MKM through Karua, Moi and all the thieves are s##### in their pants at the prospects of Raila having all the powers. It's a pity that some first-time naive mps are being misuued for the selfish schemes by these hyenas.
Better kukubo than these greedy and selfish hyenas.

Anonymous said...

Those writing about Raila and the fore skin issues in Kumekucha- let me tell you something-I would rather have the foreskin than have brown teeth and jigger infested feet!!!!!!!Mungikis are you listening?

Anonymous said...


Why are you so angry?

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello
Every Bright kenya from the rest of the country except central province can see the hidden hand behind the age factor!
The evil Biatch with ugly face called MARTHA KARUA... any woman who sleeps with the man of the cloth and is proud to bare it out there is a conniving individual..Karua is known from PNU inside sources to have paid Jirongo and Ababu and some Luhya MP`s who had big loans to pay after last elections, we all know who the rest are many from Meru and ukambani too(The Grand opposition) they call themselves paid for to cause trouble and vote the age bill through parliament we all know the signature sheet has been doing rounds and Kenyans will be surprised to see some of the MP`s and Ministers who have signed on the age bill- na hawata weza even Kalonzo Musyoka we hear is for it... the musaliti wa kenya...

Martha Karua if you want to be president stop f.....k your way all over to get votes since no kenyans respects you except for your central province tribesmen and the thugs like jirongo and Ababu that you have bought shame on you...and we know kibaki supports you 100% since all the Nyeri bigwigs have endorsed you for presidency....

Anonymous said...

anon7:20 PM
yes they are listening - I would rather have a foreskin than a dig that has been busy incestuous all over central province !yuk!! sicko- father ans daughter?? Mother and son?? central province are sicko's
Kwani this kikuyu mungiki's are tooo tired to get out of their homes to look for women/men??


Anonymous said...

anon7:34 PM

Mungiki?? who said SAM is angry??

Sam is just stating facts which i can tell you are not happy to hear.
Martha Karua=Mungiki malaya thinks she can buy votes and rig??? wacha ajaribu we will Lesotho her fast track!

Kimi Raikkonen said...

I agree the idea is incredibly stupid and shallow. This is not the time to bring up such ill-thought out nonsense by these malicious hypocrites of the so called Grand Opposition. Is it not ironical that they are the same fellows who lynched Kimunya at the behest of Raila but have now turned on him like rabid Mbwa Mwitus?
Linturi should have presented the idea as part of constitutional review to be implemented AFTER the 2012 election. Raila should be given the opportunity to run again and be defeated thoroughly, fairly and squarely.

Anonymous said...

Wonders never cease! Amazingly enough, three quarters of Kenya's current population will not be around in the next couple years.

So many of us will have ceased to exist before reaching the age of 50. While those above 50 years of age, will be six feet under, as in long gone, dead and forgotten.

LOL! Age suddenly matters when a bunch of hooliganated hyenas have managed to wrestle a 'kill' from the leopard's claws during the rainy season.

By the way, how many Fukudas will Kenya experience in the next ten years?

Any Kenyan woman apart Karua wa Butch, will have the historic chance to occupy the haunted State House.

Kenyatta's ghost has never left, it still lingers around the old bathroom next to the Kitchen. Kibaki's ghost will never leave the premises in the same manner as those of several kaburus dating back to pre-independence days.

Good question:
There is Kenyatta University snd Moi University, when will there be a Kibaki University before the man kicks the bucket? Kibaki should offer his farm in Nyeri for the construction of the university before shadows time embrace him.

Raila should do the same by having a modern university built in Kibera or in Kisumu. And the next presidents will follow the tradition for the next hundred years.

Anonymous said...


after two weeks of intense pressure on molasses and the kshs400,000 for his fat lady; the hyenas have recoiled back to their dens and spared the hardworking kenyans another looting from molasses and his gang of thieves. Kenyans who made this possible not the likes of Taabu who tried diversionary stale stories here at Kumekucha.

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello,

has it ever occured to you that Kenya is bigger than the molasses??? and that every time the mps have a motion you dont have to think in terms of benefits to your deity????
so you would rather remain looking at the mirage of molasses spending a night at state house than have someone who is vibrant drive kenya not seniles????
this is where kumekucha begins to excite molasses morons, you can see they have already crawed from the wood work after molasses sent them hiding with 'the cut'command.
even Okello had gone under..

anyway keem the molasses worship tune up, thats what kumekucha is all abt anyway...
trash trash and more molasses trash..

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha is comical,

Yesterday the local dailies talked about how corrupt ODM pentagon and mps are and their many pending corruption cases in courts. There was an eerie silence about that story and infact a fellow later posted an article on the muslim event.

Today, the dailies highlight a bill on the maximum age of presidential candidate (65 years) and all of a sudden a panic article by a clearly annoyed Okello appears followed by obscenities from okello, taabo and the ilk posting as anynomous.....clearly people here have lost it with molasses worship.

Kumekucha prefect

Anonymous said...

Sam Okello said

'Indeed, the MPs who are wasting our time with this matter need to be reminded that their constituents are looking to them for development, not perpetual politicking. 2012 is four years away, just imagine how much they could do if they focused their energies on themes that unite the nation and build their constituencies rather than always looking for an angle to score points'

our take

This is the best lesson to teach molasses aka 'the cut crusader'. if molasses raila did exactly that (work not porojo) since he started representing Kibera, Kibera inhabitants would at least enjoy basic amenities like water and toilets. but the buffon as usual has been chasing a shadow of presidency and the only maendeleo he could take to Kibera was a 2nd hand 10s of million worth hummer.
there is your hero.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

9:55 PM
Hulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 'kibaki' IS Still looting the country dry and slaughtering innocent kenyans left and right to stay in power.......
hulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! it is time the old senile fool to be taught a 6ft under lesson... why is he still breathing when most of our families that he ordered the police to shoot and kill are six fit under...

by the way Maina Kiai former human rights chairman will have a case to answer why his account in London balance is 50 million kenyan shillings between January and February when it only held sh 200,000 only...
The cost of the human rights last doctored report before he handed over power? shame shame I can spit on his face shenzi sana maina kiai.....

Anonymous said...

anon10:00 PM

Nope!!all kenyans know is that Kenya is bigger than kibaki the mungiki senile warlord......

kibaki will pay fair and square by hanging like Saddam Hussein nothing else is acceptable......

Anonymous said...

10:12 PM clone prefect

do shut up
do tell us about
1, grand Regency
2. Anglo leasing
3. Transcentury
4. Charter house.

all your PNU thieving goons can hide behind kibaki and martha Karua's skirt for now!!but for how long?? we will find them ....the looting thieving thugs...

Anonymous said...

anon10:41 PM

Kibera residences would not appreciate kibaki mungiki incest dick to guide them... better the hammer at least it will not deliver incest babies..... get the drift.

Anonymous said...








Anonymous said...

the agenda is bigger than these novice luhya mps and the intoxicated fella from meru i see ms Karua's hand in this!

Anonymous said...

Wakoli aingie Raila Toka!!!

Wakoli is millions times better than senile Raila. No they shouldn't barr Raila from running, let him run and see Wakoli is going to hammer him down. Luhyias are voting for wakoli next time not senile useless molasses thief.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a grown up man with foreskin. I dare imagine how a black black kama makaa dick sorrounded with alot of skin look like.
I dare not even ask.

Anonymous said...

Like Cyrus Jirongo said, Raila 90 minutes are over! In other words, bared or not Raila will NOT win come 2012. People knows better now than 2007 and they will completely distanced themselves from him come 2012.

Ababu said...

Raila yake imeicha... bure kabisa. we want young and visonary leaders. give us the constitution then go and retire peacefully, otherwise the same fate that followed your father will surely follow you. Fanya uguwana and leave us a good legacy for your name.

Anonymous said...

You Domos are going to an extent of fearing your own shadows. Whatever makes you think other kenyans fear your Raila? Remember this "man" has tried taking power through 2 coups (the last one just months away), and he has failed. He tried to steal an election but thanfully he failed. But you will always look for excuses to let off the master slum developer, the king of slums, and the master conman RAO. You should know that no one has been known to whine his way into power, like yu are trying to do for raila.

Phil said...

Mr. Mithika Linturi is a hypocrite. His move is yet another of a long list of cock-ups that his masters have perfected over the years. His party KANU, furiously campaigned for 77 year old president Kibaki just eight months ago in an election he himself cast his vote in favor of this octogenarian - who also happens to suffer from serious health issues!

But then we social democrats ask, how can democracy thrive when a section of society is discriminated upon?

Here comes 62 year old Raila Odinga, healthy, smart, intelligent and with democratic credentials that would rival those of any statesman in this world, and then Linturi seeks to have piecemeal constitutional reforms aimed at blocking one person and creating a highway for another. I dare say here that RAO is fitter in mind and body than most of those overfed 45-55 year old MPs currently serving in the 10 parliament.

The National Assembly Act - which says the president shall be an elected member of parliament - and the Presidential Elections Act - which clearly states the minimum requirements for anyone wishing to run for president.

There have been calls for comprehensive constitutional reforms for the last two decades. Part of those reforms is devolution which simply seek to reduce the powers of the office of the presidency but not the age of the office bearer. Interestingly, the delegates at Bomas had suggested a limit of 70 to those seeking the presidency, but this is one of the clauses that were expunged by Wako in Kilifi while creating the draft that was eventually rejected at the referendum. Perhaps Linturi would have been better off suggesting that all MPs should serve a maximum of two terms??

All I can say is, even the Linturi motion will be defeated when parliament re-opens in October!

PS. Chris published an article a few days ago which purported to question the rational behind ODM supporters not wanting any other candidate other than Raila to stand for presidency!

Well, Chris, the captain was unanimously elected in a constitutionally convened ODM National Delegates Congress in a process that was broadcast live by all news channels. I do not think you missed it.

Chris I am reminding you this was the first time in our history and politics that any political party in Kenya carried out competitive, democratic and transparent presidential primaries. ODM will go down to history as the pioneers - if any other party can dare hold grassroot elections and elect its national leaders at an NDC like ODM did. Until another scheduled ODM NDC elects, ruto, balala, magara, nyongo or ngilu, Raila remains captain.

Do you or any of the so called PNU supporters have a problem with that????

Before some deranged fellows jump and start posting points of correction here that Kalonzo's ODM-K party also held primaries in which he 'defeated' Julia Ojiambo for the party's ticket, please check you political dictionaries for the definition of presidential is quite diffent from KANU style rent-a-delegate of endorsing candidates. Stand informed.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you can try and take away some years of your demi-god but he remains 64 years old. And we don't want anymore senile leaders, we want young and vibrant leaders with FRESH vision for our country not tribal olds senile ODINGA.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you can try and take away some years of your demi-god but he remains 64 years old. And we don't want anymore senile leaders, we want young and vibrant leaders with FRESH vision for our country not tribal olds senile ODINGA.

Anonymous said...


45 years after independence, should Kenya seriously hinge its hope on a 67 (Raila's age in 2012) year old man?
call me whatever but i think you also need to review reasons behind your strong convictions if not fanatism.

Kibaki's term should close a chapter on putting political dinousers in public offices. Lets have some fresh breath of energetic leaders not tired retirees and grandfathers...Kenya leadership is not a monarchy you know.

Taabu's Mistress

Anonymous said...

Somebody tell me, do you think Mrs. Judas Iscariot is going to join the First Lady in rejecting the Kshs. 400,000?

She together with her traitor for a husband, I know, would stop @ nothing; they are just too cheap! Show them, Idah.

I only hope the story is also available in the Daily Gutter Nation, because if it is not, then I don't know.

Muthaura should by now be looking for another carrot to dangle, and PNUers are for sure now looking for other stains to smear onto the First Lady. Shame!!!

Muthaura should know that RAO and ODM are too smart to outsmart.

Back to the post, if these people were sincere about their pet project that is Age limit, they should not have even thought of supporting the ugly son-of-a-bitch Commander-in-THIEF in the 2007 Elections.

It is interesting to note that Lesotho has had (and still has) the oldest trash straight from the Recycle Bin. Look @ the Duly Rejected Thief from Othaya that doesn't even know his name, Muthaura, Michuki the Rattlesnake, Njenga Karume, Stanley Githunguri, the list is on.

That bill is going to be handed a humiliating defeat never seen before, and the PNU clowns touting the idea must be told off.

ajwang' said...

The simple fact is: no MP supports Raila because they love him. They support him because they have to. William Ruto tried to support Kalooser last time, only to realise that Raila had arranged for alternative MPs all over RV. Isaac Ruto is now crying fould, saying that Raila is grooming a successor. Let them toe the line and deliver ODM promises ...or listen keenly to what Hon Kajwang' said on sunday: The people can show them dust: they did so just 8 months ago!

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
"Kumekucha is comical,

Yesterday the local dailies talked about how corrupt ODM pentagon and mps are and their many pending corruption cases in courts. There was an eerie silence about that story and infact a fellow later posted an article on the muslim event."

Anon @ 10.12 PM, Point of correction, It wasn't local dailies; it was a local gutter press in the name of Daily Nation. Hasn't it occurred to you lately that the Gutter is insinuating a lot of things about ODM, and they know the facts perfectly well?

FYI, it is clear that where ODM corruption index ends is where PNU's begins. This follows that the least corrupt fellow in PNU is more corrupt than the most corrupt in ODM.

You know, The Gutter Media Group just can't notice the sins committed by this hard, cold, sick, good-for-nothing son-of-a-bitch from Othaya, together with his savage generals... You know them, the Power-hungry, blood-thirsty bastards that have been mentioned before...

Msema kweli said...

It is very clear that this "age thing" targets Raila. This is the reason, like anon7:14 PM said, "The Mt Kenya mafia, Moi and all the thieves and looters who have run down this great country will START SHITTING IN THEIR PANTS just at the mere prospect of Raila being the President of this country (This is one of the reasons they STOLE THE DEC '07 ELECTIONS).

The PANUA clowns want to maintain the status quo culture of THEFT, FRAUD, DECEPTION, LOOTING, and GENERAL INDISCIPLINE all over the place. It is only in such a "panua" environment that these panua clowns can "prosper" - bring in proper, disciplined, firm and decisive leadership and these panua clowns will start crying and wailing: MWATHANI!! NGAI FAFA!! WE ARE BEING FINISHED!! UUUUUIIIIIII!!

Anonymous said...

msema kweli, I agree with you 100%. To you all, have you ever asked yourselves this question: The panua crowd is around 22% of the population and yet the dominate 90% in the "professions" of STEALING, FRAUD, CARJACKINGS, PROSTITUTION, CONMANSHIP, ROBBERY WITH VIOLENCE .... e.t.c? Ati they are hardworking, enterprising and industrious, PUMBAFF! WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! They are the REAL KIHII'S.

Anonymous said...

...the cut commander--besieged...on age...who'd have thought?....heheheh

Anonymous said...

Mama Njeri said...

Okello, I thought you said Raila is 'young and vibrant leader'. Why would they want to bar such a leader?

Anonymous said...


Come 2012, si Raila ama Kalonzo or Martha Karua, But ni Wakoli peke yake!!
Wakoli is a serious contender!

See in 2012):!

mfalme said...


Me, Jirongo and Ababu, we will fight until we make Lunjeland a Orange free zone. Western is DP and Ford-Kenya Zone. Period! Raila thinks he owns Luyhialand? We will make sure he will never get another vote from western in 2012.


Mfalme wa Bungoma

Anonymous said...

The panua crowd is around 22% of the population and yet the dominate 90% in the "professions" of STEALING, FRAUD, CARJACKINGS, PROSTITUTION, CONMANSHIP, ROBBERY WITH VIOLENCE .... e.t.c? Ati they are hardworking, enterprising and industrious, PUMBAFF! WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! They are the REAL KIHII'S.

Kwale said...

I personally do not think we should bar candidates from running for the top job just because of their age. This is undemocratic and unfair. It should be open to all, old and young and let people decide for themselves. Having said that, in the interest of peace of our nation, it would be appropriate to use all measures and bar Mr Odinga from running next time round. He has proved he is not able to take defeat graciously and that leaves me wary about what would happen in 2012 when he face even a mightier crushing defeat.

He better do something now that will leave a good legacy to his name, cos he will never get another chance. At least build descent homes for his constituency. All the money he stole from molasses plants, surely he can donate it to build toilets for his Kibera residents.
I read a very moving story of a young girl from West Pokot, a human right campaigner, after she won $1m Nobel Prize she decided to donate it back to the community but yet this man who want to be the next president of Kenya cannot donate the money he stole from them back to the community.

Taabu said...

That was a masterpiece for reasoning best by contrast. You know you may just be right. I hope your take is premised on facts and knowledge and not pedestrian street wisdom.

Make no mistake, I am not taking anything from you but only WORRIED at the lack of.....When you make an object of hate your obsession it often clouds your otherwise sound judgement and I pray that is not for you. I hope I am wrong but fear it is true.

Kwale said...

Taabu, you have the right to worry and fear... but I speak my minds and I am rarely wrong.

Ivy said...

Age aint nothing but a number

Anonymous said...


Do not expect any rational and and honest contribution by this Kwale clown. When it comes to anything to do with Raila, the clown becomes a MORON. Demented to the extreme. May God clean his sick mind consumed with irrational hatred.

I quote him in his recent comment:
"in the interest of peace of our nation, it would be appropriate to use all measures and bar Mr Odinga from running next time round. He has proved he is not able to take defeat graciously"

That is pure nonsense and gross distortion of the truth. RAILA WON THE ELECTIONS; Kibaki STOLE ELECTIONS - and he has the audacity to claim shamelessly that Kibaki won. That is a BIG LIE - These people are just FRAUDSTERS. Honesty is not a virtue to them, infact honesty is derided and despised in the panua community. They admire THEFT, FRAUD and DECEPTION.

Kwale, a question to you and your demented ilk: If Kibaki really won, how come the following happened:

(The actions of the your so called
"winner" were more of a most wanted gangster than a popularly
elected leader.)

- Having armed soldiers kidnap the ECK Chairman to announce doctored results with a gun on his head at a secret location

- Conducting a 'swearing in' ceremony at night and in a heavily guarded location.....

- The FEAR that forced the appointment of only half a cabinet, rather than a full
one. If you are confident you won, you appoint a full cabinet
instead of the monkey business of appointing half.

- The embarrassment of receiving ONLY one congratulatory message from a fellow despot after a electoral "victory"...meaning the entire UN and AU roster does not consider you freely and fairly elected. They consider the election STOLEN.

- A "popularly" elected president who remains a persona-non-grata in
large regions of his own country eight months into his so-called
popular electoral "victory"

Can you recall and contrast with December 2002 at Uhuru Park where hundreds of thousands of Emancipated Kenyans chanted liberation songs, with no
less than half a dozen heads of state present to witness a wheelchair president being sworn in...? With messages of congratulations streaming
in from all over the world? With NIL GSU officers present?

Daylight robbery in 2007 and you panua clowns shameless have the audacity to call it a victory? That was, and still is, DECEPTION, FRAUD and THEFT gone mad!

Kwale, you are sick. You need serious psychiatric and psychological help.

Kwale said...

Anon 6.57, what did keigler report concluded?
Me, I dont like empty talks, I like prove and hard prove on how Kibaki stole the election. Take it to court and let all the doubting thomas like me hear it.

I will say it again, it is unfair and undemocratic to bar anyone because of age, however, if it is going to save lives by barring Mr Odinga in 2012, let all laws come out and be applied.

Anonymous said...

I insist once again, Kibaki STOLE THE ELECTION. HE DID NOT WIN. You can try all your FRAUD and DECEPTION, but it will not work. Never! STEALING IS YOUR ACCEPTED WAY OF LIFE, I expect nothing better from you, that is how you were raised and that is all you shall ever be: THIEVES (Of the TRUTH, MONEY ... You name it)

FYI, The Kriegler report has not been concluded/completed - as in written and presented. (another FRAUDULENT "move" from you)

The actions your so called "winner" were more of a most wanted gangster than a popularly elected leader. He won in 2002 BUT NOT IN 2007. HE LOST! AND THEN STOLE THE ELECTION - he had already put the STEALING machinery in place e.g appointing those electoral commissioners without consulting the other stakeholders. He started the theft a long time ago.

demogod said...

These politicians are a bunch of jokers. Instead of moving the country forward they keep on taking this country down a danergous path. Whatever happened to the "declaration of wealth of politicians". These guys should be made to uphold responsibility when they are voted as MP's.

You have idiots like UK wanting to run this country when he is 45 years old, whil we bar people like Raila who is 67 years old and a much better leader.

As Kimi said, let Raila be put to th etest of running another election and see how he performs in a an open transparent election.

We really need to seriously think what kind of leaders we want to move this country forward, we seriously have some "idiots" destroying this beautiful country.

Ivy said...

I am just wondering how many lives RAO has killed....And if he has killed how come he is walking out free....Take that to the courts and convict him. Ama?

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to suspect that this Kwale guy is nothing but a Kikuyu.

Remember, only people born as a result of incest and rape reason the way he does. He is cut from the same Kikuyu cloth, and he thinks in an anticlockwise manner.

Kwale, we'll do to you the same thing we did to m-pesa, do you even hear about him in Kumekucha these days? He went to the stupid Mashada, and we hope he never comes back. We know you too.

Raila is just juggling between two positions - as the President and as the Prime Minister, and that is what is getting you so worked up and fidgetty.

As for having to prove his statesmanship and wisdom, I'm sure you know that, he already proved that by letting the sick ugly wicked son-of-a-bitch who calls himself member for Othaya take away the baby, just so as the baby could have a chance to live.

Raila's extra position as Prime Minister (leave alone that of ELECTED PRESIDENT) of the Republic of Kenya is not a favour and you had better get that straight into your thick head in stead of throwing unwarranted insults.

Have you asked yourself why all World leaders (except Mu7) have accepted Raila as PM (and elected President) and totally rejected the 80-year-old son-of-a-bitch as President? You know this is not a miracle, and even the miraculous Judas Iscariot knows that.

Anonymous said...

Ivy, this is what you should be wondering about, to paraphrase you:

am just wondering how many lives Kibaki has killed....And if he has killed how come he is walking out free....Take that to the courts and convict him. Ama? Kibaki should be jailed (Hanging would be better - he adds no value to Kenya.) for TREASON. HE STOLE THE LAST ELECTIONS.

Anonymous said...

Now that the usual crowd have been shouting themselves hoarse questioning why Ida should get ana llowance for performing 'state duties'- I hope you all have finished wiping off the egg from your faces after the graciuos lady turned down the offer.

Now back to the crude primitive so called first lady, why should she continue drawing a fat pay for doing nothing just like her lame duck hubby.?
To make matters worse, a mistress is also included in the mix complete with a security detail to boot!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do you molasses people get fidgety when sombody criticise Raila here?

Anonymous said...

Age matters, period!

Anonymous said...

I can see that they really let out the MENTAL PATIENTS from the asylum.

Kumekucha has sunk to an all time low.

Kwale said...

Anon 8:13

I am just too good and too clever to be brainwashed into Railamania doomsday cult. I completely refuse that! If I have to left all by myself when the rapture comes, so let it be but I am NOT jumping in Raila bandwagon of human worship. Too good for that!!
If you think its only Kikuyus who hate Raila, you are in for a rude awakening. Just because you think Raila is the best thing that happened does not necessarily mean everyone has fallen head over heel with Raila. I have friends right across ethnic board, and they all hate Raila with a perfect hatred!

The sooner you realise Raila is not everyone cup of tea, the sooner you will begin to live in the real world. At the moment your world is Raila is every Kenyan favorite ingredient and if you don't like Raila, you are either a Kikuyu thief or your short-sighted who need psychiatrist help. May I live 'short-sighted' for the rest of my life than have Raila!!
It's my democratic right too, to dislike Raila and I have my good reasons for it.

Anonymous said...

Kwale, will there ever come a time that you will have fresh, vibrant ideas based on substance other than bashing Raila?

We have got your point, you loathe Raila and everything associated with him. I have read your rants for a while, a guess a village is missing its idiot.


Go get laid or something, get a day job, and stay away from the medicine cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Kwale your association with Kenya ends at the name. Aren't the one who bragged here about 2 passports? Last time I checked, dual/multiple citizenship Kenya is ILLEGAL in Kenya and so you are an alien. You can hate any Kenyan the much you want but you have no VOTING RIGHT, bure kabisa.

Kwale said...

Anon 10:30 asked;

"Kwale, will there ever come a time that you will have fresh, vibrant ideas based on substance other than bashing Raila?"

And the answer is yes, I always have vibrant ideas but if you keep posting anything to do with Raila, i will continue to express my view fearlessly. It's my democratic right!

As for;

"Go get laid or something, get a day job, and stay away from the medicine cabinet."

I do have a day job, but luckily my job is working for myself
in front of a computer.

Anon 10:32 aka taabu... for your information, I have never bragged about having 2 passports anywhere here in KK . This is taabu's pottiness which he took it completely out of context and begun to harass me and write about it. Having 2 passports is nothing to brag about, there are other better tangible things to brag about than that... like my dashingly good looks:)!

Anonymous said...

Democracy itself dictates that even if a 100yr old wants to run for office then so be it ,it is up to his competitors to give the electorate more appealing and persuasive reasons to vote for them and not the old man , and if the majority select's the old man then that is the beauty of democracy.Actualy democracy simply means rule by many , so if a cow runs for election and it gets more votes than any other saint or whatever then the cow will be president and that explains why kibaki is in state house.

Anonymous said...

ok, we hear you, no need to knock omweri out on account of age.good point.

Anonymous said...

Anon@9.13 PM, point of correction... Lucy (I assume that's what you're referring to) is not the First Lady, she ceased to be First Lady When Raila humiliated her husband in the last General Election.

Idah is the First Lady and not that fat, hard, cold, sick, insane bitch calling herself Lucy. I hear she almost chopped off Jimmy's private parts...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Mkenya, don't waste your time telling Kimekucha to stop hatred. He enjoy it, he like it when people are writting inflamatory abuse here. You better find a way of shutting down of this stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

Why are ODM supporters always so angry? They have been throwing stones since 1969!

Nyongo was in Nyeri bila even bodyguard because he knows people will simply ignore him. No one has the time to go heckle and throw stones.

Then you hear 60% of Kisumu live in slums and the pieces begin to fall in place.

Anonymous said...

Work is an alien concept for them. lol anon 8.50

They long for the day when raila will be prezo and he will be coming round to every homestead in Nyanza every evening to give them 100 bob to live on till the following day when he comes for another round.

Thats their version of equaitable distribution of resources lol

Anonymous said...

They are so poor and their thinking is as black as their skin.

Wao ni weusi kama makaa.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you seriously need to hire some moderators if you yourself cannot do it, which is understandable.

Kumekucha has sank to an all time low. If the comments on this blog are anything to go by, Kenya, come 2012 or sooner will go to the dogs.

Most of the people leaving the inflammatory comments on here are doing so in the luxury of their overseas abodes. If you have nothing substantive to add, please keep the vitriol to yourself.

Wow, what a pity, God Bless and Save our beloved country Kenya.

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