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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ida Odinga Has Done The Right Thing

While we cannot underestimate Kalonzo Musyoka's household need for that extra Ksh. 400,000.00 (somebody has to pay for that honey bee keeping project on his farm) we must continue encouraging Pauline to follow suit. In fact, we must ask Lucy Kibaki to refund the millions of shillings she has pocketed...courtesy of our paychecks. Lazima arudishe pesa zetu. I mean, when was the last time we heard or read about Lucy's grand cash donation to any women's/children organization? You see, that is the excuse these top-dog wives have been using…..ati they need state taxpayer funds to hold harambees and host delegations on behalf of the country. Nonsense!!

What I fail to understand is why we continue to allow these 'leaders' to continue fleecing us. Here we are today funding a bloated cabinet alongside fantastic MP salaries while the majority of us who cannot eat sukuma-wiki for an entire week resort to boiled leaves from wild bushes. For proteins we swallow mushrooms. If you go to Turkana district, you will find sovereign Kenyan folk eating juicy cactus and paying exorbitant taxes to feed and cloth our MPs, their several wives and their rugby-playing, carnivore-going, national-school-backdoor-entry children. Mpaka lini?

Kenyans, we must rise up….especially when it comes to our money. Mexico City has seen its populous demonstrate against high insecurity. Is there any explanation why Kenyans cannot demonstrate against exorbitant taxes? Other than eating NGO money, what is the responsibility of civil societies?

My friends, it’s a trickle down effect. To sustain and increase the girth size of our MPs pot bellies, businesses are paying unwarranted taxes and consequently cannot afford to employ the youth. It is these unemployed youth who join banned sects then go around slashing the foreheads of other jobless Kenyan folk. In the meantime, Lucy Kibaki is purchasing blueberry pancakes and fried eggs at Wimpy….with our tax money.

Our proudest moment is captured when we see that Kenyan flag draped E-class Mercedes Benz dropping off our beautiful high school girls in the middle of the night. "Bendera imefika!" we shout in delight.

Fellas, when it comes to wifely salaries, I'm just pissed off.


Taabu said...

Kalamari said:
......Mexico City has seen its populous demonstrate against high insecurity.......

Those must have been ODM gangs exported or rented by the Amigos.

That said Kalamari must stop dragging the good name of mama Lucy in mud. She has learnt first hand and from close quarters how to be an effective CEO. She is working fro without and you should instead thank her for not smashing more jaws lately.

And while at it please leave Mrs Dr. Stevo alone. You know that family is not only respectable but religious. Pauline's CBK salary is not meant for harambees and since there is no free lunch we must meet our side of the bargain, PAY HER. If anyhing that is lose change by waheshimiwa's stds.

Ida has splashed eggs on Muthaura's face and she didn't have to. The old geezer's intention was to mend the PROTOCOL rift and make the principal and marginal fee equal.

On MPs salo, stop whinning and start working Kalamari. You are only jealous becoz your spoon can't reach the high table. Join enterprising Kenyans and be rich or DIE TRYING (50C).

Vikii said...

I think Raila's wife did the right thing. I am on record saying that the least I expect from the Kalonzo family is the exact thing she did. And if that does not happen, the President should instruct Muthaura to scrap that payment. It is daylight robbery, it continues to be.

Now, I am not dumb. Like I said, there was no way Muthaura could let such potentially unpopular information out to the public without having had consultations with both Kalonzo and Raila. This proposal was flouted about the time Ida Odinga was complaining of being overburdened. Her praise for Muthaura for recognizing "the work she does for the republic" (screw that) also speaks volume. Any rejection of the payment this late in the day for Ida kills two birds with one stone; One, she and her husband have succumbed to public pressure and two, she has positioned herself as being sensitive to the low living standards of Kenyans. Expediency through and through. It is nevertheless a welcome gesture.

Pauline Kalonzo does not have a choice but to turn it down. It is the right thing to do. She and her husband cannot turn around and tell me that would amount to being principled. She is in bigger problems because politically she doesnt gain anything (did she have to wait for Raila's wife) and two, she will obviously, just like Ida, be succumbing to pressure. It is not only the right thing to do, but the only thing to do.

Now about Lucy Kibaki; Are you guys not crying over spilt milk? 'Mommy, if my toy is broken, we have to break Tom's as well'. Petty, very petty.

Kalamari, do you do mushrooms?

Kwale said...

It's only in Kenya, a country with more than half of the population living below the poverty line Mps get paid handsomely most of it untaxed + allowances on the top of that.
It's only in Kenya Mps are seen as second to God and royalties. In Europe, politicians are at the bottom of social ladder, well behind IT professionals and accountants. In those countries Mps live within their communities and travel to parliament using public transport like everyone else.

When was the last time we heard a politician donating money back to the community. Kalamari, you are quick to praise Mrs Odinga but when was the last time she donated some money to help relieve Kibera residents out of misery. If I can find Kibera's living conditions totally unacceptable how does the local Mp who has been representing the residents for more than 10 years feel about it? I find it very hard to think what sort of politicians we have in Kenya? They just don't care about the 'ordinary' people and I cannot get my head around that. How can one drive the latest hummer or Benz through the crappy muddy streets of the slums to meet his constituents?
This is what you should be campaigning for here, living in slums without sanitation and proper housing is a serious violation of human rights.

kalamari said...

Kwale, even Joe Biden, potential US VP, takes a sought of 'mathree' home from DC every evening. I'm not really praising Ida. Her flimsy reasons for not addressing the issue earlier leaves a lot to be desired. I'm convinced this whole fiasco was discussed (and possibly agreed on) in the Odinga household prior to Muthaura issuing a test-the-waters statement.

Taabu, I'm not jealous. I'm however very broke.

Vikii, have you ever (un-gay-ly) sat on Bob Marley's lap as he strums his guitar? I have and I was not hallucinating. That said, unless in front of a judge and with a public prosecutor dangling a plastic bag with brown things inside, I must say I do not do 'shrooms'. I wonder why not..I mean you cant get more organic than that.

Vikii said...

Haha Kalamari, we all hold a daily evening chat with Bob Marley. About shrooms, I will take your counsel.

Anonymous said...

Kwale, where do you vote because in Kenya you can't with your two passports. BTW none is Kenyan becoz you have to renounce it to acquire another. Stop foaming at mouth, you an alien weeping louder than the bereaved.

UrXlnc said...

Ida has indeed done the right thing.

vikii, it doesn't really matter who "does it first", but that these good ladies look outside their environment and empathize with the plight of so many kenyans today and especially the struggling mothers with virtually no income, raising children.

regarding the possibility of the proposal having been discussed prior to public announcement that is speculation. i think both these gents (knowing how they both operate) would more than likely have tried to squeeze that in when MPs demand for even more crazy increases in salaries and perks than through Muthaura who is basically a rolling booby trap for any non-kibaki enthusiast.

what i still dont get is what the allowance is/was supposed to do. if its public functions they are supposed to be held in govt venues complete with comprehensive logistics coverage (transport, catering, etc).

However guys lets not be too blindsided. think about it. take the case of Mrs Musyoka currently employed by a bank, supposing she is having to attend to to many functions therefore skips too much work, casuing much stress to those backstopping, would it not be the correct professional ethics to either opt out of the bank e.g go on sabatical or resign in order to engage full time as a professional (whatever the title) VP lady? or would we rather see SKM limping along forlorn and lonesome. Anyway jokes aside, we need to reason through a little more clearly and understand their is value in what they (need) do, but find some more reasonable compensatory plan that is not necessarily another paycheck.

Taabu said...

You are both right. But can you divorce the ladies from their POLITICAL hubbies. You see the ladies are political too by extension and would want to reap maximum political mileage anytime. That is why the timing was crutial-let the debate out and come TO RESCUE with plasticsensitivity. Once a political by association always one.

Kwale said...

Taabu @ 1:54, why are you addressing me anonymously? Are you sacred of me or what? In kenya you don't vote with a passport, you vote with your kitabulisho. And anyone born in Kenya is entitled to it. Have you thought about the wazungus in Karen and Laikipia, most of them are Kenya born and bred but they aslo hold foreign passports secretly.

Anonymous said...


agreed. there is much room for mischief and thats why a salary (going by whatever name) is just not right. however, if there were specific non monetary, instruments (e.g automatic off on public functions without penalty at place of work, designated venues with pre-arranged logistics etc) that would maintain the dignity of these ladies (keeping them out of performance contracts and the likes associated with accounting for public resources) while according them the flexibility to carry out supportive work, remember that unlike their hubbies, they cannot be partisan at all times and must accommodate all guests.


Anonymous said...

Why should tax payers pay for Lucy's mental hospital bills?????

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Kumekucha had to wait for over 2 weeks before this issue (PM n VP wives salos) was posted. Some readers during that time wery busy condemning this fleecing of public funds but no one raised a voice. More interesting is the fact that its only after Ida gave in to pressure that the likes of Kalamari, Taabu, Vikii, urxnc crawled from the wood work here they are guns blazing heaping praises on her and whinning about MP@s salos. I think guys you should be undergo political redemption of discussion issues as per the ODM book.

Its embarassing that you guys have to stoop so low to amplify your political masters. Anyway it seems principles is not a word that many of you got to learn whenn you were growing up.

Please quit making stale remarks that exposes your fanatism.

why did it take more than 2 weeks for Ida to give in if not from the pressure from sober minded Kenyans not goons.

Taabu, i really feel bad about you from the way you have been putting a holier than though touch to your posts and here you are dancing to the tune of loosers music.

Kumekucha Prefect

Anonymous said...

When molasses fat lady was begrudgingly giving up the cheque, she said that her crapy `duties` are worth more than 400,000Kshs...was she begging for more????

FYI, HE Kibakis spouse salo is in the constitution so those raising up that issues are damn ignorant!!!

Like we have been saying here at Kumekucha, let molasses provide for his fat lady like all men do.
About Kalonzo`s wife giving up the cheque, thats her decision and not for the bitter molasses goons who are in pains now that their deity has lost a war of enriching his family..

bwa ha ha ha ha

Now, why are we not discussing about how the ODM pentagon and mps have many corruption cases in court? they have been paying lawyers to drug the cases forever. let them face the law and ODM will remain an empty house.
This is a topic that whinners and goons like Taabu, Kalamali, and other odm morons will not touch until molasses says something abt predictable...

Vikii said...

Kumekucha Prefect, you are writing from a position of chronic ignorance. All those people you accuse of making "fanatic stale remarks" gave their opinions on this subject after Taabu posted on this idea the day it was carried in the dailies. Here is the link:

About us discussing issues as per the ODM book, I personally take great offence at being associated (even remotely) with that party. I feel insulted by your allegation that I would ever take my cues from them. Quite honestly, I consider myself better than that.

Anonymous said...

"...but that these good ladies look outside their environment and empathize with the plight of so many kenyans today and especially the struggling mothers with virtually no income, raising children."

Even duct tape cant hold that reasoning together. Kwani what are their MPs doing/thinking/feeling?
Also, be careful what you wish for--those "allowances" you're squealing for carry the danger of spinning out of control, with limited opportunities for contesting, even if they can be subjected to audits. A pure free lunch if you'd ask me. But then what's new? More of the same no?

Taabu said...

No need for FALSE accusations unless you have been hit where it hurts most and looking for space to exhale in me. I hold no brief for anons and will always use my handle anytime any day.

No need for detours pal, what is your take on the post IDA ODINGA HAS DONE THE RIGHT THING.

No need to shadow box bro and I never mistake mules for asses-vision 20/20. Nothing personal.

Anonymous said...

thanx for the link Vikii,

i have read the comments there and Taabu's take on the issue is the one of gloves off; blaming Muthaura instead of demanding a statement from his deity.
the whimper seriously reading from the ODM book of blaming theatrics had to point somewhere else until today when he is shouting himself hoarse with excitement...

Anonymous said...

so its until someone after a political bashing retreats and Kumekucha crowns the crowns as heros?
why didnt you do that with Kimunya?

so about MP taxation, are you waiting for molasses and his gang of 90 thieves to yield in to public pressure of sober Kenyans to post a hero message on the same??? then you may be in for a long wait.

seems kumekucha is in desperate need of heroes since they only have paper heroes in the name of molasses, githongo, and latelly molasses fat lady

Anonymous said...

Ida has not done the right thing all she is doing is playing to the gallery because all of this was started by her in the first place. For you rinformation the issue of paying spousal allowances to the PM and VP wives emerged after the visit to the UK by the Prime Minister where he was accompanied by his wife. During the visit the Prime Minister took his subsistance allowance which he is intitled too as a government official but the PM's office also paid a similar allowance to the wife of the PM, similarly they paid for her transport and a per diem to an accompanying aide who similarly is not a government official. Upon their return from london this payment was noticed and brought to the attention of the Prime Minister and his wife who were informed that either he would have to foot the bill himself and would have to cover similar expenses incured by his wife unless they were brought under the umbrella of the civil service and therefore such payments would be accountable, citing the example of the office of the First Lady which is a constitutionally recognised office which allows for the First Lady to recieve the necessary protocols at home and abroad. If the was not done then it would be difficult to account and justify why the Prime Minister's wife should continue to be accomodated provided with transport and recieve any other protocol that she is currently enjoying. This was an attempt to move away from the quagmire that is presented by Wambui the Narc activist's situation. Therefore once it was agreed by the Prime Minister to account for his wifes current situation it had to be formally constituted which is why the Head of Civil service was instructed to write formally establishing the office and at the same time it was decided that a similar arrangement be made for the wife of the VP. Once the establishemnt of the office was decided upon the office holder had to be given a job group in order to confirm with civil service regulations and the office holder had to be entitled to perks that she currently recieves only certain office holders are entitled to business class tickets etc. and therefore that is the job group into which the two were placed. The job group comes with a monthly salery and that is where the figure of 400,000 came from. So as you can see this issue arose from the visit to London by the PM and a reason to justify the expenses incurred. I think that sometimes we scream and shout before we realise what it is that we are screaming and shouting about, now that everybody has been screaming and shouting that she should not take up the allowance maybe a better way of resolving the issue would have been firstly to understand the rational behind the decision and then seek a way forward because now the same people who have questioned the payments should demand that everytime IDA travels she show evidence that we the yax payers are not footing the bill and if we are then it is nothing more than corruption because it is not properly accounted for. Even when she accompanies the PM following this decision of hers she should show why she continues to enjoy use of government protection and security officers afetrall she is not the Prime Minister and thanks to all the load mouthed rabble rousers she holds no constitutionally recognised office to entitle her to such. Maybe in hindsight it would have been better to accept the establishment of the office and use it to do good she could have donated her salery to charity and used the office to promote such causes, and not open herself to be exploited by people who will now fund her lifestyle or travel.

Kwale said...

Taabu, I know your writing style and I KNOW how low you think. Just a piece of advice, if you want to take me on don't use anonymous. You are the only nutter in this blog who continue to say I have 2 passports and i brag about them. You tell me where in this Kumekucha have I ever brag about that?
I am not an empty man to brag about pieces of paper. Like I said before, I have better things to brag about than an a perishable thing like a travel documents.
(I like to brag about my status of a lady's man and how women find me irresistible, I like that!!)

Kwale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

go ida go! she certainly has done a good thing here could kalonzo's spouse now follow suite

Anonymous said...

Is it true that tax payers in Kenya are also paying for spouses of polygamous mp's???

Anonymous said...

Anti riot police had to this morning fire in the air and teargas protesting traders in Kisumu who took to the streets after kiosks were demolished in the lakeside town in preparation of wait for it....a visit by the right honourabe RAILA AMOLO ODINGA to Kisumu,tomorrow!!Did I hear right?I never believed I would live to hear some things.Tear gas in KISUMU because of RAILA.YAWA!

Ivy said...

Yes of course she has done the right thing.....I really dont care if it was coz of the public opinion, the fact remains is that she has refused to be given handouts......Pauline can also refuse or take it or better still take half of it that is upto her. Put your money where your morals are...

We are currently sitting on a bombshell and if things dont improve soon, we will soon be seeing guys rioting all over because of food prices

Anonymous said...

Of course people will have a filed day when they see another do things Kenyans dont do!
she should have taken the money!with all the looting and stealing of public coffers DAILY!
lets not lie to ourselves!what is good and what aint?

Anonymous said...

last year the mps signed the 'peoples parliament' register to reduce their salaries to kshs 200000. what happened? do we need politicians in the first place? this is all nonsense house full of thieves and stupid kenyans cannot elect poor people.

Anonymous said...


is it true you trerminated your 2 months pregnancy?

if so shame on you murderor and take your dirty comments elsewhere!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

shouldn't molasses family also surrender the fraudulently acquired molasses plant?????

molasses got the land and the plant for a song after draging NDP to the jaws of Kanu.

He got a ministerial post and landed with a helicopter at Kisumu and he received a heros welcome. luo's are one miserable tribe....

Anonymous said...


Police fired tear gas to disperse hawkers at Kisumu after their Kiosks were demolished in preparation for molasses visit tomorrow (i mean these guys are poor and you destroy their only source of income coz of a moron visit???)....

na kweli mjinga ni ule ule tu!!!
and tomorrow they worship him..taabu must be hiding away from this piece of information!!

Anonymous said...

What ought to have been a matter of outright rejection at the first instance, stretched out to be a fortnight of apparent soul-searching process for Ida Odinga. She seems to have come to terms, albeit grudgingly, that the Ksh 400,000 allowance is at the moment an unwise political misstep that has elicited a fast and furious backlash from folks that would otherwise form her bedrock of support.

To pretend that she had only read of the offer in the press and therefore treated it as malicious rumor from her detractors is disingenuous crap pasted from an old script. Since keeping silent would have implied her complicity in the attempted skimming of public funds, it was perhaps necessary that she made her position clear. But her statement came out as a bitter retort to “people” when in fact a simple line or two rejecting the offer would have sufficed. Her rigmarole about “heavy responsibility on behalf of the Republic of Kenya” is menacing and it is probably just as well that she is not occupying a higher office on behalf of “people”.

Anonymous said...

What the “Top Three” get for their households and press units:

Household services & press unit (kshs)

888.5 million

Vice President
230.7 million

Prime Minister
110.6 million

1.229 billion

Anonymous said...

Compare this with the entire recurrent budget of some selected Ministries/ Projects

Ministry/ PROJECT
Total Recurrent Budget for Ministry (ksh)

1.2 billion

Cooperative Development and Marketing
882 million

Northern Kenya & Arid Lands
228 million

1.4 billion

Nairobi Metropolitan Development
260 million

Business Process Outsourcing Park (Nairobi) – to employ 10,000 Kenyans
900 million

Youth Enterprise Fund & Youth Empowerment Centres
750 million

Free Tuition in Accredited Technical Training and Vocational Colleges countrywide
465 million

Source: 2008/2009 Estimates of Recurrent Expenditure of the Government of Kenya

Anonymous said...

Wakoli is a serious contender for 2012!!

Anonymous said...

Arrest Raila now!!

Kurgat Kimutai aka Taabu

Anonymous said...

We want Majimbo !!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, you seriously need to hire some moderators if you yourself cannot do it, which is understandable.

Kumekucha has sank to an all time low. If the comments on this blog are anything to go by, Kenya, come 2012 or sooner will go to the dogs.

Most of the people leaving the inflammatory comments on here are doing so in the luxury of their overseas abodes. If you have nothing substantive to add, please keep the vitriol to yourself.

Wow, what a pity, God Bless and Save our beloved country Kenya.

Anonymous said...

1. WHY IS IT CHEAPER TO GO FOR MEDICAL TERATMENT IN INDIA THAN IN OUR HOSPITALS IN KENYA. The cost of fare and boarding and lodging plus all your fees you will need for the medical treatment is far more cheaper than most hospitals in kenya.
2. why are more kenyans more specifically from the coast seeking traetment in MOSHI MISSION HOSPITAL?



Sukuma Kenya said...

So Pauline has proudly announced that she is going to take the dosh...this is all just a game for them.

Anonymous said...

that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time

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